Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 31, 1961 · Page 6
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 6

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1961
Page 6
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<:• .Yr aio (Texa*) NEWS-HERALD, Wednesday, May 31, i96i liar Abby . IGNORANCE IS NOT BLISS! By Abigail Van Buren DEAR ABBY: We have been invited to a Catholic wedding but my husband doesn't won i to go be<;-iiise he says we will have to go 'through all that crossing and kneeling, and we aren't Catholics. 1 stiy that non- Cath.olics are nor expected to do thcit. Who is righ!'.' Also, we were recently invited to a Jewish wedding and wo p< j ?scd up bccmisc someone told my husband that all ihc men h;id to break their glasses. What about that'.' INFORJVfATlON PLEASE HEAR IXFOKMATIOX: Non-Catholics are not expected to kneel and cross themselves. And at a Jewish •wedding, lh<- groom breaks a GLASS (not his classes!). There is little excuse for knowing; so little about another person's religion. Ask any clergyman (or librarian) for ;in enlightening, book on the subject. .DEAR ABBY: I :<m n '•rxuher-m-l.-iw wh.. noeds you to sc' her .straight. My son nia;- ried a girl whom I love very much. She is vej y >< hiie- i:s her mother, who lives near us. I. try to let ihe young people Jive their OUST lives, Lin my daughter-in-law pj-.:c- ticrJiy livco \viih her rni>'her. They arc together day and night. The young couple is always over at her-malher's. Ail holidays ore spent there. They are expecting a baby tind the wife's mother is gathering the baby things at her homo, evidenuv expecting 10 take fui! charge of it. 1 know I am jealous, but 1 can't help it. Lei me havt it, Abby. "THE OTHER MOM" DEAIt "MOM:" If you can diagnose your own case i jealousy), you can heal yourself. Let your duuRhter-in-law do as she wishes. It's natural for a girl to gravitate toward her own mother. When she matures a little more, she will become as considerate of your feelings as you are of hers. Patience, Mom. DEAR A1JHY: There is ;i young couple in our buiitl; 13 who has aroused our suspicion:-. He clerk-, during the day, and on week-ends ho plr.ys band jobs out of town. His wife is, a real looker. Every week-end when i;o goes out of town 10 play these bansi jobs, she goes with him. We wives say that sr.e goes with him because she can't trust him away from home. Our husbands sav '.hat ho takes hei along because he can't triist HER home alone. We would like to know your opinion, please THE 'FOLKS ix THE BUILDING l)i:.\lt FOLKS: Isn't there a chance that >he_p"f> with It mi because she wants tn he with him — am! hr encourages her because he wants her there? CONKini-:NTl,\I. TO i:m>lK: Cor re lit in" a f:in!!,s is liVe l-yinsr to tie a Tiecklie. You can tlo it much hrllcr on soTm'bodt else. Ye-. Al^iiv!i a'n.swer your lo'.ter pi>r- . ?-r,al!-- if -,.,-,. c ,,-, ABBY". Box 336.V, B^v- e:lv Hi'K C.'li!.. smi c!ic!'-ist u stamped, se!f-;;riiii -esso'i envelope. SPEAKS AT ANTKTAM ough Tells Valor of Texans FIRST MOVING SIDEWALKS—Huffing and puffing on the steep streets of Tacoma. Wash., now is passe. The first publicly owned moving sidewalks now take the'walk out of walktusj. They, provide a link between the city's major business areas.- Moving at 90 feet a minute, thc'sidewalks can carry as many as 7,000 persons an hour .g -Kirr.od? For Abb-- \< booklet. ••How To Have A Lovely -Wcddins." send 30c to ABBY. Box 3365. Beverly Hills. Calif. .(Distributed by Mc.N'augiu Syndicate, Inc.! French-Speaking Jacqueline May Be Feature Attraction Weatherford Gets Railroad Museum By FRANCES LEWINE " PARIS (AP) — The French today welcomed Jacqueline Kennedy as one of their own after seem? and hearing America's French-speaking First Lady on leisMiion. Ever>'tH'ing from what the Kennedys will eai to what they wear is interesting the people of Paris. One Pairs newspaper has been - : - --- : — „ ___ WEATHER .NPORMATiOH- ; running pictures of women who -'bear a striking resemblance \o I the First Ladv ] The , couturiers have been i busy get , ins , gowns readv f f France - s firsl J^^ {Q «.;„-,„ j the two ga , a formai d i nncrs ., he j Kennedys will, attend. } wiln fia 8 s ilyin? and pictures ! of the President and Mrs : Krn- ' ned - v in store windows, the ihree- 'day visit is exgected to draw bic ' hor Preach Albuquerque SO 59 0] .-^marillo 93 50 2.12! Boston 62 43 Oj Brownsville --- _._ S8 73 0\ Chicago J_ GS 5!) .02 Dallas E9 "Go 0 DEL RIO 1... 92 72 Oj l>envcr SI 56 Oi T>et-roit 70 52 Ol "El- Pa<=o K) 65 (P Houston .__. 86 65 0^ ^arcdo % 01 os Anselts - 74 57 0; ?Jiami Beach ...'... 84 79 oi New Orleans .. 87 6-1 o! New York 68 47 0 ! Portland. Orcg._.