The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 16, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, August 16, 1897
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r YEAK. MICHIGAN, MONDAY, AlMtfHT H>, 1897. ^"W T«. 9- POWDER Absolutely Pure. aftd Obtalft |rt^ trancs to DecatUf. • i OF TSE Mllt'EB^JfABTll) • i f * far it* and boaUbfulncsa^ Apsnre* alunvandaU. fornjg > o conmwn to the brands, BAKHSO POWOFR Co,, New York. Tlu> Nun^ltine States I« the title of a gi-ncruusly illtMratoti pnm •phletof ajXloen pRj^t'^m .Tftf« rorjca to South ,^:b(<; rending innttor in which was f>l nri oiitlnwiastif South- Dakota Honincr Arnold— who has of the Sunsbme State for over 10 years. A copy will be mnUod to theniidresB of iyij »r fftrmer's wife, >f stilt at once to Harrj M"roer, "Xtiehigan passenger Ageti , Chicago. Milwaukee «t St. 1 a"' railway, t Fort Btreot, W., T>etroit Mich- H. A, Snyder lia^pul in aline lot of fruit of all kind', and utorted a wagon which will ui.iko trips* m or the eit} daily. As he will not .be able to^ 0 every ptreet d.iil> he will west ono day anil north and next. Nothing but the beat affords wilLbe handled, and bo in keeping with tfet 1 timei, have him ca'H rcjjuiarly by at the. store. At » IKOetlnft nt \V1;loh OsnJj 1 Mln^w i»n<t KaW^t* Wei* I'ri-ioiit —Siege of C'oftppn OOP-K ott wltl» ^tcrtonWe* KW^gr— t»n« Thousand In OIP Inv»«tlr»B C»«>p— Kftltt UeiyrpHfief" the Strtho C*mip«-tft tl>«* t*lt*»- bt»r«r Olstrlfct— t»l*f oawtftlng JtepoVt Irotti \V>*( Vjrftiuin. « Peratur, Ills,, Aug J<!.— A hundred DecaUjf 3 miners yl'wtvrilay rnorning •su^nt U. the t>amp -of th« SpJl^gOeld and PanaNtriiners on th»» edce of the eity and AK«r«8Mveti«!mi. «Utd ottt. W* sa« t« stlelt it but jft parwrt, hwt th<*r* i *ltahr> their "enf? "5 tn«sy wo -Id has largely i :R "^;t. SHOR-l . V-ittory ta Kit* CflnWtf, btit year* tfl-vtpr fur mow- Tffsfs $1u>Tt $909 m Jus no-i ««• ht)ur._Upnn no ar, aliw«ce of that anfl went 4o the ntftro. wx< door and borrow^ ixetl st,rl&p«» »ThWfc' no i «.4 I ! f M SxmJnv Bit-ftftn rl ' h»u ' "in >. east and couth the pi ices will You ran .'.'-. ViM'atioii '.' In'tht* lako R-uioiiH .of Wisconsin, Northern Michigan, Minni'soto. Iowa and tiouth Ottkotii, nloiid the linns of tho Chiynno, Milwaukee .V. St. L'tiul Itailway, arc'hundreds ' of charming U»f<U;tjfa *,>ret; •for summer homes*, nearly all of vrhicjli • located .on or near lakes whick hwvo ^ been Drilled out. These reports raiigi^ift va- riety.frooa the "full Urt'M for dij^?or'', to til* lianriciuhirt co-ttunut !yr uyery uieal. —Among, the list are naiutH laii^ many «itf our;r®ailctHA«the jK'rfetttiuu of. northern muner ra«ortt«. ;N*<arly ajlof .tho VVi*co«!'in • points of-inlf'iVHt nrjj-Mi'itliiuH short, distance, from Chicago vit M i I wmikee, and umwi . .. . . . ; | ..