The Hobart Daily Republican from Hobart, Oklahoma on November 16, 1907 · 1
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The Hobart Daily Republican from Hobart, Oklahoma · 1

Hobart, Oklahoma
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 16, 1907
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Republican Special Washington Nov 16 — “Now therefore I Theodore Roosevelt president of the United States of America in accordance with the act of congress aforesaid and by the authority thereof announce the result of said election to be as certified and do hereby declare and proclaim that Athe terms and conditions prescribed by congress to entitle the state of Oklahoma to admission into the Union on an equal footing with the original thirteen states is now accomplished In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States to be affixed this the sixteenth day of November 1907 “THEODORE ROOSEVELT” STATEHOOD MAY FREE CRIMINALS i IJaff Birds in Federal Pens Hope for Loop Hole to Escape by Change from Territory Republican Special Muskogee I T Nov 16— Oklahoma's dmission as a state is being generally Celebrated over Indian Territory now a part of the new commonwealth The !eneral observance of statehood day in his city the metropolis of eastern Ok-ahoma has been deferred until Tuesday when the Trans-Mississippi Commercial congress will open It is planned to hold a great statehood demon ! itration on that day and it is expected ! that Governor Haskell will atlend I I I With a presidential proclama- The changing from a territorial to a sigte form of government has been the cause of much confusion among government officials here and many doubtful legal questions have arisen in consequence One of the most important cf these is whether prisoners in the federal jails of Indian Territory can bo held now that statehood has become a reality Several attorneys lnive given as their opinions tlm statement that the prisoners can no longer be held and may securo thier release by appealing to the state courts for writs of habeas corpus Indian Territory law violaters have in the past been prosecuted under the Arkansas statutes Last winter congress provided for the transfer of all cases in the Indian Territory federal courts to the Oklahoma state courts Leading attorneys hold that congress did not haye the (inwer to transfer crimes committed in the territory under Arkansas statutes to the state of Oklahoma The federal prisoners include nearly 100 murderers and it is possible that all of these may b given thrir liber'y through a legal loophole t 'I 3 1 V A A' ' t ‘ v JZ-- i 'v t v - V? Y (Vi'1 ’ Y I ' Ex-Governor Frank Frantz retiring executive of the Territory tion of which the foregoing is the concluding paragraph Oklahoma was today admitted as the forty-sixth state in the Union The new state includes Oklahoma and Indian Territories Oklahoma proper was organized as a territory May 2 1890 and was formerly a part of Indian Territory It has an area of 30030 square miles and its population in 1900 was 398331 Indian Territory has an area of 31400 square miles and its population in 1900 was 392000 C N Haskell democrat will be the first governor of the new state and will be inaugurated today at Guthrie All the state officers and nearly all the congressmen md state legislators are democrats and both representatives of the new state in the United States senate will be of that political faith The proclamation of President Roosevelt admitting Oklahoma to statehood is the firetof the kind he has ever issued as no state has been admitted since Utah on January 1 1896 Instead of being written out jn long hand on parchment and decorated with fancy scrolls as all former state papers of this kind have been the proclamation was written with a typewriter In its praseology the Oklahoma document bears a close resemblance to that issued by President Cleveland in admitting Utah and abound in numcrus “whereases” These include mention of the enabling act passed by the national congress the election of delegates to n constitutional convention and the submission of the constitution to a vote of the jieople and its acceptance by them these being the various steps taken before Oklahoma could be admitted to full sisterhood with the other states Tho signing of the constitution by President Roosevelt and the issuance of his proclamation today were the last steps in the long light for state hood made by the people of the territories The constitution of Oklahoma was written by a contention composed of Z 100 democrats and twelve republicans It is said to be tho most radical document ever adopted by any state and by William Jennings Ilryan has been declared “superior to the national constitution’’ The radical provisions embraced in the Constitution are not favored by President Roosevelt who considers that tho constitution makers have usurped the ’ functions of legislators Before sigring the document tho president mace it clear that there were many features w hich did not meet with his personal approval but that he regarded it as his official duty’ to sign the document since it conformed to the provisions of the enabling act Oklahoma is the first state south of thJino defined by the Missouri compromise to be admitted into the Union in forty-four years It is typically neither a distinctively southern or western state while possessing many of the attributes of both that it is for the present at least politically’ aligned with the democratic slates of tho Solid South has been shown bjth in the election c f del gates to the constitutional convention and in the recent election of state officers Under tho prohibition clause of tho corstituii n which was passed upon favorably b tho voters Oklahoma enters the Union as a “dry” st it? Indian Territory has l-ng been arid by fiat of the government and for the protection of the Indiana Prohibition will now be extended over what is known as Oklahoma territory and with Kansas which adjoins Oklahoma on tho north will make the largest “dry’’ territory in the country Under the prohibition clause is a provision for a liquor dispensary for every town of 2000 or over in the new state There are II of these towns 21 being in Oklahoma and 23 in Indian Territory According to an act of congress approved April 4 1818 the new star on the blue field will not be added until July I next despite the fact that actual statehood is already accomplished The existing arrangement of stars with six fows will be m lintained and the additional star will be added to the fourth row This will give the first third fourth and sixth rows eight stirs each and the second and fifth rows seven stars each Admiral Dewey was the chairman of the board which decided on this method of changing the arrangement of the stars VARNEY’S LECTURE Baptist Church Filled With Appreciative Audience Friday Night Tho lecture “Apples of Gold” by Charles E Varney at the Baptist church last night was Well attended by a huge and appreciative audience Dr Varney talked for two hours and handled his subject in n masterful way Friday night’s h-ctuie wis a treat to those holding season ticket in the Young People’s Union Lyceum course and was given freo to holders of season lickeisY The lyccurn course bids fair t prove popular in all its numbers STATEHOOD RECEIVED WITH A SHOUT HERE S A Holcomb went to Mangum Sat-day to spend Sunday with his daughter Mrs Border Police Court Two boys were up before Judge Sb-pb-enson Saturday and fined tho usual $100 and costs for fighting When the nows reached Hobart Saturday morning of tho Presidents proclamation admitting Oklahoma— tho new state — into tho union on an equal footing with the original thirteen states whistles tooted the glad tidings shouts rang out on the frosty air Bells revolvers six-pistols and every other -device-to make a noise wit li was brought into uso nnd everybody was happy— possibly the saloon men excepted For a full five minutes the noise continued and then on all principal down town corners knots and groups of men congregated to talk the situation over Read tho Hobart Daily Republican - A- i -‘ --A - t v- O - If A Air-r-xA - V 'r VV-7i -V ’ Y O V-:' V'- -HY Y - ’A t'wYV I !Y‘ "YY Y-YU- Governor Charles N Haskell incoming executive of the State of Oklahoma 3 err DC 0 DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC DC 0 VA RE you interested in your church JLl 1 or any charitable institution n Then read this PER CENT of oiir gross sales the next ten das will be donated to charitv eyitrning Saturday November 10 we w ill fiive to each purchaser regardless of th Mwant ptfrimcdj a slip showing the amount of same These slips to he turned otefr to ths pastor rtsidtnt or sfcrelary of any church cr rharit-Iff institution tq bich tha purchaser wishes the donation to go The pastor gfesidast cf secretary at tie ftfse nay Le iliayat any time after our sale cUbts rash thsa ali y al ont atora fer taiga w ftr real 0 o oc ) I V I I nf I DC DC DC DC r ! i

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