The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 9, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Saturday, August 9, 1952
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS VOL. XLVIII—NO. 117 Blytheville Courier Blytheville Dally News Mississippi Valley I-«ader Biythevllle Herald THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI BLYTHKVILLE, ARKANSAS, SATURDAY, AUGUST 9, 1952 TEN PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS DKMOCHATIC LEADERS MAP STRATKGV— Campaign talk was the order o! the day as these Democratic leaders conferred with Democratic presidential nominee Adlal E. Stevenson at the executive mansion in Springfield, 111. At breakfast (leu to right) arc Sen. Richard Russell of Georgia, Gov. Stevenson. Wilson Wyatt, Stevenson's personal campaign manager; Averell Harriman, Mutual Security Administrator; and Sen. Blair Moody of Michigan. (AP Wircphoto) 1 ^^ Four State, Two County Races on Ballot Here With interest centering chiefly on the gubernatorial race, Mississippi County voters will decide four state and two county contests at the Democratic run-off primary Tuesday. Names of. seven state, 11 county and one district candidates who are unopposed nlso will appear on the ballot. In Tuesday's election, polling places Mill be the same as those used in the July 29 primary and the same election judges and clerks will serve. County races to be decided will be those between Kenneth Sulcer of Joiner and Malcolm R. Griffin of Inside Today's Courier News . . . Sports . . . 1'age 7. . . . Society . . . Page 4. . . . WSB approves shorter week contracts . . . I'a?e 10. !ke Sees Truman's Foreign Policy as 'Greatest U.S. Peril' Mitchell to Head Demo Committee— Stevenson Holds Tioht * Control of Campaign SPRINGFIELD. 111. (/Tj— Gov. Adlai Stevenson held tight control unopposed Dell for state representative and W. D. Cobb nnd Ben S. Shanks, both of Blytheville, for county surveyor. Mr. Cobb is seeking re-election. The county's other three state representatives are unopposed lor re-election. Here are the candidates' names McGranery Shoves Forward in 'Clean-Up' Chicago Postoffice Job Sales Governor — Sid McMath Francis Cherrj. Will Bring About Indictments Hj' JACK ADAMS WASHINGTON (AP)—Flanked by an array of new lop assistants, Ally. Gen. James P. MtGraiievy moved forward on a number of fronts today in his battle to clean up any corruption in the federal government. . Allurney-general and Tom J. Gentry. Democratic national committeeman—Noble Gill and Paul chambers. Chief Justice of the Supreme and | McQi-ivncry assembled H news i lions of bribery nnd collusion in | conference to disclose n number of Ihe shipyard case were, referred to shifts m his chlnf n«<sicinnic n .,H !„ the dcpartmenl six years ago — when Supreme Court Justice Tom C. Clark was attorney general — „.,, „ . Clib Barton shllls ,„ llls cl]lc( BSsis(aWs anrt to announce that: 1. Ills department is investigating alleged job sales In the Chicago Postoffice — second largest in Hie I country — reputedly at $5011 per throw, McGranery said "it is only a question of who and how many we are going to indict." 2. He 1ms ordered a grand jury investigation Into the 1510 public auction of the government's 19',^ million dollar SI. John's River shipyard at Jacksonville, Flu., sold as surplus to the Tampa Shipbuilding Company for Sl,fl'.i8,500. Shipyard Case Kccaltcd of his presidential campaign today after the appointment, o! his old T1FVVI7B cim r ii • i • r> T,- , , f "end Stephen A. Mitchell of Chicago to head the Democralic National UJiiXVMi (AP) — Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower be-1 committee haves, says John Foster Dulles, that President Truman's! Mitchell was given the commit-* , tcell was given the commit- loreign policy is placing America in the greatest peril in its ! 