The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 6, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1893
Page 2
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t!IK DAttY OHBONtCBB TKKM8 OB' SB««CKtt"tlON. Daily, one yca.r lhrt»tt£li P. O...44 75 Dally, <toltverv<1> H» ccHl« p«5f vr«clc 8-btcrlptlnnc received Rt Ihe flftlrp nt pnb fttlon 15. State streivt. ' "" _ . . v • rfl'Sii 'ftiOSBS, A Quee* Little Graft Krom the . Korseland. / Lightning iNjHtroj-* n HOUAO nnd Five Person* Are Bnw.ed to H*nth—K. t'. Clinrch Appointed«Mlil«'nt of tlio School For the Blind. BETROIT, Juiy (fe—Tho Viking, ship is here. Everything conspired yesterday to make the, nrrival\ci signal success- and she y?aa- given aXroyal welcome. Thousands viewed the graceful pvaf t as she swept past the docks,»aud thousands more went to the island to obtain a closer view of the strange s.hip. She is to remain at her mooring, place at the lower end of Bello Isle today, where .probably manythousands more will, see • her/andthQse^ lier and loolt. iit: the; queer furnishings. '•; She is 'an exabt reproduction of ••'the Norse boat tmearthed at.Standfjord, Norway. Tlie prow ami stern pbrtVaxe ; ornamented in the form -of a dragon'g .head, and dolphin's tail respectively; shots whiqli >killfea^mo^toff "White Bepke shot Snliivftn, That none, of the others intended ' IV? ' shoot" Sullivan. Bepke came after witness the ttefcfc day to go after Bank's boots, w-liich the sheriff had seized because they fitted the tracks about the store. Carl Weisinger wtia also one ttf the conspirators. He corroborated Brtidor and the former witnesses for the people. A severe Sainiimtum failed to shako either witness. Here the people rented. The general opinion is that tbey. httVe riot made out as strong a case as ; on' ih'p Oroswuari : trial. .••••'.. ., Judge Mijridk opencfl -for the defense, Henry Jacobs, pno of the ra«v on triali was sworn. He told 6f his stitvieei in the .ITnitod States ivrmy altd Preaque Isle, Oil thrifty of the inair-; der his wifo' waft sick and he Was at borne ill dny and all m'sht. He hoard of tjifi tmirdrT' the next day; his child was iHjm foTir . days later. 1 Ho told a good straight/ story, . which was not shaken on oross-examinaUpTi, and evidently made a good imprest'iott on the " Children Cry fbr Pitcher'* Castorla. I You can always find the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store, ° Call arid Try Them. World's Cotntnbl&n The Michigan Central will sell tfckets bitj Mftrshftll to Chicago and return at rate of seven dollars and- thjtty cents for th<j;Youmt trip, limited toKov.'Sth. .Childl-ei.' under 12 ysars of Age. half r . far<!. Tickets not goad on 1, 4, 10 gr 20,' TIME't A ' LE» JUNE 18, 1893. The largest stock the lowest prices HYDE^S DrMer Store 8ftpvr\tltf1u\f.nt For the '.July 0.— B. P. Church of Cadillac has "nccpptod the appointment offered him several weeks ago Us Huper- inteiident of tho school for the blind. He wna forin<Tly of Greenville* is 55 years of age, and well known in educational circles, having for some time been, president of the State Teachers' association. • " • • Will ;Stt« tw iwningos.; , ' ' DETROIT, July 0,— The retail fireworks dealers of this city are taking steps to club together, employ 'the beist 16gal talent, and bring suit against' iM-ay or Piflgree and the city on account o£. v the loss sustained by them by tho mayor's proclamation that no fireworks would be allowed within the UmMa of" tho City on the Fourth of July, They claimed that the mayor's action caused r them lieavy financial loss, only about one- third of the expected' sales of fireworks being made. THE VIKING SHU'. and along each sidti are 1C loopholes for oars. She carries two sails, a square sail and a jib. Probably the queerest feature about the ship is the rudder— just Hire a short and very heavy -oar fastened to the starboard side near the stern by means of- a swivel and rope tholes. Her cabin is a wonderful Institution. The Viking is an open boat, so some sort of protection must be provided for master and crew on their -long voyage, and they provided it by stretching heavy canvas.over stiff ribs, thus making a good protection from stonus. but it is awfully stuffy and close? during hot days and nights. Here are stored Captain Anderson's fine charts and instru' ments, also provisions for the crew, and incidentally the resting placet for the hardy mariners. She will leave tonight for Chicago and the world's fair.. A HAPPY OCCASION. Receptlon^'TcuiUfreu to W. 10. (Juiuby -Ulninter to the *\DETBOIT, July 0.