The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 24, 1962 · Page 2
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 2

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, July 24, 1962
Page 2
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flak /SUCCESS RESULT OF VAST CIVIC EFFORT on the optimists nuclei estimated Hie number who turned out I to rid the county of polio. Physicians were as amazed as they ] delighted at the turnout. .For this county, It was a major victory over a terrible blight. 1 89.5 percent of the population who took the dose will make it un&y that a case of Type I polio will ever again originate in this unty When the figures are revised afler the makeup clinics next Uday, tt is very likely that Brazoria County will have the most irly total immunity of any area in the nation. Perhaps only a few nearest the center of activity were aware lot the vastness of the organization that made it possible. It involved ' most of the civic and service organizations in the county, operating on a voluntary basis, with little opportunity for advance preparation, and conducting a huge program unprecedented in nature and scope of operation. The turnout serves as Its own tribute to those whose organizational ability made possible so successful an event with so few unanticipated problems. Directing this program were two people. Their work overlapped, and they were to a degree interchangeable, but generally, Dr. Oscar Johnson was in charge of all technical aspects of the health project, and Mrs. Ralph E. Gray headed the organizational aspects. Both, however, are quick to decline any greater role in Sunday's success than any other of the hundreds of volunteers. It would be difficult to credit all organizations who contributed (materially to the program. There were dozens. Their work was varied, soma calling for special skills or degrees of resourcefulness. Each contributed a distinct characteristic to the centers. There were the courteous Girl Scouts, the patient Home Demonstration Club members, the cheerful Candy Stripers, efficient registered nurses, the adaptable Jaycees; these were the ones most in evidence. Perhaps you didn't see the Explorer Scouts whose megaphones carried the message to remote corners; Boy Scouts who delivered registration forms to every home in the county to lessen the waiting at the clinics; mobile radio operators whose presence was insurance against the supplies running out; De Molays who supplied vaccine, and deputies who replenished the supplies at hard-pressed centers; varied groups who provided transportation, information, traffic direction; Jaycees who besides their assigned tasks accepted willingly any job too hard, too unpleasant or too unexpected for most other groups. This doesn't cover all who made the event a success. As with timany such events of this scope, participation was too near community-wide for adequate public recognition to be given for the degree of contribution made. But the reward for each person who contributed Ms effort to this great undertaking is the knowledge that he was essential to the success of a complete victory over an enemy of mankind. />AGE I BRAZOSPORT AND BRAZORIA COUNTY, TEXAS. TUESDAY. JULY 24, 196; THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS KTABLISHED 1912 PnblluiM dolly ond Sunday «eept Saturday by R*v!