The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on August 13, 1897 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, August 13, 1897
Page 2
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""""•*"* "" V *" liVa —*"—~-*-J I tftl 'ftAIM AUGUST ' 18,18*1 ^^ JF^m L^^y ^&0r BMWI1'' %j^^ jj % ••••Ml AUG. 14 CfiMBNT WALKS lijtflt by «Joim Itcntselik 1 .„. is prepared to >,„,„„„ for building cement w«fla?. He is also agent for the- cement, which s the beSFtti the world, Mr, Rentsehtet -TO SATURDAY, AU&, 2t. mCathotm€ou , Vftn Xaftt, -.xpr&teman, has chairs and tables to rent for pat*tlea, Mifis Bosley will t(vk<* • pupils in voice culture during the sumta^r months. Peter tjochwood, mill i« ... -. , to-exohangfe flou'r'forwheat, tte handles the Yorkvtlle willing eortpany** best brand* nmde. A limiied amount f>t cobble • stone de livered tipftt BlMric 45 cents per ynrd> Kno|»iirpof • C. plant. Price Front $K> ( to $50 fJet ye-ar saved e&eh who building. s fnipll to School in tfie Wfttaon -t 'A Tifeh grttde, Rtate technical ncfoool. - - Elcfefciw system cS>tii'»?fi. 'ijti^Ss deffrwB of S. M. and Ph, D. Chftirmim Street Ooinraittw, Matshall, Mich. PORCILAIN KETTLES. R" tjf'wnwkftwj f or eftnning fruit. This oripj any flU Fir*- ftmfDjrttoB* n«nTS«* t «* c ^ doubtful cftf* - six of the of thirty UJ?TTOJ$OW of p«#py -faqfu sten million^ fe none too ggod? $f* Ata is At,. • &peetefa#eirB granted. pwtnptly p»id t^D ' ' *orloV having well «i»f i£ h Midtiigan, < , shops, mill, For ^catalogues ad 1 ' will l thfct t by lit letfia f on?e«t, ot cv«t*« or "f^if tui* -fci^i. pttUI ftefotfc r* it-, ' Henriettas and S^ges, BJ3fckan<l" Color., Black and Colored Fanciest All tfovtfty. Patterns. Kverythmjr m-Dre».Goods to £O, nothing reserved. __ We ha v& all the latest things, itt way of job typ& \____J__ New is th^JUmTto get a piano. ilfohti L. Day & Son of ( . . fttrd is prei»ftf8tl to put doftfi the Ibfett walks. and noW nnnounc^ lo th? in«t«iElng R \ tilere: is t Prosperity "l» PVotnisCd,. Jut if^ott want'the best Sour, graham! iitire whenife flour/erJic^ com, [fiisu.B* j©tSw-»JBraids. ..and „. SllK^f-i ^^i« ^0^^^ mm ^a jeU9 IVJ V* ' ' • ; ' c; A, CMcshPrt mttt k ^ I _,,,-, _|.....|.H1 -'I—*ft _\ J Bay a Granite safe. Sold for '38 and 4.~ic. at No with western tttsrt»uftBf9 o? in/i&y of COTTONS i Lonsdale Bleached, 16 yards, Granite Dish* Pans. . Any tinm you want a granite dish pan hey will he the same price as a tin . tryj da«T&riKBtt cnKHpaitjes, for tho transaction of 8*6 and ttyftfono insurance ori rjjnc^plfs and more TavomWo an Mtherto Rpatited ariy xrn\- d(M>t agent in this loMrtit^ With 85 % . , earn' %»n 1 diays. It waste, with BooR, ' jM>tft . y > nlfp ptip}iflrc( i| t/tran^ct 6c j^^e jm^Ieached, 2 1 The best^grado ileach^l9 x 4 S1.QO 1§L9? $100 89c Talk about etylej tolk aBbut it! have you flocn tho stylish wedding tationa, j>»rty cards, individual cards we are putting out? They're pure style Don't you nfepd a trifle of printing in the above lines just about ^ow. fche newest and latent etfript type. I'ny Your Taxesv- 1 will be at the office of the Hatndon hotel dtfriwR biiBinesshours until ftjrtlfer notic<s for the purp<is6 of m^fih« city taxi's which afe n«w due. f?tu<> the extra vollrt'tiim fen by paying pow. 6c Cotton 3cyd THE BB^E FELT WINDOW SHADES, '•Ji* *AiAMAm ^"*^^*?ff r *"r .