Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 4, 1961 · Page 5
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 5

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 4, 1961
Page 5
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Festi B1LOXI, Mis*, scrubbecf and trawlers sail by a priest in thi.s Gulf Coast port next weekend He'll sprinkle ihe p, )h v. • - •• ^^|p|Sf§^«SSl" 50 atwut sa? ; feeders steady were held Fttday HigluMass in Our;t-*dy buniea von 1 legislators., ac- have, grown iig, oiound 1 it {smaller ceremonies <Jn Ixnusiana nave come to be^amofig the niosliat Delcambre "Canal near New colorful in, the Gulf <?-•-"- '~" • -"—»- -~-' !--»-•—» —. » , ilberia, Delacroix*,Island, and „„ nip air rings wjlh horns, sirens j fitte, where the old pirate Jean and prettiest girl. of Guadaiupe Catholic-/ Church -ft' 7ia.m, Rev, Antonio Verna ,off kiat- cd. sea-toughened Thii is the Mossing O f t|u mere :uc h,,ai ra<c<i bulls shrimp fR-et, jmd_ jhr._ fcsuvals lurer.des, harbor ttn.*,' w.itcr Javits Says Salary Paid Helen Hayes By USf A 'Modesf ana ,» shim.ij j^si to end | al! shrimp feasts. Shrimp are bar, ItecuecJ, fneii, biotled, coiitained shrimp was virtually an unknown delicacy in the Unjlcd States—except on the Gulf Felipe under the direction of the Diaz and Guerra Funeral Home, Coast—as recency as the 1920s, Survivors include three sons, An- Not that shrimp Js a recent tood '°"io Sandoval of Del Rio, Ocla- discovery. The Romans served m jambataya, gumbo, stuiied j shrimp at leasts during Nero's e<*2plant and lomawes, and Cortey found shiimp a WASHINGTON" (AP)-Sen .la cob K Jams, R .N Y , sa.\s .ic- ~ /l ' no tress lleien Have-, is gotling $1500 a «eck to mai-e ('rr.matie appear- ancc* abioad for the US Infnr mniion Agency Ja\its described the salar-, Fri day as "modest ' for the ,t<,r and said it \ia=; set b> tlic foundation putting on the pia^a Taking tho Senate floor 'o t'c fond Mis^ Have- J^vils sai'l she turned down firm-offer- for ap } peppors, si-lads', patties, and even [ staple diet ampng native* on the cocktails. 'shores ol Mexico. I The two biggest pageants are ! But shrimp are highly perish- at Morgan City, La. its 25th ^on • able and shipping was practically" Labor Day weekend-and Hiloxi ' im possible Packers licked the 10-11. vio Sandoval of San Antonio and Hervey Sandoval of Houston; the daughter^ are Mrs, Luis Charles of Del Rio, Mrs Leopold Colsado ot Sanderson, Mrs. Conrado'Avjles,pt San Anfonio, Mrs. Marcelon Diaz Dia? and Mrs. Frncisco Moreno,o( Del Rio, Mrs. Juan Terraza of Esperanza Sandoval -11. There are other problem uhen the frozen foods in j Uvalde > . _ __^ dus{r ^ ^ prang up aftcr Woj . !d War jand Mrs Ascencion Pena, both of UI By 1940, shrimp -\as the best ' Del RiO ' Steers' H7 $24; h*i|en . $24.50; cows fl2-|U.Mj calye* |25; stock steers $l7-m.7J; ers *17-$23; cows $13-$19; steer calves $18-32; heifer calves $17.50$27; .iambs .$11417,50; ewes $3$4; fc«4*r lambs $841,50. Hogs Martin Vi!!arrea! Dies Saturday Local Hospital good and chcice stock; steers $23-*25; medium*-to tboiee, stQ.cJk. steers calves $23 $28.50; i r - _„ ,. ._.. ...~ ( heifer calves $20-$24,50. ' I Uelbng sea food in America \ Three brothers and two sisters I* Lambs arfd^we* to ^5-50 high counted fair -*25Tperi cent of the Mtfc. session's la wracking. Most went through" uncontested. 1 They totaled 144 ,of 563 measures enacted. * * Of-these,- 62 affected local water districts and 567,were local game land f fish bills. Others set up hos- 1 pttal districts; mosquito control _ „, com-' districts or^ road districts; pared with fast' 'weekT"'steers,t cnan |e d ' *& e> salaries -of.Jd.istri f t neifers 25-50 higher; calves and Judgw, created new courts, raised stockfrs steady,; choice, steers i the" sajart^s pf court reporters or |23,50-' choice^ heifers $22.50-?23; Jahojuuwd - the office of^ certain good to choice mixedj yearlings {Bounty school superintendents. ~~"" good and, choice calves > Orly bills naming a countj or i KANSAS CKDf ' Today, Gulf coastal v atrrs