-. • , • f-'' • . • •' • ' • ' ' of them arev&'o fj«T away'.from-"'the "busy Oi : art» of fiviliijrfliim'.'Uutt thtiy caunot be reached in a-i'ew liour-of travel.hy frequent traiH»,o*ftr / the iim*! r<m«l)ii tho northwest— 4jo, Miluta'uUe.c-.VSt.l'-aul Kail way. indjk'twp cent tj!am|i far Jieoiiy of "Yarn D-»j»'' ^tiuijji a lU'-icriptHiti of the cupa) resorte, and a ii-t of Hummer hotels boarding luiuii % ati(3 mte«< for board, to Geo\ H. HwiUV'rd, General' Piwseuger Agent, A. fteiikarkttlil? Ci-rt- nl < hi-onic 1)1- Arohie N>M, one of Uu» leaflet*. saUT that e%er sttt^e- rt\vrfi << known thai__thp^/wi.ri* to he Vnviteil In Major Taylor had paid that his pro< lajnatkm e^tludlnR tJwtn* was ft«Mht?y intendpd to -.lolatt 1 no laws tm?y rtnild wit tmne In until the officer* of \hf. la\v said that •ttay-mttfrit. • ftyp PeciHur rnlnora then sailed on thv shtjijf to oHrnlt the Vnunp- srs. He sairl he could nbtNAVlthout thq consent of the ipnyor Slfiy^ir Taylor was "wailed on by a <wmiHJttee of Decatur men. aiul he ttnajly irthsonted for them to comt in if "they *t>oul4,.^j! out dBain at nisht Thfn the Der-atui* mid outside miners quietly irarcfied in, about IOC! rtien fn all. Strlkn t**rterii AreTnctlivlons. A m'et-tlng had been called by trades nnion offlot-rs'Id" protest against-the'em- ployment of 150 deputies hy the sheriff at an expense of $5Wa day, and the rmn roarchfd to the m-^ttrig. A «>. Wobbpr and A. F. Smith, botlvrnim'rs, and Jtev. Uivvid F Hime, pastoi of ItiP^'First Mfthortist c % flurth, mjdt aiifwlVf, say- !ngr that the tnin hud u (nt>«(1itut!oiial right to assemlile; that. ,tlw« had bec-n m>'disorder, and j*n th* hi<ard <>f ?upcr- •vioifi"'. < ould nut alloiW th" ,bls blH't of the .'sheriff.-.and thaty-as thero hod been 'no : throats* or In'ttrofqiitlon th^re was no reason to be afraid of the rtarehera :. KlicriflT Blweiinixet H'U l»<"j>utl«r». Rev. Archjp Nejl, <>ne. »'f '.'Ufc Buring- 'il'eld in!nt>ri<: said that iRf ( v hftf! f.'i'nifie.-firt- •foot i>< : 'Cj»'us(? they.could nut-H?ay to ride. •lo ijf-rsrtildt- the .men at'\vcrk In Pwatur to adit work and hfli'i in. thvlr sreat stwiKS!'' f f *r rnoni w.agfH. His tulU was q-ule't-.twid .had a srreat, «>ff'';ot. A mect- ''HI.R of '-irilhers .only .wai«•• a'nnouho«il ft>r iasft nlplit tn Mint.r»' hail altd then thc- mt'ii ;u'joufm:'l. Tho i^iJringiK'ld tnt'ii stayed In tfio'cWy" to atrcnd (hat mset- lnK'. The fiher!ff"h'as- diefiargMl OiC : s)»e- I'ial dfituties. i -- •-.- -i,«. s - ' • - - rt i f , MTU tI1j!M< lllft't- 1,0(M) Nlllli* fl *.*< ' • ' f!«>- i -it The/Wn it< ! c , t ' ,-m th'li • tj /to shfi\v u r I . ,1 s»rtl!»l' .rtinrch on thi, • .. t> i > i<( \'i v stt "Kft*jnoon tliiie ^ ,i 11 i-, Ing at Piu«i Cite it \u > it find !;00 miners ire™ tln< by Kat<hfiii«1 «Ji«m|ifi<i, KoM'tolsrn the local leaiJeis Tht> nn-^tlnj: onlotly and thon- was no int^ili-i from th<» ^eiifitlfs- Thfie 1<? a po^ihilltj nf tin- marth takinjg^plact. l«0ay in spite o* the strict onlfrs i^uefl by ^le^I'l^nt Dolan against «urh a ootirsf Hoiii" nt tho men arcxfrottlnp? und»i tlie ro«\tmint. E. M an<3 Farmer', a