Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on June 1, 1961 · Page 1
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 1

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 1, 1961
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T//&.1 5 Wty of Tnrrlls ini Store ai^tinior Rodeo Here Tonight !''•*• f . • ~ i"' ^^. " "V -^ ,t> a ~ :f, t-s^rjfc - >, ^,, • j^*;^*.-. 1 ">' : J-\ *%-$>f£ MO NtWS-HEftAL0 C«l PftS-353) DEL Rio NEWS-HERALD 13rd DEL RIO, TEXAS, THURSDAY AFTERNOON, JUNE 1, 1961 NUMBER 61 Slayers Gun Trujillo; Power Struggle Looms AGREE ON WEST BERLIN JFK, De Gaulle \ Continue Talks \ By JOHK M. HIGHTOWER | she bowed smilingly to her ad- ! PARIS (AP)—President Ken-j mirers. j nedy and President Charles de i _ i Gaulle began their second day of , The President was greeted by talks on world issues today agreed i thc ma >' or of Paris - Argentine-1 that (he West must stand firm in -Berlin but still divided on France's demand for an equal voice with Britain and the United born . Julien -Tardieu, and. after f the playing of national anthems, scaled himself in a gilded chair. Behind the President, on a huse. » wi\.c; » nil uijiaiu auu inc «~'lllli:u _ . , . . „ States, in the direction of Allied i d f_ a f ed _A™ e _ r , lc ™ ?, a f policy. Kennedy- arrived at the Elysee Palace shortlv after 10 a.m. for mense seal of the U.S. presidency! Responding to the .mayor's speech of welcome, Kennedy thanked Paris for its hospitality to the -first of t%vo extended conver- himself and Mrs. Kennedy and sations today with the French} told the audience the "interests president. De Gaulle was on the j See KENNEDY Page 2 steps of the -palace: waiting to j greet his American guest. _ En.route to his morning confer i ence with De Gaulle Kennedy iold -500 cheering employes he stopped at the U.S. Embassy and plans to "take every measure to strengthen common ties" between France and the United States. 4-H JIJISIIPR RODEO QUEEN Snerri Ripley headed a long parade of riders along South -Main Street in the opening festivities of the Val Verde County 4-H Junior Rode<x The first performance of the rodeo will-be held tonight at 8 o'clock at the Val Verde County Fair Grounds. There will be performances at the same time Friday and Saturda3 r nights. •."••. ^ - (News-Herald-Photo) 4-H Junior Rodeo Underway Tonight It's Junior rodeo time in Del Rio. [area will be Q. R. Altizer, arena "This country is extremely vital to the common cause." the President said, adding that Frenchmen have a special voice and special prestige. The agreement on Berlin strengthens the policy b£sis for Kennedy r s exploratory talks with Soviet Premier Khrushchev this weekend in-Vienna, Austria. The French indicated they were confident Kennedy would take a firm, no-compromise line. From his morning session with John Almond Succumbs John Almond Jr., 59-year-old I ranchman and son of early settlers in Del Rio, died at noon today in a local hospital after being in failing health for some time. Funeral services will ranged at the Doran Home. Almond was the son of Mr. and Mrs. John.Almond and his father Dictator's Heirs Still In Control i By HORST BUCHHOLZ | SAX JUAN', P.R (AP>— Strong[ man Rafael Leomdas Trujillo's ! political heirs appeared today to f be still in control of the Domini| can Republic after the assassina- <tion of {he dictator. But a power | struggle was generally expected. f- The dictator's hand-picked gov- jernment proclaimed "the continuity"* of his policies and declared nine days of mourning for the generalissimo who ruled the east- era half of the island of His- paniola with z tyrannical hand for 31 years. 1-t. Gen. Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Jr.. the Dictator's playboy elder son and- some believe his father's choice to succeed him. rushed from Paris by special plane. A dispatch from Ciudad TrujH- 10 said high government officials were among the crowd that greet- j ed ihe plane Wednesday night. {With Tiim were his. younger, broth- v rer/'Rhacla'mes; "and the 'Domim- j can ambassador to France, Porfirio Ritbirosa. i A communique announcing the assassination was signed by Pres* ^^ FIRST STOP — President John F. Kennedy and French ident Joaquin Balaguer, * whom TnrjjJlo installed as a figurehead president last August when the President Charles de Gaulle ride past a detachment of ! dictator's brother Hector re- Republiean guards as they enter Paris after the Presi- 1 Slgncd dent and Mrs. Kennedy arrived in France. Paris is the fcc ar-; first stop for the President who is on his way to Vienna I f. Funeral anc j a weekend meeting with Soviet Premier .Nikita'"' amm »««i«e extolled * a ' the _._..,„ . 