Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 4, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, June 4, 1961
Page 2
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CONTRACT BRIDGE 74-Yedf-O/C/ Son J ~ " ~ ' • • ' M * ' l' - I ^^ ^^^ - >^T^^ - .Si^^T"-'' ^^^ a y B «r c ke r '4 • * • -- : : : B M» K*y} East For Accused Chief Plotter XORTH KJ««3 A Q J 3 2 TStUJILLO. Dwniru- : a '-&— TSs* f>wr.irs:4.-3.S'.f>. «.Iarci3 '«pre-s iS3:^e~i after the £ nn-ij s fjcieral Friday sasti a.r<i»-< 3S psrsadis I 2sr < *s<sv save .beer AQ54 cap^ayeni tiare* wfeer?. -.;.in TESSAS tJi*2.- -*a,s -".' said ' Th-e-y siscs hj" --f *** s.'-. aK^rna.; -.fcrs n^ed vitii s tSTltrn^'s; ^j- U ye-ar?.. '*'S.i di-tk^-;-. 1 ' *s Cmi, ^-" Trz.ji&V • ^'25 radin^ cr: a l -%sce «;; iS'rTJj^*- 'rfrv/e ! -;'f-. O.iirifi TrajSa A c^ar whs i ^-;: tarit frao-i V^^iEii, 'bi ;a-e kesiejraiissAsi-G ijth a > W 10 & 4 * JiTS £A JCQJS SOtTH 4 A 10r i' + A K Q 3 JtTS-2 Xorch fcr TtaJy. to re&*h theis- ccatract in the sac:e haaa * unti Schapiro had t«n two. Tte ItiCwuaa are for th*ir Mteniinc ap- tfcea- har«<J where l Tto* cueiid of tveo a. sjrcng- hmsi of.pesu« trie t dotibtt. Tlj* n«et fonr aH r-atjrsL Fci:r cluaa by Chi-iraiiia p.onSimsil of az: h;* rre- ' wltit in a aJam, s -jpoa ajs the PAS* 4.4 nr of dsa- J I.'!"" .' .- . 1 ieayts -with fcis i'o»;r s^aWMc' -^^^r^si^^sfs-s^. by State Continues Civil Defense Training Program Ey tEE JOKES • ACSTL'v (APi— the Stau- B^ -.4 E<S:«eat)HMs- appro vfrrJ trxiay s r.-r^a^. a-; iht *f.aj€'* csc'ric' •< ; "'-Kfi jfnwn'y !/.,„ Dr- is Cruz saki hs ' 3r«t:?jc-d. "LoA"= JsiTR. srs4i3<i.. /• Trujsito re- sh>rC, \¥f are' going to fjgfct"" H* gas anii. ieiSirti afa-aast "he e. Italian East, wd ! 3£x . * H * -5«*- «*-^«? I -««» m tat.Rowu. C^b . wasca. h* ana MILLBURX, X,J. (AP*— Robert Woodraff Besch Sr,, "42, assistant .safes manager of i&e Great At. bntic & Pacific Tea Co.. was shot •to death by his Ii-y*£r-otd SOB. pwEke jasd Saturday. Th^ sen, Rcien Jr., adsurted -shooting his fash-er <«ri£h 2 22-cali, h-er psstol, police said, The>*' said the fe^y had beers undergoing " psychiatric treatEaest for" about i year. Voanf Robert, was described as a crack sh»w. He holds sine bars i ranks/ frors L&e Xatiaaal Rifle 3 sal .Is (pi allied 33 a «r > *"fay t:^ NJRA. He is a Tnes-.ber «:*£ the Juaisr National Rifk- -\3secis.?i5«i.' • Poike sai4 Bes«h."3 body .' -wris fc'^Rd by a daa.gfeter, Ij&rraiae, 12,' some um<? after 11 o'cloek: Friday. night &r, the floor ai" a tfeirtj-flocr »>a!fcnx>ai just off yausg Rsliert's I Saturday morning, police 'still questioning voting Robert in | an effort to clear up gap*; IE ?he events of. Friday night. 