The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 23, 1959 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, August 23, 1959
Page 4
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THE BRAZOSPOIST; FACTS gXTOffAIPAGE ndr6 razor la County, Sunday, Augutt 23", )959 PAUL HARVEY NEWS We Cannot Bu/The World , PAUL HARVEY Once before, when our Attention was diverted to Berlin, the Iron curtain came down aromvl China. Is India next? Red '".liina h»s: PnW'..-:!tr.d a new map ".inncx- ins:" thousands of square miles of India, Accused India of " the rebellion In Tibet. Infiltrated India with Red agents disguised as Tibetan monks. Blasted through Peiping broadcasts of the sanctuary which India has afforded Tibetan refugees. Every day some new pressure Is applied by Red China on her "neutral" neighbor. But because India's basic religious convictions are utterly Incompatible with communism, rebel Red armies rising up Inside India arc-unlikely. If India Is overrun by the Red tide it wil^ be, as In Tibet, by Invasion. Red China will set the stage for such an attack by further publication of maps which nibble away at her neighbor's real estate, and by a mounting propaganda campaign intended to convince Asia that India is the "captive of western imoeria- Itsts and thus needs to be liberated." When Mr. Nixon and Mr. Kennedy, from both sides of our political fence, urge massive additional American aid to India, we contribute ammunition to helping's propaganda machine. These well-meaning Americans fear that Red China in chains will Industrialize and improve the standard of living there and so become A showcase for communism. . . While India, if it remains backward, will be squeezed out of world markets and .eclipsed. Certainly that polm'of view deserves consideration. But let us alsocons'idertheot- her possible effects. Too often when Uncle Sain offers somebody a hand up, it becomes a handout. Often enough it alienates the recipient. And too often our "aid" is diverted to the personal- use of mercenary politicians. If further "foreign aid" of this kind is the best we can do, then we will liasten the demise of India rather than prevent it. If the United States is to be blackmailed by every nation which threatens to go Red if we Mon'i kwt> it intl» black, there'' is no «td to it. And the teonomte hot var which Khrushchev IMS declared will "be won by the tuition which • keeps itself liquid, sound and strong. Mr, Nehru, who lias eonsis' tentty compromised with the Communists, is inheriting the tragic consequences of hypocrisy. Before we take U vipon ourselves to industrialize that vast backward nation, an effort which virtually bankrupt the British, let us recognize the awesome odds on this gamble. Our seven p«r cent of the earth's population cannot conceivably feed and fortify and finance the rest of the world without dragging our level of living down to match theirs. If we would, instead, help raise their standard of living tomatch .ours, we must ranain an example - a star to steer by. From 1189 until 1913 the rest of the world was following us. We gave them no guns, no butter, no money. But with nothingmo- re than a light, in the window, our gallant three million fore- fathers.led the world. I think we still'could lead ft. -.But we can't buy it. — THE LIGHTER SIDE Rain Dance May_ Work By FRANK ELEAZER United Press International WASHINGTON - The Senators and their helpers can't saythey weren't warned. Sen. Gale McGee D-Wyo. got up On the floor and told 'em right out, "bring your umbrellas tomorrow." He said the Ki - Ann Indian dancers had been performing their rain dance, with