The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 14, 1897 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 14, 1897
Page 1
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The Chronicl. MICHIGAN; HATUKDAf. AUtttlST 14, Camping Strikers of Illinois Ar« Served with an Injunction of the Western «•*,_,< •to them belongs the credit of !ti# * rtftt. Whe* Bfelttiis t iere was ,*teagrer of lite b«y»ttd »n«l juJarfcJted himself 'to tfee taj* well wpt« 6ad *ffert» flirwtwJ that hfe restored OQirtJ>atatlvp ord^f. it ^ Tttflltak task tir Kft feftridJ^ H w«^ an<J Wtsoh a'nfl to fnvjtcd th* , aft* POWDER Absolutely Pure. JjratKey- tt* ttfe initial* f* •< ftlwJ to of St t (or ite and henUhfttlwosa. Assures f<K»d. a.gaiDjFitjtltiiQ Andjtll tttrgi common to tho ci brands. Rovxt B tKW« Co., ISfew York. Sl»t<-, I* the title of n ijenrrously 7lluutr«J*d p»m fillet pf eix»pcn i ngw in reference tlfSouth Dakota, the remliujj tnftttcr itt"which wnB wittea by an rntlnniftMic South Dakota Indy—Mr<*. Statin Uos»iMrr Arnold—who has been a rc-suk'tit «f the Sun»hme Statu Tor ovw 10 jonrsi A mpy will be mailed to theaddres? of «uj former or fftnfier'a wife, if Sent at once to Hurry Mercer, Michigan Pwwenfior Agon., Chicago, Milwaukee A St. Pau' rnilwaj, 7 Ft>«s t*trt}<$^ W., Detroit Mich. ^' H. A. Hnjder has put in si fim; lot of fruit of all kin<k and started a wagon which will rniikp tnps over tho city daily. Aeho will riot be able to go over every street daily 1m will go east .and ' west one da\ and north arul south the next. Nothing but tho bi-st the luarket affords will be handlod and prices will _be in keeping with the iunos. x Yotf'can have him cal) regular!) by loa'vin^X ders at the store. - / \ - to Avcrtmd. 'fee., Aufe. M/—A Sfcwhft Republic from Ooffeen, ttH, aitriy of strlkitM? ntirwra the fftwn. No Intention * paid to tS&^ssil^i LJ?£. toy tbe jrtrifce't-g to .leftVt- .th» county, and ''"R, the men are asT andle did not i br?ifelieg WHb fher* W^re' Several collision. After the m^ersa^tarnfa Hi <• ahnjjj th? «d •» fortf*-w>nx?e wuii, their and hf a»ivtsiHi them to 1^1111 o«tll the rturt fiafl h*^ar<l th*« next JVtnrlay on th<° bill t by thp Sow Yor*t and OA» Coal fiompanj^ as* 'It rhisht ifijure the «fl»e if »h»>y brought tip for r>r>ntt>fwr<t ) -rtKon tV court, Pr^ildont T>olan th« r> isf»Ui«i o Aers«ithat no marohts «*miM hf mad* on Vamtion hike w«ioji?xof erti Mu'h>gttu. MiBnosoln, Io\va arid South Dakota, nlonjjtbe hnexof the Chicago, Mil& St. ^SMJ! Railway, arc htoodreds ucaititM^i proHuimciitly tttted_ hompB, ftefeR(j all of. wluoh art? Jocatt-d on or uear laktH^hu-h have liot bfce6. li#h«d opt. Theft6-ljP8orttkT.onijo.iu- variety from tbu "full drcBh for dinner" to the.flauuol »htrt coslutnc for ov»«ry Ss n>eal. as CVPF from ifttft 3 rl t^»t* & rday*" t V5fti: v mA6ri. HP immediately to iW, strikx* h^ad- how for X» " rder had bt>en <'>^* t - He was angfreilby Bradley'* ttefiai^Katti- turfe, but derided not JU> resort to K*ce tmtil'today. This was'done boeatr^' ft would havfe bppn Tspposslblp to marshal th«» deputies before sundown, and the shf-rlff did not