The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 12, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 12, 1893
Page 2
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THE IU1LT CHRONICLE - — "*.. .. '.. - -- yowfr Itironjrli f« <U 1O ? r««*ir t»' If V h» ftiit Representative Wtlstih VOpifl- • ion Regarding; It. THE TAEttT WItL BE"OONSHJEEEB, Mr. Wilson Will Not Kcfuso the Clinlr- manslilp of tlio "\\ayit mid Hfoans Cottk- mtttee If It t» arenitcrcil— No Opposition to Mr. .Oi'Up for Siiciilcfr. WASHIXQ.TOS, July 12.— Representative J. L. Wilson of West Virginia, who presided over the Chicago convention and who is recognized as one of the inevitable leaders in the next congress, has arrived in this city. Questioned as to" the probabk) outcome of the e^tra session, Mr. Wilsnn said: It has always been my belic-f that ibo extra Session will be continuous and fh'at no reoess can be taken, Under, any circumstances. however' the turilT question will be considered. f-So'soon as the committee; on vrays and meatis is announced the. tariff bill will be; taken up by thorn nnd even should there l>o a .recess before the -'regular, ' session in Deccnilier the committee will continue to- have sessions for. the considerjv- tion,of the new tariff law, wJn'oh the com mlttee will report to tht^houso. Thie rumored intention' to "place him at the head of the committee' on ways and means was mentioned, and he was asked if he would accept the place. Mr. Wilson hesitated a moment and then replied with a smile: , 1 nave never known of nny one refusing a good chairmanship if it were offered to him. But I will say thaVthe chairman of that cornmittt'H during the next, congress will not have his homir without hia labor. He added that he had received no intimation on the subject beyond what he had read in the newspapers, lie further said there would be no opposition to the re-election of Mr. Crisp as speaker so far as he know and that he believed the majority of the people in West Virginia were in favor of the repeal of the Sherman law. , . Mo- idk. vice C. C. Bberiujin, retnovetl;; Urn-en, Kal&»i%k» county, { DaSiiel iiinc, vice C< E. Von Burne, re- Whaler. <*rntKit f-onnty, Adam ns vice Jobit,Schmidt, removed i Another Arfrps4 Ni;\v Yol?K. July ie. -The Gom- tnfrdftl-Ailwrttepr MV«<: Still another flctrpss has? jofljed the matrimonial state einpo the elosih'g of ttw spnsoh. Evelyn Pollock, tho Ronbretro in Hpyt's "A .TetiVpermiee Town." is tha. bjriue. 'Mr, Kirkover, the .groom, is n -Harvard student who; it is clidrnVd, will soon come into $l,r>00VOOQ. Me is a son of H." Donnelly ' Krrkover. the well known turf liian of Chicago. f I I i ' • I ' •' ,'TT • I ^ ' 'Wholesale PolshtiluRr. MANSFIELD. O., July 12.—Physicians jftvo dealing. with a wholesale case of f poisoning, , In all 24 .families "are sick, 10 jfei;snhs- : at : thf) £pint of death, tlie result of patinp cheese iftiafie by a local cheese company and solvi by ^rocery- .tnrn. The victims suffer" intensely. Phydciatis differ «s to the cause, tw*o claiming it is the result of contaminated well water. A Statement |>enie«J. LONDON* July 12.—The Globe saya it is authorised to deny tho published statement to (,)w effetjt that all captains of the vc sr«'l:i that took part in the maneuvers of the British Mediterranean equndron of? Tripoli were to be tried by coartiiuirfcial for oboyihg Admiral Tryon's signals. .Cliiet' or,T"I'i;.