The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 26, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 26, 1962
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COUNTY TO REQUIRE SUBDIVIDERS' BONDS REMAIN IN FORCE FOR ROAD WORK-PAGE 2 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS SERVING BRAZOSPORT, ANGUTON, WBST COLUMBIA. BRAZORIA, SWKNY. OLD OC«A», DANBURY and DAMON Men ClaulfltHl: H J-ttll — AH Orfw O«I«w* H 1-3SH l*er Single Copy To Subscribe Call M 1-3511 Fre.port Per Single Copy To Subscribe Coll BE 3-3511 Freeport 631710 N07T27 Associated Press Member fstes Company Loses Battle To Stop Probe \ n.v I'INIfl MOTIIKIWIIBAn i AMAHII,t.O (APl-A Now York •»rpornlion which sold Rillio Sol Y.slos vas-l quantities of fertilizer !os1 a legal bnlllo today in which it sought to block » court of in- tiuiry inlo ils rotations wilh Ihp Indiclod promolor. Alter % minutes of testimony mid arguments, Dist. Judge Mnry Lou Robinson dcniixl a plon by Commercial Solvents Corp. k.r an Injnnclion In piovonl H court or- imiiiiry inlo Eslcs nffnirs. liPnllor Counly .Indue W. M. Adnms said ho was ready lo go! abend nl once with (ho state court | of inquiry over which ho was | named lo preside. Judge Robinson denied tho choinical firm's polillon afler Toxas Assl. Ally. ('.on. Jack Priii? lold her. "Wn expect Iho information lo h" oblninod «t Ibis court of inquiry '" ' w taken before a ernnd jury for the purpose of fjitaining indictments. "II will lie used lo obtain in- dietmonts of some employes and personnel of Commercial Sol- vonls." The inquiry bofors Pol tor County .ludRo W, M. Adams was to deal wilh anti-trust phases of Ihe case. Four wilnessos wer» suhpoeim- pd. Ilicy .ire Harold Orr, presi- t-nl, nnd Ruel Alexander, score- 'mrv-lieasm-or of Superior Mnnu- faelunna Co. of Amarillo; Coleman McSpadrton of I.ublxick. a fitockholdcr: and Claude Lowsador | of Peons, a former pilot for Estes | and Superior. i None has testified in a previous court of im 'ilry. I Orr, :il, Alexander, 36, and Me-; Spadden, 45, entered guilty pleas j July 13 in El Paso to five counts • al a 29-rount federal Indictment. Xsles pleaded innocent. The four pleaded guiliy lo two counts of mail fraud, two of obtaining securities by fraud and one count charging conspiracy. THURSDAY. JULY 26, 1962 Preeport, Texas Weekdays S SPECS FOLLOWED Sunday IS Gents Hershey Says Low Bid Won Asphalt Contract Swimming A contract for asphalt for the Bramria Counly Road Department went lo Ihe lowest, not the highest bidder, in tabulating the bids according to specifications for the material, Braxoria County Engineer William II. Hershey said today. Jordan's letter stated that the 1962-63 contract low bidder was actually the Humble Oil and Rs- fining Co. Hershey explained that even though that company's bid on the larger quantities was below the bid submitted by Gulf States As- CommlssioniT Henry Jordanjphalt Company, Inc. on the 2,000 of Alvin had earlier submitted a .or more gallon quantities, (hat notarized lelter to Commissioners'!the tabulation had to be mad» ,'ourl, stating that "through error on the part of" Hershey and County Auditor Frank A. Taylor. Ihe ly submitted to the bidders, not MONSANTO SENDS GROUP ON SEA STUDY Itavmnml Mnrbcmloh, right, of Parly Rnals, Inc., Frnoporl, Is nhoun on Ihe deck of Ihe luxury docp »oa exploration hnnt, Curl M II, look- IIIR over equipment aboard for A 13-day trip In Ihe Yncntan I'cnlniiils. An unidentified Houston man, ft cook furnished for the trip by the Offolmrr Kxplnrallon (irmip nf Ifniistmi. Is KhoHit ulth