w^ntN<> tuk<" ohancfs with (he Invader^ i'lv the H^irk, Ho Inrlined also to behcvt that Hradley bluffing, and that tly" cai«r>N^iu!d be broken duririft thr night. If evpjy ^striker is not off the R;rt>«n<f and on the Ww" by noon today/ita ^ill gn forward ^ith his men and' thy work that i?rart-able methods lia^'P^fwilMl to mciimpHsh will IK? donp bjr f/>m>, Fiftwn Coffwn miners tvho stopped work when Bradley ramt he-re vfjete jv>«fr-ida!y r.odtii'ti by Re- ecivef-Mills of their dl-soharsK a;id were ofd*-i"oil to take out tb< ir tools, which they did.' * Kvei^tbingr 1* .f*fiu^i*bly «t I>«?cttf«uv •Deratur. Tltft. Aug. » —Tho situation ftt the different camps 6f tinners fiom other citii*** was (lui^t la«t night Alx>ut 200 men Wf-n> in < arnji un the \\i'8t. WO on Ihf south-and 100 on the Ktiuth- west. Deputy htirlffs guarded.the road? in the vtclnlty of the tamp-' Tht-re vvflS. dlsutder and'no wistji uf troublr. The mim % V» nbtyed quietly an«l without j«o- test allHhe fiistriu Mous of the offlt-^rw. The proposition of-tii^' inlnorp to seinT a dtrtPsalicitrHo th«' luvjitiu mSii«*i» ti- «et> if tht-y w«)»J<l riot li-ti-n to Hrgu- mpnts In favor .OfS^trlklnR. and in ca»i- r>fH.utur in«n r<->fusp<Kt(» liHtrri to of Cleveland &m Con} <-rvrnr»ny ther m'deis, "alHimitfh rtor^hps may made #fea!n*t othtr the matching nuis held and ftieprh*?^ mafU- as a'? ri kdn)ing minors of the company Trim ftoirtg to work. When »h« and hJ«« foUe rtlSti M\ thf shpHff. %\h(.n asked <oiufMniiiK hi. Juluro movement 1 ?. snuK "My atti>m" Bhail, bo gf»vt'M«'<l lai^t-'ly hy thi ih> volojim^nto; at the- camn "f tho stslkcrs I am "nnK firpj»ari-d to MV lto\v I'sha! meet any p^rtix'tiUir^pmfii^cutj'. It I* rfrtain. ho«c\^r, thftt'li Hte striker, continue to *tay"^it th,f> oamf* they «!' <)e""vlolatlni(f the- tf-rri^? of thf injunctioj and fittathnuMits msi>^lic- ls-w-1 " Ao the »fsujt of tbf> «!fi\inr of 013 Ihf mAn'hlns mlnciji am pr*'\HnUl>ti of ^ht'^m.'uch.ex hoidt liner on u>iHt»>i notion ft istpa\«.ini>nff the hoatis tif the labor Norsanizatioiis her Kpj)>oscTJ*ativ w of th zatifinf! faH«t ut min durfng- thi* d^jr All «tr<» niort- or" )««*« cxoited at)d ^'an^d to dt-vlai sonic plan by Avhlch theNiof^. lahor organizations rtimmtfr-a •prot<"5kas!J-ln«t the Ancw'of the blanket formltj-" committoe - «f to th«» a«r*pment ttnrJ that f thft atenira were, not giveri out, was Intimated that the number quite Ja*«e anS ,thftt It t«r/Ut«ed of the »ft(3Cw; firflw*. Jfrom this rd 9 r« s ^n**r *nrf vds» for frftinatur^s to J. B Johnston, man, ha"? h« it wai timt- s with instruction^ tf* vislf, In lh* dl*trlc "ike article, agd, if po«wiW«»l Inasmuch as many "of. t arV away" from tb*» city,' ft J* thajt ,th«> canvass laaV x many weeks, future is big with history. »B» Nnt Apply. FAlnnont W.