Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 2, 1961 · Page 4
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 4

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1961
Page 4
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4-DEL RIO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Friday, June 2, 1961 {Gardner Dickinson r* If r\ '••• • p* • i .. •. — . GOlt Driving Range Leads Memphis Open '• W » I I ill .. I rri^w : MEMPHIS (AP) - Advice from ibc- t.'p may be finally paying off Dickinson said. "It looks as if it helped. Ff a few of those putts I « AH 21 II 21 fl O ? • WIOIEQUd •••^"•* %- 5p^ B < t<- i '. '-TV A Del Kio's first j;..if d; will open tomo'-ow. The new Oast? -Fairway-- \\>it driving range. The hack fence is like them. >e located on US l*y ,j<i.-;' «-i.-i of V'X> yard.- away. the San Felipe C^unirj Chili .'t.'i For those who feel they in 'iie ijisr^c o! M^rr;-- .-onie instructions—either begin- ^nil close era". > car^ —Tajior wi!l be available to pive stalled. Tin- lishi.-- are special!;. ii;:?»ijjn..i:.v:: icssc-ns He say; he aiso will be -lesisned for use n timing ranse-:. >«_•-. Dors .if — - — - - : -- ncmg h the Billy pru p ir. who f. i > has been one o>" thi Amateur goliers in ti Ihe state, \vilt turn when the ririvinr. ranst- Taylor said they ,p\si\ enins for the ash iT-i: r^ row. The opcntr.s; invt .set at 10:30 a.r~ I'rt- will be served «j.:r'sTj^ th^ ch»bhoiis<-. .•' !.-'•'!-: tcst is planned i<:i The driving r;T,<_t }n :nat tecs and 15 :;•:.<- : ir? prepared. T;o /'-r •«.- i 11 be re a d y j. < >„•;.. i:: :hc driving tc-es trt'rc ?.'. hole putting <;:•••!. > : wil! be able to pr:i;-i;-. i- of their game a:-•. .;Cold dr.nks. -.;=„«.-;•;:: tr various kinds c/.-nt,! available at th. U;:h (hose who wish u> i'-ur a bit before or «Kt?r ;! (he driving . ran.^t' !i:*-r<- television so: .a^ailni-.-U- Louse. Golf merchii' ?:>v. irons, woods, sou" i«a;is, sale at the ciub ! u-.;se .Taylor stresst.: 'rsaj sr.yor.f ci.i come out and take out their {ni- trations on the coif bali-c. You don • even need to h-,-,c y.;.^r o' &iif clubs—they will tie Airr.isbod r>> the Oasis Dickinson, whose r f i- o r d - t y j r, g 63 made him; n round. ...... the man to beat going into today't ; It was the second straight day I By ED WILKS | '..Whether or not "a follow through Dressen's remarks second round of the 530,000 Mem-i for". Dickinson to tie the course i Associated Press Sports Writer Jon Dressen's threat to shake up the Martin trade phis Open Golf Tournament. j competitive r e c o r d His 63 {' -Milwaukee's bumbling Braves ' the club. Milwaukee traded utility ; Braves obtained ;. Even thc most prodisous hitters i>n hand most of the time to pa.,s ; Dickinson, a slightly built pro,, Wednesday was in a pro-am and 'still are stumbling around the mid- •' infielder Rilly Martin to the Mm-'Console and shipped him. to Van- •-YitMicve room 10 cut loose at .the ?n golfing tips <o U«>.=f uho would uv ,k a tip from PGA champion ! doesn't cqujH in the tournament, i section of ihe 'National League, inesota Twins of the AL. In his couver), an omissionthiJ A could Jay Hebert and used it in fash-. Player and Palmer wanted to j and after getting a tongue lashing jblow up. after the bus shenanigans ,tag Martin with a bum ;??{».'as a -;. At present p!