The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 7, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, July 7, 1893
Page 2
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THE (>A11Y CHRONICLE bally, **• y«artbr«uvh P.e...«4 7* delivered. 10 cejfttM n»«r week m rec'eired it the offlre of tmb •Moh'151 BUt«rtr*et, t - ,' k TEKONSHA, Seeley Johnson has been spending tho week with his Bon t William*, m Jackson. A new band of hope society has be#n' or* gamzed and will hold regular weekly meetings Friday afternoons at 3:30 o'clock. ; Miss C«f a Green, who has been attending Mt. Holyoke seminary for the -past year, is home for vacation. , . • ' Shakespeare's shrew ia not .with a certain' character of the .female persuasion " in the yitlaga Saturday ahe, filled up on budge and proceeded to paint the town red. After frightening several ladies int6 hyster^ ic« la different parts of. town she went home »and kicked her husband and brother out doors and took possession of the domicile , with the honors of, war. *. ^ ° ^ffi9k ROT. Wm. Remington and wife returned from Quiney and Reading Tuesday, where. they hare been visiting for several days. A little son of Irwm Doolittle died Monday morning of peritonitis. -Funeral ser- rices were held from ihe residence Wednesday morning, Rev. F. R. Randall officiating, Acounael of physicians was called Monday . and an operasion performed, but the child" neVer'revived from the anesthettaJEIewas a - bright little fellow and his 'parents are grieved over tho sad occurrence. ' The highway commissioner has moved the grass and weeds in the streets during th« week, thereby improving their appearance very much. . • ' ^ Cleveland and McEhersom, of 'Burlington, have been taking the lay" of the land ip this locality for notes connected with the 1 new qpunty atlas, which they are preparing for publication. The Messrs. A. Q. and J. W. Randall with their wives, took in the press excursion from Detroit to Chicago, leaving for that purpose last Wednesday. . Several hundred cases of beer were shipped into the village last week, preparatory to celebration. By the appearance Tuesday, tho same has undergone a wonderful shrinkage. Tekonsha is a local option town, but it seems to run "wet" in spite of "dry" votes. A Keeley institute attachment would find-plenty of raw material to work up, now running to waste. D. D. DorriS'has completed repairs on his house and premises end now occupies the •ame. Mrs* Dr. Nichols and daughter. May, of Three Bivers, have been spending the week with friends in the village. Independence 'Day came and went very much as it always has. The '"program was They Have a .Good Detroit. 1*lme In WYANDOTTE 'HAS A SENSATIOfl, at Profesior I* O. Gorton May B<j the President «»f the Agricultural The Molltor Trial Moving Slowly Alpena—Miss Holiday lU-inntatod. ttettioTrT, July 7.~The members of the Michigan Press association who were entertained by the local newspaper men yesterday had a real good time in spite of the rain, which Cnme down copiously during tho morning. There is no doubt about the good time, for they, so expressed themselves. At 9 o'clock, the hfluV.oifiassembling at tho Light; Infantry, armory, the rain wae falling, and the sky did not look favorable for a clearing up. Notwithstanding the unfavorable weather, few it any or the visitors failed to report at the armory, and by 10 o'clock, when the Visit to Wonderland -was' made, about 2$, were in the party. ..< ;.'''A-ftor the performance was over the party took the carriages in waiting and drove directly to the house of correction; It rained so hard at this time that there could have beert little pleas- tore in the drive about-the-cityrhence the omission of this feature. In the afternoon they paid a; visit .to Belle Isle, park, where they inspected .theYiking ship, and then, took atrip to FortWaYne. The editors and their families board* ed the new steamer City of Alpena at 0:80 this morning. At Alpenw they will bd met by the citizens with carriages, and after a welcome by the-- mayor will Breakfast at the Churchill; A short stop will be made at the Grand, Mackinac, until Sunday at 5 p. m. when they proceed to Chicago on the steamer Man- Itou. Tb-e business sessipn will beheld Monday and Tuesday, arid -then all will take in the world's-f air-r > : --r~— mm tnat tne-atwrney general saitf t»M j if «%0S9 .