M'irhnwirh. The vcswl, nnnrri by Miicho»lrh's omnp«iiy, has hern leased to Mon- •anln Chemical Co., for Iho trip lor « ftnap nt Ihe company sclcntlsta. H»rrls<iii .Murray, In rharje nf llw trip for Mmivinlo, said the It rnnipuny Reologlifs and t«o ^eicntm* from Tei- RS AftM r'nlirge would lake nh<Mit 'J(K) samples of the cnral reefs nhont 70 mlle« off Yucatan. The trip l« part of a profcisiiutal training: pro- eram for .Mim*.intn iclentlils »nrrav said. Th« parly left frnni Freefiorl at 1:0$ a.m. Wednesday. contract had b»pn awarded lo tho; n '' ror( ''ni? h> thn supplemental bid highest bidder. : included without request by Hum' Tho. tabulation was based on Ihe i hie Oil and Refining Co. proposal as presented lo the bidders," Hershey explained today. "Gulf Stales Asphalt Co.. Inc. was the. low bidder." Tho original specifications call- led for the asphalt price lo b» i quoted pr gallon, based on quantities of 2.000 gallons or more delivered to Ihe four commissioner precinr-ls. No provision w^s made for a | breaking point In the price after !lhe 4,(100 gallon amount was reach- Jed, oven though Precincts One iand Three have storage facilities Quit Fishing Klrby I/orrarn<>, the nhrlmpflr who spent »lv« harrowing hour* In the Gulf of Mexloo Monday night •mimminjr ntx mile* to shore afler falling overboard from thpi shrimp boat "Oulf Clipper," has decided to glvo. lip shrimp fishing. A -tonrce, at Party Boat*, Ina., where the "Oulf Clipper" docks. Mid that Iho M-yenr-old man left Community Hospital Wednesday, saying that he wouW return to his home nt Cut Off, |j»., and never Intended to work at Algerians On Threshold Of Internal War By ANDREW BOROWIEG (slowly rolled eastward, roarins ALGffiRS CAP) - Algiers and jBen Bella's name. the mountain region of Kabylie !prepared today to resist the victorious advance of troops of dissi- shrimp fishing »gnln. !t > Pn t vice Premier Ahmed He hud been taken Jo the ho*-' Bella. pltal fo "re*t up" after his feat.! Af(er 7 ''* years of rebellion Ben Bella, a lough, uneompro- niisinf? revolutionary who uses ths Marxist vocabulary, appeared on Ben Ihe verge of taking ths power of which ha dreamed during fiv« I against France • lot and three weeks years of French captivity. But. from the Kabyh's Mountain Rides To Polio Clinic Planned independence, the new nation!town of Tizi Ouzou, two other of Algeria found itself on !ha i vice premiers flung a challenge at threshold of civil war. ;Ben Bella. Soldiers of the Algiers "autono-| Belkaeem Krim and Mohammed mous /one" took up positions lateJBoudiaf vowed to resist his efforts Wednesday night on the ap- Activity continues in the county her of remainit "until the last drop of blood." proachos to the white-walled city. Behind them were tough guer. From the Moorish-style summer jrillas of Col. Mohajid Ould Hadj j palace Premier Ben Youssef Ben "'the old man of the mountains" naining people did not ;Khefida warnpd that 1he danger JTliey set up roadblocks and began for a still higher degree of im-;warrant Uie full 19-clinic program C1VI ! war vvas real and P lpaded!to 'ortify towns and villages dot- munity to Type I polio virus, with set up last week. ' |for unit >- ting the green mountains rising plans for next Sunday's makeup, T , . A group of ministers of Ben'sharpy over the Mediteranean clinics progressing, and a near- factor JJj £• erootne '. hls "'slan-'e | Kht-dda's government quit the The Kabylie force numbered total participation by prisoner*-,' a |j t j p ',. _ SP 7T. lps '" sorne "*•'capital and set up headquarters in some 3,riOO men when the March completed. (if)n fac .j| iMre * " P Sporta '; inp Kabylie Mountains. 