The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 5, 1893 · Page 3
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 3

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1893
Page 3
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n * * -. *"* -^— L * r . . i , _. . _ " * T—"VV-..J-.. I r I. .-.-I. -TI- •mrtiiHfcl^ -*- - -- • ' ^—t-i —-. ,^ IJ ^_i_ 1J _ J ^^__ u i J jh_. J . „ -Visitors to thtf.ward's faiV will find hri CBHoHicwg oil safe at Geo. F. Warren's news and cigar stand in the Mich' igan building. The Quaker doctor left this niptning. Miss Heie,ti Edgerton is visiting, in thlscityi , .. .'• • .."":-'•"•.-' •'••-', ._. Born to Mr. and Mrs. Andrew •Hariri- gan, a daughter. ; v Stuart MacKibDiii left for Frankfort, Mich;, tbii atteraopn. Louis Bauer, of Grand Rapids, spent the Fourth an, this city. "Mr Sonbuei a curiosity in th shape of a four legged chicken. Silas JUaberteaux has returned from a v ttip through the south and east, Dr. and Mrs. Marshall have returned from a visit to the world's fair. Mr. and Airs Edwin Larkin, ot Chicago, spent tbe Fourth in this city." 1. 8. PeterB and Mr. and Mrs., Maua 'Peters are taking in the world's fair. Only four tickets were aoid for the excursion to Chicago at this station July 4th All, L Soule, whp has bee'n visiting bio daughter, In tbig city left for tho weofih B morning. Mi6HE>arab' Uauna, who has been-with lira. Nover for some time past, left to. dta> ior ber home in Birmingham, Mioh. ^": 'irjuity church churn* choir will meet I'uuiMiiiy "evcuiug of iliia week tit the ouuicu ai 7UJJ «m*rp. Every member of ttto oouii 1 . w curuaitiy requested to be Nina Foley has" returned from ihicagp. 1 , 'Miss'Alice Kilboorna returned from Ihicigo Monday night. Mrs. J. K, Bentley entertained a party of her friends at her home on Marshall ' id^?alK«» $9.!5P! George ^atecm, w6rk on roBSwftikB, $34, Ar Hoyrell, impounding o*(, $1; A. Dean, veteu&ry service, $1; Geo. jtvinga, work on sidewalks, $1.80; 2. J. Blakeslee, work on drives; $37- Z. «T. Blake._> plants in beds and vases, $30; Marshall time roll, $15«; from the Electric ! Au luuiuu ironi tbe Battle Creek 4<lc4i*d ibe Ft. \\ajueclub July 4iu i»j' a 'ecure Of 13 to 5. The Ft. W»ju» boys were better fielders, but iuo, cuulU not hit tb» Indian* curves. A laWu social wilt bo given by tbe ttiug* Daughters Willing Workers, on lue mwu'opposue the/Baptist Church, Friday evening, July 7, 1S93 Be sure to corny and bring your best girl because she likes ICE CREAM! . Theeourts at last have intimated, if they/nave not decided, that the business pf/iUe tiqkel scalper w le«unate; in otb fa words that if a railroad ticket be ouge sold by a railroad company it b<s cooift* a marcbatttable aud negotiable article aud ina> be disposed of at any price the bolder:and purchaser may agree upon. . Some vandal at Lansing Monday night placed a violent explosive, proba fcjy a giant firecracker, in one of the large cannons iu front.of the state eapi- tol, which-bursted ttye gun to pieces, U wad a relic of the ,-fumpua Loomis. bat tery and was several time* captured and recaptured during the war. Of the six famous pieces uf artillery once oper ated by tb.e Loonm batter, button now remain intact. The little folks musical, given at the borne eLMUs Margaret White on Satur day evening last, was very enjo> able The pupils were ajl quite yonne, but, they illustrated very satisfactorily that they have "already made considerably " progiees- in musical art. This closes ' the series given h^Mw White and it is opt too much,|p say that the entertain menu* have 'been v«ry successful and greatly enjoyed by : all who have .been fortunate enough te bt» fn atteodarocei. The Department of Agriculture at Washington is investigating a » evv kind o! Dwindle whica has been