1 *Ciu?n poUce am%-eii, ?iiey found ! young Robert in the living "room i brsndshas^ tw& pistols—3 23 and > 43. Detective Paul Tighe entered ' the living room and put. down hss own fun to show Robert he meant 'no Jiarrr.. He f^JBiTHeud Rofe.eri *» ge with him to a dsn, Ju^i olf the Jiving room. There Jbef 'alkfd ff-r ;S«} 'minutes before Tigfce tJw youngster to give up. Police found on&^h^H in both- the 22 and ihe -15. They said-Beseh had bec-n 5hoi several times with ' the 22, J ' i PoUre said young.^Robert ca^e T ht;me from school!'*round. 4-p^m. 'Friday. He Is a ^njnUi grader" at (Newark Academy.. Worri«f about 5 his n>arks on recent ex»|i>$, he 'went lo his room on Use tap floor ! of the thre*-*tory, 18-roorn njan- siisn. and locked hiroself in, . f At dlnaertirne, police- said^ the ' elder E«sch caHed 4o Ms son in come down to eat. The boy re- i fii-»wi and B«sch wcoi up to ^his : : room, whf-re he forced open ibt ^ of Hi 1 ^ ' trsck*.: At tie- sws&od iabia, ?.i.e btc j^acriiras-rcin-s frarH- ir^tde th* car. H-; 's.-aic fjv* ^ou-rsls irs hii left ' more rikeiy to '-r^^ 'SSii^'Ss >S.::S »- 'i Tt'ira e' " ; *o at» cna^ffcvr s.a'd h^ ' ind '.Ae as-stlsEW S^st S-iuzh West - ^orcH if ^ J» Db^e. P^Lsa .2 JL Dfcie. Pass P£^ 2 ^ [CKaSidJa „„.. ,...._^ „._... , , Piaa 3 ,-*- ' -P^ss 3 v - .fSisrS-*ird'. pos'ni.*, H*- »fe«ei«-'-* Pjss.. . 34 Pass 4.A r^i xhs kfeg of s T ,3y!e/2t m>-k 5 4 P,4*5 6.A' . i the hand. "**"••."- -•• The f ly. asd askeo .'at ifce time. ; • 'vch's wile is tlse former 3lin- 1 me TVnghisoa, 2S, Sae is a greal- srarsGdausrtter of- G&s>rfe Hmain=- ton Harlford.. fouader af The AirP chain. . Beaumont Boy Drowns I T&.> body of B^sc-b was found on ; the fiix^r of Jiis son*., .bathro«>m. ;" BEAUMONT CAP) — Michael ; just off th*-.bedroom. fijRoff. I-s, drowned in Villafe ; Be.sch was-a trustee- ->f th* Short Cre«k north of h«re-Fridav''whiie •• Hills.-Country-• pay SciK»l ; a dtrec: playing 'wi&i vsa friends. He was tor of the Trident Oil Corp. and a .the son of Mr. arsd .Mrs, Frank-trustee 'if Overk-ofc HospiJaS, Sum- Jr^ " •-•:• (mil. ',--.' " 1S5J. Sing r 3«; lac.) rsti wjth the '.-.5. ^ '"5'" ; ^j^r ^iTji'.-'i'^.T^ - ;:rso "^er-? St.11 aj . So- £ar this yesr. 72" ft&srrl aiw .-ip *>y ETS2f. ^/i'uOAt J. VP. JJcsar Church in Mexico Launches All-Out Drive Against Reels By JACK RUTLEDGE M5IXJCO CiTY fA?r —The >;.T!ifi .'*a'rjC-ac Ctrarc.h in i»exi'« sran'. ~*as snt ari!l aa in fj Man Wanted Here Token in Sonora •si*'j3i S'ix-e b«t'3.-'_-se for almas* half i i-tnisry ihe th'.!r«-n hi.- jwet ?