^. .arc to - open . j, >R j ng Thursday's round of 30-33 i play in the Canada Cup Inlerna-! from Manager Charlie Dressen i which followed Sunday's double-1 scapegoat. The . Braves; hoover, ne,-.l the driving ran-te at 10:30 a.rr. ,h a t save him a one-stroke lead tional matches, now going on but t they now have been given the ' header split against last place had had Billy on the-.block since; «.vir Don VVhitt. ; the PGA-sponsored M e. m p h i s i bum's rush by the umps and the j Philadelphia. '-'-' "" ~- : "" "«•"""' »'»" «™...r,n n others, including 1 defend-; Open wouldn't release them. So i Pittsburgh Pirates. ai II p.m. Fn* Drcsscn told training after acquiring BABE RUTH LEAGUE ine champion Tommy Holt, were they're XsiUing out the week. next m 66 as 2-1 in the field of 91 Bob Rosburg. chairman of the :hc 0,-423-yard. 3-1-36—70 Colonial • of the. biggest backers of • Mem- Country Club course. : phis's stand, had a 67 Thursday. Top money winners Gary Play- along vi-ith six others, including rr and Arnold Palmer are not hometown favorite Cary Middle- in/re because of a rhubarb. ' coff. Six .others had 68s. .Jay ;')ld me during a practice The field will be cut to thc low round to stand closer to the bail/' To and tied after today's round. Nats, Creamers Tie In Three-Hour Game Thomas May Control White Sox in Week i No more than two j or under .500 thus far, the j be champs have lighted more j t fires off the field than (on a news-} I paper fire on a bus ignited Dres- iscn). It looked liks they might: : have found the spark Thursday ? ini.sht. when they scored twice in : ' the first inning, but the.v wound | up with an 8-2 thumping by the | i Pirates in a came called after < ! seven innings because of rain. > J Braves- "some of you guys won't: second baseman Frank Boiling in i be with us" after the June 15 trad-' a trade. Martin has been in only games over mg deadline. \ six games, going 0-fpr-S The club made no mention of pinch-hitter, "-.,•-.:; I! !H' , BASEBALL ^ STANDINGS By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS AMERICAN LEAGUE W .L Pet GB Detroit i9 16 ,r>r! — Cleveland '-- r > 17. .•>•,-"> 2 Kew York tTi IS .S»n 4 Baltimore _.•:'= I'd ."5--, 4 Washington £^ '2-\ .5'-; C- • Kansas City I'.; 2-'r .157 7 Minnesota i'-- 2; i'.'i s Boston \z 23. .;;::? 9 Los Angeles .. 16 2-:, .331 n r = Chicago =G 27 : :r 72 !'. i {.Thursday's ResuSfs Bostor. 7.-' 1 ;Vew York ;> Kansas Chv 4. Detro;* i. caii-:J Vvashinpon 3. Lus\Ar.«.: iti Only games- senc-d;ih-(! Today's Games Minnesota (Kraiick \-"i> a (Biinning 3-4 -.. .niahf A'ew York •( Ford &-2i s\ fMcLish 2-5). night Baltimore (Hoef: .!•• - at {S^hwall 2-d;. nish; Los • Angeles iMcBr;<ie 5; Cieveianc : Bcii 3-!>. Kansas City ('Daley -i-oi •ington (Dor-war* 0-5 •. Th.-- Creamer: and the Na's .Jessie Zuiiiga c-aci. had r!3^i-rf bf-sc! al! for nme inntnvf: for the v.irrK'i- !>ic-k> Hrt'i nearly three- hours last niti'it .~tnd Lance Kecket* hsii r.•>'•; r,"v£r did •<•••'me up with a lor the loser? •i;nr>»-r. '1 ho sajijjj uas called at ——— ;».:.i pin. v,i:h liic score tied D-D. Tii't- Crfamers opened the siam'. 1 M.-;th three runs ii- the top of the. :' ; rbt Lining. Tiic Nats ma'nagt 1 to eke out on.- run in the la'U hr-'f o; !he innu,!:. • . In the second lhc Creamers, t.:!- :icd once more and looked lik'.- i.hcy v.c-re going to win it going .