Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 2, 1961 · Page 5
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 5

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1961
Page 5
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•\ ;• PLAUOY SON GRABS REINS Trujillo Takes His Last Ride •y t.- L. ALMEN jnews of the slaying had brought lion it could take to swing the! C1UDAD' 'TUUJ1LLO, Domini-' little show of shock. A few steel-] Caribbean country toward democ-i can Republics (AP)—Generalissi- helmeted infantrymen stood at racy. - I mo Rafatr Leonidas Trujillo was j street corners but'othenvise there Foreign policy makers in Wash-] paid the^tribute accorded heroes j were no signs of unusual police ] mgton said developments would < today. '" .or army activity. 'show whether flic carryover! His playboy son. Gen. Rafael; The go\ eminent—its outward j right wing Dominican regime is! Trujillo r -Jr.,'became the com man-i composition .unchanged because ; likely to become more moderate} dcr in chief of the 25.000-man the generalissimo held no formal or face ' overthrow — and then 1 armed forces of the Dominican j position in it—quickly pledged to Republic, the backbone of his fa-1 carry on the domestic and foreign ther's absolute rule for 31 years. I policies of the slain leader, cs- a brigadier i pecially "aid to the western de- Washington will know better how to apply leverage. A correspondent for the San Juan Star in Ciudad Tru.iillo snid there were unconfirmed reports ! that Gen. Diaz is in one of the i general ai-,Wfc a^e of 9 hy his j moeracies" and anti-Communist proud father — was appointed policies. Thursday night hy President Joa--.- Extolling the dead dictator, it j western provinces near the Hai quin Bala^jjp^. and other govern-; promised to adhere to. his policy i tian border with between 750 and- ihent emefs who served as front | of nonintervention. "as~\vcll as in-j 1.000 men. i men for'^(hc generalissimo. 'variable adhesion to the senti-1 A Dominican exile leader in j Young Trujillo's first job in pre-; menu of friendship which the re-j Mexico City, Juan Romero Ulloa, i serving the family rule is to hunt • puhlic • has always maintained for) said the band that killed TrujiHo ' down the small hand of assassins ,'all nations of the free world." ] numbered about 30 men armed I led by a retired army general j' All members of the government ; with submachineguns and side who ambushed the dictator Tues-i and leaders of all the armed ; arms. day night'as he was being driven" forces signed the communique. I Romero "said thnl Gnn. Diaz i from Ctudari Trujilto to his coun-! Rafael '-Ir. also was made a had escaped to the "mountains try estate. The elder Trujillo. 69. ; member of the cabinet as secrc- j and is heading a revolution with , fell fighting with revolver in hand.; tar\ of ^ute without portfolio • fram 1,000 to 2,000 wei! armed ( a communique said. , ; Retired Brig.•-Gen.' Juan Tomas i men. The dictator was to lake his last \ Diaz", once a close collaborator ? The newspaper El Caribe said a , ritle today from this capita] city, i with Tnnillo, was called the lead Roman Catholic Priest, Father, whose ancient name of Santo Do- ; er of the band of killers. Wide- j Gabriel Maduro, had given asylum niingo he changed io memorialize |spread reports that he had an . to one of that assassin- himself; t . .... i armed hand-of supporters in the j ated Truiillo. : .The body lay in state in his; mountains-brought an official de^ j The newspaper, considered a> luxurious: hpme in the capital dur-j nial from the .wai department, ["spokesman for- the government,, ing the night, then was moved to j Five other men were named as , said Huascar Tejeda Rema \\as f . (he lobby of the National Palace ! members of the a=?assm band. > given shelter m the priest's home. 1 sWcked with flowers. j Informed sources said one or two The priest denied this ' , ;VThc burial .will be in San Cris- ] of them ha\e been captured or r Thfre was no official word J tob'al,' IS miles away where Tru-[killed but <=ome got away and whether an> of the conspirators; jilio was born ; and worked in Tiiwere behe\ed hiding in the moon- ha\e been arrested. j mill, before embarking on his mil-! tains, i itary path' to