The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 16, 1897 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 16, 1897
Page 3
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THE DAUV CHRONlCtE: AUO'CsfttS, 189t. Lehiffh Hard Coal. I Jaekson Hill Soft Cdai , CD '*.._<,• ( ,. - • t ff&rd Ooa} buy the Ltfaigtou It will bear inspedtion. Boms oM&aok^W. Ctoms and JPlfcee *<f fttatertitl. .SEE THE " CAUFORNIA F it in ;T s M«weM»ise frill jrt-fcakih at Mr*and wf nt &n<J ffiis n ftH orf tft* cftrs. THIS WKEK .li.ffr-A-^' A•y^j-.-.^r. PINE APPLES 1O € Tor 2 CIS. TilK.DAILY CKKONtCLK. t|t thf» MurnlwH, Mirh,, llirrmgb il»< mult* at wond C. . bpe Hwrl»r Thnt-s^ay, Aitg,. ill. M. Items. > Avg. H $f r. and 'Mw, «f Mre. O. teaveftw Ihfiir homo in .Clmtori, Fa., to- N. V.. at B, S aftemonnJ , t W. T, Fhelpd f4ppnt SiHt(Jay mother a*id sister at their cottage. MiiW Susart\«i ' of eertsi $1.75 round trip: half fafc. ' '" AH "Albion i4is]rjatc6 mf** chil4re4i da> night.aud th0 contents of the refri- "j^rator Satnpled. An attempt wasj ftT&o tna^to enter O.tC. Gates'- reBtdence, but th\bnrglar^-werp frightened away. A vigdance commiVtco is^beinu dr«ari- ized to atteim>t the caiiure of these BREVITIES. Man> Hfo 1,1 full of blows to pride, v -- llis schemes true wisdom lai-k; He Hjillnw forth <ui nvany ft ridO tho whole w<i> back, . W. A. L'inc returned from Homer Saturday t-vcnift£. Don't full to sx'C Wu' Turkish Bath at Che opera house Sept. 7, John Blakoslr-r-, of A Ipcna/sprtit Sunday with Dr. «T. R Suntoy. Tto MatKhall juvoni|c choir civntwr^d the multitudes at Lyori. Jak<- yesterday. Wo teach an> lady the art of raring for her wardrobe. Cull and get terms. Watson building. Ned Wetburn, formerlv of this -city, has an oiiKHK<*rfu.'iitAvi|;h Tony Pastor for atteim>t Hiiyauders. It officially announced that th<j new- Central IVuwenper Assoeiatu n mileage bureau would jvositively becouu* , returned Saltirday foot slew daj-s 4 stay at \\*& IMckoy oot- H-is reported *that fhe- ^ay'cbltfige is *>* r t • for salo. , ^ atrs.'A-. R. tniolpa; Mria Afabql fholpw nnd MifwThPTO 6ox expect lo"teRV« for 26 s , ^ was a<l- Ruttey until, atwl Annual outing: OMgr- today for t equttt;^. They or\t0n (lays. , T^ ' *hairy and t^ood cautions gtipftrthftt* is colored inferiority, is t:oiiccaled r or it- if is Hiade f'» ai»pi«vr betf^or of greater vali^ thaA fa. Grace Ciiinfnin<rt. of I'Vdonia is spending the wiek with hor jirandj>ar- »nt« Mr. and Mrs. Win. -Ryan, Gcnriie Thwinj,', who has been very ill ri (Jriind Rapid?, was nuned tothchome >f h"w parentfl in this city lod.ijx This ioawpnH<eti»»ij at Lyon hike was a »reat' HUctTSfl. The, bwt of order pro- «iiled and much pood was done. MrH. Frank S.ickctt of Ucllevuo returned home vest«-rda> after ripendinfr •). few days <»t \\m Hj'an'a. Who,it ;ulvanced from hO to 8^ rnntu W thft Detroit HI irkv^, IJIH*. week. At . that rate it will bo i-kn-e t<> a d»»U<ir In the Sopfc. 