___ GG 52 o Phoenix 32 58 0 San Angclo_.._, 03 70 0 San Antonio _._ __ 92 70 0: St. Louts 78 G4 Oj Washington 68 48 0 ; Maximum, and Minimum tempera-j lures and amount of precipitation • for 24 hours ending at 6:SO .a01 1 CST. On chart, T stands for a- trace of ra r T. i Kennedy may be the star attrac- • tion. : On the eve of their arrival, a half-hour filmed program on the government-operated television network Tuesday night i showed the Kennedys at the White ' House. - ; In a L5-minute interview, entire- ' ly in French. Mrs. Kennedy, showed the French she speaks '. tlieir - language with charm and- fluency. She" spent a year as a student at the Sorbonne in Paris i and last visited here in 1959. The TV show, m^de a few weeks ago in Washington, showed • Mrs. Kennedy in a reiaxeci set- ' ting on the While House souih lawn and the President in his office. Mrs. Kennedy not only took the ; French on a picture tour of tlio ! White House but pointed mil ifial many things there were hwjultl in France or came as gifts from (heir country. For France's first lady. Mrs. Charles de Gaulle. Mr?. Kennedy selected a \\atercolor of a French street scene by the American ;ir- list Maurice Prendcrgast. who studied and painted in Paris. Prendersast is one of Mrs. Kennedy's favorite artists^ The Kennedys will occupy the royal apartments in the Quai d'Orsay which were used l-.y Kins Baudouin and Queen Fabiola of BeFgium during their state visit here last week. Mrs. Kennedy brought an a!I : American wardrobe., most of it by her official designer, Oleg Cassim of .N'ew York. Suspended Sentences BROWNSVILLE (AP) _ Jack Husband and Richard Spaulding have drawn suspended sentences in federal court for bilking two banks a total of about S1.400. JOHN BROWN ON BROADWAY XEW YORK tf, — john Brown and^ his raid at Harper's Ferrv ffrm ihe plot of "The Moon Be- i-;egcd" which is tnbbed for B ro a d wa y prod u c i-i p n. The play is by Scyril Scjmche:i. last represcnled in off-Broadwyy showing of the musical • > Ti"c'- - WEATHERFORp (SpO—Weather- turd today hiussoms forth with the only organised railroad • museum in the Southv.esi. V". H. Barber Jr.. prt-sidi-jit of Trinity Raiifans. inc., museum sponsors. announced the unicjue museum was lorsnally dedicated Saturday in a nroararr, aitended by several hun- Jred.raii fan*.. civ ic ieaders" and otiii'r 'citizens at the site of the former Santa Ke Railroad depot which has bt-en donated to _the city. p. H. Osborti vi-ce-president of the" Santa Fe Gtslf Lines, principle speaker, signaled the opening of the museum by ringing a locomotive bell. He was assisted by Brenda Haynes of Fort Worth, who bears the title "Miss Passenger Train ot 19S1.'' Speaker Oshorn voiced appreciation to Raiifans:—fnrr- for "their regard in the historic b^.ckgrounil of railroads in the United States and the further aim of the organization to encourase pvblic interest in ihe present and future welfare of the railroads. Osborn sa:d that the general public and rail f?ns could be of great service to their country and to Uie railroad industry if tlioy would support the railroads \vluch are seeking freedom from rlL-vri minatory reavilations. freedom from di.scnminp.tory regulations, freedom from discriminatory taxation: freedom from subsidized competition: and freedom to provide diversified transportation service. '"I would like to impress all lhat railroads seek no favors of government, nor special privileges."- Oslxirn said. "What is sourht i? equality O f treatment for ali forms of transportation." President ISardrr expressed: grauefulne.-i tu all ot" those v.ho have cox-'perarcd' on the project. He abo voiced 'he aim -o; the Raiifans organization which is directed, primarily, to the pro gram : of public interest in railroads, inf!uencing travel and shipping by rail, and to enjoy the association of others "holding the same interest." . • The program included talks by '.Mayor • Jack Borden and other city officials and an outstanding [program of railroad music provided by the Weatherford. Senior High School Band under 'direc- i tion of Ben Branch. I City Manager Cecil Massey and i others expressed opinion that; the railroad museum would attract I ihcusands of people to the com- 1 tnunity. ANTIETAM " BATTLEFIELD, Maryland (AI'V — The valorous deeds of Texans were recalled here'•.Tuesday, by .Sen. Ralph Yarborough at a memorial observance. The battle in (he War Between the States took ihc lives o( more men than any other single day of fighting, Yarborough said lhat when a n;iI ion becomes so sophisticated lhat virtues of bravery and patriotism are not honored "that nation is tottering.for a fall." He continued: "J" join with Marylimd and America this Decoration Day, to honor those who have shown us how to live nobly .against unbelievable adversity, and to sacri- lice greatly wlitr, our ideals are the price for which the call of clti'y comes. "Texas, too, hat! her valorous sons here, in Hood's Brigade in the First. Fourth and Fifth Texas Keaimonls. Companies from my own iiomc counties in Ka<t T^xas were Company K (Howdy Martin's Company! Fourth Texas from Henderson County, and Company H, First Texas, "from Smith and Anderson, counties. "On that terrible day here at Sharpsburg, the First Texas lost ! 