The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 17, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 17, 1897
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The the yester- r of fWfteg lru«i.- th United States he A*8as9i*» of Canevasr rial ' Ite gfuftiffliUt govd-rififneh* had Jt',1-- " " r «tui"th<}WS*8<tt of puwions, HI or suutHnsB and they " hirfe POWDER for -its great leavening and healthjfttlnesw, Aeettrefr ttia foocl against ftlwm and all forms of adulteration common brands. ^ . BAKII[*O the cbeap . f JJew to ,* atrtMy HI* Tnrltt 1>*»J. " AUfiT* it-ssrhp court annauncea iUfe decJ3Jftn^t_Vfe£en.t-a yasK-ttiivy in the ' SfilT'CalisirtJolt}) who as- •sa«ifinaWd Ca novas del Ckftilfo. 200 per«of»s were present, at Ut*> reaction Vfta *^rtftln *rf follow and that «wutd D^ bJswrtod for> It, Refers- the new t f iirt^d States tariff,Da* vl?a .saW the Wngtey mS ha-d built up a prohibitive wall ngftlhfitCnjwdtan trade, which trie ffov^rnmt-nt of tnexTHimlnlott. therefore, hftd resolved to srenHv trans- to trial. The vicinity of the prison almost i- *- Tllf Sun^liinc Ktat<«,° I» the title of a generously jUiistrateii pnTO phlet of git'eeu pnges »n refereneCtto South Dakota, the reading matter iti *hich was iUen by «n (.•ndm^tastte South' Dakota — Mrs. Stella Hmmcr Arnold— VPho has . rcwdeat of the Kunshinfe State fot ovot !O>cnr8. A copy will^be mailed to any farmer o/fftrmet'H wife, if sent at ower to Itarry M'r«c>, Michigan 1'assefiger Agewv, Chicago, Milwaukee $ St. Paul railway, 7 Ifers stroot, W-, Detroit , _ _^ _^ _ > H. A. Snyder has^iuWn a ilno lot- of .fruitot all kinds and efeirted a wagon which will make trips ovorNho city daily. As he will not he able TO go over every street daily he will go Brltstln, 4ANSBROUQri WEDOEDN and the \vpet one day and north and sr n«>jtt. Nothing but the b^st the •Affords will b»'handled arid prices w' bo in koftping with tho times. You can have him call rntfuiarl} by leaving <>rd<jra at the- store. i Vacation Day*. In the lake re«l6u» of NViseonsiD, North- eru Michigan, Minnesota, Iowa and South Dakota, »lm\>t Wie huesiof the Chicago, Mil waukonASt. Paul''Railway, ((to hundreds of chariiiiriK localilieA preeiiimently fitted/ f OJT•euminer.h'oin'ea, nearly all ol- which are '.located on or near lakes wbie'h have not been ilshcd out, T-bow resorts range in "variety from the "full dress for dinner' 1 ' to th«flannel shirt <!0»tuaje tur every meal. AmouK the list are nHfjis» liuuiliar to mauy of our reiWcrs as the perfection of northern Hunocr, resorta. Nuarly «11 of^fche .WiHeoiwin pojtita of m'ert>t>t arc witluu a short di»- taaco'from Chicago or Milwaukee, and, uowe of thmn ,are so far away from the "bu«y mart» of civilization" that they cannot be reached iii a few iioura.of travetby frequent trai»S»p*er the finest rond in the north weut—: the Chicago, MilKdukeu .feWt.Paul rtailway. fiend a two oent stamp for a copy of "Va- Nsstion D^yo'* .giviudj a do»o'ripMon of the principal rtworta, and ft U?t of HU i») tnrr hotels - nuOboatd.uiB'hou'itis aort rati* for board, to CJetfXil. Heafftira, IJi-neral" Paaaengcr Agent, Crms»KO, 111, IM In 1862, when I