The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 16, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1892
Page 2
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"> V J> -< •• »/ ! r THE DAIW OHRjftNlCMy j *" . „, „ . ,. __,.«. .w. ^ • " •• T£... "^ ^•£^"^'-'---^11 J [ -f—* 5K, 16, 1892, ]?A!tiL IN THE INT efeEST OF # * v HOW0 " , \ A-Wo*»dtotheiiirI«telite»ttiilcietit. ft ' ,, I •• **•To the people of Marshall and vicinity. - country advertising something for nothing and. making fish of the people? _ RAciTforTolee who can sell the most goods, We are constantly moitfng a braUfch store '* Our money iHnvestedr we can't .afford to take from citVto city getting M of our old^ goods m last or secdnd place, tyit sMHfifht tor fir st. _ ^.. Jhls way, When you see an adv0rtiseittent of However understand us, we are not? here to bankrupt stock, ,great sacrifice sale? fctc.> out ql rive Roods away nor do we boast of having large the season for them, lookoitfc That me^ns u bankrupt stocfc at 4 an^ng bf Ihe kind. Oh, no, .they cat* 1^r ^ mends ^hoha^ We are here to stay, It wduld npt do to take. have iii the way "o^ e^: : ^ : ^ stock was manufactm-.d by M »™V Boal ft manufacturer. '^A'/fheold ami-nndesirabk.goods havfc been moved away to branch tlu» lafgcist proportipn o^ur stock was mannUoUired by stores ^Wa have visitor all' 1 of the test oarte<n iharkctB this "fall with a (>., of Boston, 01*'ojX^-oldest, latest ami most reliable elos«*ye fty ba#'niiift -Spenkfng of the bokt manufacturer* will 4<»y. tliwf in tlio os<' WeijJro liandle th,- ; , ,, - " A*<Uftli*y NBWE3R, ^^AB OUT PANT?S AND OVBIlALLS •ravel or tea,-, of a button! comes off i't meana. freo<» lead. )j^rth. W e>ill akoWfeit *.500 to anyone Ihat-can obtain credit, new pair or y«»r money ha<*. We have the gontlft «i,u d*re vay the best at ou/store. Wo 'rtdvortUo -in this way that U ma* 'be niulfir^od by »H assortment that ean1>e found in the city, and wish exblim^.them for an/on this bank «r« can and will a«ll Roods for less money than, the „«„_ your roonev. Ik^ie you buy ; cair^nd see Wand sfee in wl«it,ft^ver^hb meets wi^ ^,» t ,~~ n, e ,, sco „»» .11 o OTV ,, 7 .*« T « .jvdepend«nt and see what .yon will gai> in plain li£ures^«) any ma.n, wolnan 6r cWld may pnrehaHe^in.d at the from yeir to yoi.r ; '•* Tberfi'.i^-Ao love In bjiRincss-itVa matter of, tlollar»: same price^ f hi rd,'we will forfeit $50'0 to any person sf-ei>i^ a deviation Hn d cents. '. '- ,- • • / n priee from what they are- m viced to sell.i'ar. This mearfs not, fi»K of one ' Wo' wish to. stai« further that OMI- goods are .narked *o low jtfaat every -; knd flesh of Uuv other, fu other wmls,' w*c do not asjfy'ou *TS for a g»i- article leaTinjr ns will make a call for another. Call and see for ybur»«lt, wmt vre can sellfor *1*. .It also maansj strictly one price to all, and we We would be short sighted to have them, marked too high; better have say boldly let competition S q b5I^ us if they can. We arc bound to them too low. ^ . 'JJjJjgjJJ 1 ^ «„•.«,««•« P. S. New Goods 1 ,[Arriving, Dail^.. ^ .-.'•' HOWW «,B*l.iJW*L»i___ ;niE DAILY CHRONICLE , yunr SUBSCRIPTION. Hi «•' P-V r^ctlrsfl *l tU« ,151 St»t« Btt»«t. " , ^J, M. aOSKB, Pul>li«Bir, ' Mat -aM Mlcb. •Probate Court. Kstateof Geo. Schwab, deceased, jninUtratrix annual account rend* Estate of Gertrude Sciwab, ct al., nora; Ann II. Schwab appaiated v guaj di*n, .Ijpnd. of ^I,6f'0 upprored awl It-' t*r» issued., • . Estate of F,rauCes M. ' ,1. 8, White & ......«.«,. you dou't see every il*y, llaUy hooaeis, SI, $!•->, $i »>. Our Uoieu 50 eta. ' A few <Uy» <>nly. Large *i/.f albums, all «ilk pl.u»h. yinvr ] r$l. , . t'ix *;ups 0 Baiicurs fur 48ceut». •— ; "' irt*ame tlecor».te()l Clip »nd aiittcer, -i fur . cau help you U y<>^ ir»d.e with ii». - -. Be this day of lUbenuan ware, dippers, ija-.a», tew pans, pie platea, <;W. : Kwcy' woik bask^U 10 centu • * Holiday ail^jr v*r^ Tnti'a «op4«, Bpston, 11 w^rrftBteU. Oaf ftnniMuA copieu, 12 mo. iuOkt,..iTi eanli. tadion' imd'chlldreu'n niid«fwp»r,. t i')-'ir.ent». HOy's caps, i") tienta. Tin vr»r« ctflokery and jjlaKii. vrwe fti prrce» Ti»t sell tUem e%ery time. Boy'a double wittenu. 