The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 10, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1893
Page 3
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Visitors to the world's fair will find , he CBBomcLE on sale at Geo* F. War* ten's news and cigafStand fn thelSiich- tean bdildin«. ' •- •* m BREVITIES. Was the oar loclj found v 4 U. P. Churchill is visiting in this city; Miss Helen Dickey is • home for the summer. . . y t George Ingeraoll left this afternoon fo> the Wipd* Citjv ; , -Ed/ Opnway, of Detroit, is visiting fate parents) in ihisjisity. ?:v. ' Mrs, F. W. Dickey returned Jroni Chicago Saturday evening. Mrs. Ralph Russol, of Selma, Ala , is Tisiting Miss Emma Micrs. ; , George Seymour and family returned this afternoon from Chicago. Miss Brownie Suite, of New York City IB visiting at Mr. Martin Deal's. Jackson Patriot: Mr. and Mrs. William Alton left Saturday for Marshall. The fiaplidt ladies will serve .supper in the «Um>. two doors west of the post office next Wednesday from 5 to 7 p. m. M. E. Galvin, secretary and manager of the Standard Savings and Loan As sooiatlon, of Detroit, Mich,^ is in this city, Robert McDowell, of Denver, Col., arrived Saturday night for a two week's visit with his sister, Mrs. Joseph Gun ningbam. - • , There will He a meeting of the Ladies 1 Boa£ Clob Tuesday afterooon ijt 4:80 o'clock at the residence of Mrs-, M. E. Wheeler. . - • •• "' > ' Mow it is a cow race from Tyler, Tex as to the world's fair, Each cow fs to pull a gig,'and a purse of f5,000 has been offered to the winner. Departures for Chicago: Mr. and Mrs. C. T. Cook and children, George , Culeman and wife, Jessie Hatch and wife, Emma Goff, George: and Manlius Perrett. On Thursday and Friday of this week the Battle Creek base ball team will meet the Saline, Ohio, team at Battle Creek. The, Ohio team baa a recoM of defeating the Fort Wayne's tliree straight games, und uo doubt the game? J. J. DeShane made a business trip to Jackson today. • " Mis. Davidson gave a party at her •iroine on the river road, in honor of her guest, M'ss Mabel McBeth. With the great spread of the practice of bicycle riding there Seems to. have developed a' most awkward position on the paTt of "the riders. The London Lancet denounces•.. "the bicyle-stoop. Ihe Chicago Inter,"Ocean says: ' 4 *it seetn9 to be a grave question Whether the ^joining' generation won't .have a curved spinp,?-*injl resemble a hop toad. Ye?teW ? 4y &? qutte a crowd was stand* ing on thrs platform at the cast end of the boat bouse, it suddenly gave way, throwing them all into;, f he water. For Innately the water,.5VM jnot very deep, but from the actions of some of those tlitit were floating around in the water one would suppose that they did not en joy,tbe sudden bath: If yon wish ,to measure anyUiing and have uo rule of'tape line at hajHJLJiUi happen,to have a sHvoF'quarfer, half dollar or whole dollar, tucee convenient articles will fill the bill to your en tire satisfaction. A United States dol lar-is one inch and a half in .diameter, a halt 'dollar is just—an-lnob and an eighth and a quarter dollar just seven 'eighths of an inch.' ' , Countless' itqms of news are lost to the newspaper Tby the modesty of peo "ple'wh'6 'fiesitate to tell a reporter of matters concerning themselves, not be* cause they don't want it' to appear in print, but are afratd some one Will think they are pushing themselves for ward. Such an idea is wrong. From a reportorial standpoint the man who stops a newspaper man on the street and k_Sndiy infordis him that he has been ,to Chicago, that/tie is going to get mar ried, that his/ wife was entertaining friends from a ^distance, is the dearest man on thi§ mundane sphere. Would tBat his lik,e was on the increase through out this broad laud.