The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 14, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 14, 1897
Page 4
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DATtV CHRONICLE: AUGUST 14, I8&T. for three 7 jipr SOUTH A .Van <'«n !>•> With AP can buy IflO a<sr*»s of ROCK! $1,000. Pfljr f400 down; ba jvij motifs iliir in •% 4, ft» fl OPTJI , He cnn also bwy too eboieeiwes- for $:SX> and 10 good «>w« for ff?QO. The milk tftid flatter from tfi* tictfawllt p^jr »» 'WtB snd'farpUf expenson. JJWp increasejjf ahcep awl wool will |)fty O(WP mort#tyrs before it in duo. In ftw* J><M#» IK- will Jiavg * 'farm all p;ut1 for andaftitt utookwi For de*erip. lisftt a«a tfiePB addraiBfl. F. Hunter. i* for Soitfh Dftkof-n, 395 hffSgfo-, HI. Prtr ftolfc rC!»«»p. Iteration hotel. Jtti hara.and CASIILLO'S FUNERAL, All Madrid Turns Out id Do Honor to the Murdered Spanish Statesman. , Tmus Marshall, Mich. ft lOc' for #one pftruittp' trotfss stamped Pro PaWuS A i(Jid lasting '«tao}te> f ' sihVhs tV Co,, ittAftufa^'twr^ri, Detroit. Fnjritt 1'foperfy InsuWd*'" f rtftv }i$>tmrdcl to Jftsur^tar*1fi at hm> jrf-r refit for throe.yeare in ft first Clnsi toflapfiny doiftg ~foQ*mpss un- drr heottso from tbe-sfcatf insuranee cmn- iui«siotif'r. '£hi& is bettor tlmn fchi* Mu*- ;, Agent. EANKUBL? CHOUSE Cor. Bates and Lamed Sts, t DETROIT, MICH. Only wTIlocW from Woodward A Je'flSprson AVBS< A'ery Central. Newr A H Car Lines. H. R. JAMES.Prop. ACT tn tbw N»«w» of tt«r Hnstmnfl *n«l for tl«f- n«lf Sh*, Forgive* HJ* Pout YiMMimmA* of IPtorat Trf4vn**i»— Bismarck Thought of tto I>«ad " To.i(»y- r i«idi«'rrliml Trouble. 4 Madrid, AUR. 14.—The funeral of Sffrior CftntsVas 4fcr -Castillo- yesterday \jras » tnosl touching antj So^mn 'All thp tronjut of M»P garrison Hnetl JVr »»y, .wMeh r> embasstps, club" fit >use8 wt?re For the most volusble contril>utk>n to the lit-i ernturc Of ttio world, siriiotlio iiroiliictifjirpf llw HlOle, Tbc Great Work of the (3ro»t TliinVt^rs. Famrms Orators. Renowned' bchoi-ir!,. Wise W ilttrs anfl IWVE8TI- «;ATOKH oj tUe 19th Century.' Xn nil the range of literature there is not another book IHfe WANTED THE PEOPLE'S-! BIBLE HISTORY Uut his boo)! nlono found the In for- imujm) s'li!}-'' 11 b.V «vcr,y Bible reader, ^vluntjor. <>}ii or -yoiintf, sctiolftrly or ttn- li>it«rejl.. 11 U.. (iulet!d, a great work. l,i fm! .fj.."ovi»rl«ilii nrchwotogl hay*brought th« wcirM <it toddy face »o f «o« with the man who , li»i. I, aii I i.flc't. anil .wrcitd dariiia th» e*rlr f)*»no<J* covi'rtn! by HibHcAl nifttoHftn*. Tli8M ,!i-,rnv.<i-i.i« Imvn rcMiliwl in Hiolriumi'biint rin- »1 of tlie -<H^rm1 votnmB" ^rom tlj» chftrsM limn^'ht .i^nin^t it by <ip«ci foe« H»a prttt«naed frti MI!