Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas on May 31, 1961 · Page 3
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Del Rio News Herald from Del Rio, Texas · Page 3

Del Rio, Texas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 31, 1961
Page 3
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Kennedy Must Wrestle With De Gaulle's Dreams By JAMES MAR LOW Aisociat«d Pr«ss News An«lyst | WASHINGTON' (AP) — p rc si- ; dent Kennedy must wrestle \vith another man's dream in hb, con- 1 versations with President Charles! tie Gaulle in Paris today. It's DC - Gaulle's dream of a new, great; and grand France. '. i The enormously dignified ! some might say vain—French-i man is 70 now. And for ihe rest ; of his life, oven if he lives to • 90, it's a dream not likely to be! realized. ; Although the United States and • Russia are the i only two great? powers now; it's Red China, not I France, which is moving up. Except as Do Gaulle sees it, there is no likely spot for Prance in the top echelon of world DOW-" crs during the next quarter cc-n- lury. So the two presidents are not apt to settle much. At best : they may understand each other' more. . I At worst De Gaulle may he : hardened a Irlt'io mfire in both ' his dreams and his obssinaey.' Neither man can walk into the \ meeting room and lay a bowi of recent triumphs on the table to impress the other. Fresh in De Gaulle's memory is ' Kennedy's disaster '.van the Cuban invasion, the erosion of American power and prestige in Laos. ' the Russian -space flight which made the American space j flight look secondary. j unquestioned leadership. Kennedy, in turn, will be facing I NW France is back on her feet a man, 26 years his senior, whose own recent troubles may in the end overwhelm him. DC Gaulle barely squeaked through the generals' revolt in Algeria where .the possibility of a new. wirier and bloodier revolt is still very real. After three years of talking, De Gaulle stilt has not brought peace there. and is developing her own nuclear power. American nuclear monopoly.- broken by Russia, no longer exists. Therefore, it is politically realistic for De Gaulle to assert French power and concern about American leadership since the United Stales no-longer can guarantee France against Russian at- SHff Del Roan Named WASHINGTON (AP) —Secretary of State Dean Rusk said today the free world must arm io meet Communist aggression ~ at every level from the thermonu- Because De Gaulle is 70 and! lack. clear holocaust to assassination in the jungle. • Rusk opened the administra- To Space Program DEL RIO NtW3-Hf*MI>, Del Rio's gct.-ng into the space act through one of her sons, Lt. ! Colonel Arthur S. Ucinhart. j: Colonel Keinlutrt, son of Mr lion's argument , for a ^billion !—'— r T fctatart^bf . foreign aid program by teUmg the ; w t strick!and £lm;ti is one tf Colonel Reinhail, who was,reared here, was vaiediclorian of his high school class when he graduated hero 35 years ago. He was awarded: the Air Force Commendation Medal for his work Nikita Reaches LONDON (AP)—Soviet Premier Khrushchev reached Czechoslov*- kia by train today en route to Vienna to meet President Kennedy, the Soviet news agency Tass said. He is visiting the country^ it said, "at the invitation of the Czechoslovak government." There is speculation Khrushchev may hold a Communist suai- „ ,_. . ~ . .. f, -. r H*-^*- UW H_iVl«*»HJ l-VJH,!., *J «»»«_ V* ; V^ U U 1 I H^HU H I lull 11l(~Ual * W1 11 *o T,wk.-» ^ -^ _ Senate Foreign Relations Commit-j 20 Ajr Forcc . of fi cc ,- rs selected io in his'previous assignment and: nit meeting m Czechoslovakia us «„,.- '.\v» ,.