«w PiiblliliOTi, Inen 307 I. Pork Avt., Frceport, TMO». Janet S. Nabon, iretldent. JAMES S. NABORI 6LEKN HEATH ..... •IOWI LHACOM EDITOR ADV. DIRECTOR ERNIE I. ZIESCHAN6 Advertising Manager MORRIS FREEMAN Mechanical Superintendent E. E. HENDRIX Circulation Manager PEARL GLOVER Claulfltd Manager ROBERTA DANSBY Managing Editor LEROY BYRD Women's Editor GEORGE FERGUSON Sports Editor NANELLE H. MALLORY Office Manager World wide news coverage by The Auoelofed Preo. Member ol Texai Dally Newspaper Association. Texai frets Association. SUBSCRIPTION RATES ly carrier, dully and Sunday. SI .50 per month. Mall rates upon re quest. All mall subscriptions payable la advance. Catered as second class matter March 21, 1952. at the Freeport Texas, Post Office, under the Act of Conn-en of March 8. '870. ~DAILY~CROSSWORD AGBOB8 THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS EDITORIAL PAGE OUT IN THE OPEN AGAIN Ths World Today JFK WILL ASK PUBLICS SUPPORT By JAMES MARLOTf Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP)— President to some of his major domestic programs, like medical care for the elderly and aid to education. Congress to the people, Kenned used the tactics Jefferson, Jack son and McKinley had to use i and telcv Kennedy could have appealed, Kennedy is about to do what he rtirectly to publlc opinion to pres-| the da V s bcfore rad;k " could have done before but didn't,! sure Congress on these programs. slon although, if he had, he might have: He did little direct appealing. And He and Ills aides put pressur ess need for doing it now. He's now it's too late for this year. on Congress. Because whateve loing to the people for support, i Quietly, without much evidence j was done was done behind th In these past 18 months, Con-! of distress, he let Congress re-1 scenes, just how much fighting he the thoughtless over-privileged, I gress stuck with him on defense'frigerate aid 'to education. He did will always bo open to ques-'took it for granted that every we- and the usual-problems outside made one broadcast for medical tion. jman owned so many evening the country, like foreign aid and care and that was off the cuff al- He certainly did not fight open- j gowns, and every man so many Paul Harvey News By PAUL HAftVEY Up To A Point You Can Return The cause of alcoholism Is sub- oct to debate, hut we know Its ffrct. As with electricity, we do not now what it is: we do know 'hat it docs. Somewhere between the first rink and the last one, the alco- olic will lose control of himself. p to that point he controls his rinking. After that point, his rlnking controls him. From countless clinical records can know what the symptoms ll be as he approaches that icint of no return. Your first real drinking Is oc- asional. "for the relief of ten- ion." Gradually It becomes regular, till "for the relief of tension." The next step involves the first blackout," the first loss of me- lory. You r e m e m b er most of the 'oncses' party but not much ofi tie last half. You are uncertain low you got home. This is the prodromal phase of ilcoholism, the onset of addiction. 3ut you are not there yet. Next you start drinking on the sly, sneaking your nips, then gulp- ng gulps. At the social function you accept as many refills as possible without attracting attention. Next you start drinking in the kitchen before you go to the party. You avoid talking about drinking, feeling some guilt, em- jarrassment. Up to now you are a drinker, but you are not yet hooked. You can still turn back. Very soon, however, you are going to start drinking alone. Problems begin to pyramid in business, social and domestic life. Blackouts, loss of memory, be- come more frequent. Yet you are still In the pro- dromal phase of your drinking, not yet the acute phase. You ran still stop if you want to. You still rarely gpt drunk before evening. The prodromal phase may last from five months to a few years. Now, though I cannot give you the hour of the day, the acute phase sneaks up on you. You bpgin to neglect food, to drink with inferiors. You find that you cannot stop drinking short of becoming drunk. Now you have the disease. From here it is not far to the d. t.'s. You will never again be able to control your drinking. The decline through the last, agonizing degrees of the diseasp let us dismiss kindly. The nightmare of living witli a man