The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on July 5, 1893 · Page 2
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 2

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 5, 1893
Page 2
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eS3«*f'?»<gg>.!jS ( SfV*,^, • K'" ', ;"-v /•;"•. >"'• - TUB tofeoNtcnk, TIJE DAtlY CHRONICLE a cn-tia in ner forms, btte supped and 'ell wider the car. The eljEM was Cut n two #M one of the legs of the mother Wag cni off. She has since died. , S UBSOHIFWON, Dally, on* yenr through P.O.. .94 76 <l«*ltv«re<i. 10 rrrttft per^*** received at 'the office of t>nb AlOS-ES. Pnbtlsnir, Mt«n ir,i State ntraet One Hundred and Thirty Miners Entombed. 10:3 OF LIFE MAY BE VEBY HEAVY, Explosion Occurred at Ingrain'* Col- v-.llery at TUorulilll—Four Undies flnve So Far Been Recovered—The. Pit Badly ""Blocked With tlie Debris. f LONDON, July 5.—Great excitement has been caused in ThornhUl» York' shire, by an explosion that occurred in Jngram's colliery. One hundred and thirty miners .are entombed and it is feared jthat the'loss of life will bo heavy. Rescuing parties' are hard at work and four bodies have been''recovered and brought to the surface: Thepit^it - badly blocked with.fallen rock, dirt and timbers, and the process of the rescuing parties is therefore slow. ,lt is feared that .the men whd, escapee death in the explosion of firedamp will be feuffocated by the chqkedamp unless speedily rescued.. The.Scenes usual at th« pis, mouth in the case t.vf mining a<x cidents are being repeated in Thornhiil, and '^onsidef able trouble is experieacetl . in keeping those having relatives or friends in the .mines• from interfering the work of the rescuers. HEAVY An Entire FIRE LOSS. Burned lit PotroUa, Block Poilnsylvaiila. '" PETROUA, July 5,—A fire broke out at 1 o'clock this morning in the Kilroy block and burned the entire block. Then it burned up the, boilterhouse above Jhe railroad track, to the Oriental hotel and Pittsburg and Western Railroad depot and on Main street from the corner above Mrs, Lenahan's store to the corner on Argyle street. Owing to the water plug being open near where the fire started it was impossible to utilize the waterworks. The fire was got under control wholly by the efforts of the bucket brigade. . The loss on alLthe buildings and contents is estimated at §300,000. There is half this amount placed in insurance western Pennsylvania. ~"FOOTPADS. • '• ? a Windsor Clt- Blown Off. GRAND RAPins.«Jttly 5.—The first accident on account of the Fourth of July sccurred 'here Monday, night. George Oelnay, aged 23^ came in the way of a :annon firecracker. His right hand was blown off afj the wrist. StATE ITEMS. John Ppry will rebuild bis big dock ftfe ibe Soo at n co^of *100,000. lieftton Harbor people have finally succeeded in raising the $50,000 for bonmes for factories.' Fred M.,Tcwn«<oiid of Coldwater has accepted 'a position 'us sul>ptfnteiident of Marahail schools. An unknown man was kilted by a Cht- cngo nhd West Miol'.igrvn train near St. Joseph, I'Vom nppujiranees he was a tramp. . The now electric railway at Maniafee hiw been completed as far as -East lake, a distance of IQitiiloa. , • - Balloonist DrowneVl. O.SUUA, July 5.—Roy Elslet, a balloonist, aged 24, made an ascension from Courtland Beach, on Cut-Off lake. His parachute failed. to work properly and he fell in the Missouri river. His body did not reappear. Twenty-Six Kilted. T • ST. PETERSBURG, July 5.—The steamer Alfohs', with quite a number of passengers on " hoard, was approaching Romanov when her boiler? exploded, killing 26 passengers. Among^the dead ate General Petrnshewski. • , / Convention of Kansas Silver Men. TOPEKA, July 5.—"A. C. Shinn of Ottawa, vice president for Kansas of .the American Bimetallic league, has issued a call .for a state convention to be held in Topeka, July 26, in the interest of Bilver.agitation. ' . . ' •. itcavy Cliecso J'allure. . PRESCOTT, Ont., July 5.