-* ^^Hty inrciliitfent p«r«on will orrfw? th« (irti.k UK 11») -ujitor i-untom*! in it it of vitat iuii'.irtnui-c urul ciinnot. t» fuuQtl In «ny otbar buub otk o»rt.h. -* W'rin: for descriptive-and .beautifully.' lihmtrittcd lamphlet circular. £ Address THE HENRY 0. SHEPARD CO. 212-214 Monroe St. 0"—CHICAGO. STEAMER*. MACKINAt PETOSKEV CHICAGO.. Of AfJoattfl wvcrt-ly censurinc- thf- , Attg 1 . 14.— The Paris correspondent (?f th" Dailv Tf tecri.Ttih <-ftv? T understand that tho ( v uunt or Turin s?nt n PhaHenRe to Piirue H^nri t^fmc Atber^ne, iIW. It !° that King TTumlwrt appro\e° the- pri thfc two prlnrfs on tiiP that It wKI faring the <tuarnl to » definite 'Of tho Afghan Bnter , th« R*-cpn( Rifting, Mut. 14 — Thw news of «u«- jpected Afgrhan irttrtwirps in India Is very serloiiSly -rpffiraM Kert. Th? British newspapers pt»tf!fc«hea % TfWia hart H" j»osFjbHit> "of the some time ago that he had sent Jhoii ,^ <>f . copies «Jf h|^, s b«o|t ^n Mw eha«t," or t*'U|(thm« r viTar-, to the native Indian Wftlmfnt's, T,vh1U--«ffinnn5rmrt«p*let- ters appeared in rhe Ifi«lJ%Jtf)*e prs«s the Turkish ^iptwSt•,'5 fts '!?rising xtjr " anrt d<« Taring thjlt the Artft'er Vfta, reft3y tn < iT«hiriuiT ©jfcfiflt^JJaCtrj., at, the thralrtomof ail the faliuful U< be prepared, and asweitltig life at Qhltpur were rrtallv n trial of" Mohammwlan ' stiengVb, fHlly nrjfa».i^ed l>v the rrtjthJv real litruJers of th* 1 fon»munlty ' While the 'authority uf the AfKhttn Armef r>vet the fronHur tllbra is< vvrj weak, it must be mmrflbereif thnt tiv Afghan genet aU trholam BatdaSr, com- mandlnK ut Ashniaj'. who was in fon- «tant rommumratlon with the luullrth who led the Mtai'k en l?ort Shftbdakii innt' SniutOHi, I* tln f AHI^H'S- iUlfftrfFt mojut t^U^ted rcimmniuKr, and takmr Into ro'fisi'lwAtiort the symptomp <if unrest nfcar Peshawar since the . attack on Camp Matakami Mi fl Indian gA\orn- if It maH«"« VALUABLE NURSING wrife. FOUtt TfllPS feA WCCK Toledo, W TOiKI V. Tri5 " SOO, EVENING BCTWCpN Detroit and ClevelaAc wi ur all inuay Trip* iune, July, August an New Sttfil ave jtK»l ^IWTJI BuiH far our \ DR CAMPOS. More than a thousand tv-reathS were .deposited In the death chamber. A salvo of artillery announced tijc starting of tbe<*mfii'*l procession, yrhlcft moved .slowly- throunh an enormous crowd Iri-\srhich aH h^ads were bare and many eyes were weeping. A pe- 'tuliarly -poIjjriHnt acene ensue'd aa thu Duke-of Sq.U>mayor, Marshal' deCampos; ^larqula ,Paao de la. Merrzed and the ofttcr paJl-bf>arers lifted th^ coffln, Senora Cahovas in --a clear,- flrnt, tone said. ''I dcslro that all should know forgive".the assassin. It is'tht- jarit-ate stMcrtflce I can.make; but-J'.make H'fjur the sake "of whaV 1 know of my hua- i^-band's great heart." Uotul Strawii with Flower*. Thjough the entire dHtam th<; death chamber and the church, the r6ad " wan strewn 'with flowers'", and laurels. S.enor • Sacanta • headed:,the cortege; -which was. formed of' militia, deputies, senators,-- generals, adrptrals and detegatlons representing all the principal bodie.