/i.rr=-; frfim irr,rit«*^r,t:ai in ilfti- gave the srcirbisfaop of Puebla. tfce- nx^=t Rev. fJctaviano ;ilarqaez T&ri2_ a pe^ far such a. 1 ietier. Arcirhisiiop iiarquez Torsx said T3& CsJsoiic Cfeureii- eaanei re- raaifi sikss. a3 ihe face of CGEJ- mtaiist aitempis 10 «»ntrol -,"We' should sever allow a for- :Cign invader ie> cono«er «Kir country i£-<J caange «>ar g«xxf. Cbris- ti£c iastiiutififts - for fexotie polili- cal theories In which .Gf^j his /so piste," be « Wreck in Germany Kills iraoii Soldier HEIDELBERG' : Tae U.S. Army -*<xlay identified *okii€r kilted. ia as ause acodeai r::ftr this »eek as Spec. • A Daie . . Cliatots, 32. sec of Rudclpij M . Box 752. Irsan. Tex. n was Killed . ' Wsanesrfay »ie risiasg in 2 car Urai into a. gsiard rsil on the iutohahij arid. . The acetdeat occurred miles 3puthe£$( of iiuiueh, sear id Aibliog, -AJiere CUaton v»2i Ei HEAD THR CtASSfFIHD ADS isins o ssi.m u- n se-:: :TL= • Ju have •ai ia a th-e >H K, Drf-K.vj FruJ2> bv f&r vw-atjcriai are iO«i .*>';•:.• Ars aii-&sa casspsisa begaa ai'ter 'iv- arf abisshc-p- pr;raat« o: Mexico. rfr*'irr.-frO .frc-j-, Vatican TSLSS. Pa.-tc-raj lexers aJ-ened, C.3"ijCii»~S u:j22;rinc?i C orar^tiTuB^ri. i - r -r 5si^€"X.-I TiC^..--- iC J*-ad^O:^ t ^§3- Officials Seize Contraband Staffs Smuggled Into Mexico • LAREDO; Mex. CAP>— • Fcflv usotisasd ^2S eaiifare shells being ~mtiggie€J imo ile«co were seized here Friday. . ' .*s Jssi year. :r,. ;>:;; OJ af?>ic;^ f* 5-»443 Sun.-Mon.-Tues. IT'S JERRY'S: BIGGEST, FUNNIEST YET! \- f - Eu§ene C. Bybee, Former Resident, Dies in San Antonio Hl'jc^j^r r?—rroH 3v r>£y, ST-v^sr &•'<! f»»~~*-r re-skicnt o; D*l Rr<;. afijcials said tise sbefis in i?eer eartoos. aad »'ere bestg •sosuggied In a betr trailer. laspiect&rs on a. efceck- iXiint ?b»>Tir 55 mrfes from Laredo or; ic5- Mojuerrey htjghwav diseov- con'rahSaci. .Tne truck , .Mexico s first cardinal. Jose Carrfinai Gsrihi R«ver2. arch- btsi«ip of G-aadalajara. last issueid an aistt-Comnjuniit nation, of the Cohan regime uoder Fidel Castro. ; Pamphleis dJstritKited in every iCaiholic church ic- Mexico ssy ; " commufiLsm is trying u> spread ; : Hg-=s haired. : V Ths Severnmcnr has said' noih- i»g so ss&p or even tone dovij the : church C2mpai«n_ Informed; sources say top -officials are an- ; ; d*r heavy pressure frosj es-Pres- ' kJ«u Lazaro Cardenas awi oiher i ' tefrists, acd so ^etcorr.e the Catho!it attacks. Mexico is SO per cent Catho'ic. M.any. bfc' church in.f1ti*rsce ts stronger h<-re lhan ir. C-jba. PRINTING! Quality Mofprials end -Workmartsrtip at 8*ascrvcb!