The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 17, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 17, 1892
Page 1
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V VOL Xlt-NO 8l: Powder!y Proposal Some Meth •11 ARSfALI, IIOII,, THOKSDAY JTOVEJIBER 17,1891 , PRICE T^ POWDER r v Absolutely Pyre, , ^ / A cream of tartar balking powder MisjheBtof all in leaving strength Latest U. S« Bovernmdnt' Food Ho-. gort. ' ' • • • , , ;, ROSTAL B^KtKG powoM <5 106 Wall Street, N.-Y, Health, is Health. B« S*fl£ nack Who Cannot Support Themselves on Their Capital f*r * Year-^VTIiat.!* Keeded-la Europe— Cotti- ment* on the Troubles »t and £fiewh'«jrer-Xhe Polls the Battlefield and tawl To Be; Made to ' Suit the Xftborer. ST. iLdcis^ov, 17.— The inlpb|tant thing before' the K. of •-L.-eewvwitiOn yesterday -was Powderly's annual adjdr-eas, much of the first portion qf ' which is devoted to the imiriUtration auestlon, He began "by refttring_to_lha-coudltion of-tfe order. which he said Was goo'd with membership on* the injcreasu. At no jime had tho K k "of L, had, on its tolls rnon- than (WO,000 member?. IJ e cQinuhiinu^- tfia,t Ubor divided while capital conatiluUtixi'j, uiid de > clared, tM cryingjiefidof the labor people at this time, to be an orgjmizatiori that vrtn embrace ,tfiem all. t He, next went iaio the Immigration question; ' • < . « t?an(* tp'PutlT Hie OB. JB..O. W>«sTVNBBrB AHD BIUIN TRJSAI-. *«HT, a guaranteed epeolflo lor Uy*t«rla. Dia^i- ••rtt OonytlHona^feta,.. Nervous Neoraltf a, Heaache, Nervitu*. Prostration caused by the use •igohoor tobaoeo, W'altefulneBs, Mental De* of the Braia re.iiltlog in in? to Misury, decay, and death? * \ .., oa.o peweri. , Involuntary Losse* and' SpSmiior- riuaa0aa«<jd by v»«r-exertlon of the brain, self atmso pv»r.t»duVgence. flaoh boi Contains «ine montb^trflatment $1.00 a box, or -I* bows »r fi.OO, Bent by mall prepaid on rscetpt of price : WE GUARANTEE SIX BOXES Tocur* any case. With each order recelrod by ar for alx boxe«, accounted with »5.00, we wil Mod the parohMer oar vrrltten ifiiarautee to- re fund the money It the treatment does not eflec a care. Guarantee* Utued only by A. U. Utiiu Prnrfiiit and.«ole Agent Manhall. M|oh. - - ' ...--.... *^ ..'-- _ _ $500 REWARD I . . *V>ve reward for any pake o Liter Oomplalai, Dyspep^a, itplt SealaoUe, In <Hg««tion, gpuatlpatlou or Costiyencua we can. ••t euro with WSM'B Vegetable Urer PUU when the dlrectinns are eulotly ouuiplied with. • wwiuiMB w J«»W| **» VOUbO, felts nud imitations. • TUe 6V K'HB JOHN 0. WEST VM „«„.„,, ^ uuatKU , IJi. -For sale by A. o. Uyde, Uamhall, Mioh, .u «' ttr e tor. PUes'of what klitd or Ugteo- External, loteirnaJ. BHnd or BWedin'g, Itchitv,',. >*hnwic, Recent or Heredife/y TW» renwnv ,; '* posUlyuly never been knnwt to tail." *l-M .' i. «, 0 bo'zea for $5.00 ; ^'ent, by italt pro- palduur celpt of price. A written y&urunree po*ltiy>J'>'^fen to each' purchaier of 6 fa<we«, jrheapuu -vsed at one time, te refund the 85,00 pud if nui i lifed, Guaraniea meued W A. O. Avde, AUnbal), Jtlca. CaU for sample. Uwar ; Motes sunburn au<l , <orei Uift -oal irajboess,' pni3^»i4!. A .... and -pertotlr nannies*. At ormftijedtor50&. S' rTNER & C0..1oteao O - b^st Fertuwes id* ways in stock at 0. H. Drug store. Ladies are invitea to call and. test laeni VIEWS Off F0BEI0N . Here he was prepared for radical measures.; He beJleved'ln the total exclusion of all imnjlgranta who are not self-sustaining On landing hi this cpantry., tl ~£here should be a fixed term of" yeara, ten would be low enough, during which too immigrant should be permitted to - lanti with a Tli^w of wf* maining unless he could prove that he had sufficient toeaus 'to sustain himself and those depending on him for one "year, There" was' great danger that in the Babel of tongues , we might fotget"that -,ve are /freemen in this .country, and in losing sight of that fact might allow the.iocomV ing hordes to Europeanlze os before we can Americanize them; Hundreds of thou- aands-of foreigners were thrust' upon this country every