fiwrCiJant, hai.ij»fn*"l to ac'r««« Jtvfte^ as hf •svas -aimopj in- |tt oi ShooHni? hlrn'iplf irt th^ fir ad. tuok the <veap«fr awar ffuin him. Jone^ wa«? thett takf«ti by triori/ls to fe Ff^rn an4 RHard^fJ all day tlurlnft thf fn<»ftrtrrt-'3 (nvwtf Cation. Sstin-fla^' 6v<>riins a wartant was k%utd for his amst on th? rliacRo of «iyibft»s'l«m» i 7it. Pepufv T'ostmtftor ftor'lf>n and HrMy Rflhoft 1 ?, on<« of JOTIPS* Iiorti3 t *men. have (•harse of tho afliw. Jones'^^mdstnert iy "ro«n>(mpiTflP ~Vm twVi liavo not 1jr»cn ahle to tniy prt«tcffHre. durlri^r whirh t!rH--> Jfon^s had hern "drinkfns heavily. H» has not *>*- plained what has brfomc olhc uion^'v. At the .'ra«"«tlri»t, o'f .miners .'ast eighty Decatur rnlne.rVand' ur>8'*iutMdors were preftent. The Deeatur nten ': all v»tf-rt fur a reBolxitioii to gt> in the mine ttrtUty; :<-Jean Up-Oi^t^-i^oms, ,an<l eotntj- out andl attefid a im*ting at- 8 o'clock turtigh't. ArwimrnllU'e of uv.) '-was ap j pointed to KO'.IO each entry and., notify the rt;»t . , of the .men .of thin .action. Aliuut 1(H> wen ar,e vvdnk'riK It in not hrlk'M-ct that the action of hi«t night will i.iusie the rest t<> htilk.-. but it may have lliff I'fttiot of IntliiiidadiiHr the, nm- 'lority^ \<ho are Uoiinap I'olejs. whlit- the nx » who uaiit to«t>lk. are tajkerw, ami aftltatora. The Panu anil flfM jiifri» after the mwting Jill to th«ir (arnijs outsidi uf ,tlu (H>y and Bt-lliit^hani, who 1.=' in chafer^ of said tint hi had nxl <l«M*i<1»'d to allo-ft thjp iTiafr't ni not T!i<» df»titlpR''!i.if > nii'.thi' «li Ft and say tlii'y vilK arrest any who inaj j»irti( ipatr. Kvkujjni from r - on';>Hii} timisf"! httv** 10 family IIHH altt-udy xh^fii id Its household -sooels "are on tht- roaMfid!!_near Outer. It is probable other \evictittiis will take place today. n \\cst % ir^lnl,*. W. a.. AUK. Ifi. . f«r"cfffeclrrifj a Rpnoral strlk In 1882, when I WM \ n( <t\\y i-omatry aaa pyivat* 1 m G««»Diui$ A, K!7iU IVunaylva- tiia Votunteere, 1 (vmtrat-ti ti chroiiie di- ftfrlutea^ It hci» i^t vt*fi mo a ^rt^tl dtol of t»oul)Ie wvor BJIH-O. 1 hut*' tru-ti a dozon iliffen-nt tnedu'im's ami bwvfral proini- nent d<«ctoru without faiv^jiruumiout rn- fef. Not letug i»g'» a In^nr) sent m» tf sample' foottlt* of after tjiat I tou&ht uwl te>k u 50 cent bottle; a«d n6w (I tMn saj I aia t^jtin>ly' cured. I eiimot t* thuolcful enough to you for this great wiiiedy, 11 16 - *A *»i«'< >al to The from <' 1 off^»-n, ilia , Kay«: Gen,t.^al Biadley holds'* fi ; lh ^t-s,* of town, JJ1B i-njHaderf*"ari rctUfnlnK frotli Mount, O|iv«* and,' «$t<*unt4>n Ttere was a thruiig >Jf vlsitota goliig and i tuning to country. SheiilS Itaudle last niofit t« his home it fifilKboro. IVput.v _VVjU lough by ia,ii» iha.'Kt of- th-r mini.- tumrxlw and placid tjts m>-n out on alt that .the Thi arc t,o their llt?