—Exchange, AboUt half past six la«t evening fire was discovered in the farmer's sheds on I South Madison street, owned by Clark { Johnson. The department responded promptly, but the tire had gained such headway that they were ouiy ablo to Fine stationery at the-bassar store. A complete assortment always bn hand. N. .-A. Sherman, the 61d reliable universal auctioneer, is prepared to attend sales of all kinds. He sells anything and everything, household goods farms, city property, stocks of goods of all kinds, and makes a specialty of farm sales. If you have anything to sell call and Sec him. • . If y<* j ate lingering frOin fevers, lung, lasffifHpe, catarrh, consumption, cough r or fot onchlal troubles, asthma, heart ner»ottjmws, sleeplessness*, dyspepsia,' sick headache, paralysis, erysipelas or seal y skin, constipation «f piles call on Dr. Sharpstten for His vegetable cure. . <I have renjdved my &Blce 10 Eagle block in the rooms formerly occupied by Dr. Houston: . V- • ' ••••...- ELIA'S Specialist of Chronic Diseases will be at, the Herndon Saturday, July 8th. Free consultation m German and English. •'•••• N. B.—Such cases as have failed tq receive benefit ctsewJiere are especially de sired \' Children Cry foi Pitcher'** Castorla. 5,000 spring and summer samp!b$ arrived. Call and select youi summer suit or pants. Better choc* 1 than piece goods.' Call mid oxutu'^c before" buying. Quality; and price- U/ suit at -. " ' TED'S, the tailor, * ' Over Fletcher's ft ore. } Children Cry for ditcher's Castorla. Are you troubled with Piles? Use Blake's Suppositories- Pijr box, f 1. For sale at Elston'H diug store Address all mail order to G.D Blak.e, Marshall, Mich. , For Over fifty Years. MRS. WiN^LOw's SOOTHING Synui 1 lias boptf used i'or children teething. It eoothea the cbl'4, allaya all pain; curua wind colic, aud in the best dy for diarrhoea. 'Iwenty-flvo cents a bol- sold bj all druggists througnout the world W. V. Lucas, ««-Stat6 Auditor of flo-wa, v Baya: ''I have used Chamberlain's Cough Reinedy in njy f acQily and bate -no hositatioivm saying it is an eid-ellent remedy. I believe all that is claimed for it,. Peredtoa afflicted by a cough or coM will find ifc s a friend.". There is no danger from whooping cough wheft this remedy IB freely given. 2 5 and 50 cent bottles for sale at Greene's flrug Blore. . . If yon want a house built in short order call on3Vm: Shipley as he is pte pared to put you up a house ready* for plastering in ten days time. Shop on Eagle street over Lynn's. Residence, 151, Hanover street: Now potatoes at Cunningham's. \Chas. Ki|bnrn. has.opened' a reataur mil the first door west of the Tontiue, the public is invited to call. Notice Kelutlve to Cow». Th,e ordinance relative to pasturing cows in tbe street will be strictly en forced. No cattle will be allowed to be pastured in any street,'.whether they are tied or not, and all', cattle found at large in the street, whether tied or otherwise, will be tafeon ^care of. No ex, ception will be made' to this rule for anyone. PETEE Hows, City Marshal. Kilburn's restaurant will be open day and night. The best' of muals and Juudhea will be exciting. The Albion district camp be Held on their grouudt two miles east . of Murengo from August 8 to 14.' Rev. P. J. Kain, of Pennsylvania, has been engaged as evangelist and Mr. F. £. Strong, of Homer, to conduct the singing. Venice sends laces, ranging in value from two cfcnt* to $400 a yard to the world's air. There were only five women in Venice who preserved the se cr$U of making Venetian point lace, Today 4.000 women in Venice make lace for one ,firm at 15 and 16 cents a day. In tt»e Venetian lace bouae;at the fair is $40,000 worth of luce, with the veil patterned after ibnt of Queen Maria Louisa at the head of the exhibit B C:. Moon: A graiiil jubilee .meeting will be held at the county fair ^groijnds iq Marshall on Sunday after"noon, July 2?, |or the benefit of the building fund of the Second Baptist of this city. Ke.y. C. K. Brown, formerly of Kentucky, now pastor of the Battle Creek church, will preach a, serman. Subject, "A Damned .Hot Day. Mr. and Mrs. William Connor were guests at, the Great .Northern hotol, Cbicago.Jor a few d.ttyslast week visit ing th& world's fair and taking iu other sights! Mr, Connor s&ss that- for «x- cellence and fine display the ex hi bilious iu Paris and in England, both of which visited, are not at all to oe couiinc it to the boiilh tier of sbed.