Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 1, 1961 · Page 2
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 2

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1961
Page 2
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2-DEl RIO (Texas) HEWS-HEftAlD, Thursday, June' Wai It Emperor Maximillian's Gun?; How Did !t Get To West Texas ? SVYDER If,—L. E. Wood %*BA .3 Syesr-old ""'twisting rabbits OLI' f .their holes" 40 year* ago when fc> crawlers into a i-a\c- on UK- tile*' «i' ihe mesa near his rancr. h-eirir- in eastern Scurry Count;.. imtt-afi of a'rabbit hf- fr>und a fjfiiihif oam-Jed, mtsziie • ioa'lsnp k.;rj, &'flintlock that had hr-f-n '. .-.-ru'ti to cap and OTJ>>- recently, c-vptfrt-«" itoiiced the i«gj "aisd en at !•'•,;<,<-'., f.f N'-i-hoIas JJoutet, person- ; each .generation i!>e legend of a the wagon trair. were ai :-:.-;!>.-isi!- l i so King'T^uLs XVI1 goid train -ambushed by the great'liorsehead Cross.Lg on the P of Fr-nci- arid \apok-fln Bona-; romsnchc- Chief Quanah Parker River, winch U 2f«0 mile's si ! ;ar! -''- • .and iiie tresswre hidden in Indian -.vest of Scurry County. But the r; , i,.. ». ,,= .f,/- r"Q-t *an-i<->"S Jr47!ncl - i nesro >'-. /train is supposed fo bsve been e-.;n-,.-.:::, .>i hi/ W in Franc;." In the carlv l^s a man nr,, \™?? 1 * l ° F 'l C .? ncht '- Which ' s IS.-.:,! !.,,, , \Vi in-l Xapoieon. remembered a ? a Mr. Hill from :' 11UCh n " rer - to SCUIV1 f:;rn to make' e!a- ;,]2s?irh'j?eU:? arrived in Srivder {Governor.., i C«ntfunu*d from Pag* 1 f I sales and exlse tax. plus the tax ; I on natural gas pipeline companies, • | injersiate corporations^ ami alco- 1 • hblic beverages," Daniel said.! "But the governor ami one-half the house can not do ihe job aSc-ne." In fairness to the I-egislafure, ; Texans must let {ho la»vrnak-?rK i "fciKJtt' how you • feel." he said. * ' Otherwise,- you cai r:oi blame '. them for assuming that you are either indifferent afxjut the matter or thai you agree \iith propagansJ? of the s p t- c i a 1 interests who v,,->t.t to save ibt'ir companies from taxa^on by put- ; tin? .the 'iori's share oi Around Town,.. Continued tram . Page 1 BILLY MEREDITH, WHO HAD . i'«;unifrd on hein? tht rir/t; Ix-ur:: it ihe weddrag'tii' Jo Arth liiov, i uWi Marvin Bekrh Sunday af'tr- !>ix/~. had to reL:iCjuish the ho?}.*r. lie's, goi ihe mumps. H;s broi.htr. (sf/raSd. 'A'lli take ris p!ac-:- in tr.: : .-.<.-'"'rfifig party. * * * * PAULINE GLASSON AND KEP. i n'v. of Wing Scoots anfj mem'-}-:! •. <-ii ir«- K*3 are n: ark ing tov.n ;, ,- : .-i. <-;ry desigrjajfon? for the- Tex-;-Slsie Aero ComrrMHee' and ^p*:.'. Lift rugh! in D-ei H;o, Pauline'. ; ri<;i? piiot. :viLl t'filer the 'rsr;. : continents!... rate 161- v-om^n j ,!