^Xa-^ Ans, l^—TM oo- of tho Fairmont region nwwle a by not serVjng Judge son'b iniunctiiin <cm th« labor leaders n«>ar Monongah ycdfrrday. was ari°enthusiastic-one. I night thf s»a'mc speak^rji addWs«d a larse tneetlnj? At thlft idttce. Yspter- day momlrt£ 1W of (h& Afon'tnfiah wer& at woilt, but thfte \vpfp 5d7 i men at that pl&ct' |aat htght. Another' effort >ga)ni>t the Watson mlne« will be inaugurated, but it la doubtful If it will succeed. - * \A'nrt XA-W We> Wnntu tlin Moiwy Bark. t*8 v nt)av, Atich,, AHR W. -Jatnt ? Casoy and »\vif&, of lilrniiiisham, w?r*> ar^ before Judpre Staffc^rd on the Very fef er New»4-t|iK, Dfitftoafit Nw |» tfeft ft^egted tpwe; Oiveus yotif sutlB6tipii6a» Nothing gained by ^ailisg. take <?6ftne{itk«tt with, tfipif rge of em-bejszling from ^ohn Arthur, of Fa>mtoKtin, hall. Mr? \ Among tho list are D«mr«i iamthar «o of our readers ns tho jwrfectton Of northern r«t»ort«. Nearly all ,of the WisConKin of ni»<Tn«t are within a shoit dw- f rom rhu - a«o or Milwaukee, andoono of t>hem art* no {{ir : 'a».ay from the "biisy mftr^s of cmli/.ation," that Utej canoot be- reached m a t e\v h«>u i -« of tt-ave f requfent traitis.oVer this-inn 1 *! road inthe northwest — thri Chicago, MilWpuls'^ it St. Paul kailway. slump for a ropy of "Va- catioW liiys'' iji-u)« a (h-^cnptwo of tho priucipal rf-«ortf ; r^id a JIM of Hummer hotols anrt boardinjf hou^f, mid rates for board, to <Seo. H. HoarioKl, (k'nt-rnl I'aascuger \ , Ageat, Chieagu, II). ,1 Rt?maHtahi<> « of hronfr 1M because of thKovjjositlon of thu mftnft««rnent of th<- ff»aVm,ine. linagpr Arni»tn>ii(j; t>aid he did not want any one Ulkinp to tht- na-n, 'Th< murchera Wer« then tolc! that they cbuld not emnf-M ajiy way r>r send delegations. All Of the 44)0 in<-n w«>rf at Work yesterday and will tewik turtay AH of tht- camps grow all day and nitfht uaUy. It, B. Kay, giivt-inor's Uv(>, N.p»timntp» the njirnbi-r o£ mlnerrf-lri the ca.nip and in the city at UOO. • " Bald Mtt.Je ou Homo Other Itlne*. JUarlon, Ills.;-,AUK U Yesterday a larst 1 force of miners c&tnu In frum JohBr »c,n ("ity, where they fawtvcdcd In shu-t- tlrtg down wurk Thumtty Tht-> madf an utts!U<trtiaful effort at the Crab Or- ( charfl and *>h.lo Valley cpmiiaitiy's mines, laboring with ihcm until ji j) N m, ^nd thea carnt here for siu^rt«'ts ov««*-night, This nminlnK they will vusittheohioand Coal and MiriinK Conipany, expect to makf/nti effitrt to and rpl*>a?!ct1 un SS.OOO 7>ftr=! affo ArthUf propowd to CVisoyVa full cous^i, but was rc- Arthur nev^r married, In- flu»nfe»(t by MT<* faspy. Arthur turned OVPV to hi>r ouX^dy «t tUfforint Ume 1 ? $13,000 and has diaxvn back J.i.OOO Whfn he a«ked for moi<?. x^-e aftJS Mrs Cas-<'y Mfuwd him, rlaimin^ that ho bad made her a-n absolute ftiff of the rrmney. WhaFif Hot 'Miracles? 7 TKe greit Four-C Remedy isdoiag work wherever inttodacedas fiearJyftilra as U ever falls K> the hit of any hufflan agency to do (I jwi« es ;em it A favor for ^ny otie interested to write the persons whose natmes "appear below or anyone whose name may^ appear among these testimonials,) THE 1 in and blood diaoasoB, oaising all sorts ofdifradwaiters to human happHiecw are Pnsviy aiwl fiuickly^uroi by Burdock Blood Bitters/ In whjeni iv A. ICuth aa«{ aja \ It eve* (.Utfarent n^rjt doctors U«Jr. Not l«»tttf ugo , — . ^,, t^"n bottlo wf . deal of 1 ha\ c trkstf u dozeo aini »-(Hora) promi tt? J roe B , (Sottc, cuwd. ixmgfal > I can I