The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 11, 1892 · Page 1
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 1

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Friday, November 11, 1892
Page 1
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1 • WL XiYr-tfQ 76 Jst r POWDER Absolutely Pu«-e. -.«'.' .. • / , '< A of earn, of *art»r Baking powder Hijthestof all in.leavening strength L*t*»t U. S* Government Food Ra- 99ft, . . * * l ' ' * BAKING POWDER CO 1Q6.V^all Street, N.Y.' Health is Wealtk Da. B. O. WMT'I lUara .AMD BIUIH T> «MT, a g««nat«Ml iMoiflo for HysUrlm, Dim Vi jOwgralsWi.*!, •fjtajvHeirtous Noorolgl*, slMdobe, 5arro»i Pro*(r»tlon cattBed by tht uw mloohpi or tobaoco, WAksfiilneM, Mental De- KMclea, 8oftenla« ofthe Bralu rwHrttlng In th, •juillT and iMdJox to KUery. decay, wad death; fvrautvr* Old A«», BarraatM, Low of powSr (•' InTolnnUry Lwie* and Spermttoiv d byoTer-exertloaor the brain.- wlf Baoa bo» contaws one > * bo *« or • **?* 1 *- * o *« or •'« *><>««» tor $» JB, «»nt ) »y otail prepaid on r«c«tft of price WE OUARAHTEC SIX BOXES *« <mn aaj case. WHtb.eais!* order reoelT«4 by o* for «Ubo«e«,a(x>oiint«Kl with J8.00, we win . •- . a«ur« '«• Uyrte r' W» willf ' |he %bo?« reward for any OMB* a —"iep4a. StO* Hea4»ob.», t n —» c«ro", wHa WV«'» 0 f«i«»/I 0n L"^ 0 «$• trbeo taa 4U*ouoni aw strictly compiled wlih° ,T«*y MW piualyVsKMtahle ana never fall to give Mala* .tt^ttls, Ifoajta., VraTof fctaotor '•S'ill *£' SW^'J 16 !?^?* 11 ^S 0 * 11 to IttU ' 11. Off* b t,|boiea for ^5.00;aeat:b* mall prepaid aa r«o«fpt of price, A written Uuaraov»fr »o«iUr«iy given fe» eaca purchaser of 6 boxej, • WMB purofiased at on* time, to reland tho $5.00 , s«ldif u»t cured, (ginaranteo waned by ' ' '' A. O. Aide, HarabAU, Mich. Call for B«nple, TUebest Peplumes al ways ia stock at 0. p. -*, -** - , MICH;, JMDAY • V ' / ' MISSING BM3NCT8 Continue Out of Sight to a . " Great Extent. / LATEST ESTIMATE ON THE RESULT Clevelnad Has vfj Vote*. Which t» finoagh, With Several to ' , ,Spare. Ohio *flepul»Uoans Brac« 0p and Claim the State by a Small Plurality—Weaver Credited *Hh Tw«nty—latyliK Out the Democratic Policy—Boma Views *• to What It Should Be—-Air Extra. Session of the Fifty-Third <fogre»a to Bopoal tb» McKlnley B1U JVbpo««d—Betanu from » Kamber of State*. CHICAGO, No?." 11.—The actuation this fronting as to the electoral vote has changed but little. The latest returns give Cleveland New York, Illinois, Indiana, Alabam " »"»*• -^ M^ n. ^.»fl|»f ^»flfr- *iiin if>iit»a rfujmiymiinii Georgia, Mainland, Michigan (fi votes), New Jersey, Sputa Carolina, Texas, Louisiana Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, North, Carolina, Tennessee, y>- ginla, Delaware, West Virginia, .Connecticut, Wisconsin, and California,' total, 877," Harrison, I gets Massachu New Hampshire, Pennsylvania, Maine, Michigan (8 votes), Rhode Minnesota, Montana, Iowa, Oregon and South- Dakota;-total, 100.. These are for Weaver: Nevada, Colorado. North Dakota and Kansas^ total, 30, Doubtful state, are: Idaho, Washington. Wyoming, Ohio and Nebraska; total, 41, - ' AFTER THE ENGLISH IDEA; A. Proposal for an Extra OM*|<>» or tb« ' ' . •-..-• *f«w; Conffr«M. 'NEW YORK, Nov. u.