1 served as sheriff and tax collec- De Gaulle .Kennedy-went to thej tor for Va I Verde Countv. Hotel de Vale-Pans' City Hall- Survivors include his" awaited him. A great cheer wcnl up from the crowd outside ss Kennedy arrived and a band struck . . .up flourishes. .'A mounted contin- ing with a parade of riders along"; County Agent Tommy Tatum igent cf Republican Gtiardsjh 'red- this morning there were al- j plumed, golden helmets brought The festivities started ihis morn-i director. for the capital's official, ceremonial welcome. Khrushchev. (NEA Radiophpto) Survivors include his widow. Mrs. Mabel • Madison Almond; a j sister. Mrs. Bessie Selzer of San i A huge, enthusiastic crowd Antonio, and two brothers, Lyle f |S. Almond and Joe Almond, both f ' of Del Rio. i South Main Street. About men and women, boys and girls, par- ; ready 9P entries in and several j their glittering sabers to salute as tlClpated in the cveiii. . • morp UT-I-P pvnprtpf! in th»> mail I Kennedv entpred thp nrnatp main OFL RIO WEATHER DEL RIO AND VICLVITY: Part-i More than 2tt> Leading the parade was Myra Bixby, Junior Chamber of Com- : more were expected in the Last year the rodeo drew ; 76 entries. treacherous attack" Tuesday | nigh.L more than 19 hours before i the assassination was announced. {But it gave no detaUs of the kill| ing and no clue to the Identity of (the assassins. j A Domini caYi newsman reported' by telephone from Ciudad Trujil- .16—the capital city the dictator ; renamed ;in his o wn honor—that | Trujillo was - ambushed "by ' gun- j men as he rode along an ocean! front highway outside the capital. ] Another car forced his to halt. non-English, One hundred and one pupils.1 ^T'^fj s} ?; jts were "T^d" from , a i_ru_--_ • -<••-..,.. . . • -f . ,' handgun. He w r as believed to uage To Begin Monday _ r> , .., , , . . . ,.. . . „ „ mcrcc Queen, and Sherri Ripiey. : Barr - v Burk ' President of the. Interior Mmister Roger Freyes- a year ago. 90; minimum 70.- M'-j District and in the San Felipe = field School. Rodeo Queen and 4-H Club Swee't-: Amcncan Jumor Hodeo Assn., is j corted Kennedy down a reception n i mum temperatuie this morning,; District. temperatu Independent School i English, have enrolled at Gar- Around town By IMA JO FLEETWOOD FRANK X. TOLBERT, DALLAS newspaper columnist, visited in in the parade went to Sherry Lee championship here last year, j with city officials and guests. Del Rio Wednesday. He's doing , Altizer, 18-month old daughter of which was won by Hadley Ward-j Mrs. Kennedy entered the salon columns on Brackettville, Alamo'! Mr. and Mrs. Jim Rob AHizcr. . law. Wardlaw is too old to com-j a few minutes later and the spec-j snd warm this afternoon, tonight • field" Elementary School, is co- -\ pected to register. " ; sons in an automobile made the Village, the Big Bend and Mex- | Her grandfather, O. K. Altizer. : pete in the .AJRA this year, butjtators burst into spontaneous ap- rnd Friday with widely scattered : ordinator for ihe Del Rio District: In his school, the classes will i .''Hack, that two of the assailants heart. -expected to be on hand for the j line. The President, smiling and i rodeo again this year. He was the j looking fit despite his long round The prize for the voungest r:?ier ' runner-up for the AH-Around I of activities, shook hands cordially j ab!y had no time to defend him= se!f." A crack shot, the" dictator 73. Time of sunrise, 5:-15 a.m.; ; time of sunset. 7:39 p.m. Time Waddell said any who has not '-, once boasted, "The man who Classes are to begin Monday,"; registered and Who is qualified i takes a potshot at me had better of sunrise tome-row, 5:44 a.m. meeting five days a week, from to do so may sign for •_ the classes \ be sure of his aim. .Otherwise . SOUTHWEST TEXAS. East of s a.m. to 12 o^ciock noon. _ ; Friday .at 9 a.m. in the school. \ he'l' be a dead man. the Pecos River. Partly cloudy R. J. Waddell. principal of Gar- He said 10 or 12 others are ex-1 Other sources said seven pciv ico and was gathering material 7 was the oldest rider in the parade. Bcnton, his younger brother, will i plause. [mostly late afternoon or evening J. B. Pcna, superintendent of the'.continue to Auugst 26, giving" a [ were caught or killed and the in this vicinity. _ j Linda Rose received the prize for be trying to keep the champion-! Trim in a tailored gray suit \ 'hundershowers. The low tonight, San Felipe Independent, School ,60-day course. ; otbpr five were presumed to have . . 