aiso survive The brothers are. En' yield more than half the shrimo rjoue, Mario and Octavio Sando- i oaten in America—over 200 mil-1 val, all of Crvtal Cily; the sisters 'lion pounds Depending on the are Mrs Ninfa Iglesia and Miss, shrimp's size, fishermen get fiom , Catanna Sandovaj, also of Crys- * larabs S12,50-|13. er, feeder lamb/ssteady; choice to prime spring lambs $18.25.75; ; ewes $2.50-$4.50; good spring choice living a j popu|ation bracket, or specifying "certain counties'* : were tabulated. Another type of • local bill is worded "in counties over one million,' or "counties over 500,000." a violent wreck* Friday -nignt * of thi«f West (?enlr*| -'Texas Four othoH ^Were ' injured, ~~ •- " . Jt y , - 1 1-' The dead * were ^ James B&an), <J2; his> daughter, Charles Anderson. 23;," and fant son, 114, all of Fort, Worth; find Doris Craves Etmo,rar 45, Lubbock, ad -Raula Elmore, 32, ' "t-rves generous cralse froHTIa Patrolman Don Rob erts said a tire apparently blew out on Beard' scar #s he w?nt over a lull, swinging him into^the'sale^ tax."» because of-the_ fight h^e jsj waging jfgf against "rich and po\vorf^ip[lofetoy-^- ~ isls \Uio are pushing for general ,,., i .. ;- r. . •«,„ _V<*9,- is a way lo labej 9 loca' bill for some large. counties. For •! example Harris is the only count*' J ! over a million. But other counties [ to $85 a barrel The descendants of Frenc 'talCitj s. i Hogs to 25 higher; top $16.50- j-will eventually ton this figure, so Martin Villarreal, 82, died at The descendants of French >r- . _ ' S17 | a bill thus xvprded could not prop- H 15 am. Satuiday in a local cadian (Cajun) and YUZO^'JM^I m, i* /\|"li« - i * • * * I eri >-H considered local, peaiances that would ha\e paid hospital (Da<malion) .people. who sail r0jKSV Ulfitllllfi '! r-ur^Arn CAI>^ IICFJA A' The 1 ^S islature must mako *** e her ?2WOCO These appoaranu"?. Funeral services will be held many of the shrimp luggers. wiM ' *r^^iaaaas» , LHtbAUU IAPJ — UbUA — A • gan>e an<l {lsh laxvs for t)le 134 Jnvits said, uonkl conflict Monda\ al 4 p m in the chapol tell you finding shnmrTis a rn^t OJ^^JIA CfWr fliacr " summary ot the sneep marKets coun ^ not under the regu i at ory ed nuh her tours um'ir the US of the Diaz ami Guerra Funeral tor of fisherman's tuck t\.U4IIU JIUI t/lCS } lor i«e wecK. " i authority ot the state commission cultural exchange program Home Burial \Mll be made in tin.- The water's suridcp sjiv=; no! : ^-onvarcrt to> t r i a a y last Counties have no law making pov- Weune=da\. without menlronmc San Felipe Ccmetorx indication thai shrimp are belo« NEWPORT BEACH Calif. (AP) j^«k. slaughter lambs steady to „ this field Miss Ha\es '>•• name but m an Sur\i\ors include his widow The captain pms dov n a small ~ xi Pearce. uho delighted radio |* e? compared late Jast week A tvplca i caption, of suph a bill unmistakable _rcfeit-nce to her R° c a \illdrrcal, four sons and bag— "tr.\ net." — wherever IIP -Jdicnces : ,s Elmer Blurt, the | "owcyer, slaughter _ ewes occlmea I mlght read 'provides operi season Rep. Barrait O Itara Dill qpok<" a brotil< -'' The sons are Luis Vi thinks there may he shrimp If .*• «l ps! nian who knocked on doors f f nar P'y and closed mostly l.ou f or } lun t, n g quail in Jim Hogg i«»----- — - *.•!*«•. » — < i . _. I In WOT* t*?irt fiaftlf-. f*rif±if+& onrl V2a*i mr» n «*» i " of a ' areji nclrc^ who had gone , llarreal ot U\alde, Tomas and no sets as murh as half a barrel , anfi abroad yn,a USI \ dramatic umr , Gcor S e of Del Rso and E\elio after a half hour's drag hc> prob-I ] "not ui'li j ^pini of dedication. of San Angclo The brothei i- Ru ably hr.s got a school that will 1 nidldo Villarre,il of Del Hio j net him about 25 barrels. Those hitormiss, tactics m3,' u!ter operation , '.-.., ....v^..^.^* vf-m uvft^k.^^ j_ ' '-Nobody home, 1 hope, | '°^' er . j cbwc€ and 1 hope," is dead at 62. 