85 miles: eeast - fire ended the French - Al- Wnh the six makeup clinics in' Among them is Ihe \n~lotnn Ki - eaSt ° lf , Alslprs - anlid lo - val Berber;gerian fighting. But it is believed the county July 21. Ihe Braxo- wanis Hub. I^t «™L- .L ..I±' : £ lerr ' llas '< w ' la >'a 'zonei No. 3.'to have been considerably bol- JFK, Rusk To Map New Plan For Berlin Dispute By JOHN M. HKiHTOWER I During the next few days Ken-' WASHINGTON .'AD - Presi-;iiedy, Rusk and other administra-1 dent Kennedy and Secretary of'lion policymakers will be occupied 1 State Dean Rusk /ace today the!with another issue of great' task of mapping a new move in 'urgency—deciding what new pro! Ihe diplomatic dispute with theiposals the United States may! for tli'.^e quantities, Hershey ex- up P ^on P riv^tate a adrama l gTof ; ria Colinly Medical' Society"hope's ; t"«'Hi2h''ii.^^^'^^^ CeTut •'""l™"'^ "V^ P° pulation «"<- stered by new recruits and Mos- the breaking point afler the ' 4.W) '« sti » '•"'•her the X9.5 to serve the largest territory n "V Sennas wlro - fw R h ' -or : lems from French units. Acord- gallot, quantity had been rea, l,cd. ;P»r cent immunity to Type I polio : the count v. including all ,nn, J,J" " ldpfM ' nii .? m ' ( L V? °': sa "" e '^«t-;,ng to unofficial estimates, Ould Tho tanulalicn was made and Ihe : conlract awarded according to (he 1 way the proposal was set up.", The tabulation shows two bid- dent on the asphalt road mater-1 turnout last week, vaccine pro- 'i!y, the distance factor apparently ials, with varying prices aoi-ord- gram officials felt that the num- reduced the norc»ntazp of B.v fi. MIl.TON KKI.I.Y Soviet Union over Berlin. make for reducing inspection re-i WASHINGTON (API Two ag-i ' I1le U.S.-Soviet exploratory iquirements for a nuclear lest ban ! Hoffa, presi I talks have gone full circle without ing to precinct beeaune of differ- lence in delivery expense for lhe . WASHtNUTON. — The- Army [different locations, hint announced (why Ihut It 1*1 "Prices on Ot Bari; Ayftitlt, sending three battle crimps to ; Mc-l, from Humble Oil snd Krlir- ^ini|K* for six-month tours bo- ; im; Co. were quoted at: Pct. One,; gtnninK Oct. 1 as part of a plan i 10.39 cents per gallon; Pct. Two, j to train unit* fur rapid deploy-; 10 "1 rents; P'.'t- Three. 10.01; menl to anywherp In the world cents; and Pct. Four, 10.71 cents. In raw nf emergencies. Prices for the same material as; " iquoted by Gulf Slates Asphalt) DAYTON, Ohio — James R..Co., Inc. \were lO.ljKfits per gal-! Ambassador To Report To JFK On Peru to control three-fourths of the of Krim were pasted on the walls, country, with Kabylie and Algiers Troops in camouflage uniforms (ipation fronrihe'^ple'trthe''^,^' .T^o^L^!™'^JT, l^'M'!?,,!" *! hi?hwa - v . leadin * Tliis time Danbuiy is added to I the Ahgleton clinic. ; forces liad wun power over .'o iMiprovc the response to the caantiy. the saw machine guns set up in Bou- i bushes. v the Ant'leton : ' S rang out an i Boudia( . a dark-haired, meticu- fi'imish transpor-1 Wednesday in the east A: serianl]ou.--ly drssed politician, has been om the Ajigleton icapita ' of Constamine wnen troops ^one of Ben Bella's principal op- witlyine territory, the Anglelonj Kivranians will tatimi to and from „._ ._.„.. , . High School Qinic and anv point ! loyal to Be " Knedda tned to re-,ponenls. Tliey shared the five served by the clinic according to' sist the takeover of the cit >' b - v - vears of Frent1 ' imprisonment- Ned Deia'nev club member Trans l °PP°s™S -action. land argued constantly and bitter- portation can be arranged' for by! By . nightf ? 