The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 13, 1897 · Page 4
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 4

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 13, 1897
Page 4
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fttfi DAI1Y CHRONICLE: AUGUST IB, For Sale (* ndon frtitol, t amilut wit h Kirn and on hard. Terms, "Midi. Mrs Marjfic Ftfo wotiW Iilto to »lb at, thf homo of hrv pwlhor, Walbrhlaes 61 Jinnovtr - *h( Auj limp yotfwatif B tfrnnitf dish pan w|li fa* tlxe snnK 1 i>rit v <» rti tt tin mife anil see tte beat two burner Iftw skOT in the mrtrhpt. BOSLEf '8, " J>(> Ptttfja, a lOc ctgar ft* §<•? now a. A itttrt Hai<fSffe " amoke, H. Detroit IHSM «•«•*!» ^ t f an> iifopni'M t«r insWrf ifarm • aff>ti«? per C'MI} t<vf three j^rtfis iti ?t ft t. dyppppSiefl olten do not h&ve af»^ pate "whatever in th& stoftitKJtet-nor perhap* of the \is<ual syu»K(oms of Btomrtcb . 'Miis^ia Irtsttef thfti£ the Ma sfiffeH, Agent. Cor. Bn^es and Lamed/ St DZTHOIT, f)ntya. ItiorV from tV"«"1vri»r<T & *1i>tfrv»nn A% i"*. ^ l-ry < < Wear AH Car Unos 5S5T" H.iJMS,Prop: AGENTS WANTED Fort-lift.iftost contribution to ihe'llt- eratuvf! of Die WoiStl Us*- j!ib f e TfK tlroat \VdiU of (he Thinkers.' Famous OiMtors, Ucriowncd ^•Knt »r*. Wim- \\ ri tn i ninl IX VK»TI- 4»ATOU»» of (ho mvh O Maty tt) ;ill Use rariRw of llfCTatiire there Is not'u'rjotbi'r t'ook li);^ THE PEOPLE'S BIBLE HISTORY In thi-> booit ilone can !jo fcmnd tboinfor- on ^>m(.ht t»> c.ery Wlblo reader, olU or youtrs, scholarly'or ua- It is, Iniiei.'d, a Brcitt work. It M nlvrays^ratifvingtrt rwMvr- teeti- r Cban»h«»rlain' 1 «i CoTic, l)mrrhorin remedy, anrt whrn i i wfruma phjBit'lan it is . "Tfenro is nq j^tJsfwtiiry or rejnedy Uutn O"»)M'> Cholora and JJinrrbopft ivriips Dr B : . fij. Rotwy, phjrfomn phnrtwacist, t»f Olfipyr Mo,; ftiii'} afl lie has «M»f[ ih<» remoffy In Ms" oWRTiilfiitJ wml' i! in his drug* etnre for six y«w, he -ct>t tatnl fo that tnefa "8e»*%» ! ftto to i«f i<t tows . the sk»hiBoh so mach »« i» nearly oUffee^f^ftti',ita«»ni*fcft^ the heart es* a«d. w irrcfeulnr; m othMfl the affected? ia others- Mie Bte eontWfrw, wt »8o5 s »f« tr<»bli«<l wm< loss of fle«b *na heartburn. , . A- W. Sharper of J«<» a Prospoot St., atiol»,'Itul.^ wnt«s tts fallow* "A , of pnre graiitudct promp** me tt> writd thoae few Hues retfarrhajf the new rend medicice, S*,tiRrt*« Dyspepsia Tab. I have been a suffettng from notvou« po[ i»$a ft r tlje lft«i four yoara; h*va u««l vitnoujt patent medit'incH and other reoie- edits wiihmrtany fauorable rewlt. They -tune? ga^o ternpor»ry rolxsf until the •t« of th* tn«chcme wore off, I attwb- to my nedwtary hSFiFa, bcin« » with hide physical dssrcisp-rJ^nt 1 am tfll. to siate that, the tablet* have ovcnomo ^fUl these pbstaol«a for I sjiunod.iu flealKjl^p better, atwl »m b&tto-r in overy wny. Tbo above 18 written not for notoriety, hut is lawd on nctanl fact." tf ully .youm. — ANiV. SHARPFR, 01 l*ro*pejt?t S( . , It is sate to say that Stoat's Dyspepsia ftolets will cure any Btomficns^renkn.ce* or except cancer of i;uro jtotr stomach, They ftpp*' . . _ . burn, o-iu^fiiHitioTi and hcmlaches. SonU for ruluablo tijtl* bt»ok «n i (Jwc»Fe*i by addrcwmg SlunrtCo., M»ishaff Mioh, AII druggists st-11 full K<"IBII* ili»«)vnri<« in nrrtiw<i!ofrr II»T« tiroi^vlit tln*^».»rltl nf tfhitts f»c« to face with tliein«|i who •-v«t MI r ami »r<«o durum tli» <w' f M it by n( )mftj!Ui;**n ffum ort^HriH oiiior tJi** rf» it m of *it trinut b*» toun<l In uny oth 'U pjnphlft cinul.Lr,|fc Aiidrrss THE HENRY O.SHEPARD CO. 212-214 Monroe St. V4.LACC art AM ens. *TO MACKINAC PETOSKEY CHICAGO,. FOUH T«IP« *C* WCKK packaKea at 50, Ft-rsvinH sending in a liw< alarm are r<>- qumted -tu btaj n««r th/Jilsirm IHK until the tlcpartmcnt arrivva so an to givn-jn- forinHtion .is to thq/A.'U't f»X'Atjon of the R. MIUTC*-, Chief. - - "\ l*or Sale or Kent Clicup. Th<> Muntjjonu'ry bbrneHtt'atl on Marshall avorijie* ^l^o s<nn« choioe lots on and Ltl>erty utreot, i. Inquir** of (»KO. SOUTH DAKOTA. » lutt A Man C'aii. I)o With S1,OIM>. Ae can foui l'»0 acr«« ol ttw«f laud f«r S1.W10. Pay f lOu down! Balance- m three {iftymerita Un« in .3, 4,-Auil f>>ears at. ~.,per <-«nt . He can alrto ouy 31QO choice iowr* for $M) aud 10 ROW! r't^ f «^ I-^W. Th<> will «Rii batter from the v-ovr* wift pay al> f«rin fU»l family OXJU'MMOH. The nitidnwe <rfr rshfitfps nuil wool will pay i^tf thu >DortgHgj/l»ef oto it !-t due, In five ywur* he will hj***f » ^arai nil j».iui for mid well aUH'ke(l./For dwscrtp H\c> list* ami j)rK*» aidrcs'^'H. F, Hunter, 1 numeration. Agent for South Dakota, 1W."» t-tnx.'t, ChU'Hgs/, HI. Thousand for One Detroit ift *t <jlc lor li'.l imints Hail Souiii ami iul^^tte'ttrt and Stp.»««btr Out* fur our -Stetf A, "Fastr Trains To' '' ' • ^ « Bay View Via G. R. & L in iJav tnuu Nu. 7 1«avos Kula- 1^::«> p. iu:, actjl Grand 2 :2W |>. ui,, »rn viiag Ti-avtirtite- Oit> 7.00 p KU,, Ffcttiskt.) 7^5 p. ra. Baj Vifew &.{«J p, tu. u.4 Harbor Bprie^s »:25 p. m. Thi* iiug fs;uiu lor foUeisi jwU fvurtjier i tiwa to C. L. JU,KJkWOOI>, a. F. * T. A., Grand Kapd^, WANTIO-AN . fti'ti. Write 3OHiT jiN C-, Pivn^tii Ai.Uij-u^y* C^ for dto&r »J,«« jtfiae aJ&jr. Mart*.) TICKETS: B! INTER STATE Casualty Company of Ucw'Tork gives THEEE MONTHS' or , n, , lileral**!, C. G. TABUE, JULY 4, NO, 2 ' ......,,.^. «.4l >, m. . IStV*. IB. «vtf> If. Sp^eltrf*..... .. .,.,,.t*a*p. ». *u. W t Stv^w uulyVu aS^iiiti. AU tr*,fo» tun on O. W 81 CiGLbS, Cuiurf »ss. « iH o. A. Joan»v», Krcijfljt Axeni., C. K. UIMTDKB 'f icfeet Ago»t.' Cmcinaati, J Tr*Ui«'i>aiij) . Toledo J •*«». 7, asjjyfflid *&»»**» So, ».