\V- ?S' try ^j Kv*r> tn. t6° town d.i»t u>i to f< r the i<ee Itt he ooiijd ,to w th>rni in the duubj, wjr»t^ pse. Sold ftt Greauos KAZEl OIL * • i JWB rniniater abulil not go. (^hftrU'Ston. campafgn tn the' Kanawha -OoldVlosMr wfth urday. Dilcher,\V-eli«r.aJ^l other H'ft at night for . the >l<s!v RSytir. HeLl.- It looks: now like tht; strlke'vwoutd soon he at. an.end. In tho Kiiuawiia yalloy.- S*ttmlay way the fifth day slncbvrillchc-r. told the iri<.'.n that if they %vom^ c\\M. vvtjrk t:h»» st.rlko w.oxild nut hvst biitx l-iv-:? dftyn. Those who came ou-t t'iltl-ao\on .that promise. 0 Less ttuvn one-fourth (kf j ail the 'rtiluers In .the Kanawha yallcy 1 east of CharlfHtoti vv^ro at work' Sutur- •.<liiy.-'Consequently thfre, was pjractloa,! • ly a, Huspet!si<in of xvorK,. T>ut the rncn now seeni to be reaily tc> fesxinie. The tUgKC-rs at XVinUrt.-U hold a niwt'tinK; and -tlwltl«i- j liy--« !»rs(w-Bi:tt-.- Jorlty—147 to -f>6— to return to' \vnr'k ; W j xlay. Thtirc wore aliout 200 i>r^ne«t kt t'Ke.niertting. There'aeonift to he an'un- derstanding' ani*ng the irflne-rs '»t tht* river front bt>twu«'n Montiftimery au-l Mtiitrtt-Oarfeoh to; rfjttirn to work -tpdivy. The infori'natlcn from thi: .New' river Held Is that the coal..iJUgkprs In tfhat region :ir»*. HtinnKly (i()(>osci| to and t it Is ^(*-lt«v«'d that DUchcr and amsuVi^^a will hnyl- but llttlf In (hftt rt-gioh. Striken* A|fwin tnjnltiud l)y s Cin^'iniiiili, Aiijj tfi-~A si>fK - ial to The Ooninntri'lal-T-iJhunfr tryin Parkersijurg, W. Va , a^>'3. Ireinifiliati ly ur«>n Judge Jarkiwin'B rt-.turn from his vucfjtion fciat- Tir«lay nlghi hi opentj cmm In charnU % is and heartV ttpniicaUorrw f*;r 'Injuncriun's Irs six-cttBta aSHhiat Firtt liiUhtr^et ai, leaders of the inininK strike "tn Fuyetfe county. Th« iilauniffs 1*., ihvhv "w&re. the:Harvc-y • Coal and Coke l>ju>y r th*.- l>un|t<{> Coal fortipany, the- Ctilyera Coal cotnpany," thf <3olli«ry CcaJ («4nrpttny, th* Star oinjAiaity, ^Rd-thx? Sugar Creek fcoal ar.d Coke <-iimi>afly, .all'Operating-on . Payette 'ccunty^ thi» case an tnJuncttun -was of all the «-aj».^ tvrf^ to takt» Hjicr »t< 1 hfii-5t-8- tbn on JMdv. to, althf-usrh » iuon<»« Jo tfwsrai'jj iDluo^tiun will heard ft« thf ana**' city on Stjp't. 7, Is in evispy rt-uptx-t iijeoiical with the One lttiijf<l. itt<<m ajppltcatlojS of 'Jarnos Jr.. '«!>« <<>f ihM principal atui_k- of tbr" Uonon^ah company A tirt tho I'ovll* tio Into die Perry. O. T., AUK. tfi.-^-A rt'Iltrltma we* CtiRhlng, sonthfast of here, rlalma to cast >«t d*VHi» f)n»? woman siiya she has • bech Tollevdl of ntn** ppst.if^rons lmp« , Ilcv. Mr Pry. the lender of. the sect, in hoaUntt all *->rts flf aliments, hut all this work'-Is HKely. to. lead to 'troiihle. .More than 300 .hoga dltil'.tn and amuud Clayton, and 'n.n a tew'per- sona bfllwvc thi- <."