The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 25, 1962 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 25, 1962
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CLUTE LITTLE LEAGUE ALL-STARS WIN AGAIN. MOVE INTO DISTRICT FINALS TONIGHT- PAGE 6 5 C Per Single Copy To Subserlbt Call Bl J.J511 Prt*pert THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS *RVIN® BRA70SPORT, ANOLETOM, WIST COtUMBIA, BRAZORIA, SWEINY. OlD OCEAN, DANBURY and DAMON F«t« eianirUd: It J-2ill—AH Oriwr Office*: K J.3S11 Per Single Copy To Subscribe Call BE 3-3511 Freiport Associated Press Member WEDNESDAY, JULY 25, 1962 BUSINESS IN POLITICS-1 Steel Clash Rousing Industry To Respond Preeporr, texm KOrrOR'S NcmO - HIP clash between President Kennedy nnd Jlig Sto h busi cans* of what they believe in a Milsunderslmiding of the business eel raised questions wlieth- j ronimunily in Washington, inessmen shoulfl lake n i 'Photons R. Reid, who heads the more active role In polities in oi-—Knrd Company's large civic and der to make Ilieir views more ef- , government affairs program, re- feclive. The following first of three ' cenlly chidoil businessmen for re- articles tells of the new "business-! (renting, lie said, "into a sullen, men have always been active in American political life from Ihe linn* of the founding fathers. The latest businessmen-in-jiii)! tics movement was given fresh j impetus hy the govcrnnionMiig nian-itvpolitios" movement. AP By !!()(! Kit !lii«lm-n« NI' ANK I Write fear u silence It tsrnlhpr for I to DP an. ! business - government ,. i ,. i . - , • , ''""' former President live ami articulate in working for: Kisenhower's men "lo EC! , rel?ilions, height I). hustnc-s<, jn(o kind of government under NKW YORK I API— Across Ihe which our free enterprise system : j^ land, (he Idea is taking root in can grow nnd prosper," he said, i Ihe business community that the In a reversal of old positions,! s " rn( ' companies, even bcfoie businessman belongs in politics- more than Zif) Imsiness corpora- i I ! 1PR< * nvrnl events, started poll- from the precinct level on up. lions, including some of (lie big- ll( ' al "'"''aliim nclivitins programs' It is not a brand new idea, but gesl. are systematically spurring lsll '™*mtr fire enterprise ecnnorn-, « conviction seems to be growing, management personnel (o wade •'','* , nn ^ fome of tlie evils of so. In some sectors Hint the business-'into polities, and nin for office, jCialism and communism just as! man lias held tix, aloof loo long,; loo. | unions dwell on welfare and civil j mistaking!)' feeling he hasn't the Thoie are predictions of great | r ' E '''-' iwlions. j time or, as a Ford Motor Co. e.x-: growth of Ihe liusincssmnn-in-poli-j Explaining Ihe origin* of lii<r eculive put It, that "polities aro tic movement despite some doubt! firm's activities In Ibis finli-lj sordid and a little dirty." ; within Ihe business community It-[Thomas B. Baric!, a vice presl- Some prominent industrialists;self of methods used or goals toident of Quaker Oats Co., said: i are also wondering aloud if past he achieved. '. "\v> ji :s | ?o | | O thinking Ibei-ej In a historical sense business-! arp Weekdays Sunday IS Centi AUSTIN — The Texas live. Beach Study Cotnmilleo voted Tuesday to recommend to the legislature that Padre Island be made a national seashore area. Legislation to aulhorixe Ihfl move i> pending in congress. WASHINGTON — Pan Aniert- rnn World and Its flight engineer* settled their lalmr dispute tmlay on terms pro|>os- o4 hy Secretary nf F^nhor Arthur J. Gdldherg after a siv-hour surprise negotiating «?sslr»n. i Hoffa Accused Of Continuing Corrupt Ties NKW YORK - Phillips Pelro- WASHINGTON