*•». Ill Jldis^o. T-WftTST «&5ii. si tr-lo* d»ii> exwpt Suudu* * «4-« made M Tttltdo »ad So*. »d V TUL CITY Opinion oft That Discriminating Tariff Against Canadian Rail* ways doming Soon. TEA IMPOKTEBS ASK A SBARIH0. tf lit, Opjp«*0 tmpftWttfoA of fhc iJnf.? ort <;om»* foTOJnfl: <W«* t'nnnrttn'n C'Igr»r Wa-tfrirrgton, Attp. 18 —-Attorney Gen» erfcl MeRetma ftiul Sott^tor anueraV Richards arft, maktn£ a t-areftil study <at tho, questions involved in the efln- stfupttoin tjf s^cthiH 22 of th<» rwvr taryt rf fcet. _)Mj«J H HjMtpe*>t«J that ^A 6ptn- lon ^overling tfte subject ?k in J?^ s^nt t,o TsWftWrV $««*_ party Htt tfte irnnlrttf Vefek "the rimtn edition M*t' "iri&te t-» Wliftttlj? t««ul> HfifJ «tW guods stored JTr»n> -fewlha and Japan by iveswl to , B. C., and thence fty rail d t\_thi- United States are«jsuh- jvct to the 10 ppr cent duty ^miwwefii by swtion 21 It is at th^ trr j a.ft«r ( Kf1<?partm« «t that a tortfe jwopafUon 1ft th* tcSa and other iroAart* of Cbirt*. apd Japan are so shipped to^tjh^ NewvEngiand ami other cities at ^ Jess rate th&ri fa railroiid, from Sat) Frantfacso. eX£»rters of tho-^ commnrfitlep therefore arc ea-id to ho opposwd to any construction of the act which wouM Impose th*»- additional 10 per -Cfnt duty. TiK> Boston nn<i Maine Railroad company hns rjsi^tfl to bp hfi^rd CHI the quosttnji pprKlinji its flnal (Itytprminatlon and the attorney general hfis concluded ti> £lvp It a hea» ing tomorrow nrornHiR. XV>ktt)ftii«rtt {Jet Owr rort-fyinjr Trftrt«i Ar> Intcre^tiiier report, albeit It ""Is mftstly fiaor"s=, Is ohl-ainod from the* treasury /T0<;ot;ds ns to-" yho . <lo<M> our ocean oarryiftfe trade. According ti thosfij Records .British vessels are car- Tvinsj'ovf-r 55 p«»r rent of thf rhprchan- ajsj» of thp I'nHed States, ln>fh 6f (m- pj»rts and of cxpotts. RaininAtlott of feures fcsr -the/first six -.months of J1S97 / sh<MV that tho total imports in. vessels hfsive^ been of the valuo" of $4-"2,6Sf»,!m, »ud of domest!?; exports In vessels? $452,- S00.405. The porcentagrs of imports caf- ii»»<l in American vessels la IS ,i5, and in ufn vvHsels St.tlS; of imports In ves- th» British have carried 55.89. pep* cehfts. the Germans,. 11.49; ' Freriftlv B.46; >t«»toh, ... 3.3;.>; and . 'all other foreign Nyessels S.'81; ''Of domestic exports ffS^y. $.19 ta . carried U Aw-ricftn b<>Hotns. 91 8! being In visscls of othtr tiotiiins' Hrtu«h f-is; -German. lan,' 2.93; and Arner- value of fx(iorts» S.!»2;,rr.?noh, 2.19; Non foreign, i<ft» «f C;i Tho valup of liTipftrtM carried xosswl<« foi the ,tun<- 10 W.L^ $C6,US,i43, and of that rlfcd lii foreign voasela: $:'.ti«^fil,S32, art ni*"«\aluc of oxpottn fin th«' «anvc period can it'll in Arnorli an vessels, H3 W. and of that carrltd vi«sfl<«, $415C^7.2!7 Thf v.tluv of Which h/i? btfn latgt'iy Inouttht fium lh" W<-.»t l!