\st^«nit rl^vils cf th<* (bvtval have .entered, the" swine. There is tnoro catarrh m this seetiw i)t thi fttuntfry than all other dnea •«» put together, find until tlie Ift'i-t ft>w ynnra wa« m>p po«cd to bo jm-tiraMo. !V»r a (treat mftuy jears dootor« prononnc«d it a local d aud prfrflcrmed Ippal romedir*, and by con- rttnutly fntUngto c\ire with UKB! treatinbpt, j pronounced it incurable. Science lifts proven catarrh to be ft _ronBtitutiunal di* I case, and thorufor* roqu'ire* constitutional I treatment. Hatl'« Catarrh cure, canniifdc tiifod by"J?. 3. Cheuoy A Co., Toledo, Ohio, is th6 only conrtUtutKiiittl ciur on tli0 mar kct, It^s taken luternaily tn d<v«>a from It 1 the blood and 'mucous sut facwi of the tt-rii. Thfj 1 offer one huiidroil llollara Tor any case it faH« to <MrQ.-/$imA forcircul ar' and tc»tirnoi)ial(>. Atldress, . tf. J..CHEJJKY A.CO.. Toledo, O. Hold by drtittKUti<,..763. Fan>i),j'pills are th« beat. School. Woulci ycui • tiiaelv your daughter i e't^hat will i^rofaxit her during; ,lift v at tho school locatefjrti the Watson State atrcot west..' Aug 1*-— A from Moii-nt (^V ijt th'n *h-ike Situati'^ii v'*.a.a e AU iwadtf to at •Ouff«*fcB. ,-4r"*«-fl» teams Aug. Jt tjhe oot it til* numdha vvlli ria^ and the- vi-ajjons f.f^ be<i«L. Abuat t< ttt |»rwvi*w»vs l*ft lu rv t&ajl awn.-' By t«,rru. Fistulas. Burns & Scalds, & Eczema & Salt fSJheuifia & Har.ds. Corns & Sting** & Bitec» of Insects. this i of ^p"" «sy tl»fe uof a3i«**ed to U is the ha-va thuit th,e for jirouysHss to te ' aa inter^tlng HtriKi- itself. AtHHit fiity \vjiiien, or tfw aaltt^rs fwra this ing tou'ita. arc ijjakuig to go JLU caiuis. Tiirfr Cit>^tt will tn- to ittttu«»ce t|»e si^vfep «t i>|ae wiiiscrb there ta i>ieV»U on ttw-ir tmsUmds to join ut th* (Ifcruarxl for the «c*Jt" of to 1&I» tbe lii»« vftito niorrfinK actw-ure ts^al. It it at. Mljii _ theft hav they cfiu f.urijisli ', H^'hit « it titat no itii>re. slui Ua.» A of ht-ld Ton. .~At a. tna here Bl»t unlay by Hie Jacksun Cv&l and H ton far mining ceul tu ryu tti.: CV-Btnat Iro and Str-d; «ttf»i**4*y ^i»»t ftltb w«s re tf t>y uimalaiuua AMONG J'WK Are for tb« Amg. iC-^-A tead«B sfcy and Jilful ab<>W(er* cotjtrtbutfed to the feeltos of dy'pi tfsalon which exwted at the oii« Turtia «ud Plum Mriker* Iu A»'«uute Watit, furS, Ind . Aut; Itf.™ <.»v*sf II** of the «.l»' lit tjig miia rs .ai l^iii t art- in 4)»eulu|^ waat. A frt-r t^i/ita li«- tributloi? of W cents la all tl>v relief tj3ui Skin &&4 btw>d of «» 'siog all bftwiasw ouied by ButAoei Blood •>'! »)wny« zacotaoiMid Dt, Powlur's Ext of Wild 8tr*wt>*rr-f in c«s«*» uf Uketi ten daye by r u^ing Gif d> Tqbiictai «ure to entirely rid a per* uF tlw^siro to uao tobacco in :anj U> tlo> reljtiiSdedv ",'. Call and bout it at Jlydo's^djrug store. . the noney is Otherfi 7. r >c for u granite c will sell you tb.