0 „ [the best dressed rider in parade. = ship in the family. '*!with a pearl necklace and two 68 to 75 and thc" high Friday in . District, is coordinator .for his- Five teachers will instruct the: gotten aw-ay. More than 100 roaco hands.-ail • See RODEO Page 2 ! diamond brooches on her lapel.-the 90s. . : schools. wil! start -. ~" ~~—-— ' : • ———-—•—' ' • ' '—•—' —— • — L - MPS DORK GILL OP COM stock recovering from surgery in competingnightthe rhm- Val Verde .Memorial Hospital, was- pions , l!ps . o , the Vari(ius d j vi5ions .. reported doing very well 'today by; f members; of her family. If her ; condition cotninucs to improve, she'sll be able to go home this week end. and for the hand-tooled saddle which will be given to the Ail- Around champion of the shew. The first performance will start a'. 8 o'clock this evening with thc * • ° * i gra'nd entry of all contestants. CODE LESSONS FOR ANYONE Leading the contestants into the interested will be given al no [ charge by I. M. Avila at the regu- r iar RACES meeting in Centrrl Fire Station al 7 p.m. Those i-v [ tereslcd in gettliig ham radio licenses may lake the instruction. Governor Calls for Peoples Expressions on Tax Proposals Avifia -said;- Grand Jury Called To Report Monday .„ ; fu-Uins? for a better way (he held up the specia! session forjing-the next 40 days," Daniel said, j should be taxed v.hile beer and b e entering public ;s- -10 days so the people could hayej '-If you agree with me Ihst the : whis_ky are exempt." ! first time this fall. "Burglaries!'' car ""thefts" ' forjH'ri^s ' (la - v n '8 nt to communicate freely plenty of time to speak, and the gas pipeline c nd "run of the mill cases'" are : witil llim anc * th ?' r legislators, be- lawmakers to listen. al least the <. youngsters at Garfield, in the pro- 1 NBC correspondent John Hlava:gram. in its second year in Deli cek reported from Ciudad Trujil- i Rio. They are Cleo Smith. .\Jrs.ilo that the leader. of the band .-Walter Levermann, Lelicia. Vala-jwas Gen. Juan Tornas Diaz, who Idez.-Maria Castro and Alicia Ta-i \vas believed to have had a pcr- ; lamantez. The teachers are atjsonal grudge against Trujillo. ; school from 3 a.m. to noon, giv-? Dominican exiles in Mexico City- ing them an hour's planning time: said Diaz was a career soldier ; before "the r )U pi[s begin classes. ! whose sister and her husband fled | Xo tuition is charged the pu-1 to BraziMast year. But Diaz re;pi!s and the materials and sup-; portedly continued as-army com; plies used in their classes arejmander of the country's central ; provided. By DAVE CHEAVENS (followed T,y .a new, conference,/ The speech xvas the opening gun to get less than half of the taxes ;.'"fh^'Instruction aims to give! ^ommUteaUons" 1 ' iere ^Sen .; AUSTIN (AP) - Gov. Price [Daniel said he is standing with in a campaign in which the gover- that Louisiana-collect? on natural; t he pupil language readiness to" wi Vu™Jkidad TVuiillc.most ot ;Danic-! is ready to accept the will | his back to the wall in his battle nor - promised to educate the gas. and the big interstate corpor- : suffice his needs when-he enters i w e dnesdav but were restored^,of the people on taxes, even gen- against a general sales tax. people on taxation. i ations should continue to pay on school in September. It is for: Wcdnesdav ni°ht Dominican citi-*^ ;eral sales taxes, but he will keep j He urged Texans to tell him] "I hope you will talk with your; a cheaper allocation than domes- •; those who are fi years of age on' See TRUJILLO Pa«e 7 ^ Thn fmnH i,ir» *viH r<>nr,r> Mnn • fi - !>lins ? for a better way lo how they feel about it. Daniel said j representatives and senators dur-Uic corporations, and that clothe*-"or before September i who will- . »* •» * III* Ki <ll*vJ J"*- J " •»• » 4-lJ"! I ,>J**IJ" .*- . , t t r * t • *• •-'*!••»« i *r. 1 »» -^* - t • » I 1_ - «J «_ * J «_ -• * T ''MISS WOOL, .WHO IS MISS 'lay in • 63rd Hi'tricl Court to flRDnf ' L> lhc state government. [he held up the specia! session for j ing-the next 40 days," Daniel said. | should be taxed v.hile beer and b e entering public school for the i Jean Simmons, ?nd Miss Mohair,!Judge Roger Thurmond. , Miss Sunda Ctllan, will be in | Del Rio Saturday, preparing for and __ .... .... . their appearance at the quarterly to be investigated. District At- -coming their own family lobbyr The television program origi- . meeting of the Texas Sheep and torncy Dougias A. .Newton" sa?di« { *r_to guide, the July 10 special i naUid at KTBC TV here. >»*-v- -••».»