Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 1, 1961 · Page 5
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 5

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1961
Page 5
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"'^'^ ' '"- \- " ' - <•*' ' "^ * Juif Starting In Dominican Republic By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON: (Al») — This country's problem with the Do- Castro's. But he. his family and f The Kennedy administration m- his | sists it will not intervene in an- friends got rich and fat off the other nation's affairs—which must republic. It's unlikely Trujillo's I sound to the _ ___________ __________ _______ Communists like minican Republic is just begin- j fat cats will yield control to some \ nice nellvism — but did just the ning. The- assassination of Dicta- , other oulside, reform force \vith- 'opposite in hacking the Cuban in- tor Rafael Leonidas Tmjillo did oiu a struggle. So there may be ' vasion not solve anything. .• blood v day*. i The area in and around the If they triumph and set up Dominican Republic is getting The 63-year-old Trujillo, after 31 years of tyranny, had outlived another tyranny without broad re-' ripe for explosion. Sharing the his particular lime. |Torms, it will be only a matter same island with it is Haiti, The middle ^ clans had risen of time before they too are where hvm« conditions and ig- againsi him. Exiies had invaded smashed The suecp toward a nor&nce are appalling. him. The Catholic Church had de- [ richer life for Latin Americans And n?hl across a narrow strip nounced him. And all Latin is too strong for standstill reac- of «ater. called the Windward, American nations had broken re-i lion. Passage, is thr- Cuba of Castro laiions wiih. him. | The real struggle eventually in. who hack in 19W took part in an j He survived as long as hc did the Dominican Hepuhhc will hc invasion against Trujiito The Do f on sheer muscle at a time when between communism and this mmican du tator demolished it. } social" revolutions were sweeping country: Meaning: The influence | But Castro now is in .better po-j not only Latin America bul (he this country can bring to bear sition for invasion ant! subversion world. Whai : .outdated him was through economic aid arid support than he was in 194-3 when he was this: .... - .. • for a reform government. ? simply a discontented nobody. If While all around him the mass- | At this point it's impossible to he is truly communism's as-' PS of Latin America were de- say on which side the odds He. sianed instrument-in the Carib-' mandins; greater "ratification fo It depends on how far the Amcr-: bean, he will move against the i heir desire for a better life, and lean eovcrnmcnt is willing Jo go •; Haiti-Dominican island. • a- better part in ji. he kept his to keep communism out of the] No'matter how you look at it, so-ealied. republic frozen in the hemisphere. - i this is going to be rough. '• old ways. •'.-.• ' ; : '— •'—' ~ : T—.—; ~ , Fidel Ca? iro in Cuba is no less" a diefa'or, with the same contempt fcrr democrat it- prot't'SSCvs'.""' Rut. b&slde TrujiHo. he looks ex- ; trerac-iv jr^wK-rn with his prom- i ises of s richer life find a sense of belonging.' for the Cuban •; masses. -' \ The United States misundcr- ; MMHOflQl HOlMMy Toll Sets Record RHYTHMIC RODENT —"Hamlet," a hamray hamster, gets in some hot licks on a Ive trumpet owned by his master, Norman Black. The little fellow was just getting a taste of music at home in Brooklyn, N.Y, DEL RIO (Texas) NEWS-HERALD, Thurxioy; . Soviets Block Efforts »' $*• -- -< v •PC* I f-'t^^ To Stop Laos Fighting By THE ASSOCIATED PKESS j Traffic 45?' Boating 40 • Drowning 62 Miscellaneous , HGJ Total 