servfcfl my country af»» privai^ W Cottipau^ A.' ftfofJi ,Pennsyl:v,a~ uia Volunteers, I wntractevL citronjc df-. arrtiofja. It h«w #i vwi im»« t^wu-t dc*l of trouble ever aiucrt, 1 havi- trit^ n'duzoa different medicines ar^cl B<-veral\BJTOHJJ nent doctors Witliom'ftijy prominent to- uigyigo a f£yud sent rt*o, 3 bottle of CJiaiuUi-Tkuii'a Ck*fe «id 'jKarrboea re/uejy, atf ' that I bought and 'took a, 50 bottle; and now I «an say | am L-ur,t«l. J cannot ho thajnk%il? enough 1 ti you tor this great' r*mbdy., and, recota ID end it to &li eutfi;riqg veterans, II ii deserted'. Hie public being apparently In- diftgrent In view of the «*riain&y tMat the death penalty -would follow thp court-mat tlaf. AngioiU. heavily man- ftcled, sat between two gen d'arme? arid Imin.c'cUately in front of his Judges*. Hie president of the court read'»the declarations of ey-p-ttltnijsws. after which the written statement of the prisoner was read by the clerk of the court. H«tw H« Fell Into Annrohlst W»y*» Anglolli, In the courw of'the statement, s.aid that ht> left Fog^ia, in October, J8,^5, and wnt to M»'r>tein<s apd Barcelona, vv.'iere ho took''tno name of Jose Santos.: At nrsfhc 9<id no thought of becornlns an anaw^hlft't, but white at Corfnina he began to n? tntercssted In anarchist doctrines.' He then returned to Marseilles, and 7 aftpr his expulsion .from th«tx:Hy, he went to Belgium and London, wh<se he spent most of his time in the iswinty of anarrhlsts. "When the execution twk place .41 -^Barcelona on May 4 of flve <*f tho atio/chists convicted of partltiipfttlon In tii>y bomb outrage at the feast of Census .C' h« toncelv<-d tho Idea of assas-?lj)at\ns?Canovas. Without seeking an a/rcfiinplio(; he proceeded Spain 'arid carried <-JUt th« resolution. Oeteniw .H«k<-» tli« Irifumlt.v I'l.-ii. ns Xr(rc ; m«rditntPd Vrturder"-- aiitl ou'r't to ImpKise th? deuth v?a- plty. JJiputenanl (5*.rjia, ( whom th^ .rnurt ,had\flsigned us^ tounst'l to defend Ancfolll, iwced that tht pilsontfr wa^ •dM*U'nt«l..atSthe tirrie of the shcwtlniCr, a/ifl made a xtVonn: apt>'al totht-lx-nevo- /tncp of the judVes \Vhi!e hjR counsel wnfi presenllviK thSe plea AngHillI llstcjn- cd In-'fHenco, ThfriSJie ai--ktHl : pM-n.i!sslon to' spuak for himself. He thanked I^leutenaiVt <iop-la for his f-ffortfs, and denied that Hie had any accomplices, .or ttiafehe was\ijj' accorhpllce of, those who commjttPd thi-'lmmhthrow- Ing outrage at'Barttelona, or that he had participated In secret Katheriri(^s of .San-- arMiist theorivs the pro^id! tit " «f .the court Int't-rrupted him and thr»'HtonM to stop htm If h« pursued that line" of\e- mnrk oi- touched Upon any nh| cannectwl with the' trial. WtiiitW! lo Justify Ills Crfiup. AriBiolH' persisted Iri speaking of poll- flc^ aftd of tb« vyars m Cuba iir.d the •BrrlUppinfte. The preslderit faiil: "All th'si't. ha? nothing' to do^ with your crime." A'rigiolli replied: ''I mu»t^justify myself." I Th* president retorted: ';Th»t l«r» rio JustiflcBtion. Mor^ovtr, you tan convince that way." AiiBKtlH begun urgfttn. i>ut th« president flifi-'lart-d the trial <-n,c!e«l and or» der^d'tht.' court ri'Onrt cW-ftm**} Afttr th«» priHoiier ha,d been Conducted to riis ##H th^ Judges dellberatt'd for an hour aiid th«'n ^tifounced the gfentenrc wf th* cnurt^ whk-h was that AnelulU bp gar- v^ithin the New *IntHm«>»>!