The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 21, 1959 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 21, 1959
Page 4
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THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS BRAZOSPORT DIAL BE 3-2611 DAILY THE BRAZOSPORT CLASSIFIED INFORMATION f *o place rout Ad BE 3 1611 er BE 3.3511 and a si- tor Classif 4 ttf.rSS He. of Per Insertion Line 1 weekday . ISe t days (eonseei 19e • days (consec) 17c Insertions must be consecutive Clsuifl-d Hours Monday through Friday R A.M. to S P.M. Saturday (tOO A.M. 12 P.M. Cancellation deadline Is 9 A.M of publishing day .Insertion deadline for reader lets is t A.M. of publishing day All display and box ids mus be lo by 11 A.M. ot prevlou publishing day. After an sd Is ordered It cannot be cancelled er changed before publication. The Braioipori Facts reserves the right to edit er reject any ad "-at It deems objectionable and te ehariin the classification erder to conform to the policy ef the paper. All charges are based on > 3 NOTICE ot typographical or ether errors must be given before the second Insertion or claims for refund or extension will not be recognised. Therefore, we must be notified of error before 9 A.M. of second publishing day. _^ 131. SERVICES OFFERED + + ORNAMETAl mON Columns and Raillnts v. H. Byrom TI PffOTO ENCIRAVINO—for 'Be btlt to Photo Entravine, ZIno haiitouea, Ztne line cull. One in lenlcs with work guaranteed call now Red Johnson, The Brazmport racl» Engraving n«. Diriment. Phone BB 3-351L PAINTING Paper nanstnt, sneetroo* finishing stains and natural°!"W M *. R Glover. BE 1-3«0. RADIATORS, magnetos, lawn mowers and small enslnes, parts and «rrlce MU s5 >SP 8? T 'J* DI * TOB WORKS 2012 Hwy at Preeoorl BB 3-U7J 57. BUILDING MATERIALS PAINT SPECIAL - Rubber Due am outside white (3.99 sal. JP shlplai to. llS-reonni tIM. Western tambe™ BE i-J«t, SEAL TAB SHINGLES Also No. J-310 Ib. Shinties 15.71 ., OOIF LBMBER CO. 117 8. Main. Glut. Phone AN S-JSSI 5». FARM EQUIPMENT GARDEN TRACTOR — Musey HarrU Rldemaster for ITS, cv 7-2400. SMITH WELDING li RAOIATOB WORKS AT YODR SERVICE BE 1.J101 TYPEWRITERS? ADDING loi. leadlnt cafeteria and res- "•• " Lont sell. 5T-.. -Hwy. 'rt.'Vl'jT °°° S, w '"., ln , T " M - H" "°mi SECTION Oounty. T«»M, Friday, Atigart 11. ANGLITON DIAL TI 9-5246 COIN OPERATED WASHATERIA NOW OPEN 24 HOURS A DAT 7 DAYS A WEEK 2«e WASH 350 D»T LOCATED CAMERON LUMBER COMPANY BRAZORIA, TEXAS 8. tOST - FOUND CATS LOST — J reddish, yellow and white eats. Wearlni collars. Reward. BE 3-3290. BOO LOST—Beetle female, year old. Brown, white and black, BE 3-1573. FODND — Water tklli. Owner may call _gjr_7JUl for Information. «. MA1E HELP WANTED 34. TV SERVICE EXraRT^ TV REPAIR _ National Radio ""• ni " f Roy U *Electronlcs. r BE^ItT ssu&t: isss 51. ARTICLES WANTED DESK WANTED — wanted. BE 3-3J1I. Oood used deik WE BUY, SELL OR TRADE for used furniture, you hrlni and we buy THADE BARN, BRAZORIA. Fh 23M ATTENTION — Retired men, shift workera or women. H you have 12 w-IS Bouri per week. TOU can earn S100 to $150 extra per month. Apply 1915 Avenue O. Mr. R. W. Eiier, Kosenbert, Teias. store open 1 to 10 a.m.. Monday throuth Friday. Ph. No. 1-3713. •OT with motor scooter or Ughl car "^^^^"""^ai cVTTtn^,V°ornM B SS2: "• MISCELLANEOUS i?OOD THINGS TO EAT CRABS for <ale. See uncle Joe at CtV Foods." fH,,, food will make you feel b«t[.r> Shaw's Natural Poods. Hw5. Trading Post. BE 3-143;. '• SERVICE STATION attendant, llust be experienced. Apoly In person. No phone calls, llust have local references. CnrUtlan'a Humble service Station. SEINE BOT-PORTER—Apply In person to Prenchy'} Barber shop In Lake _Jack»oa. 85. MALE • FEMALE HELP Am CONDITIONER-sensatlonal oppor. lually on 1359 Carrier t» ton iSt Reasonable terms. AN MID) after! p.m. PO BOY FARM EQUIPMENT 1—9-N Ford Overhauled & painted Good Sjsjna* Tires 495 1—8-N Forn Overhauled Si Painted Good ( Rubber 2 Ferguson 20's Over- $>yaf« hauled & Guaranteed /YD 3 Ferguson 30's. Over- $ hauled <Sc Guaranteed 1 Farmall "B" Bedding $m n — plow & Cultivator IVD 1 Farmall "A" Turning $Mf>t> Plow & Cultivator A73 1 Farmall "Cub" with SX.AIB Rotary Shredder OVd 1 Farmall "Cub" With *^.ne Cycle Mower ,.„ OV9 1 Massy Harris "Pony" Fully Equipped with all Farming Tools. Real nice & tone mteed 079 1 V.A.C. Case with hydraulic controlled seven Ft. Mower. A hay makers dream. Overhauled and fully guaranteed 1 Allls Chalmers "B" Vegetable Tractor with Cultlva- t e A e tor & Planter 9V5 Headquarters (or Conlcina Mowers, Bush Boggs Harrow* A Blades. Have several used Mow en. 12 te 18 months to pay. CURRY MOTOR CO. 514 W. 2nd. St. FVeeport Phone BE 3-Z661 THE! ONLY CAPSOROCERY it S*r* K?ltaT"iV«« A n! 0 D,ta?e I |rMer W hem'e l °» n *•«» of Una. Now .iolnj RON hea"th ""* «ue to ai S. L. TARKIHOTON, REALTOR or wMt'e ! io 68 p "" " °" 11 ' "''"' BAT crnr, 'TEXAS EXCLUSIVE Chain Link fence deafer part 'ume lbl V'" *"" *""' Pul1 8r quired. Write, phone^'wl?e. C R?"L ' Sani TO 3.7587 Collef * < B «""nont, Texas. »t. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES Sauer, Realtor, CT 7-77IU s 111. USED CABB FOH SALE hedroom air conditioned Horn, room with scrrlnt DM. It? i, room. Fenced, or UM U ESTATE WAGON _ LAKE JACKSON — Deitnbla horn., owne * '"""P "sl>ts, other .. lr ». SfiB.*'?