—The reception tendered to William E. Quinby lust evening at the Cadillac prior to his dfparture for the Ncther- 1 u u d s w »v s largely attended. Thi; com- mi ttofs who had the matter in ertvd t h e i& • s.t?lvt*s to make tlie ut-casion an t;n joy aide one, nrn.uAM BttQBY QOIWT. and admirably. The recipient of these testimonies of friendship from so uiauy of - his fellow citizens could not but be moved by such a spontaneous expressum of good will, and he vdl carry yriwhim a laeling. impression of the kindness ol , those with ,whoin ke'has been more or lepa intimately .associated foi- inapy years. The hall adjoining the parlors • on the ground floor of the Cadpla*. watt utilized for the reception, and wa.j, biv- iahly deeoj'ated with piilms, tropical, ••, plants and many American iiag«, $r- Tangediipt-i great taste ov_?rhetta. In 'Schremser'8 band, wiispi. ttoG%_jcaifc i reeepikiQix, I*S^BX ft^m 8 to 11. " 93^1 0|l;Q^(Si Jt^ldC^C^lts 111 The best Pertumes always in stock at G-. H. Greene's Drug store- Ladies are invited to call and test them 4 00 2 OB tmitieOreok..,, 2 48 'FRESH FROM THE WIRES, Item* of InteroHt CuiuleiiM*.! l''ov the Hurried KfiMlivri The.IH-XI annual li.cetlng' of Nationiu Ainatetlr I'ri'ss associuiion will be held at Bc>sUm. '• / Th« asth-anniversiary of tlu; pripfahood of Father Melsiier of IVru, Ind/{ was celi- Wednetalav. / DETROIT'S Tho arranging • f di-tails for tho great Blue Hiblxm ' of tht- Dc-trojt -Driving Club art- fast approaclilng com- lilcllou. Elegantly illustrated posters and window hangers, Betting forth the programme a'nd dates of the meeting ornament the bill-boards and oftier avalliiWo places, not only in, every town and rjiy t,f imiwrtance throughout neighboring states and tlie provinces as well. The most cheering reports -ore. received at the sexfretary's offlco from horsemen -from Maino to California, signifying their intention to take 'part in the great carnival sport during the third week in July, gpme of/ the must Doled trotters and pacers on the turf will contest for the rich purses hung up by thc> club. For obvious reasons t.U<-ir names are witlihold for the present^ hut after July S'they will be given to tiie public. Nearly all of the leading stables of America j have representatives in one or morb of ,tho gnait -pveuts of -the week, Already | .stable acComtuodatioUis are Uing spok- ' en for, and early next week there will be a gathering uf horses litre such as never- was scon before, on the grounds} of the Detroit Driving Club. For .the five;kil puree., that are closed enoualj. entries 'have b«ea received to insure-a j-ai^e-fiuid of torses, aiig when tlies^'-are zuiaed efltries to' lie ten regutett tittsses, ^bin^. estimate can be found of tbo majjuitude o£-the meet- tJLvat Av01-ta__aAplac€, July If, IS, 19,21. La*t year was a year of phe? -peMaHiiiiiiCses; this spascm to be *t$Xi Jftore so. Horses iojiger JLu aiul the i ____ _ t Jan cMepted * l>*lly tSundftM excojpted O. W.-JtUOGI/BB, Gen. Pas». 4 Ticket I«t. G »o. A JeHKacw. Freight Agent, ; , 0. B. OSBORM. Tltkst Affent, Marshall Ciflciniiati/ Jacta & Mactra Time table taking effect Jane 86 1893. ' Trains pass Marshall M follows :, . - : • ' So. 13, Totedo £xpreB» . \* a, Cincinnati BxpresB................8 4* " -il.Mall.ancia_tpre(B.................508 'V 8T. IrOoalFrelBht........'..... ..BSO 08 an) a 4-i a m r.'\ .•«rit!eablo Ijisntlvofor ....._._ •j nutiU' Into n Ten fi«r use-lii one minute." !''•)• .• ; •.»