<> licet ^rado Ve ure alwa>s tho t;ti(!apt?Ht in price. daily at (jroMi 'potetfa-a re •*' 1 ft MICHIGAN tMB ^ETttblt ***)«• £ Two cents a copy, cf i*rW row/v /A/ ,. ,<'? $1,25 tor 3 months £ far MAIL). - ; | The Evening News, What if Not Miracles? The greatFotir-C Remedy is doing wojtk wherever introduced Jwsnearlymitacu' as it ever falls to the lot oi any human agency to do (I will -<* iera it a favor for any on<i interested toX"te the persons whose names appear below or anyone whose name may appear \ among tjitse testimonials.) Mf aim Is to convince the public of my sincerity and of the tree merits of ttils remedy. \ BENEFACTORS OP THE ftACE. Office of ' 'H*j»«*i8tnra Tuns»," i " f , Deo. 12, "OS -— 1 h»lir>T« it my duty to wnt» yon rrpard tt^rrtipjbwnoflclnl affect of Phelp«'. "Four C Remedy," jrf far M I »m personally oon- jarwid, A \vtfk. ftfco last Thursday, I was taken with a -M-vere attack of la grippe and ' In a dhprt :lmn became wrtiobfsfe I could not vpttak aooVfl ft whisper. The ntehl previous I Baa counted 3*»rly tb«*ntlro night; Juat before retiring I took t U'H»(KMSU(ii),8iui slept Una entire rtight a* iwe«t)y M ovef I did in my Hie, nut cotlghrpgance. 1 w*« intwwly r«W«ve<l before taking one boltJa-Phelpfe' 3«iJnb.C«ld aucl Croup Care should be iu every iauiMtioM in the land. I wnd you this wholly »ttsollcit«d bv anjwnc. tor you arc bonef actors of the r>6« in giviue it ttfc antidote tot some of ttw worst afflicUoos to which it Is heir. Very Truly Your*. q,J NuiwtT, Editor. * I A MIRACLE, i _. City, Kansw, Deo.^, 1» Last Friday, Oec. id, ray dtttodina; physician itated uni»s» I was Ixittnr by morning be could io-nothirie tor my relief. That night I eom- nen'cnd tafcingi'h«lp'» " Four C" rc«w»ly*-8topp«<l »ll other 1 fiKrcJioinos. The first do«e stopi>ea my jougb; »!ept"O.a<l r«Ht?d .veil; ftfew more tlose» •umoveU all noreness from my lungs; the fiocotv" lay I -was up;- this -third day I wna out on t' :orch and UMloy w»s up town purcbivslDH holf " (obdV. MlBS.lBNNIB IIASBKT, . WasbiDgtun Ave. and Sumin« St. CROUP CURED. OD» dow of Ptinlps' Cough, OtM-'M&Crovp'' 3urn, feave my child instant rfclinf whotf attadcea vith tln-.nroup. ., ,/. " d W. E: MOOUE. of Moore Bros., Grocers. n. Arkansas City, Kansas, UNBROKEN REST AT NKSHT. J K. Hi'i 1*0. MtHjit^er, 1 Office Coibmefoiil PTintUig"Co . > 19fli South CUrk St i « *. ~ . ^ , I Chiofeo. Nov 24, 'fr* B, ft. Pbelpo, Esq., City. ./ D&AB Sin;~I wlpb' to bjRir tmttmony to the IjrcnfftfflcRoy ofyour "PoirC" renwidy in throat *nd IUBK ttUrwota. A« u.tulo I have Wu ikep tic»l qf thfi merit* of proprietary. medicines, bul bav« to confCBS tba.1 tt/ent of your "FourO" It convincing that -at Inant one ready mmte retnod| is worthy of one. t>]X children all l.sto it »it(> out the leaKtl object/on, from r.Ide-it to youna.f s> Snd it in (lurtlculwly noticeable that Ueneln tt utmost inimcdrnW. A sin«ln do»e *»iil chxcfc most oonKti* 1 In MJeir tieRinoinp; ifceives aii Ou< broken «»t st/olght. In rtiy rumliy "Pour 0* is glroply Itidlsjjttiaablc ttiid I recommettd it ure rjuallfleuly, / "Yours, J. B. .Far; ACUTE LARYNCItrS. CJiicB(»t., Sept. 2f>, 'OR i • «r» bank each winter' I have SiifferpO ..,.. int* <j»rynKit!». Last wmt«r was So bad I couKl cot l"avo myroolVifortwo wiwksorpix-ak abowfe a whisper. 1, trim) ov.^ry kuowu coufrh ' prMiaratlon from toiirfi drope up and d'.