The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 6, 1893 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 6, 1893
Page 1
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TheDaily _.. _>. tfESHAU, MICH., JHORSDAY, JUIY 6, 1893. PRICE TWO CENT*. The Han- Bock Steamer Bethel Burned at Sfc Pure A,crea*ft of tartar baking powder HiRhestof all in leavening strength Latest U. S< Gotfernmont Foot! Report. ' BbYAL BAKING3POWDER GO 1QR Wall LEAST SIX PI&SONS DEAD. Many Had. to Jump Fp^jniclr Wvesjtn Tlielr Night Clothes—tUo Flro tVas Caused by tlie Explosion of a tamp In tlio Washroom. ST. PAUL, July G.-The big steamer feettiel, anchored at the foot, of Sibley street arid usedLfor the past three years as a lodging and' boarding house for HUMPHREYS' This PRECIOUS OINTMENT is the triumph of Scientific Medicine. Nothing has ever been produced tc equal of compare with it as a CURATIVE and HEALING APPLICATION. It has been used 40 years and alw.ays affords relief, and always gives satisfaction, „ Cores PILES or IlEMOniuioros—-External or Internal, Blind or Bleeding-Itching and Burning: Cracks or Fissures; Jishfla fci Ana; Worms of the Rectum. TM relief is imnw. diate—the cure certain, WITCH HAZEL OIL CureVBURNS, Scalds and Ulceratfotf. and Contraction from Burns. The relief islustant Cures-BOILS, Hot Tumors, Ulcers, FiS- tulas, Old Sores, Itching Eruptions, Scurfy or Scald Head, It is infallible. Cures INFLAMED or CAKED BREASTS %uA Sore Nipples. It is jnva\uable. - Price, 50 Cents. Trial size, 25 Cents Bold by DruuUt*, or tea\ po>t-pald OD receipt of yriga. ,,U1* 11» WlllUm 8U, HKW TOEK. about200 poor'people, was burned to the water's edge at 11 o'clock Wednesday night. There was some loss of life, ntndng tho munber being roiiny women and children.' At midnight several Others are missing, but whether they wero drowned,or disappeared• in the crowd will, not-be known until later. At the time the fire broke out there BO persons asleep on the 'Bethel. So rapid was the progress of the flames that those aboard had to jump for their lives in their night clothes. The steamer Sydney ,was tied to the Bethel, but,by quick 'Work in cujtuig her hawser she was floated down strjeam, The loss 'on the Btthel is •- Atchisou, Topekrt and Sflrtta f e, Vibal and SP, Joseph, Chicago, Island and Pacific and Burlington and Missouri railroads buingaffected. Over a quarter of a mile of- each roadbud waa washed away. • ' \ The-Kansas City, St. Joseph and Council Bluffs Was thG only road that \vas able to run trains over tho washedout dis- trlfcts. Tlie 'railroads abandoned all. trains except those that were transferred to the Kansas City, St. Joseph and Council Bluffs tracks. The Santa Fe succeeded -in repairing their, tracks, the men bring compelled to work in w»ter four feet deep. Tho giber roads affected have not succeeded In restoring traffic as yct^ • THE SEALING INDUSTRY '\Vas the Chief Consideration of the i'ur- cl\uNo of Alankn. , PARIS, July 6.—In the cdurse. of his remarks before tho Behring sea tribunal Mr. Phelps declared that the value of the sealing industry was the chtef consideration in tlie purchase of Alaska by the United States. The country has little other present or prospective value. The pelagic sealers included many Americana who were getting their vessels registered as British, or Cato- adiau, sealers. A limited number of these hunters consisted of persona of other vocations who entered tho,sealing business as a 'speculation. Many per- eons'in London were employed in the trade of dressing sealskins, and Great " ;; • Th« Mill. . :/ " •". *, When an jthirlg ybij want to buy," 4»st call At dheslier's mill and try, * His cash pride^ will > urely suit jyuii W hen ttny feed $ou do Want ground,. Call at, Chester's mill, he is alwayjs around, • .,- -. ;""•'' And he will try to please you/ We buy for cash tind'scll foftCiiSh," AnH thsit's what keeps ii* i'tt o\if hash "Koyat Histiy ' Kf ia "a Ryeij. as is" a Byo," naturally ripened and "free from all foroijErn flavor and'adul anto, gunrantced i^ure and over cloven years of nge, recommended -to tlie counoia sour as a ireritarioUfl »rticlo worthy of tb.e nftdence of iuvulids, convalescents <md. the aged. Sold only by P. O. Seftman & Co. Druggists. .' BiiriaiPooilal . ' Billiard hall and pool room and 15 ball pigeon hole- table, 173 East State street, opposite tho 'Herndon notel. Fmeciaars keptj J.