The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington on November 10, 1892 · Page 6
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The Daily Chronicle from Centralia, Washington · Page 6

Centralia, Washington
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 10, 1892
Page 6
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1 *, *."•( rilL DAILY /"\ Jj Ju^JLdlwL m^mm—mt ..... ^. ... - 'V" !N 4HE INTEREST OF 110 "\ k N: t fc \*» To the peop e of MargiiaU and"viqintt.v. ' country adverting something for nothingand; We Wish^to make it known,that we arfc In the making fish of litt^peppler * ' ' * > . RACE for to see/who can reii the inost goods. W0 are constantly moving a branch store Our money'if .mvesad; we canHr-aflord ,to take from citato city getting rid ofoui* old goods in last or second^laee, but shall fight for first. this turay. When you. see an advertisement of However; understand \x&, we a^e not he*e to bankrupt stock* great sacrifice sriles etc.* out,of giv^good/away nor do we b,>ast of having large the Reason for them/ look out, That means if bankrupt stock or anything, of the kind. Oh,.iio, they catch their man they tfill bump his head, friend^ Who has had more experience than we We.fte here to stay., It would not do to take have in the way of gojng around through the advantage of our trade in that way. STOCK IS NEW \ tm» <j«J y t,n rn i»i.»rl elM beUniHU"fatiu,w>Vh to branch the largest proportion of oty- stopk wa<i trianiU'aQtured by Miner, Bea! & fit]' will)"a Co. of Uostoif, one of tho eldest, larg^ 4 ' *"& ***<&} reliable manufacturers that* in tho oast Wa n)s<> harulle fho *'-u i \ f • " * As the old and uno<'5>ir»blo .stores. Wo have Visited ^H close eye fo? batgahis. S^akitirj of thf • 'NEVER''WEAROUT PANTS;AND OVERALLS An,d if -oew pair assortment your moViey. rawl ur f. .IP. <ir a i.ur^n/omiK^IT t moan* fr e * lead. Fourth,-, we mil al*o forfeit *5QO to anyone that can ob'tain crbdit ami d.n- sav. th<^ brsl at-Qur'.storrf., : We iidv^i-iije i.n thfd way that it ma* bc.i*n',-»lL ,,,,•: . . » • , * • • - ' ' ' ' - fc '".•• ' ' • '" 'm • r •''.''• ' ' • ' •• ' " ° .•• _'.'•''-''• i d t,d'-'ilir-ci v, irhil/xvi'li hj^xthait^eithprn F(-»r . aiid' op'.thja basitj u'<rcan nnd -.will well jroods for less inortttytnan th'e v man ^buy -culra'nu ^u '. m HI tt see iu \vhal a v«iy->vho meets with^ftujro or tesis"losses from year to year and-iong standing, satisfactory way we are Qonutreimir c ur. rru\>iin ss 1- jrist we ivwen them a\ b6ok accounts. It'.iyoti. are ti'0d uji to 'Sbm6 friend because you pwfi-hiin low as can bfe had for spot cash f^y. uiutiufa'cUirie^. Sc^oiul, we liave >e- pj^y that fr.end; get ont of his i-.lutches if you; have; to pinj.'{jig interest cently.marked rvery •« tulv frtim » piwirvoi' MispemliM's to'a\e»«H of.clotliea Th<in see 'how it seems tjt>'-be-iridtfptJrident iiid see''y^tA't you will.gaiu' in plain figures, s-o any mail, M'<|n)iiii nr cTviKl .iiiny purchase and •at'the from yd^r to year. ..Thvre is no love in business.—it's a-matter of dollar* ' pettier-. Third, j '--"-" . ^ wish to state further that o-ir goods are niftrked so low thateV6i;y rself have fnrfe.t §50() IP arTyHitn jn pric^ from what-tbey'are tm.rked in sell t'ur. and flesh of the bther. In other word-;! - a deviation and cents. s not fish of oi>e \ ord-;! -wv ; ,d.o- uwt -•.