live sna- than a bunch of high school boys from Cheyenne, Wyo. Sen. Mike Mansfield D-Mont. showed up on the Senate's front seeps unprepared and unconcerned. So did Sen. Alexander Wiley R-Wis. Sen. Thejodore Francis Green D-R.I., who is 91 and presumably a,little .more foresighted than the younger members, came equipped with neither raincoat, hat nor umbrella, but stuck to the shelter of the mar • ..kes, every couple, of months for .. "years' * and they-fcracticallyne- ,- .ble front porch just to be onthe ver failed., They do their work safe side. ,, , so well, he said, that they often Even McGee'pYovedtobeaman drown out their show. of small faith, although he did Well, it's toobadthewaysena- . tors get cynical about matters like tin's. Or maybe they figured the Weather Bureau knows more about what the weather will do wear his drip-dry suit. In fact, I was the only one in the crowd who showed up with an umbrella,, And before that rain dance was over everybody was Try and Stop Me • By BENNETT CERF- A A. MILNE, whose "Winnie the Pooh" is one of the great CHAMPASNE, PLEA* children's books of all time, met a colleague in a London bar one noon, and being in an expansive mood, proposed,-"Let me buy yod a drink. You name It; I'll, order it." The colleague' decided, "I think I'll have a pint of the best champagne they have." Milne's expansive mood vanished al once. "Oh!" he exclaimed. "Suppose you try thinking of something nearer sixpence." « * • • -Two unusual gifts were recorded last week: a compassionate friend treated a cannibal chief to a whole case of indigestion tables. It seems the cannibal ate somebody who aisagreed with Wm. And a famous Hollywood star sent an agent he detested a live alligator bag. fl-ZZ i Catlln defines diplomacy as the art of saying "Nice doggie" till you can find t, rock. . DAILY CROSSWORD ACROSS 1. Matthew (abbr.) 5. Reverberate 9. Medley 10. Satellite of earth 11. Ugly, old woman 12. Skeleton ~ pieces • 14. Comply 15. Music note 16. To slppe 17. Note in the scale 18. Lettuce (U.S.) 19. Shrubt Jap.) 20. Redactors 23. Rodent 34. At the present time 25. The yellow bugle 27. Morsel 29. Gratifies 33. Poem 84. Sloths 35. Greek letter 36. Over (poet.) 37. The (Fr.) 38. Mongrel dog- 40, Food frpm heaven (Bib.) 42. Prophets 43. Secular ; 44. Bulging; jat 45. Wild plum 46. Shoshonean Indians DOWN ' 1. Grisly 2. Genus of lily 21. Interior 3. Wee 22. Toward 4. Pedal digit 26. Virginia 5. Ambassadors' residences 6. Sound, as a dove 7. Central American republic 8. City in New York 11. Approach 13. Blemish 15. Preposition 18. San Francisco arena (abbr.) 2T. Bittern's cry 28. Standards of perfection 30.. Fib 31. Members of a crowd (movies) 32. Holds session HOEH (anaia Yutcrilo'i AitWM 38. Thaw 39. River in < Africa 41, One of the Cyclades 42. Cbin(Kr.) STILL 1 • I •-.--..','. &m fiflff WEEKEND ONJV 4:00 (2) Betcctivc*s Diary ' (11) SdWlers of Fortune • (13) Larry Kane Show 4l!30 (2) BtHk* -- TeXaS SfJrVMl (1 i) LOile RftliRer • BiOli (U) file Kafly Sllbw 1 " "TH68W Hawk" J tiilV- 14 Ud HaVllland, Errol Flyrin; HfAlfe adV6ntU?e stdfy on the high seas Wi* tli battle scenes StdO (2) Sgt. Preston of the Yukon 6iOO (2) Whirlybirds (13') Roy fcogcrs ShdW 6:30 (2) PcopleAreFuiwy 1:30 2'.6.6 111)' (13) Suritfay Movfft - "An Act of Murder"-Fred- rle MarfaHi Edmond O' km, ^nd Mfe 1:00 (2! BlOt) l**7 *»<(19} D GO Pff, OB) M Dick Clarh . Shew Present* ft f feliiief ( „ LiWrBlceWeik flafrw eiw. M ave iin Will ¥ 4:30 6:00 .Si§0 ro THC EDITOR Applauds Dixon Report sure envious. Man, the sun at high noon in Capitol plaza was enough to bake your brains. The- K(-Anns aren't