The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 16, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 16, 1897
Page 4
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What I Mftn€«Mi OoWHf* A* oflit buy 160 art"?* of flrnoti laud for $ yum. ray $100 a<wri; hnlnm-e in three cc-at . He KIWI also Wiy JW ohnite ew«B for, f«no AM ifr ««wd WTOH ftn- $300, ?>>< rmik b,rtfcr from tho oowt wdt^pay ftH farm nttrt w«* will i>»y off Mi* mortgage t-flfoie i<«iae. Infise JWM h«s will hu^ 4 Hetfy Tfttr Near Hurting Each Other. A A prices a^drcs* H: F. Hutrtpr, IwtaigrattOn Agent for South Datota. 295 *twet> Ohieafeo, III. f • For Sale 'hio Ifprnrton hotel, - ami U*t with-bara X orchard- B*«C«TOB«, Pro #flfcria, fl lOc cigar tor -x;; milo-*? atftitijwd Pftj. I*i\lria. .4 «>> and tasting aiwkei, G*o. A Co., ina&ufffi'ttm 1 Fartu l^ojierty Ift*wt««l» t flui rn T><MefJ t« H'su rr pert'ord fur tbW ysAr« it} rumriauv dcs>u£ , un- T»ii«sw«u>r, TiiiR ia bt'f ter than the" Mutual CfHBp»lrtir8 Care Migfct ftftire **«•*»* » OWUrt JB*»1 tor IJIaft — Steooniis Tnk* Good *th« *'l«ritcTii »n«l IJhe <»ott»snk *t?»»6 Pliclrt Mb»ii tb« Gftm* It OW.tP'* fctkely t»C*«M* Any lg__fhc Count of Tut In ^Prince Ilenrt of, Orleans fought a duel \Vith swords ftt' 5 o'clock ^<>?tci~ flay fiwrmng In the Bois d at Vam r-psMon M, 1 *>ontk>ft ' rruwrt, an/J tasted thirty-six inirnktet, \vhtoh two w«*w ftt close ITenrJ rpotlvefl two in thp right ^hottlfler and th^f rlcrh't Mdc of the" Abdomen. Tin* flf Turin was wounded In th,p Vmnd. Frtacp Hariri \v!3,s tatt^n to thfc__ of the Duo <io Charti «>« ntul wd^al attenrtanep The #»n»" dltinfl 4if Prlnop Hpttrl of OritaiH Is as isfaotosy as c?rfBtcl ^l»> s>' RANKLIN HOUSE Co*-. Bnt^s and Lamed Sts., DETROIT, WICH. , a * , Or»lT n Bliwlc from tV<«»t1w(»r«l & - ~ T8«n Ave». ^ ery Central. N*ar AU Car J ines. H.H.JAMES, Prop. It the opinion "that no Important ,\ aa tou^hwd, hut alwolutp n n^c-cssary for recovery. Owing to M at Naples and plsf»wh*r< v tho had n»t pxpecU-tl a duel to eom*> AGENTS WANTED For the mo) 1 ^ i of tte Hililo. C5r(!!it Orbsit . ., Scholars. Wise WriUTs and I JJ VKl»TI» «ATOIl» of th. ; lidh Century. •••• In- all, tlifi ranni' nf literature there Is not, '(iVoiht'r W>R like • ', ''/••' THEPEOPLFS BIBLEfflSTORY T i iii tirfs bfv.vlt :ilonO! can he !ti;i!iot] scmiclit li.v ovcry Bible render, xvlidthur old. or 1 "ytffirrtf. srbolarty or un- tf:lt»u-<-il. ' tl ir», imiwtl, :v srt'at work-. ii.i' .|Ui-ovi»rl.«in t v.'v)rl..l (if Kiiln» face J h«»» tirftisht »it|i Ul« tu«!l who 'd«rins Ui* *arlj Ht«toriiui». of (Ho ««*r«l vulurlrn frrfni tli» I'Na iruinMt it tiy i>f*n f iiiHd in it i* »>f vitrvl (ouml in nnr»ytu«ir . . 'i>nak.; u* Mitv mutttir" tnip^rtiirH-ti 1 Jii\«l funin hriok on thrill. '* • Write for dcspriV'tfve ami Beautifully ilhistrateU p:ini|ihlet clrcula.r.'