The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 15, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 15, 1892
Page 2
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\ ,'" "'' ''•" = •" '"" UGHTER for TWO WEEKS, NOVEMBER 1 get the discounts o&Iour.big clothing contract and we are bound to get thein. t We will sell claim them tit£ best in t£e market and to advertise themihfeugWy \ ••••••• : >>-"----\ ,;.-. . : CEM 9ft HAH HAI^A Yt)llt V™ ! H** e « ^vily limnl. A >~ pn ULLL ' '''All IIA7 rfJIuC 1 ^° s w h Inyntf ia anyPmitsoii VK I ffl •'•Uv IJU/Ji I dlHi) tin-market'«*fay price. A i»,,r, Ou l/uJt 0 oats to match at sam6price., Ipair ., '. at a (lolluY J,u thisf flalo v v , ~—__ •? - * until NOV. i$ ' • * v,,, ' ONE PAIR TQ'A CUSTOMER. , ' , * • • . „". ButQurTrreat Slaughter will be in customer. •"-'A- ... .••»•-• : - . • Every Suit in the ji:6u(?fe Tr'om' iijjo: ,laughtere,l in thfc;.,a»ie. , AVft ;l t qvo a *p«cia! lot of ^ ... . . ., "•• ., > . , --.-.-,------'- -•• '••.-•i . .mtm.. ,,. n,ti—j^*uA.. ,a ,^jjc;\;i«. iut vi .cunns, no urawertB raatcli >Vt? will close thorn cnii m this .sale at :jx cents. Fitle *ntto men's Underwear very heavy, worth 7:. oems; m this eale at 45 ^rvts v Extra Wy'fcre.f .double chest and haok 45 cent^f-h; Gloves ami Mittens way down. 10 dozen men's wool ov-rahirtf, rijffulai- .priqe JU^lntll Nov.15 at $'•• IJemembor \vo vriU gw« yoft a $Yeci fourths life'si/o Criyon Portuiit Free with <4ery ^10.00'pucchus.?.. " -r-/-^- " ;". . ^ T. Shanahan, Marshall, Mich. THE DAILY ClIIULMCI.E S CliSiCRI I'TION Uttily,ou« year llMroii{;li I*. O Ul 7 dttltvercd. uJ^»(< : iu» t »«-r recoi»eii 0 at »tion ^Si St»i,e street, * • • J7jlr~i"USES, Pabitisn.T,. Mur uj 1 S iclv. •Atrocious O*-ime- UmirirtluHl in is Town, • ,-MT]]RDEEED'ANDSIS fiOI>Y of the J'wul T»kiiig-(Mr of A. 31, *-jw*r,Uiotit-~:UJ» f'.rt-iwHt'iry^tfie 'Straw 3liirtli-»fr-. >V.itrH Che he) U<» Tlj*ir <ih.»sil^ >\:.>ik. -7*Tli« Hoily Ali>o<-iul)iT. a uuil I'ait Found in » SI»iij;h — 'Jin? TV. « ivruscd Bteu 'Arre» fed. . *• - — . \fORKJSOX, JIU, iiov. ]5. -!)!»' ol" tl'C dost atro'oknih. erinu-^ «-\vr i-oumjluM iu Illinois was pei-jK-U-aicil i < ( J ^j K [on sblp, this county, lU-4 TJi For cwld-Wooilcil .tn-iu-hery .tiul .hiutuluy itisdoubtful it iUias^a^ <-jual iu life Wliole coantry,, /i'-lm'' • \i< tu.i a A v il, Bvrarthput, raiding abcmi lvv<* nii'k^'Wc-t. tlie wria,ge of J^yndon, aod 'wealthy f. to ftt6 in the county, lie dj»ve to fliis f| day afternooa, and after .js^>Hie bubluejjS matters riyiti^ there abooit j * J , i Sliwt.itjul Tlicu is two boas', -J alia imd t, "vrere engagoji aj AV-OV* *>*H' barnwhea thek fiither j-e^iirned, w wends were exchanged t>ctvr*en'theut -„. SwjEurthout unhitched Ws lioj-ae aii(} put him ia the