The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 27, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, July 27, 1962
Page 1
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5 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Coll BE 3-3511 Freeport SWEENY BAPTIST CHURCH TO CELEBRATE FIFTIETH ANNIV ERSARY-SEE PAGE 2 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS.,! VOL. SO NO, 128 SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGLETON, WEST COLUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEENY, OlD OCEAN, DANBURY '«»« Cloulfledi II J.JtH_A|| Ofn.r O«le«: IE 3-3II1 and DAMON Per Single Copy Te Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freeport __ Associated Press Member ^BUSINESSMEN IN POUT/CS-3 Labor-Business Party Split Feared By Some KIMTOR'.S NOTK ~ Ma any busi-1 Similarly they feel il is un-jly dobalrd since the showdown |nes-». firms now- are engaged in bcallhy for Ial>or unions unduly to fight between big siecl and Ihn public iiflnirs programs in order'dnminato the Democratic party, ^ovornment last April and "•l-n br active and nrticiilalc iir "|| would !M> a great mistake u, working for Ihe free enlcrpiise if n,,. Republican party should'.-a system. This final of ihrco .-iiticles ( .\-|.|- become the parly of business I) outlines Ihe philosophy behind and Ibe Democratic parly Hie some c/ those? prom-urns connected panv of labor." said .lanics C ,,,, , . with the ,»,si,,ssma,i,po,i,i,, Worihy in b,s »„*. „,„ Business '^ ^nia TXT "" concept. mid ].- r( .e Men, published in lit"" Worthy-, then a vice president uf NI'AV YORK (Al'i — Sonic' paily. if M, dominated, would lend slatemcnMhai'li 011 ^thoughtful frienils of Ibn business-:lo take extreme positions-, and ' s< \\ r ,,. t ^, tn n,'.,j , man in politics movement recoil nupderaling influences within each '.,,. nK |'i,p ,.,',. d'om the notion lhat busincssmcn;would be l»-alcti down ' ' nil should cluster under the ban- Th nor of the Republican party. 'nessi lly KOUKIC I.ANK AP Business .N'cus Hriler :ini!!! of such loading Amcri- is as former I'resident Dwighl Kiscnhnwcr lhal husinr.'.smen i|ui'klv become politically active. l a Kuril Motor Company civic and 1,'ovorn- nieiil affairs manager, expressed . , Clute Ball Park Lighting •Decision To Await Repori y mlto |M frrty of tW Teonoin'v - WOlll whole question of the busi- ^,,1,,, ( | )(|( w . ly ,, ! n - n - in : p !!!!!!l1- i !_!! oi " K / rr * h "' "' *>"'' ""<* either major party • of any segme or our society." Within the business conununify .there are many divergent views of what—if anything — business should do on political, economic and social questions. 'finis, in faking positions as a _ . ., „ . corporation on political issues, nut* councilnien will wait for mated that anelher JIO.OOO lo Slfi.- 1 Kord has limited itself to IIUPS- a cnnsultation with the city en- (X) would 1» ne.-pssary to pre- : lions directly a«pcting business gineer lioforp decidini; a course pare the park for development, operations, shied away from those of action for briiiKiiiK tin- city's Under (ho rih's present finan- likr medical care for ihe ai;ed and Teena-e l.