The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas on August 20, 1959 · Page 1
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The Brazosport Facts from Freeport, Texas · Page 1

Freeport, Texas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 20, 1959
Page 1
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Tide Schedule , p,ffl( 8:2fl «•«• "«* 11:08 a.m. and rou na onatHJUD, sum B,U « ON MM 3 o, THE BRAZOSPORT FACTS Space Capsule Snare Planned .„ -, B / BILL W1LKB United P»it International - AFB, Call «[W> -The Air Force mak another attempt today to brln . instrument-filled attem Pt to retur sule from "everal hun --"o ocvciHI iiur miles above'earth wn« RO to wound 6:25 p.m.e.Tt! to .fln CC ffl W ,° Uld P / 0ve out » t The 1,700-pound satellite car tied no life, but success In to flay s hoped-for recovery proba .bly would mark the scheduling soon of sending a monkey aloft in a recoverable capsule, __ Following Wedn«rt a v-. SUc Deadline Aug. 31 For Rodeo Queens ' The Brazoria County Fair Association is staging It ninth annual rodeo queen contest in connection with the 1959 Bra- o°ctVio 0 . UBty Palr> schedul « J This contest is separate from the Brazoria County Fair queen Contest. The Lions, Rotary, Kiwanis, Optimists, chambers of com jneree, and other civic organ Cations in Brazoria County ar being asked to nominate young woman from their com 5?« y , to "Present them I the Rodeo Queen Contest. Information on each contest S? Si" 5 * *• *««t In before Aug 'i'.Tnf only responsibility o «vte dubs entering a contest ant is to select the girl as ther connecte<1 cessful orbiting of the second ' > . O. J, , commander of the . Joint statement: • ai-uex, me Advanced A,""™'— ""Joels Agency, the Air Force and Lockheed rapid- y are preparing the way for in space lng ° f lhe flrst man mile lor Dls «>verer e was a 200 fay so- section in the Pacific 1 ', W|U be trave t 1* ». ^ a mlnute when nd wm ted £rom the satel »t nd will cover a distance bout 5.000 to 6,000 mu"s eb ore It comes parachuting dow o ear h ,„ lhe ^^^ "^ Eight, or more Giant C-ll °« ar e«go. planes will b wm Sf lh V cc °v«y area an will have about lo inlnnio. ( nag the capsule on trapeze-Hk Weather Cast o i .« **W«y with widely scatter*! daytime tfiuiidereHow- ers, moderate southeasterly J T960T Floodgate Job Bid Date Set •The Galveston Corps of Engineers Is accepting bids on the genera! rehabilitation work at the Brazos River floodgates, ( Freeport. The job, has the Invitation Jlds will be opened at 2 p.m. Sept 1, 1959, according to the ! Corps of Engineers construe- tion bulletin. — r - In the area will tro t. Pluck it from the ocean ^ las? Thu T V> /ired lnto «« ™L ."™ day ' wa » a 'allure ai 5ther four Discover- r «t",r T, one , way or another Last week's shot appeared to be working perfectly, but capsule was never sighted QUESTIONABLE BATON ROUGE, L«. (UPH — Cur» n.!™.it_ _,,"!.' . 8.lB.»a. r^lor of « ouiii « n « B.partm. n i of m.rc. and Induitry, not•a in « request for a touriil al Jh. te ,ui. do,.n'l Gov. Earl K. 25,597 NAMES GO INTO JURY WHEEL nmtmfim /._ At. _ • ». . *"•• from |«u * ««>B from l,ft. Barbara Wood, Mrs. UlS WET SKUNKS TOCKAHOE. N. Y. <UPI —The special dangers of sub urban living caught up with a pair of skunks htrfcTh.r Ml into swimming pools On* was pullid out bf t man. socUtr agtnU—«tter _ h " d b »«n put to tl..p by chloroform. Th. other man un«ld»d. Sun Data Sets today 6:57 p.m. Rises Friday 5:53 a.m. Sets Friday 6:58 p.m. SQUARE PEA? CHICAGO (UPJ)_Th« N« Clul<ld .,. » 0 "" •aid 11 would Ilk* to i*« the curelopreent of a square p«a Whlf*h H*«_ia _«>_ _ tm r , r , the la Escuelita Hires New Teacher/Dorothy Reed TUTr« .Tanl« tr /ri-._-.ii » v« . Mrs. of 910 H. (Dorothy) Reed West 10th Street i ree n Freeport, has been hired as the , teacher for La Escuelita the 1959-60 school year. for . Mrs. Reed was approved for West Texas State Teacher's College in San Marcos. She ™' d . s .. a , Permanent teacher's certificate. Mrs. Reed's husband is employed by p O w in the Plant •^ MRS. JACK H. HEED La EscurtUa Tractor. trio Of Houston Youths Held For Houston Police Three Houston youth* wer Jeing held for Houston police >y the Brazoria County Sher ffs Office Thursday after be- ng stopped by Clute and Lake ackson police at the Park Drive Inn on State Highway 32 about 3 ajn. Thursday The suspicions of a service latlon employee In Angleton were aroused when the youths stopped there about 2:40 a.m. The Sheriffs Department was nformed and a call went out Clute Patrolman Lloyd Dow- received her bachelor of science £?