Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 1, 1961 · Page 6
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 6

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1961
Page 6
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J V *• «,* i * r V. >'t$!^ • ~#tei 6--DH KIO fNtWb-MfKALU Jh. i;i ' J? *4 it /t n tit i, Shortcut to Mexico Lacks Scenic Splendor Hear Abby ... SHE'S PASSING THE BUCK! BROWNSVILLE i#— and McAJitn aii 'ciijo'yaijr. . a creasing Soiuist aa-.K wi.h . reopening 01 a tt'i. iai< ;iiiu'<: into Me- -ice, "Tourists '.i'ici'.ii iiio t.a»., io and much o» ihe Minvit.ii. .-, 300 miies by ustiit ; h-s-,v IMatamoros, oppusiu- Bii> u '--viiir. and Ciuoau Vu.i«n'iri They also miss considerable scenic splendor oi ttu- t>lcu-r n.uuv from Lsreuo, vhiough .M..-I.M.I , > y and Linares, lo \icu-i i.v Leaving .Matainoros. the us*. - eler enters rural Mexicu TUv road. Mexico .101, crosses miles of cotton fields separau-i'l .by occasional patches oi <ii;>:t> I.I-..L-I, mescjirite Now arid then a road rimiK'i irols across the asphalt road. Hish' overhead tht- black vu!ui«'.- :••'. • usually present in the Mexican skies. The boaimjins? "of Liu It- .VU'Ni- • can boom- towns, a cluster of mini i .and stick hms with palnV I hatched ' roofs, are springing up along the: ; rcnti.- but -une ,^i .>.tii ••*-'•. • •'••••• n>,. i> ; ; u/\vn laijre fn»u,c!i '• !o put on the map ! S'Mtfa Teresa is likr- thouf-an is i of i-iu-i- i a i in viHaM-*—hntl tl si'S to (he; stDie aii.i vrtiitii a 1-0- pn •'. ' • -. • is. . iii't- .'• : ; ,1 i i..- r-i .';' > • he-fore tnc * oi 1,1,'' .;- • • i ' Hi. c ihe ccuon iiehis br-tiin • to disappear and thf road plnn.aes'• •ji •-. • ;, ri< .- :•' 't• !,-• i • '• ; i t-nvcrcd hills. Owsiy <•• !»'•!<• tin'- wnrl throuch fho l.-ru.-'h -•'" • '!•"• • i= an nccasioftpl if>;l«'i' '»i< San Ki-rnantio: witli Us-pink und while houst-i. i-: liii 1 - tivsi ' iwn of any .si?e. : The r.'iad k'atii souih across ;•. modern bridge ,si.>anr,ini! 'ho I'i*. I'onc-ho.- For the neM !"S inik-.s jo CiudacJ Victor la, !'t;o roud r.oc-';. tiircntch <ue?i iuwn:s is Santancicr • .Utm-ne/ and Pa.iilla. b<>th ' anc it.-nt : Hid s if.-h in hs.-Kiry. Hn]!c-t scar.-. By Abigail Van Buren DKAR ABFiY: My mother-in-law, who is 40 niui a divorcee, has written that she is p.'ina to F>?:i(i u> her, boy-carzy tii-.iiahK-!- '«» \ve can "str.lif.hten her put." She si-i> s'ihi? '£;ii-l i.s so \-.-fl:i she'can't can't h;t!idlo hi-t. A!;:;y, my husbarid nn-\ I hzive been !!un r:Ci: oniy eight months. I am 19 and he i> J:t. -ii.-iri" 1 r:'<ii.'t think this is fail- lo us. •My ' hiT-b.mci feels sorry for his mother." ancl >d tin i. in;; ! don't know ihe first thing about hoys- !••; .-Trai^hteri on', a 14-yeor-olci, boy-crazy I> •;•• (*•.••.•• ;i;i; r way wt 1 c=!;i refuse to lake j'i;". hi!i. '.in home without getting his NO NAME PLEASE I)K.\U N"'O: Yes; Vour husband should ivrittt Iiis mother Ilia! you are not qualified tu ••strui'iliVii'n out" a 1 S-yt';ir-o!d problem pirl.' Suggest that she seek proft-ssional help from lii*r loi-ul p-iiidancf clinic. South Africa Becomes Republic PRETORIA. 