>d!»»«j In ^nx'n. an. vtssc'ls. carries thr pei'c Piitagc nt impoit.f in AUM 1< an voaMpls Wghor than that «f Ihi 1 valuf ut , domestics <>xp<>ris . Sine*" 1&7C the burtati of MtPtiatkp hu» stai^l tht- value of im-u'iiandiSr 1 ' Imported and <»xjtorti.'xl m <arw and other In-tidychiiU - iJurifig thf fir-st hfalf of thi- pnsi-nt yt-ai the \alu« of tmpi 1 1^ tjanl^il «»»•< $1:0,and of j.-xp_orts, JJT^'lT.eis. ( IIMOIS Oov«Tiunont Mint l»«y ItiitiK Uutjr- oh Sttuin or Stop u JU(j \V<irb. °ury ilvpartnient can he ^ou^ht O to modify it* uint-t^uftUm of Tltt- tanft JUA in r«-8i<cr-t to tht duty on alfim i imtnjrtHl l'<>r KOMiumetiK UKV, unfa of he largtt.1 wt;iV now in pr^Kn-wi. tn .fti> ! tinstriHtifmof thuliuf- fdlo hreakwal i, vnl! be brouKht to an n>htract'^\vlth Hrotheris '& > f8aojfS« for ttm of th!-* wuik, and u.nd,«-r the owtract to tAHf tbt- manp i jcr«(6L.ttrr«.^« Itee and lay it dortn al the arr.i h<-r<r rhai'thls r^uw T.P yul tnffuirju^^aj; 4ut^ N-iS¥, however, Ii4s>t *s tht: vuirk. j» «ia,rUni, • fht- cuHeCfnr M Wuffqlo Ji^a jjijtIHed the- war 4*-|»a«tn*«nt •a|B?'falA ^hat tip must aa»*^ 4ul> a.ii th^st'Wui'Uiwi !rt-fu*; to aijnrut i{ until tlw duty $ tV* tfy 4o j>a£ this nt su* owJ-tf?!*) t. The bt/ji*pag*> wmild, 4*t- the t»* \V llaoii, v-htef oK ttye sutijfrct aguui iu rt»e treasury with' several pfo^iSHftins tii mi^t-l th» cfltst ^t i»"ea««Hited ttwt •ft^'dutte-s tb^t the ^>v«iim«-nt must, pay ttsttf pn tij.«i &t<Mii%T*iJWid- atnaunt to t*twet-B a quarts and 'o. hjiif-i'f a ntlJUwn of doHars, a,tcuniinB to the consti ULlion jjiv^-p, ta 'the t4«tt act by th« treasury depart- roent, iUurtlur. la:, Aug. lS—Fiank Afc local. apowaqg 10411, has b^fi *e gsand jury wllhotit b^il aftwr dur of Henry V. Puffy, i)usla«a* wan of tb}» city, o «f Aprii 26 The mati^r ims WfiSpsd In myntery, t^fcn.t »'«9 divided a wsd suictde. Th K^ticrai Qpt«u>it is t&at Aruvld will not is.— All doubt a* to the safety Q%\thv yacfot Merlin of - eago aad Us passtJUftt^ was jr«jbt£rj-ijay. nujriiiog- iy a report «ro«8 awroae th«: JiOte by Heary , eaatutr of. tbi* recwditsr'B otfU-s. The VftCJnt res^ebwl S^lvitn bt^e in good c<>ii«llUuxi mid Xlie same »«t s*M fr«»8 that port b*a4«d fjur « month's ciui«e ou tti INVALUABLE MOTHERS; SlOO.OO reward wirt be paid for tlie «rrest and e^nivlction of'wiy one fVtecleil refilfiiig oirr For Hfil«i l»j W. V. I>UAKI<; aiift^V. O» W. L. Blankenhorn THE OLD RELIABLE PAINTER, Will sen strictly pure Wright & Lawther Oil, raw, 3jOc, boiled, §2c. per/gal. "^-^ x Lead at $5.50 per hundred Ibs. ^ - ^^, Hard Oil, Cal^om Black Board Slating, ]?aint Bemoving, etc. We abstain from using inferior qualities ol ^ixed paints, being able to mix our own colors pure lead and 6th er substances. EAST HTATd STKE«T. THE B|ST THAT TOBACCO CAN PRODUCE; "BEN^ " CIGARS g^wnoke