1. and ot> that date l,(KTO-rnilp mterehangoahle niih-aK^ tickets will bo- placfjd on sale, pood ot> nil the linos in that association's teiritory. AH other mileage, with tlu> ewjpptwn of thc-],»i(X)- mih» photographic ticket, will be withdrawn from eale. > Tlio twenty ninth annual registration report of Michigan ha«t hwn issued by the secretary of statu, and contains tlw vital statistics for the year 1H05. Th^ro wcro 18.U52 tuarnaRos. }fi,27;t births, and 22,857 deathsjrecordod fortheyoiar. Tho nvietration of deaths has been quite imperfect in this state, aud, as sown in tho present rf-port, the rpturris havj^befSii made so long after th? rc^istratain year, that much of the interest and practical •\iilue: of these Btat^lm.'rf hat) been lo-*t. l^is therofotfl gratifiiu^ tonotdthat the' last legislature enacted a new law for the immediate registration of deaths, requiring certificates of death and buriuV pep* mite throughout the htrtte, which will greatly improve tho quality of theao returns and enable therri to be published in aeaaoji to be of practical usefulness to The' law will take effect- Thoniaet Dbmpsey cohitur t iM t ed,work on Fine sailittR on «m take yesterday. the iMcyde.path this alftftrtuwji. M^ssf8. O-Kexffe and Gw^m treated a scnpti,.i« for tlio pnlbme nw duo ami irtrmbttr qf^lifac-TiBitorg , IkastlSfjmte stcata laurtcbyesterday. ()ne« «w« s«bsc-rib»xl are requested to pay of tlie ladje»in the* party wanted to Sfet! wet and judging from her appearance wheu sho returned she must h'ave had her wish gratified.' Mrs. E. Ct. Brow^r and children are occupying a cottage, adjaceftt to tlw hotel. Mr* Brewer was here from Thursday Until Monday. There was a largely attended and most enjoyable dancing party*nt the hall Saturday evening. Mr. and Mre. A, W. Saxe -were guests at Smiley hall over Sunday. Mrs, W. H. Arthur and Mrs. M. A. WiHard arrived Saturday evening. *" Frank Auilar arrived Saturday night i. rouo St. Louis for a two weeks' stay at the ^ay cottage, Frank T, Dicke> arrived from Chicago Saturday- evening, lie is with h?a mother and brother ftt the Wandell cottage. Then) will b» an entertainment at tho dancing hall Friday overling, Aug. i!0, nnder the managemfent of Kobt, Dickey. jCmHBiXATHm anfl the '"parent jat 3«xon, where all Uie v^ty latest of drPB» tailoring are ttvtight, hftn ty in the StaW ' Mr. V. frVttuVit. the en- perintenddnfc of ^choote is here tor Ihtf t>fopPnlrt«« school fof dnfftoun county. ""Mrs. BfUe S»H«der, an expert has ,the niaflageniwit 6t i the atiA wilt raroaia here to conduct the tit1Mtne$9/. tadies art* taught t make any gormettt for any of the family, ladieg 1 mid gills' dro««es»? boys' and titonft' Ten lessons ceinfititutfv the cutting c fr to t t^ r-«ursi> are entitled to brnijst any «lre^9 a«d finite it under 'infthuuUoBfl of tbci beet laxly tailors. A^call will con of th«s institution, T. Phelps at th^ConuSefcial Ifciftk, MothersUnd fathei 1 send'.yout dnug^h Tho last Michigan ln&Sslattfre parsed a ,tw re*iuisinjjC that fill vinegar miide by 'enutntation' witlwiit the mil of luting distiltol shall Bo branded afe feriwf>nted vinegar, witli the narnb of the fruit from which it is made. Alf vinegar.made bj dJBtiltation nuist be branded vinegar, and no vinegar shall ipple or cide/r vinegar which in not the product of pure apptu juice. This Inw w to be enforced by the food coimuitiBiouef f the state. Tho effect of'this IAW, if enforced, will he lo giro cider vinegar a , ^andtodoawav W ithalotofpo,J Bh «» W no«l^t thi. all important duty vineghr not nu-ftie.from apples that hi* Wo wil1 **** P^" 310 K ™« ?