The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on July 22, 1962 · Page 4
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 4

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 22, 1962
Page 4
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:AZOSPORT AND BRAZOR'A CJo.JTV. TEXAS, SUNDAY. JULY 22. 19*2 TMI•«AZOSrOftT PACTS edltorlol—Adv.—BE 33511—Classified—BE 3-2411 PAGE 11 Peach Point: FAMILY STORY MATES FAMED BORDEN MILK HERD BEGAN FROM A PERRY COW NEWS from *h« • Sen/ices CIIAITEIt 1» II1 n c k times, Jnmes managed age during the rest of the year, elsewhere IIY MAIilK flKTH JONKfl I Peach Point and his Pleasant Another ot Ihe dulled ot thej T, w ' The ptnnlnllon owners were- Ihe Rayon Stock Rnnch nenr Cliooo- yard man who shucked Ihe corn ~ "" backbone of parly Texas, James hie Bayou so that the workers was to check through Ihe silk sc ' pct a ""P^in who was consld- I'erry was one of the most were shifletl from one to the other which remained. Discarding that crcd trustworthy, provide him "'±; "highly respected of the planters, when needed, and so that his re- which was too dry or otherwise:with a key to the warehouse andj Particular service Included "-"••• »"" ""» wnoie It Xvas on him nnd Ihe other gular slave force was kept busy not up to specifications, he picked ! do all the nlantatlon shionlmr oni a coffce P 01 ' tpa P 0 '- ""I? 8 " 1 bowl, family altend «l both Ihe races planhw Hint such obliRalions as nl one chore or another In evcryiout a litlle of the best each day, n | s boat cream pitcher, slop bowl, four and the festivities which oreced jmv senlre, public office, build- season. jto be used In making cigarettes .„. ., «J ivo ? r """ fipoons ' 8nd a ^en'ed them. Ing s<hook and churches, laying 'Hie slaves were used for con-'for James and later for his sons. •„„,,,„' Y/ . . ™ i al .." 1 V ach °< dessert and tea spoons n™ « .u out Mid maintaining roads, serv- slderably more varied tasks than The dairy barn had to be kept «„!Mnt ,h P h „ ,, M l dlninK an(i de ™rt forks. , °" e °' Ule more vl «? oroua en'..- '- -. -'» • •'.- '-'•' -.--I. ••-•> K-....,.-,., ,..:. .'™.° „ _™™J" , _ . p ! scl/ lnto lhe warehouse, had his 1 The family fortunes were de - * ) y ments which was enjoyed on Irtolfincr im nnA e*«n..:thp nlnntittSnno in tu^,^. j- Ing In tho army or militia, and the field work and household hcip ns clean as possible, for much of deck "hand',' unlnnH ih. Riippolting nil wn-ls of good works which are usually considered, the milk was lo be used by the the careo whlrh iw« depended. Home were assigned to cut trees family, and James wanted n o had ordered nlricnd im This sort of work for the people for firewood and for lumber lo be sickness among his children If he frciBht and' iXS the lv>on mil. IKfrl flrminH »hi» nlnnfalinn ai»l -.^..(^ - _i 11 m. . ..-._. _ m-iHui, «nu nuiuiuu me the racps hold regularly Jn - ^«.-,,,,,y, a a( , u Velasco. engraved on each TOe raws W|?H1(shted f|M ^ tire social season, and the whole FORT GORDON, GA. — Army ;vt. Arthur T. Bowles, whose wife, jMagdalen, lives at 424 Shanks St., jClute, recently completed eight (Weeks of military police training at |The Provost Marshal Genreal's [School, Fort Gordon, Ga. Bowles received iastruclion in traffic control, civil and military law, map reading, prisoner-of-war control and self-defense. He entered the Army last February and received naslc training at Fort Carson, Colo. The 22-year-old soldier, son of Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Bowles 134 Winding Way, Lake Jackson, is a 3959 graduate of Brazosport High School in Freeport and attended Wharton County Junior Col- — _. _ , ( — __._ -_....,,,, ,„ .