• i'. flying- from S^i. D-^go, Cs-f- fornia. so. Atlantic C;'.y. Srf r fkrwn in nine rac-er: and h£> piac-. •; four times. With her has'i^rv:, >'-:'• owns trsd operates an serrsi ph's--! ?«rvirfe end air s-ervsce'in- Ccr-pi.'-- f'hriiti. Traveling with -hc-ir rasrk • ing equipment in e D'J;. the srro-j.j ;!?&tnj.s designaiitja in brigni y L ;iy-v ouUin-ed jr» l«iciei; atop, a Wiiii'J- ;ny in '.he coniJi/un/ty. A to;si .•! 2iL- hive &een piirteG s;r,cc- V.i~<--. '.'''iT'.-:*: or four }C2rs. Krorn • iior"- ;ist-y vj-i-ni to Comstotfc to re-pain t i.*;f- ?iga 'there ^aa v,*j]] psini .it Langtry. Drydfen". Sanderson. Mar . ..i'horj. • Alpine. F< ri Davj;-:. T>,y•*'-.• Big Plans Made For San Antonio SAN ANTONIO (AP) — plaborate tourist developments along San Antonio R|ver downtown have been recommended "by an engineering firm. The Marco Engineering Co. showed plans to the City CcunciJ Wednesday which call for development of a horse-shoe shaped stretch oi the river into "Rivc?r Bend Park." Architecture and decor would follow a colonial Mexican theme with development planned in three stages. The city would construct buildings for lease as shops and re^auranls along the river. It would" jilso authorize'|)arges on the shallow waters, selling merchandise and food. Kennedy. ,. from !••«£• 1 nd policies of France arid Use nitf d States" are dlr^trf to' *h«» ^ •u.'Moinrtfa.J vvai : fi.-rr ;hir fif-a^i 03 a carved En the .<J. Each piece sTf-d v. ith '.K-ii- Maximilian of Mexico, Kill, a rran oi mystery, .spent the res! 01 his life working as s "chore boy" fr»r rsr.chers in north- '.-•ij? Scurry Ccu'nty. while <;e .-.'arc-hod the cisyon? &nd gullies :or ihe hidden cache "5' gold. Two . :vars before Wooc. found the gun. .*•)!! d.'ed in & house only ons- ! ah' mile from the cave. .Maximilijan. .who became era- Methodists Slate Ground Breaking For New Parsonage Ground will be broken for 2 new parsonage for »i,e First Metho- Daniei rep'sed: "I \viij jf he Mil] gc-i the lobbyists :o keep hansis on." The sovernor said he has "'no ; idea -'of seeking a fourth term.. :"!f you want to get rid of rr,t, help me put my .program -n-er." he advised.. Rites Se| Fior from 3 . Unilj „ —,--, j vvarti supporting tn& «---^.. ! de«ire for freedom and liberty in I the vvorld today. ^ , I1 "Our two countries," Kennedy ; I said, "share ideals of liberty, :'equality and fratetriity, which are • ' in - accord with the basic aspira- i lion's of people around the world. | The desire for freedom and liberty ,-is the strongest tide in the affairs ' of the world in the 20th century, i and the interests and policies of I i France'and the Uni'ed Stales are j directed -to lhat goat." ; Kennedy recalled his stale visit ji to Canada two weeks ago, and jj noted Uiai debates In Canada's i Parliament are in Jxilh iFrench I and English. Much of Ne,Wr* ,Engl !and, ioo, he recaHed, has reiajned ! French