The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 14, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Monday, November 14, 1892
Page 1
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The commission idea, it is thought by Its proposers, will likely receive more general favor; for the reason that provides a way by which no delay shall en,- t»ue iu the matter ol tariff refornvwnile at the sttinetitue avoiding air the objections that .may be rained to an eXtrMesaion. /fb.e plan-described is to have" the 'commission appointed a*,spon AS, President Cleveland goes into office, so that it may work on revision that sh>ll be ready for consider^ tion by congress when it meets in Jiecem- ber. The, work J* to be done by experts and dislnt«re*tf>d agfttifs ef. the ment. • *' . • GctUug Kemly for inaugurati Already preparatipn* are underway for ttre~1?iaugnratlou of Cleveland on ^fai-eh •* next. It is the intention of the Democratic organizations of the larger cities to make it more notable than any similar event that ha* precwled it. Tammany hall of New York, Uie.Hamty c|ub af Philadelphia, Iroquois clnb of Chicago, audfim- ibir organizations ha*» already sent representative* to Washington to secure aqcom, moaat'ions for their members who will J>e present and participate i a ttis event. Est i- mates are heard fladjig the uumber i,l marchers la the. process^n tp tielebrat c- thf return of the Democrat i« party to power a|30,000. * ' HOW THAT,'PLANK GOT IN. TiatU" Ci|»u<* iri. th« )>i»it<>- eratio 3»latfQrnp. A gentleman who i* oppow;d,t.Q an session of congress *ay» thin is the way the strong anti-tariff plaak got into the Democratic platform.- f he indication* ,a* stated during the eoriventiou, wer« tjiat th,* anti- Cleveland men weie working for time They wanted to jvostpouw a vote on the ^ candidate for one day. committee had been diavru out lo (M gieat a length as possible by *ttti-Clevelunrt men \«u the committee, one of whom was Lany Neal, coached from, the outside by Senator Brice. AMien a i»rei»ptory deninad; for a report from tlte wnamiiitea irm< uuipmeiib in the conyentiqit Senator Uriee seut In wor4 to lieal that the flght would have in be transferred to the itoo,v of the tion. - •< A »>ent iln* trrneand r»dic*l wa*. 1ih«»fore t de»>gned goieiy to iweelp). ^te a wrangle in tho convention and delay th«Jakiaf rf a ballot. That it«Kd#oia<»ao. was dne to th» piompt action of eac-Seeie- tary Whi^uey. • Standing on the,stage bo was Informed, by a lieutenant of the pur- of the anti-Clevelaud rweiv to by » ' The i«port that Pjt^Hdent Harrison would make it more tmbarrasttiu^ for Clevelaiid, when tha diviaion of the spoils canie round 4 the *hargebl aW»itcaty depriving ttie iocotxdng adwinistsatioa of * tl<e president gpfemraenfc (foe a iml dMre Bed service, a* tirged to do tojajcejlte': tlfe eta-i"*!- Tim bureau of, . GREAT SENSATION . -V IN KANSAS. " Au to Work Kan.-.Nor, H —The big K e*t satibli x connected With tl<e late canip»igrf was made public jfsU'i.lay U- 1s th* pubTir rnnfewfon of I, K. 1 lai \>y, »g. afatnnt secretary- of the- People's party oainpnigii coHimlttw." J-lnrxvy bad been. charged with glring out *<lcm*'6f thecohi- ; ^and ye^teitilay mpruinsc, to defend nu • alleged ;plijt which i . made to assassinate Jerry isays the parties to M»e scrlicUie Avei'i- \v. \'\. JOUPT, chaicoian wf the Demornuic M ^,t ( . conimiteee; Briwlenthal, chnimiHii <>t tlu« People's party, and" Jerry rtjninsoiu Thj. object wan to create sympat hy tin- u son and aid in bin election. an," says SeMvinry, llttcyw, "Utis to have .Simpson return t« InV disTrlct tuul be waylai(}.an(l l«-rttpii .-jud brijiwt'd in <!«• pretended effort t« n-wi^luati''!!)!