The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 20, 1959 · Page 6
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 6

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1959
Page 6
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THE BMZOWOBT THUfl»DAY. AUCUST 30. 115; Architect Fe: i< Not Needless expenditure By HENRY -J, BECHTOLD United Press . NEW YORK (UP?) -. Kyouywt year dreun house to b« Just »i you picture it, get * profession*! . trehitect in .on the project. * This mty sound Ilk* i needless ear* expenie, but take it from those who knovn. Thi* move will more thsn p«y for Itself in the «d. •••'.. ,-.... With in architect you cub* sure of getting thebestpossibto borne for your money. Rememr ber, buying t home is likely to be the urgest tingle investment you ever rotke.- > : . When should, an architect b« * consulted? What does it cost to employ an architect? Wh« service does he render? G. P. Oldham, vice president of Allied Chemicals' Barrett Building Materials Division, •ays ideally he should be eon* muted even before you choose .the site, An architect is trained to see both the hidden liabilities and 4 ' assets of any lot, ddham says, ' He also advises that "you should like your architect personally as well as his work be* cause mutual respect is essential between anarchitectaadbii client." The architect, Oldham said, should know what you can afford to spend. In tins way he can i "help you get. the best home for your money. Because no two families art •like, the architect should study your way of living, your tabbies and SMelal needs. This ftefre Mel * rnUminary dr* *«fcjsf • *hnr tbe general dazurtrtstiM of the home. be surw Aael «wttngdnw* ings. He suggests and select* building materials and gives Instructions on their InstallatiaR. The architect also helps you with many ether choree,, such as setting bids from contractors ana tupervtts* *• work of the contractor tetooMd for the job. With no waste (pace, Oldham ^kaid, beeaose it Is tailored to your •special needs. Moat im* porunt, he noted, the architect (Mflka of everything in advance. ."The* basen\ent ofao arcfai* ( en to it that the eeUar if damp- proofed, The building 'i* pro* pefly insulaMd, .snd. _ r narelittcrs fee is a per ccntage of the coat of tbebous e 10 to 12 per cent la metropolitan areas. All of his s»rvica*. from selecting the sit* to designing the house, from belying choose the builder to supervising the actualeonstrucUaoare included in hit fee. • : Recognizing tharuw-co-t4e- velopments homes can't, be de- Coined on an Individual basis, Ouham recommends in tills c»- •e calling in an architect on an hourly fw basis to look over the plan* and make certain you get the best houae for your money. , -In housing, a* in everythins dse, OldhanLStated, "youcan'i test a pro," •**• " Boy Scout News , P06T »»0 r Gute Explorer Pest 390 with eight members *nd W. Ken- driek is edytsar his received vori ef chi«»r rewwl fer snadwrywr. Th«ClweU- enf Ctob «p«Mors the post, R»y K»U, Vsmrn Smith, Oen» cinn, ShwreU .Hs»wr, »r»e; Huiwujif, MMk Coractt, w>d Austin Mocre. Arthur Blui, prwUent ef fte Lieu OubTU sl» inltUutleA- si reprwenuttvc. Committee memEerj »re Msx 5, Johnson, Themu I, KUieR, end I, J. The pest mseu it the Scout hui ti 7 pjn. oo Uturtiyt. TRY OLA8BIFIBD II JfOC* OA« ATUU! Motor Analyier wiU, UUs r»v nwtir vbst (h« treuMe If witk ftv sato'i TKWB fACTORY TRADiVP UZCHAKICI ON DPTJT AT AU. TWIS PENNER'S HUMBLE SERVICE 4th ti BUckoty Fr«tport WHITS SEEDLESS Spaghetti Sauces 50 recipes—Collectors Cook Book Tricks with Turkey 20 tempting main dishes September"YBmanVDay now on sate 10 f GRAPES 2 a 25 Cauliflower ;•'25 CABBAGE ">• 5 TEXAS YAMS * 10' OKRA MELONS EXTRA LARGE HONEY DEW EACH 59 c Bell Peppers 2 LBS. FOR Lb. c c • .