language and culioral ties ! j ivith France and he'.. said such . I French influences are a source of 'j strength in the West today. I "I ssiuie your city, I salute, your 'country. I salute your disiin- ! giiisned president." Kennedy said. : "1 thank you all." •-.. • per-1 Another roar of applause echoed during the nounCE . d tfHJ2r , Language ... . ... Noah'-Webster Redwine in. 1 J-j T *^ w '"j - day-eld infarir son of Mr. arid^lrs.^^W.^fl 0 ?^'"**-$ P-m. Friday and | through the salon. The reception -V. W. Redwine Jr.,' died In a lr^^Saturday. FQllo\vuig the final per- j seemed extraordinarily warm, ev- ca! hospilsl Tuesday. The body •.ibrmance Saturday night belt Jen in comparison w.ith that ac%vas taken 10 Ateauy, Texas;-for •;*«?*% will be avv£r4ed to .the! cordeti President Eisenhower. f iiriaJ Thursday- _ . win - t man Frenchm sn- ,„ (Continued rrorn Page ]) for Jhe summer classes, and who are e'igibie nisy sign F'riiiav s.'. S a.m.. in the three eiemtrasrv at jj- •; uiii-ji«;2 »«» yv a\ to me; corutt! iit-siur"> i-i.-ciujuv>ci...' j , winners in each division and the i spldter-nero to many Frenchmen, saddle .wijl'.. Ife preyented' to ihe ] on bis sfste visii two years a^ffe ie :Al!-Around chamoioh of the show.; . :— '• —-——— . . • the *- RlVe ^ f 6 ? 01 P lsm - ! FridaV and ' Saturday nights, { ^rvivors mcl^e the parents- stiirt i ng at 9 o ' P 16c^ there will be ^isver, Jozell Kedwine:' a hali- •• „ ,..^i._i_ j-ri •-:..••_._•',,.••_ ,^ ___ .--' .-.'.:.< M-:M'- ere 'b? e-ngrav-. : -...'f j :-,->>.-: .?,s-itr<-:hin;'. for foo-J. •;:r- .'''ai'.;..:'.iou;r<!.- a Ver?!'•'-: v.-hi'ch -.T.jx-ns ssy s'^mp ^.;n i- the- i.ork 01 ii'jutet. j.i^i'--t rr-ade His guns befw.een r ;r<i :515. Ex&eru v-ho have >:;;;:<'•;' Wwxl'= sun n&te thai '£f> '.o Gezvesior; and ship the The TK-V,- structure will be oi rriTr-^T-.r - 1 -- 1 —•'•-• continue to AuE-jst. . 31. 30-day term. Pen a said. Teachers fcr the distm-i are Ernes J ice Ouajcrdo. Evelvn Tave M . ^-^ ,^-—^;;^f ^1- K^SL 2 ?S, fc ^",,,'S a ...western dance in' (he dance j ,j/-,i rcT^v /AOi ««..:!&;•-.'-': '«"/'iL'. ..-•;:.-•'-•_ O._j- A.:TI < HOUSl.UiN (A^! "US^i^^SLrlS;: s£- «™-v ? S: r '--^ : T,. '" * LHjrn^, a. ll\ in° J"fV>7p fiinTriry fiMT r^irtft-a*-? : l-f n*-,<". - tl f V.« - * I. ^-.^ o - -^ l -''i-^ U..j»jjj., is of ;nuch cruder •• (rea l ur y ---• orkrnarishipi than o-.her pans of ti-'i ^ : uii. This, 'hey jay. indicai ar^J rnsde off ',vj<h haths th-? rcver heard :o ne „*„• „, ,h, „),„„, « i.-^s; i.-i.-i-i-;;,,-^ »«-. il?a ,P™ i-,,5^^ -^ » b^,,. „„ »,,„,„, ™— - dn ^ >y ' ! fourth .bedroom. >' Cen Mrs. Lee ^nyder of A]hanv, ; ^ al " ^^ l - .„ K „ K ^ • - - - . .-.-;The flagman will be Dijb GJynn. '_.•' , i •• M • i»farklng" tKe nding 4vents and P*. ArtnUr Man DrOWnS acting ^ official jydges for the Ji "'•'•-" show vi-m'|>e Earl Sellets and PORT ARTHUR (AP)—T)pnnp]l • Lc ' uis Powers. ... "Holmes. 