«., •• aff«wj • «„• dn «h*i i :_.... • j he ' has _ been , attonding the War i Preparation for his talks Saturday , tee: "We can afford to do what j attcnd a nine , lllonth Education- has to be done. ! with-lndiistry program aC a leavl- •ight, said * session "Is possible, tat M fi we- know, Botfaiag is ewtafcr J«t" in Warsaw, the Polish ' Pra*c Agency reported that Zewm ka a member of the Polish munlst politburo and the ^ckwe*t aide to party chief Wladyslaw G«- muJka, flew to Prague Tuesday. -lndiistry program If the United States fails to un- | j n g United States missile manj- j College at Max-.vcll Air Force Bate dertake a sufficient effort, Rusk { facturins concern. . the history of France sincfc World! But De Gaulle puts himself in War II has been a history; of in- ' the position of a prima donna stability and 'unpredictability, I when he demands equal say-so Kennedy must feel as he talks i with the United States in the North to the French president: ) Atlantic Treaty Organization— What will any promises from i NATO— but docs not contribute me to him or from him to me ! the number of French divisions mean if he should disappear i ^ATO needs, pulls his Navy out from the- scene tomorrow? Will j of NATO's Mediterranean fleet, new- generals take over? Will • and undermines the United -Na- France even remain a democ- j tions by refusing to contribute racy? i France's share of keeping peace! It's this very uncertainty and j in the Congo. j long instability which would make i Kennedy cannot afford a split | Congress reluctant to let France j with the Frenchman— for the sake ] have American atomic weapons ! of the NATO alliance and be- j [ or a say-so on the use of those I cause he needs maximum \\Vst- 1 5 weapons, both o!J which De Gaulle I ern unity when he talks this next; i uould like. , j weekend with Premier Khru- i I Kennedy: therefore : can' hardly j shehev in Vienna. • ; ; soothe him by, proniijing . either. ! Nor can France afford to go iK I After the war, when America ! alone, \vith Russia watching her! had both an economic and nu- \ over the rim of Eastern Europe. {in Alabama for the past year, (came from Moscow by way of 1 Colonel liL'jnharl and his family] Kiev and Lvov, where he slopped said, it must expect the failure of! He will report in the fall !o'p!an to visit his parents in Del! Tuesday night, other nations;to meet the demands ^ludy the management O f space; Rio before he reports for his new! He is due tonight in Bratislava, of their, people for a better life'vehicle projects. After-completingjassignmenl. •••"• j near Slovakia's border with Aus! tria, and will stay there until Fri- Worryof Sunday with Kennedy. He| p/^|_$F TJlFTH Simpi.q *r brfartiM? and from many of these nations;the program, Colonel Roinhart •'. an inevitable collapse. Classified Ads Brlnr Results j will be assijjneu to an Air Force liosearch and development pro' jjram in Astronautics. Arctic ice moves clockwise a- [ day. A Prague spokesman for the round the North Pole, 'pushed by -official Czechoslovak news agency prevailing winds and currents. i CTK, disclosing this Tuesday __ Poa'ta«i wtuem. jo»" «*t. iprf*-- pi»i* fur* »atf > The Kennedy-De Gaulle.- talks, j| therefore, are likely to be polite France to accept U. S. help and jbut not particularly productive. clear monopoly, it was: conven- for De Gaulle and needv NEW SENATOR PLEDGES Yarborough Will Get Tower's j Cooperation on Texas Stands By RONNIE THOMPSON •'I feel it is inappropriate; for DALLAS (AP) — John Tower. ; me to advocate legislation now until I set oriented in Washington," Tower commented. ' • v .