^Adttress THE HENRY 0. SHEPARD CO. 212-214 Monroe°St. c»«— CHICAGO. off. It wS'-*" ihi rpfore quite OfflotiU Account nt the I)(»el. The ntllrhil account, ftirnfshed My the 8C J < hnd^, rccTCeS TUlIy thi ci IwiJinR up to the encounter. The C»unl of Tuiln, ronsklMlrtg the letter -nf Prince Jfltnil of Orleans to th«> Fl«arti ^fT<rnsive. to the ttaltan arfny, wrote TO him on July (> doroantlinsr a retraotlon. This letter could not bp ansivurtd until 11. the day of thp nrrtvat of Henri in Krancsf The pilncc to the count's demand by ti>l«'-, nm'intalnlng 'the right of a tr»v<-J- er to record his eSpsribnees. Trip . account then describes the rnf-nts for the duel, '• Klve.s the natnt's o the respcctlvt; seconds and sJiys that a their first interview they agrired that tin; encounter 'was Inevitable., By • cow ition accord the conditions wwe sett let ae follows: , . y«» want a jrrtnftp tlifih bey will foe tho patne as ft tin Boii f .y in « fltf -atewn ntf r<* y txSar the nJ&W *'°& ^i 1 rite* to #i*« in- tho exrtct loc»ti§ri of th«t re. * R. MARTTK, Chief. tt is always RfAtifying to rw^lvp teHti- HfTninls-for Chamhorlainlt Ootte. fSnolPta ind Diftrrhopa rpraedy. and when the is? frotn » pltyBicifitt it is PS> i> "TUorp is no satiBfcwtory or romrdy than Chamberlain** blip, Ctwleta and Diarrhoea rerncjly," writes Dr. R. E. Robvy, phjm'ctau and INVALUABLE flURSIMG MOTHERS. , f>t Olne^, Mo,; attc! ns lie hns thfl fwajiGdTeJn his owh fatfiily and in hts drufc etor^'ior «« yoars,^Jie rert^nly fcnow. for «vl«<- At WrcohO's sfoKi, __J__ _ ^ DR. LOUIS S.JOY , WiH «ii?e in twl-lition Xo general prac pfl, sj^ecial atjctttion to disowea of eye mi «ar. FitUnj^of glasses a fipeclalty. hroat from Chicago rolychnic.) \Cordtetto. -, S. K. Qt: Wirfmzgrs, Don't pay $1.50 for a freraef wlt<»n wo will urfl jou a 4qfc Arctic for 91.30 any day in thr week or any wrt'k in ttifryrar. TO IERYOOS DYSPEPSIA, To <}i«n Fl*»h, To Sleep W«-ll, to Know nhnt Appetite and Oofwl OlK»J»H«n TO f»B. nittke » trlnl of Smart'* Uynpep- »ln Tablet*. »n ladlnnsp > Oentiematu , No trouble is more cofpmon or more inis- deratootl than nervous dyspopBitt. I'eft ' LOW MACKINAt PETOSKE\ CHICAOO.. Voledo, •fhe .weapon to lt<!" thV. dueling nvyorid each -combatant, to. UBC that of his. own fouri.try, hut- the., blades to be 'of «lua li'tiijtli: <-lth(«r combatiiiit to he at t'y to maintain" thfgr«amd hi" nnil piu'h to jx? allowed the- space o flfUH-n rhetftyi- within which to advawii or i'ljtin*; t<ai'-h 'apsanlt to cohtinu<- fou mlnuti-s: the combat to 'bfi rVsuvned 1] trH'M'oisit Ions occupied, and oi»Jy to tar 'mfhat'f ,on t)u» decision of the' f\vfa- ,s»?c- omls'Dr th-e advice. of thp. tliictor, wln-n one of the adversaries lo manifestly in a »tal« of Inferiority; the (•ontlucl.of tho mt'fting: to be intrusted altornatvly to the two parti'-si, lots iielng drawn nt commcni-crtu'nt- This latter feat u n» of th<> a-rranfteitik-nt was (hi* 1 to formal ol»- Jectlon of the swondM of --Prince lioriri of Orleans to the direction of. the en-- count.uc'by a. fifth Ite- .At a later meeting Saturday th(--scc- 'rtnds rSk'«S(j!ud. -upon th<; I'L-ndezvouw. The process-verbal then proct-(Hls to tfi-y/Tlbe 't*i«f cricountt-r. it w»ya that in the h'rst a:-sault FrliK.;.