—Among the imma diate consequences of the verdict at tho polls tho strong probability of ^eFtfty- secondcongress being called in extra session immediately after inauguration is already discussed here. Anrextra".pS8lon of the senate la always called at the, beginning of a new ^ administration, to confirm the new cabinet officers and the new diplomatic representatives of the United States abroad. But the present election having turned ou^questions of domestic policy it Js thought by experienced political laaders of all parties tha* >n extra session of both hbuses-or congress will, almost inevitably result. '.Secretary of the Treasury Foster," amongst others, believes this. ,The patty, he says, challenged the judgment of the country on the McKinley bin, -and the result must be accepted aa v the expression of the will of the, people thatadifferent policy shall be put into effect Ex-Secretary Bay- ites, to a friend h«re to like effect, _ 0 that the people will expect this to be don* without unnecessary dalay. ; Mora Opinions «f tb« Sam* St>rt. -A telegram from Chicago gives the following from The Herald of that city: "There is op serious question in any quarter aa to what Tuesday's popular verdict means. It means that JKLcKinleyism is most emphatically condemned, Mr. Foster, Harrison's secretary of the treasury .expresses the truth when be says; • 'The party challenged the judgment of the country on *» McKinliey bill, and the verdict must he accepted as tbe'wfil of" the people that a different policy shall be Adopted/ "General Palmer, Mr. Springer and other leading Democrats express -themselves to the same effect. It is *the will of the people that a different policy shall be adopted* 3jdth respect ta-the^ tariff, apd alt Benjo- :ratswho have beau chosen to represent ;he people ia 'congress- or iq, the White House must respect th«t will withou£jhea- itfttion, without thnidfty and mt/houtlde- lay.? ;... •:. . - - : ••/ , - Wist ,e*»MF#Jf Sfeouid !*£, Then The Herald states ita vie* of what congress should do: «£ongref» need not Bit all summer, or enter ju pon the work of gen sral tariff revision. It citn. repeal the Me- EQnley act, except its to sugar, *Woh may well'bereserved ass source of ' revenue in li'} future in case of necessity; put wool.and j$bsr raw materials on the free list, reduce iterates on »un4ied products to match in lie manner indicated by the several house bills of tho last aeasjo*, ijistruot the ways ana mews committee to prosecute th« work acablbetsjatp, and should, b* put down ai 'secretary of th0 treasury. His positfofr is geouliar, In that President HarHson thought at one time seriously of asking him into his cabinet. Judge Goudy Is an oths* Chicagoafti apokro of as likely to come to .Washington. He Is an ^rkdna Clevetand man, and has never .warered his allegiance to v th» presidentelect. Will KB 1 & Whitney i» also slated for some po- aiuoa • " .President, Harrison, it hi stated, has determined to leave unulledthe Vacant mls- aionataltalt, Portugal, and Switzerland also tha assistant swretarysShlpa of the treasury vacated by Messrs. Cmunaeand Nettleton. Ex-Chairman Tom Carter, It is thought, (nay »turn to the lapd oifice Which he Vacated to takeeaftrgV^f th«rcam' paign. and'nold it for the regaining hundred days of Harrjson's adniiaistration, if ha go desires, ft is stated .that with .the single exception Of Secretary Husk all the members of tha .cabinet had Intimated to the president their intention of resigning qn, tfi* 4th oJMarch; hence their jfilans will not be materially disarranged. The probability is discussed of the president paying i* visit to his daughter and.son-ln-' ' and Mrs. McKee, in- Boston, Vwforo returning to IndianapollB and the \y»titfce <»f law. FREE 9IUVER ftMtrart, Kyla^antl r*ff«p l,tl(*ty tq Htil* N^jf^OBK, Nov^ li;—More thaiftorty- eight hours aft*r the-polls have closed it is irtlll lmpossibla r «b give the status ^f th* several partitatn thi Fifty-third congress offlciaffy. The developments at 'the day tend to" confirm to the point-of absolute cartalnty the statement that tha baUtnM of power in the next sgjate will be held by tihe third party, although Uy a narrow margin. Tha Democrats will gala senators Ju Nete York, Wiaronsla, Wyoming and California, givinB them forty-threw: Republicans will return a successor to Senatoi Paddock from Nebraska a«d also to Ssna* \tit Perkins, from ^Kaijsatf, 'dUitough the legiAlamre In this state is still cMmed by tk» Farmers' AlUaocd Tha legislatures of ounuesota and Mlchl.ofaa h»v* ~ of general duBngtha woewi, '• ' " •* •^••r^w •^^"•^^^••aflp p *m.'? iimgf*ty , A Wegranifrom Washington says; . ^, o Bj Mosst, w,ho resigued from th? stat*. supreme fe^pi «f MipWgaa tio*ru» for ^oy- acnor,^and did BO «t the pejsoaal request of 3oa M. Picklnsoft, Is pramineBtly njea- tianed as Mr. Cle.veliMad J s choice forsecre- taryofwar. Judge Mome has » good »c- ° pnjy Forty-Two K«publi«aui». The Republican strength in th«aenatei« thna reduced to forty-two, leaving to Seaa- lopsPeJIer Kyle atuTSfewart (who wlU succj^dblmsleil^ftnom Neviwlii), the. power to control the orRanizmlmri by alllajica with either ot the .partiek.-TJie exjwctatipn to that they will operate wuh t4w Democrats in- $hls.matt«f. U(i to qujd»i«ht • the result ia congfeaslpniU districts In New Hampshire, .Ohio, Michigan. Minnesota, fCebraak*, Kansas «ad GaJifonita- was°u»- aettled, the figures apt;- having been. ie- reported. Tb*. probabilities are that'the strength in the ni&xt house- of representatives will stand 818 Democrats, 138 Bepab- ljcaM,-andlienrPppuiist8. zJ ^ .- wiu YpjUC, Nov. U.—Several hundred letters an4 telegrams were received, by Cleveland at his residence yesterday mom- ing. A mtaber also-came addressed to Baby Ruth. Cleveland remained at home all morning/ He refuses to be interviewed with regard fo the result" pf the election. ClevelaAd^a private secretary alro denied that the forjner was preparing a letter to the public. He voluteered th* information that this step was^onsidered Wednesday, and that Cleveland decided »ot to write SOME REPUBUCAN COMMENT. Tb«,.|r«Uowa Wlio Got Leit atato How It U«|>p«ned. , ney QeneraJ Miyer said: "I,told you yeateiv day tiwt they bad JtlUed th d child, tk appears this morning th*» thfo^d momaaiii dead' also, and that bo^ offspruig and maternity will be burled iutbeijme «j».ve, Tbe McKinley jariff law U a measure e^ aentially forth? JEuturf, and in order to properly enforce ft iomebody mtwtfoeli ill effects. AU measure int*nd«l' for hi early stages of perf ectiow. T The taiiff law, was moat nnpppujar at the most unf ortu- ~ How jftftt KpsJI Says tt W «a>. - CHICAIJO, .Nov. n.—Secretary Jeremiah M, Ttna^j ffn ^ju yf.y l*fp\ to tyashingt aftervottngfox Harrison at his r horn* in WiaconsiB, was at the Grand Pacific yes, *W« were cleaned out, that's all |R about, it," lie said, rejrerriug to Tuesday. *ln my opioion tb» twdff was ft» whole and soile.cauae of it. f here had be*aa howl about ^ a.borJBjg class d Uoonw to rent over John ^XM¥'«*W BIO- FIGURES IN COOK tne Le£l»latara Stands. , ' CmCAOd, Nov. il.