fAPi-The Sen- , ma*, no effort to dean the union. ' I leum Co. reported today a net in 'come of &y).130,000 in the first. i last. year. Gross income this year was 5619,90rj,OfXI compared with W)7.290,000 last year. '"wstigations K sulvrommittee ' Hoffa ' ' V ™ mA . "««'«• Antomo York AREA TOPS IN INDUSTRY ACTIVITIES ^Aloofness on their part Isn't a basic Water Storage Space Approval Vote Sought too many free.thinliijur liber- 1 als in both parlies nnd that we need to yet back lo encouraging ; principles of conservatism." ; Tlie U.iv Oiamlier of Commerce! reports that in the last ,1'i years : possibly :inn.(XIO persons, mostly. ! businessmen, have taken its "V-- ;t,'on Course in Practical Politics" in 1.700 communities. A leading force in the business'.^ R.v .IERKY 1'll.l.AKI) Conservation Service met for a m ; m .|n-politics movement is ' a AUSTIN (API-State water offi- i week-long open house at Ihe U.S. ; sma |, non . p ,. o(it ,. 1Rvn ,. v lw ,.kerl hy rials urged Tuesday thai voters] Bureau of Reclamation office , , hr General Klectric Co.. Standard ; approve a proposed consliliilinnal [here. The bureau is celebrating Oil of Indiann a;id many other- amendment on the November i " s tioln anniversary. firms of similar stature. Its ixir-i ballot which would let the slate "We have had some lough pose: 'To arouse Ihe business huy waier sioiage space ill n-sc-r-: linii'u* tu cany oil piojcein aiid cornimnmy from its inenia." voirs. there'll probably be more com- Called the K'ffedive Citi/ens Or-i Olha Dent, * member of the;i"K," Harry Burlcigh, engineer in ganization. its advisory council is ; Texas Water Commission, said i( 'harKe for lh« bureau in Texas, .headed by former Prcsiden; Her-! HIP amendment "is u niiindnte, to, s; " 1 '- : l*rl Hoover. On its council arel Ihe people to pre|>are for devel-j Tlie agencies are cooperating in (Henry Ford II, James A. Farley, i Apment of water resources in!a slate water plan calling for George M. Humphrey, secretary', case ot another drought." i < onstniction of 8.1 new dams, ex-: of the Treasury tinder Eisenhower [ Officials of the commission,jP"'<«1 <° ( ™< » Dilli( >"' Another;and Richard Cardinal dishing of! Texas Water Conservation Asso-|* 1 billion would KO for conduit! Boston, ciation, U.S. Engineers nnd Soil i[systems, the largest to carry; The citizens group urges the: . | water from the Sabine River to.generals of finance and industry; the Rio CJrande Valley. 'and their lieutenants to get Mil. "Von say S-l billion and you ""or ""''•<• hours and join the: scare people." Burleigh said, i political troops, ns foot soldiers, Tlili \iiir Hrnzosport did Ihe be>it job In the stale fur lit slr.e In promoting the rau*w of In- diiidHali/alion. The aRRroislve etfortu of the Rrii7os|uitt <'hnnil»<-r of Commerce were recoft- nl/ed formally Tumdiy night with thf presents- HI.II nf a fir-,1 plan- trophy for at-th-llie* during Tews Imhistn Week. The award In made annually hy the Texas Manufacturer'* Awnrl-jllon. TMA ufllcial I.'. W. Armstrong, center, presents the auanl to Clyde Rood. Chamber vice presJ- dent In charije of the Economic Development Dlvlnlon, left; and Horarp I., rinlngs. chairman of the Tetm Indntlry Week Commilfw. Arm- utrong In executive vice president of Imperial Sugar Co. of Sugar l-nnd. The Informal program nod fl»h fry at the Lake Jack<mn Pavilion Tuei- dny al<o served M a gel-ai-<jii»ln|e<| v-i-Hnn for Chamber ofIIrials and the officers of Xaleo Chemical Co. It pointed toi Hoffa's lestimony defending his lobster \ntnnin nvm u rw t . an inlerna tional Teamsters trusted Cmallo ¥ fauditor) after Matula'i. J959 con.