The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 15, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1892
Page 3
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n'i • ( <ftvgrs -4-i. . ^ Local meteorological feport taken by or. H. ftr«*«*ir> ffiday at (Jreeiws's drug »•+>«.»« i - v ttbre. tm*. MmaaisA. €3 29.JOO High, rtflting us. BREVITIES. The re^Brve seaicboArd for Rmienyt;ii Riling up very rapidly, 43S sftatrf jji«b6en sofd, •* Liconse<l- to "wed. Aliases Grant Shuti and Carrie Elisabeth Packard, • both-of Athens. Annual' meeting of Marshall Glub Wednesday Might fer the election of 6f« iicers for the ensuing yeafc, • v B. C. Journal; Ihere are now four* teeu students ftorn.$with Africa in 'attendance at the Bait 1ft Creek college, There is : tp r 'be a-Wedding on Linden 'street'in the "near future ami before mM>> maona one on Mansion- strict *. by tDe returns'liowjn, Marvin Ferguson has a plurality of aa.o.ver Siblcy for representative in the state legislature. Althonfth'tke abore is not ofltcial, jtjs . f»n doubted Jy correct. • ' . ,„ • ' "~ " IJattle Creek Mpon, 14: "tjuite anum- 'ber. ol 3attle Creek pnople.will go down to Marshall tonight to assist the democracy, there to celebrate the, recent politi- Or J#, Brewer went to The Ke«,fy£feHteetrtiwlfUfe Star Co. w,W Iplay IrerfeT-hUrsdiiy, Sog, 34; under t&e auspices of (fte 1 ,0, O^F* • ( W. 6. t. fy nteeta wtfhfe AfWan- ,'dV Vet| nesdit *fl*rnoon at three" cal victories*" A Battle Creek and Marshall crowd got into a litfle row f abotit -twelveo,clockl«3t night and it U said \ he Battle Croek'ues were tho WJM-SC for - wear after the affair was over -. j\ trick ih*t h «oi)iK the rounds just m»w, «"«ood Test of the Eye,' is to measure with the eye tin* difetauco lo which y«*u must push away' th'e central one of tin ee silver dollars side by sidy, their circumference touching, so. that . the distance from the lower edge of the central coin so removed shall be equal to the distance apart of the outo«' edaejj of the two other coins. You will" probably do as .everyone else doe>, put the (joins side by » and pusji tho middle one upwards along the table until' yo"u think you have done a rash thing by flushing it so far. YV r hen you measure you will flnd out. Itis-atitfftd perversity of the eye. The v democratic. blow out last uight, was ti howling *ucce&, There . were bou lires.Xin horns, the tlnun corps aud baud were out and there was u ^t-neril hubbub, A large bell was pla'ceii at the disposal ajNtbe. kids 'and; it .would been;:ringing^yet had' it. not been away /from Hhtmj. A-"funeral pariy marched thrdu,jjh the. streets bearing a coffin, one aidVof which byre the word "letired" ana. the other the letters "G. O. IV' The republican banner was draped iu roourtuiiK v1 by the young democrats aud <* guard over it, but.the republicans were to (htinoccasion antj set tire to ihe pery^ 'The spetch" making that was to hiye Teeii was conspicuous by. itsi ab'- to be present. Tiighf in a scttflte ovar a pike Reft (ytfrdftnier had a linger cut open, The wound bled ptofusoly aud fieri fiiiated away, bulsodnye^tvedafld- continuo.d his part in the celtelbratjonT * The r^.ceut fains have improvtd l\\v outlook of the wheat crop Jp this section, but it ia stilf les^ promising than usual at this time of the yeah It needs considetablo opdtt weather to put it in right condition tor wilder, * ^__ Tho Russians call fhe "grip f> Chinese c.Uarrh,'the Germans call ft the Russian pest, the kalians name It tbo German disease, tho French call o it the Italian fever and the Spanish cataarh. The Italian invented the term inflttenssa in the seventeenth •century and attributed the disease to-tho mffueuc'o of CErtairi planets. '' ' \_ •'<*.''' -.-. ' ;( ';,.' - ' ' •"•' IJatfle Cryek Jourual: J. J. Evans' ?arbor shop was entered Sunday uighl and bfttwcen ^O-and,^ taken from tlio, moneydrawe-r, mostly silver, also aix-raaoovoHo pttiV vlippera ami combs itm.1 brushes iu loathvr case. 