« nivr n»*iv »»*w » •• «»»*i.'^^,. *•***• >--•>*-•»*«' t^. .iLijt.LIJlii-l.IIIa.lall. companies should pay j During ihe 140 days of the} The courses are designed to; regular ?ession, legislators were i make study easier for the chil-j same 2 per cent tax- that they want Texas consumers oat Ra4scrs' Association here June- 16 ana 17. Big plans a,-'j ' made for Ihe meeting, wifn com- this morning.- ; session on taxation. District Clerk Emma Stewart!. Lobbyists who crowded the Cap=• a id the grand jury includes VV,'] «tol corridors on the closing night mittre sessions, registration and E. ' Blackmon, Marvin Charlioniof the regular session were •'mak- - hospitality June 16 and the. gen- Jr., Edward M«uefield, R. \V." I ing errand boys 1 ' of some law- er»l session June 17 after a Hodge, Dorothy Nation. Ernest | makers and "the gall" of this pro: be tolerated. !>reakfast,bnghl tnd early, start- Cardwell, Pauline :Wease. .George [ccdure should not b< ' ip.g at. 7 a.m., al the Roswcll. Bit F. Adams Jr... liiljic C. Lewis • the governor said. . Terry is clifcirman for local dircc- Jr., Jose R. Zettuchc. Ma!ind-T II would not be in C '•tors planning tlic meeting, i with 'Bushagcr,. Rober^ Cauthprn. Fred added. ' ' planning thc meeting, with • Delia ; WhilehcnJ arranging for Uie woiteh's .part of the session. - ,t~ AROUND TOWN P«f» 1 Fred FigiKjroji' Jr'., D. A. fIcrrington Jr.,' Valeriano.Cicicna and Gladys Congress, he to pay, and that interstate and The governor told questioning) foreign -corporations ought to pay news men that lie would ''have_ to < on 'a basis comparable to our own yield to the people" i! he decides they favor the kind of sales tax which he says he will veto. Daniel still does not think the people want it, he emphasized. domestic companies, and that any sales tax ought to be collected on .wHisky,' .i.bcer and other alcoholic stalemate oh •' (axes. Chamber Building y I OPS " oulnumbered by "commercial andjdren by giving them a working] corporation" lobbyists 10 to 1,] knowledge of the language in I Daniel said. He singrcd-out those i which the classes in public schools] Th e Chamber of Commerce of gas pipelines and foreign and are conducted. interstate corporations as he blamed for the Legislature's 'have pre-registered, and a num-| ,ne day Wednesoay. ' and j are conducted. [building fund stands at $5,327,50 those! In the San Felipe District, ISOjioday after S1/C1 was rai»c<l "in jes the same as on other i The govenx>r sharply attacked j ' . .'{ ber more are expected. Penal Jerral Taylor, chairman of the",. •I • cAtrl • . - . ' «•*-» mt^iffyrt' rxr^aicffH ^ "•«'/iplrJ»rc"^" 1 ' 1 affw? ucts, j I hope you 'will tell your Daniel said he would favor an rtiembcrs^ '-of the ^Legislature how unofficial statewide referendum jyitni/Jfecl.''-'; ; : on taxation, conducted by clecjioh I ti{Texans; should also tell' th^ir ''Congress would kick them officialsi. The issue, has clarified [representatives about it, • Daniel out.";....-';..:-' _,• ; - ; v'.r'...;-,:'.'-'. '.'•::;',;,: .;•; ,-.• I enough .^now ;.thal- siich a fefertii^ *ajd.;If ;thex disaBree with- him In a sl.iluwMlc television speech ' iliim would >HJ useful, he said. 1 ;"'•;] ""a'nil 'think Texas should continue | campaign, praised lobbyists who he saicl harassed i These pupils were given diph-UJne; response received froni, firms !> L»ic. legislature and opposed all "j thcria and smallpox immuniza-j contacted. He expressed t «»fl-' ,' tax- writing compromise in the lion by the school Thursday atjtlence funds will be a./jwiot, to . -• _ _ ^._..l _ * , : ; , , - J <I-^K m«j-li4n»i>i n« r~.f » I* t* "^ 1 r» T-**»llTl^> i r.r^^VilrX thfl Vlll I 1 f I *'n ff ' T\W\ *At^t** 4/* f A _ . general session. the auditorium of the San Felipe i the building.'project*Mi. rt- "! shall continue lo fight the High School. \ battle for a limited or selective! Any. who .jccive a go-aheav' from tfce, bo»/(l SM COVER NOR P«9« 2 vho haye not registered i of directors at its mxt^mtfM»^..:f^i\\ ,:LANGUAGE ; P*»e 2 jtn'June 14. ' ^ fff^^^Rl • ' ,•••.••;-••'• - •.-.-•''• . LiT*!"-£'•&•£ 'L..;: .i?* 4 ^: ^1/^lifeS

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