or woman and not knowing whether the next time he comes home he will be himself or some body else — a kind person or a cruel one — or a slobbering sot who, stinking and incoherent, must be treated like a baby. Or strapped into bed so hi can't hurt himself when he eomcj to and the d.t.'s come, too. I have recited this chronology, based on many clinical case his lories, so that Americans "of dis Unction" might see the stop lighl before they get to the grade cross ing. As clearly as we can define the specific point at which a drinker must stop using liquor or be de stroyed by it, It is during the pro- dromal phase. It is between tha time when, at social functions, he accepts as many refills as possible without attracting attention. . . And the time when he starts drinking alone TUESDAY ON TV CWAVNW, A CHANNWT. A I RUItT-TV 0 KPHC-TV OHAVNTO KIKHT-TV citAHVRti XTRK-TV «:00 Cl Dick Tracy; COI.O& m Malmlia Jackson Si"RS C0 American nnmlslmid *:03 O MOM Tlirntrc—"I'orll In tho NlRlit," nminld Sin- drn, Miirlol Pnvlnw 0) Knrly Show-.-"Mutiny in the Arctic," Richnrd Arlen, Andy Dpvinc cxccplionnT hut dtsltirVrd slmlonl; repent 9:30 O InTorlPl — "The~P»ice Corps," .an hour-long re- ixirt iT-ilS Q Ten O'oToriT RomAnn —NPVTII, Weather, RnorU Q) News, Weather |0 News, Weather, Sport* 4:45 Op'knirik's Clubhouse ~S!2ti CD Quick Draw Mi "8:30 O Ah- Force sTory (D Whirlybinls' 8:40 fj Almnnno Nrwsrrrt ~ iffl"Rockv and His Friends 10:111 CD I.ate Slww ~ "Cntlle ""-• • Town, "Dennis Morgan, Philip Cnrny, Rlln Mo- vono; n tronliln nhootcr helps quell nn uprising ru- in-ceil rnttlemen nnrt largi Innd mviiprs_ _ joiifl CD ABC"Final Report 10:30 O~TnnIBht — Jack K. I«nnnri1> Una Itlhli, Virginia flrnlmm, mil Onl- Irn; COLOB CD Wire Service — "H»Rh Adventure," « 'bnndlt holds an elderly woman for ransom .-. O -Americans at. Work _ '' 6:00 B News, Sport* O Whnt's New ' 0) News, Weather "6:15 O~New«, Wcntiier , Q) Waller Cronkitp, News 11 ^_ O AT!C Evening Report jj" : oo O Commit Ur Brothers iB~f*™nie~^"Fnlffnlo _m.NewsJFInal Dnrknrii," outlaws en- jj.go Q Dcbbla Dnike lomb Slim nt tho Imtlom ot »n nlmndnnpd well) repent: (W.OR O Of Scioni* and Scientists WEDNESDAY MOHNWO Time, dhiinnfl. Program (1:00 CD Operation Lift ID Window on Main Street -~- f (B BURS Bimny ^ — "i HJ Meet the i sical and popular ox- smplci of organ immr are performed CD Password 7:00 O ID News, Farm Report 7:IK CD Mr Caboose, Enginen T:30 CD Morninu Edition News Sports C0 B-yVV; 10 ^ ^"7 so T:o5"oTcapt Kangaroo "Slat- Light, Slav Not .So J" ' , j* Bright," Bentley's client's «" •„ horoscope savs that they X:30 CD People Ape Funny will'win a case; reppat Washington Scene By GEORGE DIXON Ccrn'f Lef Them Criticize Leader »enls—"Slrnnge Mlraclf," Dnvld Opntonhu, Mlrlnm Colon: IMiardo Olnnnrlll, a Mrxlran salesman plain an Ingenious sdifmn to become Independent! repeat O The Way ID Dobie Gllll« — Dome enrolls for a course lr 9:00 O Sny When CD Cftlentiar CD .Tack LalvinnejJliow 9ISTO Pl^y 1'" u r Hunch; cnr.oK CD I-t/ive Lury CD Morninc Movie—"Hilling a N>wr High," Lily I'ons, Jack Oakie, John Howard 10:00 Q 1'rlce ll Right {COLOR CD Verdict Is Yours "Till 10:30 O Concentration Death Do Us Part," Wen- CD Brighter Day dell Corey, Eileen Heck- jo:!M CD CDS News art; an unknown domestic is found t);ad in a fasti- ionable iieighborhood; repeat WASHINGTON — Being one of hough he had time But it acted like kids loose in a ough, prepared talk. or a thor- ly with Congress. He seems to have operated un- department store at night with 1 While Presidents Roosevelt antTder tlie spell of President Eisen- bricks and scissors when it came Truman went over the heads ot bower's let's get along with every—• ~~ body policy, although there was _ • • a • a keen difference between tlie two Business Mirror H. Foreign JZUke Annmdaen 1 * expedition 18. Gay »».Way IB. River to