that Cleaves j^ A cool sweet fcatisfyingp^moke that Cleaves grateful rememberance. Sbl<l by pll d«ftlei's JOJi' straight ami 3 foriJf*o Alanufartui;0<l"l>y . , CEO, MOEBS &^CO., Detroit "BECOME I RE8L WflMM" Study Out fomuttiOQ of ewrect huhiU. Develop lru». waatMaJhuXKi. Ttl» Is His i^lta ol . . AKttlGY INSTITUTE mnrt H**vui,TjloJi. ion,- SIMU ildlOtf^ ATI miHtcnt ocanjpihn-1 u* r>K»>t'« iu««f iwuui 4«<f feypi TTosfc^ JCft UfaafuT iHftU«»rt, rff»t^toir\H> trti 1 hUSI, i'k, U. Umnrt Tlft>su ncys no pur* kidneys l^r,- V«*«t^ Awwamif 1V« <f ?n * mil reibovei Ekeunjausm, Gout and ease* piodoee^by iwpm * blood, $1 W jjer bottle Ot all druif4»!it«. or by tJtpreas'jjtcp^id apoiirfr- ««pt of price Sen$ Iw f-RWAywnpWpt. "A Hew Pair eT K.icineys," fiuc by BUI\ Bld'g, ^faiC4«9, IU. a of.,,,. . B, POWELL, \ ZINC PHIS ON1NC estti occur yaod fur stewing. Call get the gouuiuts fur i.'jc at EveryJbody eow^es Fur sate bj- W. A. Barnes. bat>a> curt* in a. for the tobacco li^bit. It i$ tv cwrciw tea daye. No «">*', ao pay, 4- O. lljc u«.s.' fc* Rccoaniwuyisg ro»p l» i^« 1 ""~ *^«»g Oiucflj^*> ^P Alum i«4 li. mF-Jk \ Write or c»li to-ctav, for fa>W««t ACCIDENT TICKETS. TheJstir-State Cpiwpaoy of New S4X MONTHS' liwuraneu, 8 t,OOO for 91.OO To it^ii or Wom^n ot Saw Vork for FOR ^ALE BY DE8iON~l»ATEI*T8, j COPYRIGHTS, «to. J f • In* 1 * i":>rfiir.n jsinl f«<<> flniujliuulc wrltn .tt> ( N\ i< i i), t' BnniAHV, t >iB^ TIOHK. if t mi in fi ( r li-^uriMpl'inntsln Anu rtfo. .it (at 'nouth-v n^-'^ In^mht t>- foro m I iri'.'St ct^ i»1n«|i.n <>f4»nrsS«iiUflc piftxr'Cn t?i* w >ri.t "., ji/li Mv- t'lii.tratoil"—So> in!« H!«i>iit ittnirxbitM m "IMnint i!, Wt. >T>lfe3.<M»« 'jc *1 ^iittnlin Dii VMrowi Sit 'VS£1CO- I't ..toiuoii..:tbl l*(r(^twu>,:« iv VuikCU?,^ Tlii« rcmetly hcliig In- direotly $o th«> i, requires no of diet. Core 1 guaranteed in. 1 to <H ~ tin JIM. tiraall plata pack- only tty A. o. HYDE: LADIES CQY DR. FELIX LE BRUITS Steelil%nyroyal Tmtment ' (tufa And roli&bU«!iir<« on ttio inor,. lift. I'd*'* $l.(Kt; fiitnt 1> Oeridiiw> wild oolv b- A. O. HYDE. xTable aresoltjNindeta posjtivtf guotaiitiee tocure or icftjndXtU^money! and -we^amt by oar tetvvC u K- Ks.aliMerv<>us Diseases, nceAytwicoccle.l-opt Vitality in :d or oiin, Nightly Emissions af modeirn liwieS^ D<«i't boy by* ma*J' ? |» plain p •^rice. Circulq nil, iftyU , )>j A O. HVUfi. ^—Z^l^^-™.-.. ^4 ^ S ^T- ^*, -i_sL, . Ner :oys Debility. " -A DR. E. O f WEST'S 1ERVE AND BRAIN TREATMENT IWE 08IGUHJU., AU. 0<H£fi$ miT»TIONS, . riltew «aara»i«-ft, . «»», SuKot IxHititM, KTJ! Or«>au< <u w Sai vwnarittos, J fcrrorb o > te ; with wr u> *> er » efu«4 Ub«l SJpeciai Extra Strength. Sot ImVOtoOp?. lUOofi foBBT. 1 ^ Wa ^"" ' or _..^ .; BJS for P. -.» att«jr»w *lri3i)dai-e. Atsi or by now.

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