-BAUB, Prop.' , Britain should, therefore, endeavor to THE HIE OINTMENT WANTED Wide-*wako workers «-vcrywhere lor"'aH!liPI"S PHOTOGRAPHS of the WOBLD." the rreaiest book oneurib; coBtlng $lOO,«»;TetaU »t |a,2S. -ftfTTITinin' C»en or Installmenls; mamruotn XHILrrN Illustrated circular* au<l lerms UULJ.I1 J. U f Te e: dally output over 1.500 yol umea. Agents wild with success Sin THOMAS utes; Bev. i. HOWARD MAVISOH, Lyptja, N. Y., CUR 9 *nd telleve all too troablea tat& ' sta/ta of tbo. syaltn; »ucn tf. . 'Drowsiness. DSatrew aTxes -Ude,4o. Wtila ttistrmqat iaa lioeu abovn 1° ouiiBg uninjured. sift AQo a j It is now known that at feast six persons were burned to death. Three bodies have already' been recovered;-those of Mrs. Peak, matron of the Bethel, and of an unk'nown man and girl, Misa Luta Morgan, a cirl of 1.3 years, daughter of Rev. David Morgan, pastor,of the Bethel, was- taken- to the city a dying condition. The bodies of two women are still in the. hull of the boat. When the second Btory of the boat fell in they were seen t<j fall, clasped in each others arms into the hull's seething cauldron of flames. The fire was caused, oy the explosion or a lamp in the washroom. -• Five engines were at the fire within three minutes -after it broke out but they were of little avail. A lot of kerosene had been allowed to leak down the sides of the boat'near the washroom and the great vessel burned like tinder and wan soon in complete ruin. At' least 20 people Were seriously injured by jumping. Miss Gertie Pe*k was horribly burned and bruised. Pat Ryan was burned about- the faae and breast'and received bruises about the hips in jumping. The engines are still at the scene and firemen are dragting th« river. The hull of the boat is' still too hot for a further search for bodies. A dozen cars of 'the Chicago, Milwaukee and St. Paul railroad railroad standing near the fire were burned, A large number of those who jumped, intp the river were saved by the Gracie Owe*-. SILVER CONVENTION. A Number r>t KcBolu^lous Adopted—Be- peal of tUe Shennau law Demanded. SILVER CITY, N. M., July 6.—The southwest silver convention was called to order at 10 o'clock and the first speaker to address '"the convention was Gosrernor Thorntoiv of this territory. He spoi;e on the silver question and nis speech was listened to with marked attention. H B. Ferguson of Albuquerque called upon all the friends of silver to do their- duty now, and in a felicitious gpeech compared the silver men to the Greeks under J^ebnjidas; Mr. Hockle- man of El Paso, stated that if t - ^ . mines were closed down 6? W* cent of -the gold .production would be ;cnt off, *£ha resolutions adoptect refer to i jjrttemptto demonetize silver in — !, Cl preserve tho seal herds in Order that _these people might have employment. r«ople Hiully.Scared. KINGSTON, N. Y., July 0.—One of the severest electric storms ever known in this section'pusned over this place. It lasted for more than tin hour. When' the.storm hud finished there was a sound like a muffled explosion, houses shook and-people, rushed to the, streets, f earing that the town ha<l been shaken by an earthquake. Fatal Accident. WHITEHALL, July 0.—Gust Carlson and a inan named Decker were trans porting a tramcar on trucks with two teams Wednesday morning and when close to the edge of a hill the earth gave way and the load topped over. Carlson •was caught under the load and instantly killed while Decker received serious injuries. A Hoy's Alleged Crime. ANN AUBOR, July 6.