«• Paa*. --,_-, —^ w,. in 1950 from S«puth "^ OpaOSyefsole.,,principal School, conceived the Idea 3 a school to'prepare children of Spanish speaklna famines school, ' by School Calendar Brawsport School System 1959-60 Term Sept. 1 Sept. 7. - Holiday Classes Begin Labor Day --- •* ••-mi . ___ MJttOvf ii*HY Oct 6 _ HaU Day Holiday _ Brazoria County Ftir Ct 12 — ~ - -- - Second Period Begins «ov. 23 - . - - Hiird Period Begins Nov. 25-2:30 p. ra ._ Christinas Recew Begins Second Semester Begin; Fourth Period April 15-2:30 p,«. _Holid.y April 18-8 Fiftk Period ._ Sixth Period Begin.. Easter Recess Begins Holiday San Jacinto Day Second Semester Ends Memorial Day (On* «,d one-half days we allow* £« In-service education and Hilton Hotel i =^H"»"»aa» '« "«a jusi seen the 195 Thundershowers Skip Here And There In BP ••Scattered showers continued as « Bst .1,1. ... ._, .. : ' .• . • meeting. Paul Chevrolet the boys were in, going toward Lake Jackson, and radioed the information. In Lake Jackson Patrolman A. L. McKenzie was at Plan- directors tation and Oak Drive when he that th. spotted the car and pursued " ' - tor M for public school. , abo Weber. principal Junlor " IMgh of of COMMI55IONJERS OKAY FOUR CENT REDUCTION By MARIE BETH JONES Facts N«wi Writer Commissioners Court lowered the countv tav rato ^SSS'S^SSS^ ,«-'.>>e.said *- « This Is lower by $285,883 than ast year's budget. Despite the lower budget, the funds included a five ner cent alary raise for all county em- loyees whose salaries are not et by statute. The Iragest reduction in the ax rate was two cents remov- d from the Dermanent improvement fund. Iastyear' s tax for this fund was three cents. The tax rate this year is one j cent. (allowed the court Vdrop "he nn» *A«« l—__ *_ .... . H me »r ? . • School Starts September " o rop e one cent levy in this fund to zero. t The general fund wa s reduced from 27 cents to 26 cent*. j i a f! est fun<! - th « "ads and bridges fund — remained the same — at 59 cents. The budget adopted today is tentative, because the total figure for valuations has not been drawn up. The budget is f tlm »ted valuations. a r actlon ^m fee tafe at the court's September meeting. •. Estimated valuations this Police report that there were Escuelita^U 1 be hubcaps m the possession of the 28. from 8 to II- y° ut . hs ' They were stolen from TheK ? ° ; he front of the Houston Sham ' - -- l5 rnAl. Till*.— *•. . i . ' EOT Brazosport school stud-. On Friday AUB eats, the 1959-80 team,wfll be- will bfeto'enSr^ gin on Tuesday. S«pfc J; but for grades kin*, for the teachers, tha t*rm begins a w^pk earlier, - c ge fund should be cut one cent, since there .was »" re ?* e In al! other runds. Precinct 3 Comrn".^'.! gether for a general session at! 10 am. next Tuesday in the . 10 am. next Tuesday in the " Qm l unti! < P-">- that da Brazosport High School Cafe-! there wffl be junior high reg teria. All teachers are expect- istration for grade 8. «V1 Tft Hn nvne.n«t _ ^ »v-t.«u< rfltL ICdKIlC ed to be present. „, — ~wi ""is- •>», irom H»I' "™ UDtil U:8 ° • Jn - then wUl b registration fo -V""-"-" owuwws conunuec to pepper Brazosport and Bra zoria County section of the Texas Gulf Coast today. Light to heavy showers were registered along the upper Tex- ^^ tu pm lt y ciouay the coast and parts of SouUi Texas. wlttrhis parents, the T. N FARQUHABSONS of FP. H accompanied by his wife and their two daughters , . . *"- Mayor JIM HUSSELL '. the many other prom- "f oiUtens who are grow- ***es to help promote . And, PAUL WRB- "***• «sw • mustache grower, ••an M a oesmetio counter buy- US w« tor his new "brush" .. aOst TAYLOR, in a Hous- i hospital convalescing from ""4 sujrgery . . . ROGER WHIDDONS, today for a few days The skipping Brazosport .viowers soaked parts of the ar « a »"d left other sections without rain or with only a few drops. Through 7 a.m. today Lake Jackson had received the largest amount of rainfall, that be- ng 2.03 inches. However, that amount was expected to push past the 2.50 inch mark as additional rain started falling around 7:45. In Freeport, when a heavy shower gave the downtown area a good wetting down around 9 a.m., the amount through 7 a" m was only .35 inches. and three different showers hi