Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 2, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1961
Page 3
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.' ~i> It FOOL AND HER MONEY . . . By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: I was widowed four years ago, !<id ^up until recently I never accepted any"- dates because I was too broken up. I realized I couldn't continue to live with a memory, and* my children^ needed a father, so I started dating. I met a very attractive man who is new in town. He appears to be a perfect gentleman, but. no one knows much about him. He seems to be a mar. of means. I forgot to mention that I arn fairly well off. My insurance 1 company just settled an old accident claim, and J "was awarded 520,000, and this was m the papers. (I put it m trust for my children's education.) This jnan told me if.~L married him I wouldn't have to worry about money. What does this meanT L canit ask him how much money he has, car.'I? I am', not a gold-digger, but I don't want to marry a man I have-to support. How c£«n, I findUoyt )iis financial status? CAREFUL WIDOW DEAR CAREFUL: H he is on the up and up. he mil not resent your asking: him to meet with your lawyer (and banker) and reveal his financial status. If he. balks, lose him fastl;.V wont'an is a fool to^ marry a man who, won't hold still for questioning. fr " s ;t e DEAR".ABBY:".^ext Friday we have posture"-'tests-and we have to strip down to "our underwear for n .male doctor-we don't even know. Do %ou think this is tight'' BASHFUL DEAR ;BA5HFUt,: There is nothing wrong with it. Doctors ^re trained to be impersonal, and' there Is no need- to be embarrassed. ft- -7 * ^ ^ DEAR ABBY: Could voti or a reader satisfy my curiosity? There ar? uvo birds nesting m an umbrella tree where a woodpecker used to make his horne through" the winter. These birds are »lifferent from any I have ever seen. They are bigger than blackoJrds. Then plumage is so black it shines' • like patent leather. They have yellow- beaks, and make a whistling sound that causes women to turn araunc. The whistle sounds like a "wolf" whistle. (You know what 1 ..mean .'.'.. "Wheseee-Wheeeeooo! i. 1 Jim not a bird watcher, bin I would like to know what kind of birds sijev are. MRS, V. DEAR MIIS. V.: Tell me what part of the country you live in, and I' will -tell you what kind of birds they are. I am not a bird.\ watcher either, but soinc- of my best friends are. * 4 * •* ' * COXFU>J3.VTJAL. TO "LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT OXE:" Look for the fellow {or girl) who has not the best face or figure; the nic«?;»t car, or Uie^ smoothest line of .patter. Look for purity of speech, kindliness of' heart, sweetness of disposition, "and a willingness to work hard. In the meantime, set about to. -make yourself tht*. same kind of person as you are looking for. And you will find that person. B-.y B . J aly BRIDGE B e c k e r JIACKWAW <HAHd 25 In cwiir Paltrier bids One Spade, next flXuyer passes.' Neither side is vulnerable and you have a, part score of 00. What would . you now bid with each of the fol» lowing five hands? 3. +KQ54 *9 *AJC 2. 4Q97 *KS +AJ6 3. 4»J82 VAJ3 4KJ8 +KQ7G 4. 4K54 *AJ8 *AQ7 5; 4.7 *<}9743 4 Qfl? 1. Three spades^ Many bids Jca on ar- new meaning and have, a; different forcing quality when a- side has' a, part score. For example, a lesponse-of'two diamonds to. an opening- spade bid would ordinarily- constitute a r forcing- bid which the opener could not pass, but when the The Jump shift does not commit the partnership to a slam; it merely advises igniter of the* possibility. 