• \ ^._ ,„_— .. -——.—~ «•——— --—-—•""•—•—' "*•—' '•"*" ~" llo THE QF OUR BEAUTIFUL i i. • W. *t. Drak sto<:k of Wall Papers, 5,000 rolls, all grades of papw T will V>P Bold'regardless of cost, ThiFP-st<«k niuat bo closed .out at oncp* These prices will mover it: All whitcw blgpks, .V papers te per roll. Border to match ... - le per yd All 6c papers ...... tc per roll Cit> Cordottc, S. E. CriON-ts/ promptly ,„., agent, ftt D, Bureau, 84 8JM* " s.^ nftid by Watson still sells the ftvm^us ootfoe or Mountain Javs>>1t is tMe finest All ' On •'•\'.-V' .•.-••••;•"' ••.-'. Milslki defwoar was ])ur x this summer, hcnce x we x iiave only the latent -styles &t -sh^w you ' and at greatly reduced prices front onr former sale: 100 DbZ. LADIES JERSEY VESTS-3 VESTS FpR 10C. BE SURE AND SEE THEM. L * "•' . \11 " . -1 band border" '- - , % and 40 por yd your paper while the stock lasts. flavored coffee kpdwn. Cofdette., «. E. CKO.NIN. LailM^s calling at 1(B >{. Madison rtreet will find soranthnig U> bf-nefit.ib wfli\(tfi them. ". •- ^ . Tap Your Own Shoes. FtiH line at half eolfB.-hsilhir, Call at >he home of I?.' S, McNames 2St "We^rf Slate afreet at«3 lie *51t repair at once. All work left at ,, ..^r^u's grocery store will receive at- tjmtjon daily. - Flour. ^ At Watson's you can jret the Albion and H<nnef Hour,by the lOU^U, in your own bags, no light \veight of 06 or also Albjon patent: the bi*st flour tuado try it. v Granite Fruit Kettles. Wi* sell you the best granite preserv ketllf MX;. Get your job work done at the Chroni- 1 ofHce, teclts, oUv for mending you* own t-hoon. llalf poles. HV i>er jwir. [.. ..O'LtMrt Buos. 'I WJIB' completely ooyerwd: *ith W)ro». ^erjf muscle in my\bo«ly ached. Had been sick for five ytnra.- DoolOM .06uld do me ricfgoud. -MoBt-jof ray time was »pcnt in bed; win a 'complete wreck. Bu'dook Btoojl Bitters have ct«riple1*ly mo in -thfeo months." Mrs. Anni« Zoopen, Crooketown, Minn\ sd to Buffer with rtjeutnntwfui, lum- , cr«np« or colic. Dr. bago, , Thomas' Eel«ch4^pH cures all such troub- 1m, hnd does it (jufekl^. ___ If your dealer >>lls you^at aowething, Nice, largo, honie' daily at potatoes . ro- ,-W ATSQN 's.;__ _ Porcelain Kettles/ AtJ^C. 0oilfl & Cy's. Call on them be- for?» >ou buy a rocker,, they have all kinde, and pricew to suit th&time at the 'new Matr-h block. Oomu in.. ''" - . • Yo« m«»t have of SOOIP kind fox; eanniug fruit. This in the one; any 817.!?. your time Worth .TOf n duy? Thtjn for hiTe'e, pin worm?, JtcUmg pilefl itehine<w of the slctn, telt^him ,jou orij?inal. ^lt is «afej Seven Dollars x • Bays » Leonard eleanable rofri)?erator enough f«»f a family of six or m^en BROS, -I ( that disabling hemlarhe is "Blue Btr«>uk" aill rur« it for ft quarter. Mrs. Delia Buptf«»t4 is prewired to dt. inanrcuriug and shampooing f4>r tho ladies at their homes, frfcx for manit-ur- cents, for, shumpooinK 50 cents. -Orders may bo leH at Miss K, E. Bil lings' or at rmdenc*-, with Airs. Mary byteriini church. WANTS FOUSl) frC. Twenty cwitg A week ftir cicb notion n«l ex ci<mllti|t Hire l!tu;H. Mo uhmiKH Ie»» -th»n twenty .ccniit., . " ' '• .