-. .. • Tower is scheduled to-be sworn in by Vice - President .Johnson sometime after the official certi- Texas' new Republican senator, \ pledged cooperation today on Tex- '. as legislation with Sen. Ralph I Yarnorough, a Democrat hacked ; by the state's liberals. [ "I have heard from Sen. Yar-', borough and he has heard from; me." Tower said in a news con- ;• fercnce shortly 'before he look a ) plane for Washington. } "We will cooperate on legisla-j tk>o affecting Texas and exchange ] ideas.'' said Tower. | Tower was elccied Saturday by j 7.121 votes out of about 300.000 j cast. His opponent was Democrat j William Biakley in the runoff to \ determine a successor io Lyndon' Johnson,—«-ho surrendered the of- ! ficc to become/vice president. : The Wichita' Falls professor did not specify any !e 1 lauon he will advocate in Washincion. - ; "I feel I must first get oriented, keep my cars ofven and my mnulh ; shut." he said. • ': He was accompanied Jo Washington by Mrs. Tower. Tower compared his "basic fundamental political heiicfj" to that of Sen. Harry Goklwator. li-Ariz.. leader of-the conservative wine of the GOP. Tower said he doesn't. feel the 1'nited Stales should break off diplomatic relations with communist countries. He said also, "it is .imminent that the United Stale; will 31 some time militarily occupy Cuba. "I'm opposed to the tractors for prisoners swap proposed by petty communist tyrants in Cuba."' he said. .''As'far. as the Kennedy-Khni.-h- chcv meeting this weekend is ccrned. I am opposed to it. declared. fication of the vote June 13. He j will spend three days in Washing- j ] ton this week. |! He plans to attend the Republi- ;- cans^n-Congrcss dinner Thursday: at which former President Dwight ) Eisenhower will speak, j] NEWS BRIEFS FROM MEXICO FISH OVERESTIMATED j RAP CUBAN AMBASSADOR MEXICO CITY (AP)—Mexico's! . MEXICO CITY (AP) — The coasts arc not as rich with fish 1 National -Anti-Communist Rarty . as formerly believed. Aerial Sur- \ asked the foreign relations secrc- j veys conducted-by. German .tech-j tary Monday to declare Cuban nicians, show. - .• , * Ambassador Jose Antonio Portu- . •-..,. J ondo an undesirable person. RED PROPAGANDA MEXICO CITY (AP)ir-Fivc tons of propaganda addressed io the Soviet embassy arrived By" plane from Moscow Sunday. It included moving pictures, Books and pamphlets. 4 *«'*--ANTI-RED PAMPHLETS MEXICO CITY <AP) — Anti- communisi pamphlets were distributed in' all Roman Catholic churches in Mexico Sunday. REDS SAID ARMING ; M EXICO CITY (AP)—Reports from Zituacuaro in. Michoacan. where ex-Presidept Laxaro -Cardenas Ls strong, say'known .communists arc building up' a clandestine arsenal and the "-populace is nervous. The newspaper Kl Uni- I versa! said today the arms arc i smuggled in at night and even ; named the addresses to which they were delivered. __..__.,_ '-STUDENT MKXICO CJTY (A ,»)_ T hc new of the National University i DANGEROUS DOCTRINES ; MEXICO CITY CAP) — 'The f Greek Orthodox Church considers f I ; communism and socialism asjl | "dangerous, athetistic doctrines,"', '"Archbishop lakovos said on ar- ! j I rival here Monday. I , ^ j - * ^CUBA'S ROA SEES TELLO ! MEXICO CITY (AP) — Cuban : Foreign Minister Ran! Koa ar•• rived Monday and conferred with ''< his Mexican co!lc?suc. Manuel j Tello. j SEEKS NEW FLIGHTS i MEXICO CITY (AP) — Direct : air flights, between Mexico and Israel arc one of the goals sought : by visiting Israelite Minister of i Industry Phinhas Sapsr. | . -. * , \ CUBAN BLASTS PRESS j MEXICO CITY (AP) — Cuban j '' Ambassador Jose .Antonio Portu- ! i ondo blasted the Mexican press! i Monday for its handling of the re-1 s cent, visit of the Cuban subsccre- ] tary of foreign relations. Carlos happens (at such conference?) as part of their propaganda plat- s tmake concessions and; hr- hc Invited To Neutrals Meet MEXICO C.TY Weno "invited Me.