'South Afric-a (A! 1 ) —^kiuth Africa heramc a reptih- iic \Vtdnesday uiih ihe naili'"! ••/iobilized. isainsi. demon#tiT-tion> by the nonv.hiU' runioritv of i ; s ; Church, "hells al midniglil ami vannon at • daybreak hcraid.:-d the birlh of Africa's 2"nd independent nation—and the only one >'JiI •wholly ruled by whites. Juhiiaiu vvhilf thronfls—nio.siiy Afrikanc-rs u!io Ions v.anicd a republic fr-.H- of ihe 51-year rule siii- .<ler Uio Hritish crown — "hrsved rain for nishi-'ona revelry in this -administrative capital. \';«:ii»r:a i; about iiiree ;I;H! one haif 'jours l^y c:--t fresn Hrn-.vns- '.iii-:' and Maisnsonw. Ji i.s the' I'iipnai t>f Ta!T'i3ii?)ps>. v.ii!'. h in- L ! iides :\}f.f> the city of Xuf--,'.i i.;-i- r;:--!»-, S2« niik'~ ;,, jj} ( . r.'sri-i b\ -V. »•-" 'j'sit.- new an-J old- roads join A '.'uriy new nrjle lhai E'!iminai?> n.iit-is of the magniiictnt mountain dri-.'ing atiracis the- bulk of naific between Mexit-fi Ciiy and trie Texas border, hov, over. I;.-; main route is 'through. Lnrod'o. ."•ioritorrty and SaltiHo - lo S;HI I.uis Potosi. or through K;:i;le Pa.-. 1 - to Cahillo lu.Siin Lutiss J'iiiii si. DEAR ABRV: I have been dating a. girl off :»".6 i.-n for u'ji.-ut ;i veu She has every- '.>sij:i:, :<:"•>« I Jr> mr.m c-\'erylhinij, but she is if."y uiut-h "<•!"> s'Hi'rd" ,st Jill times. I go "'• %:y< l ;r. : r y'f-t'.'.ji^iht iintS she t;ive3_ me her L-hii"..-;-:. \Vhf-ji.\vo sec a 'niovio. I consider niy- :-'«;!:' h fs-.y 'o nif'. iioid her hand. WP aren't };:d?. ? £<{!'. 2" and she is 20. I believe, in. silris kc.-i^h^ J'.isii stan;:iard;;. biu caii'i gel i- ;'•:<-. i ; ,;-c .'.vith her. Anv. siii;seHiions? - HATTIXG ZERO IMvAll RATTING; This sirl is smart. She . Un't U'ttinE 1 you get to ''first base" be- cause she doesn't waal.te have 1 trouble getting home. * ,*.***»'. DEAR ABKJT: now in my .senior year of high school. My godmother has been ill and financially, embarrassed for many- years. I haven't heard "from her in I don't know how Jong. My inother says I should not send my. godmother an invitation lo my graduation because she couldn't possibly alter d, and it would look like a^reques'i for a gift. I neither expect nor want a gift. 1 just want her to know that her'godchild is giaduating. Would it' be all right lo send ;>n invitation and explain that a gift is unnecessary? ; SENIOR DEAR SENIOR: Since you haven't heard from your godmother in many years, don't break the'ionjr silence with an invitation you know she can't accept. After 1 graduation, write her a letter and tell her- yeu've graduated. ; CONFIDENTIAL TO SID: For the best advice on how to live, ask a man who knows he is dying. • ; •• c a' i* - * " * : ' ".'•"''-•''' •Yes, Abby v.'ill answer your letter personally if you write to ABBX; Box 3365,. Beverly .Hills, Cciif., :and enclose a "sia'mped, yeif-addressed "envelope. . " * ' ;- \ , Getting married?. Far Abby.'s-".booklet. "How -To Have A Lovely W.eti'ding,'' send 50c to ABBY, Box~ 3365, Beverly Hilla, .Calif." {Distributed .by McNaught Syndicate, Inc.") Iron Plans iqnd Re-distribution TEHRAN, Iran (AP) —Iran's new reform government plans .to let the country's big landowners each keep only 304,5 acres of irri-, gated land or'1,729 acres of*clrj' land. Agriculture Minister Haan Ar- sanjani said the _ landowners will be forced to sell the