«-ic,nie lighting svstein cial cirnmislances, Councilman federal aid lo education, up to slandaid. J. H. Jackson said in his mi^ "It's not ours it's Ihe people's At a regular mcetini.' Thursday, lion, the cily could not at this matter," Reid said of medical they tabled a proposal that the time incur such an expense. care "V,V .p;di/e it would e»«t a lichting conh-actor b,i K bten the . untK ,„- OKIIINA.VCKS 'l-'of'l 'leal more in S-x-ial fvPci'irily fUliEhts by hiking thn voltage supply. ; cit> , Alll)nil , y •,.,„„ Kf . nvon ,.,,. taxes. We talked aUmt il a long In other business, the City Coun-: pu ,. t , : ,i a lo||( ,;. from (h p • M ,, niri . while and de, ,,kd against taking! ci! discussed highway SIM'«| limits. ,,,, ,-,„,,. ( . n ,. ofx)sinir lr , a position " a pressed crxhfication of city m- . lss ,. ml)lo ,. ity or( , in : ill( .,. s intn ., Regarding Ihe Kord companv's dinances. n proposed park site, sill .,| e |M ,, r . v ; H , ( ^ |<? A |(j( activities, IlP.d said in an niter- R plea for opposition lo a slate „„, so|s „, |h( , ^ wwi|() viow . fonstitutional amendment, a i-liar- ;ful . |lis(|Hi „,„, M|( , im - n ,e companv as such VMM r.ev- .".'.''...iT'"*' I!omn " s510n ' "" ll J 11 ^ Aided ., yearly service of Ving- <T sup|K,,t a i«,lii,, f ,l candidate."; •»xle Iwtoks up DiiiM-t elvlorsemcnts and corfKir-; Texas Weekdays 5 Cent* Sunday 15 Centi BA.!.!. KIKI.U l.MiHTS MK8. SA1.UK GI.ASSCOCK fllBKKSO.V AMIDST 'TKXANA' Aullii.r's ll'innllon* fn Freeport l.ihrnry Include Statue, Picture* TEXAS HISTORY WRITER GIVES TEXANA TO FRfFPORT LIBRARY 1 "We'd walk on it and throw- lit against Ihe wall to make it look old." testified Orr. . Orr said their faking of the Ibook was so good that an suditor from a lending company audited it "and it checked perfectly." . Superior Manufacturing made of » ?raph of Slepher; K. Austin, which 1 her association with many of thp fertilizer tanks for Estes. Federal Biggest Digging' Planned In Pecos t f,-tt- •• i -. " «*•-?> K MIC :"S d. \\. ijfl.\ is or r o\\ Icr, Colo,, i thf*m mortiiHEPS on hnn^p^ TTi« h i u • ' rfi' ' r '"J"" v\. •MmmoriR ol ;mo?*fjiag£s were tr3npmittcd from m illinnc in i-octi ;» •> • r\ «i ' i ' r*SIOS IO I3318V13 0y Robert ClP" iiiiuirn in (_<i>n in fl pnuppr s "JIT, Alf'xnndpr fltifl McSnacldpn tnr> it t* it r / r* Wilson made the statement in '-'barges of n-aud. under an indict-.named Russe]l™roTheTro<\to<«n n a telephonp infprvipw with tho m " nt also naming Eslps, and^villp" Amarillo Globe-News and added.!»«'«» . sentpncinz. W el| s said Bafavia ^11 was dug It s my judgment that Estes has Bailing to testify wore McSpad- 5111,000 on tha Investment lait a lot of money stashed some- "^ n < Alp.vandpr and Calurie D. I^pw' January where '" ™* Vr ,. " f Pp ™ s - formerl - v a P^i Orr said representatives of Pa- Tlie testimony about a pauper's . and Su P<"''or Manufae- eific Finance Co. of I.os Angeles Brave came from Harold E. Orr,""""";• appeared at his Amarillo office ypstprday at a Texas court of in-i... ,, '. AU ..' Gen ' Pjthal ' fl A..last Feb. 2'2. told Alexander thev quiry under way here. ! h n , .uv u ^ ap P aren ">' ' k "ew everything, and demanded Orr said Estes' enterprise, re-',"! r ,-', , shvllle 'l^' Chris -:Payment of $4,300,000 owed hy Sit- eeived about <K!5 million (hat ,'h • v M ' Church of.perior Manufacturing. At a con- can't he accounted for. SlooonrM,Tln kefr, . m ° re than ; ferpn( ' e lhe "«» day, On- said h* ! Today Orr told of an all-night Wells said Estes agreed to turn ; Fstes'^t ^"r"' , a " CP m( " n tjl i! j session when he and another as- nvor propertv to the college's Ba : "'H h, i l , ," * jsociale, Ruel Alexander, wrote a tavia Corn, in retm-n'tm-tKsnnnLi,; ,.K" ™!!!!!!J?..!" rplUS . B ," ; " n °° | complete new cash book for Su- 'perior Manufacturing Co. of Amarillo of which both were officials. After writing the hook. Orr '|Uc. N.M.; 'said. h» and Alexander tried to'Spokane. Wash., and any profit to was clear, jmakp the book appear old and " " — ' - - fOR WEST COLUMBIANS Rotary Offers Way To Clinic ncluded in the transac-iments were uncommitted. lid. were -40 housing units; Orr said hr then saw Kstcs, who at Orange, Tex.; '£> at Albuquer- had told him income from the 30 100 at Cheney and million bushels of stored grain will, Pfeillcr Elcclri,.- Co. for iiKwe can afford this service, it will of suburban Berkley. HP is deep- .-blamed a statue of Anson" Jones- She' has also contributed "4 bc"an aTs n o , nf Th^h d '^"'."'the.r commimity Sunday by trans- operate for three hours, from 12 scillalimi of a lighting system. t«. „„„„.,. wH I spent," he said. ly involved in a fight against the /orni-T n-sident of Bnuona and photographs to a Huntsville mu- Fo?' fifteen vears she taught o I, ? exist. porting lo 1)le Swepnv dini( . a , |:noon , 0 , Tne contract call«l Tor a sped- MOBIMC HOMKH city of De.,,,,,'s new income lax. ^ president o, the Republic of.i-um most of "hem concernTng Texas h soTv in th" Houston mn! J?"' ' "rUf aWi "'""'"^ to P ersons »*" la '-' k the mrans of The Sweeny clinic, loc-aled in tied mtens.ty nt *0 volts John- A copy of a mobile home list- as head of a committee of sul, Texas, and a photograph of Ste- the life of Sam Huston £ itao s rollMin- hl™orkri ? ,T '" * ^ ™ 1 ' ""*"* "* *' P ' ' he Berta &irda - v Elementary son xaid. He said Pleiffor had hid i,,« s n , ;ln , wl . oblamivt by Ken- url«,n mayors. phen F. Austin The statue of \n^ Jones ems a^d1 \e^rds a^xl wrkm^ ' ^ V °"" e ' olltwardl - v ""- Rotarla " D"" B e r ry said the School, will se,-ve all people wert on and installed equipment on the yon. was turned* over lo Council- "In, just wailing for sonielwlv -Mrs. Sallie Classcock Gitvrson which depicts him' as he must abo^U IhT her^Tall durin" ,^ '' onc<>rncd about lllc nature o£ his <:Iub w ™ ld 0 P° rate ite transporta- of the Brazos River except in the l«sis rf infonuation from '«,,- „,-,„ K U Burnett. Tins will !„• to ,.,11 me up and object." Reid author of two !»,-« on Tex*, W have looked 'as he * ud^t S^me Ste cSthe pup""in he Sta!em ™"' ton renter at the West Colum-.Bra.oria area. This includes Old era! Kl:-clr,c. When inMalled, revicwH to determine whether it said. "Under our policy, what be lor.' and many shorter works on problems of -the vouns repub ic-i"T^i fo 'much of The Impira Orr also teslifi ^ : b ' a Lk ' mmtar >' Srho01 from 12: "° °'' pa ». West Columbia. Damon, Ihe hfihls were not as bri K hl as MS a suitable piide lor drtermin- is doinc. on hiv OAH time. |,..s indi-cidual Texas heroes and is the sculptors copv for a larceition for her WTitinc 1-Worthless noles and .sales con- P- m - tjl 3 P- nl - Persons needm? Damper and the Four Forte lie conlracl callr.1 for. in« valuations of tiailer homes-, noilnns to do with any position of '-vents, says that sh- ,s mlen-sted bronze work which now is in the Mrs. Giberson who has written lract throL « h whi<h Sli ?