-,: •'. •'.'•' ' ;' W AITED -A sltiintlon d# wurk«i. iBpuirn at thin ofllctt. ' - * - ... . W ASTKD— tcuant foK bou*« formerly !>(«(! liy iliHH l-iuw SCrjtt. Inqulfrt of 1 . u.r. j— , two Wbetll- rr * Wilwiu, oiia Sl»|f«T. "W- tKimsrtlc. We»«l, ouu V. <«ANUN . NQ, rshaH, homes. ••••» •• i •—' ^- ' — ^ i ^rru es auai;ui.»t'(»^; «** v-^w*. -» Have you "tried Moob&l Pro Patia ji;«4we orders at jClark'i* Iwrbe^hop, or *« r 1 \ -t f\.. 1^1 #.-. K !*l.'i t(( *i»W»l'k_' '. A. tfc-PV ,-i f~+ _,, ,.t- ^.fc^-i . *\4- ~*^. Worth lOe, sold for M>, Stamp-' wlTru Patria. A cool, (jweetr-mtiafyrny Geo^Moebs & Cio., manufactur ers, Detroit. &M by, W. A. Humes. Attention Ladlea! ie Gerard, ,th» O op «pe(ijaM«t, will giv,» at lier ronnia, ^0» MatH north of Htato efcreafc for 'onfe week that are l' <-o»n_. troat- We You to inspect Them^ in reduced prices. ., \ D __ " WW^^^^^^^^^*^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^ V Special tow Prie&. o« Carpets. at33 east Green AUV AOBS r»p WANTBD-Kitr \leltitty. CBtlateoru.»ro{«r(«-u.i'tr«ct; A Mhik 1, At. BJtUWN. I OSI'- Un Statp street 'fup»il»v rvunlnjc, j ehl!rt'» KO''! **r f'"- WltJ llmlt-r t"l«-*»e Is t»t't'bfuiilrtii-ofiice. ' , — j , «-*»e Isavo L OST— Hetw,e»>ii porr!n'» rniU an4 C'ltj Steam I,4 * . at tihtpnioie ottiow. A rewaril offKr«<l. MKH. W. W. See hi» • Ch»rr«»n£i tables to rent - - A .f,\w. Skin bWashtw of ua« the agency f$r Her Majesty ta^de a epecialty.- , ¥W . tf «^ «*«,.,«. three tot»/f Winter (Saps and Jackets. .Those wriatyiflo ^ aow can tmyal a less price than later^n t^e season. ! • RtMEMBER OUR SHOE SALE IS STILLJN. WUl*3Wi| ttee.i snd e»r. I. R.lsrjtPHEnDl,; Keeps iioiM>-but ' . K ITorpantrutBCs «^«rkr« i>f J ofan A**'PKD-lA good Itoy to 1(0 cburua. Apply W -4, girl for ««u(M-al . ),&! IV * "| i yitr>m»itw btinutlfy, U»«xU tottlt to net »» UttU and vielnlti fur , c<Hnp«»V, olliew TToik, uitnle Juw«Uv« 40(1 wit 1 ' To ^ atwaya get a ole^a^pt at SHEPHERDS'; inn! Ilie bprrect n utkort »t ' ipdtttc», offiiu in The I FRESCO, «JG» Id* a wjffl sftJt jniw* fj i qfc -A« ' in Closes lime H«r*«»>t. S. £• e \ /~^ ^P^^IPP^^ ^B|^ ^Wl^^ ^^^^^ ^^|^^ T^^ , A, and f»r«» t now to bongbt fox * 15 « , , to ravtitt. For further pwtaeuiww «wte' H. Old Colony Granite We M^ you tt^e Itwst g*anjte J^essrv- K kefctto fix 40c. BO^KY V GRAINING, Stiff u.i SHOW CARDS Of Jtveiry Utescnptioix. PIGTURE FRAMING s i » Oii to Order, any Style, at LANGSTAFF'S, » KAGLE ;; . S, »-.t!K«HjO and «lMiH W, Ster, tit» f TPttOWtKBiiSU, «J 4 U«M^S AT-o* ** ,; B wake i^i]^, ^dt. JBOot \ , 1.

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