The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 10, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, July 10, 1893
Page 1
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Cancel VOL XIV-NO 275 , MARSHALL, MICE., MOftM,' JULY tO, PRICE TtO (MT8 tftso/afefy Pi/re A orea'm x of tartar baking powder Highestof all in leavening strength Latest U. S* Governifienf Foot/ Ro- port; ROYAL BAKING POWDER it) 106^Wall Street, N. Y It Is Again Brought Before the Public. A MYSTERIOUS LETTER POUND. Mecca, and it .is geltiiig 11 big foothold in France." ''.-•; • '• - : ••.., THE I CARTERS TTho Writer VroV6d to Bo tlio Wife of Jo- •opli W. Carpenter, Jr., Who Worked For'Horden nnd Was Saopectctl of'th* Murder. .PALL RIVER, Mass, July 10.—Joseph W. Carpenter, Jr., about whom much ia now being printed In connection with the-Borden murders because of a suspicious letter supposed to have been addressed .to him in New York, formerly worked for the Borden •& Almy firm of furniture dealers, of which Andrew J. Borden was 'the senior member. It was alleged against Carpenter at one time that he falsifted the firm's books. Andrew Borden was mostsevere witu Carpenter, but the latter, never had serio'us trouble with hinu Carpenter loft the city shortly afterward and became a drummer. Ho has traveled^rnost of his time in New York state; and generally makes his headquarters in Albany. .. When the Borden tragedies were heralded about the country last August, S»<* Headache and relieve ftT too trouble* Inofr jtfit *o a bilious statoof the system »uoh «f DludneM. Navuea, Drowslneao, Dlatrew after rating. Pain In the Bide, &o. Whila their moot TemukaUe auoceea baa been shown in curing . _ . It ArriWrt At; Milwaukee And In 6l.ien A Rnrdifkl tVnlcomn. t ' Mit-WAtJKKEt ;.Tn"ly 10.— the Viking craft in tow of-rthe ateainer Albany reached here Sunday afternoon several hours earlier than expected; The trip {torn Mackinaw was tprtdo in 22 hoars. "Ca'ptain Anderson, who left the ship at Detroit, arrived hore by rail, First Mate Gunderson, has charge of the Jtrange vessel and (Captain H. Nichol- on represents tivo of the United Norwegian societies of Chicago is acting as scort in the trip up the lake. As the Viking anchored just outside the government breakwater every whistle in he harbor shrieked for a few moments. Lauded UU- Mnu In Jail. BENTON HA-HBOR, July 10.— W. H. faplin of 'this city was awakened by a mrglar attempting to forc0 an entrance o the house. Mr. Taplin remained juiet until the marauder fairly landed nside, . when the .nervy householder gripped him by the throat, marched aim to the police station and had him _ocked up. The prisoner' gived the name of Henry Moore. He lives on a farm "four miles from here. ""• -Swept by Fire. M6RLEY, July IQ.s-A disastrous fire over the south part of the town, level- i yet Carter's Uttlo LlTer Mia are equally TalwiWe lij Constipation. curing and pr» ' •venting this annoying complaint, white tboyaU.1 BorSorsoftUestoiBach^Uniulatotha oorroctaUdiBo JUver and regulate Uxe bowels. cured EvonUtboyoniy Acliatbey would boalmostpricelesa to those wh6 eu/i'or from tljiB(JiMtrr saing complaint; buttorta- sately iii«lrg'K«1 u;-i Ji doen notond Ucro,»nd Uioso whooncotrj 11-' ") will ftnd tacsallttlopillaya'il' Attainao xu:'? v; vBthatthoy will not bo wil- iJthei'ai r, / Hvcu rtiat hare la wher* Our pills nureit white enmity toward Mr. Borden Was hunted down. Among the suspects was Carpenter. District Attorney Knowlton felt satisfied from hi» talk with Mrs. Carpenter and her little girl here that her husband had not been in the vicinity since the time of the traged/ nor for eome time before it. Nevertheless, at the suggestion of Marshal Hillyard, who was urged on by Mr. Jennings, Captain Harrington was sent oat to ran down Carpenter and to obtain positive in formation of his whereabouts during the latter days of July and the early days- of August, 185)2. Carpenter proved an alibi by hote clerks and registers. One fact in con nection with the Carpenter matter caused Miss Borden's lawyers to be persistent in their search for him. It was positively stated by one Peter DiL-- coll that he had shaved Carpenter in summer M ids Evelyn W at son is prepared to give instruction id the lftngufl£eslifid mathematics, or id- any of tho common branches. .. ',' Miss Graham, teacher of guitar, man dolm and banjo, will.give instructions during vacation oa ihe tlijflefent inp.tfu, twetttf*. Thoso who sire interested please" consult with Mr. Louis every man who might had reason for- ing to th,e ground seven buildings oh it.,. A .