brought to jta'attention by a number of.victims. Tbe scbeise ia Intended to fleece farm «r»; and consists of a "gilt-edge bu«er oooipound," wbie> is being through agrieuMurfti newspaper* laudgoatal . Ing,to tb« avenue'this afternoon. Judge Grant, of the supremo court, will speak on the enforcement of tho la'w, at the opera honse Friday cve"ningi July 7. Marriage licenses issued^uiy 5: Jos eph Luby andvMfnnio Cooper, both o Marenge; Frank 'l>emdnd attd Louise Myers, both of Battle Creek, Mich,. The Baptists had t® pay for their proachfes to.theirsidewalks: tJnless W are misinformed tho city paid for the same thing for the Methodists and Cath olica. ."',.• '.At Columbus, Ohio, July 4th, Colonel Dickey, owned by Messrs. Arms & Dick oy won the three minute race. Ho was third the first heat and captured the next then. Best time S:28J4. Tho Electric CommissionersTfave just received some very handsome electric light fixtures, at, their office over W.. U. Elstori'S. Anyone wishing fixtures can make selection from catalogue, and they will he furnished at cost. ' t ' '. The Fourth. . TB0 Fourth of July was celebrated in this city In a very ^appropriate manner. Tlio show commenced about 10 o'clock- at night July 2d and continued until after midnight the 4ta. If noise counted for anything it was one Pf the largest celebrations on earth, 'as there was no let up to the racket. The salute at | sunrise consifsted of about a millionguns of aiijkinda and sizes fired at intervels of about -one second. This was to arouse the inhabitants who had been awake all night and inform them that the, glorious fourth had arrived and would spend the day in the city. There was no great influx of people but State street presented a fively appearance at 9:30 when tbe lire department made a display. This department is the pride of the city and the exhibition July 4tb was only another evidence that Marshall has the best lot of firemen and apparatus of any place of double the size in the state. Tbe bicycle road race was the uext ou the program. There, were only tt>r< <• entrees-, C. H. Weld. Bert Lewis ami Charlie Smith. It was a scratch race. Weld won, Lewis second. The balance of the program was carried out at the paru and rivar in the af ternoon There were three entries in the pair oared boa£ race*,' W. T. Phelpa, E. C ^'ay and C..E. Gornam. -Phelps fund, CJhas. Wagner, blackstnithing, $2. Adjourned fot two, weeks. fc; S.LOCKTON, Recorder. Fine'kationery at f be bazar, store. A- complete assortment always on ban'a, . A K«w Ceitftln Cnre ior.HUe*. "';:'•' <Ve dot intend to endowe any except articles of genuine., merit; \ve.thferefor6, take pleasure in recommending-to sufferers frotti Files in any form, ft prompt and permanent cure.' The following letters speak for themselves: Mrs. Mary C. Tyler, of Heppncr, Ore., writeu, 'One pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely cured nje of Piles from •which I havo suffered for yiara, and I hapo newr he.'. !ic slightest return of them since. Mr. E. O'Brien, Rock Bluffs, Neb., says- The pkg. of Pyramid Pile Cure entirely removed every trace of itching piles. I ctm- not thank you enough for it. ... Tlie Pyramid Pile Curojs a nevr, certain, painless cure for every form of Piles. \l is safe, cure and cheap. Any druggist will, got itfor you If you ask him. e of the Grand Ara<? boys may be in terest Sd fn tfye 4 following from Alex. B. Pope, A. D. C»yCommander Dept. Tenn^ and Gfl. Be says: "We have had an epi~ defnles of wbc-oping cough here (Stewart, 1* nn.,) and Chamberlain's Cough Remedy' 1 h"» is been the only medicine thftt has done auy good/' There is no danger from whooping cough when this remedy is .freely given, tt completely controls the disease. 50 cent bottles fpr.std&4l Greene's drug street. ' , Smith,'the Photograph^!