- Henri \vsis hit in the riKl't breast, though the \\< ipon did hot pijuti.itt th> thorax. On tin ->tt-nKth <4 i!i r^i-urt, nt the duotoia th- ^ti/r.d 1 * dttldtd tiiat tin- (i muit K" on Thw *• 44 rd r "-^iault ^a~. st«;ppft^ bituu^ th'' (i mbatants (unit intu «}O<K> quartt-rb In th< th»rd j-psault the t'ovmt of Turin \vaa hit it> the tM4.k of the rjRbt hand, but th>- \s<iur<i *\ft* t-'iwht tn^h*- ^-tur-t-B- ai-sciult the umpire, MJJIT Jiioit'tft, d»— ilaiftl thrtt th-- ^won} k f I'Hi.c- H*Tirj "UTTSPr«TrrTrrTtt<j*t(^i)jvnl the MIK iKern« nt «4i fuini*>h the piuni \\itb S.A.SLQMAIN&C0. SOLE PROPRIETORS. CINCINNATI, OHIO. r , — '^ i - f 100.00 reward will bff paid for tl»f arrest atul conviction of any ouo clotoctcd refilling our'^bottles. . * For «.nl«* I»3T W-T.l>ItAKK nml A.O.HYl>IiI« THL "SOO," MAltQUfcHt AND m turiu UOtV.TKK BATTT.K M'AH t-eoiKluutl Fifth Aissim.lttt St.rtp|>«'ci underat4-KKl .. . - - -, pie luvving it think that their nerves arc to Blntne and arc B^rprised that they nr^ hot inured by uerve medicine and sprinR tcine- ciieB, the real scat of fchc nuschiefis IOK? sight of; ,the stouiach is the organ to be looked nfti-n ' ; ! Nervous dyi»peptiew often do not hnvo any liain whatever iu the stottmch, nor pethftpi* any' of the usual symptoms of stomach weatnesa; Nervous dyepcp»J* shows itself not in' tli« etuninch »o much as in nearly every 'other-organ;, in »ome cases the; lieftjt palpitatec tind i» irregular; in othcsra the kidnpy* are affi&cted; in-others .the b,owelrt arc constipated, witlvheatl»ch«»;-Htill others are troubled 'with IOHB of tlesh aud appntiUs withatHiijinulation of gnu, flour rimutjfl an'd lioartbiir'n. \.->' : Mr. A. AV. Sharper of Jfo ftl" Prospect St., ludiapapolis, hid., writes, an follows "A Ujotive of' pure gratitude prumpe me to writ* ihtsw tiito-\me»~TetiMitong the new an4 »aluaUlo uvediciijo. Stuart's Dyspepsia TiilT- letH. I havo heenTsTuffBrnnHroin nervous dy«popBiaf • r th« la-vfour yenra; have used various patout, uiedietiina and other-rune- edie« without any favorable ro«ult. tinnetime* «ftve tern jHirury relief u elffietw of. the inediciuu wore off. I attribr utod this to ipy Bcdontnry habit«, beintt a boodkeepor with littki physical exercise, but I am ElH.<l"to -Ht«te-t|iat the tablets hava overcbui'e all tlujso Qbrttaclesi for. 1 gainnd iu ll««li, sleep bi-tlor, And' am better m «jvt-ry Way. Thi above is written not for notoriety, but i» baaed on actual fwt." - ttospect.f»lly y.rn'iw. • • A. W. SHAHl'Efl, <;i l''ro«pect St., lTidian»po)i-i-lnd. U is'»nfe to-say that Stuart's. Dy«pep«ia Tablet» wilt cure any stomach weakries* or diweaic exct-pt cancer of >tomuch. They cure t(4jur stomach' B ai '> ' i/tw o£ -Ht' sl ' 1 Rt "l a,iputite, «•!