„. ' . . viction on perjury charges, and The stinging report to the Sen- the fact that Manila was left in WASHINGTON - The I.alK>r alB to<l!1 - v P'ci'Jred Hoffa as a la-' Ihis paid job while serving his today bor lp ader who doesn't care;prison sentence. cast; of Anthony l '• j Provenxano, president ers Ix>cal 560 in Hobokcn, N.J., Department announced that Its survey indicates that llv Ing costs edged up in .June to another new record. The report blamed the raise partly on higher food prices, especially cost D-Ark.. of restaurant meals. serving rison sentence whether Teamsters aides rob and i = ' ea j thp ™™ ™ '"*^" in s ' , .., Chairman John L. McClellan, promoted by Hoffa to the post of t told Ihe Senate he had i international vice president of the hpi d "P filing the report for more j union in 1959 and kept in the post than half a year, lest the publicity latter being indicted in I960 on fed- intf?rfl?re wilh a trial of Corallo. eral later radroleermg charges. Coralio was convicted in June; Hoffa's refusal to oust Joseph with former New York Supreme ! (Joey) Glimco as president of Chi- Court Justice J. Vincent Keough ;ca^o Taxicah Local 777. RchelHng •*_..._.. c|;_ _._ "lOWCr rllrlC)S Door Texas Guard Heads Home After Honors Bids For Clute Library Revised New bids on the proposed library Break Ihis down over SO years " n(1 ' H ' of building dams and paying for* Tlie result, the organisation ar- them and it amounts to six or • gues, will be tat infusion of new eight packs of cigarettes for the'and t*l*nt«d Wood into both Ihe building for the CluteJunior High i 21 million population Texas will 'Republican and Democratic party; School will be opened hy the Bra-!have then." ranks of dooibell lingers and of- rosport Independent School DIS-, Bent warned thai if another ii«'<• holders, wiih in-nciiis to ihe; trii.-l board this afternoon at the [drought occurred in Texas today ' nation's public life—nnd indirectly school administration offices in it would inflict twice the damage;to the business community. • Krreport. , from that cause in the sarly Ift'rts.. Some conservative Republican Rids opened last Thursday werci" e sai(i 1Vxas lias "'" kepl P*''* [ corporation heads see the aim as: found to he unacceptable by tl^" 1 ™"''' "'T 8 '', t ™ serva ; ion - ••^Iressins the talance" in fed-i Ivwrrt memlx-rs and 'lie architects,: P »™« f , ot .„"'« ronstthittonRl ;eral e.xe<-ut,ve and legislative H-.; Koetler nnd Tharp, were asked to,!!"','^T™', W1 " " °S' «'' Texas; icy shaping, which they say is H ,akc ceilHin minor r.^isions in' Ua|pr Ito 'elopnu-nt Board to pay;labor an,l liberal domia-.t-d. •. the plans for the building so that i new bids ciittld be taken. KT. POI.K, \A. fAPl — Com- "You've met even.' professional mended and decorated for out- standard. . . The whole U.S. Is >lr«. .lack I). Slaughter and standing achievement as a regu-: proud and grrally in debt to you." her Mn.-ill daughter had a nar- lar Army outfit, the Texas Na- Ailes presented Maj. Gen. Har- nm fuii|ie, recently a» they «ai tionai Guard's 4ath Armored Divi- ley West, division i-ommaiyjer, Ihe on the iHireh of Ihelr home on sion began preparing to leave for-Legion of Merit oak leaf cluster Slaiixbter lliiad In Freeport. home today. for "exceptionally meriiorioiLs Mri. Slaughter ««» talking tit Advance parties will start the conduct in the performance of u xlsltor and wHtchtne her hir*- convoy movement M Texas siio»:f.-iout»itandtr"r servici-*.." band itiun a vacant lot icn««,ly after Aug 4. und th* nuiin : To lha division as a «ho!i -went Hie «trwt frnui tlH-lr home, body of the 14.Otto-man division a certificate of airhievement foi SlKiishter struck a plecr uf Iron heads home Aug. 5-7. "out.standins; support to the m- \\illi the |i<mi-r rnliiry mimcr lie On active duty here since last tiona! defense , .'ort during the was pulling with a tractor. The October, the division on Aug. 9'period 1961-62.