that part of the city on Wed ncsdfjy. At both Dew's Plant A and B only a trace of rain wa recorded over the past 24 hour period. The off and on showers are expected to continue over the area through Friday and probably Saturday. • the state, tempera ranged frorr -•-•—— «w a and near 7C over West Texas Into the 70's in Central and East Texas. The highest reading at 1 «. m was 81 degrees at Corpus AT SWEENY large screw driver, and a tool box. The youths allegedly uaa girl friends In Clute and Lake Jackson but it is not known if they came there to see them. Leo Angelo Weeks, 17, Jo- A .... this meeting 3jn.. all of t) ers are to report to the prinei-, pa il thelr respective schools, i Classes will begin at 8 a.m The following day, Wednes ' ~ spring's , , - seph Delaro, 17, and a 15 year old youth were in the car. They were Marine News S/s Stella Lykes Due Aug. 20 Brazos Harbor S/s Gulf Farmer Due Aug. 24 Brazos Harbor S/s Kepwickhall Due Aug. 26 Brazos Harbor Chrlsti and the lows were 64 mng; but thtr. was tool""' ""•""".» wormng wit much -of a good thing h.rt. I 0 "**' supervisors. ^"i*" on * of ""• l8 »n'« Th"^ 8 ? wiU be Business »s — *^-""J ri *c5*oil«uu grades kind-ergarte o — -» • u u c 4 £ « f 1^ through sixth; Lanler registra tion; and junior high registra «Pectedi tion, grade 7, from 8 until 11:3 a.m. _. " Qm l unti! < P-">- that da Aug. 31, from glide 9. •— -—•••» MKuuapun scnoois a total of 7,483 students enrolled, A projection made after population studies and the school census, resulted in an estimate of 7,556 students to begin the fall term next month. This figure breaks down to 522 kindergarten .students, 4,030, elementary, and 2,964, secondary. nn> , a uommis • Bin Isaacs said that in ld increased" in / T' hat would bc necessary" m future years. • County Auditor F. A. Taylor said-that a one«cent reduction In .'.the road and bridge I"™,would amount to about «7?«X2' ; ^ orris sald & at about $11,000 of that would come out of his precinct, and that the reduction would make it nee! essary for him to cut out one road he pfanned to build. But other commissioners still refused to go along. Norris said that he-would go along with other .commissioners. There was no reason to cast one vote 'gainst the majority, he said. B-E Day Set Thursday For BP Teachers < BrazospOrtV teaching; facul^ •" ty-will go to a half-day "busi- ' nessischbol" during the week of the school district's pre-ses- ston work conference that begins Tuesday. The event is BE Day (Bra- zosport Education Day), an annual project of the Econoaiie Understanding Committee of ex rate rate, that , t w OI the concession system ln t tho «!,.„ A, ,° aa sy stem we shape it's in now, not t mention making any improve «S3S£tt£ft& ! 6 ^ ?5 * hOUld reduce the ro^ and bridge fund this year." when County Judge Alton _ —-* -«« ac <uion <-. Arnold asked about future appointed Ralph president of the »«>DEHSFIEL0 -England ~ (1 » «i ~ en. a S2S... w .. k ,. w . p wo up and bought a Rolli . Ont of his pleutd '• l8w .-"«k»". John Cart. Wright, said "G«oH's Roll, nas given « n «w »ir to th* City GetsNew Problem r MATTIE LEE JORDAN I repairs iust cnmnl.t^i - 'S£&&" Clm J The.itigatirSeen de- %&?* *"* <* ^ «» SZS&'Zr'X**?! ha^hShr- ^i^x^r^n^ r^ %?<^^: , block of West Second were o Thursday's Freeport police re port. A boy in a vertically stripe hanging shirt was reported around a house in the 140 Block of West Seventh at 10-2 council appears to be at a jtaJemate. The developers, who eel that tho Mf.» i _-.! . . are still 8t san >« affair, n*, *Ys_ U1B «me aitair, GRANT SCOGGINS. who's al- jeady proved his ability as s band director, jnd choir director, showed that he was equal- lv abla to tain over emcee du• ™ « ttlent (?) »how,,, mp for which no funds were in- eluded in the new budget, adopted only days ago. And, !f these items were not enough to keep the council b'usv for sometime, the residents of Hammond Loop are very unhappy, to state their position mildly, that repairs and iw° P«- v «n«t» to their street were defctad from tha profram of property. And, the city, on the other liand, contends that the county changed policy on street work m subdivisions and therefore such work as had been .done in the past with county equipment and manpower, is no longer available. The city says it aimply does not have the money w — — — — *»*w»w*«. «y IC^UUOIS U1HI U16 city extend sewer lines to their