year, some allured •by^inis- representationsi, others sent direct fr»|m the penitentiaries and prison pens of the old world, others hired on the other side of' the water by those who woulil lower.tbe standard of wages in t^iis country. Calls for Ilevolntiou in Europ». II was _not because he could not earn a livelihood in Us own land that the for, eigner cameliere.UutbecHuse the.instita- tions of greed are of older growth across the water and ha^e taten - deeper ixwt. There are as productive; labors in Europe. as in this laud. The men bpm there %n»' Just as good as we are. They ~have the satae natural right to the soil they Wef-e born on'fls we have to the soil of America". ' It was their righ$ and their duty to remain ,on that soil, redeem it fromtibe twin evils of landlordism and kingcraft, and take the fruits of thu earth for themselves ^ and their families, instead, of fieejng from theft-" own homes to a hind iu which 'they stand in. doubles at every point at which 'the stroke of hammer or pick is required. Anothe/- JBenvedy ]>ropotM»d. Th^ ranacitv of employers of labor, t^e greed of the ownere of steamships and the moral cowardicq of our public men hadpje- - vented the enactment <>f legislation which, would have long since relievad the strain. r 33$y. cpuld better" afford taald the Europe- «a^f H crushing dc»wn the institutions which oppress him at home, than to continue a system which:wiU irievitablyi-educe Ameri- " tribute to stocitOoldets who violate AnteP- lean kw. The great, '$eetbing mills, of cdUld never turn out an .ingot were Jtenot for tie fifc^ll and labor the WoEkmeH/tfThe Tngeu«iJ>y^ *^nd iadnstry 1 of w*orfcm«!n, m^Te i]b pofeible* for the great anthracite ooalirqst to ' tribute' on the American people, but the reward does npt tod its way Into the homes of the workmen. ejrran. i;he:orgrigizatiou of labor will, he said, If It lias Sense, take these questions up for consideration. The railroads .ftt^pubUfi highways, but-private individuals &U«<5t,< control and manage them for private gain at the expense of the public. The campaign which had just closed witnes<sed an interest- Ing if not very intelligent discussion of the tariff, but there i* more of a revenue ill ly drawn from the pockets of mCTiiia, manufacturers tod workman ifr one mobth of ttie year by the railroads and telegraplis thatfewe pay in tariffs in a yea;K' These ana .all-ancations connected-therewith, mtist occupy the attention of the industrial organizations of the future, and the strike of the future, must be a strike for the rule of thepaople. can workman- to those now that are n wowe ooadjtipns i than" ' abroad by those He asked tie -would do oo ' looking to,,tbis land for relief, , genetal/ assembly what it of ^ j~hey must be politicians or the slaves of politician?. .In ,~a word, they must be laW 1 makers o* lawbreakers'. When, in the last extremity, they are driven close to the wall and -deprived-of right and privilege it is- alone through the iaw : . It the law is obscure, and/defective a, hireling judgpcan , always be found to construe it in favor of the wealthy as against the poor. If every citizen of Pennsylvania understood and knew his rights, if he performed his duty under the law intelligently and as he ought to, ao judge Would dare to charge treason against workmen who but struggled for recognition. " ' Must B« Fought With HuUoU. The battle of the future must be fought oulj on different lines frotil those which have marked the shifting progress of the past. These lines must diverge fi-um am, center at the ballot-box. Not as shiyea to a. party, bant on obeying the win of ,a boas or master, but as freemen who value freedom and would maintain it, should-they 'vote. Every devilish instrumentality which now aids In oppressing'people basalts seed time And harvest inthe ballot-box, and 'they, would die for want of. 