- tn narririnatc in ihc confer- of Sr lotions 1? Cairo, PRINTING! Quality -Materials and Workmanship at Reasonable Prices Office Supplies A balanced stock to serv« the terirtery at established rejpjl prices. The Herald Printing Company 11* w. who took over in March i ..../protests of leftist students. | said graft among officials has j l-e.rn eliminated and many "ve- t 'ial" professors have been fired. 1 EPIDEMIC KITS CHICKENS 1 MEXICO CITY (AP) — The Health Ministry said Friday about 100 000 chickens have been killed Aceks in an attempt to; spreading in chicken farms near'. | in the Ixtapalapa erea, near j I Mexico City. : _ > ! • • * • ; r i DON'T EXPECT MUCH ; j MEXICO CITY (AP)—The con', servalivc newspaper Excel- i <ior said edi'torially today it is im; possible to expect any beneficial ' results from the Vienna meeting of President Kennedy and Prime Minister Khrushchev because they represent two sharply different "oals. The newspaper said Kennedy speaks for the, West, which wants peace, liberty and, human rights. .Khrushchev wants- only world domination^for communism, the newspaper : says. ;'••- •* • *;* i •' .' SUICIDE TOLL, HIGH . MEXICO CITY (AP), — Seven persons attempted suicide Sunday, bringin2 to 52 the number jof attempted suicides and 34 \successful ones in the past few weeks in. Mexico City. BELAFONTE TO APPEAR j MEXICO CITY f.AP) — Harry Belafonlc will make a charity appearance in Mexico later this j, NASSER TO VISIT MEXICO CITY CAP')—President Abdel Xa'sser of the United Arab Republic will spend ten days in Mexico in early November, says the Arabian COLLECT TRACTOR FUNDS X1CQ CITY (Ap) _ The Mcx . -an committee to help collect _. tractors to be swapped for ^^ prtaon?rs w FWc , Cu . tro j. taru operating here today. AVIATION CONGRESS GUADALAJARA, Mcx. (AP)— More than 150 delegates from all over the world are expected to attend I h e juridical-diplomatic congress on commercial, private and agricultural aviation here in August. NOVELIST TURNS TO THEATER NEW YORK '.TV_Novelist Mary O'Hara is turning her aitcntion to the theater as author, composer and lyricist of "Oh! 'Wyoming!" The folk musical, after trial run at Catholic University, is being performed this sum'mcr at Chey ennc. , Miss O'Hara's books include "My Friend Flicka." "Thunder head" and • 'Green Grass of Wyoming-" 4-H JUNIOR (A. J. R. A. APPROVED) AT THE _ CoUllty Fall 1 THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY JUNE 1-2-3 3 PERFORMANCES 8 p.m. Each Evening The Trophies for each even! Winner and the Ail-Around Champion have been made possible by the following: YAL'VERDE I-H CLUIi __ H. E. 13. FOOD STORE .,...BEALL'S DEPARTMENT STORE DOBKINS MEX'S WEAR '.--DEL RIO WOOL & MOHAIR ._' .____ __ .PRODUCERS WOOL & MOHAIR DEL RIO NATIONAL BANK ..___. _. DEL RIO BANK & TRUST THE BEAVER LAKE CO. ...... BUB ROWLAND __1 ...'......-—.. _-..'. TIM B. COBB HARDWARE HIGHLAND HILLS -COWLING C & L LUMBER CO. EVANS FOODWAY CENTRAL POWER & LIGHT '.._DEL RIO NEWS-HERALD . RUSSELL HARDWARE __ -.._ CHAPrtlAN GRAIN CO., HONDO. TEXAS .SADDLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE BUCKLE .BUCKLE BUCKLE BAREBACK BRONC RIDING CALF ROPING BARREL RACING STEER WRESTLING ^RIBBON ROPING BULL RIDING POLE BENDING BEIT BUCKLE GIVEN TO EACH EVENT WINNER A SADDLE TO THE ALL-AROUND CHAMPION (See Vernor, West or Ray Hutio For Box Seats) ADMISSION: BOX SEATS GENERAL ADMISSION STUDENTS $2.00 $LOO 50c DANCE FRIDAY AND SATURDAY, 9 P.M. IN THE DANCE PAVILION

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