'ee chairmanship m an obvious history. Ariel Dulles, Republican international affairs expert wlio until recently was an adviser to Secretary of State Acli- eson, says only election of. Eisenhower as" president can block Soviet domination of the free world and avert a third world war. Oov. Adlal Stevenson. Eisen-» _ . _ . hower's Democratic opponent lor the presidency, "lacks the exper- ence, the stature and the power of decision in great world matters which are so neccssry to save our nation at this time," Dulles told a news conference yesterday. Dulles Speaks After Meet Dulles, chief author of the foreign policy plank of the GOP 7ilat- form, spoke out after a two-hour conference with EisenhowRr mid his vice presidential running niR,te, Sen. Richard M. Nixon of California. "I think we all agree," said Dulles, "that the trend of our pre- eent foreign policies is io put our nation In the greatest peril it has ever been in the entire course of our national history." Then he went on to blast those policies and to say: "I would not be here expressing the views I have if they were not in accord with Gen. Eisenhower's views." Three Agree On Policy Eisenhower, Nixon suut he agree, Dulles said, that foreign policy is the major issue of the campaign— a view Stevenson expressed last week. Virtually all credit for improvement of morale in Western Europe belongs to Eisenhower — who was North Atlantic commander until last June 1 — and not lo the administration, Dulles declared. "At the end of World War n," he said, "Russia was a relatively weak ami terribly devastated country. The United States had unprecedented power end prestige in the world. Balance of Power Shifts "Since then the balance of power has been steadily moving against Bulgaria Hurls Charge at Greece 'Provocative Action' Is Cited in Of Disputed move by Stevenson — the Democratic presidential nominee -— to put his own lieutenants in key spots for the hfg drive to win the November election. The appointment was something of a politics! surprise. And it shoved Mitchell — a virtual unknown on the national scene — into the top Democratic ranks. He moved over the heads of old line party leaders whose names had been mentioned as possible successors to the present chairman, Prank E. McKinnev of Indianaoo- JIs. Committee Okays Choice Stevenson's choice was approved by the Exec. ..3 Committee of the Democratic Knlionnl Committee it. Reds Lose 19th Jet in Six Days All American Planes Return Safely in Week Of 'Stepped-up War' SEOUL. Korea (tft — The U.S. Fifth Air Force said American Sabre jet pilots shot down another Communist M1G today—the 19th in six straight days of smashing victories against yie Russian-hum jets - ^—Jkl^r 1i«Sot?iun ft ''.Sra.W* " c rat ' ned sh °W ' T "« «IP WrSSTK^Mimpi *$$$ti$^ c;,ef courijf^Msr &rs^ for trip Hous4 juehuin subcommit not a -single Allied nlanp \vn UNITED NATIONS, N.' Y. '"{IP} — -- Communist Bulgaria charged I ^il?™. 8 "^ 1 ". 8 ' h j Ju f ice Dc- Grcece last night with "provocative" and "aggressive" action in shelling the disputed Island of Gamma the Greek-Bulgarian -an border. The accusation was marie in a formal Bulgarian protest to the United Nations. Bulgarian Foreign Minister Mlnt- cho Neytchev cabled the U. N. that shells and mines fejl on Bulgarian territory during- the Greek Army's attack Thursday on the tiny spot, of land in the Evros River. Charge Not Clear It was not clear whether he was charging that shells overshot their •^iiai^iug viitii, Aiieua uvtfiMiui, in&lr i'"«">-""-ni- i**- omvi nc imu oueii target and landed on the Bulgarian ' * n touch with Stevenson bv tele- side of the river or whether he wa.s referring to the Island as Bulgarian territory. Both countries have claimed It. The U. N. secretariat promptly sent Neytchcv's protest against "the new provocations of the Greek authorities and the aggressive acts undertaken by them" to th« Athens government. It also circulated the message among U. N. Bulgarian members. Xo More Action Expected us. One-third of all the people of No furtner net Ion was expected the world are already under Soviet dictatorship as a hostile force against us. The remainder ot the world, is held together very pre-• • " /." i Sen EISENHOWER on Page 10 j dHx^o'Jf ™ on . Ganima _ isl ^ d lo ' I troops u Inch .... r ._ i Greece's acting premier, Soplio- ] cles Venlzelos. minimized the inct- parlmenl. He was due here this afternoon for the first of a series of