* '" " "'*• Wlni '"> than 20,000 milet will take 11,495 **eii AM MOM aner e p.m. BDicit ROADMASTER"'-"i§H~5Ser i Brakes, and steering. Paetorv Air ttte new. Will consider trade 3 older '" " •*— payment. AN S«S. LAKE JACKSON—I bedroom ramu. room home on lareVcornef'lel am total cost lo meriln for Vwli-li? Carter » Co., CY 7-1477 "leraan. BRICK 3 bedroom home. Ben " ''"' ""'«"• "' payment. ABC Realty. I AKOLETON-CANNON Fm the conilrucllon of: «. list, at the Freeport City Hall a ^MT,^n, i r: n r 1 ,?n,S' li ^IsSd^-™- E^VMTftAr' 11 "- 1.1'W T-J477,' E *"e tires, luagage rack. CY'T.TOU 3 1C—LEGALS ANQLETON—I rooms. iara>> 57" "I'JJorhood, near South Side SeSoc $ 595 STOrTE home on u acre Tour bedrooms. Oak treea. Mo- «i 3- P- Oupton, Realtor. DI BASOAIN _ IK Barbara Drl»a b«trooma._J batht. AW MS7S. BRAZORIA — Oar new 3 bMro™ ew I 59. LET'S SWAP MAN OR WOMAN with ll(ht car for motor route. Freenort, Bruorla-swee- ny and Wild Peach communities. Chance for hard worker lo make lood money for a tew hours each day. Call BI WJU, asr »or Mr. . Hendrlx. •TAR TAXI drivers wanted. Part time __or_fuil time. Apply iia E. Park. TO BE SUPPLIES 26. FEMALE HELP WANTED i AVON—World's larsest Cosmetic Comi pany hai openlni for (3) women hi , £ Brazorla County area. Earnings to .. SSO a week. No Interference with home duties. Write to AVON, P. O, ! Box 10551. Freeport. Texas. OBMALAL 69 OaU Ahimlnum Eooflni Paint. , 11 Oals. mineral rubber and plastic roollni material. WHOLESALE JJOO . SALE PRICE 1350 ""^ COWS - p ™''"e. Two 4 year \°?SSfV.- 2°'. '"•'' »»>' helfS EXPERDSNCED FOUNTAIN HELP — Apply In person only to Oarretta No. 1 In Lake Jackson. •OUSEWIVES — Need extra money but lack time for an B hour Job? Part time Choose your hours. Write: R. W. Eicer, 111: Avenue O. Rosenberi, NOTICE -Sysj IHSr E]S r «n,;-i»-w?,l't;Ml!:'»r at^'-M P5i °1 "%'"• 4 """ ! «• '"•• ™-SJ£\V' m n -4 >»*.; ff^S^iffBgr * a cK •^STiies" JENBl l ?8 t Independent achosl District (AUS. propoied work " '"" at iVn"X«n7. i "..i'" ll i" cU tna =n8lneers, "IMS:- 21 '" City Secretary. Aut. U AUf. : WEST COLOMBIA — TIB E «i. AUTOMOTIVE SERVICES J. DAVIa REALTY 110 Laurel. J kednon «t dec. PREEPORT - Corner home 1131 wes'i Mv&jr™" 1 - PHA - "" 12 MONTH GUARANTEE 6 VOLT - f.7.95 «c. 2* MONTH GUARANTEE VOLT - IIJ.JS no. J.amlo.-a.u, eST.'Bg; bedrooms, fenced «rd THY FACTS CLASSIFIED M. SALESMAN WANTED 1. One notrump. The only two bids to consider are one notrump and two club* A one notrurno response Indicates a balanced hand which contains- 6 to 9 J'eTh-card polnta. The bid in not forcing, the openfnf; Ndd«r»»y aa west BE WOO P beo5S?*ll~ Lm> P* 1 "'" «*««• bedreom. llneni. etc. Furnished. 