power and vast! The savage mutitiation of Tru- j READ THE CLASSIFIED ADS ' Appropriations Committee Goes On Spending Spree WASHINGTON (AP) — The House Appropriations Committee today went on Us biggest spending spree of 1961 recommending $14.41 billion in new funds for the Agriculture .Department and 23 independent federal agencies. Tho total, included in two separate bills slated for House action next week, was $342.14 milhon less than President Kennedy had requested hut $1.85 billion more than current venr appropriations. Most of il is fur use during the DEL RIO (T«xa») NEWS-HWAID, Friday, New Start Turns to Tragedy ^mr n . ->\- mf -f PRATT, Kan, (APV~Dr. Zanc Card's bright new start in life, after nine jears of scrimping through school, turned to tragedy in an instant Thursday night. A jhig truck smashed into a station j wagon carrjmg his wife and their i five children Mrs Gard wast killed, along , with two (if the children and her \*3~ \ whipping crazily behind t)i* f^- ition wagon. Investigators «»« gusty winds may have caused' H to jerk the station wagon Across the highway into the path nt Hie, truck. , t ^ f - ( ( Dr. Gard rushed to the wreck-^ i age and picked his way from "vtmt* , to another of his loved ones. Beck}, 4, died in hi- arms. 'Mrs'. ' Gard, Larry, u, and Weseman * ^?' 1-3 I i?: The committee recommended $5.98 billion for various agriculture programs and $843 billion for the 23 independent offices, largest ' of which is the Veterans Ad.nims- ! tration which was, gt\en SI 8S bil lion The committee's action followed i House approval Ihursday of a os'l | appropriating §751.3 million to the IState and Jusuce departments, ro Ired 1,1 n ,. . nr - ( ' ; "' ( i ict n ' sh ! 1p ! tf aml 11S ami - % ^^ te truck " cuU and 37, wti v*r .. ... , , , , . . i Mrs. Gard was 23, her three_ children were hurt hut m Zane and y^ Gard satisfactory condiUan. Three _ men! marnod 12 >ears a£Q whcn 16 and moved to Kanssi" City , Znne dro\e cabs and worked at hi^ -legrec nth»r jobs whi'e he studied at the the Kansas Uimersuy of Kansas City and "the Osttopatln Me! college of Osteopathy, and his wife's l President Getting Hostk^omed Car MODERN MONSTER —Where great dinosaurs once roamed, man-made monsters now dominate the landscape. Low- angle view of machine above makes it appear as if it is- excavating a deep canyon.. The earth-eater is a trencher digging an 8-foot ditch for a gas pipeline for Lone Star Gas Co. near Garner. Tex. , ,o number of money bills on which MhccommiUechas«UKHh.svMr ^excn of them me passed the House but onlv l«o have passed I the Senate and been sent to the President p ,„ lourwheolcd i ^^ ^^ ^ household , js „ ( | r , clopcf| <( hca ,, jche ' OF DEATH AND LOVE CANBERRA, Australia (AP) Kadio Australia reports that a new rehaious cull, whose followers must b\*eaj to help kill all Australian. Europeans and Chi nese in New Girnca. has sprung up in the Auj'.rahan island 3f Xew Britain Members reportedly l^ve Americans. REPEAT PERFORMANCE NORMAN, OMa. LP — Appea.-- mg in Cit> Com' on a charge of speeding and having an improper inufflcr. an 18}tar old boy told Tudge P H Parham he was in a hurrv to reach the county attorney's office; He explained he was due there to d^ciiis a reckless driving charge Road Workman Killed ' SEMIS'OI E, Te\ (AP)—Wade ' Jasper CXercash, 28, of Big Spring was fatallv miured Thursday when he was run over by an earth-movine machine while working on a highway nc'r here. lo a ear carrvmg Mrs \Vescinan and another Mountain \'iew ro;i- | pie .Mr and Mrs Lester Mast 1 '\botit fi\e mill's wist of Pratt on l> S 54, 'the trailer~ started tor, ^or'1 ha^e to crane their ™ As and -^ train thcir «*" ™? mere «hcn the Prcsxlent passes bv m bis bubble top limousine.- Pres.dcnt Kennedy is getUng .' mnv P lsstlc dnmefi car with •« o r »»?