^- - Irnn wn.» thrown with «ueh force icverts to Nationnl Guard status: Lt. Gen. Louis Truman, com- thal It lra\clert over ton fi-«>t, and the 95 units return to their manding general reserve forces. barely misu-d Mm. SlaiiRhter stations in 74 Texas cities. ili.S. Continental Anny Command, n:i'l Hi.- hnhy. nnd went through At a dismounted review Tues- i presented the certificate. Ixilh the screen nnd wixNlen door ria >- Undersecretary of the Army Hie farewell festi%-ities were in «f the hoiive. Slrphen Aile« told the troops: i contrast to the atmosphere hf-re . se\-era! months ago N'KW YORK — Alan Jack Pomeranz, named by authorities as the I mysterious "Mr. X" in the ca.=t? j of Ihe Sl.r! million stcxrk theft from Bache and Co., walked into the and Elliott Kahaner, former U. S. members of the union voted Glinv Uistrict Attorney's office today attorney in Brooklyn, on charges 'co out of the post last year, and gave himself up. It was re- of conspiring to fix a federal court: Hoffa's decision allowing D. ported that Pomerara had con- criminal case. i Harold Gross to resign under hon- iracted to dispose of the stolen ; The subcommittees unanimous arable conditions as an official of blue chip stocks. 'findings rejected Hoffa's sworn ; New York Local 138 after convie- denial that he had sent this word j tion on income tax law violation OEXKVA — Secretary of State to Corallo, the alleged real power:charges, but taking no action on Dean Rusk and Soviet (iromyko in New York Teamsters Local 1 prior allegations that Gross had reliim home «<«n from another-'239: teen shaking down employers, thorough vrutln.v of th<- Western- "I don't care if you want to — The case of Raymond Cohen, Soviet diipiile e.ver B'-rlin. One you want to steal, you want to secretary-treasurer of Philadel- dlplornat. comnienilnt on the | OD ?0 ahead. Don't get caught, phia Local 107 and an internation- stalemate said, "Xnlmdy Is giv Don't get caught." al trustee, as "the classic exam- an inch in (heir |x>«itions." Estes Probers Hint At New Data On Case New York City police telephone pie of the. extremes to which Hoffa wiretappers had recorded the will go to 'acquit' officers concern- mesMge as allegedly passed along; ing whom there was readily avail- to Cwallo by Bernard Stein, an-jable ev-rtr-i.-vof foi-aerifis. misap- otiier New York Hoffa aid'; who j propriation of union funds, and had just conferred in Washington'other improper activities." wilh Hoffa. "This subcommittee," the report to the Senate said. " by force 'of the overwhelming evidence, must conclude that Hoffa in callous disregard of the welfare of the i Teamsters membership, in fact Hoes not care whether officials of aUuns could Weathercast Former WC Man Dies larger dam space when 0)|4 . ,.„.,,„, p )r ,, vsl ,, n „, „,„ lo provide storage )nmne**nwn-x acceptance of his a local district is- ro|p ,„ uti( ,. W1S „„, ,.,,, m . p rtf unable to pay, he said. Syracuse industrialist Da\ irt II. Dent said Ihe last drought cost : Ja<luiln as Owsenalive jwrtv Texas agriculture » billion. 1>om inee for governor of New Burleisb said estimates show: Vork I Jravcsirle sen-ices for a former ! that water from Ihe proposed \\est Columbia resident, Jesse -Cucro Rcsen-oir will nist 2.1 c rt,. soH' o to Mrs. Slaughter inld «!