0751 GENEVA (API—Tiv» Soviet Un-f Soviet Deputy Foreign; , ion has again blocked a Yi.'r-stern {Georgi Pushkin insisted a Observance of the four-day Memorial Day holiday cost the nation a toll of more than 450 lives t violation^ of the tease-tire. attempt to strengthen the hand of i f sre has been in «ff«ct siae«.tfc* truce supervisors in Laoa to stop f beginning of May. He aside the charge the lrqc« super-' j in traffic accidents, the worst i Tflc s^,,^ coumerud b> Lhatg-i tl5ors wcre being hamstrung and Congressmen Set McAllen Hearing On Tomato Prices Xansctn Takes Over Houston Bus System highway record for any Memorial | im , lh j V y cs t ^^ Irving to svoiil jdrclarrd they did not need any holiday m history. i g elung to lhe mam is<mc of ^ hart . wore authority. Late reports pushed the total of ,„„ Il)f4 fl , ( .,, t , of thc s 0 ,,jheasi' Britain's Malcolm MacDoiuld traffic fatalities far above the ' , v ^, an |;, nff< iom a Ion ' Ihr- path of backed Harriman aod declared he. previous record of 413 for a 102- f lm ] epen( i Pn V P nn ,j n "ii!rahty «' IC - "°l c ce how the Indian-PoUsh- hour Memorial holiday. The for-) _, „ , , v , ,,, n r or , n ,",, ^ ,- Canactian control eommixsioo mer record was set in 1937 l_..,. , *. .,..!._ L.'....'^. .. L .7 could do Us job unless it is frws'fo investigation whcn- it so desires. The So\iel Union and Britain, a-- toc'iairmen of the l4-n«tion cjhfcrcnce, must both approve nn\ r-.rv? instructions to the com- isdli Onlv three states. Hawaii, Dela- —•••••—"•>-- •• — ••••— t?rr} , ou i ware'and Rhode island and the to d . lsclls>> Iirst *"" rnorc hca .* ed ' Dlstricfof Columbia-went through' exchanec> <n whclnrr ^^ haS the four-dav period — Saturday through Tuesday _ without a sin- u ^ A'n'vis^n<'or w fgle traffic death Harriman charged I| K > fommu- 1 California, Michigan and Illinois ! nisl K ' d 1> . atl ' ct , Uo w .' ni dal! : v al T •'tacks.-He .?aid (ho rebels .refused. really been restored in Laos. U S A'n'vis^n^'or % >V, \vcreli Head-on Car-Train Collision Kills Six ANGLETON, Tex. (AP) — An ! Anslelo'n on Highway 28S about A subcommittee under the . chair--T stood this and learned Jo iis dis- ' auto sped down on a slanting, 3: !5 a.m. ; manship of Rep. Tom Steed qfj f may, throach the disaster ot the • grade crossing into an almost i Officers said they found no Oklahoma will conduct the near- ; | April invasion thai many Cubans ( - head-on collision with a freight iskid marks at the scene r.nd as-, ing. . , • { 'promised better living " support-'train early today, killins six pcr-bumed that the driver of the auto; L.S: Rep. Joe Kileore. who rec- ; t Castro without apparent concern S sons. Another was not expected didn't see the approaching Mis- (ommended the hearing, said its f j wbether 1 he's left-or right ! to live. " 1 souri Pacific freight train, . J purpose is to try to determine --vhy; I '-It's an old lesson being re-i The dead: , ? 'Angle-ton is in South Texas near ; farmers have operated either -at; , learned painfully around the j The driver of the auto, William ; Houston. ; a loss or .at a smaU^W^v j . world: Democracy to "people who 1 James Rose. 36, a Treepc-rt com-! Highway Patrolman James Kla- . Farmers have cornp auied ^thej : never really had it means noth- ! mercial fisherman. " I'sel said the freight tram .wmch; receive from . one to three cen s , | ing. What they W3 nt is to live 1 His wife, Gvpsv LinvilJe • Rose.: ^«- switching cars, was only j per pound for .ton^toe, • «hij- i | longer b-Uer i->6 '?*--. •: traveling at about 10 miles per | they sell m stores across the coun-i | Tr^jillo" had some 2 iimmeringr Their daughter. Eunice Rose. 15.! hour; | try from 37 to 49 cents a pound, j j The sur\-ivmg chihl - suffered j _-— .