The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 13, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 13, 1893
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VOL X1T-NO 278 THURSDAY, JULY 15,1893 PRICE TWO CENT The Remains of R» A, Druiii- hiond Recovered. * »quat to tnosc given bera tne Britisn rneiu- Pure A cream of tartar baking powder Hifchestof all in leavening strength Latest U. S* Government Food Report. ROYAL BAKING POWDER CO 106 Wall 'Street, N.Y HUMPHREYS' _%TERMARYSPECIFICS For Horses; CatUo, Shacp, Dogs, Hogs, AND POULTRY. . 300 PttBO Book on Treatment of A»l lim »» uuviuB ^jf £ llim jjept jf r , icy otmwff rcvcrii,ConKCBtl«n(i,|nnBininni Ion A. A. i Spinal Meiilnultls, Milk ^®{*r m B.B.-.htrnliiH, Lamcncaftt HbonmatUm. C.C.—niBtenipor, Naaai Discharges. • D.D.— liotft or Ornbs, Wormti. . Heaven, Pneumonia* THE OnUHJMSTANOES HOKSLTYING. ^ '-, i :-, t ni« Two Brothers Unearth the Ghostly Spectacle—The Body So Badly Burned That the. Legs 'Dropped From the Trunfc. A Brave Fireman J'asses Away. WORLD'S FAIK GROUNDS, July 13.— Wednesday's work iri the ruins wrought by Monday's horrible affair resulted in the finding of one more body* the mass of flesh being, brought to light not by ;he men in the employment of the world's fair Columbian exposition management, but through the efforts of the two brothers of the victim. The body found was that of R. A. Drummond, superintendent of ' the Barter Electric company, and "the circumstances attending* its recovery are peculiarly horrifying, ' * David and Robert Dminmond .were upon the scene at 7 o'cldck in the porn- ing expecting aid in the prosecution of t 9.. .. "J ' •'1- • JS^-f. 'i.1* A. !•.'.-> ^1 w 'fif 4-Yk j-k*V* Y«*/\#-Tl l\\* Jb*Bi***VUUKUn« M»vnwvnf * ••^••PP-^""' F.F.—Colic or Gripe*, Bellyache. a.G.~Mlscarria«e, JUpniorthaBCB. vi.ll.——Urinary u.nt« *».•«**•*;j._«£a.Euc.»ni/n• I.I.—Eruptive IMMeaaca, lunntto. i.K.-inieaBC» of IMffc.tlon, I'aralyria. Single Bottle (over BO doses), - - .60 "" • in Peflahce of'the Governmeiit' * ' pENlsoN, Tex., Juljif. 13,—Mr. John- G. Motion, a prominent citizen Of the Indian territory, declares tUat Governor Jones of the ChoctaW nation will order the prisoners confined at Wilburton shot m spite of the protest of: the United States government. -He says that he was talking wilh one of the militia, who remarked: "If the United States'soldiefs at Antlers come over to interfere wein- ;tend to fight them." Bridge Collapses In Cleveland. CLEVELAND, July 18.—The bridge over tho Valley railway tracks at the-foot of South "Water street fell, carrying with it four, men and three horses^ and] wagons. Two of the men, HCi'iiiftM Balzet and Jacob Thomaun, were found to be seriously injured. Two of the aorses were kuled and the other more or less injured. A Very Large Crowd LANCASTER, Pa., July 18.—The funeral of Daniel S,:Krei^ef, wife and. .four children', who were murdered by Albert Baumberger at Cando, S.-D., occurred here. About 8,000 carriages and 15,000, persons were present, the cfowd being -Tib great that many women fainted. During the,8utnmtr Miss. Evelyn Watr. son i»< prepared to give instruction^ in he l^nguagea and malnemntics. or in any of the contnioij.branTihesl ' $. Mlw Graha«n,+. teaclier of guitar, nptn.- doim nnd.lbanjd, will give instruction* during vncaiitttt on-l'he different iu?lrn tnctitf. Those w.ho are iuiefestfed' please ', 6'bnsult with Mr. Louis. Itrlng V«or Carpet*. Tho carpet -eleftmng works ,-pn Ex change Btrnct will bet open on nriii uftrr Monday, March 37th. (Jo to New stgcj Robert „ kinds of tin Murphy's. for new styles. wall piiper. is prepared to do worn, sbop opposite E, L If you want the best, refrigerator on earth for the least money ao to The bodies weie. laid side by side iti one ''' '' Jar Veterinary Cure Oil, • • 1.00 Bold fer DrnnbUt m m>t prtp«Iil any where »p<J ID »r quality on receipt of pH»< HUBPUUKTS' JUD. CO., 111 * 11» WIIII»m 8U, KowTork. HOMEOPATHIC SPECIFIC No. ft ft fiO _ In uhe-30 l«»rs. Tha only Buccesrf at wmody foe Nervous Debility, Vita Weakness, and Prortratipn, from* over-work or other causal •1 per vial, or 6 vials and large vial powder, for «&. 