-A.I Hif — n.. u ^l A » ..L.m Uz.vii-nJ "tV*A «-\*»im/«irta1 at riant a Tim rvrlfMW t\f t.nft the principal streets. The origin of the fire is supposed to-haVe been spontaneous combustion. The loss is very heavy, but at this time can not be accurately estimated. A number of families living over the stores are rendered homeless. . ',' ' •' llrtlrtf Your Curpuln. Tho ciirpet cleaning works on Ex change street will bo open on tint! after Monday, March 27tlj. "V - •••'- — "•'•• '• • • --.— i— • Go to Boughton's for wall tya'per. JSinv stock and now styles. ^ .Robert Bche^y, is prepared to Ho Ji1mls"of tin work, shop opposite E. Murphy's. If you H ant the best refrigerator on cartb for the least money uo to Bosluj's. Buy the gonuiue Philadelphia lawn mowur »t Bosley's. Sufferers from Piles should know that th Pyramid Pile Cure will promptly and «f • fectually remove evory trace of them 1 . Any ; r'uggiat w'U get it for you. • $100 for a case of Catarrh, Dyspepsia, Net' voosncss and Sleeplessness thai-Vegetable Cure will not cure. ." ' i Vegetable'Cure will break up Colds and and Coughs*, LaGrippe and its after effects Tremulous Weakness of the Nerves,.Erysipelas and Constipation. 12 oz, $1.00. • _ - DR. SHARPSTEEN; A Political Demonstration. VIENNA, JiilyIO.--The socialists made a politicaj Demonstration Sunday in favor of universal suffrage? More than. 10,000 of them attended the indoor meeting. As many more listened to speeches in,.the city hall square. Suicide at StnrgU. ' STUKOIS,' July 10.—James Murray committed suicide" by shooting himself with a targef gun, the ball striking him in the head, passing into the brain. He died instantly. He was 46 years of age and came to Muskegdu five years ago , , , , . . .„.,. - „ i from Sturgis. He has been the de^ the barber shop at the Wilbur House a | B j gner a t the Waites-Bames furniture day or two before the ruurd«rs wt-rw ' f ac tory. He was born in Canada, and cojntnitted. This story though the Liiwn mowers paired nl JiuuievV. uud uet your tin tin shop. mumlcil. at Carte? 1 Tgryei •-, Tiey -an' use ' CMs • ."H- "PIIlii aro very email ani' u i or two i"ills makea aoa«, !U¥.lBVln»nil4a not grip^ Ol •ic-ut 'a r.rliou' .pleasa oil who ;r 25c. : ?its; «ve<or$l. Sdld . JJC-'K, or =sn( by mall. ..>':rt CO., Now VcrJt. ' HUMPHREYS' Tor Horsss,"Cattle, Sheep, Cogs, Hogs, -AND fO0I.THT. 200 Page Book on Treatment o uud Chart Seui 1'ree. A..A! \ S^ft^MeBfuSit^SliVfe Fever. B.B.—lstrainB. Lauienes*, llbenuiaiwnu ~i,C.»Disteuiper, Ntuial UUchargea. " .D.—B«t8 or Grubs, Worms. _.£.—Cougba, Heaves, "sienuionia. F.F.xColfo or Gripes, bellyache. B.G.~Mi«e«rriage, Heinorrhaweii. H.l{.~Urinary and Kidney Diueaaeo. I.I.—Eruptive Dl»f.*»e», Mange, J.K.,—ItiiteatteM of Plgewtiou, Paralytnu. Bin^e Bottle (over sadosos), - - .60 @taMe Cose^wlth Speclflca. j Mantt!U, Veteriniiry Cure Oliuuii Medicat^ir, 87««tO Jar Veterinary Oijre Oil, -' * 1.00 ±SLJ''^SgSS^ r SL p ^ >aill ' I " 1Iher "f l> HOlteOPATHIC SPECIFIC No. f|f| 60 police say was wholly unfounde •Sunday night Mrs. Jos,eph W. Carpenter was found at the home of her' father-in-law, where she was visiting with her daughter. In answer to ques- < tions she said she wrote a letter to her ; husband some -weeks- ago jn which she begged him to come home as soon as he could. She said, in_ substance, thalf nobody could "cause him any more an.