« eple»8neBe<, palpitation, hfiart- tuirn, C4>twtipation and hoadaqhep. • Si-nd for valuable little book on fctomach JiKi'imuH b> addrofliting Stuart Cio., Maishall, Mich All drutfgiatfl sell full nized paekanefl at CO . Blankenhorn . THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, Will sell strictly pure WrigHt & Lawther OH, , 3Oc; boiled, 3?C- per gal. Lead at $5,50 per hundred Ibs. iTarmslies, Hard Oil, Galsoni Blacky Board Slating " Paint Swentiflo Amerle«rv ABanoy fol 1 ! CAVfAT», TRADE MARKS, I DESIGN PATSMTS. COPVRIQHT8, 0tO.' fff-o I!jki^Uv.^'k-v.'rtfo to. • nit'iAi.WAT. IVKil" Vi'liK. . ' jmtilic l>v a'l on frcnot'oliaffe'" tu tho We Abstain from using inferior qualities ol Jxe4_j>aiots, being able to mi^: our own colors from pure lead, and other substances. ^'''^'••SHbP/'»A^'»TiTO'iT»RBTl THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE. ^n.of !>nr s>'lcnt4n< % i>wr *n tho >i>l<'!lly- r.ln-r'frswil. Jm m«-llti{«ul..- -in^l in- tvJthuut li. \V«t'l;lv. fi l.r<ri||K.ipi,iitli< JV-l.lP»sn. MIJ'N'N »ic O ThiM remedy ItcJnje im- J4'«*tt><l directly to tjiii seat of thotie dlmeiUM^H of the Cienito-Urtnary Olrffanw, r«4iioiireM no rhanKC'of ulet. Core j£unr»mt««<Ml (if 1 to a . , ....... *•* TT T» ** I* U JEt J?4 ' Mold only by For S«U' t>r Itent Clicap. Tfati Montgomery homestead on Mar- Detroit and Qevelanc with 1.4r|*tst !i,>f til poia'« 1IJJM SjojiUa-jiJ fcynday Trip* ia*e, itti>.4Bsy»J »A<) S»*t»nl>«f Qrin St^el Passenger Steamer* :» Burtt for our 1 l*t,t A. MICR Fast Trains Ir {(IT tilth ai-wiult th«* combatant?, fit.!*- au»rt*r«r and luitr«fdiftt«-ly ^topped Prui-pc Hu 4 oufitd bleu btlng; hit In tln- lowti u K> () n <f th*- ahdmnt n Th< doc ion KI liotb HH!>'- iXdinlt.n-1 the \\uurvd- and detlarwl ttiai 1'ilfif Htiiri was? ii-ri- dcriJ bj, u ilca»l> infmior to J»i» Ltuntieft and W M iba^ th*- turnttai and tht» was dorife Viy his wound as bethg Marshall »venu« and Liberty street, Moutg«m«rj''s addition. Inquire" of giourid. ixt>ndrd hla hand to the tvuivl «t Turfn, sayii.g "Al'uw au\ wir-TtOTt^nour, to'sh«li< bands -with you.". Th*- lount esttridtd hss hand Bay View Via G, R; I. Fast da) traui No. 7 12 3U u. m., and IB- 8JS» p. m. This jj.nd Dr* HarutuuiK on bHialf ri. and. T>r Carlf <Ji uf thv ( ! <-mit t'f TUPR This* auuLint of thf fiphtlny was bigm-d b> the #i_-( s ond»^ •Th«- dul-ate '-it itljt- dut-l jitynw that ih« was vfrj Kha«t> fluid d«-tri^ hla trtdv-4 Ths T Print t Htnn TIM' Coutrt ot Turt-n lo the imrfs fit thf jrriu(»t»(J,J suMiliig: tbe utf6a«Lve tuuchtdt sf f Jit «h>Hd ^itd fourth i« loEg uiRiigemeatfc. Wiflain guard 'r«4ps *i>i> H«it iht wound ip lis* ot PriMfr Ht-nrt \s swriou*. Hod tfav CoiMW >rf Turin'* half a dt-iit^naetjc dfct,p»*r haw *•>«*» j a eummg fmuj otber for foldei-a a»4 further tiou to ,Seudi a. p. '& T. A,, Mick AN ur4aidj-<l Thf CwuRt of pdmtd b> Ws sti^wnda, Utt for Italy ycati-rdaj- afti r^fK^fc He nut LXpi'ru? any bpewMl d1s»- f r«ra hi. wjjirms — Tb«f ijcft 