11 uWedn? ^ a y. Con -\^' ab °«t ^ ft"h*re of Algeria. For calling Tllden 9 5744 jStantme and the Mediterranean iBoudiaf no compromlsa with Ben _ i treawm e v Union "The club would like to see this^f ^ ^ -^•ess I heir probes of Billie Sol Kstes' deals. R. K. Turner, Dallas i: for lor tho Agriculture mt-ni, Wf-nt bffcrc ihc H' Government Operations Sul)com- niiltee. Mrs. Rulb Minear, manager of Ihe Pecos, Tex., County office of the Agric-ullural Stabili- y.alion and Consorviition (ASCt Service, leslified before Ihc Son- ale Investigations SubconimiKec. ^Bolli groups sough! lo determine wholbor Kslos, 37. honeliled from political iirfluoiico in building his nim'-bnnkrupt grain slor- Bge, fortili/or and cotton empire. Tho Poeos financior is awaiting trial on fraud charges. Turner lold Hit- House group WdlnoMljiy thai even Kstes' ai- ign Min- He was lo loll Kennedy (hat the Soviet attitude on Berlin seems lo be (oughening but that there is no;j il>v final dpeision can bo readied quickly. In I/nidon, Brilish officials s;iid \Vodne«iay that the now proposals J .. indication of imminent cr,s.s. ssion outside Senate of this problem based on new nicnls about Hoffa in a i-oport to scientific information recently an-' R *™-"e commitleo. Hoffa label- P 01 " nountt-d by Ihe Defense Depart- \ p d '''P report of callousness to il- monf. Friday Kennedy will moot|l°B !| l union operations "a com- at Iho While House wi:_li 1(1 nr ^ p'ete fabrication and a lie." advisers in the hope that s '• County Budget Hearing To Be Aug. 16 tio rrsl by fraud I'l Ihc KHI ill " didn't March on nrtis.' mm h Ihe dc- at Superior made anhydrous ammonia storage lanks used in •'• sll ' s '| nK ,d, ., .. .. ,, ..... .,...„ ,...., 'l-udgol uiil follow. Mi-s l nctivilies in West Texas. Muiivir said Marshall had liistnicliil her In riM|iiitv laiin- eis uhu (isicusibly \\crc buying litnd fninl Kslrs lo siuu slnlc nii'iiK aitcsliiiK th.'il no Bi'Kfil Riul M'< rcl slile deals in •otlon ••llolmciils wer« Involved. i will bo presenlod to tin- CJoneva; JDisannainent Confen-niy within j I (wo wi-oks. U.S. officials thought; Iho aclion might lie inken ovoir more quickly. Foreign Socrelan- Ix>nl HIMIIO !(old (he British Parliament terms; I for a nuclear tcsi.han ac<iird may; l>o eased, hul ho said on silo in-' Hie annual Rra/oria Counly >-pec(ions slill vull lie ni-<Kli\l held in Meanwhile, Ihe U.S. disanna- of lhfl mont chief, William C. Foster d I Courthouse in Angleion, ; lllss(x , „,,„,, io ,,,,.,.,„.,„ s ., (o ', a|1 , lw.g,nnmg al 9 a.m . Aug. IS. «, H ,.,,„„, Kl ^,,, n ,, ( „,,. s ( Al llmt tune, the litt' Ix.dgel 'Disjirniamcnl siiUxMiunillo,- 'Itie a, w,l IK- dismssiHI any revisions:,.|,airman. Son. lluU-rt II. Humph- ,„ m (he proposed budget will IH- r( , v |)-Mmn.. n-port«i Ihut FoMer ' »•-" formal adoption of the;had said Iho United Sliit,« has noli ,, . . yot decidiHl wholhor lo nui(lif\- (ho 1 i onimissuineis Court set Ihe si |f|. K i iflget hearing in action during |j<, vrs .spociHl session, (his wook SAN AXTOXIO — Bnico Wea- thorly. n former |xilloe chief in; twu citl*^* and reported umU k r cunsiiliTHllim to holp rei-rgtinlzp |«illco ilopnrtmenU In Rrutil. nag, shot tit death hy hi* wife, Inez, \Vedm.