° been labeled,»nd aold as cider vinegar H'^ do not care to attend the regnla in this state. on August*. 2S). MrH. C«»rl W( id* In h died at her homf on West RtfitH etn < t Saturday ew-mng. The funeral tt>o!f |'l u c at th« Gcnuun JLutheran church ti»i>« <<fturiKHm. liffUVs iHhUfd. K-<*lH'rt Me of Ciurnndoii, and Minnie A. Moore,*if Butli't: .|<ijii*H A. HI. and Bljjjbeh O.. Hdu-o, l*otl> of Creek. _ ' - • ' ,'.<(iMit<' 1 a iHimber of farmers rti this vicmit> who are considered fahivvirtl bay-, era and selljjrg %uld theu wheat for 70 cento, Jfejtt t«u)i>^}«-> ^ill wait> Ijttje lougai-, and p<jrhj.J»ti thj; chiin^ wUJt be the oth*)f way. ' Mark Danna bF-eia^. to l« taking gioat precaution not to }H- Jeft lu Ohio thi» faJL tte' is running two^liejjgts^ortB] fe.«adti<t bj G»Vr Bubhttel^'aud th^ pth/^r by one Qoxdy. °Bushn(41 i» rauninj, for governor and "(!&)*0y for a ftoujsideraliwi& SS**ftitfiey of State Gardner will tit- tsnd thi, 1 Bunion of th*j isht»rejau liwg* ade, orgttaisied b^' Juh» Sherman, ftt .T.alr» i.n.rU \fi Vtn-non. (). Baptist ViMHtiC Peoples' The young people of the Bapist church hold 11 businepK meetinj; Friday i»v«nlug at which tho ft»llowin>f form of orjtiuiizil- tion and foiwtitution wore-adopt.ivl: CON^TITl HON. Art. I Name, The Baptist Young People's Unloh of tli^ Fu*t Baptist church, Martjhall, Mudi. N Art. II. Object. To aeek and pro- Wiulgatu the truth. * Art. lit.. Mcuibeis. .\cti\o Any nteutlwr of- tho Baptwt dchonnuatioii elected iip^»i» reconnuwld.itun of the tuttnjbetship ronthyttw, At-*H?iat» Any other pereoris olecttfd upon recouimen^a^ twni of the memborwhip coruiuittfe. Ait. IV. Officer*. PrtjsidtMit, vice president, secretary, tirttastfrer <?Art. V. Committees. Tho oUtc^rs of the xmioo wT chairniww of tfie" pernianent comniittee.8 ahip 1'hree ' meuibws., members. ters; wive«,sft\o yoilr hunhftnda_frotn to ^T»0 per > ear b'y leaining to care for your rnrri wardrobe.' Solicitors will >eall on each/family in ttu> 'citj. Our terms are eo U>w thatrniiy one >nay avujll thcm- eelvesbf this opportunity. Mr/ Hunt will remain in the city wool? and would like to * meet those ,who 1 - would like to act. as: manager of county schools. The schools hours w^l be frpm ^:. ( )<) to 10:HO a. in. atid from 2«to 4:. r {0"li7TlS'l:i^5imifiK Tuomlav a. m. Aug. It. No lady ia, «o rHi that she sessions. GEORGE INCERSOLLV •" ' GENERAL ". to Judge of I'roBiUiS.wm aWfti'WpW ntWittWn to j»f*etl<;e Itl Probfff« etiart*. Pottle* hnvutfe biifltntf** irt pK)i»»tp c<mtl» wuy findJt w> f,h«lr )iH#njf*to<-oftnnlt h(;8. WILLS, % D$eds r 'Mortgages and: ,- - - -— — Other Legal Papers Carefully Drawn. s to *><; ;•> A **<j ' *« 'tf Will attend to the jwrchw?i\| nml lit?. imjmfcnt ot t&Xe*, ptf LftfttM tutftte negotiated. Agent for a eotxl Hup of JUft> and of, t ««.