rest of their holdings for treasury bonds. The land will be distributed among ih'e country's i.G million peasants. Land redistribution is one of Iran's gravest economic needs. TIic big landholders have .refused to follow mir example of the shah, who, has'been parceling out royal estates to tenant fawners who have been kept in dire poverty by having to give most of (heir crops to landlords. In Tehran," about ''00 soldiers and policemen occupied tho telegraph office early today and forced-out 300 operators on strike for higher pay. The strikers had ignored an order from Premier AH Amini to return to work while he- studied their demands. . -The strikers charged the occupying soldiers and police wounded several with bayonets and 'clubs, and arrested'between 30 and 40. A government spokesman denied that weapons had been used or lha! anyone had b?en hurt. The strikers had occupied the main telegraph office since ihey qiiii work-Tuesday. • : Johnson Says Ke Will Warn •r \? " RICHMOND, 1 ;Ky. , (Ap)—Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson spid toda'y (fiat President Kennedy will warn Soviet Premier Khnishchev the .United, States "has no inten \f tion of yielding to diplomatic blackmail," \ Johnson, in an addres? prepared for commencement pxercises at Eastern Kentucky .College, said Kennedy will make clear at Vienna ( that ",no greater, btunder can be made ,by s niiy Jeader,.than to discciurvt the strength of the free," Kennedy and KhryshcheV will get.together in the Austrian capital Uiis" weekend for two clays of ing and to Kennedy's visits , Paris and London, which he .airf are "to strengthen the cilailcls W de'mocracy." ' / "In these negotiations it will r>e President Kennedy's task and,Opportunity to show the whole world om-e again (hat the United States seeks to avoid the cooperatives suicide of nuclear \v«r. but it has no intention of yielding to <JipUji matic blackmail; arid he ,wlll a»ain testify that America's pa- Hunting Mishap Fatal •'CHILDRESS, Tex. (AP)—Richard •Higgehboiheni; 15, "of Irving, was accidentally kiHed Wednesday white 7 'hunting with a younger hrbther. Relatives said a gun held by the younger brother discharged by accident.'.- . - (IgUIJl l*.J*».7 , tit-rice in negotiation for peace is as great as its cower in battle, Johnson declared. • '•We all pray that nl least a brave beginning in the search" for " •' • • ' .... ^.Y.V,-. fr/nn Ihe " ' to that meet-1 peace may come from nit ident's labors-in Classified Ads Brln? Kesulta The greatest CeaDr 'toll from fire in American history occurred Oct. S, 1871. jn the area of Peshtigo, 'Wis'.' Spreading over. 1,280— 000,acres.of jforest -land, flames wiped out 17 towns and took at least. 1,152 lives.." Pemex Borrows Funds For Expansion Program j LONDON i \V" - A Mexican: Pascual Gutitrres Hojdan, di- I •.*"*• *™ a " •• l ™"* "<--ics«ugn -,., ,...,,.. _. •„.-!,. ..,, ,. nirl ,„,>.-,,. ,),„ '•' " , : ' ,, . '.-.,"; visited London : at the invitation •Ji..-.:tnnn.-n. oh! L ,.i! >aid !oti<2\ the recto v general of the Mexican Oil nf , hp Rr j ti<:1 , p ftap rf' nf Tr-wlo .Mexican <=t«u- oil monopoly has i m « nonn | v , ni rf inn rrwKt will hi-lnl- tne Brltlsh Board °' Trade. its petrochemical develop^ program. . . The, Mexican.,trade delegation r:!,t.