The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 12, 1892 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 12, 1892
Page 2
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OMBON10Lfi)^eVfiMfrBtt if, ~ • - $<j *• \ And a SLAUGHTER for TWO WEEKS . IWE S&VE UNTIL k V „*<* WOVEJylBEll 15 To get the discounts on our big clothing contract *•" * * ^*^_ . •* \ < and we are,, bound to get them. % W e ^U sel * ii B*%* dvwMW** VA v •** vr ii *a JLIJ&M*&W w i ir» MAJ.MI A «*wv ,• v w VA^TVIW . -• _, We claim them tie test in the market and to advertiser them thoroughly r #re will unJLil NOV. 1 '5 SELL THEM AT 45 fiENTS X)n^OiWa niiiJco;heaVlly UneU.' at a dollar In. ttfia sate PAIR V A. CUSTOMlfR. But Our Great Slaughter will lie in O iO bu$t slaughtered iu';this ' sale. We' havt 1 ' a special Igt of Sh'rt'sjv. no drawfrsj match NYe jL kg. Fine white men's Underwear v v ery-heavy, worth Tt> c<snis; in this eate- at .45 cents. ', r^xti-ft.hfiavj grcy,i-D»' rloves and Mittens way dpw'.n. ,10 dox,en men'.s \vhol. yvershirts.-regular price 2 $1.2^, until 'Nbv, 1'5/at- 75 ..••. . • . • • t-he .lio^e I'ram age 4 to 10 bu$t slaughtered iu' ; this ' sale. We' liavt*' a special Igt of will dldse them -outi|n this sale at US cents. double ches't an(l.bttffk;-i.3 cents oach. Gloves e«nts. . A l/etter One wo*t& ^l.T-o, in this .sal? at $1.00. . ..... ... • , - Remember w« will .give yew a three fourths life si/.e Cr<iyori Porti nit Fceo witlifeVery $10,00 purehas* 1 , I hanahan, Marshall, Mich. THK WILY CHRONICLE TBHMSOF ttaily, oua year ilinougM t*. O . »4 15 tllaa rectired at 151 St^te »tr«et. ., ibe •>' pit -J, ft, MOSB8, ..'... Mar «!' !• link i.-n.iii'i|»i- i in- Ma .- l 'arnt*f<i«'''" I »tribiit< > il 1 lo I he PMItMUCI.PlHA, for tli N-nv, 'l:.'. — ll \VU» nouiH'etl IHTI- yesterday by a local De.m^" Tames are made, .are imported, principally '• SPEAKER ' CQWMEJSlf§. uiul of the ho th'e resitjt' tif Tuesday"* "^he defeat -of llariiwiu ; c'Ioijdt*f^)iH-OHr horizon. Tli 'force-bill hati I'/ilatig oil jon, >,ujd: • t^a. <lark t hr«at of the to luti-alyze Capital, aJYvay* fiiulii, woyltt nut Te>tm§nt ia the south « lwi.v vl>ei-e was tUe prospect of th« ji?ftgajAO or a l'a\y \vUicli would disruiit existiiiy '...cotiditiocK) ty-PQ? Cleveland's eJectSuit djsijMsfe. tlu> (rliiudf|inA w# n»»ynqw:'liOpe for a restfirajiqa of (Jon'r fideace wid a ! renewal of busij^s prqs- ••perity,- :•'••• j ..•'•' B • ' ' '-'i ** t -Clev«i^tiir«» elft-tioij uK-artK^hat fh'e ptso- ple want a r«duct ion of la.sat iuji. The Republican policy- of hii?h. lu'ohibitive tarjjf _hs«. been denjquijtratwj to ihe iienple ;»« most injurious to^fljeir iutert^T, and they ,w»nt no H>pre of jt, if we, have tKe add it lookian thoush vrc wiyht Itaveit, thp Beaocr«ljk.'_ patty "vvjli {4a#t feuch w tariff law as will raisu -ttu-auif)^ fund for, the economical iidniiuisl ration ^f jtae eov : *r.nm*nt sued at. the same tiiuti dieaptu ;t:o, the people all the aet^asarjes of life."' crat who is in touch ..with Chairman Hjarrity ai)<i otber It-afUn^; intrtibt'ifi of tlie paxt.y ^bat Senator John It.' -McPher&on, of Jxew Jersey, will he ther stscretary of the treasury in the Cleveland cjibinpt. The senator's re' .lations with. Air,, (.