£-'-* ay The N'ais roared back with <_ ne in the third and throe in UK* iiftii to take, a 5-J lead. The Creamers made an allroii: effort to put ttic ^ainc away wii;i five runs in the top of the sevent'i Ko'ivpver. the Xa;s bansed home four runs in the last half of the inning to tie i! up. The Iwo teams bauScii on through two more in- r.m^s before ihc game was calk-'i H,- W. Monzir:2u. league coir. .(-"isFioner. said this morning th? .-iianssc'rs wniiifi £c-t tosethcr to -iV/cide when they wanted to finish ihe bsii game. The Lions best the Jets in thc ;"cond panic of the nipht which called at lite end of five in- r.ings by agreement of both team.-;. ' It aopearen for awhile this game might follow the pattern establish* ij by the first <?ne. Thc Lion.- • -•i-ored one sr. tho .top of the firs!.' 2nd then adfk-d three more in the having fought ihe prup^si for second. Laughiip tallied one n years, the University of • Mirmt-.-o- Lhe second and four in ihe third. la Thursday <i:ci an .aboiu :;u ; t- Tho Lions broke loose for eight and approved renewal n: the I.;JL : :«:2 runs in the lop of thc fifth t'> Ten contrac v wi!!; ih.j ROJC Kow:. •vin the bah game. Robert Pu i.-.nco «as thc «inning pitcher 70-42 ballot of she Tticharo Zun:ga. James Eddy and tj cs "overran-:; hod Cubs Nip Spikers Win ; It was the second strai"hl over T' ie Elks Spikcis whammed on! first and three times in the third. 'Milwaukee for the Bucs. who B 15 ' 3 v i'^toO' °ver the .Lau.chlin; The hig fourth inning for th? New FprSFCG; Roel Love has been hired as the new golf professional for the San Felipe Country club, it was announced yesterday by T. M. Johnson Jr., president of the "Board of Governors of the club. Love, will replace Grady Simmons who is returning to Houston to go into private business. Presently working at Sinton, Love plsns to take over the pro position about June 25. His wife will be here about June J5 >o handle the dultei as club manager. , piled up 17 runs and 21 hits in the Fl - vor? lasl n 'S"'t at Overstreet ; Wheelers tied the score at 4-4 and '!-sv.-eep while bMtin" the Braves' Park and lhc Lion Cuhs cased ; «he game went into extra '•• two aces. Warrei- Spahn and Lew ? 3Sl !tu> Roiary Wheelers 7-5 ; n; when neither could, break Burdette " lc second ball j-ame. deadlock. . . ri'CAC.O iAP'—'Vmlrolling in- ioinilv;hr ailin? White Sox Prosi-'i ' . Ronnie Csrta was the starting: -•:'-! of tti" Chicagti White Sox -dual Veeck. Hank Greenbcrg. vice Burdette tc«ok the rap in this pitcher for thc LiJcs and got tin; f u. r:i_i\ .!H- sii'ilu- iiands of enter- president, and board membc-r A. i one,, and was tossed out of the .incision. He • wem five and • two- : " s •siner Danny Thomas and his as- C. Allyn Jr. Veeck and his -asso- j same after arguing with umpire tJ,ird innings, striking out" 10. be>..". iates within it week. cif.te^ are considering the offer. I R'" .lackowski. The flare up came, fore retiring-in S^vor of John \a-.' KomareS.'Ep'ton. Ciiicago allor- hut, Veeck said an option to pur-{ "'hen Jackowski disapproved of a lion. :H-> and ens' of tisp prime ora:<n- chase has not yet beet, signed by ; higti. Sight pitch to Roberto Cle-; The Spikers i:eici a 6-0 lesd i/crs "f. Li;*.' Thomas syndicate, the parties concerned. A decision , : mente the first line to face .t;oinc-"iiHo the flft!: inning. The liiade ar: fficr io pur- \* expected to be readied by 'Mon- i Burdette after Dick Groat had hit Flyers caught .fire' in the top ef i'i-r cc-r.