•a^v^ii §-'8 for a gar- article leaving us will make a call for another.- Call and see for yourself ment we can sell for 112, ' It also im'tuis strict -ry <me priced allv and vve \\ T e\^ujd:vbe short sighted to have them mj>rked tco h4£jb; better hav say boldly lei. competition go I'olyw us U'ttvy fa ». We urevbi-mnd to t h4m. too, lo.w> ' \ JRespeetfully, ' . ' PS. New Goods Arriving Daily. * ' HOWU & BROOKS. WHAT WE ALL KNOW. Tb* man that keeps posted about all'lila nctgfa> N f. \. »»>«>. ' * ' av-.-i-f, -IT authlng ttjey do but u-i tiim is soon known. ' . :. BlKUin,-' ..NeglecU bla own btaneas ter dp others favors- He cannot, In reasou.^Utend tQ hia ovy'n. Tha cljap wUo keepa talking, preventing. W* brothers,* , ' . , .- ... • ! r-vQaisa IgperupcO to blip, niubt qbbtlnate cling, B*d?n»e lie's too busy, lastructin' all others. To over hisself learn a dadKabted UilDg. J 'Hue n i!-. «i i vras <»»)) l> is d its di The chap that keeps th,re&t*nln', wit^ never-eridln', % Abootwhai bo's goto' ler do4n the fall, \ If. t&h3eller whoso pants i; a gpla' ter nee.L f mendlii <• i Before th,e ilrat blasu of the first earl; squall. ( The feller Xhiit bovv»ilu%yu Xh« niebkest beforo When fortune's big- sun Jz a floo<,iia'. your crown. v ' Will be the first chap fnr to lash ye andMcore ye Wbenever bad fort ut)e shu.ll 11 ample j e du\\a. driftwt out nf wls ' lie Hrij- no )(i-i It ti<f qwl OV.TUIII- ,\ ci^li! U.JVs u' t-ii off. i.'.-i[n? Wuce en \ ii«n\\ul --i uuiing > iliU t Tltc )4M>«t tut, has of HHOlUing VP»a fn Ciller find ha* uut The feller that's loaiiist in giv iu 1 self glory In practical pttitjy oft b nioat lux;_ The feller thr.t'a longest In'tellin' ^ story "• fa nlggardiy ehort whffn ho'fttneasuria' —James Novl Johnson in !>>»' Vcrk Huraid. "1 O|>i-iatoj. yoU\ J T I ?Ctf\ -isomo "fakf" Oper- 1 ator st!U«t((j tfif st*ry H'toidilF tlut Rev and Mrs T IStAVitt ltilni(\ge lijid disip pitied altd t(i it it, \va-, undii^UrtJd Mia TalOui^' wa)> in-Jiue, 'Uwj whoif thillg Ha.s I ll>' MltltOUl 4 Mli^ltt UtUlK t" hiawr. upon ^^is '(ilnhijte is in pi-rfv' t J Btaltli, buiiil^ and riViit.ttly, aad neither bbi! uOf her hiibbajid li<i> di^apiiearfd' in any di-gui Seeing is ; Believing." ^^ • , ^B^^ , ^i«^ And a good lamp must be simple; when. it is not simple it is ^ot good. Simple, Beautiful, Good— these } words mean much, but to see " The Rochester " will impress the truth more forcibly. All metal, t9«gh.and seamless, and made in three pieces only -it\is absolutely sa/tand unbreakablt,. Like Aladdin's 6f oldj it is indeed a «' wonderful lamp, w foritsraa velous>Jight is purer and brighter than gas Hgh softer than electric light and more cheerful tha£ Sir. iipurgiuou*!) MuthuU. It was Spurgc^uj'h cuAtpgj-u? dvtt-r «i« t^ Bible preparafiou until tiitturday CN> tin:-.' Frequently when viisitiuyj Lip»-ou tLai,4u> usual day for seeing frkoil'j, -I hu\e ijaqulred ^what hia bubject w^s ta be morning, and he has replied that he no more than myself, awl ba-s u^kc-d me w> sagged a text. I asked How M would s« i ••about it apd he said in substance: .. '-fAfte? 6 a'clock faw,iy w'yrfeJaip.I bid my ' frienda good Bight ap4 ,-t»fce ,* turn in xh<- gardeja or my study.'