1 ** but for £2 500 a week" The House was debating the USIA aporopriation a) the- lime. Saifl Javiis of O'Hara's remark •'1 don't''think he would have math- ih« statement if he had known theue i'aet.s Drillers Bring in soon fh e v ay to sonjr and of her f methods of underwater electronic' native spring-lambs The folksy oidtime star died I tHlll< good - : -'-- of compiicat.ons from an spring lambs Ib choice and prime fed spring lambs 19.00. Several loads "auj In\estnicnts and the radio ca(hat began in 1926 in San Jols County" Fourteen of the bills passed bring new counties under Game and Fish Commission au i thority. The state Constitution specifical ly limits the topics on which bills Francisco brought him millions i grade shorn fed ' lambs we 'Shing was best known as master, of | « "« WE'RE IN BUSINESS FOR YOUR HEALTH Daily 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Sundays and Holidays 9 a.m. to 12 Noon 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. DEL RIO PHARMACY FOSTER BIDG. Phone PR 5-2415 El I JIl|J\^l a -•—— -. -* *.* .-..».... HU ^•••••a^^^m.^, <^*. j _ T\ -\ ff "l/l J J I * Ot ll_ ^a--«--»---^ -».-•—•» _..», ~~ -^~. ~..-,fy «» sight of ceremonies of his own variety j 35 . 1600 ' good ^ nd clwuce * lo fices; or prescribing the powers so" a?o i "»how, "At Pearee and His Gang!" o!fi crop woo ^ ed lambs 16,75 ljaie ian( j ,i u i) CS o f officers of counties, venture i ' Is characters included Tizzie sa ' C15 cu " '° cnoice shorn slau^h-1 cities, tow'ns, election or school l..~.l.~-. > T ich n trT^v«^.Ji\?_»Trtt/**uI r.n.n^« nv . 1 i^C CWCi J 3nt ^J£& \ .lictnnfc- fivt»^«T ^t»n 5-ntrt e\t J«fftt»_ 223 Oil and Gas Wells dt ' £Ctlon For m?ny years, shrimpers 1 \U3T1V (AF) — ~Tbe Railroad traw ' ed inland or within . Commi^ion said Saturday 1-35 oil t!lc c ' )as{ A dt™t\r or jn<; 73 <^as Hells v t-re completed Gulf f^^crmen beaan to ,...^,~ ,- durma the week, bringing year far offshore to «o for (he higher | Lish, a screechy-voiced spinster' ler totals lo 1,907 oil and°1.24-."gas,P me -l'-'" 1 '^ ^hump .^'^ ?a\e recipes and talked of | we j| s This imohcd more dinner rind eternally hoped for romance, and ,»• mttttf EvVc ia>t \ear at this tune HYt oil so - 1I! Catholic communities the> i ^rlene Hams with her breezy LH|UOf CXCiSC and 79-1 gas wells bad been drilled rcvucd Ihc centuries old re . monologues concerning husband Wildcatters brought in 7 oil and ' !l 8' oll > Messing ?2 aas wells Wells plugged to ' ~ ~ laled 186, including 12-1 drv holes The average calendar day al towablc . was : .-2,664,614'• barrels, a decrease of 5,388 from the previ- . i » 1 "* -------v* -.- — »w 4 -.— " ~.. .- ... u .. u ... , jprime, mostly choice may be pa c S ed. The legislature. no 1 and 2 pells for instance, may not pass laws granting divorces, creating of- districts; fixing the fate of inter! cst; locating or changing county seats, etc. ous week NEWS BRIEFS FROM MEXICO George 1 Beside* Klurt, Pearee played [Eh of Eb and Zeb. a rural style I 4QO Q«n ;_ A»»:l »™ TO.OT In April i comedy nair The past two years i T „ .. ho ha,i h^n Homo TV ^ mr ,r Liquor excise tax collections at he had been doing TV commercials. the Internatioaai Bridge here, dur- Heads VA Hospital WASU1XGTO.V <AP) \rmstrong -12, assistant manager ACTORS CONCERNED Pearee was born in San Jose, ?alif. \\hore during" high school i days he sold milk to housewives r ing April totaled $3,498.33, the MEXICO CITY CAP)—The Na ' Walter ' inna ' Actors Association, con-1 cerned over the decline of foreign amused friends by sin guy" ports. Collections for the month at all , 11 international perts of entry a- i long the Rto Grande amounted to ; f 17821 These included E! Veterans Hospital at Outwood Ky He succeeds Dr Albert Hume in the SSl.Jio job Hume uas ironed last month to Martin, Tex., as head of Iho VA hospital there. > about eight US made lb mred ^ o entcrtainers from re produced m Mexico Chicago, "Sam and Henry,' and I - , - S ° f f rf U "X }Ca . r - .