3. Two notrump. Since a response of one noirump wouM constitute a game contract, the jump to two natrutnp iJxQ\va interest in ft starn. It is sirtctly a. limit bid. thoitg-h. anJ js usually made with 15 or 16 points ThtS jump is invitational only, ar<l can be passed by the o'pener if lie has minimum values and balanced disn-ilrtuion. 4i Three notnur.p. TM-s response is likewise- only im-ita- Uoual, and partner is pemitle-d to pass, but it suggests lar jj.ore strongly the slam potent sal. The difference between this bid and. • < ^ • r , . ^- • Years/-Ago/ Marion Friday, May- M, Sixty-nine pup.Js of the Del Rio Junior Sehn-J were promoted to hi,lh .school Thursday evening in the closing exercise* 'fecitaI .Thursday evening at held in the auditorium. jo'clock in the Woman's Club. same bid is mads with a pait J the preceding one is only one of score of GO. the opener is al-|degiee. The high-card point lowed to pass. Stnulaily, a re- j count is 17 or 18. The three 110- sporsse ^f two spades, which j trump respond* identifies,- a would oidinarily fall into the (hand that -.voisld have qualified 6-to-9-noint class. n»isrht - be as a, &ocd ottfnirt^ onp nnlruinn Edith f i ill A iv***ti^ " *«•• 1 * •**•>-• ^ •-» wj vi_? r %«•** wi£ +\r* \\m~ w***\j f [*' W u CTt ^"K'fon. Mi» I a nd A Little Waltz, both by Thomp- Lyde Williams, <mci Messers and f ^ Mesdamcs W. F Easterling an.l ; A. L. Harris, attended the all- day school of instruction ot the Order of the Eastern. Star in Uvalde Thursday, r * » » John Rowland Jihd sons, Melvin and Aubrey, were hosts Thursday, night at a dance at Del Rio Counlr> Club honoring she members of the graduating class of. Del Rio. High School; „, , w n* •- f*i "^ '•'>•'- > Piano Papj rs ' Marion Russell presented her i elementary school pupils m piano 8 _ . . _ ,« . The program opened with Pat Eight Dei Rioaiu Mesdames Adam9 p i ayin{ ,. Soldiers on' Pa- Lang Moorefield, Carl , rlul (Uoyd) Chcei , f<>r the- Blue -'. Becky' were-*Thpme t ' (Liszt-Thompson) r% and "'J Fireflies (Fidhawiterjl , Elaine Smiths played -Etuite '*!*.'•. ^? die^ (Hayes) ^nd'.Mottof" (Tftw °t -(Hayes) ?mi<sMotiu<"(TfcMn^- 'son); TortJ Sellers presented S*V" '* II- ; Merily Hodge presented Indian \ L<JU is Blues (HamlyV and -J&(^~ * ie 'Medicine Man (Hopsou) and the [ Mathena's selections were Gypsy- t Palace (NasonL ,"' r „;-' -' j Cynthia- CartftH -played > jly~ \ Heart at Thy Sweet' Voice".{Saint-' LSaens) and 1 Believe "(Drake"- > jStillnian. Donna Stephens^prt •• eel A Sea Mood (Lindfiuist) .Moon Dawn (Friml). Linda Tanksley's numbers Were Yes, Abby win answer your Jei sonaily if you write to ABBY, Box 3365, Beverly , Hills, Csiif., find enclose & stamped, self-addressed envelope. * ••* 'f : •£ Getting muiried? , For Abby's booklet. •'How To Have A Lovelv WedcLrsg," serid 50c to ABBY, Box 33&>. Beverly Hills, Calif. (Distributed ijy McNsught Syndicate. Ip.c.j 6-to-9-point class, might - be matle*with, say, &'12 point hand in'the presencc-of a* part scote. A raise to three spades, which overbids Ihe "score, represents a; slnm .try; It alerts partner to. the possibility of a slam, hut by : no means compels him to bid apain. 2. Three clubs. Since this is j Bj^ain, msjht pass wjth sr.clif- a jump shift, not a Jump laise, j fercnt het.