23. of Port Artfcur, ''• ''''"' : : Taylor's •-.vhen-a boat overiurtied. was inspecting the boat CJa^Uied Ads Briny Results Cayou £i Bond Jed. the trajn- ••-----'• diinn ° \ he ;°S39 State Park KUP-EIEC, INC. I^DUSTJIAL • COMMERCUt COWTRACTtNG ft 5-M57 — 2O7 W. '\'.: guidance-01 livers iri -he •• i-' :.t'y. V/ilh Paulirf-t -v.-i.-r>; F-iaini- .\t-f-dhsm. Patii FJfr<i. .Sht.-rr. 1'rtiwa' and Mr^. [.eha . Jsckso":. They visited E. A and Corn---!;.: bavtr .here. iBASEBALL PLAYERS FROM Li '-Joya and S;m Felipe Hi-vh 'M-*w.-f:i!'s team v/frre ,ser-.-erj 2 5>:jf- f*'t supper after the eame yfsti-r meaJ '-V25 sen.-ed in the Amenosn" r 'i i Forum Ha;] and the lyi-i- includert Mr. and .Mr.s. S. \". rj,,- tr-f.-rr Mr. "and Mrs. Gus .\ffn:!< -. T>; snti .Mrs. r'ermfn Cahifr;.- .'•5r. and Mrs, Hcrvev Fr-rns.':--!--'/ .-'•n<r Mr. and .V!ri. .)-.' Fi. Pina.' f:ov. .rtr'J a gun prued by kings sr.J -rrr:'jf-n>rs £e! into s cave 25 .-r.i'-ri ni>rthezi?t of Sr.yder in •i-hLt vaf once the heart of the 'At-'. Texa-s Cornanche country? V-l-31 t-lse nishi be in'the cave? Th ( .-<• c^.K-siior..^ may never bt- ar.5v.c-red. Long ^30 ihe rock tv/t}if«ed, seahng- the cave. Snv :!•:.• r co>jiuy comes 2 p'lssiWe Rambouiilet Ram Brings Top $ 1 20 ;! At Brackett Sale ahou" four manlihs. require F{rst Here for New Plane ram sold by The Piper Ci-c-rofcee, a-new-low- wing four-place light aircraft, win iiave its firs! shov.-ing in Del Rio i-'riday, H will be placed on ptjb- --,.,,,,. - l^' displav bv.'jhc Dei Rio Flvin- feiiiers have repeated • <a rrank Mc.,!uJan Jr. of the same Service at the Del Pao Intern/ --• :c «y nroughl Si20 to top sales Ijon3i A j rporl " rii ' r ^' " P^ f °c" h ""f 51 . Kinn ?,i' ^ U r R - C - Robort'oc. owner of the o, Rarn Sale in liracKettville-Wed- firm, said anvone inlcrertcd ^ San Felipe Lions fear JerraF Taylor _ _ Jones was !nc auctioneer :or rne s&;e age of £J3.75 paid an aver- for the 1-4-S ' >ee:ng this new all metal plane K to visi' aav tiin* durin- " = -.he r!ay. "'"' DOUGLAS LAMAR SMITH JR., ' c . t run of Mr. ara *>5rK DOUKSST f;r SAtih of Del f{;c re'c-t-jverj -a . ba- - ri , fbf.-!or of jaws degree ir! corn- exercises at Hoythern L'niyetstty .' m - Da. Has Monday. Lamar is 2 %izd\ia'<i of Dfe] Rio High Sr'hoo! and Ts-xe-, A arid i5 CoiJegc. Hss . part-ms ? *«rre in Dfilias {r-r the commence- rrif-fil. nvfjvr-d rou;c-s for the re-iocs- .head sold. Fifty-four ;rams were : os HijTh'.iay W 'in the areas ' e ^- unsold. b'.- ;nursfi'itr.d Ly the waters (i In adfiftion lo paying the high- i-tad Dam. v ere- outlined snl esl P—ce for a rarn, McMulian among the top buyers, purchasing 5i.x bucks j'or a total of FUN AND FROLIC FQR AIL!! DO - CE - DO ALAMO ViLLAGE CANTINA BRACKETTVILIE, TEXAS -SATURDAY. NIGHT'"JUNt, 3rd. - 8:30 p.m. EXHIBITION SQUARE DANCING. SAN ANGELO TEAMS: '. WE SERVE MEALS COME EARLY AND EAT. "CIRCLE "8" "SKIRTS and SKIRTS" LARRY CARTER S ^ 00 and his Band . Adm. ea. • -f.