BJaekSea, 18. Hardwood DOWN IB.Cross- l.Toung threads sheep 20. Cuckoo lAttu Island 21. Malt native bever- 3. Funeral age song 33. States 4. Ever: poet further 5. Flank's 8<LA Ryukyn Island 25. Disclose 28. Foot ~ Government Urged To Improve US Economy 36. Island Hew Zealand Xl.Joamal notlcea «.FootbaH player 1 * position curve on Bbip & Herring's relative 7. Grasped 8. Eskimo knife S. Bullfighter JO. Printing machines 16. Wen- arranged H3E @H QBDE 1 , • i i j t_ 4 i it r\*t t »u» ttuiu iu tutiai t, unset van v ci* ness slump foretold by stock mar- closely than ever. Others suggest ,^ g aisspeiaiag a fate . knowi ? ket weakness and a wary attitude, —and influence, when possible— '^^ a ttjt u de that people accepted. _^_^^ by industry? In this, first of fourjU.s. decisions. And in the case 1 But Kennedy came in as a much ? l°ip£lsl articles on the present state of !0 f the strength of the American j younger, untried man who prom- aloiaSi the economy, Sam Dawson dis. dollar and U.S. gold reserves ;ised to get the country moving . ./" „.„„ ,,,J «,„ ™, Dm ™»nt i* what other nations do can and, Eisenhower, luckily generally lair-do, then pushed her off Memorial Bridge. As she went down for the third time in theTftlurky waters of the Potomac I cackled- at-her demoniacally: "Ha! ha! Let them eat cake!" I plan to do something like this to everybody who dares criticize the Kennedys. I just won't tolerate it, especially from common ers too poverty-stricken, or too stingy, to go swimming in their formals. Moreover, I wouldn't be surprised if, deep down in their playful hearts, the Kennedys don" feel the same way too. They are making it increasingly obvious that anyone who dares = , criticize any of the tribe is OUT. was able to coast conservatively ! naRlei and c .an't alford to use eith-ji{" anybody' holding public office men. Eisenhower, a national hero, won the presidency overwhelmingly. Kennedy, one among many Senators just squeaked in. black and white tie outfits, they could use them interchangeably as swim suits. You can imagine, therefore, the way I've been shocked of late to hear folks grumble against the courtly custom of dunking guests in costly finery. I could hardly b e 1 i eve my rich and overbearing ears when I heard the first complaint. This Eisenhower, steering the coun- j came (rom a woman wno averred | try to sanity after the hatred and! she is so underprivileged she has EDITOR'S NOTE — Is a bu?'-! '.vatch the U S economy more • extremism of the McCarthy era, cn jy h vo eyen jng frocks to hpr . 1. " ' Aim* 34. Riding horse 36. Capital of Latvia 39. Any fnitt drink digit 37. Kind of card game 3L Strong winds 32. Busk or pod 40. Abrade 33. U.S. bird 41. Cape Horn emblem native the economy, Sam Dawson cusses why the government j being er for bathing. Privation obviously has hinged the unfortunate creature because she likened practically all the Kennedys to the late Marie !at the pleasure of the Admini - station voices doubt about this I would challenge them to utter one word of criticism. One word ough to be enough to encompass the un urged to try i measures. B} SAM DAWSON AP Business News Analyst (API — entiti does affect the domestic economy had the cooperation of a Demo- land helps set official policies. ;cratic-run Congress under the ex-; ca t i While the administration and traordinary leadership of the latej j< the Congress debate whether to:Speaker Sam Rayburn and Sen. 1 "do something," such taxes or speed up ins. businessmen are busy assess-; Kennedy has a Democratic-run Antoinette. idoing of the dastards. se of 'Let them! This is the way it ought to be fulminated. jof course, because one word o B DlcftPowell- I;P Jumpcfl the Devil^' Hngli O'Brinn; a young buslnes. ovcriitlvB gam I>1 en and drlnU nway his com- jranj-'n money'; repeat O Crisis (D Comedy Spot — "Mag. O Your FI r * I