—Paul Schoeffler, a boy about 12 years of age, was_ arrested on Wednesday on a charge of attempted rape, his alleged victim being but 7 pears of age. Tie complaint was made in April. Since that time the boy's parents have kept him out of the way. ' ••," • '_ ' . Killed ou the Way to, Church, FBANKLIN, July fl,—Mrs. Andrew Muldragh, living two miles south pi here, while on her way to .attend a church meeting was instantly killed by being thrown from her buggy during a runaway. Her husband escaped with Blight injury. . FROM CHINA 'AND JAPAN- Many People Ilrowued aud Killed Mission llous<$ Attacked. SAN FBANCISCO, July O.—The steamer BelgiC just arrived from Hong Kong and Yokohoma brings the following adyipes: - . One thousand have been drowned near Shaking and Wools by the overflowing of ",a branch of the Weiling m«e 33, '03 ' Tour'st tickets to nil prinuipol points in the Um|ed States aud Canada are now on sale at Michigan Central ticket ollice. • Fourth of July., ''..'' Account of the'4th of July -holiday, tho C. J. & M-R'y Co. will stjl excur . sion tickets between ull points at ibo- rate of one tir-st.qlavR fare for the round* trip Tiofcets on Bale July 3d and 4th; good returning July 5th, 1 18D8. For time of trains; bio , cull on nearest. C . J.& M. Agent. • «•*,... T. Ci M. SCIH$'DLEB, (i. P. 'A. An Kxtraonllnarv HHI g,il»i—*3,< OO. A splendid two story dwelling and IVa story dwelling, with one acre of lend, including •excellent, fruit garden j centrally located. For turms apply to D C'U'NNIN GHAM. Robi-rt Shelk'.v has opelied a tin shop ill the building formerly occupied as % I nieat market, opposite E L. Murphj'a I store Give him a call when in need of | any tin wort;. . , i ' ~ ' ™ Tiu roofing aud ail kinds of tin work doue promptly by Robert Schelli. Screen doors and windows aiuizes a Bosley's K ,_ • / ^Royal Ruby" Rye W|iiskey is free from all foreign flavor and adulterants, naturally ripened and matured by eleven years storagcF in wood, it 19 a "Rye as is a Rye," and coats no more than inferior brands. Try it and you will never be satisfied to use any other; A pure old whisky is always free from fusil oil, which is a poison; and should' not be taken into the system. Age eliminates it from the spirit by oxidation, and it ia coo- verted into fragrant ethers which give the bouquet to whisky. Sold only by F. G. Seaman & Co., Druggist. , < jr. • • , An especially fiuv) Hue of ladies' children'^ hosiery at the bazar. and - A vast area in Naningfu has been devastated by floods and nearly 10,000 1 ' >e been drowned or Wiled by falling Smith is making the new porcelain leiiamel photos. Tht-y just till i'hn bill or a ni<te picture. "The 4-nxasied ship Earl of Shaftes- ' has been-wrecked and the captain t aud'six of the crew lost. • . ; The mission premises at Kiangstin. ,__ f Yangtse, • on May JJrU^WV-U KVW — — ( — — f?-~ were attacked T>y a and tttet general dewes- eeft to t^ .po^cy of the bnlea clasiiesin ffie esst. T repeal eraa, The followibig iteni, clii ped from tht 'Ft [Madison (leva) Democrat, cpotaiBB infor- i jaation wrell .worth remembering: "Mr. John Both, of this city, who met with an «c- [ cident a fewdaya_ ago, spraining ai^d br^UV- iBi his leg and aroi quite severely, "was cttred by one 50 cent bottle of-Chaccberiaia's Pain ttotm » This remedy is witftowttga«<ittalfor Balm. IB Tex Julys -Secretary Smith 1» ev ^ ******">& - ^« «»» «* G^w's . . Mi ^ totMtor department wi»«l<H- i ^ u « 8t9M> - . • ' - ' . i-loa4^^^.^^^^^^:^^^woo«i,ju 8 t'^ same fa, i order to the Ohoctaw JMJ-- w&f $$& ifor §1.^$ jKfi- eord jit aot to «se<iij$e the 6ve "•"" [ to 'he shot. Cojonel jonea.. The Jon-es men - •*»«* u ffvt i Vtt ft fl.\ r ( -AJ1 tesu , see the J*w jetteetiop •a^itww -*iu %$ y^t^«ir y$p -^^sja^^^,*^-^^^ -- % ;;; ip '^j^^^^r~^^^'f7^|i^^l: 'Z£sr^jj^ r -' t ,~~& ^s--,_,, ^ .: r 7^7',- v ;/* 'C-_;^;-

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