conferences with Stevenson on campaign strategy. Mitchell told reporters in Chicago last night that the appointment came ns a surprise and lie exclaimed, "now I'm in the soup." Meet Planned Tomorrow The 49-year-old attorney will see Stevenson today and then " will meet with Stevenson and McKinney tomorrow for a further discussion of campaign plans. McKinnev was reached in Kansas City and told of Mitchell's appointment. He said he had been phone and felt he coulcl step aside since (he party had united behind Stevenson and Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama, the Democratic vice presidential nominee. Mitchell Is Second Mitchell is the second friend of Stevenson to be given a key campaign role. The \vns Wilson Wyatt of Louisville. Ky., whom the governor appointed to direct hi personal campaign headquarters. Mitchell is a native of Rock Val ley, la., is of Irish slock, and t- Homan Catholic. By naming a Stevenson preserved tra- here unless Ihere are new developments. —. _ . "jiL'HJii 1.11 rlli Jltli UVl'll 1U1IU\YUQ IO1 The Greek general staff said yes- years by the Democrats In choosing terday It leveled mortar and ma-; their national chairman. umph^ntly Court — Neill Reed and Griffin Smith. 19 Are Unopposed Unopposed state candidates include Nathan Gordon for lieutenant governor. J. O.<car Humphrey for state auditor, Claude A. nankin for state land commissioner, C. G. Hall for secretary of state, Paul Ward for associate justice of Supreme Court. J. Vance Clayton for Elate treasurer and Mrs. Jack Carnes for national coinniittcewornan. All are seeking re-election, and all were iposed from the start except nankin who received a major- \ ity In the first primary. Nnmes or H. G. Partlow of Blytheville, for prosecuting attorney, J. l_ee Dcarden of Leacliville. ^_ for slate senator, and Philip J. Dceri ^^l.^. H of Wilson for county jud[;e also 811 ftp | will appear on the hallot. They won WHIVI A House committee investigating the Justice Department said allega- but Hint no action resulted. Mc.Gra.ncry told his news conference thai "llio mutter should have been investiuatr.d more thoroughly and should have been presented to a grand jury then." The attorney gcticnil also said he has just signed n $39.000 contract with the private New York auditing firm of Arthur Young and Company to cheek tile hooks of the alien property custodian, long under fire by Republican senators. The attorney general called his news conference immediately after JUSTICE ..n Pajje io j „ . _—, Governor Doubts Cherry Asserts In the July 20 primary. Other unopposed county candidates include William Benyman of] Blylheville for sheriff. Frank Whit-' worth of Blytheville for treasurer. Mrs. Elizabeth Blythe Parker of Blytheville for county clerk. Herbert Shippnn of Osceola for tax assessor. Miss Geraldine Listen of Osceola for circuit clerk, E. M. Hoit of Blytheviile for coroner, ami James J. Edwards of ^Jlyfhevillc, L. H. Autry of Burdctte and E. C. Fleeman of Manila for state representatives. All exrent Miss 1.1-ston are seeking re-election. Polling places in BlytheVillo will be as follows' City Hall nnd Scny in aerial combat the past week. However, four were lost to enemy ground lire and four to imreported causes. American Sabres damaged 19 Communist jets. Fast Pace Continues Swift Allied fighter-bombers today maintained a slepped-up pace against Communist supply and troop targets in North Korea. Pilots reported 28 buildings destroyed'md four damaged in a fiery bomb rocket and jellied gasoline attack on four Jaeju peninsula troop concentrations, near the 38th parallel. The U.S. Eighth Army reported Allied troops today twice lost an advance position u, -Mrtillery-sup- ported Chinese troops east of Pan- munjom. site of the truce talks. An oversize enemy platoon won the hill before dawn. Hill Captured, I.ost Plane-supported Allied soldiers retook it in mid-morning but lost it before noon. Chinese artillery fired 4,000 shells in support of the Red force. Considering that the win-lose ra- lio of Sabre jets usually runs about 8-1 over the streaking MIGs, the past six- days possibly have been the most successful