-. ,. -,-• jlas( sotadf nice Frames'for Cabinets and other sizes, just received. Call and. see them.: .'.••>. lf»^pu ni'e liugefiug ffotu feVelfSi lung,' Ijigrippc, catarrh, consumption, cfjugh or bronchial troubles, asthuia, heart pervousness, slecplessnesH,' dyspepsia, sick headache, paralysis,'erysipelas or scaly skin, constipation or piles call on Dr. Sharpsteen for his .vegetable cure, Hoti.-W. V; Lucas, ex-State Auditof^ol^ Iowa, says: "I have u.sed Chamberlain's Cough Remedy in my family and have no hesitation in saying it is'an excqllent remedy. I believe all that is claimed for it, Persons afflicted by a cough or cold will find it a friend.'* There is no danger from who'oping cough when this remedy is freely given. 2 5 and 60 ce'nt bq,ttlos for Bale at Greene's dr^ig store. . V , ,, i 'Chafes on babies, sore nipples und in flatnmation of tho breast- instantly relieved with Lavendar Ointment. The" new Lavette safety mailing envelopes at Smith'sstu^ip. For Sale—Agency Detroit Evening News. jGood thing for right party. Enquire of F,S. DEUEL.' -My dear,.remarked a lady to a friend on the street today, we are going camp ing next week and wpuld like to borrow your tent. I am sorry, but we leuX our tent so much last year that it is all worn out. iunderstanp though that -'Hulett has just g'o't a-iot of new tents on pur , pose to rpnt and no doubt you can get one there. Oh thank' you, I will go and see him at once • If-you want a house'bujl't in short^ order call onAVm. Shipley a8> he is pro pared to put you up a house ready ,for plastering In 'ten' days-time. -Shop on Engle htrcot over Kynn's., Eesidence 151, Hanover street. New potatoes at Cunninghani's.' -., Notice Kelatlv* to Co\*». The ordinance relative to pasturitlg cows in tbe street will be strictly en forced. No cattle will be allowed to be Pastured in any street, whether they are. tied or not, and all .cattle found at large in the street, whether tied or otherwise, will be taken care of- No ex, ception-will be made to this rule for anyone.. PETER HOWE, City Marshal. won, GorhafiaTsecond. The four oared boat rape was A, V. Wat- 8</n and Eugene Bigelow, \V-' S. Smith and Janiee BeckwUh. H. C. Heed and Geo. Wilson. Watson and Bigelow came in first., Smjth and 'Beckwi'th second. The ladies barge race was won by the Princess crew, the Yawde being 'a close second. The gentleman's barge race was also won b> tb« Princess. C. E.'Gausof the Yawde" crew broke i.n oar, and Mr. 'Weld gave him his. and dropped into tbe wafer to lighten the boat. ,Th^ captain of the Yawde tbiuks that the accident lost him the race. The fifty yards dash was won by A. Qwens; bop, step an4 jump by. Harry Vernpr; running broad jump' by Allie Hinde nacb. C- H. Weld, won the swimming match. » There was a,display Q{ iij^ work* in tbe evening and a dance at the' boat bouse. - •- We have ail immense line of Jersey Suits we will close out immediately. We fcad the option to buy these at a very low price or return them, we could not resist the temptation, so purchased, and now we give our customers the opportunity to do likewise. We can now for the first timesell a neat Jersey Suit. $2.25. 3.00. Age4to8at - . -' A fine Jersey suit, iancy trimmed,» 4 to Sat - - • - An elegant Jersey suit, fancy trim ined,4to 8 at, - - - ' 3.50 /A Beauty, fiine faney trimmed - 4.00 The finest Jersey suit made, elaborat- ly trimmed, worth $7.00, our price now to close - - • " " . * . A few fine Kilt suites to 5, away dbwii! We will soon close them atihls.prioe as we have other -goods we will advertise, and olose out right pff. - . ', Cornuiou Council. eouneil Mo»day, . July, '13®, Beckwiih. T. Shanahan. -r _ . i _ * _ *_ MK5H*f*6!»s«' •; Tss^a^^-r^" -' i.,M^<i^

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