«• had known power nimtern be daneermn hut hadn't Partly cloudy and warm reall/pd unlit then that an object through Thursday with widely :^jp coulri be thnmn wilh »uch fnrer scattered" afternonn thundershow-j^^'Tlv*:^ slie heard the piece of iron rom- day 95. Ing and couldn't imagine what was ha|,|N-Minc. Tl*4^ After such a "nrur ml»" Mm.! ' *O9 Slaughter nays In the future «he'Today will have Ihe crt-ate«t respwt No high tide for ihe diinuige n power nmw**r I-ow 4:!xS p.m. N capnltle of diiini;, and hn|>e« Thursday other tx-ople will, |n«. : High 1:09 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. "' s when tliere were protest meetings, demonstrations and court-martial pro- a we-wanta-gohome *cd on what the de- WASIHNGTON fAPl — Senate and House investigators hparT ,.I.ocal CT, or for that matter offi- furthcr testimony ?iirf officials on cotton allotment age deals. toda>' by farm ^ or cials of any other segment of the Teamsters Union, are robbing, stealing, dealing under the table, ot indulging in any other improper WASHINGTON fAP , -Congress Bars On Cash To Reds Taken Off Aid Bill HOOO^ „ outs^uiing unit the -EHh while on active dutv he e^Wisni^T^rVIlSf in' ^-'e o? ^llavoHiism ' 1 '- 1 ^ U ' e p «'<*. Tex., promoter or cr iminal activities has sent President Kennedy a for- !:f_'!Kl Artillery. Tlie unit, Paris, is commanded hy Robert Low e. ... „,, a fortune from dealings in from ^ arnl a ^d programs. His financial Capt. Pm P're has crumbled into Kink- ruptcy and he has been charged ary 1961 on """ .aid to Communist countries and the United Nations—and also minus S206.5 million Kennedy want- The 4th U.S. Armv command- Wltn fralKl and ' llefl - ings showed Coralio. after ostensibly resigning as vice president! !/>«• f..SS , . ard Neighbor Flares Up At Cuba : 46 p.m. , .doches. achievement aw-aitl went lo Co. D, 3W Engineer Bn of Nacog- for ' the greatest uu- Ipiwement in unit proficiency" A Senate subeommiltee tried to learn whether scheduled witnesses from Georgia and Tc-.vas received w-aniings in th spring of 19til The oonipromis« J4.S72.000,000 measure went to the White House Tuesday after winning House ap- behind the scenes through "dum-'P™-" 1 -' 221 tO 162 ' my" officials who did no work and '• ,vho turned over to Ccrallo their partmen! later ruled illegal. heart." j n ouith a follower of Sen Ru' d Jaquith: "I am ,,.,.„ .,,,,., , - 1 -*! President Ktsenhower's words Rufoi-d, t*. will IK- held at 2 p.m. cents for each 1.000 gallons. Iliursday al the U'csl Columbia i "'llwil's not much when you .Cemetery. An oil field worker,!compare it lo the 'n cents Los ; Angi-les. ivsiilenLs pay to have it pip^l in," he said. Tin- officials eslimali-d drought of water development: ( . m | drmight ix>st Texans (IV ,,, in. John U'is III comnianded "the ltrom Washington about Esies' limit. The presentation was hy Lt. Io " allotment deals which th« de. ANTO IK)MINGO. l>wiinii-an. He said Koreign Minister J,i«e' l> "-, C ' ar ! Jark ' , , , taking (APi-Thc president of!Antonio Bonila Allies, who is now Ja " k al -« . P' T -""^ ^ ^~ 1 K " "• - : nianrier maintenance award 10 B. 3rd Medium Tank Bn, i Armor, of T a y 1 o r. mm- C^nfonl ilted in n Kili'nrc hospital Tuesday. Rufonl, who had lived at [.eve- re! Is Ch-i|)cl, Texas, ximv 19:11, isiiind lack nutvived by his wife, Cora: a : l >rio1 ' lu daughter, Mm. Nora Bean of Venice, Iji,; and four the Umiinican Council said todayUn Washington, has been instruct-,,, his giivi'i-niiH-nt will formally ,-ic-;i>d to take the protest before ap-!,,?,' cur-- Cuivi of subversion and inter-.propriate \nterrialional bodies, feivnee in I^.minican internal af- i,, , he ^^ WP( , k Havana radio, • which claims to i*- airing a pit>- I'n-iidt-nt Halael Bonnclly s.iid pram for the Dominican "Libera- instead of more" and ui'ging an i'l an inu-mew tliat powerful Ha- tion Movement in Kxile." has to the "lil>cral slninglcholil \iin.i shortwave radio broadcasts Ixvn nuthning steps tc overthrow both political parties in New beamed at tin- IV.inmiean Repub-itlie Dominican gos-ernment and millions of dollars in new indus-j York." lie duly "incite violence and sub- calling for concerted action bv '""•»• subcommittee kx>ked i mancied hv Capt. Knvin Tescer- - ttil i^prrari srntiint-nf in mis.n.