85 j eul*. Silt rtbbona have advanced, No thaiigu in U« prlws at coir »tpr«. Sc y»rd. and: up, i • •>* in hoitery, doaH ne*Uwe to vla^.oor • hi* wc»k something new every U»y. J, !v WHITE -"" , «ea*e<t; order elo.iinjj Uea'rinjt of clahtis Estate ot^oun Rhymes, tli«:c(::M der assigning real estute. to hwr». E»ta,-t*- j of Jo^iah Leppi-r, special iduiinw'tVUtorv "lina LnU«, minor; --rel«fa*i E*t»teof of.Zachariah MtUa us guardian IHed 1 wird. . -' . ' of Willmm Miller f uimur, c of au.^rdiau Bkd by wurU au diaehargiug Kltna Gorbam *? - ' '-. ojfMary We are itilLsyUuJtJ tli« tirow.n Uarpc ijw^epcr for one dollar and fifty cents i>U)re*eopic views ^TOfents eacu. pu 1-0 fp; 25 cents ami tioe Frencli leu^ . fur Ur> ceuU. Ttipper und SS^' castor for loceau, little 'ml eartsfor ip cents. mid thotitt 4;legimt-Urse sized iron axl' cx'jirubs wagousfor fl.all buru vyu,oJ W lar^u white envelopes for-» Fresh ojstors at C Au hou«»t tivrede tell* hi* story ^iu (ut untpiatakalil* Innguage for tb« if th6 publy. ^One otms «ee-cold and got the .croup. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castorla. eaapoonf ul Of . dy f and In flf» minute* later I.gate-her one more-. By thi» time ah*, had iofoa^h up the gathering is/her throat. ,Thea «'» w 6 ^ to sleep and slept good for'ttfteen rpinute* _,aen she got up aud vomited; t)ien sl>e went, back; to bed and al«pfgaod for <he rein.atur der of the night, f ,She got the croup the i|eo ond'0ight v '«ad 1 ga*fther the name rbinedjf WUbi the same goo4 rwull». I write tW»^«- caui« I thought there might b« soaitoneTn « sauiB ueed and not know the true o>erit» of thiit wpjiderful inttdicio^;" Charts* A. T-tibinp»«en, lie* M pines, . cent bottli;*. AT'J, for sale at (3r«#Be> drug * ' uou'r'«it'ters, 10 cents, dci!orat«d k '«0j -large stoae piu?h«irs for «an(0 quarts) % jo cents. fialvttui/<'d. , coal litxl^ ,>»itl) -<t UooJ, U5j|»Juts, uieu black ones only 3*1 ceiitl; glass oy cans lillril witfanti Squaw liuukoil. eeuli; ijaiuted slop- pails, io.uenUi.- Satunlay lusxt,, Nov. 10, I wJU.suU " " 5Cts per Ib. iiderwuod & Cat. E^J0^|H- : HoM«* W.H.ROWLAND, Wonager. ^ <l * jui: al lowed. -"."-: . . MaUer'of Gee: Wrd, u paujier, prd*r »*«0»WO» tt»m*suie asylum-4 cx«J OIB 1 ^'. .- - ^ ' ' of ftarntjt JJ.«tler 4 a-pauper, ss \km for ."> ct'MU.' iV'k. If you" oytif lusi auy'ljting 1 1 need tint! wili i>u n.iich " Il ~ 1<: * "* """ "" oJ oM?r for wtpenae of E»l&t* er»H Moon, to u>s«pe asyluto at Uwu't ' , l.Uc , T __ __ . frpltW H»U>J*« ¥n«* r Uubit iiljpul,. iso-to bae, the \™uwif"'j ^jjaaraittcod- ciiro tor-' v,hewing, iagartlte -kftWt of suuffi is the -bal}'.- iiiB . V. Cow' deeuased '. d«real estate to resItlM*ry d3»ocF»U, town of Battle ,tue«i»y , r»tifjJ»S 'the el«ctioa of jU-rover Clevc- a. -tor :i Co., 45 fiaiidolpb St., CJucagb or ineral $|>riflip(s, Iivd. mailed free. • " wlil be roturflad to onn. a comhlnei. Uia bwt featoreii of Comet USAL.K rod* . - Price; Tory low. JACKSON FAVORITE l.'OJt KENT—My »tore OB But* aire^t. Ui« J? ba»t location in afMubftU. ioracrlj: o.ccu , pled br Joha Butler. It Uaa r««£utly ~ * no «.ud i» {tainted in » vwjr floe 1 III Si. KUEUTOUKU dealer* wll it. « Coronet Corset Co*. > We ibaU be pl«M»4 to >>*»« /«" «*" ** ,'* q«U*f» *r»a t*lk over Uie «*"«, pr »4df«ss for c+t«Jto«u«. $iied key w a»»e, . . b*rfl *d o»u ac re of n tin? fofaj Of gc j>b,iueigotcolofi», caa, 6e bad by sending your _ witiprvw^pty cent* is po»tage stawpa to Geo. Hf^%r<l,;w. P, A.,»io«jK 2 . Milwattfeee ^flrf. As the Ripply i must"

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