--lay. \u miilKo for Ihf Khiwllng hiis iH-en oslablUhod ; the annuiil Rra/oria i-t Hearing will Ix- District Court Room «ident of the Teamsters' lon for PC'S- One, Two and Four.j i.rNTA. Peru (AP1-U.S. Ambas- Union. has challenged Sen. John! 31 " 1 9 - 80 cents P er K 3 " 011 tor Pct.;sgdor James Loeb took off for: •••» """ »"u"* w 10 see mis , ^ R ,, tmniK who mnvedl Krim i= iho ,,n^ni« >~t i™ < I McCloil-in DAik to i-eDeat IThrpe - ' Washinewn today lo report on the program result in 100 per cent im-! 2! ^V •^ / .. moved ! t . K , nm ls ' he uncontested -»s s "f ' M<clc "- in - D ' mlknmn ° '^i The Humble bid on Oil Aaphall'militory Mizun of ^r. and ! ™"ity. and we are wiling to rioj" 1 ""S, * e TumS ' an ' r °" tler ^ '^^'; tt * c ™ '] e s ^ *" na ' imnmmo «•«<-, OA _ zn was: _ Pct ._one, 9.32 cents;the junta made it clear It was "'hat we can to make it so," r^'?° n ' ^ ere ^ "" reslstan . ce '"i? 0 ™!'" revolt for independence. 9.6S cents; .glad (o see him leave Peru. laney said. Pct. Three, 9.40 cents; and Pct. A statement labeled semi-offi- Immunization of prisoners in Four. 9.W cents. cial but emanating from the for- 'the county was virtually total Prices quoted by Gulf States on.pig n ministry said Loeb's depar-1Wednesday when Dr. Catherine thai material included 5.45 ivni»,ture would toiKl to ease "existing'Coieman. director ot the Brazoria per gallon /or Pets. One. Two; tension h>>t\. een the two coun- Count}- Health Department, ad- id Four, and 8.38 cents for Pct. trios." It accused him of helping)""mistered the Sabin oral vac- hree. to 'a climate of misundor-'cine to 26 inmates of the county In addition to thes« prices,-standing in Washington." which:jail at the courthouse in Angle- hich were (or quantities over -,-Vut off aid to Peru after the mili- ; ion. 000 gallons as specified, the Hum-'i ar -v- s I s 0 , lp ] a st week. : Burlier in the week, prison of- ble bid iivluiled a supplemeti; x=kod about the charges, Uwb; finals and meml)ers of Uie M?di- ,-h had not been requested, the \ ( ,\,i noxvsnwn at the airport, "I' cal Society liad administered quoted prices on both asphalt.have hoard about lhe statement doses of Ihe vaccine to 1.S07 per- ,lnoo sliy has IMN-II in s-hm-k ma t(.rials in qvianlilios botwoen-I.- and the foreign minisiiy will deny sans at Ramsey Units 1 and '>, aixl 5.700 gallons No such.jt." Ho said he horH to return to'tBti al Clemens, 518 at Retrieve, L-iil uas KH*ived.ij ma I4 (ter ho reports personallylaixl &40 at Darringlon. Tliis made lent Kennixly. a U'lxlnesday night One.- said. the Inciilenl. Hiilliiirlllesi Bone, but authorities in Algiers!He boasts that no one ever de? were many dead ; feated his Kabylie people—a proud in Constanline. : Berber tribe of Roman stock. From the west, troop convoys An area inhabited by about one iHing fVei'h and Soviet cannon million people, Kab"!ic \vss ens of the toughest bastions of resistance during the rebellion. Massive French military operations nev«r succeeded in breaking the back of Wilaya No. 3. Ould Hadj, a former shopkeeper, survived battles, searches and air attacks. At the war's end he led his men inlo flag-decked towns to tho roar ot grateful crowds. Now he is standing by Krim to Revised Bids Lower For Clute Library County MOSCOW of s kind of 11111,01 vn in a mosquito tropical Africa supports iln ; supplemental ;troui Gulf States, Hershey said. Io Pie Tlie odd distribu-' -p.,,. Humble t.ids on the larger p 0 n,- quanlitif-s Cut B.u-k As- up a demonstration of 500 clu-.emplojocs, and employees' fain- census cfli'hraliiiK In other aclion al the meeting, the ('iiiirt approved Iho depula- lion of Nancy Mcl.amure for work ill Iho District Clerk's Office. Tho mailer of plals for San I.ins Hi-ach SuUlivision. Sections 1 and 7. as submilled earlier l>y J. H. CasMily, was roxtiiuidcrcil, ami Iho t'ouil appnivod (he pints for filing onl). ixlonl \Vhll« HIII '.lay nil »llll mull Iher lo try tn spur lh« uallonn eoiiniiniv »llh * tax cut. .nl pro|msals ami slill l>o- Dn-dio-spol inspeclions are imxitxl lo pre\-ent rhealing. And, in another nuclear doM-lup- monl, Iho U S. governmoni kepi u sooi-eey eurlain arouiHl a I'.S. C.msl a,xl Cwviotic Survey report ^mf^.