731 J-IMft * semi-private. BE ^f^SH^f^. "Ins VUlbJI. *|UP. SELLERS REALT7CO.. M Mijj LOCAL ADVERTISING POSITION NOW OPEN TO YOUNG MAN INTERESTED IN A CAREER IN THE ADVERTISING FIELD. EXPERIENCE HELPFUL BUT NOT NECESSARY. EXCELLENT OPPORTUNITY, BENEFITS, AND GOOD SALARY. Send Photo Of Self An* Complete Resume te Box 1055 H Freeport, Texas i «- ^ w A two dub response generally sho\va 10 to U point*. B«lntr a new suit named by rwponder, «P«d« ftbid br ». opener, m which «aM It WOUM btcorM dteV fleult to know whether to PM or bid thrta spadM, 9r MMtatf two ipadtt dlrteUy, tht decision of whether or not UMM M ft game Is placed wh«*t> ft! ' —In the lap of " 4. Two heart* Thto loUowi the ™ ,- r hand doe* notjuslfycompelln«;0 1 «op«n. er to bid again. Hence the two club response Is not made. It is true that the notrump response i* not complete y wcurate dls- card «uits. regardksa of strati* In the suit* To pMdutataS and then ftllowr Wtt "earS would indicate to parUier t5J the heart* were oniytour J«a& and might mult In rrdsdar* ,r»m«. It mentetf be/fburtotmipa. t s . h ° HHS • a PP««'n>«tely the bletons, ind a tot>Tiii* «uej ' strength ot an opening; bid. Tha suit The intwtlM k ft? rite *? U * UaUy tt *° »•«**• «t **• ««rt *port«n1£ there are only n Thl* will give partoir* «hanoa hlgh-card points, the hand easily to stop under VST U he h3 make, the grade a« a double only a ^tntauij«p«tar Mdf? tnunp * two "P^ 4 responsTwuld be" aa s. e 1 ou *** w * Iu ' ""''•'Wd; a three spade rc«pons» •tod. Thereto not much point to ' would beaaoveebST ^^^ of the nicer homes i>rs. m ? """' «» utchen. ^ Data end half • and dMthi* • and family roomT ' * ' J7S Down moves yJS u?° P newl Oecorated 1 bedroom Home fa K.X.- LA . KI J *CKBOK BWY. its MAT COOLEY »9. WORK WANTED. MEN WANTED - LAWNS TO MOW—Bee ehln ratea. Call C" """ "^*"* •ss^ff "^ are icdwood Lumber. Redwood for t o»a. Wegtero Lumber. BE S-MJI. APTM<NT »0. WOHK WANTED. WOMEN ATTENTION HOTHERSI Child care I itfSSSSl" *""• '">"* "ai. TV Cx T'TVH. *^?F^55f? ,f_"v'teH»? *" (WILD CASE: at per yard, TV. alu nistit Mrs. Pretker. AN 5-O Wul UATUM. refined Iaa> will Mv» to home u eoroenleB. Please call UrT ^Su NEW DAT JTOESESY Constant aupervtaloa In a lane shady fenced yard with playa-rotad i£& meat. Ratas by hour, day or weeL Lasss^ASf^si 0 * 01 ^ KdiooJ °" Erlu "«« 1 > fl»"M«. Beat Clute. STOVE — Sberwln W Wiltt f au Bltck § nl, SAV» W 00. tt&ED T T'i food condition "*"• ".„„ I" Motorola table tnodei'wtth' eland. In food condltioT:..": tun FURNISHED $&&.•&&££& r&&-^ "^ ass church. 3-1371 2 Into . mine. • I biovoom '" 97. UNFURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT BT _ 711 West »1. SERVICES OFFERED ABC OPSOLSTERY— Free fl»en. SUJed asix>l,tar 0 Estimates a toin- AUCTIOII - Let us Mij your unwanted household articles. We suction •very Sunday afternoon at 1 p min «n can't use It someone else can CoL Wallace, Auctioneer Hwy 2H Bargain Center, 397 Hw? W. elm? Call Antlelon TI monthly. "Sth^rcr^ 11 ^ s » Co. CY 7^? fo^estSitet.