really Indians, but when they got through - getting'undressed and painted in the senator's privatelocker room you had to look mighty close to tell. This information takes.time, I guess, because at 12:20 p.m. the first feathered headdress had not shown itself on the horizon; Rumors'}Spread through. the .palsfa.ce.crowd that somebody ha'd'headed 'em off at the traffic light. McGee's administrative assistant, Joe Davis, suggested -the kMs probably were delayed " waiting for one of the automatic elevators in the' new Senate Office Building. Thesearesup- posed no think for themselves- but "the'senators say they mostly just daydream. A cheer went up as the braves finally streamed single file out of what's left of the woods on the Capitol Mall. They picked their stealthy way between the piles of rubble from the demolished east front and the big red gash left by the new Senate subway. McGee, squinting, optimistically at a cloud no bigger than a man's hand, stepped before the three' painted tepees and announced that we could blame the delay on the bull snake*. All but one of them died en route with the boys by bus. Too hot and dry, apparently. Stand- ins had to be borrowed from the Washington zoo. With this preface out of the way, the boys popped the snakes into their mouths and put on an Indian rain dance so genuine and authentic it is said they have been sought out by the Hopis to teach it. By the time they were done, that one little cloud, no bigger than a man's hand, had clean disappeared, and as the crowd scurried to get out of the sun, the announcer said it would rain in 24 hours. I listened closely though and I don't believe he said where. To the Editor; After reading Mrs. Da Ross's Utter B> Tuesday Facts, I think you should knowtheremmarvy readers who agree with George Dixon'8 viewpoints and applaud his reporting. Many people these days can not Stand up to any kind of criticism or ridicule, especially those who manage to obtain high governmentalt>r social positions for themselves. George Dlxoncbviously believes, as a large number of fellow Americans, that one's socialand/orprofesstonalstindinftdoes '!*. • not make one a better man or 1 WOiMafi, It is most encouraging toktiewthattnerete still at least one reporter who is ftdtitraid to call "a spade a epade," Surely, thereWJUalVfaySbS edm8 . who will disagree wimhimt bill iSuieefelVhope fifl one will »verseriOuslycDnStd6rit"OUtOfbaund9" for a news reporter (or attydHB else) td steak of writ* his opinions and impressions of others--io- cluding the president Of the United States. „ • M«. Dwight R. LeboW J . \ 220 jasmine •* Y r LaRe Jackson A 12:0.6 Saturday. * Pittsbtiri m vs, ctilttiga cktdiii 3)tW6Mfln (tyetstefh (9) MOM YnMtcf Mi t?ulh4m, •tietly Lamm. Hubert Ydtmg, Ruth tlusgey, V* «ti Itefllii » the life of a stuffy Bostonlsit who in liiotilettWrllV Upfotted from ills life by a love afteir, (11) Academy Award Thauer • "Mfttf PdW« er" • Marten* Diet* rich, Edward d, Robtti* 60rt -TWO Close friends break up ever a elfft* point hostess (19) Triple Grown Theater • "The Window" « ttutli Roman, Paul Stewart, Arthur Kennedy, Barbara Hale. Bobby Dfijeoll, "Turnabout" Ailalptm Carol Landli NUM. -* 80 a, 1 UtttNK *i& ¥«y Bill.tcr • A traveling ealekUdy comes Id » hottil, teei trouble Ant) Stay* 6h («) Million' Dojlaf M6V1I » "Doliftll WMdlfti" » William Powell, M*rftl Ley * oMftiy ibfflii * screwball rorrlaliecBe- twefst B very erficiAU nlld sUcces«l\i\ direer girl arid 4 V«nab*d'ar- tist. (ll) Lilt Word (fl) Wisdom . . (li) tfacetheNation} (18 MmntierH ormtSe* &\ Miel file Press , (ft) tile AnlmM klnft- (S) 8*neh Pihf Doctor of Medicine 6:00 1:00 6tOu 0:00 . 