*t support. as a^ good opening one no trump bid. ' ' 5^ One notrump. Great care Is taken in part score situations to avoid winding 1 up In a suit contract with- a bad tn»UD. : suit. For. this reason,, a response of two hearts is-avoided.' Partner, v>ho is not obhpaicd to bid the opener is comDelied to bid again. Partner Mveeds little more than a nuniiinmi openin With 10 high-card points-facing- an opening hid. the odds clearly favor maVting-, one no- Summer Homemaking Class in Two Sections bid for a s!am to IK? made, and i trump if partner p;t^u?e c Thr-re this strong possibility is Investi-| js no. need to.risk a• shaUy sui'. gated by making-a forcing" bid.! contract. lO.lSSl, Klrit; Features-. Syndicate;: Inc.) J. E. Murrah, in town Friday ! from his ranch north of Com ' stock, reported heavy rains in \ his section with ranges in good ! condition. [ * * * » ! H: F. Miller, official of the Southern P.aciHc Co.. was here - Thursday, and Friday "from San Antonio on business. ^ * a » • j iliss France- Wipff, former Del Rio newspaper woman, vis ' :ted in Del Ri" Thursday. I i « - « ; Miss Myrtle Harrell, a member of the teaching staff of Del ; Rio Independent School District SOCIAL CALENDAR SATURDAY Th« Order of the E*stern Star v/iil meet in special session si 8 p.m. to install officers for-, the ensuing yean SUNDAY Miss Jo Ann Brown, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Brown; WfJfl be married to Marvin Belch it 3 o'clock in I D'oi-n Purple ov Pntsr, dc Rose., ! sfian Concerto (Greis) and \ llligh and the Mighty (Tlumkm).J^ ; To complete the program for ' Ihn evening, Vicki Green., played the afternoon in the First Baptist Church. MONDAY Miss Jean. Madison, .bride- elect of Mereld L. Singer, will be complimented at a miscellaneous gift shower between the hours of 6 and 8 p.m. in the First Baptist Churcli with- S" group of friends as Hostess- Miss Russell's hi^h school stu- i dents «eve presented in piano'rc- |cital Tuesday evening m the Worn-, Club: Del Rjo Study Club>. - Propram, Committee -" t Finishing; Plans T * t One more meeting of the Del ,] Rio Study Cluh's program eonf- P VansTo^yar4''sDTurria'y. 1 for'hcr CHURCH CALENDAR , nuttee will complete the prograw horne in Sn>dei Miss Gloria Calk Complimented Thursday :OPI OP5N-AIR. EVANGELISM This summer's homemaking classes at the Del Rio High School Homemaking Cottage wit! be held in two sections this summer. One group of classes is planned for June: the other, for July Each class will have 14 hours of instruction. Both adults and high school students are eligible to attend aod registration will be held Monday between S:30 and 11:30 a.m. and from 1 to 3 p.m. in the Homemaking Cottage. Placement in class will be determined at ihe time of registration. | Classes for the month of June ] only will be-held Mondays through j Thursdays. ] Adult classes, clothing construc- Ition for self and family, and fam jily. nutrition are planned for Mon; days and Wednesdays, meeting i from -8:30 to 10:30 a.m. A youth 1 class for high school, students!who \\ish to earn credit toward * high school graduation will be | held Mondays and Wednesday , from 1 to 3 p.m. I On Tuesdays and Thursdays, [sixth and,seventh grade students i will have sewing and grooming: ;on the same clays, eighth and ninth grade students will have sewing and grooming classes from I to 3 p.n:. j Additional inforsiiatkjn is avail- i able from Miss" Nancy Ross at, ! PR 5-5374 or" from ilrs. T. G.' Mooney, CY S-S3C«. COLUMBUS, Ohio~!J¥, — Fifty- Miss Gloria Calk was compli- luncheon Thursday by Misses iwo olll ° Methodist pastors met menled \\ith a rice bag party and ( Judy and Jean Walker in thesr ncre for briefing on an unusual -— -. ; horne. 