^ the IH- .ters to b^ found r$&wlifj£ the employment of a mart to niurdor him, OH \in+ bci'ii |iu|j-> lished, and thi- whftl« to uNfai-. outrages and cre.itji' svinnatjiy far During the diwussion of <ni-« -ch't-ufr,, objected to hetng | beht^n Aud firuiwil up, butheifva« talked out ot.the npjnion nnd agreed tc? undergo tbe. punishment, but in- 8i.-»ted tbiit the fellow wbodid the pounding must not carry it toofaT.'' llar\oy further say?thflit "owing to thf- li)under ol wyvinnv -owing to UK* ujunuer of yirup- sori's district. chairman, the letter,-* oflCerin« *3,«oai-ewaiil to the mwu, who would jiiur- der Simpson were found «uij tJiAsiiHin ot- ttimpt'at a),«a»hi nation was - W«»%-f r AVa* '!« JJ* \\*heu fieueral \\'< Brieilenthal ur^eil Ixarvey ro mrft'sojiu} one to walk :hexlil« Weaver's carriage and pel* him with eggs, no that tbe outrages in tile south rhight1>e repeated in Ku.n«as 4 the ob- fecf Iwug to pbuje the blame on Hepublic- »ns, The exposure of Harvey h«s t-reatenl * great deal of exritpment. here, and many :bjrfiat*_aa'«* made against him. lie went to Sis home, lifteen mile.4 from Topeku, y^- serday, and a telegram was* sent him au- rising him not to come to Tof>i<fca. THOS, W. PALMER'S VIEvVS. : X#XMiut, H« Su,v» Coul'a Uuv»-Won lor (lie DETROtT, Nov. H.-Premdrnt I'almei," of ine World's Columbian Kxpot-Htuii, ««s asked'totakeahandat explaining th« tie feato£ the Rrpubllcan patty hist Tuesday "No man," he w»id, ''could have tarried the Republican party to success Xeithei >li, Blaine with his"bjiiyaycy*%tuljjiayn/. > tii»m^ ?Vfi"< Heed with hjs great pat limcntai> icpu- fation, nor Mr ,McKmley with his ruord as a protector of American iiwiuhtnes tould have made up for the nb-senft-.of» yie^t moral or sentimental jv-ue in I hi- utm- paigti." The w*ire that wt»uUlhuvti jjiven the cainpaigii the'proiier nji\ti\e was, he said, tb^foree" bill l4ll,» With Soutlifjii Mi-1, He cynlinued: "I ha\e talkwl with Jtoutheru men and they couu-'le "tlwtt the, nlrthods of election m that si^tion, which in their opinion are a neocxsit j, tue havjlig a debasing and a debauching efteit on lUe Kinds pf their people, psutuultulr tU« young, Th^y/ear that when the m-j esuty for thus protecting tb,on^el\es. 10 ag.imst blftck domination has passpd and uhen tue> desire pure elections it will bf» too late, and what has always beeu, i',misii]eted the palladium of our u'uei'tiee; tM ballot box, to up the politician"* phr&se, j^ijl UB in f uias beyond repair. 1 ' '' CatU It "EpltfrmuiuatU- Kot." Beferiing to the fctatemeut o£< Speaker R«ed that the cause was "organised bluu- dar," Palmer said that .a he didn't like polled so large *-vot|&, Wa» it Mr. v-ho in th* heyday of Jtepublieay ..., Mr^Ot down bef<^e Groyee Cleveland, at thatj titae a niiu comparsitiv»ly uuknowu »adUDtm4 iu national aftaira? Wu*,it 34r. McSinley 4 ' to' whom all 'iecm to at; tribttte;tbepre<sent defeat? No, no. li & all npnieos* to say that any mafl eau Id b&Te won so l*rg« or ,»largfer rote, • -.Mr. 3iari i- son want 1 flown ia.the rweesioii uf the tid^ by whteh hereafter the history, of the* Ev' I}JCJH» paiiy will be marked when it has «t Hit,^fkilw^ Vli )ll« tlUI»< of I HI iC-puItlltMH U Jrtitkb if»c'ttt-< hint thuh, T«> the rtpiv- seiflativos of the pie>-« ('le\«land haatJu- niert bjmself urNnlutcly, »nd ull hitch m- qnit'ets ha<V Jje^n^net jtt.thp door with the has tiorluug (o suyj' Ait to S«ffU. N*w YOBS, Nov. 'W.—p?vt4a|id ha* vwi- idied froui the public view. ' ceptiou of the few jvortV addrcwifcil UM throng in frout of his hou^e iu th'< krun,. «t ^ctUMjathfy ttiwniug; n<j uteer- ha@ fulleu fa'uui t4ie Jje has nuuauuxl iu tb« Kon authori?cs. thi- statement ptibHfntions-]iiuportiiic,' to !» >i!Ti tiifn, iu \\ liHi lie K it pni-tf 1 n bis vt(»\\ H upon tin MI'I lion, nic cntncly itUfortiK)*! and. pur.- i ' is ready to' .speak- ot.' v- sniu his own way. , .all iva.;.:-!.