82 per cent of its men; the Fourth Texas lost over 50 per cent of its effective forces, and the Fifth \ Texas lost nearly 50 per cent of! all its strength. j "Eiph| color bearers of the Lone I Star Flag of the First Texas were killed," he said, ~ i "If from these heroic dead we tnke increased devotion thai the cause of liberty shall not perish i from the earth, then all the sacrifice of the cruel and bloody Civil War will nol have been in vain." K. L. Berry Honored HILLSBORO (AP) —Former Ad- ! utant Ccn. K. L. Berry of Texas ! was honored Tuesday at a Memo | riift Day luncheon. . j Crippled Airfcner Limps Into Shannon ' f - ; , -M-ft* SHANNON, Ireland ,<AP)—>/ crippled American airliner, with 104 persons aboard—mostly "worn-, en and children—today * limped. hundreds of miles over the ,At> « lantic to a smooth landing here. The SiiporconsteHation ferrying U. S. military personnel and their families from Germany* to McGuire Air Force Base, N. J., was forced to turn back two hours after leaving Shannon when one of its four propellers -ran \\-ild and the pilot could not feather it. i One of lhc~ aircraft escorting President Kennedy to Europe_offered assistance but was not needed. A Pan American airliner in the vicinity shepherded the crippled plane to safety. Forty children were among ihe 95 passengers aboard the airliner, 20 of them babies in arms. FORMAL TOUR j ELM in A, ,V,Y. (.ft — An E>--| tension Service notice, informing noii'lry farmers of a -tour of other farms, was nol intended to be. « while-tie, affair, bm some people misinterpreted a note at the bottom. It said' •"Please dress in clothes anil foot-gear that you don't wear in your own buildings." Officials sai'd it .was only a method of preventing poultry diseases from being spread.. Combat Loan Sharks AUSTIN (AP) — A statewfde strategy meeting to "develop new means of combating unscrupulous lenders" has been called by-Atty. Gen. Will Wilson for June 22. DR. ANDRES PORTAUES DR. j; H. «r OPTOMETK1ITS "* Offic* Hour*—Mo«. Ihrv M. Contact U*t Fitt*4 PI 5-4353 — 1M WM» Qr»»»w»«d $20,0000 Gem Robbery ! DALLAS (AP)—Downtown Dallas jeweler William Wells was robbed of 520,000 in gems Tues- : < dav. ARTIFICIAL BLINDNESS MIDHURST, England LR' — When a small oil-lired boiler exploded ,~n front of him at nearby Trotton, t :5-year-old George Ayling thought : \:c had been blinded. 1 He blundered about in panii, stubbing bis toes and bruising his shins. ' ' -. "1 could not sec," he said later —•'then it turned out it was only my glasses blackened by soot." ; Assessing the economy of Cuba' recently, a Cuban rancher said: ••The land is very rich and the people very poor." •. i OFFICE SUPPLIES *yp«wrife« • Adding Machine* SALES and SERVICE Hallmark Cards • Art SupplTn Del Rio Typewriter Co. 612 S. Main Dial PR 5-4812 YOUR BIGGEST BARGAIN IN COMFORT Bank by Auto 1961 G-E CUSTOM At Our Curb Teller (ON LOSOYA STREET) AIR CONDITIONER Distinctive Design Extra Feature* Rotary Cost/sis • Sit Poation Perfoftrarict Selector • Vfiwptr-Qaet .Gpyaitoo • Fresh fcr #>d txhfcit C&niral • Ejirt IwfiviiJuj! Air [Hfettofs • Auttwatic Tesnpsfiture Control • Re-uMb!t t» Fiitsr f Me* Written Protection KM IT'S FAST AND CONVENIENT - - - NO PARKING PROBLEMS Flexibility of Instillation thin, "" El See Is Per The Best leal U Del RLO THE BEST IN BANKING Del Rio Electric Towr Authorized General Electric I , Sole* AND Servke Dealer" 5jP"!^ *• ^B^BW PR 5-2787 NATIONAL United States Deposllory ~ Member Federal Reserye System Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corf. BANK ^Mp^tT-V' x tel£llltlt£?'"!. t ,'. "-,<*^*'g <y>vl.:•'•:.-•' . '-',-iTf-f^ '-' " ' •^•rt:"f.J . i SAVE NOW SAVE ON FRiG:DAiRE FROSTPROOF What a BEST BUY THIS WEEK ONLY ! TRUE FRIGIDAIRE FROST-PROOF REFRIGERATOR- FREEZER I 95 ' W.A.T. ''This wees oniy! Come in fast — we've haver of- fsrec a Frost-Proof Refrigerator Freezer at such a low price before. Hurry!" YOUR BEST BUYbecause__ NO FROST! NO DEFROSTING! Exclusive Frost For- feicider ends freezer defrosting forever! SB IBS. CAPACITY in (he zero zone top Freezer. 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