-^Accordlng to the re- ttutaa'so'fiirreccfvedboth branches of the' Heart tUJnois legl^ature will b^ Democratic by slight'tnajbrities, th'e senate] standing twenty-seven Democrats to twenty-four Republicans." while the bouse is seventy- seven Democrats to seventy-six Republicans. The majorities in «Oook county aro phenomenal. Afmt fftheni ate as follows: Altgeld, go i>rv» r, 30,978; Gill, lieu* tenant gowrnojv ^ > ;A Htnrichsen, secretary of state, S7»S«; Uyre, auditor, «L60H: Maloney, attorney ueueral. S6,«W; Ramsey *tate treasurer. 84,«5i: cohgre*»men-at- ' s .. , W),aOO; Hunter, 80.790. O» tb« County Tloket. . et,Q& county, offices vfeie a. ' thousand smaller in some casesj but in one cosa Iwjjrtvthim the high^t 011 tb« state ticket. Iflae fl'fp, some o£ tkem: Ktjra, state's j«t«ffiey^ SC,T09; corojier, 20,770;y Cha^ • recorder, ^Griffln, superior court clerk, JU',890. of the superior aa\itti Ji»nas kut, 80,0^6; Jf. 0< .Ewing, !i9,SK; Ketelle, «8,96l; Gogglu, S7.4W; Stela, «iT t 19S; Sugg, 3W JZhree Democrats and one Republican are .elected members of the state board of «quallx«tion, with the -following plurali» ties, so far as completed: McKnl«ht.' (Rep.) l f «13. aritl.tbe following Democrats- S^S*^ W»f IWnjMui, ,«,(»T; Martin, 8,10: ThajDWinci»n^jri»tcompleted will not materially change fheaa'flgures. aMaan Elert«d. the congressmen fleeted- A|large,:John . O. Black and Andrew J. Hunter, Dems; First district, /.. Frank Aldrich, Rep.; SecQod,-Ls,wreuce fc. Mt-« Gann, Dem-i Third, Allan C. Durborow. Jr., Dftto.j, Fourth, Julius Goldzier. Dem • ""^ Albfrf :4T. Hopkins, Rep;VSlwh, Rpl>- . Httt, Rep.; $eyentb. Thomas J rflbn. Rep,; JSIghth. L«wia Steward, .; Ninth, Ifamilton K. Wheeler, Rep • Tenth, Philip Jt° Post, Rep.; Eleventh mniajnin F. M*wh, Rep.; Twelfth, Jo J^MoDonald, Dem.; Thirteenth, Willia Mf. Springe?, .Dem.; FourteentU, Oysiu" Scott, Dem.; Fifteenth, Joseph O. Cannon, Rep.; Sixteenth, Grorgw . W. I'Hthian, Dem.; Seventeenth, Edward. Lane, Dem.; Eighteenth, William S. Fotiuua, Dem • Nineit«euth,, Ja,mes R. vWiUlatosT Dem.; Twentieth, George W. Smith; IN K «o*u Abput 4,t)OO. party, assisted by .the iiempfetots haveoer-" tahily elected the* Weaver'efecjtqrs, the entire,state ticket and eongressinan-at- ' <? f|ge by a majority of »t leas't.4,000. T^K-»- •• • [s practically conceded -by the Republicans^ . Th* Republicans have* elected Case Brocl- ^X .aricav in the First-district, ». HrFunstDn-ijr ^ tJie,.Second and ChagU^s Qurtts in fb? • Ponrtb. The Populists havw elected T ' J. Hudson .in the ^hird dfetrict; John Davis in the Fifth; W. M. B*ker in thu StrtJhu Jerry_Slmpaon in the Seventh, And 'A Hepablloan JT»U|t Sefrnioi,.-, fte legisuitujre the Populists, electsd, twenty'three-amiatora ami the Jtte- T " lKM '-"« seventeen. ^- lu the house . oorate-Aie pledged to vote forth* I6a« caiididate for Uuii«l Sjt»ty.s senator, a^ng been elected wjtli tlit aid of Ks- publicans. Tbls'^iveW thP'-R«P«Wieans n majority of three oq joint ballot and,-fri- •ores- theelectiou «f a Republican to vav-' «siaor j» BisUoo ^."Parkins. [Will jou part with your dar- ^ -, ™ ,,_ ^ ^-'Jilnp r- babies •• in , br <jati on you£ druggist fpr >jr. Sharpsteen'8 Lav^niaer Oin.niept ^Aatnm^lM Bals^nii medicio*' tha ve UT6& when doctors fail 4o Weoi Group v F f. f^E ^**r " »F ^ «"" P| SH!"" i, JLunjK Fever and ,_i Sil .,^ j^jjeyea'an^ cures , _^..-,,. Fever, W oopiog i, Hore Thrbat. Bums. S «t!d$ a?d r aJBlqtioni, 35 sud 60 oenta.or >y«a}it D*T " tflip U&jrshall. ChlldrenCryfor Pitcher^ Castorla. Cts per Ib,

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