The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 12, 1892 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1892
Page 4
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GHSbNlGLK, NOVEMBEk 12, .• i 4 is-beyond our* expectations iafid Ihe many who have embraced the; op- x« r * „«.*«.„., to' purchase at :the ^prices v quoted will long re- m^mber ,~ < 1 T f fcy »j. THIS over all other B* r If you have not called, come ip and get the prices and we Will guarantee you can not leave the , I. «. -! Astonished -7 Have never before been offer ect by any Clo igan as ^ placing before the peopled Kemem- ber this is no bankrupt stock of old goods, but are Glean, Fresh Goods. Come to the big store which has a large stock; and low prices for alll OPKS SUNDAY• The Loc&l Board' oKpirectors • ^ OH Reeord. ° It shows, thut the total receipts to Nov. 1 have been Sll','418,077.81'mid'-the disbursement* $ll,Q63,H13.18. The pay Imve amounted to Treasurer Seeberger has already ' received $600,000 from the of exposition bonds, ,iu addi* , - . . I. tloft to" the $5,000.000 realized from ONLY FOUB ?OTES IN OPPOSITION^!the ?ale,of Qltdirf CWoagobonds/ The ; largest s,puffil of revenue has b«en tba A Prti>i)ti n |lii)ii that (.he <lul>.'* . JJfc 1 Ojien Ji> Vi*ltur«, Itiit thut Idle—Hallway Men. Get TogetJver »n<l on a General Scbente for Sates to" tit a Great l<iliovr— rinanciiil Statemjspi Showing; IteceipUiindKiiienses So.T>rri^-' Coinv ... "•„..'•,,...'* .'"'-".'. "'': , Nov. i2.4~Witk only four 'disr - sentiug vuto* ;tlie dji-.ectora'of the World's ' 3?he largest stock the lowest prices HYDE'S DruglStore »receipts, ot Jackson park,, $158,823.01 . ' ; bee^ ^ealized/ironi^tlbi^ foj^oe sibee | fait Wont on record !jfesfer4tiy ufternoon gs favoring the opening of the exposition on Sunday. *fcl»e wsoliition* atlopted^ sfat* - tb«t the Siinday ejfpositi6n should be a ft'till show,"!))*' fair to be open on- the £<vme conditions thflt art 'gallerie.i are thrown open OB -Sunday. AMioiig oihrr things tue _r"8iolutipns decfau-e: *lt j> pur judgnient •ytnat the expositioB should be opeu ou Suit- i day under subh rultw -and regulations a • will jjfohibit" the use of matbinery, un- of me conatruction ;H the total of *v),618,OS6.89, '"* "* were p4i(| out ..during i 'He.viwayte^-I thought of joka in my .sleep'last night, but when I woks up"*omeh"ow it was astUt as a pan, -~ >^ ' latewaiyte— No wondfer. I siippose you »lept on it.--Kat« Fie^ 1 * Waahingtoii. To cpisiiytii^ Th^ Gas Cor^pariy ancnmces th^pUpwing Feduc- tipri in prices^of Gas for laGHTING wherever (3-aa at the s*ame time giv« oppprtuu* the*tudyo.fihe highest staadardyf artistic and met'faaiik^l ^ciwii.;VstIi"t-the art gallery, the hortiwjlUji-Jldiny, and »U t* of -.ioe- iU ,jehani<?aj' art ax-« exhibited,, thrown opfe'u ty the public- ou each and ev^ . ery 4*J dariug the e,ntir«. tiine of thft^jfj ; l aUo --that ,«tcli eainioye sho»l4 b^ -- '' ** given one d»yo£ each weefc for a'est, jstudy,' ' i or recreation-.. We believe that the study '• an Sunday of'.»ucu exhibits of scien.ce and art, • and of the still and genius of the artisan, will not only be of inestimable ed, »qational Advantage, but the thoughts of theywlters w^H be lifted ahoyg theseordat- , . iv« agencies to rhe great Creator of all thlnygs.useful aud beautiful.' 