of the war for U.N. fighter pilots. The top U. N. air commander Harrassed' 'Cherry Brain Trust- Deliberately Set Out For My Destruction' LITTLE ROCK Wl — Gov. Sid McMalh last night said he doubled lhal any Arkansas governor besides himself "has been so continuously harrasscd and invesligal- ed nnd obstructed by selfish, designing interests." Me declared also that members of the "defaming brain trust" of Ivthevilk Water Co.; Chancellor Francis Cherry,, who Ward Three West End Fire Sta- j niinalion, ."have deliberately set ! out to ruin me by the most ruth dition that has been followed for ln Korea, U. Gen. Glenn O Bar,.......„ ... ' ens, attributed the high loll of Red Weather pntro] of Bulgarian I c / *i c i* r\ t had occupied u." forfeits Speeding Bond an enemy gesture of Ark.ins^is forecasl: Partly cloudy tins afternoon, tonight and Sun- I . dent as "purely local ni character." planes to defiance. Enpmy Exposes Fighters Manuel Rays forfeited a 510 bond i ,'' DurinB l)le past w c<*." he said, on Municipal Court this morning on ' ,- , c . c " cmy chosc lo cxnosc hls a charge o! speeding , ,' G l , '"°' e lhan usuc "' " c also 0 ' CT Inj-iL- !lir« 1 IIA.V+I- —r ; , Store. Four — Moore Brothers . Township IM>X — Court House. Polling places in the county will open at 8 a.m. and close at 6:30 p.m. Your Vote Miqht Win $25 for You Your vote may win S25 Tor you. Or $15 or $5, However, yon must vote first. As part of the gel-out-the-votc drive in which they are participating, the Junior Chamber of Commerce will award these prizes to three of "the voters v.'h" register with the Jnycecs as they leave the polling places here Tuesday Registration boxes wilt be set up outside each polling place at which voters may register after casting their ballots* A drawing will be held in front of the Jaycee Clubhouse 011 North Second Street at 1 p.m. The person whose name is drawn first will receive $25 with second and third pri/es of $15 and S5 al. c .o to be awarded. Voter-registrants need not be present to win, Jaycee officials said. less campaign of inshuintion and condemnation In the history of Arkansas," "Wliat Cherry I'urporls" And he said that "Francis Cherry would like lo have you believe that I have a persecutEon complex - - . lhat my charges Umt everv effort is being made to frnnic ami ( <lcrnmo me personally have little | busts in fact . . . that there really is not an orgrunzed vicious undercover whispering campaign ffc-mg on throughout this state, conducted by innuendo and Insinuation and led by Fruncis Cherry himself." McMath made it clear—although he didn't, ^ay so in as many words —that, in his mind, the "whispering McMafh lies !n Campaign' Chancellor Denies He Is Conducting 'Vicious Rumor' Drive NEWPORT. Ark (ypj _ chancellor Francis cherry asserted flatly loclny that Gov. Sid McMath hnd resorted lo "lies" in his bid for a third term nomination. Candidate Cherry, who came here this morning Tor the first, ot three talkathons during! Ihe day. said, "I never knew a man who so completely disregards the truth." In an interview, he denied Mc- Malh's charge in Llllle Rock that he was directing a "vicious undercover rumor campaign aliout. a pcr- ; Eonnl tragedy" In McMalh's life. "f told him to his face at Helena the other day Unit it's a lie." cherry said. "I (old him he brought it up himself. If he'll come to my talk- athon ngain I'll that it's'a lie. lell him again "McMath is Jllsl trying to piny on the S3'mpathy of the people. That man sure wants to be Governor to brltiR that I'D." \V)mm Does \VclTs Support? Cherry also refuted McMath'c statement that John Wells, publisher of the Arkansas Recorder in Little Rork. was supportinc him. aiMing: "I don't fcnou fotic:ht, me harder U.S. Drought Near Total 'Breakup' Hy The Associated Press More showers moved toward the Soulh Saturday and government weather forecasters looked for a complete bieakup of the drought in that aiTit. Recent rains have eased drought conditions in New England and the Southeast, but Arkansas. Missouri. Kentucky and Tennessee slill are critically dry with dninagc to crops and pas- turc.s mounting. Widely scattered showers