Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 2, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 2, 1961
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ftf T^H M^M TA^M' ' • ' 0*. MO NCW*4WM» , f R S-SS31 ' / EWS-H 33rd YEAR DEL RIO, TEXAS, FRIDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 2, 1961 House Okays $10 Million Ante For Years Work on Amistad Darn Around Town iv IMA JO PLEETWOOO A CALLED MEETING WILL be held by Val Verde - County j Tuberculosis _ Association at 7:30 in the Blue Flame Rootn tonight.; DR. HERBERT WALKflfc AND Dr. Emery Dsvis will return home tonight' from College Station, where they spent three days attending a convention of; veleH- narians. Agents Seize 56-lb. Dope ipment Fifty-six pounds of refined marijuana, valued at j approximately 556,000 on the black market, was seized •shoi.tly after 9 o'clock this morning at the International Bridge by "U;S. customs agents. Two Ciudad Acuna men were, taken into custody. Customs Agent Jack Stark, checking the 1952 Buick, « ,r> i.K,-' *u i L.«i v i discovered the narcotic packed under the hood of the MR. AND MRS. H. L MOLY.| car jn s ^ ^ i.cux returned home Wednesday | lenders. f T~ r »i-.i Vf*i"! \vr\rt ;i \v*Mr*T^ t h*> \* nD fl " from Fort Worm, where they'had gene !o bring hcnie their daug!> »ers. Sandra an- 4 Ann, students in Roberto Rod^rlc. 36. was h;> •irivcr of the car; With him was Texas Christiat. University. Ann •; Roberto Marline?. IS. will return to Fon Worth Sunday 5 to attend summer classes at TCC: i They will be I-.rraigned before Sandra will remain in Del Rio for t'-S. Commissioner W. P. Wallace .\he summer and return to TCU; Jr. later, customs agent said. (his fall.- j The cargo, cue of the largest 1 seized here in some Ride to Lands Couple in County Jail Here : A drive around^he-block stretch out to a journey to Alpine and at time, was DEL RIO iS REPRESENTED being sent by a well known deal- culminated in the arrest of a girl the Ind»is«rial~ Development « in Ciudad Acuna to a large nar- ; from San Antonio and a man from Conference in San Antonio today cotics trrdfic ring in Detroit. Mississippi both now lodged m J by Gilbert Murray, president of ;^>chigan. government agents SHU!. Val Verde County Jail. . , the Chamber of Commerce, and! The, two suspects apprehended The two appeared in Del Rio by J. R. Thacker, C of C. manager. ! m lnc ear \vert to deliver . th'-i.'Tuesday and spent the night here. . The conference is sponsored by I marijuana to a known Negro men Wednesday morning they appeared j the South Texas Chamber of Cora- ,v, Detroit, officers said, and the at Brumley Buick/ 308 Avenue F, I merce. 1 , seizure culminates approximately; and inquired about buying, a used 1 , . * « two .months of work on the part car. They asked the salesman ifj BARNEY WAYNE ADAMS SON °^ customs agents in the Del Rio- they could "drive it around the j of Barney and Annabelle Adams. Eaglc Pass-Otfics. [block" to see if they wanted it ; has completed his freshman year The mar puana was packed in '= He a '= reetl and they drove oft. , at Texas Chrisiiar. Universityvftt1 pound parcels; The finely ground.!. Very-little gasoline is kept in j Fort Worth. He arrived home g reen nar cotic leaves were placed ; such cars - so they had to stop on j Thursday and brought with him i n two brown raper sacks, then the northern outskirts of the city snolhcr TCU student, Jim Koch of, t r jp] c wrapped in waxed paper; and buy some, j Austin, for a visit here. This sum-j inc i sc ^] e d with a hot iron. I When they hadn't returned by J mrr Bsrncy Wayne will attend .col-1 Eack ssck foliouin2 seizure- u '.. noon. Sheriff Herman Richter was! ,ege classes at Lsughlm Air Forc^e | marked wjth ^ d - (c and " lhc [ciited. and he .sent dill the radio I Base, returning lo TCU in the "M-1 ir , itinls of at least three govern-i alerts along the highways. j • * • • ' . . ,' merit officials ucforc it is locked! About-3 p.m. Texas Ranger Ar- j WILLIAM WATSON, SOCIAL^ in„, the Federal Building as cvi-; t hur Hill nabbed them in Alpine, j security representative, "'ill be in c!ence until such time as the sus-jThcy had run out of gas and were; Del Rio in-Room 204 of the Fed• peels', may come to trial. ; trying to get a check cashed.' i era! Building June 3 at 9.- a.m. j After each parcei is marked, iti Richtef and Deputy John Sch-j 'Jndcr recent .diffuses in the social 'As opened, a sample taken from j rier went to Alpine and returned i security law, 2o.OOO—the survivors jits contents and placed in an iii- j to Del Rio with the suspects Thurs- | .-•f workers W.-R. died; between {dividual. letter envelopes, agiin'dav afternoon. -I ..March 31. 13.