•.TT.v.v.T.-rr.v.v.VTT.v.Ti'-'.v.v. i .;X*tt>>x£>X;X'>;v>Xyi;X'X*x*X2 "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF IANQUET BRAND 4* • jt ' "SUPER.RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF BONED CHICKEN 2 & 49* BEEF SIDES J9< Hindquarters J3« tIGHT MEAT "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEP MYCO TUNA FISH 6 Ribs 7" Cut Ib. •"SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY BEEF 75* Trimmed loins ANN PAGE PLUM PRESERVES 9 _ Q(U BEEF RIBS .jfgf Cans VW "SUPER-RIGHT" OUALITY HEAV CALF SIDES JS^Forequarters ,45* "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY HEAVY CALF lONAJRAND YEUOW CLING Sliced Peaches Chileans SUNNYFJRO CHUCHEO White Flour Margarine ANN PASI as 25* Tomato Ketchup "SUPER-RIGHT" CORNISH ROASTING CHICKEN "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF "SUPeR-RIGHT 1 KGUUR SLICED ANN PAti SKCIAll.., SULTANA 39- Peanut Butten ft.48» 59c Mb. 39* Hindquarters„ •AllGOOD BRAND '" ' ' '."'''/'. .V> : 45 c Sliced Bacon 39^ "SUPER-RIGHT" QUALITY HEAW MET "OR ARMOUR'S STAR 2 * 29* L CIM. £,U T GOOD IRAND CANNED WHITE GiderVinegar BERBER'S BABY FOOD STRAINED Vegetables ARMROAST J9< Frankfurters IANQUIT FIOIEN : UNQUET ' HOJAIITA fROHN 10 4 & 89* M fiat ' >ies ^" ^ fr° zen "' nners -*' 4 Bfie ' Tacos _ || _ LUNCHEON MEAT AIMOUE'S STAIi "SUMMIOHT" FMJHLY GROUND ' "SUPE8-RIGHT" HEAVY IEI Potatoes : 3 & 25* canned Spam : _ja 49« Sliced Bacon st 49* Ground Beef * 49* Rib Steaks „,. 99* CALOROVE FROZEN NABISCO PECAN DROP . • "5UHI-IIOHT' 1 HIAVT HIF ITIAK *SWfl.«CNT" HEAVY Kir JItAK ' "SUMI-IMOHT" lemonade 3 &• 25 c Cookies • • — ™ 49c Top Round—89* Bottom Round * 19* Sirloin SAV| ON »AYW ROSARITA-4UY: AT KM. HICI, «ST IRD MR I* "WMi-nom- Aspirin.* 2 as 59* Refried_Beans—-^3 a 32* T-Boiie Antiseptic ION-F, Milk ,™ WHITE HOUSE NON-FAT DRY MILK SOUDS A4P BRAND FANCY QUALITY Spinach -.:. 2 ^ 59* 21* 35* «, 49* is 10* ROSARITA-4UY : AT KM. HlCi, *R IRD MR I* "IUHUKWI- HEAVY IUP Retried Reans-.-^y-g % WHTTS BOUSS is|l Instant Milk i. '»»» 49c RIB ROAST WHIT8 HOUSi HISHE$T OOALITY 3 c. 1 ?, —— HEAVY Ml» "SUPE8-RIGHT" HEAVY lEEf 80NEIIJ5 "SUPEI-KIGHT" HEAVY IEEF "JUKHIOHT" HIAVY I F/NI CANDHS JOUY ROLU..- , ....m.V JttlY NANS U*.HI;( UCORKIft MINTS "-«.*,. ? IPKI wrnow J9« Chuck at. _,. 45* Chuck 79* RIB ROAST (o»l .» hi, JnJ, M Ilk" ~~-.. Ik. 4lh, Jihond 6lh>ibl ,. 59* JANE PARKER 8-INCH SIZE SPECIAU Blackberry Pie 39' Th« refreshing filling and feather-light crust make this pb an extra special buy: Delightful to serve "a* is" or a la mode! JANE PARKER ORANGE «S. 55* » JPIC1ALI JANE PAIKH STRAWBERRIES E CPHITPirC 9 J 1 M Chiifon Cake 47-= Buns mill i ritO'"™.^". vr i «»"««« WKO^ •""'Tr Winltr0erd«n Fractn Apple or Cherry ut noun f* _ _ A4>r nowa t««t ORANCI JHItt ~ 2 - 45< PUS 2 »£; 29° RW. 33< - SPECIAL! PINEAPPLE TOPPED ACS HIGH FK0ZM . .^i^ «s^k^s^ Afcp JTfQUQ ORAHGI DRINK 3 & 29* NICE Fratta Biby Um* 252-33° BEANS ST' Wheat Bread ;15* Buttermilk 25* JANE PARKER PEANUT JANE PARKER Cookies *» 27* Rolls teas, si 19* TOILET TISSUE Scottisw* 2 Rag. MB. R O II, <*9v LIQUID OETiKGENT TREND 2T. 53* PAPER TOWflS Scottowels S:.... „ 19^ "PINE-FRISH" DUTCH CLEANSER 2 iS':. 29* DETERGENT Trad sii, 4y* PAPER NAPKINS SCOTKINS 2 ^9. 1C< Lunch Six* O9 T KAISER Alum. Foil 2J-ft. «|4 l*a fall Hi* FACIAL TISSUE sconiES 2 ST 29* JEWEl Shortening 3 ; 65* CUT RIOHT WAX PAPER ir. 27« COOKING OIL Jewel OK £ 49< TOILET TISSUE SOFT WEVE 2'S 25c COOKING OIL Wesson Oil ot. E|4 Bti 3H 7 TOILET TISSUE. WALDORF 4-8! 33^ Shortening 3 fc S 69c SANITARY NAPKINS MODESS r, 2 as*

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