* control of 'he day. Veeck said. I a two-run homer in the fourth in- Ihe fifth and sen; five runs scur- QUCECO Americi-sn Ltague club. . ~ ninii. C ryirsg across tht plate before thev iipion. :;j). mentioned no "price, but t " pton ^ ld h)s - rou P originally .; Thp defcat founh jn five ,, ames . were stopped. The Spikers put th? i; v. a>. understood <o be between soi'Sht to buy both the 51 pe?T pllt t | 1( . Braves three sanies be- ? ame away wj;h a nine-nm ou:- St.'VHi.fVVi anil S5.000.000 for the cent holdings of the Veeck syndi- j hind the fourth place Pirates a;i.l V}llrst in lhc bottom of the fifth. «sme h! .ck i,f stock that was .sold cate and iHc 46 per cent he'd by ! six back of leaaue-teadins Cincin- David Chalk isad two hits f.<r ;?•> \\\\\ %'o?ck and his associates . Chuck Coiniskey. However. Epton • nati. The Reds. idle, gained, a half- thc s P ikt ' rs ' Randal! Montgomery 2'nr S2.7f."n.fKV) in '.959, " , said, Thursday's bid did not 'in- j same edce when St. Louis de- Ann-tiJ.ii.-emeiit «i receipt of the elude an offer for Comiskey's ! feated -.San Francisco 7-6 and the top of the seventh tho came up with three big • riins. In Jhe last half ;of the inning thc Wheelers made noises 'as if they were going to pull it «ut, but they couldn't quite make ll. - ; : Robert Rodriguez, who relieved starter Dana Giynn in the fifth .inning, was the winning -pitcher.; WGA Installs New Officers offer was made stock. Gophers Reverse, Okay Rose Bowi MIXXEAPOL1S -APi- — A: Odessa Pro-Am Meet Has First Round Tie ' knocked the Giants out of a firs' | place tie. The Chicago Cubs wal- | loped Philadelphia 10-3 in the only I other game scheduled. " " • In the American Lea'aue. Dc! troit played a 4-4 tie with Kansas J Ci^y. in a game hclc! to 7'1' innings i by rain, and retained a two-game i load over idle Cleveland. Boston had a home run. -.Ved Carta blasted out a three j run home run in the bottom .-f' . . . , _ „ .. „ the founh inning in an effort to ^ ssoclauon of San F eh «« Countrj' Officers for the \Vomen!s Gob* it uast to no avaii " ** ODKSSA. Tex. i.\F;—Following Behind the Turner and \Vinin,L'cr j' lon ^ the Ciub were installed at, the, regular monthly nieeting \Vedaesday The Cubs scored once in the cvenin " in lhe club ; Betty Briscoe, retiring . presi- 'dent, installed the officers. She Sf (ITS ; was succeeded by Holly -Baker ss I president. Betty Joyce Johnson is By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS I Inc vice-president. Margie Baia Pitching — Harvey Haddix. Pi- ihe secretary and Estelle Kich- s Angeles An-' rates, allowed eight hits, but ardson is the treasurer.-» -^% •'struck.out seven and hlanJced the"! " N ' ita Ricks and Sitta KoSe are tie for- the ieaci^ in (earns, three pro-am pairs came! eels 3-2. T ^,,.^r,'; ^', T^^-V •• r °"'~ "rj f J^s '" w ' ! ^ S? ' s - F ' V C others were only! Groat and Smoky Burgess, who Braves over the last six inninas ( co-chairmen of the entertainment .:"'"„"• .7" 3'.'' -u : ",,'"~ r,i-i i ^ ^- lwl> strokes off the pace. - ! hit two homers, each drove in for 3-2 victory in csme held to: committee and the b - tournament >i-*iit3i?- r*;(? ^>iniri^.c?r. '_j.*irinomti i ,. ,_-..-.• _ ~ -, __.-.**. r-r.-i Dick Turner. San An- It'd, their-team? into s-jcond- round piny MajorJLeague Leaders ,•>•.! lilt- fjci.-to.-i 'J a! nishl t \Vas : ;- nisht By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS National League Catting (based on 100 or more lylissive baiis for ai bats i — Moon'. I-os Angeles. .3SG: Aaron, Milwaukee. .348. Ilims-Wills. Los Angeles, Boll- al | OWC(1 f o [)!av " jf j n ; iled inc. Milwaukee and Mays. San Frsnt-isco, 3-5; Boyer, St. Louis,- NATIONAL LEAGUE ';_.