^.- The wreath of the queue/ repent rested upon tho cofllri and othw tlorAl tributes were carried in special carriages. All t)»e shops In the city were tlnst'3, and a very lafgv proportion of the poimlac* that thrwngvd the streets appeared iff inwirnlngr S0*b. The entire garrison nyarched'. past dve coffin and the w^rvice lasted from y until: .'TrSO p. m. The rernaitift ,of S^nor Canovaa \vere interred Iti the farnlly vault In the 8^. Isddtire ewmetery, aw>id aalvos of 'artillery and tht> tollinst/of all tive Ijells Of thu .city. Himoreil with » Itoyttl Kscort. 'The.military lionoiw wen; thO!46 due a 'vommandw. of a7 fortress dj'ltiK tn hlw fommand, The p/Qfwesion-occupied -tw;o one-half hfk&rs In ixi'.'-iitK <i Ki\m mwi wtatile f«at0r<M -(IcpU'tatbtfn'B-uf the prtfvinela,! <;i5un- cils, with Ana\ t btaieia in rnedlaoval /osturhes. and a royal of p4lac<'/h,UJ>trtTlej-a, which, aw to striet/cferermfny, is ,(inly .wont to b* fuiis-ral*. and \\as lhr<rf- futf A unlqun houur tight hoffa drt\y the Irearse. Th^ chl^f m.ourners th'' Duke of Sotpmayi.-r. rno'yir df/itii* of the r«ytil household, »Ji»rier4! z<;arrjgft, tftnporftry pn*Bidi-nt of the MA14QUE FTb ''conr.til! wltb tU'e* <>t,her membtrs of the / cabinet, I fc?dKagta, the liiberal leader, tlje Anhbisjbop of Madild, and the dtte»»i-d rtatfaman's nei/ihevii' All In the pidWiaiun who ^^r? not entitled to weaf unlff?'! wore d«4-p itlxuiurok'* Triliutoto nismaick, In bib ti-.legiatn of to S«r*ioii* Cj.iuAa.-v, anyn " I have nA*T bowc«l <ny h«"a,d before any one, bfft T bow H eveo tlnie I hear lULOOD U4*TO VWW TOUAV. of noent ^fl! in well pr^f;'afftt^l^n5< t<> nif Whefr- tly two K Bf'en fonoffttwitpd p<)V(;rli,tiient foii^s be 'strong enough ' all t at Jt'ittalplnill thf In the .fun^ub v?\\y to-.-make- operations pos^ibte In any dim tiorT"-<l}r'>us:twuit the wholf extent of the north\v'e>KJ'if > n» era? Klood has tv.o full biljT. 1 ^^ 1n. SwW 1 . tJetifral Kllifi hi 1 ? a •Mmijjj'r fnirr in tht> vicinity »f IVibawar /Another reserv*^ brlga'de* is Intween/ -Martian and naw.t^lpindi:'-arid this l« (JXt.'lusivn "of the Tothi HtM foires / S.A*SLOMAIN&CO. SOLE PROPRIETORS. CINCINNATI, OHIO. $100.00 reward will fop paid for the arrest and conviction of nny one detected refilling our s bottles. For sale by W. T. 1WAKK nwl A. O. IIVI>E. , Itjs alwfijp>|ratif\ii)t( f^> receive moniaie (or Chamberlam s Colic, Cholera aad Diarrhoea rfrmody, and when the endorsement is fronj/a