( ml r<-ivl tn"iit OP I? ICE at 1U5HI DUN t' K, Oofncr Mansion mill (<r(»Ti<l l .f t« Mangled and Torn "" Do >ou, want a good Call on George Aiey. I a good walk. For Sale. cement &ulk?' Four stoves and other household fur- wilt guarantee I niture - MuBt be 8old within Hve daya " dais* i • Mas. RouFfw WAUD, ' • 88 Mansion street. Said the Orand Trunk WW HaVf Run- wins Kelatlon With Limit ^Northern. * LAI-OKTK, Ind.. Aug. \~> The report of the |>ropoHed amalgamation of the Lak« Erie .t XVeaterh^ and the Cincinnati Jackson '&• Mackinaw railroads, iu'saiil to be'authoritative) by Lake Krie officials at Michigan City, which, as the result of the injunction of the two roadw witt be j made an important point on the *'ar ferry line connecting ports on Lake Michigan. Tho Grand Trunk may' also be brought i into closeT relations with tlii« ^system. TheDetroit & Lima Northern, in connection wittif the Grand Trunk, would form a line /but little longer than the Lake Short*. Senator Brice'sCincinnati,Jac,k son / if Mackinaw' controls tbo Lima Northern. The latter runs froin Toledo Allegan^ Mich. It IB cont«mjilati'-d to build » cut off from Sehoolcrafti Mich., ontiittOntnil Trunk t<»a point ou. the Lima Northern near Wheeler,, Thit. would make th« uuleage IHJIU Chicag'o by the urW route 257 1 uiillea by tjbt* Laka Hhore. be awimdeA at any provided previous, uotiw? haa Bpfaak«re«n;h the famotia Ohio «U teaman and in .flu- emvinfi{<hc wili alao deliver at All <1. T., an Baqu^tb4,to be Bt Tuesday tfveah»g sf fcod^, its ' willttd fojr the »n tlw; /io ttpueial Ueft?r»f i will *e to Secretary^ Tttte last been Art. I. eijraf »*, onf. Elections ^President, ttrwweokio Mi: Kditur: So, touch has been said about that show' advertisement; thaVa word from mayNjofc bt» .auiba. to fchVow o» & canvas a npV>fiaj 'advertfornent each evening and in such a mahnerfchat bodi^in'Wfe house uniiat read it, which Eoey di»J. FtSrth'w the toetcb«ut» agreed to f$lx $£f>0, wofiily iri tr*de,^ Aa- there people Ui ttw)»U0w all could supply theua«elv«fl entirely fn tbie w«y. { eoid th,3*u a suit of clothe^ i$ tfefr c«fl- Aa reports gay tlwwe was uot stx--retaryi trvaearer, -momberahip couimitfee, music tx«muittee; fir^st vfeek in Janairy, May, |S«)te»aber, place Awi to by ehsUl by order of too and tho hall will afiflt about fSOO. ydTx different adverliBeaints must have'beec /ead by 3^QU, tw 4.1HJO {f a «jert:hJ»«t htia snythi^ special oifer At a »|>ecial price OE has >ny <u wjfec the fir^t is to ' The nffiittfs A- IVWwner; vid-s preekleet, tkouk*; of pla,in »atOTtat»l«3»u tir^ try ^ it a,it follows. sc<x>p out the ^uti^e e^ter, tukir>^ out th« 6>eeds. Cfaop ie tra>; u4d a j;«p of sugar, Pack tiifl f«ee/S:r, Uro a few It wUi \tn> like soft sjiuw aud C«r4 of 'i bdMlts. ttumit uur u^tiy, f Heads , c«p«.'