° rior * "^ ,'u '"'T'T AV'i "" -^ii' a '' Pa ' Co. on the tax m sccmi; lhal the historical finds Jones County Library. a book about this area called Manufacturing ohtfiinrd ihe mnne>• ?' ^» '"<• ^<'h.»i, lIICKOns^-T--IIJ.I,' The Bramria clinic will be held i C, F n e r a 1 Klectric. when in- The Ixxik is Ibe Official Mobile Ibe Konl Mot formed of this, advised that the Home Market Report. matter." lichl intensity be oil-reeled by slop- sTIIK^r I.KJHTS Tlint- years as she has made during a lifetime Mrs. Giberson saCs that the '-The Cradle of Texas." is a fre- flmn( ' l «l SIS million to , , ..... „. - • Vpni, alter"' inn rest in Texas arc placvxl sculptor. Enrico Scerraccio save quent visitor lo Freeport where Col< ' man T ' M ( 'Spadden, ft, of , ..- pine up Ihe vollaue to -ISO. Tlie A ;.,,,,,„ , r ,, ,.„ ,-..,.....^ ,. uro (,,| „];,„,„ i ri ., «j,,, ra „,;„,„ „.„ „„; h -_ .-_ .... . .• -,., ..... ... .. „ ", . ." . lu . rl «^o'^ ,\\ llt ; L |j,|,hoct mai""t'- ct~-!--h"!d»- •- Thpre are slx f>llnll ' s thls Su "- companv said there would >* '».'and pVm-'pr'cranpiinV'advisH''t'ha'; «ilh VniM Aino' Worker"u'ni™ lore 'she di'cV" '"' ' ' ""'" '*" pTrt""^^^"."'"^ her' husband"aT Walterand n her'niece, M?s. Franki' he firm - R°' S2 ' ™™™ "in ' the da >- Jul > *>• to ^minister make- ; ; ine a , CommunitJ , sbortenmc of the life of the bulbs ,„„, .^ m |unl|II) , a|n|) u . is (() ^ .epresentativcs. !>,-,-,„ an annual Another gift to the library from let- he had completed the full H. Carter. ™ me manner. U P dows of - x " hm nral va «' lnc wilh an input tip to .«M \ oll -'> installed on Main Stn-ct, non-pariisan solicitation of politi- Mrs. Gilvi-son «.is a photoffraph sized work. She says that she feels tliat the 2 - Representatives of several fi- Bu I Johnson siud Hint this |)( .. ir , h( , ni j] n> . 1( | , |IK , ln It)1 , vj ,. a | eampaign contributions fi-orn of the old town of Austinville. the Mrs. Giberson, then Sallie Glass- young people in the area will en- nani ' e 'l"™* wp re aware that thou- seeined an attimpt by the sup nmlv o( , jle K ni , nr ] slHp u,- t ptisl employes. birthplace of Moses Austin. She cock, moved to An?leton with her joy being able to see the statue sands of fertilizer tanks on which ••'•ys 'hat this is [he oldest pic- parents in the ISSO's. She finished arid the pictures and hopes that ! he - v 'oancd the money didn't ex- pher to a\-oid providing the exli-a (•( lights nee<leit lo fulfill the contract terms. He felt they should » -pceive added assurance from the encinrer that the higher voltage \\as the ln'st reiueily. Oil a motion hy J. C. Brown, the Council iabled Ibe pioposal. Houston I.ichliii 1 ^ and rower Company will, lunvever, be aski-d lo step up the Niih.e^e teuipor- anl> in order lo have (tie huhts at sland.ird for a lounuiiiK.nt •^"""'".v. ;''"!',;", I'AKKS ,„,,,,! k A proposal lo the city for the nale of a IT acre tract of land lo be used as a city puk was ' t.ibli-d "iiiili^inilcl>" b> tiie Coiln- The ui\ iim is strictly secret. At its own expense. Kord mails ap- Kenyoti read a letter from the I H "' S iiml P it '< i ~''- canls m its Texas Ix'a'.'iic ur^iiii; l-'-.l" 1 " einployc-.--al their home-- thai the Council KM on remrd as —'onelhiT with inner inner opixisiiii; proposed Ainen.lmenl <•!»p|ii|«-s for nuilim: donalmns N'o. 14 lo the Texas Constiliiiion. ''-' ""' l virl > '"'adqu.iiteis of Ihe 1'lns .imcudment, the ['ML said, >'« mi(| ual empline» , none. WHS pilclliiallv iLill^erolls id ''''"' Practice l.lll into its first dtii's. " " ciillelsm only lasi nn<nin—ln<tn It providi-il for a trial de novo August Schnile, pi i new triali m state court.s- .ippc.iN of executixe 01- admini- decisions made by any a city. Kern on explained that at the tine that is known to exist of the high school there and went on to through them a si-eater appre- ist to--*!