^ noyance here on account pf the" murders, inasmuch as Miss Lizzie was acquitted, and the feeiingc, in the matter had quietefil down. "She wrote in this strain because her bnsband bad been diffident about coming to Fall River on account of having been shadowed and had his name mixed, up in (he affair. -fa. v Shis said that her husband had not been here einccf Decoration day, 1892, and thakbjs whereabouts after that date bad b'een fully explained to the satisfaction of the police. She cannot explain how her letter was lost. « She requested that Captain Harringtoa'a detailed statement be given, the broa'tl- est publication. The officer says he caji not talk until .he has a consultation with the marshal. The following is the lettei 1 which was fouiw} upon the stree$; My D£AH HUSBAND— Lizzie has beenao qult&a, and I don't think they can do anything with you now. I>i-a.ut you tocoine hoflia to spend the Fourth The papers give u description of JUie man seeo overthj^ feuce o,u the morning of the murder. Can liis people formerly lived in Buffalo. Culoocl Tyrrell Suspended, LANSING, July 10.—The biggest kind cdf a sensation in the First regiment of the Michigan National Guard has been sprung by the military department. Colonel John E. Tyrrell of J-agkson, has been suspended "for insubordination, and pending an investigation Lieutenant Fred Shubel of this city is in command of the, regiiaient. - Arrested For Aspault and Battery, COLOJIA, July iO.-^Thornton Carter, the' leader x>f the Carterite sect, has been arrested on complaint of his sister^ in-law. Miss Ella Boyer, for assault and battery upon his wife. He was taken to St. Joseph, where he was liberated on SlOO bait He will be tried Thurs- da/. Accc|i»j)d. , July 10.—Trie board of control of the "State Public school h.aa accepted Superintendent Wieland's resignation and will appoint his successor from among one of the srix applicants for the position, at an adjourned meeting. > ' " "...,.-,» • Fill and Broke Hi» Ne«k. BAY CITY, July IQjT-WbiJe some boys were playing on top "of boxcars on the -Flint aud Pere Marquette belt Mne John Kt^hinski, aged 10. fell, to the ground, "dislocating Wa shoulder ana breaking- big negb,. . He died, instantly. '•*'--" J '-'- i "I^Wiea. VVhfu aujthiuj; j'on waul to buy, Just cull uti Cbesher's mill and try, His casli prices vvill ^ure]y suit yju, Wheu uny feed jou do W»IH ground, Call at. Chusber's mill, he is always nrouud, And U« will try tp pleastf ^ou. YYu buy fu-r cash uud sell for cash, And tuat's what keeps' us in our hash. •' Get your wall paper and Geo Boaxluou's uew store. paints a X STOEKfAKTED TO PASTDRI Terms cheap. Seejor address, A. B. RING, cs oa babies, 4ure nipples and in naiuuiatiou of the breast instautly, relieved with Lftvcudar Oiutmunt. Notion. T|ie Eureka baktiry^witgoo makes daily trips to all pacts of tn<j city,(}iiitY mj,' H full line of bread, cakua, pies and cookies. All orders will receivts prompt aUfintioa. . Jjk.8. Just asjsuse as hot weat,ber comes there be more or less bowel coinplalat in this vicinity. Every person, and esye^ially families, ought to have some reliaolo tnfedicine at band for instant use in case it is needed. A 25 or 50 cent bottle of Chamberlaui's Lohc, Cholera and Diarrhoea Remedy is just what ypu ought' to have and aU that you that would need, even for the most severe dangerous cages. It ia the beot, the most reliable aad most successful treatment known and ispJessajit to take. For sale^it Greene's '* dru^ store. ' s t The Pyramid Pile Cure ia a new discovery . for the prompt, pecadWnl cure of Pile^in '-' every form. ~ you prove \vUeie you wet*? on of. t&c jA MipLiND,.Jtay-lb.-Ohayle«' Bailey was scaM^d about the, *«**• arm* and Abdomen at the mill of Woodeuware Company -by the bursting of «u inspirator. He may not recover. Say* Clioler* May State* by Fall. Gopd si|,jQ|nier woodat Mi Vy the l eonj here on th« steamsp °" ^5u,thamp.tou. Miss y kn^wu an me4ical and auacie to "use, ••'i 1 "!^ ^" ^JTTy ~^ ~"*T«

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