'care and nourishment did the plain people do .their duty in guarding that institution. Co-Operation with the Alliance- Jn concluding his address Powderly said that the order should make an ,e1Yort to get closer to the other industrial associations, and recommended that hereafter the general assembly should meet at the same place andMiiffleHJboaen by the^Parmers' Alliance, He also favored ithe adoption of a •social or beneficial feature to .the order. He recommended a dissolution of the alliance with the Miners'Progreaslve association on the ground that the latter had not lived up to its pledges and that as ». matter of fact the knights had sufered greatly by the alliance.! ./ . .. REFERRENDUMJAND INCOME TAX. Both I'r«i>o»itioDs Adopted—.Tha W. O, T. JV. Petitions. " ,*, ' ' At- the afternoon ^session of "the kntghts the report'of-the committee on-law .was subniitted'_and considered and, there gfyp an animated dgbate .over the adoptjoi^ of the referrendum, or the submission of latfs to the people for approval. The i ,p j roposl- ^tion vraa adopted' ta in'serfc the .referendum in the platform, which is tjie^ constitution of the order. A clays^was also adopted lent pf labor em- sfate. • The <iues- - -,. r^-T «» '-- -p- 4emund for a graduated _ income t^ac W^f referred back to the Botl» Power of " '' lockout? nexj 1 claimed, Co w- attention. II* . said that during tha last wx taontfaji^e pe^plaof tbis land h»d witnessed '.^ffUfSs 4attempts > al^nakiag the "advocating the eatabliU ploymcnt Ittu-eaus in ea| tion ofjtriking oat? th>'' -Committee witbt' iastt-uctioiis " planJc demanding \ graduated iu^onie, tax and a tax on inheritances. " " f r. afojs.'JP. H, Ingate, of the W, f. T. U., ap- -jpeared before the delegates and presented to *ii,e cpnVention A petition wWch she is <5if- culating urging the prohi&tipu of the sale o£%UOFOuthe World!* «air gro«ndi>j.^he cJo^ng of the exhibition on j5uuday>the prohibition of the -liquor and opium traffic, and the abolition of ,smokiuz i-botas on were never dregped of^befpre,' "ftljether^' order, waa a*CC&UT d'A^eiie, at Homestead, a*' Buffalo, "(*.in1C^east-e, the Jx^tinc^which . guided the. rapacious hand was th«WVn« Mesh. -^The-ujidergronjia> w.'rea- wjilch directed itraliaed wealth "dre-w ttw^aatte . H I * . T ta J^saft tMsacrifloes may ,- .' , •- WwJe, .|>j( tfee , . y, . Ttemloe8of x l'enae«Ket! were made fey Qoi Hegaveiio 4eednorwaje- . - rantto nien to take ab^lutu possession of them tnat they might l«vy tribute on all others and make uuhvui4( inurdereta,' vii>Mora ol rt&se ana <wvtet<$rfcwsiais t*i» instrnmente tht^agh wiuult, this coal the {tuition wouM . ie N^tenal Wr Ci li»Qrnie4,olf ; w^oh action »s vcai • ' > _.; '- _ _ -* HOT. JT,- A. rinkyestietdayaftfcrncKWii held i»t the Thos. , ex-PMjddeut William Weihe, and other ^fttiffnal pfficii|la of thy • 4 ^gfypupitated a*- sooiatlonwerepreBent. The . chanlcs who are out in «amittance, but*we» excluded much to brust.. After adjoummeet ei-Preg- .. , eihe said nothing definite had beeo donis. 'It i». aswrted, 'however; that w; T. J*cib^rt» dedwed, ^hat the strike «aa lost endahouldbe d« ^ least spf4r w tUemecUaaic*tt KIRKS Healthful, Agreeable, Cleansing „„ >\ Cures Chapped Ba^ds, Wounds, Btunos, Etc. • • Removes antfprevents Dandruff. - •MEBI04H FJHILY SOSP. Best for General Household Use, CinciMati,* Jackson ,& laclinai Tuns tattle taking effect Sepf. n, JgftJ-i Murahall »» foUbwB: THAW* Qpltfu BAB?. ""• t- * '- •••«•• ------- ••"""•' •* * TRJUSS OOINN WKM. So. .SK. Mail and All train* dally ejcept Sunday: F OB SALE— A safe, good as new, b ^-! 'SKMA.S.---: II AvT JUSTICE OF- THTPEACE AND CONVeYANCER, All Dusinos* afteniied to prouiptlj and caretully. llaa a safe to keep jijiijj mem docket and other valuable papers n CARTER'S 3i«4r.B«a4aehe and teUove alJ j*.»it to abUioui state of the •yitom aaoh U - ' . . eating. Pain ia the Bida,4c. While their xno«t ;omarkable iracceu haa peen shown in onj^n anitregulaieUiebowfcta. Even it they onl» HEAD ditlrpesiiig zonteiry ts^Q T>'m Jtad tjjca«e UtttopUta^a" •|«j" w. i-r-ss tiiftt^iw »fli jBoi.*el"Jfc flfito ..•t^ov.ttc^\-Bu?*ftw^W65Js%!i^v j A. A GOOD B08ISKSS S1TJB tor ajoe on Utate &#&RigR!sj&3£:&

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