% and' January l.]v|ated anc im'Unied. and sent taj Friday morning Barbara Joan! 19*0—may now be eligible . for; a government chemist'for analysis; Higgins* IS. and Archie McGowan.! monthly sociil security payment. I, and identification. " (2/5," \verc charged with theft and! Others also m; y be eligible>- and". The Buick will be impounded in ' their bond fixed at 51.000 each by j anyone who wishes additional in--the lot across thr- street from theij us ti ce O f ^ c Peace O. J. Vine-' formation may see Watson whim customs office at the Inlcrnationtil r var( j T ne \- failed to post li and- he's here. . i Bridge, to bt sold at auction in r~ _ See AROUND TOWN — P«i* 7";due time. ! " • <•: Sum for Use Beginning Next Month WASHINGTON (AP)—The House has approved a $10 million appropriation for work on the Amistad Dam on the Rio Grande in the fiscal year starting July 1. The amount was included in a bill it passed Thursday and sent to the Senate. The $10 million is part of a $13.173,000 appropriation _ to the International Boundary and Water Commission ~~ *ior construction work. This is ?2 _ _ ~ «'.iil!;on less thr.n itad been bud- Kangaroos Can't Get Ride Here RIDE 'EM COWBOY —- Tliis bareback bronc rider didn't much more than get out of the chute last night before he came tumbling off the horse. He wasn't any more-unfortunate than the rest of the bronc riders. None' of them made a ride in the opening performance of the second annual Val Verde County Junior Rodeo at the Fair Grounds. Joe Ed Cummings is the cowboy waving his arm," trying to get back on balance. (News-Herald Photo) 4-H Junior Rodeo Off to Fast Start By NICK NICKELL j annual Val:Verde County 4-H -Inn- ref racing -and pole bending -for ; Thrills,-spills anci fine rodeoing i ^ Rodco '«f night at. the Fair | girls 12 and under. U looks .like f Thf kangaroos aren't coming—no transportation. Four of the animals -were due at Laughlin Air Force Base this week end on a flight from Australia, -bound for Brackenridge Park in San Antonio, each ' in his own rate. They were to hitch a ride with Laughtin airmen on a carg* transport" aircraft from East Sale Royal Air Force Base: That's the base from which Laughlin aircraft have been operating on a detachment and .two LAFB "airmen were to care for the animals on the trip. The red kangaroos, two males and two females, didn't get approved- for the flight, even though livestock certificates of health and export permits had been issued for them. • They were given to the United States by the Zoological Board of Victoria, Australia, in the name of the U. S, _AIr Force. The 4080th Wing at the base was to care for the kangaroos at LAFB and provide transportation for them to San Antonio. The appropriation is to provide 'for preliminary \vorx that ' done prior to actual- construction ; work on the dam astride the Rio > Grande, a project- o[ the United i States and Mexico. j Daring Uie fiscal y*ar starting : JuJy i. surveys, planning and pa- is to be continued in the i office of the projt ct engineer, Loyd j Hamilton, in Dei Rio. i The remainder of She 513,173,000 1 approved by the House for the j International Boundary and Water 1 Commission is for the Lower • Val- 5 ley. DEL RIO WEATHER Twin at Bedside [Of Gravely Hurt I Laughlin Airman | Watching at. th? bedside of Wil- fburJ. Butler Jr.j gravely injured | Laugbiin airinai. is his identical jlwin. Jack, a Xavy man here i{rom his base at Long Beach, | Calif. I While he is hert : with his brolh- | er, TV In Jsck is billeted in , .his | brother's room in a barrack on ! the base, ; ivTuseteen-year-nld Wdbur was i injured Saturday night in a three- j car collision that claimed the lives j i>[ two and tnjuicd four north of i Eagle Pass on Highway 277. _; Some improv-'>ir.enl in his con- Itlition was reported this morning i by hospital .authorities. j In sddition to his identical twin, ; Wilbur's mother, "Mrs. Florence ;O. Butler of Pottsfo\vn, Pennsyt- mirked the marKta me of the ^econd 01 me .ccona [ Grounds. I Rodeo, officials estimated Uans on hand lor the show. : Ted c son ln l °' DEL RIO -AND VICISTITV: Ivania. and an auct, Miss Dorothy . — _..., speed- \ Cloudy to partly cloudy this af-;F. O'Connor of Korristown. Penn- ,ster Andrews has. Linda's time in ternobn. tonight &nd Saturday .with I sylvania. are at his bedside. ; the barrel was 17.3 and in j possibly Isolated thundershowers: \ Butler, most seriously injured : the pole bending it was 19.9. i little change in temperature. Mar.- \ of the four, v.^is gravely hurt I -mum .temperature yesterday, d4: ' about the heao and sustained rrjinimum 73. Maximum tempet-a- '-• other injuries ai well. He was j performances in the e v e n t s i ...f.; *{7' n Z '"^ J c'lTJ^^RvJn^r lure a ^ar ago, 102; minimum 6S. ! rushed to Memorial Hospital for i throughout the evening. : '../"„,,;" L^^^L th ; ";„, | ?