-,. study at sey-eral universities. ciation for the history' of Texas ^ Estes conierred on numerous A companion piece lo the photo- Through her environment and might be stimulated. ,occasions with representatives of Esles. i f tnp - v 11P " d a r j d e frnm thrir at the American I^eion hall. All of Braycspon will receive ll.i..r;:p ,.r;?;r-.i o. Typo I polio v«c- Hospital at Dow Plant B. Angleton Hich School will he the clinic for all the territory north of Bastrop Bayou, for communities on Highway !JSS to th« t tune a person diss.itis- lied with tin 1 decision o! a city ell. 'nil- i'raVl was'olfevcd by Kml i "'' 1 " 1 - sl "'' ' ls '< ll "-" (l »' «''|uah- Lulhani al a pu.vof S'.MUKI. ' l; '""" '"' I''.'""UV . .imnussiim. The sale of the I Is lhal would "" |M "I'f'al U. the mulls Hut the cinirls now would rc^ird the i-it\ dcclMon as valid until the l.illltllt proved o!bet\Mse Then- would lie no s'.lcb ;issiinip lion on a do no'. ol il ClU llMlliS ill final)'e Mich H ti.ut \voiild liax r..i| a lax inctcase ol dm Iwo to three COMIs to lilccl 111 deb! 11 i|lnl elilciils, |be Coilll- ll es! in.ii'-d. iii addition, it was est .ipjn ,t i 1'ii liAVMOND I'DHrl.l: iiml JO one or CK llKi;.\!AN of 1,1 I'll,I Clni.v m;;. wli bllldcn ol ploof of the v,illi|ll> ot tin- i iiy action would I* 1 slult ill to the cil) (IIAItll.U IIKVIKW A lue-iiuin i b.utcr rc\ic\\ commission will be vet up .ll Ihe iicvl ici;ukir niccliim of the Conn ill. 1 ..u h cimiii iliii.ui is to bnn^ HS!\S i one or mi i.lines In the micl- i! u esp-.-lisc the five will N. i hoscii. with Miicl 111 lvn August Schi.Ile, president ol Hie (,„. AK1.-CHI. who <. ( ;d n sen-ixl .mainly in f.itien Hi-puliii- can c,un[Kiii;n chests Dt'iniH-iatic lin\. John H. Sw.iin- son. lM'ncflcJar\ of Schr.lie's sup |».'lt in Ihe I!«J) eleclion and fur re elei lion tins \,,ni hiniM U dom the attack. I'lihlk-at or^ani/atlon le.idi'is in -.talcs h,i\e euiloi^i^l li;e tutnl-i.iiMii^ cftiirt. uii luiiin.- Nt il Slai tiler, a licmocr.tlio eoiiuiiilleeuian from Mi< 1;. n! s.ilil in tlie Heliol! area Chr\siei Cmp . Lakes Steel Col p. and a nuiulici ot kinKs b.i\ e adopti d |>olitii .il coiili ilHitlou pl.ilis p.Hlclnexl .liter Kol'l s J.imci A. Kllle>. sc.lsolicd Inilh 111 |lollt('. S ,U|'I IrllslllCss, s,l\ s illlsl llcsS should ll> III pill Storms Drench Northern Texas J Commercial Solvents Corp.. New jYork supplier of anhydrous am Imonia fertili7er which Esles distributed at drastically cut prices in an effort to miner the West Texas market. Polio Victim Said Vaccine Not For Him Harris County line, and for Danbury. The other two clinics are at the Alvin Junior College and at the Pearland school building. There is however, no set division lines. A pei-son may attend HOUSTON (API—An iron work- any clinic in Ihe county", regard- •r who decided adults did not need less of where he lives. tt\ TIIK ASSOCIATED l'KKS«i Some of the other major ram- Toirential i-iinfalls fell for the (;l " lol '" lls (o1 " w 24 liours ending Minnd -straight day Friday in a at K a - nl included Brownwood \:isi strip of ihe northern half of 10-1. Wichita Falls 2.63. Te.xar- lc\.is. iinugins rain measure- kana 1.16, Eios-ser 3.-SO. Justin 2.70, incuts i,, nearly n inches in at Btnd l.tvi. Ferns 1.2S, Palo Pinto ''''"•' '""' town - :!.S7, Carbon '.'