•;', inid Pl-iO pprpacknjro. M < „ f>3f _>> '^ n Bi« % p>-:nt T'oiuer POWDIR SfJV U i?U IJ? lw the Tivfih uUU Oreath -_So. WTien Baby was sick, wo gavo her Costorio. When she was a Child, she c,rted for Castorla. When she'became Hiss, she clung to Costorlo. Whea she hod Children, $ho gave them Owtorla, tBAIin OOtNtl W1M. So. ia:, Mall and. KipreBg,. ........ ..... 10S3an " SJ, Clnolnnatl & B. 0. Bzpreae ....... 681 pin M ~34, Kxpreas. ...... ....... ....... .,...18 83 am u 88, Local Freight ....... ......... ....tlSOam .AU trains dally except aunday. Direct oonntfotlons are mada at Toledo, and Cinclnatl with all roads diverging Trains 31, and 88 make go bd connection at Mon tclth with the Q K. & 1., and at AlUgan with th* 0, & W. M tot Grand Aaplda, Mmkegon and all points north. k B.DKAKK.Uen, M'eV. T, C. M. BOUINOLEB. Gen. Paaa. Agt C. B. MIZE.Agt., Marshall. Chamberlain's Bye and Skin Ointment. A certain cure for Chroniq Sore Eyet> Tetter, Salt. Rheum, Scald Head, Ol I Chronic Sores, Fever Sores, Eczema, Itch, Prairie Scratches, Sore Nipples and Files. It iu cooling and soothing. Hundreds of cases have been cured by it after all other treatment had failed. S5 cents per box, ". • WAJNTS, JfOUJSJ), JsilC. ^.Twenty cent! a week for each, notice not ex cecdlng nve lines. No charxe less than twenty cents. T.MJR KKNT—About July lUth, a new house on £ Went Hauover utieet. For particulars enquire of Charles M. Noueman. SALE—A new Hingor sewlug machine. Will bu void at a bargain. EnquireolU. A. llocllzul at s'.oue barn. H OCtiE TO KENT-Un West Mansion street. ifor partic.ulura enquire of F. U. Seaman. When Baby was sick, we guye ter Castorta. • When she waa a Chile}, st"* cried for Castoiia, When she became Mian, SN-J clung to Castoriu Children, she gave Uwiu Caatorit W ANTED—siltuatlou wanted by a competent Itidy aa vegetable cook or dish washer in a (lutel or restaurant. 1'leaau enquire at No, JtOU Stale strce't. ^ /. _^ '|"»O K_tK_^—A very nn« upd flrat class hall on JL btate or Mala street lor eocUtty or lodge purpose.), ctieap. For refervuce please call at tho touitiwesi corner oJ otate and M_v(i)son sts. i ,. CUtt. FWer> VUG-a!!., ' — '', -.'. - Get-era).Agent. l^OK SALE - AH niy real estate'sltuated on the T beat part <oi' State or Main streets, and known as very., line ai«l valuable propartyJby Chris.' Fred Vogel, aoathwest corner State and Madison sts., 4>o. I'-SJ- T*UII SALB uUKAP— New top bu ggy. UKW KWUT. |7«OUJ{D—A lady> gold wati-h. Owner can ob_l? tlan butue by i rcvuu propfcrty and paying charges. Call at Caihcarttt jewelry store. M .» !>eat any of ,thft biff -laaoney . , feeat 2:^. Tliere, wig be i cjBs" to ' the men that tlie 2, 3 aud tie juaoag the fastest thi.. ^m *p^ i^r'-^BS, gl A Wagon Load ] Of Money does not necessarily imply content an4 happiness on the part oJ its possessor. It is not piouey tha.t giyes us pleasure, ' but the thiags Siat napney will buy. , t . Some peqple spend money IpOl- ishly, aiuj fancy they find enjoy« meot in doing it, but tie-ples-sure is more fancied than real. No roan buys , - , '*•"-.. The McCormick *.4 Steel Mower * . ' ' >• • f vpr -be accused of hundred reasons his wisdom. «*>/ : We are balding tfee ^ jX£ti th? deniac.4 for a reaH/'st.- periQij, ffiowcjr, o^te tjjftt <aji1?Qdies the priine reqmsites'of dycabiiityj con. ^JtfilGfeCfi HTi-^ J.W1-.+ j*lv^v-TA-_ ..• T* ""You'Ulike . because .thousands I OST-Krlday at tlie uwimuiluf hole, a gold __L_l baud ring, 'f lie tinder will be nuiiably re- wurdctf by- returning the fiame to C, JU. tintver a.1 JUrcwer'e f tore. ir»O'K SALE CUJifAF—TWAJ dctiiraUle bj-JlillnK _T lute, Went tianuypr jBtreuf, For' au^iy to Ueu. Ti. While." - ' . I M,{tS. A. J, A YOU-SU 41glll WOlk. uja •fitroct. worn. Wilting or any Salary uo object. AdUrege. r 1 . U. byi lu-iO, j»ar»hall,Met. llouat; and two K> IB on eaei Ureen u „,..,,-, or Mrs. lJulaney. djsti '.. bridJp, between liarthall and liiitue O-tcek. Hew id oi 5lt ceniu. K,nder ftl lii-iiurtl hallOtJ. itaub uiid re- \\j f T huthi' I -VJ.1C.I. TO UKJil— a'woorniore furnlnheu or uou»"u pea* cycle lactory lor Jlijbt c.v box i

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