-.s in i-iilhnti (or "less pivrrnnu-nt C iUH brother* and,"'V j Vl ,n,lc,-,uliu chief cn-i 1 , "'' SUi '' " r"''!,'" k '' !'-'""f 1 " : J. J. wuim'iiuup, i liu-i ciwi- ( 0 wm mrl - IJepulilican Uov. Ncl- lislerx, including I'atli* Wiltjlit :|RMM- of the Texas Water Commis-! SOM ,\ KiK-kcleller mid tin- U-in- -jOf Kra/.oria. JBinn, swld walci serves as Hiiio,.,-;,!^ noiinncv, not yet clmsrn. jiitlilnl iiKliicement to allracl iii-iuil felt that by running lit- i-ould diiHlry. mil only for Ihe supply. ;hel|) steer the" Republican |Kirl\ but for rt-civalion fucilitics foriiuch toward the middle of Ihu ' .students, peasants and laborers. Sets today 7:19 p.m. Rises Thursday .V37 « m. Seis Ttiursday 7:1S p.m. It authorizes S206.5 million less than the administration asked, and that figure could be trimmed fur- The subcommittee said Hoffa I *er when Congt^s acts on a bUI was well aware of this, and called" 0 aPP-'opnata the money, us evidence Indisputable. i Th* compromise elimtnatps Sen- Its probe the subcommittee said, ate-voted provisionr to withhold thwarted a scheme between Hoffa aid from Communist Poland and further into the pace at which th^ and Coralio to restore to the presi- \ Yugoslav,:,, and limit ass.s.anc. Agriculture Department moved in dency of Local '->39 the con-; 10 limia - mvi-stigaring Estos' dealings. victed extortionist and bribe-taker• To provide aid to Communist imur-1 Goldstein. rations, Kennedy must decide it The subcommittee accused Hot- will help promote 'heir independ- partment is now invesligating a .'a of having fought efforts by a ence, and serve the security inter- "vvry sensitive" case with cir-inow disbanded federal court'esls of the United Stales. Aid can- cumsmnces cjuite different from;Board of Monitors to houseclean not go to s nation he concludes is those of Esies' grain storage on- : his union. It listed case after casajdominated by international com- erations. to support allegations that Hoffaimunism. \\'ord \vas dropji»?{l during Tiu-s- via\ 's House hearing that the tie MILS. I1KNKY AI.IIONKSI and cliilihen of llol.MiUe, Mass., nnd MRS. DOIiCI.AS ADAMS nl I loll « I o n. guests u f the KOV SCHMIDTS of U. . . The II II. l-'ltl'.'UKHICil mid Ihe C II. KI.KM'SCII f.iniilic.-i nf I.I. i>'r to Mc\uo in n vac.til*.n IM|, w j»i h w ill Incliiilc v i>ii,ne. m Mexico Cuy mil, Kl.l-.N I Sl'll's inoUic,, . . I'dl.l.V dCO\M-:i.l.. .speiiihng pail ol he, \acattiin \isiluig wilh hi'i sun, MIKK, and Ins fanul.v; who a,c line In,in C.ililuinia on' ^•eir \ac.ilion. . . i MltS. W. J. HINVtlN, I,, .nark u : MIt. and MltS. C. PATRICK. BltllWN of Pill.diiiigli. PH.. spend, i ing Ihcir vacalii.11 lien- wall his; «islrr, MKS .I. L. Itll'KKNHHOI IK of Suilsiilc. . . And Around The ('uimh: HHS. FRANK HAINU ATKK of Wwt Coluinhia, in a Wiiarton In* •JtAl tot I Tile Hurciiu ot Kcclaiiialion U'- 'Kin, operulion-s in Texas in l!»t> with ciinstiuction of the Ru, (iraniic Project, which M-IVCS t U>ih New Mexico Htnl TCX.IK in ilhc Kl Paso aicu. K v\a.s crcau-il Peach Point: RUTHERFORD B. HAYES WAS VIS/TOR AT BRAZORIA COUNTY PLANTATION Angleton To Lay New Sidewalk The AiiKltMon Cily Cuiitu i! |i;t> apptovt'ti la\inn uf a snli'u.ilk a lon;^ a (mriioii of 'I*i(i>!t*\ SI. nfiir llu* Not Ihsiilf FMfiut'nlat > SrhtKil. Tin 1 arlimi \\.i-, lakfii al a inn't inn 'i\if*s(liiy niL-hl. ami mils fur msljillalhm uf u fi\i- ItHil sul'-. \\u\\i (mm Wilkins SI, to the srhiHil |)ni|KM'iy liiu*. 