-d £t !h«- regular nir-eiiiT? San Kfclipr I.ions Ciub V.'.eri- f;c-(:;;.y night in ihe RosweH Hotoi fiy Jf.rral Taylor. !rr:rrsc-0iate pa- ; i pT'C-sKi'-nt (if Jhc: Del Riu Chanibsr Taylor said the' lv/o. route? cor- mckj'if- ?h<- one -.vhicr. P: »- L. \V. and Odus Wittenhurg of: Dei R ; f ; sold some of the other i higher priced rsms including one at SSO -o S. C. of. UvaTd'e,: for one to P. W. Kelly, of : Tuna BROUGHT TO YOU FOR EXTRA SAVINGS! LIMIT RIGHTS RESERVED! «,„.*, , Mayonnaise 1 Or .Von Comp'i -i jJie • 7t - only -2 pl-oj- Jeil-o - Al , „ ..... 5c l pi<3 ,> f 11 v I T . ' . J «iv I'J'i*.: *^i*. *^li',T **:ii'. ;* jJ. r- --- -... ..._ tj f , •,, . * » \. ii^» - vji pf>sf5 to cross i:.f-" Sake iiself and Comstock and one . at 575 to Mrs. •t ': finer, plsnnc-t. !•> go over one Bi'Uy Bob Holes (A San Antonio. - ' - Tcmeto lOc only 3 pleas* PEAS I *af*l*f Diamond—No. 303 r:nd of the lake One of the- two chosen iiy the Texas State . Rose ill- of Del Rio sold: n ^_ ram Tor SG5 to Pratt Cattle Blue Plate—Qt. Thursday Nlflht WOAI-TV « • J '"''- " " ' ___, w 6 CIS - 6:0fl P. M. 2—Whirlybirds Prices Effective Friday & Saturday, June 2 & 3 EilO for iO head, and other' C. A. DONALDSON, FORMER re-.Kient.- visiteO 'briefly in D-M .7Jso -Aith his broiher-in-lavv ari'! sister. Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Cook. Donaldson, -who perfected an ?f)fj » . s tres5X-d the importance of the t-Iectronies device Jo check !h;- ! r fc e ss , a " toiiri=4 attraction, brin-J- buyers from pel Rio were Tom" .--arth's strata, ustd in ^seekin? ir; j; ; n uwrist cij!:ar5. " Stiles and Dr. A. L. Brown: Val '£?'"'\ r : ' s lsl:ili g il lo Tacofti.1. ,«,}.,,. Barrt-rs ha- been nam-i-d de- ^'erde Cou-nty buyers included • .v&shirtgtetfi,. from His hesdtiisaf- r ,. rtv (i.c-r^t c ,v/<:rr.or. Announte- J- >-"-• Zabcrbuehler of Comstock Jers at Grapevii.e, Texa?, Trave-v . r . f . nt , ves m - (ie it , hf . (jistri--' and Henry M'iils Jr. of -Pandale. ing v.-uh lu>n-'is J. D. Cavar,esi.. ,. a - D ire> .^r-eiins Sundav and re aJso of Grapevir.c. They ]f;ft ti;, ; for Tscoma. WATCH FOR THE OPENING OF TAG'S NO. 2 513 N. Main JAYCEES WILL HOLD A 3AR- 5>fr'.-!ie Saturday, at .5 ,p.m -al. A•.•*.fu;'- F and Sevealh fe;ju.ei. rjy" ri<f v?nc-c- sa!e=_oh3y. •'Tickets may h;- &hiftined from the • v '-'fC'^.s "arid (.hcy'il also bv- sold L'-jnigJi'. arid tonriorrovv ni^ht a! ihe Jiini(.r Rodeo. Sar} Fe i] pc " i.jnns 5a=: .Mc-rio !-5o-r}i;.-;7 reported 'gor-d pr'.-grt-s^ i> *•'',-in-4 rnadc- in sir»•••--'.' -p.