4. of tnt- §uH of th« dutl ha -, bt-en rtitsivcd with Cttwds tin? C'uuwt of. acd the *iiaj>, zuid ittlliaB upon the Uanda tn thtf pijbJlc wjuareH to pia>' ro->al hynwa. Many of me ^OUSLS ar« d«parattiij with ti«gs iu- bunor at the rt- 0uH, and all t be cewapatu--;'* havp issued , edition^ gi-vinc Ujj? details c»f the JExtra guards. .Jwive been . at the French tziibiuisy and c-ousulate- th« of the royiU family It«,ly. a»d -many Imve been ' A cool sweet satisfying smofc;e that leaves a grateful rememberance. Sold by all dealorn lOt- straight auil 3 for A>o. Miuml'actureil by 4JEO. MOEBS & COi, Detroit- * i "BECOME | REAL WOIMI w inaiMi Teaeto 1 toeies'iir kerica. Btady^ tor^o-7^«.irr«r^bit*. 1>*«-1^| UW ** JUtHiUlj.^ _^J.UWUaji^ttJiiUMVi»» . !*! ^Kt^YJ MsflTllTE . .* Tbrea buUiiiae*. All COMB lit - "' ' aosl see th«j best twp b«ra«c gato- iiue stovt- m thv iwarkt>t. Price, >, BOSLEYU CASTORIA For Infeat* and Children, *&s/ TG&& W Kf««B» OB atimdwfl uwfl wbicij U wer tbitu IOCM liwo- . . *TtdttitA«t. LA D I E'S CO- YOU KHof OR. FELIX LE BRUftf'S , > Steel | PennyroyallieatiiieDl istbc .riKinnV tnit'r^iy FRENCH. «afo and rcbabl» inrp ou thft inar^> t.«fl, W»nt by uift»l «nU"b"' -) A. O. HYDE. <\>t r'um ft ll,/ l< 111,1, lW<» /»/ «f iKistllwH'* to wltliiii the uexi. tew ,tuuu.lU%, all »it>1icaliui • to Ladies If your dealer hasn't it, $1.95 to U8 »aiiL Kii.c*rdln«, t'lrl <»f ' WE WILL. SEND YOU POSTPAID SHORT »nd jREDlUn l£NQTK TOB JttCHIGAK CORSET €0,, o best liaa (ram . 21, Toledo fi*pr<s«t* Zl NC POI30NIMC «wcUuun tww wunie al witii (til So*. 7w»d 8 tan ,lhtt>o«ti Tjotwaea TabafiOft c$tta Js ft for tihiO t<>>^ajwt> ba ( bifc, tu ciwotn tea day.*. - A. TIME TABt,E. JUI.Y Traitui (lop«rt tiom no health without ptirtt Mood no pure bloo4 Rex Tablets ire M)ld under a positive guarantee to cure pr refund the inonvy, ar»d we s>tand by our gnaralilee. CuKESalllSiervous Diseases, Impotence, VaricocoJe, Lost yitality iri .old'or young-, Nightly Emissions and Wasting Diseases, and all i,fleets o! self- abuse orcxeesi<s. >?to^)!>d^ri^erw^drains. \ geiiume nerve tonic. Shows iinmedi- ate unprovemtnt. The grand«*J remedy fit modern t tints. 1 Dttft'i buy (nutations. Get REX TABi^TS. I ncc 50 €*nt!.,or paclfdgea (u full tis-atjijen 1 ) (or $3.50, by mail, in ptem p»cbag«, on r««^ipt oi Circular *- "*"* Nervous Debility, I no pure kidney* ikcptcleaa Dr. Y«te&' Aspgwa^un Wine cleuns Utv ,.. nav«* RUpiwoaitott.. Cwui and otltw iji» irooaeed ty vmpuie IJltttxJ,' fl.00 per taftle ' - *-.i _^-i— "'-[.p^tpiild UPQQr<j~ ' "-' "A KATuas's H£M4iDV Co.. ft»yte fiid'y, OR, K, C. WEST'S 1ERVE ^NO BRAIN TREATMENT ALL 3iH |' , tu cww W oak ul fcrrors. i Lii|..ii-r Vi.Uu v )ft leads to Oistth. At •ux, ejx lor fc, with wriUeu or rurwud utouey — •( 25 eeatJ. Quo twnu AMI ix?tBau. 4t VMM or by be bad OS...V- * M, B. POWEtC, Oruggi»t«, MAESHALL, MICH Label Special Extra Stranotb.

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