Imnrf" sion; corxm Q) Love of Life C0 Tennessee Ernie Ford ,. h for Tomorron . {or R SQ - _ — -11:45 ffl Guiding Light JUVi Q NBC NBWB Report "WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON gie," Margaret O'Brien, 13:00 Q Susie Leon Ames; a teen age QJ News at Noon daughter, disrupts, lior family's efforts to lead a _ peaceful life; repeat . g::w Q Compass — "Spain: Castles and Fiestas 1 ' CD Jane Wyman Present flj Lee.Shepherd Show Patrol ffl As the World Turni Camouflage _ law saying that debts can he paid in goods; repeat E Yours for a Song 1:00 O Jan Murrayi.OOLOR CD Password C0 Home" Edition News i O Cain's 100 — "Blood *"" O ^0 N"" Beport Money," Houston's Larry 1:30 Q Lorctta Young Blyden, Ed Begley; a CD House Party crooked Incumbent faces CD Dragnet a reform candidate for tho office of district attorney; *:00 O Young Dr Malone , OJ The Jlillionatr* O) r>?y in Court repeat CD Talent Scout —Lt Col 2:30 O Our Five Daughters ov « players 38. MHO: ». Pistol: slang SO. Frozen water 31. Annotates 55. Negative 36. Actor MUland 87. Head covering SB. Profit 40. Color for cheeks «S.Like a pie-piece shape «8. Sam 44. Regions 46. Cooked ta S91 urVuil 38 44- 27 45 4! 3V 31- ementlabr consuers world ' that makes™ times or: that makes gooa umcs ^cre M are e economy is now,Congress where the Republicans just plain citizens. ; and a bundle of h,s own Demo- , the ' common tradi bad. !"" u In the past the government has. 3 "; wlln SsX^^nTS'b-ness and the citizenry faredisame ieague with Rayixim and ™P° rtant to acknowledged business upswing en road and o u P >*°™ that in the past have turned up. Kennedy is expected to pitch,"" its motor. How is business In 1 uie pasi navu IUIIKTJ ut j lower well ahead of an actual I for his | downturn i "It's another ca cake,'" she . ... . Not being in the bakery busi-1 criticism usually leads to another , - ,„ ness, I muffed the "Let them land before you know it. peopl as cutjLyndon B. Johnson, now Vice cat cake ., al , u5Jon ^ e poor young i are speaking their minds. This, I spend-[President. _ „__.._ crone explained it lias come down in turn, is apt to lead to a deca- to typify the arrogance of dent democracy in which peasants with only one set of white tie and tails think they have the right to differ with their leader. Personally, I couldn't force myself to utter a word censorious of any member of the ruling clan. In fact, I am timid about anything but the most fulsome praise. I have been that way ever since I mentiond casually in a column one day that some of the Kennedy wealth derived from Imports and the column had had time to hit the streets ir jobs, their incomes, their jcrats are far from cooperative, at ^ sta(es are ^ oming as planmng] u,^ savingS| all j least or; his domestic program. ' t ^j b , he Kenncdys . cus . iAnd *. e lead< ; 1 ?' Demol;rats and ltom of shoving evening-clad guests _ 0n ,, h .°"; R - e i Ubl , i ''! 1 !! S .. al . i .^ a £!, ™!J! n ^j" their swimming pool as did i common people of France when | the wife of Louis XVI said "Let _ ., . _ . , ithem eat cake," because they still on the favorable side. But j campaigns alter Congress winds | needed Drea( j. John (Shorty) Powers, Betsy Palmer, Shelley Winters, T.ony Bennett, Daryl McGavin • (0 Alcoa Premiere — "01 This Time, Ot That Place," J a i o n Evers, Henry Jones, Burt Brine- kcrhoff; a college professor has problems with an OB To Tell the Truth g) Seven Keys *as (Q CBS News ' S:00 O Msko Room for Dadii. CD Secret Storm CD Queen for a Day 3:30 Q Cnptnln Bob Show CD Kdge of Night CD Who Do You Trust? lhe economy are nos-jeare. And although his D t mocrats|j; rairv pnnrmfiimlv fHitnil'.'nnf'r KL'DUDll- __ , . , _^ ... enormously outnumber Republi- plaining to me about the Ken- for bread, against ^ not c: crying than in the earlier months of this more i cans, he will ask for even more j. u , ^ ing {ort . cd b y drcum-lwhcn a call came to me from r\nm r\f* I-TJ 1 1 in rirHcf tr\tT(il hln r»ri%- . i «" o * • _ ____ prices are. j Democrats in In both 1951 and 195G when many|g rdms through next year. . . liidjuuy ui LK:III& tun-t-u uy cm-uni* ; VYIH.II *» «».