physician it ia-os-' prciaHy PO. ^Thw is no satief.iotory or oiTfctivff Terucd/ tlirtn Chamberlain's Colic. Cholera/And- Diarrhoea remedy," tfrittts Dr. R. E. Eoboy, phv^ic-ian and. pharmacist/of Olney, M<^.: aud as he» has 'used th« pfemi'dy in hit oven fEHnjlj and sold it >r/ hiB drug storo for SKK ycnm- ho, should' eert;iml> know. For-- sale, at CJmJje's store. \ \ / __"_ / V -\ TO GORE NERVOUS DYSPEPSIA. ; W. L. Blankenhorn ~^-s^ THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, . Will sell strictly pure.; Wright «5 t«awther Oil, raw, 30c,boile(J, 32c. pet gal. .Lead at $5.50 per hundred Ibs. Tnln» »', r On-1 Rout* To Bay Via V^ght . P»WK. A«« 14.— It is said Una* between Prince Henri of tfts Count of Turta day In tfa vtciiuty ojf Ifarls^ and at View. J : G. R. & I. H«;li»«i<4e ia^oow in effect. tiity train No. 7 leaveti iiiiljJ p. iu, 3 and idi* 2-^y p. in., ttrrjviju^ Traverse 7:0t> \> 01.,<jiik»> 7-^5 p. m. View Ji^p m. md Hatbcr Springs tkaS p f fe. Tfafe for fcost uther Uges. fo»ld«rs aod f arttor iuforiua- la tloaa sr? it aevwe.^ Count *P|irin au- oixtJw permla- uf the mirustfcr of >wsn-. Tiie d*^! Is |bf> rvtult of tat efcargttwna Jluiirt diB*ii'.!«t thfe liitiiuj) mr^ty and Its olftcem In thf campaign In AL;>b*.;tii« AB suon lt!»'ife th»tr captivity ^ Lota f«<-# chailetigtir r«fiiwdQ> fl«ht tic lot Iv-li btctiUBK be rank, > a cliff lU-nge of the Italiau *ad Jwi*t aa arraiMpewents wtrt ready (or thu d»ei Ihi- Count of Turin arn> «d and inw&liid that he O6u»t O, It. ti. P. & T. A., Mich. WANTED AM KCuS rtp CO., piiu-ut At J^ a, &« tbc on iiis arrtvaj house lp the Hut ' his acceptance. '{Jent'fal Count di Qulnto and Mmriiuls Cario ijiu^ri will act as onda fur i^.e O^unt pf Turin London, Aug, 14 —Th* BujBe corre- BjJOBdt-ni uf tht- Daily Mail ^j;£_ ' fta bccoB>in8r tuumn t}ia.t thu Couoi ,ol Turin 'had left ItfUy to rue<>t Hcrtri of Orleaoa-, thtri,- waia^a lively ol telegrams bet^vt&n the Marquis Di Hudinl, the pt^mler, aud the Italian embassy to Part* It is feared Uiat intemaUanal compHoaljtogf may arise-" Rorot. Aug. 14.— It la said that King ha* «*.-at a dissfiat^b to the vf Turin and aaotkfcr to Prince To tSuIn Flnnli wliut A|»|»»it T.» wvll, 'Fa Know nla. Tablet*. of^of nit ltd fl«inti«i»tti>> No troubte is more coinuioti or more «ii8- ndeF»tootl tli«u nervou* dyspepnin.. P«o tlnak t.h«tt;heir uorven are '.to il ire »urj»ri»ed that thoy arf) not eurwl h^ juTYe uitididiuo anU ftfriiK tvnw- ditnt; i\\t> rettl sioat of the tnisc-hiitff in lo«» o(; (he' wtouVarfi is tho orgati ' t<> 'he Nftrvwua dyspeptics often do rn>t have )ain whatever iu-the Btouiaoti, unr (icy of the usual !»yinploin« ol storaach .'Nerv-oiie dyHpcimiH K!M>W» it^tlt not >u the f<t*)to8ch 1*0 much-sta i'u