—J. E. Thompson & Company of this place, one of the largest cheese nrmsi in the country, has assigned. .During the past fortnight the firm has purchased between §60,000 and $70,000-worth of cheese, and as a, result a good inany factorymen are likely to heavily. K«d entrant*.. Now is the titae to order your red cat rants. They are large fc,nd extra, nice Leave orders with, I. S. Peters at the store, 209 State street, or residence, 53 N. Marshall avenue, or drop a postal in the postoilicc. Orders will receive prompt attention. Notice. To accommodate the people ill the west end, 1' will leave fresh bread, cake, pies and cookies every day at the new restaurant, opposite I he American lann dry JAS MCKELLAR All persons are notified not 'to dump any more garbage in fhei'streets. - •• Htwti, Marshal. [fi "17w Niagara fain Soutt." TIMETAuLE, JUNE 18, 1893. TKAINS liST. Ktf'At'c C. E Je-flries, piano turner of Albion a in this city, prepared to tuiie, clean, and repair pianos -and orga'tii in" a satis nctorv manner. Leave orders at the JHUONICLK ofllCC » . ' • . , Notice. ••• The Eureka bakery's wagon makes iaily tripsto ail parts of the c(ty,cairv b(r a full line of bread, cakes, pies and cookies. All orders will recewe pj-ornpt attention. , JAS. ChtotgO, Ly Ealunaeoo...... ,*08 Battle Creek.;.. 848 Marshall,Dp..< 8 i Albion 80 TBAIHB WEST <5Etc< a.m. 815 11 4" .18 Albion .. Marshall Uattle Uf't 1 2. liaUmaisoo a 08 hlc»jro,Ar 7 85 . p.m. m __ »0ally O. W. RUOUUKtt, Gen. PMt. /» Tl •Jifo.A .f»BKBon. Freight A<BUI, • ,. O. R. O&BORN. Ti'kii AK«-. >at Jatofi 5,000 spring and summer have arrived. Call and select' you» summer suit or pants. Better cho cf than piece goods Gall arid ,exum"'c before buying. Quality and prict t< -Uit at ; ' • ' TED'S, the tailor, , Over Fletcher's 8tire. Time table taking efieot JnnoM paee Harsball •» ioli«>*'» ' TtLUKS OOlNl. K« < " . • .No. iK, Toledo•Eiprcsu .... S, Cincinnati .Express.. ...-,• •• .1, Mall and ttxptess „'. •ft. Local Frotght,......., Good summer wood at ut C. T. Grant's 75 per cord • ' • / DETROIT'S I KOAin UttWll , • ChlfdreiTCryfor Ditcher's Castorla. Or. Bennett. Specialist of Chronic Diseases, will be at the Herndon Saturday. July 8th. . Free consultation m German and English. A T . B.—Such cases as have failed to receive benefit clsewliere are especially de sired So. SS, Mall and Bxiireaa.. .. " 3, Olnolnnati A B. C, " 84,'BrpruBB. ..... V 28. Local Prel»;l.t,... All. train* dally oicepi -<u .j »u i .(HI..I •• 70 a ." 44 a 0 8 a P. 68 83 ' Clnolnuti wliti Trtilne HI auu «x u»k teltb with thb U rt. « C. & W. M tor Ur^MO polnta Durth ' V H. UUAKth . •T. « . M. U. it. M.1/E, Agi,., Three of TJieiu Holtl Up . Izen. WINDSOB, Ont,f July Grant, while returning to his home on Dougal avenue, about '1.0 o'clock at night, was stopped by three hard loo'k- ing. characters and ordered to give them the contents of his. pocket. When he objected the men seized him and he ehouted for help. Officer Mahoney hove iu sight and the men took to their heels. At. the corner of Church and London streets Mahouey overtook them, but as soon as he grabbed one another pulled a revolver and fired. The shot just grazed the temple of the officer and cut through the skin, but he 'held his man and turned -hiia over tp ; rgeant Kash. He then made a search for the others, but they could not be found, Two Misslonarie* Mundt-rcd. •,. LONDON,' July 5. — A dispatch H« g Kopg reports another ouvureak against inissionarit;s in China. The dispatch says a' niob of natives attacked two Swedish missionaries named \\ ickholm and Johannbeu at Machegel, 60 miles from Hankow, and killed them. ,No further details are given, b^t the murders are supposed to have been due} to the anti-foreign placartla that have hitherto caused inuch trouble for