-- • W L Pel G3 : if; _pj>fj — Cincinnati San Francisco . -3-os Angeles -_ Pittsburgh :'... Milwaukee St. Louis Chicago :.. Philadelphia __ IS 2! : 'j 2'J: 3S 2$ 12 2S Runs batted-in—Aaron. Miiwau- u , r lhe , n€ , thod of u ..^ m ;i .,., r ... kc-e 4\>: Cepc-da. San Prancisco. once a nev v.. forma! coniraci "' • drawn." Kiift — Wills. Los Angeles, 55; ~ ; Aaron. Milwaukee antj Groat and Cicmente. Pittsburgh. 54. Iif.niblc's — Coleman. Cincinnati. I'i: Zimmer, Chicago and F. Alou. San Francisco. 10. Triples—Wills. Los Angeles and Virdon, Pittsburgh, 5; AHman. Chlcaso. Boiling and Aaron. Mi!- K«il) The reversal came by a surprise Turner with his partner. He. sirsit- f.-r-or-. San Ang^lo. were knotted-- Ttrjr-iday with ll-usuter-nar GIs.. Tnt- iS-team fi'-id played in neur J f >'-tic*?rf:e trmpsratures uith si- tcrna'.i-, ely s;i>ty and cairn v. inds. Ths_- fit-id will he cut tonight to the. 40 low ;es:ns: i \Vinineer ^nd Turner were col-1 k-se tea m mail's at Oklahoma Stile in she late 1930s. Canon is currently a men-br-.r of the Okla-' horns State varsity -.iolf team. V-'inin^r. playing here subject the resuit. He said it --shouid b'-.i- lc a fine ami six mc>nlhs &>J P^ ' The means an end to the iorictii'ne! spilt of f-onit-rt-ncc calie^t-s <•?. bow] question. Uclalida.s nf thc !"op w•;.;-, Pasaneha. Calif.. \"tn\ 'Year's- footba!! "ame hsd br-pn <m a I three runs as the Pirates tagged seven innincs by rain. - t committee includes Thera'a Kin: Flurdettc (4-4) for seven of their Hitiins—Gene Woodlinc Sena- del, Susan Poolc and Bcttv Joyce Ti . lc Columbus Jets of the Inter-j 10 hits. A sacrifice fly by Frank tors, delivered two-run" two-out i Johnson. lL ' n "-" t national League represent the. Thomas and a .single by Joe •'doable as pinch-hitter in ninth in-; Ruth Bcasicy is the new" repcrt- and his amateur part- \- n t j arm c ] u - n of the Pittsburgh: Torre drove in the Braves" runs ning for ."5-2 decision over Angets.icr for the ?roup. and the tele- i-rench. Odessa am. . pirates and arc managed by Lar-j before southpaw Harvey Haddix; '. —;-. \ phoning committee is made-up of Diclc ry Sliepard. I (4-1 >. allov. ins. eight hits and strik- Purdue's Terry Dischinger led '•• F.isic Xicholson and Betty Bris- r- ling out seven, started a run of-six r the Big Tea basketball . race in;coc. Mary Lane Young is nienv Classified Ads Bring Results i shutout innings. , 'scoring the last two seasons . ' bership chairman. fol!ov.-ins2 lapse of the formal tract. Big Ten schools had ears con- 4-H JUNIOR !ke Armstrong, athletic Thursday's Results SI. Louis 7. San Francisco <5 Pittsburgh S,;k ? ••:.• '2. n;2ht. v-ai:kee and Stuart. Pittsburgh. 4. called 7 inning, rain Hr-nie runs—Cepeda. Sin Frnn- Chicago 10. Philadelphia '-:,. nic-u Only games scheduled Today's Games San Francisco ; Sanmr<i ?, Los Angrjif.? tCrsij; 5-1). nighi St. Louis (Sadc-ck* :-:-2i M decisions)—Miller, San Frsncisto. 5jon. by the PGA because he did ' j r.ot "et a release from Memphis ,i Open officials, had six birdies and M ; : French five ->r. the par 35-37—72 r Clyde Kmu. .former pitcher, is 'Wc«a . Co-.mtry Club" c o u r 5 e ' managing the HocherUT Rr-d Thiir.