•• ™...— his Pro-| stanccs to cher ish their formal rai- Hyannis Port, Mass. ., . . . .. . , , . • ' 11ICIII, W11IIC 11*1 11 IJUUIIV, i>tl > UU\J 1 , he , had ..P!' Ch ! d .,^.. hS .."; and wives think it's hilarious to sr ^,elod off for a time where it was lhe past ,g monllls he woul(1 have|» — » -™^ a ' ^^i-and right now that's pretty high teen ta to enviable political po-,*?^ ^ne n u( A mori, iber of 1 stw ' k P nces ' m fact> a one >'tion of being able to focus a'-ih-,,:-..':..., ,„ look ,, n , 'n^iof the leading indicators, sup. ltpntion on one at a time wiUwrt **™ h „! ?. °,, „" , Try and Stop Me By BENNETT CERF ^e range is wide. Some com-!°' **« h-rblnger. turned down, panics and some industries are 1 ' e having what amounts to their boom and are repoi insUmc^cX^s-r^t^of ^leading indicators, er companies and industries liaveiP 0 * 00 lo ta^r^hS'SK - ^ eitt '"°" campaiBi .u i • ,ii, 0 nf iQKi ithan blx months ago. ; since, even or the closing months of 961. for durab , e Bocdsi un , ulmil!d [in) f,, ains , voters' But a wide range in " d " du ^! is anolher trend closely watched.| atlcnUon ^ ^ distracted and fortunes is a common thing, ln ilrVw- Tiiiin total ,_, ^^, llininn WJS !,,, f(used by o(hpr jssue ,. For instance, Kennedy jment, while their public servants It was from the President's father, former Ambassador Joseph CONTRACT BRIDGE By B. Jay Becker (Tap ReconUldUsr In Maitsn' Individual Chomplon.hlp Hoy) South dealer. North-South vulnerable. NORTH 4J72 • XJ9 WEST '" i i ¥ • t i I " ii-ii- tfinU WIVt'S UIIIIK 11 S IlUtinUUS 10 UlV-'l . HJt m»-* 1....^^...^.™—- — / -- «^ IV/O w ^T^.^MU 111 , ±! d , ividUal . V^™*.^^^ sh^d in the tank in a Saville P. Kenne<ly. | JKIO«4Sa i, jn . i He took me to task for the rc-| 4>Q81 America are ference to nourishing, wholesome 43 490 V97 4V107832 th c a e I whisky. I said defensively: [extravagances with extremely! "I didn't think there was any- the first-men-1 tiling in that column anyone could >ject to." mc . i. Father Kennedy then hit me with Nu one, not penurious even a; t h e most wounding blow that ention on one at a time without I b f?. 1 ™!"^. months; d Twm"not hnve the luxury "'l^^^p^r^uVedlob^ to." 4' 1J * i ! n_n.~- if SOUTH T ED WILLIAMS, probably the greatest hitter in big- league baseball in the past twenty years, didn't quite make the grade the first season he reported to the Boston Red Sox, and was optioned to Minneapolis for further seasoning. The three regular Red Sox outfielders were relieved to see him go, and made various and sundry in- salting remarks as he packed his gear. Ted Williams' reply Was, "I'll be back, you no-good baboons, and I'll •oon be earning more money than the three of you put together." It <Bdn't take him long to his prediction come true, eitherl Xn l w,ty 5 S.'^^tp « «"=» '- ^ J " Ja " The stock market break has been:" a real shocker. Deeper than that, on the industrial and trade level, are other things. two-frock tatterdemalion, can talk jean be inflicted upon a newspaper to me utout our leader's relatives columnist. I haven't read that column my- lold me. "Somebody , . h Jhat way * n billion, lowest since August 1961. i|i,. an a ,ta(.'k. "Ifrom her family dxxl budget on a|tell me about it." busy first of the year to an extent that can't be ignored. Second, even the old and higher rate of growth wasn't quite j factories may j| ian ,ni n g O f foreign affairs but his will be hitting him with But at midyear, at any rate, j the s ]\^ n; , economy, continued they were still humming in mostl hi( , h unpm p| 0 yment, his troubles industries. iwith