°.'J b Paid them 150 Jo do their first' one is being shot-"Gerommo program under a ncw Borrow up to $ 3,500 EVEN IF THERE'S A MORTGAGE ON YOUR HOME TAKE 5 YEARS TO REPAT Plan your home: improvements. Secure an estimate cost from BR1NKLEY LUMBER COMPANY. Then see us fo put your plan into action. You can do the work yourself or have it done by an,outside contractor. Roofing Plumbing Wiring Painting Papering Siding Fencing Repairs Garage ^or iCari^t^"^* • '. f 'iM Kitchen Modernizatioh ' •' £< * l 'j[ Foundation Repairs Floor Finishing Walks or Drives Tile Work Concrefe Work AMOUNT 60 MO. 48 MO. 36 MO. 24 MO. 12 MO. LOAN PAYTS. PAYTS. PAYTS. PAYTS. 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J u UV6r IVlfdlCIIld l¥l0ll FRIED SHOOTS, YOUTH MEXICO CITY ••?> — Amateur, soccer football player Xicolas Garcia Bustamajile-, 18, was shot, and killed b\ a friend Friday dtir i ing an argument over a game Police said Bustamante and ins ! friend had paid 50 cenlavos (4 !' cents) each to watch a tele.ision' MIDLAND (AP) — A weighty game in a private home and a 0 t''- ha r"c hung Saturday oxer Cecil into an argument during the pro- j Gilstrap, 30, accused of theft of gram. The killer escaped i a 1G ion w eH piping unit * * * • j Hangers and police charged the NOTHING INSURMOUNTABLE 'employe of a Midland pipe and MEXICO CITYtAP) — Guate- E supply firm with taking the unit . Galvez surmountable? . ^ _••*•- . iwcen Ins countr\ and Mexico Rrfns^r Sgt. John Wood sa^d lie E\entiling points to d-prompt so ; foun d V^ Pump jack ^|id)>fq^!qe hilion of differences-, -he isaid tuc weeks ago over a weir near • « • • *• j Grandfalls. Officers said'Uie unit PROPAGANDA ARRIVES"";-; : [had bqen offered for sale at one MEXICO CITY ( \P)—'f\venly-! l>m c since the theft for S8.000. four bulky diplomatic valises for! the Soviet cmb-rfssic? in Mexico , $OUth AfflCQ MOV .Hid Havana .irrucd Friday from i * Curopc The \ ahses \\tre ! P ca\y and made of iron and apparently] contained propaganda matter such j CAPE TOWN. South Africa as films, books and leaflets.. ' j (AP) — Justice Minister Francois. Erasmus says the ban against; Toy Box Claims Life of Toddler NORWALK, Calif, ~(AP) — A chad's toy box . . built by lotfe, destroyed by grief. Donald E. Brown made fhe l>ox himself to hold the treasures of his three children^ Thursday -night, Ins 14-month- old nephew, Larry Bacon, came visitinj;. ~The tot x\ andered into 3 bedroom, 'spotted the bo\, and bent over to examine the things inside. " * Somehow, the lid fell, striking his neck. The boy was dead on arrival at ~ .„. a hospital Ten million persons _ are em- Brown took lhe ~ box lnto his in the United States in back yard and smashed , t into a ing, transporting, process- thousand pieces ing and merchandising of agn- cultural pioducts. 1 Classified Ad* Brine Results Browosvjlte $9,393.15, Del 1,498 39 and Eagle Pass $4.- HAVE A HOME OF YO'JR OWN A SMAU HOUs'e PLAfetN\NG BUREAU M5IGN r NO,; PICK YOUR PLAN-THEN COME AND TALK WITH US ABOUT A LOAN You'll saye interest' costs, achieve ownership'- present income, but as your income increases, you can pay ahearl if you wisli— own your home sooner.* You'll have interest ' costs, achieve ownership ask faster When you see us for, your home ^ for full details on the prepayment. priviJege.- v ** t Member Federal Home Loan Bank System FIRST FEDERAL Saying & Loan Ass'n. of Del Rio Fifth Floor Del Rio National Bank Bldg. Del Rio, Texas Phone PR 5-2214 public DEFECTOR'S WIFE ARRIVES •.MEXICO CITY (AP)-The wife j early" this" week""if | of Jose Pa.rdo Llada, the Cuban j remains '.peaceful. i radio commentator /who defected gatherings .will be the country from the Castro regime ia April, arrived Friday. * f * • MAYAM MOUNDS FOUND MEXICO CITY CAP)—An important new archaeological has been discovered near Merida, Yucatan, says the municipal institute of cultural extension. About 40 Mayan mounds were reported found. H<; warned, however, that the government would reimpose the threc-weck-old -ban if opptment-; of South'.Africa's-racist policies carry out pians to demonstrate on tjieir self-styled freedom day, Juno 26: The ban was originally issued to keep order during preparations for the country's emergence as a republic May 31. 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