eHBipo); IMS I SHU Si)" fas roet by Kfyerlff S*artt? »tn<l a larg*» fore*- cf d<'putip«, >s an(i ghould*ti«iy refuire to- aiat*mt the sheriff will pnforer H»e law rf)nd »«e that thone watitlOK work have pnuteeiioii. Tbe indications ffjf today are good for emHtwnpnt, and bly serious aWftculttes The iiu 4£fc unnjg evtry uit-ans in tli<?li power to avoid troubli^'VuT ai* ready fdf it it It comes. A* Vfewfiii by a I,<>i«(!et- of ,Strlk<-rs In Th»r stf (r. Cincinnati, AHR ll-Thp spoolal to Thel'omnif'rihal-TrllHim- f>om -Montgomery, W Va.» _v\a« writli-n liy^ Fred Dilc'hcr, th^'Jcudi r of IK mAuh-! ing s»trik*'rs in tliat n»n>n "The progress of thi' present, strike •itr-thiiR-fivW-' .Is wonderful- •. Kvt-ry minu in this and th> KanBrVvha valley Is" closed' with the exception of Acme and «n<* mine In Lens Cr«;k.' Our army-marchfd last nifflit to Mount Caibiut and closed thv mine of th»* Great Kanauhu, colllpry, 'one of the largest mlne» on tbe rlvoi'.-Jt, vvas intimatfttl by '.'-the. oportilwrs that this mine would .ftbsoUUtlx rrfpw? tj> auspiMid opciatlons and ivouicl tipht our urni> to a finish, but we arc proud t« »ay that all are xvlth «!>. This we consider onn> of our KteatfHt vict,orj*'». I'ht- Winifred mine voted last ;nteht to join th*> great army of striken und thw is another great vif tory for organiEtnl labor." ' ' " "This valley, whleh has been loadlnR 5&0 oars t»er day, has lieen mluwd to twenty-fly* «ar«. Our artny has bt-wn, incrca«.«l by new fni«-M, and we (.•£- pect jto KU to Nf\v JfUvw w 1th ' 5.000 miner** lo lint-. Our arrni is Jolly ami In thi; ;b<jat .of''condition,- comr/osed?. not of t<wigha|and tlWKa «ts, ha* bi-t.n TK- ixurtcd, but «f honT-^t working men who fyttt tiKhtliiff for ,ttjf ! r riphtF. A me«'t'- thls afternoon, at this plaee M*ed by Joswph H. i~it fh<'>All« v i^h*.«ni? I'lWrilttB Hobin8oti>^ Btati, "I always recommend Dr.. Fowler's JSxt of Wild Strawberry in eawes of summer oompl,aint4 aud have novqr kao*n it to f»d. Vou may u«« my ranio." C. A.- West, draggist, ItainsboroiiBh, O. / CuttlnO- Softool. Would jou toai-h y^r daughter a that wjll protot'lx IUT during hff? in tho WattR.u buildmg Bteto s>re*t weBt It only thk('n ton daya ty nHinji (tif- ford'H T0bai:«xcure to entirely rid ft jwi*- son uf tho desir^to usfe ttiliacru in any form. It ie ffiiaratjhjrtl to do w> or tho money is refunded. t>^l »wl fnijulrp -abfiut it at Hydo'^ drd^ B' lMBg," I D«o. 12, m f - it my <Juty to fcrltp j«q line in tngard to the l»fi*6ci»l ctfectoT f'belpa' •font C Kctn«ly," so far »M «m pofsoually <Wii»- sernwi A week Ago lust TW»«S»y, I WIM, taken with » mwereattdCK of la grippKand In ft*hort '.too became «o boars* 1 6ouW n<*\«p6aK nb<?v* * (rhisper. The night prPvio»9 I tt»a ouu«h*d aearfy the pntirp nl«ht; juut beforftrttltint? I took k te**poonTaI,at>d slept the«otlreftlghtw«w«tly w ev^r 1 did in my lire, not cnuRbing ono*NI w»» mtifcly relieved betoro taking «f"> bottle, PbMp Touch, Cold aud Crou^ Cute shouw bs in SMI iousetiold in the land. I send you tbl* what . ioaolipit«d by anyone, for you are benefactor? of tb« race ib tffvttifH ivtbo