sprinkled parts of Arkansas and showers were forecast over the week end or within five days for most of the critical area. The Agriculture Department worked out a plan Friday for gel- ting surplus hay from five Midwestern states into drought- plagued Kentucky and Tennessee. The government will foot part of the bill. Secretary of Agriculture Brannan also announced he has asked the railroads to cut freight rates on hay shipments to the two states from Wisconsin, Michigan, Iowa. Ilinols and Indiana. The railroads turned down an earlier government suggestion of reduced rail freight rates to all areas that suffered drought damage. Showers also occurred Friday. In the upper Mississippi Valley and along the Atlantic Coast. Fair weather prevailed in the Far West and over much of the Rockies and Great Plains. Cooler weather came to the upper areas of the Midwest and along the mlrtldc Atlantic Coast. Wife Kills Man On Third Try Ex-Marine Shof Dozing cm Sgfa ATf.ANTA Wi _ For ex-Mnrlne Dan V/eljslcr Shuttles. 33. It was three times nnd out. Shuttles was killed yesterday hy the same, woman who had shot n't him three times In three years. Police hooker) his wife, Mrs. Marj Helen SlmlHe*, 35. a pretty brunette, on suspicion of murder. Mrs. Shnttles calmly admitted to police she killed her husband, plant — for a coffee company, as lie dozed on a sofa. She put one bullet through his temple. In Oclolrer, 1949. according to police records here, Mrs. shattlcs, then Mrs. Mary Helen Manns, shot Shattlcs on a street corner, Infllct- Jne a flesh wound. She was fined anybody v.iin'527 for disorderly conduct. Mian Johnny: In October, 1Q51, Shattles com| - ~ ---- -,-"«., •urtiCll.hlTrO UUIU- , „ „ pained lo Miami. Fla., police that — •• ------ «i talkathon in Pine BhiiT i his uifp took a cotinln nf -;hntc of cninpa.Bn" was based on the fatal Simian and Hot Springs yester^ ! him, missing both t me. He en ere] shoo ing of his lather, Hal McMath, i day nnd last nir-ht. Cherrv also said ! a churec of a»"ravnTcd issauk but by his tv.fe. Ann. Mrs. McMath was ihc lie to accusations listeners told i withdrew a bi-foet he trial . exonerated. Supporters Arc Relieved" him McMath iml made. Mrs. One of these was that Cherry had ; killed Shuttles told the wounded police sha veteran ol ne veeran o He said that "my 'supporters and 1 distributed circulars lambasting U [World War II after weeks of nuar 'in LI in i, i| iy BUJJlJUi LUTfi Jl tld " '• l ' '"" ltu «. IJ l.UJill A I it Ml Da S lint? U i tVOFKI many former Cherry supporters | S Rep. Boycl Tackett. who lost mil: rolling, have said to me that they are glad j m ' nn governor's race at the prefer-' and relieved that, this undercover entia] primary, personal attack on me was brought "I have never c ouMnto the open by (hat question about Tackett or any othe. ^ ,-, date." Cherry said. "McMath clrcil- j at .TonesUoro." "That question at Joncsboro." . which Cherry followers promptly charged was asked by a McMath supporter, was to the effect of what it was about McMath's personal his- tra-y that was "to horrible that Cherry won't talk about it." iirqulatcd circulars i/,UXOfGf any other canrtl- i fc ' W '* *•" *** *I* / /") ' W . . latcd tUrm himself." flicrry l-'avors Union Labor Cherry said at Hot Sprint", lhal "••Unr Sr'^done more to I raise the living standards of the! American people than any other. \Harmony Reigns in Tennessee ! After Wins by Gore, Clement NASHVILLE. Tcnn. IT! — Har-ithe wounds left by ' the stale's PARTLY CLOUDY and in !he south pnrlions Sund , name-calling politica'l oratory They conceded victory to their jjj.^. : Gov. Gordon Browning in Thurs-1 cooperation to the winners. ,gcs. J rt , n5 r?. r «ord-shattering primary But some or the bitterness ling crec j ^^ among many of the fol- took the liberty of coming far south on a few occasions. This gesture cost him 18 MIGs destroyed and 19 damaged without the consolation of a single victory." The Air Force reported also that air photos showed that B29 Super- fortresses Wednesday hit the Sing- osan rail yards in North Central Saucers I- — At a dinner meeting i —-.• —-•' ...„.-...