^ the *t aieini!H^< • , .'"•"• "' " ./ -IN THE W(ITD"vvisTERN WAV*. A ,T<Mi£l> ti'iiil' u t.iUltnl' .x|j||-(-4 : A HUnris.-'r^n li'u .xuhj-e.cfhew.iIl.Jo"' -that, will Ije'i-on-v of "Dl ,s\ i:i!, Nov. H ^4 J i)il FOOUMU vaijous times iihfisbnl <ji(. kokoma, White Pine, ' if ml[ oj,hc(- Colorado to\viiH, lias been ' Salif. Litke gainlillnjf vimni, \\lieivhe Jichl off a, l-oumU'iill <if Ka'nbl<H> and sportH with a hi'ditt of ivvoh er.< nn^l when Uc departed -' n,<on>idornble sum' went wirli hiiiu Foot«, was raptured and "st-niVm-Hl to u term of inipilsoiimeiit.. lint aft*j^a'rds" escaped. 'i he I'mti-d States marshal went after him, and fcalijriiay-.monn'ttg hij was overtitkeu at .<aree'u Hjvviv l.'tiih. \Voi-ljea itti l-:nV«(t,»Vf Trji-Jt,. Murahals Pnul and Jfribridgu. ahd another w«*nt hi h'is ritoin. ' The moment they opeiwd ibevloor Foon*reiichfd for hi« uu.n. but J'.tnl Tutd 'him. c(.vi-ml ' kuil ishouu^l:'-' "i'p wiUvyoui- h;iiid!»J v .I'Viute, siill hbld- ing-h is revolver, ihr«'-\y .up his TiaiiWs fust, f.uojigh:.but \vln-n hi* ci-lM Inttid wa« aiwvw. hjii. head he worked f ; he' trick of whirling the gun. aroiitiil .so iliaj i>ai'ivl WHS dowliwani anil; the Iritwer aud in. tJiat,p.oiiiUou let- "go" it !-h&"iifc'lVuf.'' So ucciMle wa'sCi« itini •iliar'thi* Uil'l took n\V two of the tiiruers iif P.'fiil's riichi h.-ind and .so he conlii nui liiv Uotll l>e> I'IMI; shoot ill);. Paul took the re\ .hci'iu Us. left hand and he and FonJt hlaxi-d an ay at one an - othejj, While jumpiiiK amumr'flre room dodj<U!g bullets. Foiitf jft>t to the dour jvud swiftly vanished 'through it. , \VitJi a \t- Other revolver he Ktood irfl t he crowd that had (tathfivtl on hvnriiiu ihe.shou.andUi .-» • ^uomenr wasuitt of jmvn. 'I'lits two iniu- 'shaLs w.itli. PaXll ojrti-..saiil to'luive Ix-eu iiervoui- iui(l did not uejp him in the. fight, r A; POK*P. lins ' .Started in.puc,siiii, TRIPLE TRAGEDYTT CHICAQO, iiioui tout Jliiiinclt. , >N»> 14 —A '•hodtiiig' ufluif will in<(iy?'.iH tiiUhL-the loss_uf thiea lives, took t la^e jn ,t disordmlj house at 477)5 Clark stit^t., kejit by Fiauk Whitt.i- kw and Kusit Hoss, ^t ~> o ( lock jtstenlaj ntoniiiig Vh.ulesjjxon, of Kjcdinoie.Jlls , Called at, the house juil tued to I'tdiUB-tha Jips. 1 * wgmfiri to lent' Whittakei »md go wifh lum This thi declined, to <lo, autl told l^on to Utatv the house While thev \>Vie talkjiig Wlnttakei fiuirwl thtrouTM* J-iiJii drcv\ a K voi\» i.^ and pu.s>ing thrt nui//-lt ^ij,,nust the Hes» \\omuii" s nght ', pulled thv tii{jKn 'i he bullet passed thr«iiij,|i the woman's lunh mrt ludyed, vn tljt'lefl su|e. Iiuns lli|i (.mi vn A\ tiitiftlt.-j. Lj on then turned drotiiui and tir^I twu ousttt \\UiiUkii ()IT« of th« IwillHs struck \\ Jut taki i on tlu lilt Mcle o/ thf back, passing UuouRii Ins btsly Af4t-r ga/ingfcii dU u^^mt on his ViKtmi^, Ljoit stepped toaMiU juto un iutjomru& UMUU, s),nd, placing tin U\O|M-J to* \s\> uejul, feuyti 8 bulk't tluou^li Ins buiui'kiJlinjj Jumx'Jf instantly Di \\Vt«c>M\ii-*.niuiui^iHvl utt<i J the iniiutits oj tho \\ou«d§<i- aaan aud vom.tul,*taj v\\ 4ntwk« aucl the' woman arrived ju 1Mb ciiy-Ccciii Xt-w " Vui'-k • ' ' " MOTHERS! , you." part .WHlrSOlir liar;, - , ^.--^JtiiK ttabies iu ^__^^, or call on your druggist' for >r. -Sharpateen's Lavender Olo:i)D«Bt L(t ABtbtu»tic Balaam, medicin* that ve lives .when doctors fail io Meni- sranoua Cjouu. IjaHanauaatiojj <-^ the a, 44n,g ¥eyejr;aad Typiiot ,,._„,4, |il»o quickjy reliev&'anf 1 Croup, . jSeartet Fever, «Wi, t}ore Throat;, Buraa, 8 * • 'afflictioufe, §5 aiwi &U_ceut3 at. j Marshall . to rent ov Children Cry for -^,» Ci.,^JL^3 'J --->'('"' '"" l *-5 »"'; • " ^-^'r-fe-#&^s-ii,t-5ft*.j''~*T3 •r ^™—i^ <n -**t^.-!~ w*f—i p " rx i,j^- !.lTw4«£VHi .^rrs.-S^f'SVia^KflSjS^

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