-f, aud save thf. adjoining property. There was one horse in' tlic sheds at the time the lire broke out, which they were n<-t able to tfct out of the stall on account of the heat, and -smoke There was an in surtuieo of about $500 on the portion that waa burn aud also an insurance on the horse, Mr. Johnson intends build ing us soon, as pos ible, and iu the meantime he will accommodate his customers^ »s bes,t- he can iu the shed that was uiitoucued by the rire. v • ? Hud'stat« of Affairs. . •- JSHPEMINQ, July 10.—The board of health at Ironwood will officially advise all who can do so to leave the city, .for the summer. New cases of typhoid fever, are still appearing daily. Water ie being hauled to the afflicted city even from Milwaukee. One hundred families are already dependent, on charity, and as the city funds are exhausted and the county poor fund is empty, pri- GOOD SUMMER WOOD, 11,75 MIXED H. J.COLEMAN. vate charity is from starvation. alone keeping many When you want a whisky for medicinal use you want it pure, "Royal Ruby" Rye is guaranteed pure in every particular, and recommended for the invalid alnd the Convalescent. (Bottled at distillery.; ROYAL WINE CO., CJUCAQO. For sale by F, G Seaman &, Co., druggists. ' IE. J.PE3PELL Physician and Surgeon,' .SuOe-Stflre,| •with the beautiful exhibits, at, Chicago^ Mr. Connor recommeiuis all wfeo. tQ vjsit the, Auditpriuw and mogt beau tilui spectacle, eotjiiedAuier ' Bound For Michigan. ' July 10.— The state board of health has been notified that the eteaiuship Elbe, infected with scarlet fever, which arrived t\.t New York from Bremen Thursday brought iiuinigranta bound fur Detroit, Osceola, Negaunee, Muskt-gon, lahpeming, Marquette, Han- txxik, Ironwood, Crystal Falln, Oscods, "W^kefield, Houghton, Bay City, Grand and -, There wiUfee-anauotton of furniture July 15, atSeutb Eagle fitreet, C. djll K.A Auje. <MkV.IHJ|Vg •«•%/«- VlS*%Or9 *V MMV. <V* It***^*,^^***-, is theTitle of a neat little book, contain- 102 the addjress of about §,000 JauiULes. - -will aco»canio4^te TIWOJ-J, "' o| feojtefc, illusfer.ater 1 - !i nwp.vsoW tfi|' » aokte/'-- • - H * •-* , - r -5§j Miss M. L.Bromberg.M.D. Diseases of women and children a specialty. Office over John Butler's corner State and Jefferson btreeU. Besidence at Mrs. O. B. Rowley's on Green Street near Eagle. California clicrnus at Cunningham'H. Children Cry for Pitcher's Castoria. Wall Panel TTi^l Q T*m % ^af" ct4rf\r*\2 JL ij.\$ Leu*. cL c7ou JDUV/V/JS the lowest prices HYDE'S Drue Store You can always find the best Cigars at Greene'sDrug store, Call and Try Them. Wbau Bsby WM dcS, we, fiave j^er CaatorM. When she was A CSiUd, s^" cried £or Ovstoiiu. When she became Hiss, 1^.1 clung to Caatwrii. WiNn •hflluwl CSiildnu, she g^ve them Onttarin, Dr. LOUIS S. JOY, Physician and Surgeon. Sp«oliU facilities tot treatdient Qfydtaeases or the Ear. Eye, Nose aadThroat, &nd the. applic atioii of Electricity. " - v ' , ^ . Office over Cook a Store (oouwly accnpieq. ox . Joy? best Perfumes al- 9 ways in stock at G. H. Greene's Drug store- Ladies, are invited to. call and test thekn. w. -f , Want to §JK>W OUT opera ^oulft the e*trayag«Q25a,4Ji B*ba, ^resf JBO 4. |st8osi e'« bjread ^. M&m twuw *^°^% Bjj»ldanil^«iftita».|i

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