-;- MltclWlt Demi. .,'. CHATTANOOCJA. Julv lli. ~ Chief of; .Police Mitclicll <iie»l Tuesday morning:. He was a victim, of ".'.Sunday 1 * accident at Chicljamauga. ; ; ; .•;.- . ./ >' A Boy'«Kow-liilo JUcuOi. / ' Isni'EHi^a, July 12.—.Frank/Vivian, aged 13 yp'rtrs, wais .leading Jxia fathers's horse to pastin-o and wrapped the halter strap aliout his arm. The animal became frightened, and kicked the boy, afterward dragging him several blocks. He was de«d when picked up. The accident happened on n. crowded street, only a fmv blocks from his father's house. • • ' , fir Uife ffirVheml bt rt wt'ek lie tiftd of'the )ii )ii i I Peter LttFountain ami William got upon a train with frank Perkins at Powers. Now they are in jftll at Menotn Ines on a charge of robbing Perkins GOOD SUMMER WOOD, ir \/ 11 MIXED VUtthall, Dp... Albion .< ....... 5 88 fackflon...'..,..,.4 150 supil the Test. WASHINGTON, July 12. -- Secretary Herbert, Captain Sampson, chief of the bureau or ordnance and a number of naval officers wen f to the naval proving grounds, Indian Head, Md., to witness the test of the plate representing the armored turrets of the Indiana. The « plate ia a composition of nickel and steel, 17 inches thick, being the thickest armor plate ever tested for use on our vessels. The projectiles which were used in the test .were 12-inch armor piercers, the largest so- far used by the navy for testing purposes. IE.J.PENBEL I'hysicinn and Surgeon. [Office over Sifflmofl'rsiioe Store,! dm] 8 TRAINS WSSti STATIONS. Mall Bay * Detroit, Lr 8 15 . Albion ....12 2. i Hat-shall ..12 43 Battle Cr'k 1 20 Chlcnpo.Ar 7 85 \1 P-m. Ohio am. WOO 7 15 928 10 03 1023 10 45 11 Hi 4.10 p.m Kal. Bs.t a.m. 630J 'iis! 8 10! 8 38 500 781 8 15 8 55| 8 88 4 16 )> 08 4 47 9 50 « 10 . p.m. p.m. Chid BpU* a.m.; 81»i 5 10 547, 805 025 700 11,15 Pat JKl.« &m 1850 ft 10 1900 18 86 108 1 4& 225 •IK gK't Bx.t . '745 1045 1121 1140 12 10 1 10 8 60 Drunkenti««« nn<l the Liquor Habit, Positively Cored by Administering Dr. .Haloes' Golden Specific. It Is manufactured as a powder, which can he given in ivglass of beor, a onp or cofl'eo or tea, OF in food, wllliout t'bu knowleilgii of the patient, li Is absolutely hnrmlosB, and will eQVct a par- mam-nt and speedy euro, whether the t ntletit is moderate drinker at an alcoholic 'wreck. It nris boon given in thousands of oaseg, and In ,<:'very instance a porfect oure hag followed. It never fttll«. The system onee Impregnated with the Specific. It becomes an utter Impossibility for the liquor appetite to exlit. Cures guaranteed, 43 page book of particulars free. i ezcepted * Daily tSundaTB excepted P. W. KUGQLiBS, Oon. Paa». & Ticket Art. UKO. A, JeHKBON. Freight A sent, ^ C. a. OsaoRN. T)rkjtA<ziemrHaVrt»li Address,; SPECIFIC O' CO., J8S JUtce Jackson & fflacta Time table taking effect June 86 1893. Trains pass Marshall a* follows: warn* tKHNe XAIT. No. 83, Toledo Express '.i,. ...... „., ....".05 a s ,' 8, Cincinnati Eipreea.v ...... ;. ...... 84)1 am " ^l.Mail andKxpresB..,.\ H .. ..... ... 5 Oi ua , " 27, l LooaiSTelBht.. ../.... :w. .... ....530 pn ' ' ' ' MARSHALL IMPROVED Will Walk to the fair. MUSKKUO.N, _ July 12.— Miss Qarrio Plant of Nun'eia and lior winter, Mips Pearl Plant of Cliicago, have started for the world's fair. The entire distance of 194 miles will bo made on foot. They have mado a v/ap-r not to accept any assistance whatever from anyone pf the masculine peranatdon. Two C July 12.