nearly every other organ; in sonte t^Rses the heart aud irt irregular; in others the tidne>s tirtjatfeotod; in others tho bowidet are constipated, with beadacheA; still ire troubled with loam of tle«ii ftud wlthaccttmulatiou of gruti sour rinsngti aud loartburn ," Mr.'A. W. Sharper of No «1 Prcwi^-t St., polm, lud., wntoa as follow* "A of pure gratitude yrou! ps me to write thorn* few lineb re«&rrtio« tti« new and •aluable oiedieme, Stuart's Dy*pep«i» Tablets, t have been tt suffer' UK from nwrvoue . r tb,^> l«wt four jeaw; have used various patent q>edicm«« aad other edic* without any favorable rowult. teippwary r^ljuf until effects ol the wedwiue wore off. I uted thwto nay 8«J««t«ry katat« v boodkeejjer wtb little phy*ical ei«,>rci»e «Ud lo^uiat^ that the tablet.:* ail ,theae obstacles for , Hard Oil, Galsom Black Board Slatingj . •-'.-• ' - ' '•«<•'-• • •• Paint Reincvying, etc. . '•'-.'-.'•- • -.,-'••'.'.-'.•"'• abstain from using inferior qualities oi . paints, being able to mix our own colors from ptire lead and other substances. EAST ' Solentiflo American Agency f ~ TRAOE *IABIC», DE3ICN PATKHT8. COPYRIGHTS, n-i fn-o llnntltHK>k >vri| . n Amftjru, nt tak-'is f>ut hi' us iX Jirourtbt before ii! ijy a nuf.ce KIVKU free 01 liliurgo iu U>» THE BEST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE. Hnru iiiinif -a but , gamed m fle»h, sleep bettor, and am better '' to writteu not for but W based on actual fact. 1 * Ind, It is *are to s»y tb»t Stu*rt'i| |>ysi»epa»B Tablets, will 4!ure any stomach Wjb&hneig v»r disease except eauocr of «tooi«ch. Taps -cure t^ur giouia«k, «gaa, Ions of tttiah aotJ appetiti;, «4«eple«80e6ii, palpitatiou, hw*rt- b*»rji, oonMapaUon nod A qool sweet satisfying smoke tfiat leaves a grateful remenlbe^a^ce. Bold by all dealers lOc; straight ntwl 3 f»r25c. Mamifactureil b'y CEO. WOEBS & C0.y Detroit- "BECOME I REAL WOMAN" Btudy tbtt Ior»*Uon of cornet li»UitB. I)(tve!o» ' ain> of /feacieif Ag« of America. . . . C»riui*rJl»rei,.: TMcI," '/OB Tbne« ituU4lngv. All. - .«B, fnli 'InfbriinAtidh, cutjtfoirQt;', «HT. MKMt*. WUIUNMtt. «r*»4U*»*«, Mick. . . of *i««J.tK oftij aocbU Everybody janoke» Diana's i try W^ A. Barwa. ' (iittght,auil ilii-J, to tue taking ««•«; July 4, 1BUT. T(Mit«Va«« XaMtaU M by aSdJcestuna Stuart Co Mich. All druggist* «eU fcU |fi*ed jpacKagas For .Sale or ahall avenue; al$o some cli«dc« |pts 'on |ht-y firjiice. whom not, few l with all rofcdU K<w. 7 aad e riui uitwig bulw^eo Van W«rt, ZINC POISONING Nfevcjr t*n <xxur wfiere Gry.i used for atesviog. get tiiti geii u ice for &K at TIME TA6UE. JULY 4, 1897- depart hswa Marslx*^ ' ' - anuiKi w«wr. 3 liaU and *xor«i».. ............ J»:i«i> nu pans blood No. So. So. W flu* No. la So. » Gilford's Tobawo QUW IB <* t*-4Bi)utit apeaftu for the tabac-co nubit. it guar&ateed to cunjiu to. d^va No uopay, . A. O. Hvi>K. COM» si* the beet two burnor gaso- etove i» tUe market. Priw, So. 14 8-Mt , ........... ...... .td:W p. «, ...... ta;Jd a. n*. io. 18 &WBI R»pld* jjlsqaep*..,.....; t aiop»:ou>y oa»lgnikl. All tr*ui» run o pt«n<i*M& tiw* vbicb In 36 inJinut** slower Uuut kwu Uw*. O, W. fiUUOLBS, <iuii. je»H. * Ticket A*l. _...,. . -»- l?itf*l>uri ' u.;'$ Am f>,i.i Tft ••»>•-, Ciim'til'i; Jftw ' -!c> '#.'. Y: »r«V<<tM»fc»r. : - idt- uf •ii»<ijUt»i»*-'-i«..-U«>' wiiUui Ibu utsxi few all ' jij>Bli<:»UoB» ,tii,- ' OftpIAVBtfUIEi eueuuViiuck UotroU t:M n tn eilefi, Ktuutrdioe, 1'irt JZln'it- UUtuctc route of tic Or. Y«H»' »cd removes e. eases iwodaced b y iwpur « Wood. *!-<» el all druxgifcta. or by «xpr««i p*ep4ki cciptof price. .Stiid icr 30-jjjge pwip L cciptof price New Pair o Wlo* de»n» the kidney* Gout and «te=t dis- *!-<» per bottie 4ki aoe» f to wipolct, "A titc t-y rn-Hl. . Chic*jo. Hi To be 6*d of ...... M. B. POWELL, DruflflibU, MARSHALL, MICH •I'.ir(fc:«t r!rfnlnt!nn of nnr Sfliintlflf pnp<>r In the tvori.l. S|>it'liuiiilc ili(l<tr.l[*i), Jin tlll(;!ll^fli( .nmri Hhoiilit !/<• wJt,h«ut'-U.' \Vwkh-, K.1. x n>. .ntlm. ' A$i\rf*a. M (}S'N * ISO! BrtKjitivas, Kiiw Vork City. ...-'.'' ' - V i . Mrs FOR K1THEH Tbl« remedy Itelng lit- j«ctea dlreetly to the of th<» <ileulto-Urlriary reqiilrea- no of diet. Cure guaranteed in 1 to 3 >>iinallplalunack- bj mail, Hl.OO A- O. HYDE. L.AO1£S - DR. FELIX LE BRUN'S Steel pennyroyal Treatment is the <Htr!nai''-*nd onl j 'FRENCH. iiafe anrt reliable euro on tho IUBP- kot. Price. $1.00; fte»t bjr mail . Ueuuiut- fiolilouJv b" A.Q. ate sbld uridfir: a ppsitiye guarantee to cure or refuo4 the irMorjfey, and we stand by our guarantee, {Cu % Jt gs ii> Nervous Diseases, Impotence, Varkocele, Lost. Vitality, ih old or youpg, Nightly Emissions *nd Wasting Diseases, and all effects ot self- abuse or excesses, Stops dangerous drains. A gefttifne~4ierve tonic. Shows iinmedi-, ate imju'ovemenl. The grandest remedy of modem times. Don't buy imitations. ? REX TABLETS. Price 50 cents, or «ix packages (a full treatmen') for $2.50, by mail," in plain package, on receipt oi price. Circular free. KING REMEDY Nervous Debility. Off. f. C, WEST'S NERVE AND BRAIN TREATMENT fH£ ORiaMMl, *U 8}Hf Rtf UHWJOUS, il under p*witiv» Written f;i«Artuttees ' - ty.l ugcwtA ouly, to core VVtadt MCUIWBJ, tttflfiilmsiu, IKta, Hj'hl«rut. Ouici. •tioljbfff&. Mif»ry. » At etoro OJT by Oiuil. $1 u '.«;« . e or reCuaO- tuuuey. Mauuti^t; uu-b- . eunlftujittjj; fin-i! Oaie iKWiUaant, witf. tui« JPor Lust ____________ ... rUity or B«.rr«uiu»« a bos: ta* tor SS,

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