area. The proposal said that from the standpoint of health,, the extension should be provided this area. It also included an agreement that all those signing the petition would be ready to connect onto the sewer immediately. • . Willie Adell, a Southend resident, acted as spokesman for the petitioners. J. R. Smith, former mayor who is now in the process et building * - • «w w C ° St ° f toe I*W, cncU made no commit- nent but did agree to call MAaf^HM ].. .t_~ _ _ _ >—,„„., „» i*vj»b ocventn at lu'Z [ P«. Wednesday. He was gone when officers arrived. Tjavis Wilkes reported tha a 1958 transmission was stolen from; behind his garage at 131 East Bxoad. He reported the toss at 4:05 pjn. Wednesday. A resident of West Second called at 4;38 pjn. Wednesday to say that cars were getting stuck in the street repair job * w«« M.V. ai(4c« vu v<ui • special meeting in the near future, probably within a week, to pursue the matter. -- --T-T-. fit »**U Jf f CVJJV1 1, . _„_ was notified so blockades ^and flares could be set out there. A youthful shoplifter found out crime doesn't pay when he took a cap pistol and a five- cent feox of caps from a-Free- ___&_! •»_ ,^ .. ^ *.w» called B»*Ung. Sweral real dents orpng. The store manager called po- Hca and the 11 yew old boy ad- nutted taking the caps and *9 cent cap pistol. He wa* t^en te th* pallet st*tic« wad w, Brozosporpolice LIs >>;« ™„*!,„> . . leased to his mother. An attempt to locate a missing Freeport woman was put out by the Brazoria County Sheriffs Department Wednes- d y. Dixie Lee Murrill, 50, was last seen in Freeport on Aug 8, driving a 1958 white fpu door Ford. She is five feet, seven inches tall, and weighs about 15f xmnds, wears glasses, ha blue eyes, and is a blond. Tt Is believed that she may be suffering from loss of mem ory. A puppy with « pleasing per ona!ity assured its self of a uture home Wednesday shoult t prove to be homeless. W. C. Pate of Muchowich Docks, Freeport, called Free- Dort police at 11 a.m. that he ad found a white and brown potted puppy about two lontns old. He said ha would like to ceep It until someone reported hey had lost it. He did not 'ant the puppy picked up by ie poundmaster, he said, be- iuse, he had to go out on fish- It trips for two or three days : a time and didn't want to kc « ehanca <a tb* puppy being killed as a stray. If no one-calls for the pu^py he said he wanted it" for 'Tteeps." CLUTE Clute Police Department has Tbeen .8«t«ng reports of prowlers this week. Patrolman Milton Goodrum reported two calls ol prowlers around the Beacroft Apartment area and one on Coleman Street Monday and Tuesday nights. » if 1 *? orflcers arrived at each call, the prowlers were gone. the Brazosport Chamber 01 Commerce. Its purpose is to give business men of the area an opportunity to discuss the operation and problems of private busi- ne !? with the area's teachers. Thelma Willis, chairman of the Chamber committee, has announced that Jim Nabors will be general chairman of this year s BE Day. Nabors is publisher of The Facts He has Oavid, vice ^ameni 01 we Freeport National Bank, as as- • sistant chairman. This year's BE Day will be held during the mornlne of Thursday, Aug. 27. In previous years of the -hamber - sponsored program he teachers have visited the ctual businesses in person >. England ™ ey _ have be en the guests of Ramiden. tne bus 'ness owners and man- eers for the day. There will be a new program his year. Instead of the teach- rs going to the businesses, the usiness men will bring their nrogram to the teachers at thp •school grounds. It will be held at the Bra- zosoort Senior High School cafeteria, beginning at 8 a.m. The keynote address this year will be given by Dr A P. Beutel, Dow vice president and general manager of thp company's Texas Division He will be followed by other local and out-of-town sneakers, who will talk on the free enterprise system and of various more specific facets of the business world. Nabors said that the program . should give the faculty of the schools a better insight r In to business operation, and put them in a better position to explain business to their stud ents. BEGINNING SUNDAY n, *&!. h ? 9 * Ntw York audj»nc« sat spellbound « WU* ih*. ia ' hu ' e hom * wai a gift -i«. r ? Uv « tt «» Pioneer days of Brasospwt, and with them a significant chapter In th. history of Tex«f

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