10:00 Differs on Coast Guard - -,. x . \ • > • .->. To the Editor shrimp boats, the dosi^laBdwhtmlrts several At this late date I have just read Mrs. Creek- fathoms straight down. ; , ...;,,..;.,.,. ,•„,,•,. more's letter low-rating our Coast Guard boys. Just because the Coast Guard has IJeMjdoesn't We live on San Luis Island two miles from.the mean they cangoanywhere. IkttdW. 1 drive a Jeep pass ' that 1 believe will go anywhere the Coast Guard's Mr. Creekmore passed our place Friday (July will and my jeep couldn't swim on the beach to 24} some time during the morning. He knew we take us out. The Coast Guard have Mtfftys come couldn't get out by jeep and knew our largest boat to try to get us out of the path of the Storm but was an open 17-foot Chri* Craft. Heknew we had children here. Did he stop and offer to take us in if possible? Nol He was thinking only of Fred. Mrs. Creekmore, while Fred was only about 18 inches to two feet above ground had he stayed at the camp, think of the boys who were on the this time it Slipped up on everyone. Besides Mr. Creekmore knew We have a'field phone and could call theGOast Guard if necessity. We didn't think it necessary. 'We kept our heads and helped ourJMtyeev FOREIGN NEWS Prvalr; Church Ends "Colonies' (EDITOR'S NOTEs During HPIforeiaB editor Phil New»om's vacation his foreign news commentary column is being written by other UPI staffers.) ^ By DANIEL F. GILMORE * United Press International '• _ ) 17 % You're Telling Me! By WILLIAM RITT .. Central r/tn Wrlttr m There's a town in England with the name of Buckfastleigh. Betcha Dollar Dennis wonders if this is where the fast buck orginated. !!!! The city of Manila. Philippine Islands, may soon require licenses for possession of blow-, guns, darts, sling shots, bows and arrows -- news item. How about swords and battle axes? III! New York.will be 300 years old in 1964. Well, as MarkTw- ain is supposed to have said -it begins to look like a permanent camp. 111! Sponsors of that proposed New York world's fair say visitors to the big show could bring $6 billion worth of business to the city. That, indeed, would be quite an anniversary present. VATICAN CITY'(UPI) - Pope JohnXXU, with an eye on nationalist surges in Africa end elsewhere, is quietly taking the "colonial flavor" o« of pan of Catholic Church administration abroad. There is no thought of relaxing any of the ties to Rome or of the supreme authority of the Pope. The idea is to have the Roman Catholic Church in each country run locally by natives of that country - in Africa by the Africans and not by Italians. Americans, French or other nationalities. All this will take tune. But the increasing number of appointments by Pope John .of native bishops and auxiliaries and the erection of new dioceses in former mission territory shows that the Vatican is hastening a program which has been in progress for centuries. The late Pope Plus XII alone appointed more than a score of African bishops. •> The new and old worlds on either side of the Atlantic have their own cardinals, hierarchy, local priests, universities and seminaries. But a vast pan of the world, including almost THE ALMANAC Today is Sunday, August 23, the 235th day of the ' year, with 130 more days in 1959. The moon is approaching its last quarter. The morning star is Mercury. The evening stars are Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Venus. On this date in history: In 1500, Christopher Columbus was arrested in Haiti on charges of mistreating the natives, and ordered sent back to Spain in chains. In 1775. King Geprgeof