'Hit 1 sittt'\\itlli is In U' laid alnn^ Hit- f.isl sutr of 1'inslfy "tMh us a piulr^'lion for chttilifii lii(\. IIIIK lu and fruin srhiHil," ufconlinK to ttiK <*ouiu-il drlittn ( )p|MMti'11IN Iff lilf ItVt'lll ( ll> li.tlt twin.I Ivsiif clu lion hint nli'il tin 1 netnl fur suieualks AJ one tea at us fui t,j)(h>sing ihv bonda Kritl f\pit'Wf<) confitii-ncf tlif rh?iM;;in£ ;t1tmit!t k is inoir than a re\i\al nf jwtM fails. Hul lit' i'un- cciii'S 11ml in nunilHTS it :^ still "sntiill [x)lat(K"\." \-',\ en b> optiiniNtif it'^kunin^ ' M'anvly five |XT ivnt i*f tin 1 na* ; lion's hiKiiifS-s \i'hUH'f?s iuvw ijtnnnl in llu- husnu'.ssuian in |xth- tii^s innsfini'iil. M;uiy of UU-M' ;i!f ^lupinu I'uiniuUNl.s, fvrii tiniuil>, i into stiitn^i* ItTiiluiy until irrrni i ly it'K'irdi'd as "tiff liniiN." ; In fi vri'V H'.il \^i\, o! r* <u M' '.sonn 1 foi'poiatioiis alu as > \\.\\ i- IK-CM hip (Uvp in jtohtux /DIIU; h.i, k in !lu- >l.t\s ol tin 1 raiho.itJ ,.ii<I uiilil\ tunm*;, cvi lin^ in!In t lu f IhiiHi^h lobli> ni', 1 ,. inulc .iv sortaliiuts and runiiihu: |mn> lu rajuildalt^ It's the ruining «ul tiunt K liuul thf srt'itr:-. that is lif\\. " I'lu* \\oinlcr is not thai Anicn can hdMni'sMiicn ai«f pjilu-ip.uin,; nitiif, htil tliat in (act ilcl<t\fd t their partii'tiulioj) so lonf.;, 1 ' Kar- 'h-y sit hi ivi-ontly. Karlr\, It, iliifi'hti the l>rnn»- i Tat ic pal U in.trhiU'M \ in tLf li,'\d.*> i'l (he New Ural. Now lit? lu-atls (\H-aTotii Kxporl l'«up.. a jhtiMiu's^ unipii* cprawUns "ilo Hi 'fiountriM. -, 'i nUl'TKK H j ti) it or thrra Ity MA1IIK KKIH JONKS Uvhtninc time of t tiuM.s \\ cn* ii siiuplr fact irf I camp. life af Peach I'oiul IMantatioii. j "K,>si(U-s, to havo an.Mhinv: done \\lion Kmily !Vrr>'s «t>n, Cuy M.: rwllllIV8 a u nme , u m ' a v ^ j am Brvan. invitwl a o^Jlt^t- fnfi«i; llltslakmi txlt { rfon - t , hink Job wa!j fnun Oluo lo visit the family : t , Vl . r 'it-j^i 1 hv HI 1S1>. Knnly had lio way of I'Saililnxs'." kiiowin/ that llu* \isil uas to have ! -.^ , < Hiis was but one of. a scfrii-s o{ i in p r e x-siom ixHuvming IVarh Point a n \\ Texas in Kt?iH?ral ihal ihe .MHilhful KIII'SI jotted dimn '•' 1 " 1 '""- v "' ""SluriiwhissMy. Tliat these ,m,,, W sions wmikt en*? da>' shape iht! s sure lo be a it in the whole of genuine an mliucncc in, the fair of Hi? Clllliv SilUlll. 'ilie ymint; Liuesl arnvtHl in 1.V- ,1-intHi, in Hit 1 ciimivin.\- of an tun !e. i'h.iii'^h l-jn,l> was hopeful ih.i! liie (t-iii- woitiit t'lijos 1 tlk 1 !!' M:,II. anil ilul all the ll.-ual llihlBs d MI ike llu'ai feel Uilh cuinfoit- .,li!e ,ip,,l weleoliie. she took no e\ u.t |,;,ins lo impress them. That the U,\ was iinpn'sM'il 1>>- c\cr\thnu; he saw wa.s oviilcnl.i ^ IT lu a I, ltd- lo his mother ixMirsc of the I billed State* ijini'i'ii- menl tun t'i' i-ceuiitHl to Kjinl\ — nor to am one else -~ (it tluil tun,'. II \vas lo In- .M-ai-s later, wlien the \outh — ituMi « midilli'-Hgec! i in,in — was fleeliHi President ol he wn.te. •^h>.''l\V 1: v,"i t «ioaT,'.ii lll<1 ,V' u ''' lt ?-'"'*• " KU tlH ' ViS " having II,,- ca.e o, ,,ne la,ll,l>. is'" 0 " 1 ' 1 slu l v l " sll "- v the IIUIM-. pli>sici.ui, unit spinlual ; t '' or Kulliciloi-d b. llaxcs, the aitvisei uf a whole seillement of olu ' lilllt> KUttil a, Pi'arli Point. ,.,Helens sl:i\e.x.' , wus lo I'^t'l I'- S. policy towanl "she fii-K it IK he, ilniy lo sec '• clt'iuency litter llu,old aln«-|lies ID then-0,111(1.11 when sick or Inn I. <li"''»8 Hie Ki'-< iiiisli-uclKin Kia II • mi aniniu "' inan\ Iheic ,>. ul "" s d P'llto wlilcl, would i .,.