• • ' topped the list of states with each 1 i reporting more than 30 highway to lot tbp tnicc tc;uns HOUSTON (AP)—Bernard Cal- deaths. behind their linos kins took over Houston's public j The only extended spring or' - _ _ bus system today and changed the ! summer holiday traffic death toll MC \LIE.V Tc> (AP) — The I name to the Rapid Tran.Mi Lines.! 10 excv>ed thc to ' sl lhls Memorial Committee of the I W had been known as (he Houston J? a >- ^^ 49 J "^^ ^^ U.S. House plans a public heano'g I Transit Co. Calkins, of Wichita, I lh « 102-hpur Fourth-of-July ob- ln-re June -12 in complaints bylKan., bought the firm for about, scrvnn '" v ln 1ft> " farm<?r= of • the widesnread range f 52 - 5 million. He «?aid he will have i ^ in -r.e lower-retail prices o£ ares jl-'SO new air conditioned buses by,' fruit and vegetables. " | September. The hearing is expected to deal 5 primarily with Lower Rio Grande 5 Valley grown tomatoes. It was or-i dored by U.S. Rep. Wright .Pai-.s ,»«»*— man. chairman of the committee.; /•* m The mean temperature for an average year in the Bahama Islands is, 75 degrees. WANTED 10OO RADIATORS TO BE ~ CLEANED AND REPAIRED DEL RSO RADIATOR SERVICE ItO V/. Ogden Dm) PK 5-A415 DR. OSCAR VAIDES DENTIST Offk. »- 1 Maai ACUMA, MCXICO Appointment CaH Ml ENGIISH SKHCB4 of. the true nature of this, wave i Another daughter, Ellen Rose, \ broken legs and a possible skull! CHURCH INSURANCE over the : . ! dispossessed of I^atin [ Their son, William Rose" Jr.. G.•; fracture. f\tt* • I w\' OltiCIOl Dl8S of discontent which is sweeping ; 13. over the'-' dispossessed of I^atin ! America: Like Castro, hc pacified; And Manuel Oliver. 68, of Free- • ~ the _ peasants by parceling oulj port, - ..'..'. Retired SflH Sana fo Ihem. They \vcre docile. I Oliver, a family friend, v.-as-en: Yet, .the farmers scratched out ! route with the Roses on a vaca- = a bare ejtistence. The slum dwell- ' lion trip to Georgia. 1 ers \vere ragged. i Another Rose child, Linda. S. ' SAN T ANGEI.O (AP) — Wood i He parceled - out little else. Hc S was in critical condition at an ] Carson. 60. retired business man- 1 lived in the past. In the end hisiAngleton hospital. jaccr of San Ancclo College, died'; berserk tyranny — mass arrests..! A Houston Department of Pub- ', Wednesday after a long illness.; persecutions, execbiiuns. repres- i lie Safely dispatcher. Jim Raines. ^Carson was nn athictc . at • TCU i sions — tt-as ioo_ excessive^ became^ said the accident occurred one : and .afso coached .at Austin and i his tincosng as it may become 1 quarter mile inside the city limits ' Belton. His widow survives. „ j MINNEAPOLIS vAP) — lather- ! ! an Brotherhood, fraternal life in- j Durance society, had a record j volume of nearly 235 million dol- i lars in new business during i&SO. f Dr. C,L Basket! OPTOMETRIST 104 W. Losoya PR 5-3762 SEE THE ALL NEW PIPER CHEROKEE The LOWEST Priced Low Wing, 4-Place,- All Metal Plane in America/ YOU ARE CORDIALLY INVITED TO SEE THIS FABULOUS NEW PLANE! ON DISPLAY AIL DAY FRIDAY, JUNE 2nd DEL RIO FLYING SERVICE INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT PR 5-3811 i • i i II tuned to the new mood... dark cotton sheers... at Penney' In a melody of new fall tones, Penney's brings you the cool comfort of dark cotton- sheers! Perfect ro take you from late summer thru early fall . . ..' in easy care all cotton at Penney's modest price of 6.95. $®&. ach i t PENNEVS OFFERS YOU -4- CONVKNIKNT WAYS TO »HOF* FOR YOUR FAMILY I 1. Penney Charge-Account. . . a regular 30-day Charge with oprion terms! ,2. Time Payment Account for major purchasfe! 3. Lay-Away «4

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