^onMtestify for the prose-J catte* stnd%U the whole *tory he wduld S it oft easily. The trial goes slowly, dsfcof the witnesses are Germans who speak verykpoor English, and some of their testimony has to be interpreted. The case will nat reach th^ ittry before Tuesdays - \ . <i ___ i A LITT ^E JHERQ. \ KUdlc Cam«ron Iirnvif« Dentil j« *a 'At- l«imt»t to SHV«- ttlft Orother. t POUT HURON, ,jtily 7.—A shocking ac- (Jident resulting from iho use 6f fire- VOrka, and at Uie sftmo time a «aae of Jxceptional youthful heroism, is reported from Kettokce township. Charlie, the 4-year-old son of Daniel Cameron, residing two miles from Brockway, was fenrned to death, while Eddie, a.6-year-old eon, is seriously and per- h«ci= 'stallv Inirned in flttemutinar to- «*ve nis i)ttie orptner rtoni tne names. The two little fellows had been amusing themselves by shooting-off firecrackers, and, after tiririe of the sport MUNICIPAL SCANDAL. Ex-City Clerk WllJIam" Sullivan Short I» , Bia Accounts. _ WYANDOTTE, July 7.—Two years ago William Sullivan was elected to the office of city clerk and clerk of the water board, a position which he held until last spring, at which time Fred Johnson was elected to. stjccee'd him. quite faithfully carried out, siive a little in* ^terruption on account of rain. Mil9 D. "•Campbell, of •Coldwater, furnished the ora.- tory and pleased the crowd immensely with bis ready wit. The pration was a long way from being profound, but it" contained m'uch thought and plenty of patriotism- Themu, »ic was excellent f on amateur bands. Fw> areworks and warm candy were too com man to mention. Upon the whole it was a Urg» day, but one such in a year is all the country can stand of at least ought to stand. The new brick block is at a stands.® on account of inability to secure brick. Our' city fathers are censurable for lioens iag|» number of gambling concerns j,o ply their acjhemes^n the streeiceleWtion. Postmaster yv. L. Main*w waiting for the •i Jkrf aU most any day when his head shall, drop in the basket with the thousands of others of hip countrymen, who yoted the lou- ingticfcet. ^B has been ^ courteous officer and there are many .of all parties who witt s wgrqt to-wftaesB bis political decapitation, But such are the issemtjable ways of noli. "* . v LEE. -*-.- .— and Linda Wagner spent the part week & Albion, returning Sajusdsy. for tinmiai J t'IL J -H'il« IdvJRl^Nje, Upon retiring from office Mr. V """«*" told the water board that his books were a little out of shape, and asked for time to balance them up. It was gram 4, but as time passed neither balance nor books were produced. The board finally grew tired waiting 1 on Mr. Sullivan, aud an expert accountant was engaged to go through the books and the difficulty was discovered. According to the books Sullivan is $1,650 short in. his accounts. This is not aU, fpr when some of the citizens called ,to pay their water rate they exhibit receipts that are not credited in theljpoka. In many such, cases Sullivan has paid aver the amount of these receipts, so as to makehbsh,ortage,a8 'small as possible. He makes no attempt at denying the true state* of affairs, and .frankly admits his guilt to the members of the water'hoard. ' „.' Mr. Sullivan has been given a chance to make good the shortage, but a settlement, seems a* far off as ever. Next week decisive action will be taken, and Sullivan's friends must put up the cash to cover the shortage or his bondsmen will be called upon to redeem their pledge, MOVING SLOWLY. Ibe Molitor Trial Will Not Beach the Jury Before Next Week, 4•ALPENA, July 7.—The,first witness Thursday in the Molitor trial was Ju£ tice Smith of.yEogera City, .He.said that on the first examination of the prisoners the prosecuting attorney re- flueated the discharge of Wejse'ngart. He thought Weisengart as gojlty as any t o£ t others, so he them all. Carl Vogeler, one of the defendants, was flworn. He said he heard Of themurder the next day from Repke andTuelgeatkL He was asked before the shooting to go to fkpke's to shoot a v * »***•»*.» u» «»4i\t., lit fc^r* I'll 1Mr? 17JL LI1U oLtUiUk 'they both wrnt into the barn and laid down td Ble.,p. cThe. older 'one awoke some time afterwards and found the building don <ely black with smoke. He iminei lately rushed out of the barn, but upon