« temperature this mom-1 ireaiment m Eagle Pass imrm- llle icu " hng, 7a. Time of sunrise. 5:44 a.m.; ; diately after .ne wreck, then 1 The cowboys and cowgirls drew;. 'repeated applause 'for • their fine I' Ri hard-™ ;„ tho =,mior " ' <;-inrra • : f CarM Sprm S By the time entries closed last ; lor ca! - ropers with 15.9. night 96 youths had placed their names -on the list. Because iherr are so many entered it will be necessary to run extra sessions in some of the events. One extra go-round" will be hold after the In the junior ribbon ropin? Bill u^inrisejomorro«% 5:44 a.m Rose of Del Rio took the lead with • .11.7. Leading the ^mor division is Rvsincer with a 17.2. jtime of sunset. 7:40 p.m. Time: arought to {he t-ase hospital at Laughlin. In the barrel racing for boys • regular performance tonight and 12 and undT Jay Taylor leads another one Saturday morning. witih 22.6. Johanna Young is first (or i?ir!s 53-15 with ;: 57.5. Bell ; as a rough night for the WjlL ; h has , he best . time— 17.4— I bareback 'bronc riders. None of the four \vho were entered rode to : the whistle. ;' Harry Goudcau, nf Akin. g;tvo the boys something lo shout at as : he took first place -in the steer i wrestling. He got down on his j-anima! almost as soon as it got • out of the chute and threw it in • 3.5> seconds. for the 16-19 girls' age group. Billy Don Grimes leads the boys 12 and under in the pole bending with 20.5. Ada lx?e Rigss. Sanderson, went ahead in the pole bending for ^irls 13-15 witih a 10.5. US Judge Halts Freedom Riders : Ku Khu\ Klan and four individ- By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS o r d e r at ~ Montgomery, Ala.. A stem federal judge today or- against Montgomery police, the de-red four "Freedom Rider" or- Ronnii.- Evans of Odessa marked ganizations to stop their tests of 151 on his bull to take placed" racial barriers in Alabama pend- the senior boys in thai event i ing further court action. in strong words, he trireat- lo jai! Negro as well as white Linda Sennit? is doing her best last night, lUilt-.h. Edwards, also; At the same time. U.S. Disi. jeariers if racia! noting breaks out '• to keep Andrews in the limelight, of Odessa-, topped the junior bull . Judge Frank M., Johnson Jr. is--here again. She had the best times in the bar- rirfcrs \vkh a marking of 140. sued a sweeping na-bus-violence • _. ; : : ^__—_ — Johnson issued a teinporary j jiir-ctioa to compel -Montgomery' Ala., police to protect "Freedom . Uiders"; in the future. KDLK Changing Hands ! Radio Station KDLK in Del Rio Don R. Howard doing business 3S; headed by Jarne? D. Patterson as . 'will change hands if an applies- It e Del Rio Broadcasting Com-! president, Jack Crosby as vice-; Uion received today'by the ttfti*- pany. The station operates on 1230; president and Julius Sadowsky Jr.; i nnmications Con mission in Wash- kilocycles at in? power of 25'J j as secretary-trc-asurer. •,.} 'jngton DC. is ^approved. i watts and has l.een operated by j The station ii located on Be-. i r The'commission will-act on the Howard since 1933. jaell Avenue, north of the Del Rio- j application for the assignment ofi His father. Dm. Howard, ope.--' Country Club, ti.d is on_uhe air the KDLK licenrc to the Queen' ales a radio advertising agency af-'from 6 a m. to li p.m.'The busi- City Broadcastir.ff Company with- f mated with a t-umbcr of radio, r.ess office for^ the station is lo- Johnson also continued in effect an exijting no-violence 'restraining order against two Ku Khui Klan factions and (hree indn'id- iials. and put a fourlh individual under injunction. ' The judge granted a temporary FIFTY-SIX POUNDS of refined, marijuana bound for Detroit was seized'at the International Bridge this morning when U, S. Customs'Agent Jack Stark, left, located it under the hood of a car. Deputy Collector of Customs John M. Finger Jr. checks the seizure. {News-Herald Photo) sv«rs—including the Racial Equably (CORK), • from Interfering with interstate/bus' in 45 days lo 60 cays. If approval of the application is given, the license will be trans- tcrrcd and the'.'lation sold. stations, inciuding KDLK. Icated in the Riswell Hotel. The Queen Broadcasting Company, to which the license will be * transferred «t- the Corn- KDLK is owned and operated by mission approves, is a corporation Howard said he^ plans to The court orders . ,noin m Del Rio and engagu m KKK and t^p individuals - u __. any act to inter fere~, wltli Wj*fv state bus movement, r 'r^t,'^"/^. ousiness here if ipproved. transfer

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