-oay. Wings \Uio this season' are ' af- Turn-vr had fight birdies and filiafed with the • Haiti more Ori- Canor thrc-c. "It \\as one of-the- olcs. fine?', rounds 1'xe had in a nuin- . ' her of j'ears. 1 didn't come close KEAD T»K CLASSIFIED ADS !o a bogey." Turner said. sot (A. J. R. A. APPROVED) •i-'-co, .5; Robinson. Cincinnati. 1:: Stolen bases—Pir.son. Cinctnna- ti. 9; Robinson. Cincinnati and as • Wills, Los Angeles, 7. Pitching (hased tin 3 or more kee' (Woley -2-l>. n;.eht rhiladclphia (Aiahaff'ry 'f, Pittsburgh !Fr!.:rv; '-,-$ Chicago (Corn- 1-1 . a! nati {Purkc.. 5-1';. r,-,: - - a _ v t t TEXAS LEAGUE • V/ L P San Antonirr • •, '•& iC .'•> AmarilJo 2'n M2 :> Rio Grande. --•__ 'A 2-"; .5 Tuisa 2.'j '>r> .; Austin -.- _. .5.1 ; 27 .; Ardmore .... 2'.> ' :,'* .; Thursday's Results Amariikr <. Hin <Jr^nd'> \ Austin !. Ardmnr- •• Tulsa G, S;in A::!'-.":" : Today'*' Ardmrirc HI Au--'m Ilio Grande \'.-i|!-.y San Antonm :>'. 7:: Gfl Fight Results '•»y_ THE 'ASSOCIATED PRESS ; ' Spokane, Wash. — Von Clay. : 37$, Philadelphia. knocked out : Kh-k' : Barrow, IS! 1 ,'. SpoV:ane, G. • . ! Los Angeles — Eddk- Garcia.; i^, Denver, knocked dut Marvin! '<• Oakland, Calif. —Manuel Eli^s. outp«>inlp.d ; 4-0. I.OOi): Duffaio. San Francisco. ':,-!'-. l.CKXJ. Strikeouts — Konfax. Los Anee- !f.-. 6-3; Dryjdale, f-os Angeles. 55. American League Hatting (based on 100 or more BJ bats) — Killebrew. .SHnncsota. 3Vi: Ca-h. Detroit. :,'A1. Runs—Wood and Cash, Detroit -<n-'i -Mantle. Xew York. 37: Ka- irr.^ and Colavito. Detroit. .16. K'ipj? batted in—Gcptilc. Ba!ti- morc. 55; Cash. Detroit. 42 Mil,-—B. Kobinson. Ballimorc. • ")"•: Pifrsal!. Cleveland. 57. Douhlft-i—Power, Ck-veiand. 1G: Ii'unar.f), Cifvciand. 11. Triples—\Vood. Detroit. 5: S"i<;- \f-rs. ChicJi'^o and Kaiine. Dc'troil. Hfunf riins—Mantle. New York. !•': Gentile. B.itimorc, 13. Stolc.n bases—Aparicio. Chicano. 12: Ho-.y.sfjr, Kansas City and ; "v'er.-;allc.s. Minnesota. 11. ; Pitching Phased on 3 or more : decisions)—Grant, Cleveland and Mossi. Detroit, 5-0, 1.000; Latman, 'CJftveland. 3-0, 1.000. Strikeouts — Ramos and P«is- ial. .Minnesota. 57; Bell, Clcvc- '• land. 55. Jimmy Aiieyla; . !•>. Erb. • who mUc .Needles,„ vjc , ory in thc Kcn(ucky . WANTED 1 lM«>AOtATOliS TO M ~~~ClfMIEb. AND KEJ-AHiD DR RIO RADIATOR SEftViCE Dial Mt S-4419 | Derby, now trains thoroughbreds. CHt ANDtES PORTALES DR. J. H. KEY OFTOMETIKTS Office H»«fi Man. 'tfcrv ?rl. C«n«act UM FttfW ! 5-US3 — tM Wnt Or»Mw» ^--- ->*>3L;^dcV:^jak.-il AUTHENTICALLY A FINE WESTERN STRAW Come in and try on Baiieyls new Fiying X. H's coc! and comfortable— has new Roping Horse shape and distinctive new weave v.-ith 3-dimensicnai design. In your favorite color. REMEMBER: ONLY U ROLLlTS COME WITH < &LlJitvrL$utf)*r COMFORT I FCATHEB LIGHT FOAM LINER! iirerr -he 1e»i*cr 4«c*! Ih^ r.ic-,: f.:;m5. f.iS't o-^ntd. even ,( yon'ft in bitwein iue. :*id g-'jei yo'J t r-4'"E f-*\ ycu'vc i i lone cr,a(, a wide o*4t, or an 7/ie "The Store: That Knows MOST About Western Wear" at the \-^ VAL VERDE COUNTY FAIR GROUNDS THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY JUNE 1-2-3 3 PERFORMANCES 8 P.M. EACH EVENING BAREBACK BRONC RIDING CALF ROPING BARREL RACING STEER WRESTLING T "RIBBON ROPING BULL RIDING POLE BENDING BELT BUCKLE GIVEN TO EACH EVENT WINNER ADMISSION: Box Seats General Admission Students $2.00 $1.00 ... 50c DANCE FRIDAY & SATURDAY, 9:00 P.M. IN THE DANCE PAVILION

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