fcotidnce for »omo at .th9 •rotit' Afflictions io which it;i* tmlr. Ve»y Truly Yours, C J NmBraT, sailor. , Uio. W. II •Why Pay Othvra 75-i for ft granite dishjnin wl w«j will tt*'ll >ou the best {JtriicJe fur E We lire always the cheapest in prieo. A MIRACLE. K«PM» C»y, K»BMM, Dec. 84, '91 - Friday, Oco. l», my attending physteian Half d t>Dle«i I was bntter b> tnorolne be could 16 notbine *or my Wlicf That night I oom- linoced tftWnK Pbelp'» "PourC" reinwy, swpjied ill other medioinns. Thi" Brrt doeo stopped my lough; slept and tested, well; a f«w more doses '«n»ved all soreness from my IUDRII; the second I»Y I was up; the third 'day I was out 6n the :orch and to-day w»« up town purchauinK holiday luodi. , Miss JHHWIB UASSBT, Washing toa Ave. and Summit St, CROUP CURED, On» dotw of PhxIpB* Cowjjh, Cold and Croup 'uru, ttave ray' child io»Uut relief when attacked if.h tne Cfiwip. W. E. Mooim. of Moore Bro». ; , Orooer«. Arkansas City, K«nw». UNBROKEN ftEST AT NIGHf. J B./lrt.ino. Manfigi-r, | Office CcAnn«r<!lal I'rintina Co, > 188 Btmth Clark St. . f „ „ _ / Cbicwco, Ko». 3*. 1 M R. R, PhelpB, EB^./City, DgAnSin-,—I wlRli to bear testimony tptb«: gw-.ftt efficacy of your "four C" remedy in' throat and lung nilrannln. As a rn!« 1 have own «kpp tioal of inn motiig of proprietary medioini'S. but have to confess that » t»st of your "B'om 1 0'*^ convincing that at \<-a*t one ready tniwle rented) is worthy of wte. My .oliiMtf n'Bli take It with cut the feast objeotloA, fr<im oldest to ybuogeBJ and It Is particularly notkw.ble tb»t bfneflt U :ilmo*t fmm<-uiftle. A single tlnsn nil! check tAoitcottghti In ib«ir bflKinnin^: it eiv«».'an un- vbroken rest at flight In my fBmlly "Four C" fXMmply fndl»p«nBable and Irecuiamend it un «ualiBeal , J. B. Hctim ACUTE LARYNGITIS, „, Sopt. SR, '9S for years b^j-Jc each winter I have sufffi^a with'acute Ijar^nKitft*. Laot ivintor wan sobuJ I coulj not l»>uvc my room for two wyiiks or spoak »bo»e a whisper. Ts.ttlfd. fevcry fcnowto •-•{,- -^ - • / . . . preparation from eonpb drop* up no relief, th^n in desperation !/ ----- " tint] i . . w«« inducttd to "Fourfc" XrheBtet dos« reli«ve<t toy cough, giving iue the B<St night'* mat f»i we*k(i- Half the bottlfl otiredNiXJ. I h»ve nevct bc?n witfmut this wonderryl ^iWudy t$inco. It i» B» different (roto otherlikttmneUfoqu from vinegar or gugur froni saact M»B. Jojtr.rn R / K to try Photo's h, IT IS * MIRACLE. x , Conduetor Eckurd, the Railroad Correaponv dent of tb« KeodaiOia KSUTOK HeBtstnt. to nay of "Poor C." "Ph^lps ii having a WOP- VVu y . derful Rale of tltt Couph atld Cold Remedy t«riion»Hy -know It U just what it is rti'rc nd to Of. Too much can t be said iu Us pr*ia«, It 1* a miracle. ' «• NOTICE TO DRUGGISTS AND THE PL qr.—Druggists are authorized m ALL CASES TO REFUND THE CttASK PRICF, if the Four-C Remddy (Phelps'Cough. Cold and Croup .Cure) fails to give satisfaction in Croup,JJronch[tis,Asth'ma,LaGrrppe,Coughs and Colds, no matter how long standing 1 , or Seep seafe^f, intact I gitarantee irf all rnanncroi Bronchial or Lung trouble, not as a Cure-AU,but to give unbounded satisfaction. Give it a trial on the above conditions.