— Governor Rich. Tuesday pardoned Tames M. Shook, who was svnt from Mnskefjou county to Jackson I'm- r.' y. ars in June, 1SS8, for burglary. The fj;u\i-rnor also pardoned Alfred lii^eluV;iri, w)iu was sent to Ionia for seven years in November,, 1801, for The Del ro WA&HINQTQN, July 13. — The Columbia iron works have notified the navy department that the cruiser Detroit, built by them, isi ready for delivery to .the government; The reports of the bureau of engineering recommending the acceptance of the vessel are in the hands 'of Secretitry Hvrbert and will probably be acted on immediately. The vessel will be sent to tire Norfolk navy yard, where she will stay until shu goes into commission. The 1'u \vnee Allot incut H. WASHINGTON, July 3-2, -The allotments' to the Pawnee Indians in the Indian Territory have been formally ap- ,• proved by Acting Secretary Sjmins. The schedules embrace 820 allotments, covering 112,710 acres, leaving a surulus 9f 170,310. acres to be thrown .0pe6»to settlement at the same time and in the manner as the Cherokee strip. *~ KeBiguatiou Accepted. .ON:, July 12.— -The president "has directed Acting Secretary Simms to inform Mr. Robert P. Peter that his resignation' as superintendent of the census, tendered. June 3U, is accepted, to take effect July Ul, and in the meantime he is granted leave of ab- eence from July 15. * ' On tla^ltetirca IJot. • t WASHIKGTON> July J2.~ An order-was issued at the nsvy department placing . chaplain W^ H. BL Hte\vaj-t o» the re" tired ,4i*>t of the navy. £16 was ap- poijited from- Mahsaehttsetts awl been is tfce service 30 yeajrs. ' . ' (llnndoy patent, cnntnlns Sure aoil ante cure for lli<(l cif Lockjaw., July 12.— Eugene Dusseau, the 14-year-old son of Mr.s. Mary Dusseau of this city who accidentally shot himself through tho left hand while playing with a toy pistol on the evening of July 3, died Tuesday of lockjaw resulting from his injuries. A Ifcw.-.I*roj(ccnlliig Attorney. LAPSING, July 13. --Governor Rich has appointed .TfoHtor Snoflgfciss of -Wt-st j^irauch prosecuiiuj;- attarney of Ggeiiiavv ' county to succeed ftelpon Sharp, who was recently appointed jutl^e of the new Tliirty-iourth judicial distric , li'bbvtl a .Saloon. July 12.— Burglars entered ';> saloon at, Ltrugs villa and tliL-iri-tvape with £38 in cash. STATE ITEMS. u-ki>, ujied 10, was dj-owued fi.t F. DuMjJUii made guud- by a. train afe- Pbillip ^i«u-ki>, Cbarlcvuix. lugraiH x StatuMi. .near Fimvell. C'Uic«go'ci>]iit£di.»ts liavt nuide a contract to erect u ivjii.inio iic.ttl at Saud Lake. Suuiley T. t'i-;vj)'i iiii.s Lec-u apptjinted, as- ristaut ytyieral mauagtr of the Flint and Pore MiiryncUe. \Vithiathe- iif.xt week u big gti$ plant will bi'ida to throw li,'iht on Meyoounee people, , ' CiuUUuc ImuU'V j^ills vslll putanigat fv«x'« ut wur]j on au.-ouujt .of tljo auiomjfc of work tbey h;i\ « ou hunn. A ?J3i? Jkthodist camjxiiiertiog will be »t,t'Fys-trtl ^piiiisj-, Itwu Aug. 10 to 1$. up KfrtiTe will attrod, of M5*Bi*tce, »ije433, wag killed- at Wi^-t SupetiM/r^Wls,, by Drunkeness, Morphine, Opium, Cocaine, and Tobacco Habit. For treatment and explanation of the Gold Cure consult Dr. L. E. Gallup at his office in the Cook block. PatienW treated privately if BO desired. Miss M. LBromberg,M.D. Dieeaaes of women and cUildrcti a specialty, Otflco ovcrJohp IJu tier's corner' Smte and Joilersou fctreeU. « . Roeidence at Mrs, 0. B. Rowley's on Green Street near E.ijlo. ' Dr. LOUIS 8, JOY, Physician ana Surgeon. Bpecla} facilities for treatment of diseases of the Ear, Eye, Nose aud Throat, aud the application of Electricity. Office over Cook's Store formerly occupied by Pr, H. L. Joy. \ . .. " Z, Olnolnnatt & B, C. E3q?ress..,*.;,6 81 p «n •» 84, Mrpre«i.i....V,iw..