*.. „„.jiimicu t .TIIIKII; j;n;iui. [it; uecjareQ aleiiClcd by approximately 300 mem-* last night, "it doesn't make any dlf- I The chancellor charged that a ljl ' rs anrt Bursts last nii;ht. the Lux- lerenrc who asked this question— committee of API, offirinl= who had orn Community Club voted to "They say." McMath continued i silicic factor." he declared. Kee MrM.STll nn face II) See Clir.ltRV on Pagr Korea with 150 bombs and destroyed 6 boxcars, tore up 1.5001 i mony apparently reigned in Ten I nessee Democratic circles today. _ _ day: widely scattered ttvurrlcr-1 follow ''"B lhe upscl defeat ot vet- j opponents, said they harbored "no < Icot o[ lrack and scored 18 showers this afternoon and tonisht' """ ^ na j or ^ Dl McKel! ^and | ill will against anyone and pledged < mol '« direct hits on three key trunk i The Air Force also announced See WAR on Page 10 To Be in View j'Hero/c' Cab Driver Is Indicted Due to Meteors \ For Bank Robbery Connection McKclInr. 83-year-old dean of the «• ----a third straight two-year term beaten by two political No important temperature changes rf Scattered showers Monday, ! ploctlons ' Missouri forecast: Partly cloudy • — -• ~ "• — -•"•southeast ai\d extreme south with • • ^ - S ena *e f and Browning, seek- scatterecl thundorshowers In ex- i ' treme .south; otherwise generally i wcrc — - - ,~ fair tonight; cooler south; Sunday \ youngsters. The winners were Rep. fair to partly cloudy: ' warmer' Albert Gore, 44, and Frank G. northwest; slightly cooler extreme '. Clement, 32, on the basis of R I most southeast; low tonight tipper 50s j complete returns in the bitter, extreme northeast to 60s west and [hard- fought Democratic primary. south; hteh Sunday 80 northeast, to f McKcllar, chairman of the potent southwest. j Senate appropriations committee. Minimum this mnrnSns- Mjxfrmim yMtprday- 94. Sunset today—6:56. Stmri.'e tomorrow—5:H. f wns out for an unprecedented , c evrnlh Senate term. With only a few straggling precincts out, the count in 2,277 of F»rcrtpiutLon 24 hours to 7 a.111.— . Tennes.sce's 2.300 - odd precincts E. IJ. Crump "to a plane "oV promi' )10!lp - . . ' i P.ive Gore 302,883 votes and Me- nence in stale-wide Tennessee pol Total precipitation since Jan. I j Kellar 224,310. P — 2 ^- 2-i - I In the Democratic gubernatorial lowers of the badly beaten Demo- .lit.'). r However, observers gave Rcpub- ( PollCe R^COVPr can onnonents of lh» nem^r,,^ ' v "*'^ i "VCtUTcr Auto Sl-olen in Indiana County lican opponents of the Democratic winners little chance In the Novcm-' b?r general election. ; The Dnmocr.itic nomination virtually ahva\-s amounts to election! in state-wide races in predominant- i ly Democratic Tennessee. Only | City polite this two districts, the first and second i that a 1341 Chevrolet reported sto- 1n East Tennessee, customarily re-Urn in Marino County Ind 'lasl turn Rcpubliiun innjoritiea. i May has been TOwm-d'here' flurry of "ftying sancci'' rrporU. Robert R. Coles, chairman of the Hayrtpn Planetarium o[ the American Museum of Natural History. n o 520,000 burplnry nnd recovered most of the loot. Tod.ny. the 44-yenr-old cnbbic said last ni^ht that meteor particles. Hlso knoivn ns shooting stnrs. would streak through the hca\cns ,. . - --...-.._ .,, ,...-,.., ,,,^^> i, t i_ r\t:u uu lit 1 finds himself under indictment, | fore leavlnir San Francisco Gohnl charged with aidintj and comfor ting robber, receiving stolen bank fund,-; find transporting dorse R full sla'-;!> of candidates for the Democratic Primary. August !2. O. C. Driver, jr.. chairman of the sroup. said mnnbrrs votrd to slip- port, Sid Mi Math for re-election as sovcrmir. Others to be supported by thn club are Kenneth Snlcer for slate representative. Clib R.irton for attorney ncncrol. Xol>l? Gill for na• - r tlonal committceirian anti Griffin lomberg out of S20.000 i Smith for chief jn-tire of the Su- Ihreat his wile was pr«mc Court. Ttie decision to support The Litter two candidates vv;^ nude unanimously at a merlin" of t!ie or»ani- ?anon jirinr to the first primary, Driver .