stable, After he had unhui- ' neasped his faoise some one^stppped Iwldnjl him and shot hiai through the iicud. Jlis body was then placed in u cart and ivfa^dpd About IW.rods to a btnuv- 6tack,'camod on top, and then, the straw w^ts set on fin*. A daughter of the i»iuxl«4f<jd jaau was th« first to discover the ike and give the ata-ni, when, the two HOUS j<utle> to J.he -Ktack, but, wade MO «^OJ* to q»«fitf* the flwaes. ii.i, tliu NOW DENIED, •v.4.1 !-..•• .il.i'ir futhcr was, Lyt as he ' \ nii'ri-,! iln-liDii»e aft-pr hi« rrturn ,-liii-r fiinl MnU'ht's \\ife had not ••''" lii.M. 'I iii-y ate i heir Mipprr without hi.tK.iii, ; MIIS M-:r:-rh Enr their ••father, and \v|jci(;itv!_;J.!),,i^ cdllcd and inailo inqui'ries I -____ fiTM.iOii 1,,,-x u,<n> ii.fwi.iivd thai lit- had Lus-.A.xuEl.fc*,-JCal M .Vi.v. 14.—Margaret U Not M«rrl«<l, nrolij'.iLty'u'.'-.ii- in I.yhitiiii": Nu sk'ir6h \vuss Hisuli- I'D- I!R- fiii>-.jng ju«-n until a neighbor, •u Me, .r-tui'.. vant, hnU culled fur the' third time u | n m ili* w.ciie «ud infeistW that a searcli l«: ijiiide for Mr. SwiinlKnit, jle i-mr _l»' • AWF-UL CRIME, . Mntliec left for vhe ^ast last-night. Just before her departure a reporter culled «iid .asked to see her nbout the' rumored inarri-" age.-vSho positively refused to.see anyone. Her nie.ce was «eon nod positively /(JeniSSd the marriage. The niece fm^er denied that-s!ie adtnitted the marriage m 'Man Fran na in Hi« .A-,!(<•* .Hii.i j( Thigh in i cisco. Miss Blather, her niece, and M'r, ..» Miiuuh. Pabst came,up trom Srm Dicyo ^ov. 4; ,»j.)ios of tiie straw pile 'Vr«V «.vimi<u'tf, wlu-n poitiqiw'o'f tha hlviill nnd <j|Jw-r Jmiit-s \MTI- • ilfscipVvrrd. In the itrit-rAixiu n tt>itjwer\' j.' *j"l.c. two t»oii-i and one ^on'.s wHe t "• •"-^ f Mr. llol» the party •.', Nov. li-F.P,,\Vl , iimciis uinnager *f Margaret Mather, js. hcr.e, JJe *ay» that as far aa he kuowa there . ^ fi^rs. Nothingsc-ouldbojirtnot thi- -4'ightosl foundation .ffar_th£ ' ' l«irrii-d ft«m tnc-iii w fiicl, uould ,'.ol\v IhS ] port-that Alias Mather, ha* married <} njsttry. 'i | M-hi 1 -. NM i < id in I In •, y\ ho U , i\«)il|i;l stM'4Ul'(t lO."btt ii' jurjiui'u thenir iht; ca»ie Svas Not iStiitt'h-.Ktt'orjipy Sta>- • H. J'abst, Of 'ii.wi 4 i in 4',i or TLt- pl.n. \i in'u tin tuok iilac •• ,('!Cl " to *U ! \ ~i I -1,1-1,, tic <•„!* J'l.n '• ill tin- -'I. llliwiuh '\\iilt h the tin-it, uMuniinsj front the ism. , c4^.i tn, were Kher proceeding brought « t .j,>«u up - lhcu > r « r destfoyiuy public records fu~ ' which lp the 8na P e of tarifl ' cicculara on which the ''-" (,, ~rh. i-auiririssionor hascd his report, \ithjch r was given to the public several jreelA'before thp election, -hi thd t'ourt" of Sessions today l-^Xl ^ dfi<i C1 . u . te -! >Ub ' J ' lil Wd the to Jthe found. I R °fi erfl ' « n d discharged both gentlemen. Life to a .C'4 . F.Jf/pMt T I- ^^"" -, j^ellinfi.air^out Jio-to-bic, *he wonderful, fotiad ( fanrmless. T5ujirau.teed. cure '• for ~ ' ' " t. i ' , , f it •"„-.