-1 WII.M, n,iiu' lilile wilh a I' 11 " iv-eleclioii. IHII one winch s>.,l,i,-d (11.4 or a hand hall cut; h"*'Rhl iit-w h,,pe lo the Simlh in aU, and 'Miiioa' iiiuit always KM ; it* hiu«r<wt boor. I Ila>es and Gu\ Ri-xan were tn remain ckiso friends throughout tht'ir lues, despite the fact that they otien dilfe'red in Clitics and actual!> fiHight oil opposite sides during Ihe Civil War. ll.i>es and his uncle, Sardis Bitvhard. ai-rivt'd at Peach Point JUM after Clirisnnas. 1S4S. taking Hie sleamei- S. M. Williams from Galveslon oil Ihe lasl lap of Ilieir join lie;,. lu ins jouriLit. Hayes describ- e<t Velasco. tlu-n atteniptiiij: to re- J;HUI Ihe .^riHind it had lost in a lashing hurricane, as "a faded Umn; dil.ii>idatu>n and niin." This was Old VolsM-o. located on liie U-:uii. at the mould of the Brazos Hi\-ei. I'lie slorm uhich hud so damaged l! had waslkxl Hie Ilirivme cii> ot San Luis into i 1, f sea, and iiad wreaked heavy damage at Quimana, as \vell as faiiiu'i inland. it \\us aU'Ul siiiulown when lla>cs' ship |^IN>*I! tiu* plantation! while Mrs. Laura 11. .lack re:.iii,-.i 'Iliis uas the IIIM ol ihe 1',-..,> pi.,ni.,n-*ns \^ i, i c h H.i\es .MVU un las (Hi,, and he i-all- H« was lass kind in hu diwui'ip'| lion of the sirikinK features of the scetieiy along the Rra/os. hois ever, mentioning "wild prairie, , I o \\ grassy hanks, chocolate:colored water, cattle and huz- /ards." Ijindini; at Aycock's, later known as Perry's l^indini;. liases and Bin-haixl found a slave and mount iH'lon.tiins to the. Pern 1 family and lion-owing another horse, left for P.'ach Point. It was a two and one-half mile trip through level, muddy country which lla>cs described as "Mostly wooded, lires \\eeiiing from all iheir abundant foilaye and gr.iy han^ine mosst's." llilchinu iheir mounts, the two visitor.-* \\eie Creeled by "a hushy- headtHl f,Me-liH)kiiii: boy who re- semhlitt Stephen so much th.u I slKKik him heuuily by the hand, supposing him lo 1\' m\- old friend Stephen, hut a connection." James Perry was also on hand lo ^reet the two visiiors, exicndiiiL: a cordial welcome to them ami apoloxi'-in.^ h',' tin' aliM'n^i- oi the rot oi liie t,,nii!\ ( li,\ -Hid Stephen had yone to a ho:.-,- I.K-C. and did nol letiiin mini svuiiiig, a 1 on g wiUi K m i 1 y • and Eliza. The latter was describ-1making plans for a visit to s ! ed by Hayes as "an agiwahlt neighboring planlation, itnronsri- girl of 1!1 or thereabouts." oils impressions of an unusual An almost constant rainfall had and wonderful group of people pelted the earth during December,; were also being stored up hy and as a result, the If.ndseape was; Ha!(rti lo j n f| U(?)U . g h i s actions in not nearly as attractive as t'a>«;,h e fumre, for the great benefit of muht otlienvise have found H. i Wiih diain-me in those days praeti-1«» «-n«™ South, cally nil, it meant that every step outdoors was taken to the accompaniment of the sound of r.loshing : mild and water. Kven though Uie first full day of his visit was doomed lo Ikid weather. Peach Point (lid not lack alirac- tion for its \ isitor. "The home is delightfully situated ,n the ed_;j of liie limlH'r. looking out upon a i plain on the sou'h eMeiiding live •or eiKJu miles lo the Guli." lie wrote. "A larsje and l>eaulillll . llower garden in fionl, irimmed and culii\-aied uiuier the mi.,,'- dian e>e ol Mrs. Peiry." Itmililing through Ihu hiih-, eil- ingcd. homey rotius. ll.i>cs 'aliMillnll SOIMCltlillg of a l-ultlllf \Ultl \^il!,ll lie hail heel, UliLiini- lui, Kvei, Ihoujh i,ls d.i\> weie of i.ukmc wilh Gu> and Siepiien Kl IIIKItt Olili U. IU\ l.s. \\U'H or nding la a neai'by lield, or t'utirt Vear» Alier Visit

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