« Prfces Office Supplies A balanced' stock "to s*rv« the iecfrtcry ct estabtahed r«tal? prices- The Herald Printing Company lie W. i-ionds:- a; :»; o'clock in. the Por-. - j ifr' ljzri~z. Chtpt; ;r; Saa Antonio ] Tsriih He~»-. DsrreJ Gray oificis'- r;.j" Biirisi T*'i!l &° made ;n 'Sun- ret Meisyjrrec) Part under ine c5i- -CT:?;-*^ <if Porter L&ring. Friends; ifco de=:rsr jnsy canlribnte to '^y-. Ta-sn. "X«-&rss>.a, Cai FsrSey's ' ioys S.i."icii a" -•'tTnarjIk) OT th& ie.sir "Ccur.ty Csrebra! Palsy ;o He's a har.dyrnan in a HaTJywocd hotal — for girh only! I the ss Del Rki .. from Jeaciiing living st l Alrpxsrt. K& gsvfc . > -evers! of ihe kt- . • nc,j ™ "^ ie^ Mai\ ? ?? r- :S%- - PAT STANLEY Surt^v.:.r= !J3vI"JCe his wide'*', ^t^s. : J'jfia 2>h**-. z daughter, Mrs. V:r2ir.^ B-:-r-:; granddaughters. Mi«s Chris !»rir»ey snd if^ss Ann Rtrfc: sranrii.or:. .Nsihan. Berk, si; rrf Sa.s An'.onio; daughter. ML=^j Parrica -V.c-Enrtis of Xe-a- York C;^r- s.-d X;r^. Ro=3l'K Ferrel! of Ssi AKL&nxi; his father, O. E. Bji-^v of -.yst:n: a s:>ter. Mrs. Tasi Euciiri§ha,i2 of Jst ksoriVJile. yttY lil'lf. DRIVE IN 5-4541 CXaii: fCXSK yjrnx* t *t>a SI'J f*s/ DOMALD Sun.-Mon.-Tties. FLAMINGO - Thru Monday Violent 45-Minute Hot! and Rain Storm Dazes Colorado Town LA.MAR. Cok>. (APi— Dazed by feaij arid fkx^cfed by rain, this sc-u^heasi CoiOrado lown <if 7,300 cviKtt-d tip huivdr«is. of thousands uf Jk*5i£rs dsrnsge Saturday after the «<srit slce^ni if 1 , a hajf-century. Sn inches of hail zed more than 2-7 jr«ch«« .of rain feU late Friday In tts5 thsn tvto hoars. _ Thf storm cut a" swath eight nsiies wide IhrfrtEh the normally drv-t3k»d .Jarw: region, battering tibei* and sugar beet crop-i. Ag- rjeuiture agtct .Jim .Read satd a t&rcade appartmlly hit near Gra- O2£la. 17 rni!«s east of here. The starci Veft .water IS inches deej> s^irlinf in streets, stalling ; 'cars acd fl&oding homes and > Hailstones trp to four inches in •t diarn*-l«- battered : the city for 45 ' nstrttttes. i Tfee sJowrs imssht-rf 114 vrin- , do»s sn the north side of The Sacre-d Heari EVER PAY A LL TWICE? Your checlcboolc provides an up-to-lhe-miauie record of bilb paid, and cancelled checks serve as permanent proof of pay- ment—rwhen you pay by check. It's the modern, business-iilce way to pay, and does away, with the risk of loss or iheft of .money. Open a checking Account now. -• - '-I Oe/'Rio BANK & TRUST Company Member r«d«rol Deposit Inturcmc* Corporation KINS-TV :20 S.I5 8:35 6 CBS 2—Your Sunoay, June 4, 1961 WOAI-TV Channel 4 NSC KONO-TV C^.onnel 2 ABC 8:00 A.M. 3— Llsht Tiira S— Cathoiic WorSd Report e— Sacred Heart 2— Art "of 6 -What -Momina Movie. Carter. M£i',«er 9:00 A. >T. 2 — Brief iris. Session t — Thii la'Tr^g Lije /— Cbnssfan T — r'amilr Mo*.1etirne "Baroary- Coast CeirC' 2— Championship Bc-'Blir.i- — - 4:00 P. M. _^_ — . 