^% «*-«,1« * it At N£tt 1'tork. York, Aug. I":—IT. C. Hnns- tiniffd StatP? ^fcrtattvr -from North Dakota, and M!s^ Mary Chapman, of Washington, jiation In Europe in proportion **> thft , VM&y ffl^ft left" Spencer) past week f«fr the f&kotrt- grain ih^m beiag loy*' threshing ' ago. the was 'heW for toftbfngr oW ntatr Cotumtotis» Wta» -some months sfilclde at at. Louie. VV". L, BcruUKs. while 'traveling tUTtenS train walHed'dff Ih,^ plat- 'CHTTI n*»ar Coltiitit staHoti. <J&. She 1 is not 'at'ad. .brtl^ fter ftftf nan^s ¥y% thread. The Illtnals secretary of state- ha« ti- censed the incorporation of the Hortjc Stirrifig Events ' ^ <*• ¥*?* B«ilderfe' and lTJv«*torS 1 ' ftssocia- 1an at Jrtftttdon. Capital slock, $1000,- The French wheat 000 mirplna t» 33,000,ft l.WO.Oflfl > qugf- fa? W at* at fcandf, Yoti wilt want the very ne<(r*~-tlfe ««>** •ccoraJe report* to ,6e intacd. Tfcen yww*Ht the " / A . /y>A.. &?: «*• • • Detroit News. p |t contains all «» IKWS of Mkhlgan, the "uoited States and the WoifW»«H «p w dat*. MAKT BEnEt CHAPMAN. at thp Hotel &urIlngtoV> in this city yc»- t^rday. The rtr*>mony took place In one of Hid parlors of th? hotel.^ which was decorated, with white azaieaA, maiden hair ferns. palms and pink roses. The Bey;' Lester BrAiiner olHclated, using the rroleatant Eplsfisoi'tal servicf. The bride wore a torn txviored »Hk with .brocaded, Mripea and tull<> trimminff, and a white leghorn hat With plum* 1 ?. Ut-r mother, ^Irs. K. S. Chapman, who l.H-nowe-d the hand of th* 1 hM»!«». wore whitr and gray grenadine triinmt-d with white- satin, -and a •jias i >3emt > 'nter)^ tumnel of gray and AftPr the ceremony thy gtlf^ts. numbering: about twenty-fivo, x^je ent^-r •tained .»t an informal repast nerved in ah adjoining room. St-nator and Mrs. Hansbroush expect to spend most of tbs timc« near N-pw'York until after Nov. 1, when they will lie at homo at 203tf Florida a vtniuo, VVafi-hinRton. The bride !;» the " aytlvorean of a y^lurne 'of, noPms and has he on a cuntrllmtof tty FJarper? and otlu-r magazlnpa. BREAK OF" tets »rior.t; Austria owrf wants.arid Russia's crop It ajrilth, .of yrt-mpfcal^aU, mtly \v&s sreUwwd from the state "a^xJum at Mendofa, was retara*>d to thrit institution, hax^lrtR again sh<*w« ; of vtotent Insanity. Under the recent aft of the- Texas' legislature requiring f,offplturo ot rhar* tars for non-payment .of the franrhis« tajt. sixty-three foreigrr^ and SSS domestic cocporatlons have for^eitPd thelj charters. ' ^ a suspIolous-Jooftlng person approaches one of the tellers In the Bank of Frimce a private nlgnal is ^Iven tti _a concealed p|iotft|irfther, and In a few «<k>nds the suijpBcted Midlvidual la secretly photographed. Ludwtjt WHHams, 14 years old, sat Inthe alley bafk 6f hia mother^ Hwnvr and drank polsori. He was dead within an hour afterward, Williams via* » corn- attfinpted to hang himself a few days Associate" Justice Stephen ,1. Field can now' claim having sorved the longest time of nny justice on the ITnitfi.'I States j supreme bench. Yesjtfrday gave him one-d-ay- more -that J«»tlc^Jt«bi» Marshall <vho served thirty-four yetkre. five months and five days. Obituary: At Passaic, N. 3 > C«lr>r.ol ,tftmepi Ti: Ha»UIU, r or.. .At Dulutli, Kd- Ward C. Chandler, 38. -A I Wlnthrop, -Mfl., Fra,nk Bowles, of ChlcaRO. 