8oW by UrngglBtB, or »ent pi«it|>«iil "n ruccl|it ol prico. HCHPUfiETB' HKD. CO., 111*113 WlUiam SU, Noirtork, G ARTERS ITTLE IVER PILLS. OUR the search for the body of their brother, which the men have asserted ever since the fire would" be found near the staek, but only 12 men appeared to begin Work, and these were taken to 'another part of the ruins by their/foremen, where they worked during tho day. As soon as the brothers saw that no efforts were being made to search tho debris near the stack, they threw off .their coats and went to work in the heat of the broiling sun. They toiled all day, stopping but 15 minutes at noon. Abcnit 4 o'clock tile men lifted a huge joist under which/hey perceived parts ' of a human body. One of them reached downward in an endeavor to extricate the mass while. the other called for help. Two or three Columbian guards anff Captain Driver, a customs inspector, answered and the party went to work, digging under the-body and loosening it in a few minutes. They then endeavored to lift it, but as the corpse was stirred the oder becanv sickening and the men stopped an instant for a breath of air. The legs were charred so that they would nut hold to the body and the trunk was in a fearful state of decomposition while the head was devaid of hair. Disinfectants were sprinkled upon the remains and they were laid on a board and taken out .of the ruins. Here the two brothers, worn out by long anxiety Buy the uowur tit genuine Philadelphia luwii grave. racking Hou»e iturned. OTTUMWA, la., July 13.—John Mot- roll & Company's packing house caught fire in the smoking department aud was totally destroyed. Loss §400,000; heavily insured. About 600 men are thrown out. Mine Closed Down. SARANAC LAKK, N. Y., July 13,-The .Benson Minus of Magnetic Iron Ore at the terminal of the Carthage and Ad irondack railway, west of Tupper Lake havu closed. Four hundred... men are thrown out of work. Will I'robnbly Be Transferred,, NASHVILLE, July 13.—It is probable that Bishop Rademacher will be transferred to Fort Wayne. He has just returned from a visit to that place and, it is understood, will make another visit in a short while. The United Press correspondent usked Bishop Rademacher alumt the matter, but the bishop, while saying he did not know that he would be transferred, seemed disinclined to discuss the question. Some of the Catholic clergy here think the change will be made. A Village Burned. ST. JOHNS, N. B., July 13.-the pros- Sullovers f com riles should know that th Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly aud el . factually remove every trace of them. Ati/ ruggist vr 1 11 got it f or }'ou, " $100 for'B <?ase of. Catarrh , Dyspepsia, Ner vousness and Sleeplessness thn* Vegetable Cure will not cure. •• Vegetable Cure will break up Colds and and Coughs, LnGrippc and its aftereffects Tremulous Weakness of the JJefves, Erysipelas imd Conttipation. 12 oz. $1.00. DR. SHARPSTEEN. Lawn mower* uiri'tl ;it .ami re- weaMe relieve a!' tba troubles tact Mtnt to a bilious stato of tho system »uoh if moinets, Nausea. Prowsluos^ Dls<.res« lutat Citing. Ala ia tba Side. to. Whlla their rawt lemaikablo succeea lias t>««» shown in curlflfi a<»a*clie, yet Carter-B .Little-lAw PHlf «* nstipation, curmgand ma aatoly thuir 'vrhoouco!. y L" able In BO .'.aj.y a'cvcflt *>»::n,'couit>iuuit; butf i ,•;« a- mi nutoud hera.anu .osa win fm<\ theaolitue pills VB'U. . ,. la-it I bey will *><>* *> e *. a ' t 11.1 ;a. Bus after aUaldf>"i*4. ucl your tin war" ru<:tided at Schelly's lin sbop. Tl>« Mill. When aiiyiliiug ji>u want to buy, Jusi cull'ul (Jhi!sliur'd mill <uid try, llid ciwli prices will i-urOly «uii y.m, Whun auy fued jou tlo wain ground, Call nt ClH'Sbur's mill, he i.i ulwuya ar-oumi, Ami he wnl (ry to plu.