-revolvi^i suvirul testa. Presently one strik-ea aae v and 1 , . Wbcoi Baby was sick, we getto her Oastorja, When siife was a Child, she' criod f tir. Castoria, AVhen she became Miss, she clung; to Castoria. *iicn 4>e l^ad Cfcil&ren, she gave HUMPH REVS' "This PIUSCIGUS OINTMENT \s> ^he write on ^ page pf nqta paper a brief .out- triumph of Scientific line of thought. Then-' whatever my , ; j^olhing has ever been produced & Ubrary can owpply. ^Tha language- <:ome>« n -• ; r ^ mna ' tt . with it wh«ppreac!hjng. This for tJlitr Corning. I •equai,Qr.<,ompaf6 vviujit •W l^iQM *M,%fU*^**f **{?* •A.'Mkia J W* V^HdW f«^^fc«4JA4^l A J , " . M - . do the eEroe oo Sunday nffceHiiciejj.for tjje and J *EAUSGAVPUC'ittQJ«v It 119,3beett eyemug. PeopleWy l"am original:' No; J, ^sed 40 years $A(1 always afford? relief • use all the good.tinug* of otters I can lay an d always gives . satisfaction. IkAlJT d*f r •fil/^vvta fif rv\\r I-\*»iit,Vi Wtit* uv^^viil *.tt-»-»* ' -*~ •»- * _„- r bold of. Some of my brethreo Bpeud op ft«wp 4aje writing their serpis. 4. ba'ye " Ibis. Advantage, that I can be reading tyicl getting; raaterial all that tiiie.'' It would be absurd to infer tliat he waj>' not original becaJose he in.adeuseof tbu reeearcbes and suageBtion'a.of other nduds. Tbi« is 4obe by all speakers on Bttt he ieJd In solution,' cpystaljiatd around own thought and shaped itself to ititti, not |teonic.-HGood Words. Cures Pjtuts or or Liternal, Blind or'Blteding—-Itching and Burning; Cracks or-Fissures; PMu3ai»Anoj ' Wunps of the Rectum, 'ffae relief is immediate—the cuj-e certain. - ' WITCH HAZEL OIL Cures BURNS, Scalds and Ulceratm and Cures BOILS,- Hot- Tumors,' UlceraTRa- U.ou£e\¥i&!,(ia the Wtuhenj—Coot, Sore Nipples. Price, 5Q Cents. or CA^CIEB BREASTS ar- <* aluabldv ' Tnal sing, 35 ier. Look fpr this stamp— THB ROCHESTER. If the laipp dealer has n't the («naln« Rochester, and the style ydu want, send to us for our tuftf tllustrated catalogue, Land we will fiend you a lamp safely by express— your choice of over 2 } OQO I varieties from the tersest Lamp Store tit Ike tfortif. , 4? Wac*, New York CUf. " "The Rochester, J. S. WHITE & GO fot C om). uj t, Support and Iiii» J-'ormj and combines tli» t featurea ot Cor«ut ' from the empires «f Ja'pa-P', .UjM,..Turkey and Persia, our t>liu*v \viDitows. Si4uct your beforii', i tlicj intock i\ hr.okmn ' SOHIJ lis-l.tfars Wfek: Iiupenul, ]Cbirs iooepts; Sav.iti, (j b^ars 25 cunts, Old, •ouolry,' <i,haiM 2,'j cents;~\|u( en Aune, I « bars 25 cents. Cuiicura. .'41 cents,; 4T11. ' •ipakes, 50 cents; white castile, JO «eht«;; 'bferoyn «<jld'''ireatu jiitftt glyueriue,' 101 JACKSON FAVORITE 0.0,0. WOT •Wits j, g. WHITE & GO: Isimuch wornbr wowen mlase* unable V> ajtgo.rous gurment FITTWO, c. M • t-r* net Corset Po., coal gt *»e ,»,. Butlw's store.' , r "W C «EV£»H RELIEF AND LASTINB Yf!- yp\j that ?t.wm promptly »Uf ^•^^ ^ijp W ^* *^*^w ^^p*' of PUes, External, Internal, Bleeding, TBIAt PAC Hundreds ofyoju/mea and woman received.] UiL-ir sttrt iv iif-'itt the K. 8, C. To farmers Uflys and glrltf LhU cuurfe uf p'acllcal uwtruc tlon tft'-»otbea\rr We etftll be plt»a**(J to 'bd^e you eall al to an, address poclage & address

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