<* seat to boost him or lmn ' up to where thc - v can **-' seen better. Classified Ads Briny Results Former shortstop Johnny pilots the Seattle Uaniers, No I farm club of the Boston Red Sox. KUP-ELEC, INC. INDUSTRIAL • COMMERCIAl RESIDENTIAL CONTRACTING PR 5--M57 — 207-W. Di3nowil)» FURNITURE REPAIRS Retlnishing — Upholstery ', PR 5-4000 After 5 p.m. riches. > : jiHo's body after he was killed j Archbishop -Oct»*w Bera, rank-j was emphasized in the official! ing prelate'of the Roman Catholic \ version of the killing, possibly to | Church with which Tru jilio fought ; create the impression it was s ', in recent-.years, w^as to officiate j grudge murder, at the "services. - L Tlie U.S. government kept to s \ The riation ; -of almost three mil- ' wait-and-see policy on the Domin- [ lion was outwardly calm; the ican Republic before deciding ac-! More Freedom Riders ; Hit The Dixie Trail j '.•••'•.•''• . I! ' By; THE ASSOCIATED PRESS ; the terminal that a bomb had been :: After a false bomb threat, seven morC'^'FYccdom Riders'' sat in a white wailing room in Montgomery, Ala.. : today, then left 37 minutes late on a Traihvays bus for JacksohT" Miss. AnotMifSr7fffoup of seven, was scheduled"* to depart for Jackson later. ^Uniformed city police and sheriff's deputies kept a tip;hl gxiard on the donlown bu.- station to pro- vent disorder. Some FBI men were seen in the terminal. ,The four N'egro an<i three while riders made no attempt to eat at the. white lunch counter used by earlier groups of racially mixed DEL RIO NEWS-HERALD'S Restaurant It's Fun to Eat Out in Del Rio! The Restauranteurs of Del Rio Offer the Finest Food, Service, Dancing and Entertainment. Everything From Italian Food or Cabrito to Ham and Eggs, Premium Aged Steaks and Pastries Prepared to .Perfection. have .stRce days seffrcgalion challengers. .An anonymous caller telephoned French Generals Leading Mutiny Assesed 15 Years : PARIS ,(AP) — T\vo generals who once held top posis in the French army were each sentenced to 15 years in prison. Wednesday night for leading the tiny in Algeria P"t ihrrc shortly before the bus WBS scheduled to pull out. Police a «d firemen searching the build- ins found nothing. . Numerous such threats been made, in .Mojntsomcry racial violence broke out I a ?°- - i ~ A "Spokesman .for the Congress Of R? -«-'ial Kquality (CORE), who; accompanied the first group to; the bus station today, said twos i ^ p sro women used the white ; | rest room before .leaving the tcr- j ! minal. There was no incident. j !. T he CORK spokesman. Torn! i Gaithcr. identified those aboard ; the first bus as Charles Butler. IS: 1 of Nashville. Tenn.: Joy Rcagon. I 1 ?- of N'nshvillc: Ruby Smith. 19. : of •Atlanta, and Lamar Alford. IS.' i all Negroes: and Joseph McDon- laid. 20. of New York: Price Chat! ham. 29, "of East Rockaway. N.Y., Sand Ken Shilman, IS. of: New ' York, all white. | The Justice Department awaited | ar, answer to h$. .demand for court i action to protect riders from m ' > " ' BROCK'S CAFE BREAKFAST — LUNCH DINNER Charcoal Steaks Bar-B-Q • Mexfc&n—Eaetls_ Pastries WE WILL DELIVER CATERING SERVICE 643 S. MAIN—PR 5-5535 Pleasing Food Served Efficiently at Desert Hiils Creates Friendly Setting ! Good food served efficiently ir. !a pleasant and friendly atmcs- ; phcre is offereo at the Desert •Hills Cafe at 1912 Avenue F. Highway 90 in tlic city limits to ; the north. the cafe serves the De^- JE. B. | Subsidies Threaten I Local Government ,. ,. . , . . . . , - 'that Itxrai self-sovernment is be- d*ath by the special court of nine ; lhreatcnc( i; hv {e(Jeral - subsi . olficcrs and civ,l,an jurists-set up d .» Wednesday from .he under the emergency powers o ; idcnl - of l[)e Easl Tcxa£ the man they def,od. President ^ hambcr • Cmnm - t . rcCf E . B . Charles de Gaulle ,., ! Germanv- of Dallas. The prosecution had asked life. Ho ^^ DJS(ricl g mcetLn o sentences for Cha Ic. former com- | cliambl . r tha . morc than %W gander of allied forces mCcnU-M i |jms , o proyide ccmral govc ^ French'army chief* of "'staff. Only ! '" ?nt subsidies to local agencies De Gaulle can lich'.en their penalties and there was no sign that I_HEAR THE 'FOOD AT GREEN'S IS . TERRIFIC! YES, IT'S HOME- COOKED BY MRS. GREEN HERSELF GREEN'S CAFE Hwy 90 West-PR 5-4623 T crt Hills Motel, ii inviics (owns folk as well 33 travelers to en- r joy - it? good foou. I Mrs. Xola B. O'Brvant. who ': manages the cafe, said no parti- i cular food i? do.^^nated a spcci;!*- ; (y tn" >he house.., "though >vc"rc ] pn.isid of our • tlcaks." but good food in general ii^ offered. The cafe oper^; at 8 a.m. an»I i stays open until ICr* p.m. Since it 'vas completed last fall anl opened September 15,' I960, th-.'