1 . ' ' IP^I meud ibf Actiou lo reaoluiona fayqr. icei on the groubto each. Sun- It is probaU^ihstt a sfcaJie- of. the board'* action, togettifr wit4iti}»je retwlutioiw adopted, wili be seat to ewfc. .member of congrew*. Whether . »wy further attei«i>t will be made to iuflu- euoa toe meoibar* to juueufl the law has to the seajiou of «oAt(r«$« ^w* *;»i Aek«UR<Mi. jgtoa soon A Birmiagitonj (England) vrofii^a ried a pplicetuan bec'aoae, aa the explained, her Bother wua pice robbed of her. wa^ch nod chain, and she thought a policeman was a good t hing 'ftp ijare about the house. £. gold brick shipped from Yuma, A. T M tp San Francisco is said to to worth. t99,-. 000. A residence oqMtracted of bricks like thiawduld cost eeveral dollars more "than most people can afford to pay. The firit railroad in New York city was this New York .and Harlem, chartered in 1881 to run from Tweatv-thiid straet tQ is ysed,ALSafbr COOKING pr HB^nN^h to take on an^-afber V » r 1st; 1892- par 1090"cubid Ft. 1881 to run from the Harlem and which' l*fd mile of track'iitl$33. -~ '/;' Jn tjie head gaay wujetixuea be ar-' j.U first 'ftagen by camphor, bufc rested thto;likJn-"»)l otfae/ drugs, s.hou Id only be ' " given by; order." Theharfcfit kiiowH-wood 4» tsaid to b» cocua wood. It turns the .edge of ,«»y .a?, temjwred, s« it is claimed. very perishable. b« coi^wderod a first rate inveatoieot like A ft«r a time they decay. J.H. SANDERS JUSTICE OF THE PEACE. ' Offiica or»r Ml»n »* State and tlio 'Far all GaBCDnaumed where a GAS RANGE i-J For all gaa consumed whefe COOKING or HE*(TING'STOV£S «'<* •consumption is 'not leas than 100Q eubio feet : & ni ». for Gas used for LIGHTING ONLY remun uncli^nsod a.u l>r:0 a*» follows: % iLfiss tlfau 1000 cubic ft. in one myuth, 1 ^3 00 per iWO'euUijo ft, ''-•• v ' • J . • oOOQ oubfo ft, aod less than 10,00% cubic ft 1 mpnfh $1 »f) p*r 'I»)au 10,000 or over, I mouth $1 bO per'tOQO culaiu ft,:""^''"'"';""" 1; (0tiUip: ft, All the above rateaf ar« Oiaoouat or 10 c(a per 10DO cubic ft wSiS~the m w bill io° pajd iu or before the JOth of the jQonth next followiug. '. . ba iftova specinl rate.a are, made to induce oousai^fera to usji gfts^ur dpu.Uuij »s,-well aa lighting ^*»-_-_^- " •->..' Prnovfts Tha AD¥ ANTAGE of 6as for ^ " . ' "Udokin^bverBverj OtjberPue^ iirl'lieapei-^tove €Ue»per Fuel, , .,./ lleunliuess, 175 GAS STOVES how in use in MARSHALL SPECIAL REDUCTION Iff GAS FIXTURES. A. duwoa'pt 'of 10 per o^nt wilt be muda forom'regular priwii on &U biila for GW Fixuiroa .or. iiiBide gipinu ordered an<| Completed ftoja "^^-- ' ' Sept Istl892, to The MARSH AM. TU&lt'JFjIfa^ ^~DR,iom r fbe onlyiBftfe, »ui» a»d reliably Female ?ill ever offered to JLiadioa. TEspdciaHy Tecoixuaended to m£HTi&d Tidies: Bewvo o( Pilis put up in tin boxes as they are -dangerpua, Aak for l>r* Woja'a^Pennyroyal IUip and .take no other. Sena fe* .-^--_-

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