Englandproclaimedthat a state of rebellion existed in the American colonies. In 1869, the poet Edgar Lee Masters was born. In 1923, the first real comedians of radio, Billy Jones and Ernie Hare, went on the air, billed as "The Happiness Boys." In 1926, Rudolph Valentino died. In 1927, Nicola Sacco and BartomomeoVanzetti were executed as a climax to one of the most controversial trials of the century. In 1937, Japanese forces landed at Shanghai. »»»»»» TUuuyii for today: U is written in the Bible: "To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven: A time to be born, and a t%ie to-die." the entire continent of Africa, is still "colonial" church administration - in the sense that'In these areas there is no local native hierarchy or dioceses. "Foreigners." regardless of their good inten-( dons, run • the church locally in these regions. • Some 50.000,000 of the world's half billion Catholics live in areas with no local hierarchy, or with a native church leadership still in the tad pient stage. The driving power behind this "colonial office' is Gregory Peter Cardinal Agagtanlan, the ener- " getic Armenian patriarch who. was listed by many ' as a prime Papal candidate after the death last I year of Pius Xii. ; Pope John.was elected, but he was delegated ex- ' tremely important church work to Cardinal Aga- gianian has a paradoxical job. He is actually moving to abolish bis own massive organization. It will not happen 'in his time, but the impetus is there - to remove gradually the •"mission" .label from large areas of the world and leave them in the hands of local diocesses run by native priests and bishops, and, if possible, by native Cardinals. The church moves slowly, but it Is as sensitive to changing moods in the world as any foreign office.- (li) Shock Theater - l . "Mummy's Hand" - D- v iok Foran, Otorge Zucco - 3000 year old m- dmmy plans the deaths J. of cspeditloiiary group , in Egypt 12t30 ffl) $gn off 1:15 (II) News Final 1:20 (11) National Anthem SilS (13) wanted by the FBI 2:16 (M) Sign Off , •sir SUNDAY MORNING 7t40 (13) Sign on, Anthem, P-. rayer 7:45 (13) The Living Word 1:55 (2) Morning Devotlonals (11) Morning Hymn .' 8:00 (2) Christian Science ' (11) Lamp Unto My Feet (13) The Pulpit 8:18 (2) World of Adventure ' 8i30 (11) Look Up and Live « (13) Science Cloge-Up •$ < 9:00 (2) This Is The Answer (11) Comedy Carnival . (13) Early Bird Theater 1 • - "TrailStreet" -Rob- ' ert Tyan, RandolphScott, Anne Jeffreys, Gabby Hayes. "Louisiana flay- ride" - Judy Canova, Lloyd Bridges 0:30 (2) The Christophers (11) Camera Three 9:55 (11) Harry ReasonerNe- „ ws ft) Wlhiiffi Tell ( \li) Lassie (13) You ASk for It (2) SuspWiolt ( Ml) ILoveLllcf ! (irf) Msvedek (11) titl suiuvan sno* (&) Dragnet (13) Lawman (i.) Chevy Sh6w (11) GE'Theater . (13)ODlti4e ' (ll)Alfred Hitehidck (13) 6p«ial Agent 1 jk (B) Lorettt Ifaing ^M* (U) Richard Ci*mdrt4 >> (13) OUHflre I Oi30 (8) twenty em Men ' '•' (11) What's My tin* • "' (13) Me«t McOra,W (9) Aflfie»n PilMl (11) Bundky News B^eSlal (13) MOVJ«iffl4 " '•Utt' dercover" -Mlch*«lWi« iding. John Gicmentii "TWO in a Taxi" - AMU Louise. RUiSell Haydeii (l^ Award Theater * "Cardinal RioBrtieil • George Arils). MautaM O'Sullivin. E'mH Ai"> Hold, CesarRotBeM'fcn trigues and counter-in* trigues that swirledaro- undtheheidof Richelieu, insidious power bshind the throne of Kinj Louit XIllofFl-aflC* (2) Final Edition N«ws (2) MGM Theater-"Salute to th* Mar&iM" Wallac* Beany. Marilyn Maxwell, FayBaintw Berry as an «c*Marin« retired and living in the Phillipinee, eemi»§ew as a hero M h«seestlu- 12)60 12:05 12:30 10:18 10:30 10:35 y (11) News Ftoil f •>*) Eveoloa Hnml < Sign Off —J ' sian P* * ' " * 10:00 (2) This Is the Life (II) The Big Adventui re - "Kid from Kokomo" - Pat O'Brien. Joan Blondelli Farm lad- boxer turns tables on scheming fight manager ~ Frontiers of Faith Tugboat Annie Industry on Parade (2) Builder's Showcase (11) Cartoon Time SUNDAY AFTERNOON '* TRY FAQS CLASSIFIED HI THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS 1^:00 (11) Academy Theater - ..' (double feature, second show at 2 p.m.) "Daughters Courageous" - Lane Sisters, J- • ohn Gar field - Four daughters concerned over the problems of papa and mama < (13) Gulf Coast Jamboree • 12:15 (2) Leo Durocher Pre- Game Show 12:25 (2) Major LeagueBasc- ^ ball - Baltimore - Detroit 13:30 (13) Johns Hopkins Files 1:00 (13) Houston Home Sh- •' , MONDAT MORNING 6:25 (2) Morning Deroeltmals 6:30 (2) George Roesner ' (11) Get Up Tim* 7:00 (2) Today . (11) Animated Clock , 7:25 (2) Today in Houston ( (13) Sign on, Anthem, * Prayer f —*~ 7^0 (2) Today - - 01) Reaver BOOM (13) Worming • News 8:00 (U) New* - Matnim E«it ton V 03) NevSondenek 8:15 (ll) Csptsta Kanaaroo (2) Today in Houston (2) Today (13) New* 8:35 (13) Soundtrack 9:00 (2) Dough-Re-Mi (11) It's a Great Life (13) News 9:05 (13) Soundtrack 8:30 (2) Treasure Hunt • (11) Sam Lcvenson Show (13) Pictures intheNews (13) Soundtrack (2) Price It Right (11) i Love Lucy (2) Concentration Top Dollar Tic Tac Dough Love of Life (13) Tumbleweed Time' (2) It Could Be You (11) Search for Tomorrow (11) Guiding Light (2) Susie (II) News at Noon (13) Across the ard -~^ 9:35 10:00 10:30 11:00 11:30 11:45 12:00 Bo- ESTABLHBED Hit I JAMES 8. NABOBS PUBtlSHEB GLENS' BEATS .//.;.. , EOm»« Oicrfe B««com Morrli Freeoun • Aifi'CTlIslnl Winner M«hink»l Superintendent Roberm Dinsby E. V. (T«) Hendrii ' Mintgini Editor Clrculillon Uut«|er , 9111 McM'Jrnj Bcrnlcc Jfiler 8WIU Editor _,.' Oirict Mlntier Published diUr uid SundtT <>e>pt Stturdiy by Krvt*w Pub'.Uhcrj. Inc., 907 B. Pwk ' Av«.. Frceport. Tcxit. Jtuiei S. N«feo». ftnUnt. Ctlulfltd »dnrtlsln» it. ptrlment open I ».m. to 13, nooo 8»turtft?«. cloied Sundut: it pile*. >uc*l or eorrtcl cluiUletf tdytrUibt*. call BE 1-MM. ^^ • . World wide new covtr«e by United ttiu Int<rn>tloD>). Member of Texts DtUy Prest Auoclfttion, Tesu Prexs Anotii:ion. Repretented n»tlonillr by T§x»i Hewuwptr Repreunt4ll>ii. Inc.. V. 0, Box 301, Sty town, Texas: Houilon CA HMJ. .SDBSCRrPTION BATES . By ctrrur. Duly ul IKutojr. 11.40 per montic; Oilly only. 11.1J ptr mtotb, U»a nlu u*«> r«qintt. AU null rjbicrUXlon rim In tAiutct. Entered ti teeoiid elut mfttter Utrch 21. I9j2, it the t'reepon, Trxts. Po»t Oldct. unorr tnt AVI ol Coii(re:> of Much I, M70. QUOTES. WASHINGTON - AFL-CIO Vice President Jamw B. Carey, to a letter to the 229 House members who voted last week to substitute the Landrail-Griffin bill for a milder labor reform measure: "We wisli to assure you that we shall do all in our power to prove to the working men and women in your district that you have cast your lot against them and they should therefore take appropriate action at the ballot box," • .SIERKAVILLE, Calif. - sierra County Wstrict Attorney Gor<k» l»$muh,afterfiungamurdercomplaintag»lnsi Larry Lord n r?"^ w C0(uiectlon wit[ i 'he slaying of a rich Washington. -*J» **« WlQOWl "It's not the easiest case in the world to prove, but ws think we've got enough to go after him." STATE \ 'ARK,*IU.'-'sheriff Harry Carter, of t, -» ea f-°W-«« of a minister, whoconfegseito honeymooning bride in the chest: t0ld * SUte lr °° per il was fun * nd htt wouW do u

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