tjusmr-ss ;inil the dismal doNext: 'Hie consumer prop lo the j mcsU( . re( . or d j n Congreus. enough to solve all the problems, economy such as jobs for all, or maintenance of the gold supply. Third, there are now BO many cross currents in the domestic economy that old ideas about the effect of some on the general flow have gone by the boards. And fourth, tlie United States is now so involved in world affairs that outside events bear more scarcely wobbles. Japan Cashing In TOKYO (AP) — The Finance YOU'RE TELLING ME! In addition, in a nonpresidential i year like this, tlie minority party; in Congress-Republicans, in this case—usually picks up seats. If the pattern is broken and i Democrats pick up bt-ata it will ^^ o wiUasseVt" By WILUAM WTt Central Press Writer and machine gun- . D° y° u h""" 8 «"* d .f k *f° wn Bast Faan Ftua tasU fa _,,.,»»„ boarded a ship a ""~ robbed pas- theBO y° ur U ' 8 oftener natural I cre of *1 OW, The National Confectioners As^ fl(jd ^ a motorboat . what? socUOion reports U. S. coiuuinn- "' ---- ' Ministry said Monday the govern-: gUU ^ Kennedy not much good ment's tax revenue for fiscal 1961 if they turn out to ix> conserva- March 31 was 10.9 per I live Democrats. ... li'y the const! i the bi tion of chocolate bars increased III 20 per cent last year! Korthumut Ooaat Indiana went j j ( tarefoot the year around— flia elephant is ona of the Democrats ' f n cioijraphn. Hard to be!i(ii!6— moat teachable of «»ii.....i. it called tne inci ' _ ()y U;alnui( , up w j ti , Republicans ~ an antl-nwcciuiM ' ! natural because of Japan's fast- strongly today on domestic econo- t my. Jn turn, tlie other nations |Paced industrial growth. . i •Jg-ii ,* ,.„...).' Kt-nnwiy iiave given Oie fitsiiit ~.t 'Jia miseries Uiis year. nature item. Qood thiiiy—if he tutra ob*troperuua he'ii be a 4KB 4K10C7C The bidding: Boutlj West North 14> Fans 2 9 34, Fass 3«v 8 A Pass C 4> Opening lead—four of hoarta. IMa hand was played In a Women's pair championship. The bidding Indicates North-floutn were not at all shy when it cams to contracting- for slams North's flvo spade bid, coming on top of her two previous forward-going responses, showa she was not from the blushing violet school. West, on lead, decided to open a heart rather than, a club, hop Ing to put declarer under 1m mediate pressure If aha had a heart finesse to take. Of course a club lead and club return would have beaten Uio vlarn immediately. Declarer went up with Ui ace and drew threo round* of trumps ending In her hand. Bhe then played a club to the queen which, lost to the ace. West r*»- llzed at once, that oh» could mvo defeated the- hand earlier she had opened her singleton club, and, unable, to contain htr» lelf, snM aloud, "Sorry, part- iw." Tha spontaneous remark w&» A lot lost upon South. Declsnr ealUM immediately that West lad started with a singleton lub. Ha when Bast returned ft eut, declarer ruffed, led a low lamond, and finessed the Jack. When tha jack held, declarer •>layed a club from dummy, and. backing her opinion, finessed the seven. She then, played thf) ling of diamond* to the afi« and repeated the club flnooso to make the slum. Declarer would surely not have adopted this line of play >ut for West's remark. The unusual diamond finesse, followed iy tho double club finesse, both of which wore necessary, would not have been taken if West had not let tho cut out ot th* by apologrUlng Instinctively to East Perhaps the moral I* that you should play bridge lik* a wooden Indian, It Is Interesting to note th&t West could have recovered from tha contretemps If she had played the quean of diamond* when South Jed tho five. Tht» would hava cut off a vital entry to dummy and made it impos* stole for South to take moro than one club nnesoe. Kin* r«tture* 8yn41n»U. Inc.*

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