The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 11, 1892 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1892
Page 3
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THE DAILY NOVftMBEft 11, I8v>2. , • , '.. lnermi>'u«»ver fur tbe Tbes*eona fall of^npw this-fall oe <jurred thi« afternoon. /" VY. S. Smith would Hie to'be deputy sheriff, when Mr. Walkimhaw gen to running things'. ^ It ii rumored that Hon. J. C&) Falter- son would not object to filling Judge ftooker'* place in this elrotttt. i cracked fbe safe' iri John H v j store at Battle Creek. They BW ^,,..$0, but ieft behind them a kit of tools worth, severaf hundred, dollars Mr. Mite)»eoOfc,.of Battia Creek, was in this city today, billing the to*i Joseph Murphy, who appears at folln's opera hou«e JJov. 18 .and Rhea who will be there JSovl 18r In Spain, about 1030,4he hoojwkirts became, so inontrpus that an'efdict w* .issued commanding their reduction ant ordering the oxmflBcatiott of hoopskirts for GRAND RATIFICATION " MEETINGS OF MILLINERY GOODS FOR THE NEXT 30 DAYS. Sell frt Cost for cJa»h &U . *-j * , , •; ( s Trimmei-Iats and Bonaeii, •• ." "^ 0 * r i All Untrimmed Gfoods, '.'*•• Feathers, Fancy Feathers, '• • ' " Ribbons, Flowers, Laces, • The deinocrats will ratify the election of Cleveland finCStevensoji in this city MONDAY EVENING, NOV. l4.» There will be fireworks, speeches bonfires, lots of noise and a big timi generally. Everybody turn out. / .regulation stee', The,, at- pu to />arry but the edict caused innumerable rldts ,and" ; were finally abam dtned. ; °" , •" • ' ~ v \ ' TMe pluraliM for Hou.F. W.01a>p for-state senator in the Uth district, comprising Calboun and Kalamaaoo eounlie*. !• 121*. Mr. Clapp had the largest vota in tb«,city of Battle Creek, being a total of ljO$». Jud*» Ingsrsoll, Who received the next highest, had 10«t" '-'- '•". '>'. ' ' .„„ issued Jiov. U: , Latz »BA Nellie Walbridge, both .of Marshall; Edward J. Hannon and Matlle Hanuon,, both of Battle Creek. #o>, JQ; ^dnifl'tt MlUefi, of Ath'ess, and NelUe Burgctt. of Leonidas, Joseph K, HeMbWV of Albion, and Cora A. Warner, of Eokford,^ \. The addition to Olklo'a electoral vote to the Cleveland column, which is coo uedeU by the Cincinnati Commercial* Unzetie this momin«, makes the total for Cleveland *;nd Stfevenaon the largest ever given to any candidates for the presidency? and vice presidency *nd their majoriti& the largest except those of Grant »a<l Wilson in 1973. 2iew Jersey comes to th^ trout with a v strawberry planr which beaw fruit all the year, and Arkansas whb a 9-year-old negro boy wb, ; * kilted a rfrtleswake just " twice as old as hm»»elf, inside of which was found a water moccasin over four feet long, a bla9k snake o« the same length, two. dead toads and one" Jive one, besides i largo bullfrog. ; The reserved seat board for tha i.Ber 1 Btenyi concert, the lif« of the St'ai Course,' wili OD*B at Ureene's^drug •tore Beit Monday afternoon (it four o'clock.. The hours for opening the board i* &*ed so as to •ccomodate people living in the cojjfltry. thus giving . them a better opportunity to get than when the sajy »pened at eight in taenin--ning. . v « \KX&.t t>4i becom* $> great that a t'e- - oiand itixt soon b« on>de w no oncev- cala to»_«* for^ more thorough enforce- ment of the laws in every state against I them, fhe dowufall of. thousands of J oar youth is dir««Uy tfaoeable t<i bad liWratufB. Highly colored- pta&s ef • Immoral scenes fo ^'ajjder th* 4epra?