„, nil. rvii^^nn aiuuilK Hl!» I'llllUi ujl II lie as a whole mi^ht have brcn con- used around the plantation, and could prevent It. The dairy cows aidcrcd a full time job in Itself, others carried water for the house were picked for good production but the wisest ot the planters- and the animals. Bn d stayed near the home place! and James was considered one of Some took care of the poultry, grazing placidly while the young- Ihe best in that category, too — and some the dairy herd, with er Perry children played in the were so close to their own plan- still others assigned to keep an;pasture nearby. Intions that they scarcely needed eye on the sizeable hog slock. i A faml | y , torw rtntcs (hat jt an overseer. ^ A yard man was assigned the was from Jamp , Perry ,| lat Ull! ticular public office noting that resuired about three hours every herd whlch""^^'fo^nng'thc name the name of James Perry on the day. When he finished this chore. n f nn*rt»n'. miiu .„ ml ...l,/™! that h . ciothlm? wn« „„» nnihTll.t hv VhVpn " fn V h in n n „„. and n Z «h ' finitely looking order deep she had of using In 1 Point. up ' and and plantations in those days was „ to the hounds, with the other i planters getting together to chase ih. w riw in! ' y lm P° rted newspap- '- 6 ™', l00 ' with 8omc comi "K from as far away as Kentucky. Others • NCW ° rlenns ' heels of their quarry. James was an active Mason, as were his sons and grandsons after him, and It was a familiar Texas Texas .„..,.. ,„.„„>. Ulml .,,„„.„„ ,.,,,! ,..- n u,ivu BUUUI mire nours evciy hcrd whlch was fo wmg , hc nam he mmo of James Perry on the day. When he finished this chore, of Bortien's milk to Ihe attention! ticket wotllrl injure elect on for another lent/A flllarl a /.a^i ...itu< ..... ... i te; would insure election for another Isave filled a cart with O f (he entire continent" Uie entire party. the corn, takbig it to the woods Like Ihe other plantations Well trained ill business affairs where (he hogs ran free. There the area Peach Point had before he cnmc to Texas, James he looted several blasts on a cow- own warehouse on Ihe continued to operate his plnnta->horn which was used lo signal | River. It was here that .!„.. .„.! .,i.-_ ,_.... ., ..,„!.. . . (hnt 1( wns Silks and satins, laces from which were described by a Louls«n d IBM writer of that day as the best country newspaper to be and found anywhere. thcisight to see him riding his favorite horse down the rough trail to Brazoria to attend a meeting of i ••"• •—--•* «..« ti/uiiu wnywnere. ifringes In the most stylish colors| Entertainment took on a more niand combinations were sent up Important aspect at Peach Point I ' Its'the Brazos River to Peach Point,'during those jhorseraclng heading l °°' the list of sound business methods. Where] The hogs were fed the corn only I Urn were unloaded. Plantation ware from some planters found themselves in fall, when they were being fat-(products were also stored In the her h! i o "« 1 some planters found themselves in fall, when they were being fat- products were also stored In the her^ mother's HUver «£«The e Cd V *** , pla " tati ° n ' short of help at rush seasons, and tened for killing, living on roots warehouse to await the vessels along with coin and sllvei A romi^molminn™ 8 T * , hMled with dozens of Idle slaves dm-lng and acorns and other wild for-lwhlch would export them for sale,pany In New Orleans converted I ^T^hM i S?a^L?S the lodge. Galveston was rapidly becoming the cultural center of Texas, and from Peach Point the family sometimes attended special events there. They took their carriage to Quintana, then went by boat to San Luis Pass where a ferry made regular trips back and forth to Galveston Island. A stage coach took travelers from there to the city itself to enjoy the opera or some other special entertainment. (Wed: An Important Visitor) lege, Wharton, and 'the University of Texas, Austin. He was employed as assistant manager of Shad- riock's Super Market in Angleton before entering the Army. SAN DIEGO, Calif.