^T on a French atomic explosion in "•»*MiiMiiu.N — Iho Sahara Desert Miiv 1. 'Hie iv- Defen>e HolxTt S. M port cnnlains m-lmical data on lold at a Honolulu deloctmii of ihf dislanl hl.isl, which iH'ars on lhe iiirivnt (CM- bun discussion. It was nnilors(oi»i Nit of.phall, MC-1, Pet. One, 9.0T ivuls d,, n i s proiesiini; liw overthrow of ilii-s. ... ,:por gallon: Pi-i. Two, 9.S cents; President Manuel Prado and This makes a lolal of 70,(i93 1 ' """"'I p ( .( i^,,^^ S9(i i-enis; aixl Pct. shoulini; "down with dictator- doses given thus far in (he dial at lea <( some human oineers ,,.„„',._ ,, _, ;i (Vnls; all d ( or Oil As- . s |ii p ." The rally was addressed by; county, which had a 1960 e o.iusi-d by viruses, it was re-.plialt OA-:'3U, Pct. One, 7.91 cents; .speakers ide'itified as mpmbers of'igure of 76,^04. iilMJ ((xi.iy. iiVl. I\so, S.M cents; Pct. Three, tlw k'f\isr. hut anti-Communist.' '-.70 ci-nts; and. Pel. Four, 8.IB American Popular Revolutionary' W,\MII.MiTON — President "Mils. Alliaiuv. 'Hie a\eiage diffeit-nce In Ihe In Caracas, lhe Vene/uelan for- twii Hiimhle bids is 1.-I47S coins er ^ n mmislry said oiglil nations .o *4>nri^i4 !«• [;H , r Ka i|,, n j.|i,Mpi-r in the larger mil of a required 11 have now 'liloil i>n »ho- Quantities. asked for a hemisphere meeting $-1,- of foreign ministers to protest the' resist Ben Bella. . «.. of 3.6,7 dose, given dur- J^^l.^^e^'^In^hT^t-^ arnt^ broke ,«« ,n,s ueek ,o prisone,,. prison ent sdlool Djs(rk , ^ l<?to .f^^*^^^ £ propos,xl library building at the , he Communist bloc but untested Clute Ju nior High School aver-. m tattle. It sat out the war train- S ged S4000 less, than bids taken : in ^^ and Mol . 0( . t , 0 . previously and rejex-led hy lhe Vhe number of guerillas rally^11 , . , , ,., i"g to Ben Bella in the interior The school board opened bid.-ii,, b> Water Line Break Lowers Pressure iwas not known. T i •••« . ,i i-.j ' Tl' 6 rising threat of i™.^ 9 ' I"™. th i' ( ^ eSt .. b ! d - Brought new fear » on tha project for the first time civil war Europeans ^ tion. entering a bid of $36,456. A that time, however. tne ; school board said that all of the; Bi-a/ona C'ounl> ,\ broak in a water line pipe! bids received were more than the Hri cloMMl later. ANN HltUNSON. |>iitliday ItKlay. . . .IANK HOMDI'.KAl'X J_\ TIN'SI.KV, visiluiv; in Nedor-! |T^I unh .fANK'n limn, MI'.S. It 'lied al K K HUMAN. . . HK.SKIKTIA aad KKX Wllll'l'.', (ill in Houie and olln'r poinis in Noiih Texas for a MMI uilh his SANDY SIBII.SKY, iciiiriiiiig lo (in llolllf til All^i lo .iflel VIMIIIIL: hele for l\so \n-i-lsS \\ilh her aiinl ihul I; Iv, Ihr T. H. JvDKNS. . . ^MAKVA IIKNHY, daiiKlucr i.i' "• I). K. III-.NHYS. laking honors ps stale ihanipion (wilier in lhe. M year old division, Male ohuiu-j pion Hlruiier in iho juvenile divi-l i/oria Counly has no ohliga- ii In ciinstruol or nialnl.un any | roads slieeis nr alle\s in said nil Nr;i.-' s »hilivis'(in." Hie CiHirt ordenxl Uie plats tin- oxponso of the appli caul Hids on shell and pug itUMHl sand slaliilue shell were launch pad onleied aiKcilisml. und aiv to Iho Unilod IM' (i|«-niil al II u in., Aug. 13.: llunl lim 'lite Coinl oiH-nnl bids /or mldi-'u high lional liluck lopping in Picciiuls T\\o, 'lluee iind Kour. Htddd'h U) . !