60.. At R<H>kland, Me.. Mrs. Crfirtrijdc Tompklns, of Boston. At Palmyra. Wis., Christopher Olesoni '74." At fthvood. Ind., Henry Harry A. EHis t a veteran Of th^ staKO. was found df<jd at Ch1('a«o in an alley baek of tht- Windsor hotel. He appears to hsve fallen frojn a window on the fourth story of th« hott;,!., Elllrf was in good circumstances And" bald - a pleagant home at Plover, Wis. A widow if iracles? The great Foar-C Remedy Isdoing work wherever inttojjucedas nearly miracfctow %s it eve* falls to the tot of anv human agftacy-to do (I will e& xxn \t&\' o i&v&t for arty one interested to write the persons whose names -9 , ' Appear beJoW or anyone whose flame toay appear among these testimonials.) BENEFACTORS OF THE RACE. Office of "RnMWWHiiR TiitM," I KinRflsher. Qkla., Deo. 12, VS. f , OKKTISWIH:-! l»ilev« itmy duty to write yt"} "nine let irocard to f,bo bencllclal efffeotof Phelps" •Foat 0 Remerfy," so far ft* I am personally con- »t ned. - A week »R» last Thurad»y, I Wa» tak«n with a sp.vere attack o| la grlppa and ID a Short llttxe bcoAfflc BO hoarse I could not Apeak obove » whisp«r. the nieht providue 1 bad oougbed »«»rly the entire Blalrt; lust beiore retlriOR I took iteaspoo&Jul.inaBjnplthoentlreiiightftSsweetly m dver I did in toy life, trot coughing onct*- entirely wliftvei before taking one boUla.Phalp* 1 ?oa«b, Coltfand Croup Ouro should be in every Miu«9lmld in the land, I send yon this wholly iBRoIiolted bv anyono, for you ato benefactors of lb« race in Kfying It tt* untidote f or eonw ol the worst affliction* to which it i* beir. ___ __ Very Truly VOBM, ' \ C.J NBBBITT, Editor. * MIRACLE. »f Orlewiiis Nffbt- Paris, Au^, IT. '» a Are-WUd. Prtnce Ht'nri i»f Or- 6 raaue'e drug store. rifflit wide ut the Sunday morning in the dsj^i fought with pf yutin. ~n*j?kew of the kjhig Italy, passed » I aulet x ni^ht. itls iiuo.» I ditl«}n -is -Vw considered ^y his phyal- I intrinsic Mortally W«ond» ThH>eSf« i n nud Mam OP •• L«>«i» Hatlly Injures Suvrntpoii. \Ottumw"a, Tat.-AiiK. 17.—By tht' break- jn^'of a coupling on a train, of cars iri thj? iwine of the vyupeHp-fJoal company at Htttfinan yesterday morning t\venty men vflty nrbiv or less badly ffltjured. thrt-c of w,Uom will dlt-: The fatally In- lurt*d ttr<* jlum**H 3t*url>y, 1 ^o*n Oouldun and'CharieseMmunds. Tlie 200 riwn jpm- ploj'td in theTaiSit 1 wtjrv on a train of twenty-five c-ttr\ e-n routs' down an in-' ellne from tht> rHputh yf the shaff to their plftfps of wont, when t(» couullris lwtwe«n th* last ( txvWara brwk^, lettlns; "the rest down the ^rjade». The»a eurvt? In /the tra^-U aud wen were piled togethei ." Fat&Uy IWui-t'lu » DulHique, , Ia.;. Aug. Murray, aged so,, married juries during a quarrel tin death y«Bterday- • Two men Rudolph and Otey wore ««9 B»* M. n ^^^ Skin and blood dj«e*»iwf na -aing-all sorts of dire dtaastera to hpmnh happinew are easily aod quickly- cured by Burdock Blood Bitters. . "I*aIway*rcooBnine0(l Dr. Fowler's Ext Strawberry in o»»ea of surftiuer complaint* aiid have never known it to fail', You may two my uarae." C. A. West, »s3 City, KMISM, Deo. 84. 