-;vifi2 in Ciii'i^'i Acsjna, 'across the- Hi'V Grande Approximately I> r/k'-cks have- 'ieen paveri. ?an I'tfipe Llorjh v.H! work s^ain . jr. Tardy Park., which they ispiafed Showers Predicted in Area Par'!;.- cloudy skies through Friday vviih isolator; thunders'orm.s are forecaiJ foi De! Rio by th" LETTUCE Large Firm TOMATOES POTATOES, head lOc '! Ib. lOc •! Ib. 4c • DELICATESSEN ITEMS • FOR THAT QUICK LUNCH or JUSf TO GET OUT OF THE' KITCHEN-TRY TAG'S SNACKS BAR-B-Q POTATO SALAD TACOS CHILI WITH BEANS HOT TAMALES, Ready Jo Eat BAKED HAM, Sold by the Slice Ib. 69c Ib.. 29c ea. lOc pt. 25c doz." 55c Ib. 89c ^*t»«- j;* * u i «j - i cr j I* . t - i * £ u • J liiCTi impr.r--ifi2 ^r. .ihe San Feh>- '' v -ather Bureau today. Sk;r:s v.ere cloudy over ft 5-3443 Thru Saturday 35c C t/1 TONIGHT IS BUCK N1GHT-A CARLOAD FOR $1.00 "SPREAD 'EAGLE" L "COLORADO" With James Cagney FLAMINGO Thursday - Friday ' fifWRfttaajrer With John Payne iouthf-rn par, of Texas and clear : over most of the northern part of ihe state today. The high Ifcrriperalui*;- in Del Rio yesterday was 92 degrees ' j nd Jhe low this Morning was 73. : Temperatures- were, mostly in. the upper COs and lower 70s, rang- || ins from Dalhart's G3 degrees to 11 E! Paso's 79. \o rainfall v.-as reported during the night hut official totals for the 21-hour pe.ri.od ending at C : p.m. Wednesday included 2.12 inches at Amarilio .53 al Wink ; and .07 at Alpine. Some areas of ; Aniar!i!o received larger amounts. ; A Pacific cool front thai drifted!] ' eaifAard from New Mexico i i-tirred up dust in far West Texas,, :' Wednesday. Gusty winds hit 35 j miles per hour at El Pa.=o. ! Presidio's 1OT degrees v.-as the ; highest reading in ihe nation i Wednesday. Other temperature j| •highs were mostly in the 90s. \ Picnic Suggestions OLIVES Eo/al Chinel PAPER PLATES, pkg. of 12 32c Norihern NAPKINS, 80 cr. 2 for 29c LEMON DROPS ]2-oz. pkg. 29c START THE DAY RIGHT WITH A FINE BREAKFAST FROM TAG'S WAFFLE SYRUP, Kimbell's 12-oz. 22c PANCAKE MIX, Aunt Jemima T-Ib. pkg 21c SLICED BACON, Black Hav/k 1-lfa. pkq. 59c EGGS r--~- ""- '. . ..'.... l .-.>^.-,-.-^. < .,.^. Mumme's Med; doz. 39c OUTSTANDING SHELF BUYS All Green Cot Specri i "CHRISTIANITY, SI" — ! PUERLA, Mtx. (AP) — Gov. ! Fausto Ortega said Wednesday ! night he has accused the student| elected rector of the University j&f Puebla for false pretenses. Dr. Julio -Giockner was nomi nated by ihe students who seized the university April 23. A Catholic demonstration was being prepared for Sunday, under the - slogan "Christi&nity Yes; Communism No." Golci Medal Flour Imperial Sugar Dew/ Drop Aspqrgus Ciorox Fab Spaghetti Slt;nn ^ Reo ^ Tomato Juice „„„,•. Coffee K^^P., Prune Juice 0eJ Honte Auge't Southern Brand Pure Lard S-lb. bog 5-!b. bog Q MEATS • U.S. :GOOD GRADE £ U.S.D.A. INSPECTED MEATS! V Rath : Pork Daintees . lb . 98c Franks Bnlh .... pl(g /49c Sunvaie Ring Sausage Ib . 