* "* LI7UJO BOOM SOITE _ six plecifc ^5^POHTINGGOOpS — Mercury motor, steel' lrall'r B 'An* C !£ <: l and fUllY ttaulnnaH mw,A , "" •* • *U . «W, BE3-JJJ3 msDHANCE AOENCY CT 7*2U2 —* ' NEW HOMES Electric titchena. insulated. 1*1 Ash"L»n ti V MU ' 103 Ash Lane" t *° — JF s»eamora _ TEXAS or VA BOUXS BKTTKR dOaOt CY 7*7711 bom. Ota & cash or tarrS. . •««£. Ten. B^SSSi,." haed. "»«' NEW 7-4S03. ilAKI JACZSON > bedroom home~SM j "SMS"*""''' SOWLAJI ° 5EALTJ?: LAKE JACKSON — ~l ' hidro, m C. Hwy. l milei G ?^9' D , BS - Ladle",' wils DSED BOATS for sale. J laka r» ; E 1 CIJ WOOD VILLAOE os> Cyorew at - ioats and I river boat. CV M«o I f b ««'"™> homo with attached "i }.,5t.* Sept - *• D - *• Miller. B] y in. service, nesuitin. .^aiktBVMBeiHiB^a Dans EllLtrlo' Co.°4Ni **• MUSICAL WE HAVE U USED RIGS IN OOOD SHAPE AT Off SEASON PRICES J^JJEoad. 8 ^.™ 0 W.*... . IS Apply itt» 88. FURNISHED HOUSES FOR RENT ItOi'OB JIKVICB. Watej thru Ju :p , rewind .nd Ja "' , i a "S' p *«« S8. Fraaaort. •DTTXas — Galvanized Iron—Installed 3UK&38& -^3* &B PKK-SC All new and u reduced. PIANO I 3-JMS —»""r- JLAKE JACKSON —~ > 3 bedroom homei 1 Family rooms Batha-l-1%-2 Ail brick 2 car garages FHA - GI - TRADES CNTKANOB ITACPON At PLANTATION DE. SEE LEO ANDERSON Or CAU, CX I-T010 BVIClj | CO *?? T »«« taatrument-Holan" A» mm | i;ri «nomon. nr,.i... .,....- ! 99. WANTED TO HENT — LAKE JACKSON — J* H4SS. S WT7T? "^ASnf^jys^ 'K&S^^w^l BBSi^rSa: '« S - 1956 FORD, two door sedan, radio, heater "56 CHEVRON Power slide. ooo» ONE , TOCBOOK WRIGHTS USED CARS SCOTTS SCRAP BCXDK Stock Market NOON CALL Couitet* Underwoed Keuhaur fe Co. el HouUoea Am Alrlln . . Barber Oil Beth Steel _ _ t«t^«a| - Nice bulldln, PHOPERTV 05. ACBEAgE FOB SALE School School Daze •^fcod b| a,». Loan $60 to $1000 IMMEDIATELY Safeway Stores . AT & SF _ _ . ..AUToJCdn Pac Chrysler Com Pub Serv . DowChera... Freept Sul _ _ . OS»n Crudej _ . Printed Pittwi Estau, Gutt OU _ _ _ . Gulf S U „ " " Houston L&P Humble OU Int Bus M _ _ . IntMlnCn'I" Int Shoe " J C Penny _ _ " Je« Lake S _ . Lbr Lou L&E Mont D Ut P«c - - T " WMNT - TBttnr ACBJP4, ^ ^Sr. g^y^J^JfSgl "•"N8URANCE MOBILE HOMES CLASSIFIED FINANCE 109 W. 2nd St. PreeporV" BB346U FOEMEBLY TEXAS GULF FINANCE CO. Pa HR Sunray OU _ ^, Tex G Sul _ " \ Texas Co _ „ Woodley Pet » US Steel ' Un Pac ' Sinjer Mane _ SU Chem Frank Life Ins . Life Ins Virg Line Nat Life Manu Life Can . W t Grant Winn Dixie Raytheon . . G D Searle thl, pattern ~ . ' < "' 1 « tcl1 P*««rn for first eltu 78 3/4-80 3/4 SI V2-52 1/2 235-245 250 Bid NS NS *7 1/2 w i/t-se 1/2 8IZE and STVLt NUMBER. TEY PACTS CLASSiFItD

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