-Htii'<i :• pounds *&2$ !r.<!i:-;tri."i!i.' opoiy has • monopoly, said the credit will help . of Hi million ; the Mexican state company ex- j million) ironv British " \o i-firry out an ex- KEAD THE CLASSIFIED ADS Classified Ads Hrinjr Kesiilts pi.nsiun pro;_;r;<r!i. Thv credit to iocs fruni tin- i!ril- i:-!i ''ouneil ••;" Pelrok-iun Et[inp- • MH-rit Man;)fa<-iiirc-rs -— tTprt-scnt- ' nm ahoiii 5i.i*j I'riti^li oi! ixaii;)!iH-ni - indusiric-s. FURNITURE REPAIRS j Hefinishing — Upholstery PR 5-4000 After 5 p.m. BRUCE RADIO & T-V. REPAIR Ikf-nsed by F.C.C.; 2-V/ay Hcdto for Foster Service. 1009 Ave. S, Day or Hiaht, Phone— PR 5-4733 OFFICE SUPPLIES SALES and SERVICE Hallmark Card* • Art Suppliei Del Rio Typewriter Go. 612 S. Main Dial PR 5-4812 RIO GRANDE ABSTRACT & TITLE COMPANY, INC. ABSTRACTS OF TITLE • TITLE INSURANCE 508 DEL RIO NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Phone PR 5-2003 SAM L SADLER 0 Roofing and Sheet Metal Contractor • Certified Bonded Roofers We Carry a Large Stock of Roofing Materials WE COVER SOUTHWEST TEXAS 115 E. Ogden -Phone PR 5-5056 BUSENESSMEH learn fo ffy... while you trawl it's the modern ' PIPER wayl 'uf ttir.c and moncj do double du'.y'- l.farn to fly while trueling-lO and fiom b'M«int;s .ipfoiiitmerns.'En roust, ont of pur tjiulified ipsuuctoti . will check vou out 2: the controls of flic cuiy-io-fly Pipct Tri-Paccf. In'lhti comfortable, -l-plars airpUne, «^"lli coordinaleJ conlroh ihat makf fi)'ing ss simple as driving a car, you'll'bc rtidv lo soio in i-"is itmr tlan you'd Pti'*n> f«r *ur iptctal "L«am Whll* Y*i» Trovtl" brochui*,' or vlitl th« «!rp«l< •nd l*t wi give you ccmpUU rfvtai!*. DEL RiO FLYING SERVICE DEL RIO AIRPORT-PR 5-3811 ... BUT I OON CAN S KNOW HOW IT 15 V,'iTH DOCTORS... CALLED AWAy AT A.'JY MINUTE ! Z'fA GLAD YOU OO'^TOR MO.R.-3AM i -l_;^_-_<_--.. .:>......-. - - .<*>__:^a U^T KOT C-CV" C'JSA ' t ^"'-- FOK TH' kTi?p!£5 1M &r\WTlftSOl POM'T INSPIRE CONFIDENCE, DO THEY? WATCH THEM, FLASH .'OBSERVE MUST KNOW THEK >?£4i HCJ?E V.-E WOULD LIKE YOU TO PILOT Trie AU5N A«aASS.A£JORS DOWN TO EARTH/ \V£ N=EP YCU, FC« A VERY VOOR MKSflSE SAID TO REPO7T HJSTA'JTl X SIR JA.V.E?....' f^'r^ A MCR£^^ CF -; •< ^. g• v^' -^^^ V~---- J -. 1 ' :i\ •( = LAp'iSS' &-V£-&'5. ) >;1 ! —: JJB VVAS'»-feJ?=r-'V . :.~ -..- ' TH CLUB THAT VVBSH . < •>, ,. •, ; i " L E PTOV= R -)Kl^i =-. : C^ vC •-. >._. ; ^-'^ " NOTHWS 1 ' ' v ' DC:t-iG~s'_ DU W:LL FL^A^St ! POASSS HAS ,SSOT FotWC" ...He 15 WATCHINCJ TH EEt AJJAW...INDEED ! CAN-YGN 1? WT SVEN' IMS1PETHE Y^U, BUT I WILL K07 -B 9 IF I WEE I AM PLANNffsKS TO TALK TO HXJR TO PAY COURT Tp you. THAT iS THE W&Y TT IS DONE !N MY COCWTRY. VDU HAVE NO OBJECTIONS. ITRUST; JULIE? NO...T MEAN HELP PLF.A5E' FATHEP, JUL(E,AND REQUEST I PA55, SISTER. THJ"? OMK'e FOR. OCDER, WISER. HRADS. WHAT, VASSILY? fi i FIRED r>rv BIGGEST STAR, ) ANITA EATBURG — FOR COMPULSIVE f??- SHE'S FOLLOWUJG VUS-vyiTH TEARS \ IN HER EVES // "-"Vs. TEARS OF REMORSE, I'LL BET//-cKiXkL£/-l THINK I'VE. CURED HER!.' SLOW UP. 1 .'- I'LL GIVE HER AMOTHER CHAKtE.'.' THREE. L( VES-SoB//"- MORE?J> 1 CAN'T x l MELP IT./.' NOT CHAS1M6 USAJsT/:^ NIORE/T

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