.40. Strawn 1.11 A virtual clou,Him si of ".; in. lies struck Mineral Wells, cans ing flo-nhng of business IKHISCS. cbiinbes and a hospital Tiie night police dispatcher at ,. . , Wells Jimii C,i|b,M-| said ia " ls l ' a '" e fn ' nl overriduiK moist said today that the l-nitecl Mates A good portion of the heavy rains fell al points lhal underwent rain Thursday. The Weather Bureau said Ihe u ' r - Sollvrx » na 4. More than onr threat iias Ix 1 * 1 !! ,v»lio shots is Harri.- County's first Also, persons need not be resi- W.ASHIXliTOS — Th» While made on Orr s lite since he gave polio death since 1959. He died in dents of the county to take the Home .innminrrd lixlav lh<- leni- KBI a K t>nls infcrrniuion alxuit Es- in iron lunc Thursday. doses. Those visiting here, or tem- tes' operanons in March. He gave Graydon Cooke. 3S. was com- :porari1y at work here are invited p<inir> recall of Ilip I. S. repre- m d( ,,. u|s p|eu , ly p. lra i y/ed by polio ,, e ,„ use „„, ( . linj( ,,. »entali\e al the Gcn.-\a dl« 5. Fictitious i-ollateral supported contactixl the disease June '-'1. The clinics are sponsored by imminent conference In cim>iill the notes through which Orr. Me 1 -; HLs widow and four children the Bra/oria County Medical Soon ne» M-ipntiHr data on d.-!ec«- - s P addp n a™! threo other men survive. ciety, and are staffed by nitmer- raised $3SO,C100 to buy Superior 'Back last fall." his widow, oils volunteer civic groups in th« ln K atomic i«t« Ix'lore (joliig M anu r ai ., urjng Co on Aprj | 27, Mrs. Jimmie Cooke. said. "Gray-1county, under the direction of ihead with efforts tnwmil a twd- i9M_th e date on which other don insisted that the children and:Mrs. Ralph K. Gray. ban irpat>. dealings in worthless securities I take the Salk shots. 1 told him . — started. Robert K. Clements of he ought to have them too, and WASHINGTON — Prime Minis- Amarillo, who sold the tank-build-; he said, "N'o you and the children Phouma of Laos '"£ fu'm, w as aware of some of'take Ihcm. It's not necessary for Ithese dealings. me. Adults don't get it." Orr suid he and Ruel W. Alex- Lester Graber, 7, of BP Art League r ran six UK lies deep Ih'rougli alr and add iU'">a! ram was p\- has assured him of rt-onomic as-j^p,., M , of Amarillo, shared an Who receivod Sabin anti-polio vac- lA/ill DpgfiLtAM the |M|H-C station. A woman said l H ' > ' lei1 ' n lllt> ar( ' a - sistamv. hut lhal details will he;j£!,000 interest in Superior Manu-icine last Suniiay, Ixn-ame Harris Will Dl lllllJCfs she r.iught a catfish swininiini; Tin 1 Weather Burtait said this worked out later after a develop- facturing, ton-owing $80,000 from!County's IBih polio case yesler- "» on her front lawn. is ihe wettest July on record in mem plfln is established. Ksles and nulling up $2,000 out of day. At Ue.ilherl.iril. east of Mineral 1'ailas with a '.olal of 7.72 inches In nit Tin .IKUI ('him b. cli > li .I as |,i,.. ..lid -11 II l.ll> U .he I'lsl. II |.| le\.is Chll-ll.ill cblllilles. . (kisMbic IcMsloll. I'1 ll.! ,'l K lil. M'HUi- ! r|-.S'\\ illillc.lli^l, the c, VKKI.KS and !•' H ll.'KK, to pro|» Ibe icvi- ill, ill, .'..-, Ill-t,,;,.. .S,i|i,i,l,,,v, . , I'll to !«• nlllilllllli Allil \ll.lll«'l Die I iiiiuly : .IAMCI-. lilJAV, lice i'i be IM--I, b.imc on h,,- .",',1 lli-i bank.s .ilier bo.sp;i,-ii (ic.-ilin.. nt ot an III- Jliied |i,.,l CKSON lui.k line ,1, |i,,. : .liter x-ill iil:lllllssii,;| ;-, t,.. [e\ | HI. Itie loon- llilc ih.illci (or C, If .1 llc>. llu- Coca Col,i ill ill Ml ill. *wi\ s all is has no i !