257 West Sinckland Street. J° b they'll undertake this sum- j ...-•'• mer—-preaching in the open at i The Misses Walker ."will be county fairs, state parks, in drive- i'iridesmaids in the wedding of ins, on street corners and court["Miss Calk to Stuan Jenkins. 'house bteps-. ! j Individual ial}ia= were laid : n; . _. , , . Ipink Imen. Pink carnations and 'Preach to people where they I lilac larkspur were arranged in are antl Ilow lno - v are - Blsh °P' TUESDAY The Christian Woman's; Fellowship will install: officers and dedicate projects at a t planned for ihe club's season. I which begin 1 ? in September.-- '* 1 Mrs. W. M. Stool is •program chairman and her committee^ has ' arranged for the year's megfing at 7:30 p.m. in rh« 'tions. Seven programs are plan- Five Tables Play Howell Bridge At Del Rio CC i silver containers. CALLING ALL 'EMMANUELS' | A gift was presented to Five tables played Howell honorec hy the hostesses. bridge at the Del Kio Country j Twelve attended Ihe party. Oub Thursday, evening. i the Hazen-G; Werner- told them-. "For-' kOur conventional terms and straight lo the people." UNITY PROGRAM .WATERFRONT. N.Y. i^ — The Emmanue' Congregational Church ' he-re is aK churches which' bear the same name *o aid in the • development and expansion of Em- inariiie! Theological Seminary at Dbndi. Africa. \V-\SHINGTO\" (AP) — The " ' Tied for first place were Mrs. OFF-BROADWAY VET C. G. Dmsmoor and Mrs. Grady I NEW YORK tA-John Wynn-' t , onal Council of Catholic ^U-u Lowrey wsth Mr and Mrs. Bar- E\ ans is 3 very busy actor cur !, as drawn up J pilot plan for nett Adams. ' rentty in off-Broadvay produc- parishes throughout the United Because of the Ue there was no ( l=ons. His appearance in "Happy .^ latcs lo promote Christian unit.- ( second place. Third place went as Larry" uas his 14th role nf nn(i e 'im,nate racial prejudice. ' to Mrs. Richard Reordan and the season in experimental pro- Mrs. John H. Williams. j (factions. . " Classified Ads «ri»>-i'-»>««,.ii« ! rin* parsonage, 1209 North.: Main Street. Mrs. John W. Reaves end MM. W. E. Posey, will be the hostesses. The Execufive Board of the Woman's Society., of Christian Service.- of the". First Methodist, Church-wilt, meet *t 9:30,a.m. in the home of Mrs. W. P. Wallace Jr., 512 Johnson Street. The Woman's Society of Christian Service of the First Meihodtst : Church will meet at 3:30 p.m. in the House of Friendship of tne church for a program. Hostesses will: be Mesdarnes Irmi Stanley, Randolph Harris. Ben Bonnet and Mary E. Day, with Miss Clyde Holrhan. i necl for the club, which meels | nine times during the year. One ; meeting day is set aside'for a ! business session: another is the . [traditional Gtieft Day. held In" NOTICE! "Swimming Days Ahead" A trouble-free, short, CaU Wavt wirh Hair Cut i. Sef fat $3.541 (S«lt en Rollefi, Only} ty LILLY ESTRADA ADELE'S BEAUTYSAtON 405. E. Broadway-rS,'M 5-3474 REGISTER FOR FREE PRIZES DURING OUR OPENING! Golf Driving Range SMALL PAIL OF GOLF BALLS LARGE PAIL OF GOLF BALLS j SATURDAY-10:30A.M.'Tii 11P.M OASIS FAIRWAYS DRIVING RANGE Come On Out And Enjoy Driving a FewGolf Balls! It Is A Sport That The Whole Family Will Enjoy! ICE COLD BEVERAGES and SOFT DRINKS HWY. 90 EAST DIAL PR 5-8284 MANAGER, ' • , __ I ?1> ^ , v - ^, ( .

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