th'e • foreigftroisaionarieB Eesidiiig in China. from The arranging of, details for the great Blue Uibbon uiwting of the • Detroit Driving Club arc fast approaching com- pleti'(jn. Elegantly illustrated posters and window hangers, setting forth the progra'mme ami dates of the meeting .ornament the bill-boards .and other available places, not only in every town and city of importance throughout Michigan, but ne?gHboring states and the provinces as well. The most cheering reports are received at the secretary's office from horsemen, from Maine to California, signifying their intention to take part in the great carnival sport during the third week in July. Some of the most noted trotters and pacers on the turf will' contest for the rich purses hung up by the club. For obvious reasons their names are, withheld for the present, but after July 3 they will be given to the public. Nearly, all of the leading stables -of America ^,1 nave representatives in. one or niore .of the, great events of the week. Already Stable accommodations aje being spokj en for, and early next week there will be a gathering of horses here such as never was seen before on' the grounds' of tjbe Detroit Driving Club. For the five special pTirges that are cloSed entries have beea received to Children Cry fot Pitcher'* Castorla. World's Columbian Kxpositlon. Tbe Michigan Central will sell tickets frora Marshall to Chicago and return at rate of seven dollars and thirty cents for the round trip, limited to Nov. 5tb. Children under 12 years of age, half fare. Tickets not good on 1, 4, 19 or 20. TRUSSES A full assor.meut ol sizes. The' best kinds and at reasonable rates Truses fitted without charge for fitting at GREENE'S Drug Store 252 West State MARSHALL. MICH. For the accommodation of people liv ing in the west end A, Watson will sell Keuchle's bread and cakes fresh, at 10 O'clock every morning. N.. A. Sherman, the old reliable universal auctioneer, is prepared to attend sale's of'all kinds. He sells anything and everything, Lpusebold. goods farms, cit> property, stocks of goods of all kinds, ,and uiakes a specialty of farm sales. If you ha-ye anything; to sell call and see him. WAJffS, FOUND, E1C. i»Twenty cents a week for each nolle* not ex deeding ttvo Unei. No charge le«i tb»B twemty cents, • •' V^OB HENT-About Jaly 10th, anew home on J? West Hanover rtieai. for paiUooUn •&• quire of Charles hi. Noueman. : <?alverl.y Beat* v NU.OAKA FALLS, ,OPO people e»w O < form some wooderftd feat8 v on You can always find the best Cigars at Greene's Drug store, Call and Try Them, T7«OB faAt.K7-A new .binger towing machine. r Will be «old at a thrgatn. Kaqulre of U. A. HoeltzeiatBioneba»n. ' 9 ' • pBSB TO RBNT-On Weat Mantton t.treet. W -bituaUo^i wanted by a oumpetsnt lady M vegetable oook or diah in a hotel or reutaurttut. Please enquire M No. kOU F OUND—A lady's gold watch. Owner can ob- tiun same by , roving property aud paylag chargea. Call at Cathcarts jewelry store. Injure .a larg<f 5j|eld o.f horses, an.d these are'atfded ^entries to the -ten I r PVlolciT*a»Cia'l* regular classes, some estimate can bel ilAOlCbisOOi,! found of the magnitude of the ~' ing that will take place, July 17, 2Q, 3i» X*as.t year was &-yeay,of performances; ^ this' season to be Bttll more so,, Horses I OST— Friday at the uwtnunlng hole, a gold JL4 bond riug. Tbe nud«r will be suitably rewarded by returning tie same to G. 0. Brewer at Brewer's store. • •' CHBAP-Two dealrable boildinif lota, Went Hauevo'r otrest. For term* ma- to Ueo. JU. Wane. : • . Mttb. A V VOUNL. M-4N Wttuw » 0 r». f\. light woik. S»l*ry no object. oi any M. t |j>Ult fc>AUi— iluuac and t«o u. tt. bu«aei ' . X street. i.nquUc oi MIH. i«suaii.y. a>i between tha lowest HYDE'S bruer atore ceiyerewwd, a>ib Jk^r«h«at and Mit >.udar tu.a W roouujui :tsi oiliuk. . boi Ui,

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