>.:hi 10 ti \ ii ' Id |iiihli> ai Ibinluu.: on cm) U'.VSIIIMiTON — ti «' n e r n I Kleclrie Co. h:»* at;ri-«l U» (lay a rcrord $7.17 million In settle (liuiuite sulK thai (olloweit i-on \lelii.n uf Ihr i-iilll|Wliy III u |irico-li\iiii; cttw. llu- ,lu>lie*' l>i-purtntt'nl aiinuunc<-il tmlay. i ily election il \h \ AI.'IIS ( V.UUClUnau atKiiit a'n aic.-i appeal etl lo be junk \.iul lie i hiel ol police ami J.llks nut it H.uiin lo punidisl it's Wells, .mother 2 indies pnurrd'at S a.m. Friday. 'Hie old record lii'ht u out'" down overnight to bring the two- was 7 (>S inches in 1!M5. thai tins, ''-'> 1 " 1 ' 1 ' I" 1" mclic.v Weather Buieau radar showed in|-.opiil.iiit.\ K.iulmiii. cast of Dallas, iv- ihat a hand of Ihundoishowoi-s purtiil 12 7. : > inches during Ihe alKiul HI miles wide from about niglil and rain still fell iheie. -.11 , m i os M of Uinyview to I'raiiiiall had 11.:1T inches anil .\i m ,les muih i.< Abilene «irly Caiiiillton fi.:!7. Hoth ;ue in the „, ,|, e ,u>. Muii-ial Wells had a 1 li.illas area. heavy thundcishower while other CHU'AGO — A sun filed Thins Ilall,is h.ul tiirreiuial dowii|KHirs |»uuis- reivivnl le^ ram. d-i> m l'i>liici Court slated the around dawn iiud the rain ronlm- i s ,,| ,t, x | tliuniterslKiwt-rs were mlciiiion \1 a railnud unions ""' """ ""' '"»''"''« »•••<)' l"«n. reponVi in S,«i(liw-esl Texas and ^""^ '"••' u '" !l(1 ilu " Kl ' Molonsl.s (ought water me, then- ,„ „„, i,, lnhan , tu ,. workcis unless the court ,i """ '••" 1S ' ''' M ^"-''" 1!i "•""•"••' ,, H ,i, xi (0 , (Wsl , k .|- P '°' X>: Not Planning Civil War, Algerian Says Freeport Site WC Team In AL Tourney to dihll l\ that lnl " '' fbe \\c--t Cclniiib,.. Am. i lea.11 won Ibeir IllM .^iluiu il Liking action, .la.ksoii \|. |',, m namcnt ai San An IACK- asked mat Cil> Secielary ,1. II. i'| u ,| M |, K ,,\,i N a/ol nt MoiHgomiT} \Milc a lellcr li iillu i junk dealer in to ui. Hi.m do Mi M|iule, a Uallas si i ui oil b> luiili water able ' cloudiness and scattered ''"'""I"" 1 -" P''"-'' aln vii'lal"" Hi«- f ,,, ul 1)u , revolution against tlie tcrs in Oraiv ihe chirf city of in v , , Railw ay Labor Ai-t. ilunidi'i-s.howt'i-s over Northwest Ml:-- .-ii-'i.r, \ .IAC <t Her uailei iv,n \<llaloll ciiiuali -i uig hladd'-r sin.:.,_.,. M Si IN n-liitil l/i'iii ll .1C| I lillS V-.rl. , . IIUKKKI 1 'sf .-s.MI't II (•led lo inc toriiici HIIJ.I1-: J| : :.\N m iiiiikuij; iii. of A.iKlelon. lo j,,m, Couucilmai, hrown uski-,1 l."c lll\ ol Abilene ||,,. ,.,| v ,-| •ball lor III Tlii- W.-l Columbia]-..- aiecl li f San Antonio al ". ^'0 p in u-ila mciidiiw him lor lu.s , ,»,|,ciali,,u Viu) „ ur „,„., ;!,.,, v , a ,,,, ,,„ y.tul picM'iitablc |)liiy ,,,,,„„ .„ s ,.; ( , p ,„ ,,-,„,,,, ll'CI of Us and North Central Texas The remainder of the stale was expected lo ho Kcnerally partly Na/retii llos- '' l ' Hlllv WIIh " ftnv wi(1t>l - v Sl-al ' lered Ihunilervbowcrs. lip to eight inches of rain fell in sonic areas Thutsday causing de w.'ie forciil to ci[uipiui'iil from Ihe chclii Clll!s|l;iU prnlc.,Mir Sllllllrtl )• l an Ihe tUiiu is I'iockoit Mivcts and MHIU njuiics. d 11 below giiniii.i level and Lightning aci-umpaiiied the storms that Win or lux- iinlay. the U CM Co was completely flixuliil. -'nit was ivs|wn.sible (or a numlici k on whether a M-I\ - i Itimbia team plays again Satin , Strong winds also caiiMil dam-- 0 ' (llv - s i" l ''* Hallas Fori Worth III Hi- i-"""! in- .slalioii .sign on the Lake Jink-May .since it is clda sou r.iad cvti-ndcd into Ihe slice! lii,<i loin nanicni ,:c 111 ilgnlofwa^. The -sl-ll hums the l-i!il,i> uoillil put Ihe UI' team :r Hi c -i-lil uisl.ul. e ill inoloiiM.