reaching the open air fcemembered his little brother, and* although the barn was already a blazing furnace, he thrice rushed into the flames. Tho first two times he had to retreat for fresh air, but the third time he made his way to' where his little Jaroiher was lying and trigged' at him. The burden, however, was toc^much for the little fellow, the younger boy undoubtedly already being unconscious from the smoke, and the brave little hero'just succeeded in -reaching the open air himself when he 4 fell down ex. hausted and frightfully "burned about the face and arms. He y?as picksd up and" taken to the house by persons coming up at that time and is now in- a precarious condition, his whole face being a huge blister. The barn and contents "were nearly de- etrdyed and tho body of $e smaller boy burned nearly to a crisp," the head being frightfully burhed and the feet and r one_ann Jr.Qpjpingl off when the body Will Remain In Solitary (Confinement. JACKSON, July 7..—The prison board and the board of pardons met at the prison with the governor's private secretary, Mr. Cole, acting as clerk of the pardon board. No pardons were recommended ami Lathner and Blackman were left solitary. 'Although the cases were the basis for cqnsiderable discussion, nothing of particular importance was done. Minn Holiday Rolnftntrd. MOUNT PLEASANT, July 7.—Miss Veronica Holliday, the Chippewa teacher who was deposed by Superintendent Riopel as assistant in the Indian school at this place, received word from the department at Washington reinstating her in the school at a salary of §660 per year. r Crushed to Death. WHITEHALL, July 7.-Gustavus Carl, son, rt teamster at Cokell's Mill, was instantly liillfd by part of his load of iron truck; wheels slipping from the wagoa on to hiiu, while ascending a steep hilL A companion narrowly escaped the Bjuae fate, ; * '« VOUI.K Audersou Will ;WEST DAY CITY. July 7.-^Charles Anderson, « young brakem'an who was hurtdii the Michigan Central is failimi. mid his death is expected at any moment. He ia a son of Alderman Anderson aud a very popular young man. ' ^ STATE ITEMS. George B^IJJP, a 4-yeai-tld near TVIanistee, was drowned/ the river while playing. A short boy He living TIME TAt'tLE, JUNfe48. WQ$ f THAWS *4»fr N«'t Chicago.!.*.,.... 4 off ...... BatUeCreok.... Marshall, Dp... 813 Albion.*. .,...,. 5 88 Jackson...?,:...; 480 Detroit t.... . 64P p m. i* ,65 oo 748 9 ?r 8 88 ' iaoi p.m. 745 780 1188 1210 1233 12 68 225 520 ft.m. BOO 10 705 740 8 CO 8 15 847 1046 . 885 a.m. . 705 1386 1 SO 148 307 H10 6 00 p.m P.M. ,950 sor S4S 8 10 *8I 410 71* «"»"• Mail w*«. Day "ofiic^giT'cSlo Bx.t Buffalo. »TTT™™"*" •• ** '^ Albion.»,,.. 12 20 Marshall. .18^43 Battle Cr'k^O) jfalnmazop E OS 736 BX.* a m. 1SJOO T 16 9 as 10 m 1023 1045 11 26 410 p.m a.m. 680 p.m. 1 15 840 3 55 4 15 44T 9 10 Sp'l* p.m. 500 73S 8 15 8 38 P03 450 a.m. 3 IS 5 10 6 47 6 OS 025 700 It 15 TM Bx.* •fwriw p*m, [260 910 1300 1886 res 1.-4B 228 7 66 a.m EX.* p.m ris 1045 1181 1140 131* 1 10 660 a.m. 7Mo k ,t Ajrent Marshall CiDcuati, Jatoi & Macimai Time table taking effect June 86 18M. Trains pae» Marshall as follows: ' TRAIN* OOIH8 BAST. , Toledo fr. B. cents. FOUND, ETC,• OD8ETO RENT-On West Mansion gtreet " ' - es an For partlculur a enquire of f" U. -- • --* Qoe and Ufni, viaga na or Alain street lor Society or . . OueBp. ror reference oleaga null* at aoum 5 e«t comer pi bute an/iltdtaon at" V : CJUK. PWK0 yoGJSii, Geueral Agent. vioa of the United States court begins at MaK^u-tie next Monday. '.Judge ' Traiup=. >ie fin- to E C. Truitt's bam at Edw aids-buns The bjuilding was burned With all coul. 'lit*.; loss about $l,5gO. i Private Aithur M Phelps, Company C, ^iuetmub lHf,mtry, uow at Mackinac, h«)»Jbecij dibtsharged from service byoirder of^the s.etreta.ry.uf \var • V . Orren Leonard, aged 63, % farmer Wring i ?ai; Middleville, "fell off a load of hay, etrikiujg j?n his' t^ead aiid wbtniWers. Hi* breast lM*ue-was hrpkeu aud Jje may die. The 'Michigan Qentra5 has ijuibhed Its on lo \l\* <J w k it wus at South Haveu, It Is «»id a wevv Hue of su-ajin.»r te . will soou t>e rtuiby «*«4:Qiup«{8« there • * my real estate aituated on the ai btaio or MiUo •treetSi" aud X, i - - * ^ , j « <?»* •'. ' * * - A'-*.* t" - \f*^ t -!~" ^ "- .'*?!>, r .,

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