-aid. The meeting \vas hold in the Lus- ora school. Membership in the club is composed of residents of Luxora and several nrarby communities. cr Walter on n fiil-;r: bciiifr hold captive. The ncxl morniiiir. aftc-r a wild ride lo Reno with Will nnd Dn- bnwy, whom (hoy picked up i walked Into police , _„ j here. In Hie trunk of his car \vas $17.000 of the loot. ^hower." Tile Per.-eid di-play Thursday's primary marked the return of Memphis political leader -- ---- »" ^11^ ijvijlluv.i ,1U», guutjl IIHLUr Lai Mean temperature fmldway be- 1 primary, the count In 2.286 pre- tween high nnd low)—83. N'ormal mean temperatures August—S02. Tills Date I.isl Ve-,r Minimum this luorniny 19. M.ixln-iim vesfrday- 103. Pifi; '. ation January I to data—JOJ1. ic . g a ve Clement 270,045 votes. of Browning 228.0!)I, and Clifford Allen Jr. 68,712. The fourth candidate. Clifford Pierce, trailed with 1 21. -123. The primary campaign was lonz thit.and rough, but McKcllar and flowing - haired but agile i Browning moved yesterday to heal set poliuc*. itics, The Crump backed both McKcllar and Clement In the first comeback try since his candidates were defeated by Drowning and Senator F.stes Kefauver In 19M Despite McKellar's defeat, the Clement victory lifted Crump a sain to a place ol prominence ill Tcnnes- Chiel of Police Cecil Graves said a check of the car driven bv James Hunlfy. who is noiv on the county penal farm at Luxora. at the time he was arrested here revealed that the car was stolen Irom J. H. Hunley in Indiana. e o Ihe car's recovery. He said he did nightly through An?. 13. mem across stale lines. „ ,. . . , . ,. , , "If th» «Hl>« !>ri> rTi.-«r" rr>!<- <airt r- i, . , -.- , UClim [OJfl P011CD \\ ill forced him ...... .,v..i,n cillllllluniim. ii me SMPS are clear. o«e.> said. Gelini faces 2., years imprison- at gunpoint to accompany htm to . The aroup supported i-ubcrnatorlal there will protably Iw a larser , ment and 822,500 in fines II con- i Reno. After stopping alone the wav rnndidnte novd Tarkctt in the first ! than avciMRC crop of flylne saucer | victcd. That's only five years less , for drinks during which Will boast- primary. ran "third In the ,„,_. reports around An?. 12. but these (than the maximum penalty that i cd lo tavern patrons "I just robbed -late lormng reported , ««| be caused bv the PerfcW meleor could be Imposed on Charles Fred-i a bant," the cabbie manaccd to — -crick Will. 3S. Ihe confessed robber ! slip away and drove (o San Fran- i ~~~~ ....... ... o-talled i w '''o allegedly couldn't stop brai?- I ' 'LITTLE LIZ m>[;aii>e tlie shcwting star Hails ap-jgmt,' about bis deed. Gclini said. "All I was Irvine to pear In converge on thf ronslella- The federal indictment against do was to lie Will's friend until I linn of Persons. Coles said i Grlini was rctUMicd yesterday, B could make a break Too mom- cab The particles di-intti'iatc Into day after the grand Jury Indicted drivers have been killed bv not dust as they fall, lie added, and ! Will, a former Piltslnirph drafts- ' being friends." won't hurt you. ! man, on charges of bank robbery j Hut Assistant U, S A'.'onicy' and Interstate transportation of j Joseph Karcsh told s dilfeieiit stolen funds. story. "Gelini was deeply involved. Will's roommate. Sidney Du- There were many times when he bowy. 33-year-old college student, was out of the presence of Will " also was indicted, hul Ihe charge I « said that Indiana Envoy to Austria Sails nave been notified of j I WARHINOTON r,Vi—Mc'*«?llyn E. . 1 Thompson, new ainlias-iwns reduced to receiving, posses- sadoi and Uim.'ii ^-latf.s lufeh (OIU-JMIU: and ronn-:Uinlf .vdilen funds ursMonT for Au-'na. -Liils !iir Vi-; not. to ex* ecd SHifj. a iiiiHdeirJcanor. lion betneen Jainei llunley and J. H Ilunley, owner of the car. lliin- l(>y w« nrrested here Tuesday on 1 a public drunkennes* charg*. . i post. Monday lo take over hi* IJCA': Gelini's pan in the zany robliery started when Will hailed his cab "Inslead of looking for author tie-s ID li.'ll bis stoiv. he pi.n.nod to u-'t S.5.UUO of the m«nov or k«'t-p n all." Kaloh said. "II.. iv.u.:- back In San Frantisi-o. . . .because he knew tlio game was up." oluuy* tells c-n folks-* o good Jime.

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