^.i.i».v.iia83 am ». SB, Local FreljjM. .....; ., (i >. . ., i . . ..B.80 a n. All trains daily except Sunday. ; .,.-• \ Direct connectloas are ntada at Toledo 'and Plnolnati with all roads diverging \ ; Trains 81 and 22 make go od oonneetlon at MoiK tolth with the G R. 4 1., and at Allegan wltli the C. & W. M, for Grand Baplds, tytiskeeon M d all points north. P. B. DRA.KB, Geo, M'g'r. ' -T. C. M. 8CUIN1)LEB. Oo». Pass. Agt C. B. M1ZE, Agt., Marshall. WANTS, FOUND, ETC. feTwenty cents a week for each notice not ex ccedlng Uvo l(nco. No charge less than twenty cents. 1 ^OBllKNT-Abont July lOtli, a new house on X' West Hanover stiect. For particulars enquire of Charles.M. Noiitmmn. vlfy rijcpgdw of Alt^d^i wiM *peadjJu"a week '"'" .FRESHr O H SKIN G O M P LEX I O N, JlJ p eta agK^atjle Xaiatl\i^ frr tie Bowataj cat.- te tuido inujti. 3\-«, for v^e In one minute*i SALE—A new- Singer sewing machine. 1.' Will be isold at a bargain. Enquire of O. A. ilocltzol at a tune barn. H OUSE TO RENT-On West ManslonVtreeT. For particulara enquire of i\ o. bearuau. W ANTED—Situation wanted by a competent lady as vegetable odok or dish washer in a hotel or restaurant. Please enquire at No X'OU Stale slireet. KKNT—A vers Unu and flrst class hall on State or Main street for society or lodge oBuu, cheap. For reference pluaee Call at tne eouthwen corner of State and Madison ats. - CHK. FMKD VOQKt, General Agent. L ADIES wishing to make $£5 weekly by doing writing at their honie« address, enclosing otiunp, Mlsa LouiBe JTairtteld, South UenU, lnd.7 W ANTED—Two ladies to rewresent Chicago Novelty Co io Marshall. $10 a'week. 4-aU.atMrs. O. B. Kowley's. ti.reen street, from 8 to 1Q a. m. and 0 to S p. m. LIZZIE BRISK, L^OK SAU5 ~ All my real estate situated 'on the V hettt part of State or Main Btreew, and known as very line and valuable property, |by Uhrls. JPred Voael, .somhwfesi oor«er State and Madison sts., So. 12CC OU SALE '—Kew topTtugcy. E^JAii^^- F QUNU-A l&dy's cold watch. Owner can ob. tlan tame by i rQyini piopcrty and paying charges. Call al Cathcarnajieweiry store! I OST^-FrldUiy at the tiwiiDiuing hole, a gold JM bond ring. The Under will ife suitably re- wisirded by returning the eame to C. D, Brewer at Brewer's store. SALE CilEAP^TwQ deaira.ble buiidinij lota, \VeutHanovor etreet For terms tip- to tipo. U. Wliite. ' v MRS. A. J. TALMADGB. wauts work. Writing or aoy light work. Salary no object. Aadres* d.J« P. U. box IC&U, Jlnrehall, Juich. Ij^OB SALE—House and two lots on east Green JV street. Enquire oj Mrs. Delnuty. djS6 L UbT—Single bridle, between Mttrejaill ajad Hattlo Citck. Hew-rd of 5U cunu. Fiuder ifswa at blliiara bail ol J. jttaub uLa le- ucive reward. djiG ftOiLlK \V-liJK0AlU W ANTSD TO liJSNT-Twoormore furuieheU rooinu or bouse near cj cie lacioxy tor light bpDwteeping, Addrefa»iocKboxiai. - " " Mich. ^ W uf age.' Apply smarv hoy, 16 or 1? years y u«o. H. girl iot geueral hou&ejiofijt

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