-lereland" have always betri close, jmi'sfufliHy'and politirfxlly, it ia said, and long before tlie lOhieago 'coiiVen-f; tlon, whfii Xey - : tJerspjf'ft -JJIeniocTaUc attJ», tude.>vn.a ii,.iuiitte.r of-r6'u.t:ern',-:tie suQCeedett in bringjri^-<i«yer-nor -,;Vbb&t. and qt^e| > iiw fluential iJt-inocralsof the stajle'into Jine for Clevdajid,: : ,, , '•••..''• .-i • . Nov.,'. IV;—TJ»o Werali c:. .WhTiiwy.. <>f ^few York, {•ii;i;miw of JPjwidiMjt ('l.i'Vt'litnd'.s admiiiiatriitiort, Wtuij^nviia. T. CtiJ»i c > °f Illinois,-will bi- tviidiuvd, tliunavy portfolio. In case hi; ,diii-s tj5 iisskme the re- dictate, the .•ipijointim-ut, but there is little donbt.thai 4h« disiingaishCHl Jllinoisun wiij : take "fii* }il<u:e in thv president's oipelal family.. The fon-goiii^ !>tMeiw:ents are made on the hiebcst aufnoilrv.' ~, • , -. V . ;..,..( '••" ''. . 4-iiW?it K>>f n-rntf on t'«»i.igr«!!>,'v .^ > Xj-;vv.V<ii;k^ XuV., y.-'Eh*;'latest figures on toiy{t lj> -' s JJ^ve" t lie J|)emot rata did nienl- b0rs,' *JtPH*iWJoans la;, q,nd ^)pulists 14. The s(iuajUr j'emains tlu; suiue as stated in yesterday. that m&uy of our beit extracts for the handkerchief and toilet- .bearing the narnt?* of Sweet flowers are 'simply chemical imitations of the genuine odors 13 entirely wrong. The. fact u that Kenume oila of flowers, of which all pure American i>er- frqm France, au<l genuine musk and ambergris, the t\vo uiost important and valued bases for fine perfumes, must be obtained in othv^ countries. While the best American roade p'erfqjne^ are eQuat : |i^ quality to th£iinei?t Pretfch p^parations;, such could iiot be t'lie 'jSct if we had not >tpon for our .cs-. septjW .aiioiti'fw' this ia that no entirely BUQceesful effort has. yet been made here to raise flowers of sufficient richness and density of, plerf ;i me to supply. "je8sent.ial oi}a in sufficient q \\ a n tities tp make it'profttable, toextrart. tberii, altbougli : it is held t^afe tne.odorou;?;..WooJMs i-of some Of .the sotith- ern statw-, ospr-cially .Florida end other gulf staiv:-, have the same bouquet as ,thp same flowers grown in southern France, that great garden of commercial odors. 1>J York Evening, Sun, • ' Frciih oysters at Cunningham'*. An liont-nt Swede tells his story in but unmistakable language for the benefit of the public." "One of jny children took a severe cold aud tfot the croup. I gave her 'a teasboonful of Chamberlain'* Cough R'einc- d>, nod in five ininutei later I gavo her one more. Bjf this tiriw? she hail to cough up the gathering in )>er 'throat. Tb«in<i)she went to sleep and sJept good for fifteen minutes, ['hen she sot jtp atid- votmt<?d; then she wept >acfc to bed and slept good for the reinain- UBht, -jibe got the croup the see- and-i gaye her the same 1 teniedy - yrjih the same go«^ riwull^s. | . Wffte this bat-- ' cause I thought there might "be someone iu. he smtjo need and not know. the true merits qjE thit "wbpdprf ul i^eidiptB^"..-^^^^.^'/ f hompseen, Des. Mp4peg f lamti 25 and 50 t fl reeiie's 4nig It GRQWINQ OU>. , lo uio been* .-^ \vliioM! lov* I hold, ay liytia.v ' , '_ 'Tlmt ilaliy t'iaitwfr >ecuv ''•• '' ' ' o.u a Ajj English bishop, returning from "a tour of the States," occupied a large double .cabin with his wife, who w^s^SQnieMrlJ.