> the Haccubaoa tto miaistttr, for tbeir' kiudootp tg us m twijr eeceot bfsr*s4vemc«it |^Lu, AND Mt«. JOHN L. Mabel trauMuer, sW Pieb- Membership Powell. Muaip i*PW Vida Vary, Arthur Far the purvoe** at introduetitai Hmited nuruber of bottles of at W Hy«i«"8 4r«g 'store, -to who hwatxjtly wish to rid ea ul this do«i«e for U>baco» ia any at oucw aad thing i^ to find jthe- bw| way ftiil be read, bay« "been mac and J |or on* aeide Irota th# -mooey show pwpli* left £06, heird iw the auuuusr. Dr. uo ito lorjos- iug the dull time botVN&Q awwoua n«a<iy uterchant ir<*$ tsuuie fcui^ten ikrts dome out (mmm tmeat » ia where h*s reded veil moat -beueiit wue buuws fault with th aho*. I b«§t4 nooti even if IXte tu eecu,r« a resurved seat- T. .S Cordjette has cow® to stay. a gjjatk'Buao's StMuJte; llio for 5c, Beware of imitations. Bet? i>ur *%ar is QBO, Muebe & Go-, trott. Sdfc* by W/A, %*ftw, I>e- aou building of Ptts* pattern lor any lady tomU and u* at the Wat u&r UtotlwH will take vur to the Awg, Has Anyone You Ever One Offered of either walking or cycling suits in crash, fhi'viot or serges, that was made to order b> a first class tailor and \Vsu nt>lisb, up- to-date and hiiiulBome, 'at any lower price than we will rnnke yon a perfect fitting snitfor? Tfso- let ua know it, and we will di«<uiRH the reason after youlee our suits at the price wo make them for. —J. J. D^SHATpl, r" MEBCHAN-f TAJLOB. lace curtains would sicken th-o: heart of ,ny conscientious housekeeper. Fortu- lato^ly such a state of affaire iariot necea- jary. \\ T fj undertake to thoroughly wash und iroo«any ^ace curtain, nii matter how lelicate, entrusted to oVir care and to'-rn- urii if aa whole and sound tut -when irought to us. .Anybody can launder a sock or jiJiandkercliM^f - it <i<ikes ar.t to. n larts curtain in the MUCH ALIVE. The STATE FAIR. <iiraiiil Live State ' Fait'H at s, Heptomber «tli to lOth. Fine Altp«t'tioi»s." tJottrt Aci'oirtmoitatfuiis. / a *" *" this (late for your outing. -Premium Kflts mailwl on apjpHo&tiou secured the agency f^r Claas tailors to the tr a^e, ^h© spedal ord^r de partttM)nt was etarted byolotbmg 7 for the clothing merchants. Bi»t few success because of iphe necessity ot c^rwt- men got into if a sought to do business by giving big inducements to make it aspecial business,BO between th^ man ufacturer's profit ana a big profit to 9 special Balea- lan the cubtomer gets poor value. Old and reliable houses wiM do tlittu If'yoo wiafctog^t* /• . mac fit in this line at a little advance on Clothing prises s^e our Mn$s; be m^aured Stert KAt and remember any bufcmesa of aay kind dw^^tt^ us miwt re satisfactory, as we guarantee satisfaction or do u are done at the way they Steam Lu uiulry, Hatch Blcx;k. H> FOKCK HALE, W. T. Drake's sttn-k of Wall 5,<X)0 rolls, nil grades of papers, v\lll ci'ist. This Rto<-k bfe closed out al 6ncw. Thorto prifee will it: " ' 3c p(»r rolL , Ic ppr yd ic per r<^U .'5 Hnd li> pt-r yd \1J whites blanks, ,'K; Uordor to match ' \117c All U& " Mll'As ' r \n t5c- " bafld bprder Buy your i«»per while tin* Nazareth Academy* A Boardiug SciM»ol for Yomitf Ladwa Terms, * I OO por. Venr f Fur pwrticttUira apply JS ^,." N <»¥" **T. JOSKPH, It Af.ASl Wliy Blot Educate of t>B» Ciul on ur vtfUu fu( i>arUcu!^c« aud ff _ Incorporated i»9fi . > f 8t*Wi*ried 1882. HE VIVO B£STOHES VITAUTY. THE QPEAT SOtb oiui < nut »iil . It tkrii yuutiifuj by lA«t I'wttbt J&UutK McKtoo'. Wantuuc Dini.«M.« aud all ««!iutH ut spil-atmtK: or e^c»Mi«ttti wbiuSi uuUt* ->ii; tor study. tite « Hru youllt. ft w* 80VAL em-ul*rir*>u,

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