-, slop, llu louiA.inii'iil lluais at SSI p. . . iv.-il al IliK uiloi-Divtiun, h« Mid. 'ni. Satunlay. age al Mmeial Wells l-'ucliioM c\ acualcil s e \ I null, •- al \|.-M|iiii|. be IIMI1.J \\.lll-l, lc|lllllCtl [HlllC ijialclu-i Chiton. aiea. i H! A UXS Iwnihcr lan oil ihi- ciul Soiiil! !\mr.\a\ -ir: ,.i,.-i i-i|.i:i un ".' aflel u»i,!\ fhoic. llu- It. lllOI'I CoillMKtk'?. oi tin- North al Carswr-ll \li Kou e K.c i landing d'.trinc a ram. The Br.i/ospori Art League will soon be brightening up a downtown Frtvpuri comer that ha? been dark for several years. The old Fn-eport National Bank- Building on West Park Avenue was taken over by the .group last By ANDKKVV BOKOUIKC nig to irj to lake over Algiers and weekend through'the courtes;, of ALGIERS (API — Bolkaceni!impose their authority on the new- the Krccport Sulpiiur Cn.. which "01)1)00 K " m lvlur "" 1 Il) Algiers today ly imle[*>ndenl nation js peiiniitin.j tiie group to use the ",.,' itoui his BerbtM- slrongliiMd in the Former Lieputy Premier Mo- building wiihiHit charge, .subject "'''" Kalnhe Mmtntauis and announced hammed Kinder is due in Algiers to sale ,.; the property I changes m a work nil.- |]( , js flln)ling ., , XM1 , m i, Uv , 0 de-.ioday from Ken Bella's headiiuar- The coiii|,ans grants 'trees pace building for other civic power play of Ahmed Hen Bella, .western Algeria, as ihe vanguard groups. ti>n. including the YWCA ~. [ , Both arc deputy premiers m the of the National Liberation Kront's and (he Red Cross. W tSHIMilOX — Air J-orce | KU - ;1 | y/tH | pnivisional go\crnmenl seven-iiuin Political Bureau. Jhs. Sam Bass |in-i.lcnl of unices >a\ lhe.\ «r.- t-iiii\liui-<l ll( n,,,,),,,.;,,,. p, V mi,-:- Ben Youssef This is a Ecu B.'lla-<ioiniiul.'d the \>1 Lea"iie sa\ s that the Iiml I . S. war<~. are "bH H( , n Khf . <1r |., w;; ;., Rt , n Br || a i,, g mu p win, h plans lo lake ivntrol building has been out of li-r than »« |»-r iviu nlinble" in m j|,| am O p|)osilion to that regime of the juivernnicnt. Kinder said u s r lor so long that Hie •.pile ill Ilif reeeiil fallui-e> at ai ,d Knm in vigorous siip|iort. the other members will head in \rt League Ivid In ^ei somebodv 1,-sl »iti-s In lb«- Pacific. They -.\ Vp are ,„„ ihinkmt; of civil later. »(nle that lhr> are "ciint criied „;„.,•• Krim (old newsmen as lhal Hint- Tluir iiiiNliiip* ha\.- lru , ps i U) minall> loyal tu Bell gi\<>u an <i|>|M».ile iiupre-Miiii." Khcdda lalmn-d lo pc'rfect defens fjd@ Schedule es on tiie outskirts of the capital. WASHINGTON — A picsiden- --We are ihinkini, of defense and Today il rcqui'st lor S.xvS.T'xt.iHX) to siart \tnity." No l.igli lid, i\c lallout -shclici ion Fitllowois of Ken Holla, a ladi- Low li :;.' p m. n .01-1 pin.'i mi dicv. a 'no" ,-al alroad> cla.iiiin; coiitiol .'! Satinit.n mean Appi.pni- wcslcMi Algeria ami .sonic ponils Hig.-i .' "\'i .-, u; .ami 11 JT a m. pauiti 'in the tMst, \\t'i*^ reivniiAi piepat-| Low S. 17 a m. ana' 7:13 p.m. Mrs. '„ :viw the old lock .Hi in wier lo move their equipment in. I'i'.e Art League \vii:.-i-, iiarl lo ^cck new quailers ,\h,-n their Ibiuiiiing on lh-h\va> '_'NS in ('lute :W'as plans lo open iheir 'iie\v home lo ihe public wnh an ait show in S-pl, m'-.i i. In ihe

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