**. querulous and exacting. One night during A hard storm foe }a4y complained of close air, ajad her spouse dutif ull'y" arose and -openeda porthole, whereupon a big woodein ball bobbed in and kept on bobbing. The bishop knotted up its siring and tung it on the<wall of the cabin; it bumped as the Tease) rocked, and annoyed the lady further. So (he patient bishop let out the loops and put the ball un.der his pillow; after which peace and »lunjber, . ' • The next day at dinner the bishpp rc- nnted hi*, ail^ntures of-4he nijght, and bndled with intense^, de3tMch^at.Jtif roars The Tblok* Koy. 12. If . C. Tilboit, of the Tliird Mary^nd trict, who wasa. menjber of the Forty-&ixtb, _ w«a ia town yoleitlay, ' |T^ Attributed Cleveland't* victory tfltbe prolcst of th«peo- ule against protect ion and the menace" of a fojcce bill/ "I think ," he hjud, "that it means ;th*t the occupa,tion of the KCJHI bl lean part; ill ffone, ahd that th» 'g. o. p,' is ub-eady diaintegrSiting " --^ , ? YOSC, Nov. 12..— ReferrioR to the Repablicau defeat 'Cbauncey, M. Depew said yesterday that it wuld 4ut b^ attrib- utod to ?»y o»e peiaon or party ol person.-*. 4«J not «ffeat the result, oou»try, ' The tiny f set-, <uul thcrp, with «!<l. il unfc y ktcks of tiUl '" " ' . . - * ' AVith*tifinT gj^dues* iliej ^cjujye, , i caoh- tawry TO! u-ae briijlit, luaa pold^ K.uU clicrialifid f riWda aa ev«r w«i, ^ .Hand c-laifpetli lianJl moru t^udorly " a.n<W e grow old. As \v-e jjrow'^ldf al 1 !-iUd J.f«lt in )ue uo < Yet yliU« ,-i» tb«*,ji ,^__ v , ' llpou my U<wd faint ptreiUes of gray , Kay wlenily to me today. ~ >. 'J'liou.wltiUtby friends, art urowlnsold! [S«,lteoiit« Herald. 1'crfuiao Oil* C«w« JKruin. Auiericaq made .perfuineiia.ree^- bajl you adept on han sliip?» lightning. Cisco Argonaut. , , at the end of the ajrt Fran Aj»'Kfclo»H'« Meat J>Ietl» "Without-/or a moment leBding, coanto- nance to -the vegetarian who would cut off butcher's meat from human consumption, we may concede to him that a-aimal diet, unhalancccl ,J»y A--due proporMon of the "kindQy fruits of 'the earti/' id dktin.etly prejudicial to ihe consumer, particularly to- the resides; in cities, whose opportunities of 4>p«*» air exercise 'are few and far between, *•- 'SIPe arc Uiil ii experiijieuts on in^ valuer of f^J -, vegetable and. as the late J^rofi'V^t'JAaj&ea, of 2fetley» in- atituted uiiu sut-^i cojiclwuve results ^up want y£ -&u«'h a Ue nutrlaaeutaadaustaia- bottles l?or' Jarue bacji 'tljere J,s' : uoVhib^ better., thau tQ e^turate a.natmel. c^oth wit|» Cham.._ '% and, you will be surprised at the jfron>i»l relief it .affords. .Th> tt.eiatrtie.ut will cure rheunptisrn. Far ' ' ' ' A Vlnv'ftl Ibit. Wloj-I.J'rf K*lr l!m)diu e .,'the for in ^ of it large ibsed'" liliior » » n .eight colors, witii kqy 10 Can be hail by sc-udiog your with twituiy cfius in'i>ostage ^tajujpa to IJ. 'Hearfor4, U. I*. /., Chicago. St. faur~R'j\ <3hieagQ 4 pi- As the supply js litjaite.i,' appBeatiOH must be majle eai )y. Should the.«i'njijy'•/ become exhausted "the postage stamps' will be returned jto applicant, , " • Eagle Opera Houes ^ W.H.HOWLAHD/Marioger. L Q ban's, 4 cbitd's At CrooibV grocery,

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