-ise 3011. We buy for cash and sell for cash, Ant) Unit's what keeps us in our hash. r t» i piiii. i^uboft doaft ' '•> is'4 do not gnpfe at rtw-a plows all who , and labor, recognized the brother, the effect being told with intense anguish upon their countenances. The remnants of the form were has.tily covered with a cloth and in a short time taken to^ the morgue, . The search went on until 5:80 without any more bodies being discovered, when operations were suspended for the night. At 1 o'clock Director of Works Burnham sent 13 more men to the scene and the force of 'S5 men was engaged during the afternoon in removing wines and fruits from the cold storage vaults. Lewis J. Frank of Engine Company No. 2, who jumped from the burning tower, died in the Emergency hospital, wher-e he has lain in a semi-conscious condition for two days. In making his terriblb leap Frank broke two or three ribs, was burned and bruised in many places and suffered internal injuries which were too much for medical aid. The nreuian's body was taken to Rolston's morgue. IRON HALUAFf AIRS. Gel youfr wall- paper and Geo bouillon's uuvv store. paints a Over Two TCUirds of the Members Fajror » Keeuiue of Ilusiucsh. ISDlANApoLis, July i3.—At a meeting of the executive committee of the supreme sitting of 8ie Iron HalVit was determined to resume businesa as soon as possible. A special session of the, supreme sit$i»g'wiU be called to meet oa Aug. l"an.d the Ejection <£ £«$.__ A iT j.1.™'i ..^,*.4^»«.« vvr.ll V*;i rtatrl f\n Ul. uui*.>t>, •"• *'•, " —J ,1 a perous village of Fairville, a suburb of this city, for the third time within a brief period, has again been scorched bv fire. The burned district covers a large section on which handsome new buildings had been erected after the big fire a year ago, together with apportion of the -village which escaped then. Eighty families are homeless, lucre is very little insurance. Karth<|i» Shocks. ALBUQCERQUE, N. M,, July 13.—Two distinct earthquake shocks were felt here between 5:30 and 7 o'clock Wednesday morning. The first was not very strong but the second, following a few minutes later, occasioned considerable uneasiness by the movement of goods. The undercurrent was from the west where an extinct volcano exists and it is thought here that the volcano is again in eruption. Kx-Cfluvict Married. CHICAGO, July 13.—Oscar Neebe, who was recently released from the penitentiary by the clemency of Governor Altgeld was married to Mrs. , Eliza Hepp,"who is proprietress of a saloon at 469 Halsted street. The lady is 40. years old, and was a careful observer, of Neebe's wishes during bis confinement atJoliet. ., STOCKIANTED f0 PAS« Terps cheap, beejor address, ' A. B. KING, Marsliatl, Mich Chaftss on babies, sore nipples uucl in flttoioiiition of the breast instantly re- hevtd with Lavondar O'intmeut. Famous ActreM Bend. NEW YoRit, July 18.M3ptavia AUen t aged 53 years, a,t one time a famous actress, di«l at Fort J^e of heart trouble. She was at different tiwea leading lady ! Nutlce. The Eureka bakery's wagou makts daily trips to all parts of the city, cam? uij,' a full line of bread, cakes, pies aud cookies. All orders will receive prompt attention. ' JJLS. McKELLAB. Just assure as hot weather comes, there will be more or less bowel complaiut ia thid vicinity. Every pecsou, and especially f asu- rliec', ought to have some reliaole medicine at band for io^tant use in case it is needed. A '^5 or 50 cent .bottle of Chamberlain'* Colic, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy it) just what you ought to have and all that ybu would, need, even for the most severe and v dangerous cases. It ia to'e bet»t>, the most reliable and most successful treatment known and ispleasaut to take. For sale at Greene's drugstore. " • The Pyramid' Pile Cure ia a new discov^sry fur the prompt; permanent cure pf Piles in erery form. Every druggist, has it. summer wood ui*f 1.7,5 Pf r- cord for Booth, Barrett a«d Keen.ejsaud was . . gates Jo that tweeting vnll be teld on , . well known as the best actress in *nch on July g5, /The eomjaiifee aknounced^thai. it has, received word'f root over two-thirds of uiilioat the that .'favor of J ivetywiur? PHOTOOBAPHB of the remedy has ejeate'd a wo »a physicians by ita "be 8et>-*»&ifera8 ^"iproes - oay, at we.-J ^ gneedils corina e?erj SS»«SlrfuS£ t&gifA F W *?%—f sab- section el of liament ves cleaned «kd. coembera in If yoij wftDt a tir at c^ai w$^ii&$sm3;> $r$i

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