-.iil,-d Cull Hilulilln NamavH \vas inftM'enro h>' niililarv niillioritios thai a niiMint- ing I't iniuuiiisi guenllH offensive is iAiHvled in South Viet Nam in lhe nexl N) or 90 days. .'.'41.SS lor MC-1 and J10.5S6.47 for , w ip in Peru. Tlie ministry said : lt , s ,,| lsd in rfdnfed wa(er pres .|bu4get would allow for uw bulld- IOA-:'30 in a single VJ-momh per- tVuador and Salvador liav. joined i sure to of ' '«! May 29, 1961 and June Veiwuela. Colombia, Cosla Rica,j tYeeport Wednesday. 11 H»e.'. os Panama and the Do- Partly ! high 'Friday 94. . land Tharp, were asked to make Honduras. Panama and the Do- Fr ^ port Gty EnEineer j. c .; minor revisions in the plans in .nunu-an Ropuhlk- m denials lor !Joy J M ^\ ,. i(vB , eam spent i ord er to cut costs. i,he meetinK. It added that C.uale- , most o , lhe dav Wednesday tryi ng! This was done and new bids jniala was seriously sludyinfi Iho to ](x . a , e Ul e" break, which was : were taken. Among the three com-proposal. :d,fflcult to pin down since it <x.--|panies that submitted new bids to ed again on airline and shipping offices. Alxiut 4,000 Moslem police Iried to keep order in the capital, but kidnaping of Europeans and robberies were the order of Ihe day. ami warm In Rio rie Jaru-iro. houovor, »li. urre d inside a storm Wednesday, Jorgensen Missile Explodes On Pad eigii ministry said Brazil opposes] l)e at Uie the hemispheric meotins because, IIIK] Gu | ( Blvd an( j North Eighth;bidder at were, After a meeting of Ihe school sclmol adminlsu-ators and 2 Teachers Hired For WC-Brazoria Two new elementary teachers were elected for Hie 1962-63 school year at (Ills week's West Columb i a-Bra^orla School Board HONOI.UI.U lAI'i-A Hi. null silo bleu tip and Uaned mis i u WiHlnesday nigh! a Slides l.lllixi fur II e in four lues to altitude niii tear over liny Johnston Island. Cause of lhe missile lailuu Co., \\i-n.lri noi Knoun and ilun- »as n CuiiMi-uclion Co., Humii ami HIHI|, . innliale Moid uhcilier (lie sonnef. (.\ir-i 'Hie iMily siii-io.ssfol shot in tin fu,,,,sho.l a., high alimide *.-ri« was th. big- ,„. lnlssjo|li lnadl . , gost ami lughost ou July *. f .^ n , he ( , eld l>( imelTia , liic..aml Perry Bias. C'onslnic lion Co. School Budget ! ttas delib-.Talelv ili-slii.\ ; The Alonm Knergy (\ Jin Washinglou made lite IHiiikHUlcenieiit: i. "Hie 'Itior IkKXslor desigiutl (o;\\as no( lo haw ln\.n a thermonu- >( injury lo pi .id.ills "ill IK* IS |)II.SSlllll' " fniluro was another soitiack ii-.<^lo>ion ol a Ihermouuclear d« . missile presiige. vice \VHS delcmalo 1 ! -10 miles over II open Hie prokibilily llmt Johnston Island aixl lit up lite \oulii !«• anolher try to deln- I'ucilio (nan Now Xo«l«nd lo Ha. w,ii head over lhe Pucvfic. wail. Suine ;<.-ines said il iwckcti ncsd.iy nighl's shoi was lo IKJUCI o.slno.iled al IvlwiH'n one «-en lin-u (riuii an alliliide ,md It) iiiog.iioiis. Tlie two previous failures were l>o blamed on uus.sili' irvHibles. l^*Ke J Dn June 4, thi! 'llwr'i irackina: usual F system malfunctioned and Uie i may IK il would s:nack of intervention ini a t,i e to ivstore nonnal pressure|board, IVruvian affaiiii. to homes by midnight, Joy said, i the arohilecls, it was reuommend-jineetint;. The senii-i'IIicial staiemoni on work was started Thursday'ed by Dr. L. S. Richaixison and .Mrs. Mi-rla McBue and Mrs. morning lo replace the section of the arcbilei-t that the board ae- Viola Anderson will ivsTM their ulii piix- lhal save way wiUioutUvpt (tH> Joi-gensen lo* bid and dulies, along with oilier faculty interrupting seiTics to Hie part'(lie contract was awarded to thai nioinlwrs on Aug. 31), wiiii the of town servicrtd by the line. 