«d The winter time card fur tJu gan Central is beiug prepared. Mrs. Cornelius Cobb, of ban Jose, •on, Nov. 4.,f Mrs. Cobb will be retnei bered at Miss $11* Welclr, formerly o tbl»olty, . ^ < *' Xhe new style df postiif card'hns . j» appearance.' It I&A ipldet,' ope for the' use "of the sender and tlio otjier to b«' detached for 'the reply. It -is a' Cheap find convenient uuikbod ot',.askinii for a T^ply through tho" iu»ii»',- ilofnjf nway with the <tncl08yjj{ of 'it *,wo cent Stamp, There will be a nictitiuir of Colejcrovc Post G A.^. Monday. oyeuTiiiJC t'o see about holding the nuxt tiuatuirof Mechanic* aod Bugineersjn thU-«|.iy. Between three and; four Jyindred tiolhir has been guaranteed to help eutortniu th« boys t\nd this meetiuft 13 to see whut action the ipoftt.wiU take in the rnnlte-r Battle Creek Moon: The tlemoirrat*. arsi looking pleased today over tli« fee that the local wheat market has Mil vanced two centq sti^ce the aunouKrc Clevelaiw'3 eltoUou, whilB Ui< .price of sugar has gone ilown (UK -tigil of a cunt. Th«y seem to iliink thai tui' J» the beginning of a new era uiui the> greet tni* Intimations witlv3»y ^ni isfaotiou. N. Y Coinnjeroial Advertiaer-.- Tliy reception wA.icb ^w-as tieeor<4eU to-'ttf ipenyi ou his appearapo* 0 was an *>v.n lion which swelled Into- a. trunu'iultui- wave of enthusiasm after his spiriu-li jCendering of the thre< % moveinenta ot the Godard conearta. So insistent was tbe applaud th^t hk wus.opuijji'llu'-dt.ta repeat the cou?oueUn iiioViMiii-iit, give two {p, eucorett After tlmt, alid l,heu come but and bow his uckiii/w.!etlici4Hiut half a do^eo tinies^ -beJEoro the audhftca could "be satisfied. '<""•• When the sulkies; werp put ttsvjiy Tor the winter set qui^ea j'eKir ^go,thti a.15 list contained fifty ua'piee. tif hornet imv- _ _ records from"~:08^ j,o »;15 The *ea»on-oMW83 is not yet ut'an enti, but there «rw sixty-two new, eoBiei-iS; to the list—more than were recorded since the day that Qoldsnjith.&iaiil fftstCen- tered the list in 1874. The fa(ju-t»t rev: ord -now is ^04,. wliile '•three Oilier hir*as have beiit«u 3:10 tins »t'»j.ou» r It is a singular fgct that of all' thg horses 3;lk or better la*t ? £eap their recordn itus : -FOR THE NEXT THIRTY 6DAYS. MISS H ANNA, is in Charge of nry Work Room ShoJ* Kill 1\ ffnm «he wholesale house of pollock, Pettibo" • & Chapman and- having-had a,l^e experi'jiic'o cftn,pve,yoti satisfaction.ami o'» -horMpotice. Now is the .time atid 'S Is the place. 2 doors west of P. O. We have the agency for the sale of CLOAKS from lar eoods, >and we will sell'them at very low price, s to get them ^^ introduced. here. Every garment warranted s. V. R-LEPPEtl. FLAG. I i K 2 Stores. -x 2 Stores SEE mental appttiie of young aiiid oHd aw ' . The 4flwooratie boys b»d their wagoa rMtt* aQhe expense of |b* repub' was g to jhbw cause go ihem, tome one ./fcaAto'get i wagon sterted from barn with the democrats iMMm 1»d tlw r«p»Wioans walking, oarrylnjr torcO»e» foMow«4 by » I* 1 !* orowdof small boyi t They went was* on MifiT?fl'. f >ff str^dt and came;;rou.nd onto ' SUte itce^t, whwx th» boys in the wai- on ooinmettoed to •hoot of flr« works »ud bura oolored lijbtj. Ther* was a Tf ,_ wiin'eBs anj*..fiosi«v.ely i Inlkr t as ibs tuan,' who gave • him ''check "a^d to Wba* to gave 1 the ypll hi^ ''f)p- .^.^ , , of.tiie boy* who gvt _^_ cashed iu tl.ia city a*ight-be »Ul« to identify the prp^ssor as the mtuj | wi»0 worked the sawe ,i-*ck»t Ja ibis Ihe iutter to-loU I know that I am a^Httle fur to •4 * ' • '•. ".. iHae East enct but as o\ir city is grow- jf i ** * " V "" ~" ' t ^pr^ad out, we arU cam* mot do bu^in^swthe center, but * * *3 „ ' ."J-,4 _- l — J * " to giv0-nw & two c^Hoadsjof , • ^ •« "^ ' t * ;••-*> f ing & Heating Stoves to pick from. Over One Miilion of these stoves p ' i * ¥ •* i^ now in use. Every body is i»vit^ tq e^l at my Salesroom wid inspect my ne^f Hue of goods. _ JOHN WIM.EN, W State i^

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