-A. D. Thomas, seaman apprentice, USN, son of Mrs. Jewel Watson of 230 Dow St., West Columbia, has reported for duty aboard the heavy cruiser USS Helena, operating out of San Diego, Calif. The Helena, permanent flagship of Commander First Fleet, is manned by a crew of more than 1,000 men, representing almost every stale in the nation, as well as several foreign countries. LACKLAND AFB, - Airman Basic John J. Crumbley, whoso [parents reside at 336 N. Rock Island St., Angleton, is being real- signed to the United States Al> Force technical training courso for radar operators at Keesler AFB, Miss. Airman Crumbley, who has completed his basic military training here, was selected for the advanced course on the basis of his interests and aptitudes. He is a 1962 graduate of Et Campo High School. STAGECOACH TYPE USED BY PEBBYS Prodded Way From San Luis Perry To Galveston JOHN J. CRUMBLE* ReaiisIenRd Lake Jackson Swim Classes Start Monday The third series of swimming lessons offered at the Lake Jackson pool Is scheduled to begin Monday ar,a last for three weeks according to pool manager Vergel Perry. Classes being scheduled for the deep end of the pool include advanced beginners from 8:30 to 9:15 a.m.; iutermediates, from 9:15 to 10 a.m.; junior life saving from 10 to 10:45 a.m. and diving, from 10:45 to 11:30 a.m. Classes to be taught simultaneously in the shallow end of th« pool are for beginners who are five and six years old, from 8:30 to 9:15 a.m.; beginners six and over, 9:15 to 10; advanced beginners, from 10 to 10:45 a.m. and adults from 10:45 to 11:30 a.m. Wading pool classes include water familiarization for four-year- olds, torn 10 to 10:45 a.m. and water familiarization for five- year-olds from 10:45 to 11:30 a.m. Senior life saving instruction is being offered Monday through Friday from 5 to 6 p.m. The only charge for any of the classes is regular admission fee to the pool. YOU'LL, HAVf; TO TAK£ IT RIGHT , BACK J CHARGED IT TO VOU AT TUDBURYS I'M PRACTICING O BE A LION TAMER i DAGWOOD, 1, COME SEE THE NEW STRAPLESS COCKTAIL DRESS I BOUGHT TODAY THAT'S A VERY ) ,'x-,- A CK piati^ca^-M ic J £* f - r ^ ITS WHOOMW ^WHV? EVEN FO'FOSDICKTO I A IDIOT GIVE UP HIS -/KNOWS A GAL FRIEND, FO 1 A DOG. 1 / A DOG LEADS A MIZZUBLE LIFE, 1 ^'POT P— CAKTi NDU SEND THE SQUAD CAR? CERTAIN W NOT.'.' IT'S WAITING RITZ VOO BRING THAT CRIMINAL IN, OR J VOU'RE SUSPENDED WITHOUT PAW -FOR MONTH //— A DOG IS AFPBCK-SMUN A M-MOMTH?- I H-HAVENTEKKDUGH SAVED TO UVE WITHOUT FAV- FOR AN HOUR'/ WISH'TAH HAD A DOG.'.' FRIEND. AH KNOWS QUICK/ ZESO, GIVE ME A HANP.' YOU KNOW HO\V HE IS ABOUT F3LLOWIN3 ORP523 QUICK! ,, WHILE HE'S NOT 'A LOOKIN© SETTLE BAILEY I'M BUSV BAKIN' ft CHAWKLET CAKE.ZELDy IFTH'JURV FINDS HIM GUILTY, THAT THAR CflKE WON'T DO HIM NO GOOD!! THISTWELVE-LAVeR CAKE AIN'T PER PAW I THOUGHT SHORE •/E'D BE DOWN AT TH' COURTHOUSE TODAV, LOWEEZy- HE GOES DOWN THAR EVER' BLESSET DAY, PAW HES PROB'LV LONESOME-HEARTED AM' CAN'T WAIT PER SCHOOL TO START WHAT'S JUGHAID GOIN' DOWN TO TH'SCHOOLHOUSE PER,MAW : IT AIN'T OPEN!! Showing Sun.-Mofi. LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME' —And— ANNIE GET YOUR GUN" SNUFFY SMITH VEO, LEON, I MAVB _~fTHANK*. OBANOMA. YBS. WE'RE MAVIN COOKIES, BUT DON'T TURNIPS AN' OOULASH / HURRY HOM6.6ON/' OOLLY, t DO BELIEVE HE HAS A tt\f\ FIA^I rvr-A*jr»\^ f WAIT. LLOYP, OC PAL, AN' BEAT MB UP YESTERDAY. AN1 NuRiMBenc ONLY ONE SHOWING DAILY—EXCEPT— SUNDAY MATINEI 1:30 P.M. Of'S COMET WILL K S£ A SACKf (\JK .k LACK HOIDEN-PALMER A PEEP v IT'LL NEVER HOt-E.'l'il dOiMC-i FOOL ME UP TO BURY THIS V AGAIN! STOP A MINUTE PEAK fOK MUFFIN.' PIPIT; .^'i \n S*CA\ATiN& |M THESE „ ms COUNTERFEIT TRAITOR Now Showing "THAT TOUCH OF MINK" Cory Grant & Doris Day

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