*»« j ^-^ r -..,*w w _ «vM^»auwvi^ i^uiq jyj: -s'OOVilJjgi M.^;, ';'t 'u is ±^^^r uSs bf?^^ te ^^ ^-«^ ff di ^ .luu-H^Wnty i«.,.i.^ uV-iheiSeuS Jt> '* ^ ^^ ««»w«t»ea'4*ba«» bcf ,u. tT..,- t ,»uui^ V jin-j thvy teamed thati «^ blt . ci :',t6 in thix«orld. 'Sold oy drugglstBi. «hi'-rind I'cjriiuri.ui-,n.,«mi. iitB n«.™?too Mentipa this paper, Ttia Stei-Hn.F Vnm*Av the howe they ia- iht find ju'zmi ijinhiii^ tlua Mould l«4d tht-m to 0>iif»j>«-t ioiy j>rtn\lt>,ts m-oMud. At the timji of Kw;mh6ut'.-s dfath he»tarried a valflabk- sold \\aitii rtful tjul'it* a iuia, ol llif Jloiitv fortiw i;, c\u-uiust.lhe two suit* 1'iirU-il »»ti4 laki'ii In-iiiic a wailed- free, Stesrling Remedy aandolph St., 4>i<s^o'or Indian* Springs, Ind,, and gdr-ft. book .- the forin ,0! u large siised li u ,ib, in eight colors, with key to'8%aie. cau be hail, by yb«r o with twpnty cents in poatake stanipa to fans. , £ ' Milwaukee & St. JV«1 H'y, CWcago. i . i ^iUr.X'jjit^hi'iig that w^is dis-i^ ^^ supply- as limited, appUcatiou it iwijybt iiLter- j ujust be imiUe eariy. fibould tfa^atjppJy -11^ awl i Ixjcoiim exhausted * tUe t will be returaed-to Fresh oyater,s at Cunningham's. > An honest Swede tells history in plaiu but unoiistakable language 'for t-he beae&t of the" public. "One of rny children to.ok a severe cold and got the croup. I gave-her a te»spq.;mful B of Oiarnberlain'a. Cough Rem«- dy, and in five minute* later 1 gave her one more. By th> time she hud to co'ugh up th«) gathering-iii her tliroat. Then she went ttj sleep Uud slept good for fifteen minute*, Then shtf got ui> and vaunted; then-she went bacKto bed &"*! »'BPt good for'th« remain r der of the'night.\Shc got the t-rbup the so^ , ond-night and I g8Yeh«qr.ihe same remedy w.ith the same good, results, I write thi* b*L cause I thought there might be someone m the same need 4dd not knovj the true meriti of th_ia._>vfinderful madici^a."- Charle* ,\. Thoropsecn," Des Moinee, lowu. 25'«nd 31) *ent bottles,$or"aale at;Grcelve> 'drugstore For -lame buefc ihero U, nothing ^bettw. th,au tp (satura^i a^ftsnuel yloth.with Chant, berlain'o Pain I-talm a °d bind it on the af- fectfd parts. ''Try-it.aod you' yOU be sur- pnsedatthe prompt relief it Affords. .Thp satne treataient will pure rheuniatiaoi. For ' t Oroon'rt drna store. Notice. If the i'pung ladi«ia wt paign horn last eveni'ng'Tvill ""return H there jvill be oo questiooa'asked, PJCJOED TRIPE! 5Cts per Ib. AT J, CUNNINGHAM'S Houes Manager. ban's, a sij 8. B.Cronla'a W d . 4d'a mnO. Finde* pleaoe

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