59c USDA GOOD USDA INSPECTED Loin Steak -r«9- Cut 7-01. pV-g. •*- for ^JC W,'33c 65c 49.c T-lb. I'- 1-lb. pig. 2 far 33c lb. 29c 19 C i; Seven Steak . . 2/ c |i Shoulder Steak . „,. 55c Chuck Roast , b . 49c Hamburgar ib . 43? Texas Pride—Whale or Cut Up Fryers lb . 29c Hens fo , 29c Sait Pork «.*•»° ' *- 39c FOO STORE 609 PECAN SI •~ . j_. -Jw . >f; e—Jjews 6:15 6^-pipuglas Edwards " 4-^-Cdmmeiit'" '' * 6:25 4—Alinatsac Newsreel 6:30 2—Deputy "Dawg 4—Outlaws ' 6—Sports Spectacular —-^— 7:00 P. M. —- Chann«l 3 A|T 9:00 P. M. 4 — <3roi:cho Show 6 — Face the Nation 9:30 2— The Brothers Brannauan 4 — Manhiiiii - : - 10:00 P- M- 2— IS Star f— Deadline (CS 10:15 2— Weather ' - .2 — Donna Ree». 7:30 2 — Real McCoys G— Zane Grey Theatre 4— Case of Dangerous Robin — — 8:00 P. M. — — 2 — My Three Sons •I — Bachelor Father 8:30 2— The Untouchables - 4— Tennessee Ernie Show (C) 10:20 3— StSth Centiirv rheasre *", "Kiss Toc Goodbve" 6— Bylifse 10:25 4— Spans ]0:30 4 — Meet McC-ra-K- G — Bold Journey • - 11 ; 00 P, M. 6 — Bengal Lancers 4 — JJCK Paar 12:00 4— Midnight Ne^-s {C) Denotes Color Program The Best in Daily Entertainment is on Your Television Set DEL RIO TELEVISION CABLE CORP. 31 ? PECAN PR 5-3568 Friday OayKm* - - 7:00 A. M. — _ 2— -Animal Kingdom 4— Today 7:10 6— News 7:15 2— Exercises . 6— Burns & Allen 7:30 2— Early News 7:43 6 — Little Rascals — — 8:00 A. M, 2— Trouble With* Father 8:15 6 — Captain Kangaroo 8:30 2— Our Miss Brooks - - 9:00 A. M. '" 2 — Eariy Sry>w ••The Prisoner of Zenda" 4 — Say When 6 — I Love Lucy 9:30 6— Video Village < — Play Your Hunch - - 10:00 A. M. — ~ — 4 — Price Is Right CC) 6 — Double Exposure , 10:30 4 — Concentration '• 6 — Surprise Package^ - - 11:00 A, M. -^- — 2— Gale Storm o~ Jx>ve or life • .: . 4-^Truth or . Conseq. 11:30 4-^-It Could Be You (C) ••" ft— Searel i : For 'Tomorrow 2 — Love That Bob 11:45 Sr-Gulding XJght 11:55 4— News . 12:00 Noon — - 1:30 12:30 fi— AS The World Turn* 2 — Number Please' - - - 1:00 P. M. 1— Aoout Paces 4- — Jan Murray G— Face the FUELS *— Loretta Young ' ' Theatre 2— Man Prom Cochise o — House P^rty - - 2:00 P. M. 2— Day in Court J— y^ung Dr. Malone ' 0 - rt %— The Millionaire 2:30 2— Seven Kevs 6— The Verdict Is Yourt 4— From The«* .Roots - 3:00 P. M. — 2— Queen For a Day 4— Make Room For Dad^y , .- *~ Brighter Day 3.1» 6— Secret Storm 3: JO 6— Edgf of Night '•} 2~Who Do You Trust 4— Here's 2-rCamounage ' 'N 7 'Andy — - 4:00 P. M. 4— Fftmily Movie tiTie "The . Mutineers"- ' J— American Banast*nd C— Dick Tracy At Cartoons 4:30 &— Popeye the Sailor 2— Best of Hollywood T^ 3rzan ' s New York Adventure" P. M. _ _ •;.<,« ay. Patrol 5.30 4— Mr. Magod Cartoons ,.,. 6— Kartoon Karnival 5.4a 4— Huntley-Brlnkley '• Report ~ ' to Chat** Nofk«

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