* I take all chances. R, R, PHELPS, 118 53d Street, CHICAGO, ILL, Proo, For sal<rby W. T, DKAKE. Tit Whom it May Concern: t , Whereas my wife, Mary Hughes, has li»ft my bed, board and ^esidjencH^ without any ju&t wiuso and provocation, X«\w therefore all yfersons are hereby ftn;biddeD to harbor or trust her on my- K? debt* at her OP at w*olifyX ' an.-? loyal to r«na?» Wte till the m 1WITCH HAZEL OIL of the'dep$*iur* of tb? stata th«»m#>lv«ft 'Chicago. Aug f forte th« city whoo! tho Vro- to t> Dated Ma> 8, 185». l By Jaraes Jkt'. Hugh(i«, of Trades poiirw-M 'Of this city has & (UrOte on all the ^cbooi buiJ<1ini5» upon w^u-b wi«n a^iu. mating *<;p»lr^ etc. niimber df misn ink^ived fji 8,506. If for any >f«srth of a,iV nof jprfjt tin- many of thti t,ehoola will B<4 *>« the Tb« when a«k«d Of nrtntsra. J*«nal»t*4 *« tJW» une way or another, the board has V^H". tU-ally dotii^d It. Pattoa, of |te? boai-d, tbe <iu?)itl HK Bald: iiod of iru»?«HSff the tbe insulin is »• s'.-i'ioiia- one. board tightly ta>- Idat' Jtn<rB shall »f-rif an ihe- Xhu Jxuird ttt-pj-ivt- t{| the fight to tutod&ds: uf IB Auy woiyan ia a fool <»Wr * r«d hot cook she that will tttte 'w at!ii«l GAS STOVES!/ \ , / • Largo Reduction in Prices on All Cooking Apparatus. Gas Banges $10,00, $13.00. $15.00 and $iaoo Boiling ^toves $|«to $5 * oxscording to size THE WELSBACH , ING%MDES€iNT - GAS H "" Ifl at ^^^ « Pour «t. Arctic FreeimJU ty by count »ut by *to|> to stains* & Scalds. * ' Bi*uts*a, Cuts & Sores. & Eruptions. Salt .Riieum & Tetters. Chapped ftt But Ml. and of mjj-rowiy trtWsWe, A* U was ii»e 8Wc blood 5* strike w»* sht-d. Heury (>jf tlie ahwiSt'* dutpuUefi, -ooU AJott, <». dlruniuaer of ttw bd.l^d. %|t^ it&<£ ^dl£^ o TfiU* «t«bt oC tfee Wiod wrought up Hut i<Ue iiiitiii-B to sHiUi A pitch that * eunrtict v*tus uwiulacnt. Tb* Can a 4 (^ Oay of tto wc«k o« wh.(?li we any tbjs wafojc? Hstn, byt dq nwt contra i/ian? tfeat Uiey nuutH ctaittoue at •work, ' tbe touatiy Ifciau (41 , aaiJ-uaftil tfa to t* imsuraWt. l * ofb t#. aup- for » treat i^ivuy it* by fiiunf tt? c«ir« iftth i); ijnourablc. Soieaoe iia* rli to mid tUeruf ojt» . j Painted, flcraen .ifepor "wire ciatb when you can get tb,« "'Bfcick Eitaui \di}bd" for tUe aauMs i^jioe, auy width at " -^ - 10 qt, graoi^o or iyo»5tei» kettles 40c. Warranted, Oi 4rrjiuea reuitid> relief. For wile Gr«*de'» <bug stuie. in tfcat e**?wd there w*r<j»<au>»«b ' >i» ajoatbJtete four limps Deputy J*s»eg by F. J. Cbeoiij 4 Co.. Toledo, Ohio, oa *fe» (air- It wuuoiis auii»o»w fif the sys- otftsj . oaft hundred doU«r» for lt fft ,,,,, to ^^ CO., Toledo, O U. S. CIGAR With a.U. S. Flug for a Label, Made ou Uuuoi-, swld ou merit. - Ask tor tftteui awd tsiiow ^our. that jou fcoaw when you gtit a of the best ligMed «bor«a in Mafsiuill Welabach Lights A Iway s^ Give Satisfaction. »to iiglit wjd cociwiBapfciott of gas. Kewly 300 sold in. Maralaajl dariug ttoe P»»t y«a*" ~ ^ THE MARSHALL LIGHT CO. MtwWl, Oct F of tk» city. Cat Ynnr JOB PRINTING UUl 1 UUI at Chronicle office,

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