>wn with ntf relief, then in dp.«pt?ratlon 1 wan ioduc«d to .try PhelpyrFoorC." Tlicatstdow relittved , ;.V sCough, givins!-nm the first Dight'8 T«»t f(i« • week*. Half the. bottle cured'me.. I {wtye arvoi been without tni»'.wonderXuI t(?m*«d'y aluoe: His " ' M dltTcremt 'from olln-r like rciuetltas as Hiol8«s»-i» trom vinegar or sugar from sand. ' . , Mas. JOHEJ;U E. OlHiBfS. ! 5313 Msdlsou Ave. „ "'•'.•' IT IS A MIRACLE.' Conductor Eckttrd, the RnUrimrt Corretpon. (lent of the N«xl«fh» Kari«iiK Ki-e-titi-r, has tlil» to n»y 6J "FoOtG," "Pli«l*j» is havinu • wonderful sale of hi*, Cough and Cold Remedy,- We •*• persotiaily Know it IB just what it i« reprint* ed to;tfe. Tootn.uchcao ^ b*aaid. in "---••-It Us miracle, x . NOTICE,! CONTRACT.—I JC. DRUGGISTS AND THE PL ;s are authorized in ALL CASES TO REFUND THE PUR- ir-C Remedy (phelps'Coughj Cold and Croup Cure) faps to give wtisfa0:ion ij)v^6up,-JJronchitis > A5tbrna,LaGrippe,Caugbs arid Colds^ n£> matter how long stanfling. or deep seated-;*in fact I guarantee in .ill manner of Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-All.but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial oft tl/e above conditions;* I take all chances. •-•-..,'• R, B. jPHELPS, 118 53(T Stfest, 0HieA6fl, ILL ^ , Far sale by W. T. DBAKE. "o W7i}»n it May Whereas uiy wrf<\ Mary Hughea, has jjft 111^ btkl, board and residence with- >ut any juijt cause and provocation. Now therjjfpfb pll per^f>nfi. at« hereby a to harbor or trust hcf tin mj as I will pay no debts of tier •qntractiug. / Jttated Maj 8,1887. • ' / HKNUV Hr<3HE8, iy Jam«s M. Hughe*, guuc<j[uin- ul H«ary Large Redaction in Prices on All Cooking Apparatus. XJaa Bauges $10,00, &13.00, $15,00 aad $l8.oo" Boiling Stovee^l. to $5, according to size THE WEfc^BACH woman te a . fcKd tl»t fill stand a red hot t^olt Bte>fe thia when abe can get one of >o$? 2 stoves for ii-SO or « fchr this fi il.50 for a ill bejl you a 4 qt, day of > we**4 o Stew Kettles, 10 qt. grauito or iron Jtf w - ktsttlea fur 450. Warraatei. O'LiUM Colic, Cbtder'a and Ui- remedy alwa>s affords prompt For sale at (Jreeae's drug U. S. CIGAR XV ilh a V. S. Flag t«>r a Label, ou Uoijor, t^lti t*u i»i4jrit. A Great 5 Center. 1W tli^m aud aiiow your thai, you kiiow wiica >o« g»st tt atuoke. . Tiifei' ace luads by Ei>, f. , ol tbtt) City. STOVES! INCANDESCENT Reduced in After Oct. 1st, '06, 4 _fjwn^^^^fA^^ J 0 ? 0 * 1 ' ' " , TJji^ include^ fluted ^hade au«l chimney. 25 ceat* @3>tr& ^ or tTaiae ftitd proieetiitg shade, j Tto ch9»p«»t Arti«««l Liuht Y«t tavento^ Absolutely Staady. Very Brilliant. e per Giv$8 fiiO ea&die of light. QivM ^> light of 'a 6ft biuxier Many o| tUe be«*t lighted atorea ia SlarBimil itaa these lights. IS early 300 sold iu CO. both 9» to %ht and oonaainptiou a during jfeb» pa«t y«ir, THE MARSH ALL Cot Ynur JOB PRINTING IJUI I UUI at Chronicle office.

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