6 — AirtsKyr Hour ' . '2— Kii?ha2hts o: "500" 4:30 e— G?V. College BowJ 4— Chet Hur.siey Heporung • - 5:00 P., M. — - ~ 2-— MaUVs Fundav .'Pur-n:«s 6—r Love Lucy 5:30 2— Wait Disney Presents -SSth Ceniurv ' * ~ S:45 2— living ,*-ord - - 10:00 A. iM. 2— School Sicrv E— This Is The Ari 4 — Tiw Giirisf-oc-hrrs 10:23 2 — Faith Fcr T&oay 4 — Proj^cr. i 6:00 P. M. S.hir!ev Tfensn'.^ «. -23 2— 'v^V 5 ~ the Menace 7: (>n P. ;M. National \V!v*t 11:00 A. ^L •2— Church Services 6 — Wonders of the •4 — TV Playhouse 5 — Americans a; Work t— Stems! Uih; 6 — Cartoons 12.00 Noon 6 — Ga-ite of Wwk .2 — DLrect!o:is 6! 4 — Iridastr-v 0:1 Pitr 2— tScience Fiction Tr.e-j'.re" , 4— NTBC Major I/Kis Hunter s:00 P. M. — . — 6— G. E. Sweater 3— The Rebei •* — 'The Chevv Shos? fC> 2 — Asphaii Jun-gJc 6 — Jsc4: Benny 9:00 P.-M, 6 — Candid Carrrf-m* 4— Lcretti Y&cr.? Shoisr 2— Tr>e Vaiian: Years 6 — Waa:> il? Line -= — TrJs Is Your 10.00 P. AL 3—12 Star Fus>U •5 — Deadline 10:15 2 — Special :GQ :30 Sox 2~?iund«r Road" 6— Gine 2n 3:00 P. M. 10:25 1Q:30' Cassicy (C) Denottj Color Program -Tr»ieTe.s' Carsiivii" Spans' Ne« . . Ccrr-rnsrsc Thtatre "Ma.isic-:i O^«.- Korea" The Best in Daily Entertainment Is on Your Television Set ^ <••' v .-' DEL RIO TELEVISION CABLE CORP. 312 PECAN PR 5-3568 Monday Oaylim* 7:10 7:lo 7:45 8:15 8:20 9:30 10:30 •kMK^BW 11:10 11:45 C—News 2—Exercises 6—Sums and .Allen 2—Early News C—Ljute Rascals — 8:00 A. M. i :— .2 —Trouble With Father 6—Captain Kangaroo 2-rOur Miss 'Brooks ' i-:9:00 'A.- IVt 4-rSajr When : .-'.>. 2—Movie '.•-:.' "Secret of Con'vict Lake" 6—I Love : Lucy. <—Play. Your Hunch e—Video Village — 10:00 A/ M, — <—The Price Is Right (C- 6—Double Exposure ; C—Surprise Package •4—Concentration — 11:00 A. 'ML ——<—Truth or Conseq. 1 —Gale Storm 6—LOTS of Life . 6—Se*reh for Tomorrow 2—Love That Bob 4—It Could Be You (C) 6—Guiding Light 4—News •":••• •' •.' ' . . —; 12:00 Noon 4—Movie __ "Thre* Pior The Show' -6—Amos K Andy * 12:30 2.-^-Number T' 0—As TJ-.s World Turns 1:00 P. M. •5—Jan Murray Show -—About Pacfrs . 6—-Pace She Pnrt^ 1:30 2—Man From Cochise 6-^House Panv. •*—Loretta Young The;, ire 2:00 P. M. -4—-Toting .Mr.; Maloae 2—Day in Court 6—Court Room 2:20 1~ Seven-_Kfeys s—The Vrraici ,Ts. Youri 4—Prom These Boots ' — 3:00 P. ' 2—"Queen for a~ •5—Mate Room For Paddy 6—Brighter Day 3:15 &—Secret Storm 3:30 6—Edge of Night -. 2—Who Do You Trurt '•'•'•. f—Here's Hollywood — 4:00 P. 4—Movie ;-", "Jungle Jim in Jungle Man-Eaters" 2—American Bandstand 6—Dick Tracy A; Cartoons 4:30 S-^Popeye the Sailor 2—Best of Hollywood || - Tarzan Escapes" — 5:00 P. M. — ^ 4—Highway Patrol a:30 4—Mr. Magop Cartoons ' •_ . 6— Kartoon.^Karnival. o :*D 4—Runtley-Brinkley. Report . t^ C9iOfi^0

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