'firm. ]school session slarlinf,' Sept. 4. N'e\v fiH'iiitura for the elementary and j'imior higii schools ol staiemem lUn'b siiui. in pan: "h is l»'lievni that Ui* I'-S. iti|ilomai lias, without regaiti lo invur- poli- :uc», showing clear pi-*dU*-iion for i»'« o' ib« piwsidential candi- dad's." Soblen Freedom Plea Killed IUM'.II li. «l l;i;Ls Inch ciiual lo JO.IHKI lo li l r.NT. Unollicial sources with a loivc million ions tho blast ftion. and sci-ond in junior Iwi ton anil in ll.i^ al iho iccoiil I'STA malt- i-unirsi in I, ih ,-si,,n. . And AnmiHl ') In. Ci.imlv; MRS. .II'I.IA SMITH, leinvoiiug ft-uni miivoiy al Ilk. homo of horipmt .School Dislriei oliiics al *«i«hi*», MRS. J. H. NOVAK ofjCheiTj and D'ourUj *U««K, »Vn+ 'wahmt ( , The biidgcl lu-nfine Mia/os})i)rt lnde|H.ndonl liisinci >ear liKL'-iil •I u sol lor Any 7 al V;:«l in lhe l>oaid loom ot lhe Mi ioaro' aloft a nuclear device for lhe!a high altitude test in (he iiniei S c h u u I US. nuclear ic.M set u s m in Pill Ilio ili-slln\ril .in,] Inn IN on lhe latimli p.,,I loiu^lil ,u .I!»H II; l-i {ini. Ula\vaiuiii '1*111101. rlrar e\plo.snm. 'llio shut uas Beutel Library Open Kouiol S. hiwt Ui'i'Hty i.u Ksoii will be open <iid;i>, moriuiij; and 4kvked out for 1.1>.\1H)N f lAPt — The t'ouri •iiiiivici '"'plea he a - s l^iw\ West Columbia and lhe elementary school of Rra/oi'ia was an- 'oihei' item of business. The fnrni- Rriiish.British judges shortly after tha tine was aulhori/.ed lo raplaco Ap[K'al tixia>' rojecled Israeli Inloi'ior Ministry- in Jeru- soi'ie worn onl piei <-s and to take I spy KoU'rt A. Sonlon's salom rejei-loil Soblon's applica- i-aie Ix' sol lice in Brilain. tion to l>e aiiminoil lo Israel as anjcnro' re for (lie 61-\ear-olil ps>- immigrant. Soblen s Israeli law- uonlended his dtftonlion|yer, Ari Ankorion, was sxpectttl '"Him* wi Wn% to have l>eon iwio .tsl ol liie eilllenl P.H-ilir I Irs \\liu II In-..;.ill 111) , ta-.-i) \\nlni-Ml.i>. rii-sldent Kelined> oiu- luiouiu.'ed lhe senes lie sol luilit oi hw to (hititf *^*' ^** lH'*viou$ faihuo^ mi&site IUK) nuclear (wirkaee werulweek. Kriilay, the final day il library iMiXjm dos troy ed in flight. FidOr 1 !! days laler Ibr* 'liiof l.l|isisi 111 Illglll, l.lllllll^ id In Is n\ oi lhe that lo.sullt-d in minor tnjuile.s lo lv.o IIH-M.. As wilh Wnlncsdav nislils lu Aug. for t . how - .,-ho •Jt, will ba Liuunar and all in sit U unlawful and that Iwilo appeal Uiu ministry's ruling to ba freed in Britain under ajtlia Isi'aoli Supreme Court. will at lubuas corpus. Soblen, who has leukemia and of lhe e.\piviiil inoroaso in irollmciii in e.ich of Iho sehuil*. The Bra/orid Bt-aiiliful Assoi'ia- tion was givc-n permission to ! tlia Braioi'ia Elementary School Auditorium for a pvogram on M u tii:u -he> iui; lhe Miiiuitor :*i Modems h.ui on Kii.iays reikjit liiat Su dxgulMd out,«.\p<:llf-{i. ) Ibt The Rrilish goveniinent roporteiily has only a (eu eil lhe appeal on lhe siound Ilia! lo live, jumped SliKl.lMl Subleii -under M-nleiiie ol Ui- im .\r» Yoik .n.d ll.-d (o Is ui i.s,tiiiiH-nt in the I'lntrd SI.UL-S .is !.!>[ nionlh. Hi- t-nl.-iid isi .1 Soviel sp>—had eiilouil tl.e de.i. .ouiiuy illegally and sluxild be and months kill in iel Lite u i on a >iiirr's Caiiiuli.tii passport Israeli go\ eminent «K- Tide Schedule ¥> ida him jidjr 1 at no UlagaJ im-| IiK) a.m. and V)i'i6 a.U, hfi^ »,m. tad t»M BkOL

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