. oafe has " served - town people as veil a» travelers. Luncheons are offeree! from 11:45 a.m. -to 2:30 p.m. and regular dinners ar-> available at the'cafe from 3 p.m. •^ntil closing time. All pastries, ninncr rolls and cornbroad served by the cafe are baked in its ow : n kitchen. Mrs. O'Brvant said. "We serve iiic regular dinner n:!ls and cornbroad at noon and wc feature the Fiench rolls with the dinners in the late afternoon night, : ' ~she expiained.- Two walls of the cafe are prac- t.'cally all windrws, giving a plei- 1 sant view 'o the diners. i "We provide room service to ^patrons of the molel." Mrs. O'- I'Sryanc said, -i biit we do not limit I ourseives to serving its patrons, or just travelers. We have many ! people from Del Rio and this vt- \ cinity who enjoy our meals regu- 5 lurly and they are always mo-»l welcome." Delicate, lacey while iron grill- -.vork decorates ;iic outside of the ,• cafe, which is painted a -solt, i dusty pink, mau'r.iiig the motei. \ Individual lahics accommodaio \ : ''•'•' 1 jingle diners or small groups arid \ scan be placed together to servv' ; i larger numbers oi diners. i [ Cafe patrons have expressed jn- , tercst in the caft sign, a hand-j (painted bit of ^ceriery featuring j • mounlam? nnd desert. In addi- i ; tion-to flowers on individual tn- j I'blcs, the cafe- riso provides oil i j paintings to add - ic the 'surrounding and general almos-; 'phcre of well-being. ; FOR THE FINEST Home Cooked Meals FOR BREAKFAST. PLATE LUNCH or DINNER Come to the ROYAL CAFE. We have curb service for your convenience. ROYAL CAFE 205 Ave. F — PR 5-3652 EATING OUT IS FUN! DINE WITH US! We Serve a Complete Line of Foods • Dinners • Mexican Foodi • SleaVi • Sanrfwtchei • BteoVfast Anytime RANCH HOUSE CAFE PR 5-8100 — Ave. f o« E. tllh lie would. have heen introduced in the current Congress. "If the central government _ , , i v, j i take.s control through subsidies. Two other retired generals had I wm ^ , cft . f ; r , ^ joined Challe and Zeller in the, nmer , s , 0 do? -. ne asked military junta that seized power; ;. u> s(an<1 . |0 , osc cvcrytnins .« in Algiers in Apnl nmi.held H j Thcrc jg no indjcation of anv four days and Ld- movcmcnt in Washington to b!oc fc . mend Jouhjuid are behoved still | , c -islalion. he said. hiding out somewhere in Algeria.: __ . _ possibly readying ncw_ resistance | ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ in their zeal to keep Algeria; French. ; - . : De Gaulle already had stripped! all four of their rank. i Challc and Zeller gave up when! France and the armed forces ml- \ Quality Materials and lied behind DC Gaulle and the; Workmanship at Reasonable j mutiny collapsed. Their voluntary j Prices surrender_ivorkcd to their advan-i tage in the three-day trial. DR. OSCAR VALDES DENTIST CWOAO >CWA, lUXKO CoH Pt 5-3*4* SPOKIN Qff |C6 A balanced stock to serv* the lerirtory at established retail prices. The Herald Printing Company II* W. Having a Bail! That's Whal Folks Say- When They Make Up a Party for Fun at Highland Hills Bowling Lanes Breakfast Served Anytime! Come Out for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner SANDWICHES A SPECIALTY HIGHLAND HILLS BOWLING LANES 1201 BEDELL ST. PR 5-24O3 OUR STEAKS ARE BROILED FROM HAPPY STEERS Really Authentic . Mexican Food STEAK HOUSE End of S. Main—PR 5-2103 Beer AND Food ALWAYS GO TOGETHER OUR SERVICE IS JUST LIKE OUR FOOD... ...SUPERB! • DESERT HILLS RESTAURANT 1912 Ave. F — PR 5-3548 LIKE CHICKEN? FRIED ROASTED BROILED BAKED - ANYWAY YOU LIKE^IT - EAT IT HERE With Hot Rolls and Honey .. or Order It la Go CASBEER'S CHICKEN HOUSE Las Vacas Road Pierce's Cafe "A Good Place to Stop While You Shop" ABSOLUTELY THE VERY BEST HOME MADE PIES . . . STEAKS, CHOPS FRIED CHICKEN - SERVED IN A BRIGHT, CLEAN ATMOSPHERE 751 S. MAIN - Pt 5-1191 STEAK IF YOU CAN FIND-A. BETTER- STEAK IN DEL RIO- Well Buy It for You! LA SIESTA RESTAURANT Hwy 90 West-Pt 5-3521 SUNDAY IS AN EXCELLENT DAY TO DINE AT THE ROSWELL! So Is ... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday! PLAN TO HAVf SUNDAY DINNER at the ROSWfU • The Service Is Excellent • The Fare Is Var«dl • The Food Is, Exquisite! • The Service .Is , HOTEL

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