'The thief aUo aUciiipted lo «ot into, thfr.cas'h F0K $K feXT 30 DAYS. I Will Soil *t Cofrt foj* 0a*!i all '* ' '« ' •* frimmea.Hats and Bofinets, '-; • ; AH Untrimmed &o6ds,, / , ; ; . Jeatjiers, Fancy leathers, " '-. Ribbons, Mower*, Laces, . In fact EVERYTHING THE NEXT THIRTY DAYS, I — n* i> -« HANNA, js in Charge of rfty Work Rtjom torn tho wholesale houso o/ PoJiock/lVttibnnf' had a-laree expwi/yuy, £t U > «Ive j?6i«,4airHftiotlAn aim ,>. Now is the timfe an$ . A C, NOVER doors west of P.O. - T fster, and so damaged U that Mr. Evans was uhable to open it with the k^y, but failed' to get U open. Kr'ed Wtiit«3, a boy who 'has been employed in Me. Evans' sihop aa chore boy for acvorwl weeks past and v! ho carried a key to the shop, turned up missing this morn- ins «ud as the place' WUH upt broken open and ho was this only one 'besides Mr. Kvantt carrying a Icey, if is naturally supposed that he is the guilty party. It has been" ascertained that W-hitv purchased a ticket for Port liuron and left at nine 1 o'clock last evening for" that place ou the C. & G. T,,railway. Wlrlte caaje here from Toronto'about thn-o months ago. and as his step father 're s there it is supposed lie lm« returned to that place, ,:,.,.. AUVKK'HSKI* LlJl'TfilCK. I<!M| .'Vo. 43, *«v. JO, ISil'», Alurnliitll, C'K I bull 11 County, .tlUcli. Liucolu, CUau U, NkjlioU, Holllii Hoe'cuuqncey e. Wharton, Mis» Alice ,-•. Webla, Mies LuureiU •' Whltlook, Joel. Voaog, JereuiUli ......jaiitii suoulil faH lor ,t.i- iute (late oi'h»t. ' u B»k«r,Bob , M!»» Jl Carroll, D. O. ' SUry c. , O»vi.U Lewon, Qeorse lo obt*Hi 4b vcrtUed-- leittrs 1 Olio cent pcwuke 1 Will advortKeU letter«r • . Hure your mail »adre»se4 t« jouir box . .. >4_ P hMViitrn L*..^..«-. l for < A rurul farming district m ," .'ays Tiio Eogintcribg provided itself witb. a liue i ^!imiile« m luo^tih, large- i _yn,iber o^' scattuivd. farms with the \ d ige stord, - "ilife "proprietor • of S,iis tv?.le«r:jiJli opt-rator* ^ ^ent, po»tiuiistiii: ( aud so pu, The total cash exucuditurc "for the out- lit U said to have' bven only tome AUfhile r '(he ujcpuwe' ut wkieh is bat- a trifling »u>n, is eqaully upon vdo ow.uurs. 'ihe small cost aud fnarjiaousi .cuuveuieuc^ of \Ve aru sli'li selling the Crown wts^PtTlpr oue'dollar and Utiy cents Ujrescopic views 3 cents each &r l(rtor o cents and line French leua storesyopua for 83 eenta; Popper and salt castors for 10 cents, little, red ^arts ibi 10 cishjs, and UiQse elegant larke sized iron axlw express wagon*. for •$!• a'u hard wood. >> ltt)-g« wbHH enveluixw for a -ylckie. oDoll cradles, drll' cabs. olc. iiitary flour iifterp,- -iO centji; decorated toilut sets, $•> ao ; Jartf^. stone piteh«rs for can cakus, (0 quarts) 35. cwWM salyaniW ^oal hodfwith ajiood. 05 centfr, corn- men black ones only 35 cents; class ail cans tilled with anti Squaw Buck oil 50 cents-, painted ^op paJlaJ 45 cents. 1 On ay flcuti, Nov. 10, J wi clothes pm^ for 5 cents, ' We have the agency for thf sale of CLOAKS ifta^e froitt thieve lar goods, and we sell them ai very low prioes to get them in- produced here. > Every garment warranted, S V R LEPPFR . «• ia iia LLrrc.n« .&... ayaiem ys tow iu couu'lrj distritw ought i^^ead-40-u mere - iiou of tiie, plan, - «xpiratiuu of XUo 1898 such .a *r,»tem of alter wire would bu poasibiw iu towuguip tUrougliout tb^wju^w-y individual ^fpense' would be uli *i^aiUcajJ4;, aad in the item of tray el alone would savie uialoy „..,., . - .^,, I . h. If you ow« we ajQythiojf ^ uee.d it and w»» be n.upb oblged jtyon 2 Stores 2 Stores. Hanjhwo* dtcowtodl., „ W^-cau btilp'you lt"vou" tn ""HJi^p*™^*" wotk ware. m , of gentlemeo i» this ing of the toasibility of jwialler Clowns talk by paoae making Marshall tUe center and ••Jsoputjtog a phone in the residence's oli l*if tueri aloiqg the route- -There 13 no dpttbt ifcfti it would be »igood Jojr iBJbaeiiteeja, I| would surely tlus cUy no4 the people iutereitted be •*e»tpe»t at la To anyon,e who will SEE THE RED FLAP. I know that I aim a. little far-; to the Bast end but as otir citj is growing we must spread out, we aU can do Business in the cente^. but pSy you ijf in want of s to giye nae^ a call. hawtw<? carloads of Acbr^i ing & Heating Stoyefir to pie] , _0yer Qnf Mpoja^of tb now in use. ^Wy bp^is iivited to call at ray Salesroom and spect toy new jineT of goods, JOHN WMArt, Bast State om. i ,.'***"* i *-* -*-**t,.f- *»Tt ^ 4 r l * "•" J ' ' ^..V_u .Ct:'._- ' --^iJ"* .. .....s,

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