'M Friday, lo. ». my attenaing pbysicton itattfdonless I wosWter by morbinR beooald lo oothinz for m# reiipf. That nJeht I oora- nonoctt taking Pholp »"PourC" femcay. stopped ill other inodloin<j». The Brat dose stopped my louL'li; slept and r«ted well; a few more t}o«e» •emovocl »11 soreness from my lungs; the second lay I was Op; the third day I Was out on Itte joroh and to>4lay was up town purchasing holiday roods. Miss JxHinB lUasrr, Washington Ave. and Summit St CROUP CURED. Ono 'low of Pholptt' OoDgh, Cold and Croap 2ure,te»vo my ohild.ilnstaat relief wbeii attacked »Hb the croup .. W. E. MOOKB, of MoOTo Bros,, Grocors. Arkansas City, KanflM, UNBROKEN REST AT NIGHT. • J, M. Htitrao. Munaepr, } Office Commercial Printing Co,, > " ~ "• • 196. South Clark St. J ~ Ctiicago, MOT. 84, '81 ft. B, Phelps, Ea<|., City, ' D»AnSra;— I wJ.»b t6 bcnr tePtimony to tht great eflkAey of your "Four C"'r*n»tly in throM and lung ailnlflntg. As a rule I hava be«n «kpp tioal of thA merltn of proprl«t*ry nwdiein^, but have to confess that a uwt of your "Four C" h convincing that at least ontr ready madft rented} in worthy of use, My children all toko it with out the feast objection, from olden to youngs' and It i§ particularly, nottcc«sbln tnat bniictit M almost immediate. A nioKle dote will chpoV montcougha in their bPRinninu; it i?lv?s an unbroken rust at night. In my family "Pour C , in simply iudisp«usabJe and I recommend it u» quallflodly, _ Yours, J. B, I ACUTE tARYNG!TI9. ' Chk-itpo, Sept. 2f>. Pot years back each winter. I l»av« Roff with tfauto Laryngitis Last winter was so bind I could n6t leavp my room for two wwks or speak above ftowbifiper. I t>j«><l .every known 'eo««b preparation from «ou(?b drops up and down with no relief, then in di'gpetaUon I wa» Induced to to try. Phftlp't "Pourq." MIP first dosn reDared iny-«6ufcb. Riving me 'tb* first night's rest foi wvefc* Half tbw buttle cured mo. I nave never been wttnput this wonderful rejn^dy slnwf. It Is Mr different from other lik»- rem«dl6tt as molasstn from vinegar or sugar from. gaud. N - MM. Josurn E OwrBB. Mitt Madison. Aw. •• IT IS A MIRACLE. Conductor Kokard, tbe RjUlrontl Corr«»pon. dflnt of the_Neodasb* Kat)*»* Ke&l«ter, has this to nay of "Four C." "Plielpa li having a wonderful sale of bis Couuji and Cold Remedy. Vf« personally know it IK juirt what it in rcprenent- ed t» oc. Too much cuu t bt aaid In its praiaa. It la .a miracle. NOTICB TO DRUGGISTS AND THE PL JC. CONTRACT^-Druggists arc authorized in AtL CASES TO REFUND TttE Ptm- —«*•-— - druggist 0. -Oarinent Cutting, School. Would you teach youX«la««hter n trade that will protect herNduriDg lite? Cart at, the school located in tt»o Watson building State etreot west. \ 'long Bronchial or Vtmg ttouble, not as a Cure-AU S but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions.* I ta£e all chances, ft, R. PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, Pron, For safe by W.T.DRAKE. "' Jt only takee tou dayd by using Oif- ('nrtl's 1V)i>aeca cafe to entirely rid a per- aop of the desire to use tobacco in unp foriu. Jt is guara'nttMidTto dp so or the money ia refunded. ^11 and enquire ab<j»|t it ai Hyde's drug Btor«, • in- Others T&c for a granite didtipan whea 'we will sell you the b«j«t gnUje for £5cC WcntealwjtyB th^ -*- —~ i '— 4 "~ th« Sillier Tiricttt Auodtwsr Tou>»>>«. New York, Attst, 17.— At Nice, l»rgo,'bome grown potatoes re- dally ftt WATSON'S, GAS STOVES! Large Reduction tit Prices on All ^ .Cooking Ap^opiitw- Gas Ba»ges $10.00, $13.00, $15.OO arid $16.oo Boiling Stovefi $1. to $5, accordJpg to sizse THE th* Oj! of the Italjaa ^ffit'ef \who had Ilunri, but Wtw gave HUMPHREYS' WITCH HAZEL OIL Piles o Pjs&ures & FistM Burii^ & Scalds, 'Wiou'ftdaj A^r Cats & Sores. BQil» & Eczema $ Eruptions. «&J$ Rtifeum & Tetters. (Chapped. Hands. aH ^esttfjjlating Th»rfti«iBp)tofimtarrh m thie aeoiiOH of the country thau all other dj«ett%«!». put to- aW*>»t - with" s . werv. uvt-r'the . - the rupubUcaa* wo^Jdl faj» olt: ito.£jnselv*s T»*tft Mte reflect Joj) Fri^e* Henri'*<»v«!rikr«>w fesMs killed - . ^mns doofcore pronounced it a local dt*e»ge, ' W'd by »e, andtUefijfore rtquiren C.-SAW* «ftt F. J. <3fa*>ae> Any wotaan ia » fool that will etaud aper a ml bot««& «tor* thi^ weather when ehe«aV get one of onr £ btirn^r gasoline B tov«3 for |3.SO ^ a three b«m- INCANDESCENT - GAS - LIGJJT ' i • educed in Price After Oct. ist, ' * .'«» for\|BJUQ. with JrireiB»ct»ve ^y tbe J*a»an is 4*enty sown!* victwy, MjafcWy swid *rfttn. fx.r if tbA t«i4p«rw?r« to laat inter nation-' aJ c«mpS»»*t*eiw sr^fUld be Bjia^teidftbK further atJinulAte<i more *h*B te woi^wBwaW^sd. w«l i^y overborotf ,iir. tb* vjpleut, ' dwi»3U>ate»«ptH>i»ful. d rnaa offer dir*jct!y OB * <4 r** "«W l doU^w lor for«nr«ilar» ftw't pay $1.50 fftr a freezer vbein we will sell you 4<4%& Arctic fur fl-30 any day of toe we<* «f ^ajrweok ih the year ,3?hia -— S2.OO each. hade aud iuw tfee best. oty and tn^jd^uoe yith- Corns & Buaioasi. ' X Stimp * Sites of Insects, ' PWPUPPW «*.«•. ot 1 Farrfcr, Cecft yeaterflay »od Sir to Now thewlotw all jperaaiut ate h*t' orbiddt* to karbijr or trust hiW «l ofSouui m I will pay ua debts of door "wire cloth elled" for the aanae piice, aay width at. , • '.' Stew Kettles. (jt. jjtamito or if01? tjtew !H»ttlfl8 for : 25 eeuta extra for a|m& BB*| pro^cH«g ahwto, <See" boiir. Gives 66 caudle twice the light of « 6ft. open ga» burner with | use j ^»r preaeutatloa to the Caa»dl&n *>r 9y|»IO!Wt?4, til said Pl- U. S. CIGAR P r S- F ua.liouur, flwr » Label, stores In Welabach Lights Always Give Savisf&ction. both 4 |d light and consumption of gaa. Kfcorly 300 «^4 i*i Jla«hsJJ (huiftg the pawl; yefijT, . t THE MAESHALL UGHT CO. •^P ^P^P^P j^^^J^^^flP^WPfl^^^W^^p^^* *• ^^^^^^Irfl!^ ^* ^^ ™ Ask fur thelui aad «h<*w your dealer that you know whau yuu get a good relief. First daas iub work at low.privsw done •4 "^fi^^ ^^^^ ^w ^^ ^^^$ ^^^P ^^r JOB PRINTING at Chronicle office. -S «*

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